On Holden the Golden

I have pushed-back the next chapter on our solar/renewable energy book to Saturday because a couple of readers asked me to take a look at Gold which has popped up over the $1,300 level recently.

When I went through the data (which is something we love to do!) I found something that’s definitely worth thinking about.

That is, after we roll with headlines and our Aggregate view of markets.

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23 thoughts on “On Holden the Golden”

  1. No worries Mr. George – the New monetary system is already in Testing mode. LTC will be the new monetary means of Transaction(Lite Coin is the Rite Coin), while BTC will become THE store of value in future.
    The big banks will Fail..again and need Sheep funded Bail-Ins : Italian, German and French all have very shiesty big banks in their midst, some have more than one.

    How To Cure “Burning Coffee Syndrome”… with Liberty Crypto of course. – L.C. is the ability to secure a sovereign future for yourself and others by participating in the creation of new, Non Fiat Monies.

    Correctamundo – latest Fintech research, published shows(proves empirically) how running a newer Crypto Mining Rig is profitable long term when and “Mine & Hold” strategy is employed versus Mine and Sell Immediately.
    Study also looked at declining Mining profitability over time while mining 1 particular “profitable” coin and the costs involved in switching/re configuring your rig for more profitable mining opportunities. Seems to this Deplorable that having excess Solar Capacity for running a mining Rig versus Charge back to Utility, would be a educationally fun use of a persons time and excess resources.

    The Great Karnac: “Longer is Better”

    What was 45yr old actress Kate Beckansale of Underworld movie fame thinking dating 26yr comedian Pete Davidson?

    • You haven’t answered the question:

      Why would any government give money to any existing coinster fraud when they can just make up a new one and knight it as official?

      You’re not making sense until you tell me why they would give a rip about any crypto in the world but their own? Shit, I can make up hashcodes all day. Doesn’t make it convertible into bupkis, now, does it?

      The same problem is wholly ignored by the coinsters! Why would they share WITH ANYONE?
      Trust? Pass de duchy mon…

    • “What was 45yr old actress Kate Beckansale of Underworld movie fame thinking dating 26yr comedian Pete Davidson?”

      Hmm… Its absolutely heart pounding when someone half your age makes you feel desire and sexy.

  2. All the talk about “socialism”.

    Help me understand.


    political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    What’s wrong with the community –

    owning GM – the community got the bill to bailout GM. Not to mention the previous tax breaks the community gave GM to locate factories in the communities.

    owning Amazon – the community got the bill to locate Amazon in the community.

    owning Sears – the community though Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation will support the failed Sears pensions.

    owning the shopping malls – the community gave the malls tax breaks to move into the communities long ago – now the malls are turning into vacant hulks – so will need “community reinvestment” of some sort.

    And what about all the nice in people Los Angles treating the homeless people like their pets with the free eats and free clothes and free whatever. Now LA has a Typhus problem. Typhus is one of the unintended consequences we’ll all pay for because we’re all now at risk. Thanks a lot do-gooders!

    • The definition is a misnomer. The “owner” is not the “community,” it is the “public,” which means “the government,” because a government is the only sociopolitical economic body which can own “public property.” Part of the means of forcing stupid or unpalatable concepts on the public involves “owning the language.” “Owning the language” is an Alinsky concept, whereby when something sounds “bad,” one adjusts the wording and meaning publicly, over a period of time, until the new word (end word) sounds “good.” Changing “global warming” into “global climate change” is a prime example.

      “Socialism” is a sociopolitical theory based on government-owned business and means of production, and centralized authority over same.

      [Just so’s ya know], “communism” is an economic theory based on a socialist model. Think of Marx’ “From each…to each…” quote. The only means to implement this precept on a wide basis is under a socialist model, because that’s the only way for a government to have sufficient control over resources to confiscate from “them what has,” to redistribute it to “them what has not.”

      It drives me quietly crazy, hearing allegedly edjamakated talkers use these two terms interchangeably…

      “Fascism” is a socialist hybrid model, which permits private ownership of business and means of production, but retains centralized authority over which businesses are allowed to exist, which products are produced, and how each is utilized within both the internal, and world economic structures.

      I don’t own shares of stock in GM, Amazon, Sears, Simon & Associates (the largest Mall owner in the U.S.), Chrysler, any of the major banks, or any Professional sports team. What legal or moral authority has any government, to take money from me, to gift it to any (or all) of the above?

      The fact they CAN, doesn’t give them the right or the authority to do so…

    • I must have missed something Steve….

      How did you connect typhus and humanitarian efforts of treating people with dignity together?

      I’ve been doing this a year or two. Truly abused people won’t be the ones out screaming abuse. They will be the ones that will stay with an abuser ( or re-elect the same old carp over and over) homeless are not takers they are survivors

  3. George,

    A couple of thoughts on your scenarios:

    Gold and silver do have industrial applications and in a tight resource world they would be desired for that, if nothing else. But as long as the energy supply holds out, there’s still quite a bit in the ground. Venezuela, for example, has a huge silver/zinc resource that has not been touched since Chavez came to power. So mining seems far more efficient than trying to confiscate private holdings, especially small holdings. I also remember the silver frenzy of the 80s, people brought in any and every kind of family heirloom to sell for the big bucks. Folks will sell if the price goes up enough, because most live in the moment.

    I see what you’re getting at by globalist attempts to gain global control…….but they are running a huge risk of killing the golden goose. Everything that gives the elites their posh lifestyle is at the foundation, a product of the 1st world. So while the globalists might have a moment or two of enjoyment, their system would spiral into decay and fairly quickly.

    The social cycle clearly changed prior to the 2016 election. Every vote I ever cast nationally prior to 2016 didn’t mean anything. The social cycle was headed in a certain direction and individuals don’t count against the big wave. Even though many tried to slow or alter the direction towards more central control and by extension against globalism.

    But now the direction has changed, and most of us reading your site won’t be alive to see the end game. (due to the time it will take, if nothing else)

    But while we’re in the shift, a relevant quote:

    “When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” – Frederic Bastiat

    In hindsight, that quote describes the trend both in the USA and “the west” for my entire lifetime…. gonna be a heck of a ka-boom.

    • “In hindsight, that quote describes the trend both in the USA and “the west” for my entire lifetime…. gonna be a heck of a ka-boom.”

      Yes, sir, it is…

    • “trying to confiscate private holdings, especially small holdings”

      Marlowe…. You totally missed it… Otflmao….

      What your holding… What you’ve been told is the prize.. Is just a made up commodity sold to everyone as valued. It’s only value is what they’ve led you to believe its valued.

      They seek control…power..obedience..

  4. Chip stocks are up big again today. AI is the next technological revolution & needs mega tons of chips to operate, plus 5G will be an enormous help in fueling AI.

  5. One of the best SOTU adresses by PT last night, more presidential. But the problem PT has to realize is that the Dems will not work with him on anything unless it makes them look good. The Dems have 2 faces, one for the camera & one for off camera eye rolling & obstruction. The Dems are not your friend. Maybe all male republicans in Congress should wear white suits.

    • The REPUBLICAN party did not want Trump. He was ‘surrounded’ by neo cons and globalist from the start, and to a major extend STILL is.

      And the bought and paid for RINO’s in both the house and senate STILL do not want him to succeed. As they are keeping him slowed down to a crawl,ie Muller (made up lies dossier ) leading to ENDLESS investigation 2+ years and will still keep going,countless Committee investigations with not ONE indictment referral to the AG , working against removing troops from endless wars,failing to move nominees through , and working for the pas t30 years to keep the border OPEN and illegals ‘incoming’, which is in stark contrast to this new ‘man on the block’ that wants closed borders for this country as the VOTERS had asked him for.
      This will end in the George Ure 10: 1 ratio theory

      • D….

        “The REPUBLICAN party did not want Trump.”

        During the last campaign as I was Looking at the lineup of candidates. I thought my God this is the best that can be offered to represent us..

        I then had to choose.. After looking at their past histories I chose DJT.. A successful businessman and not just because he’s successful.. But his employees..yup his janitor or garbageman felt as if he could walk in and sit down have a cup of coffee and feel he would listen to what he had to say.
        His employees stay.. Many big companies can’t brag that..
        The other reason I had is he’s wealthy.. My guess is he would like to keep that wealth and what better way than rebuild the countries pride. Bring jobs back..
        He’s at the twilight of his life. He’s famous … He didn’t need this nightmare..
        Now I view how relentlessly and being ferociously attacked and I know I made the right choice.
        Congress hasn’t done one thing constructive in decades. When he leaves office he’ll have the right to brag on what he was able to accomplish while the rest went to the islands to party with lobbyists… Just my honest opinion..

  6. Si – as long as you don’t get lippy, mon

    Optics = Global acceptance,
    banks driving price “discovery” practices in BTC”s currently.

    BIG, “BIG Money” buying lump sums from “dark pools” off of centralized exchanges so as not to rock the markets, or interfere with money center banks & Govts. price “discovery” activities. – If U cant beat them…

    Who the hell said anything about sharing…that is an Occasional Cortex(AOC) concept. Do prospectors and miners Share Gold and Silver with Governments ? Do farmers share food? Microsoft share new software?

    What is the disconnect with reaping the rewards of ones own hard work >> researching use cases, years coding, testing, solving double spend problem, risking ones hard earned $ ..

    Existing LTC/BTC proven – Unhackable, 100% VERIFICATION, Bomb Proof, Can Not be Counterfeited, stolen,copied..

    When the banks start failing again, as the debt trap starts snapping shut, Ur new Monetary System will already be up and running…and that my fav intrepid reporter is GENIUS.

    Ye of Little Faith – look to Mynamar – no infrastructure, no banking..squatta – now as they slowly open up, the 1st and only cellular company(Indian) in country realized how poor these peeps were, no banking services, poverty level existence, so they provided a Fintech solution themselves. Today that is how the majority of $ transactions occur – via Indian provided Fintech solution from their cellular phones. gonna need another duchy..”the hour is getting late”

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that when people throw their paper money to the wind and have nothing of value in their bank accounts, yes, physical p.m.’s will be worth a lot but a wounded giant of a governing authority will be flailing around looking for anything of value to lay hands on. Best move when that happens is to bury what you have and try to blend in to the huddled masses because, #1, there’ll be very little to buy anyway for quite some time other than from those that can produce food and they’ll be overwhelmed. #2, any kind of jingle in your pocket will make you a target of officialdom and other newly minted thieves. The 10:1 ratio of lead to p.m. won’t do much when the hoards come spilling out of the cities unless you have a really, really good militia that you’re feeding. Everything will become very communal – including safety. Never underestimate the raw power of snowflakes that have lost their lifestyles and have kids to feed.

    • “Never underestimate the raw power of snowflakes that have lost their lifestyles and have kids to feed.”

      I don’t.

      We are savages.

      We wear the robe of civilization.
      We didn’t earn it. Countless generations who came before, sweat, bled, and died, for that with which we adorn ourselves, so casually.

      After three days without food, the snowflakes, like everyone else, will shed their robes. The ‘flakes will be especially viscous, because they believe they’re entitled, and because they have no moral compass.

      From his grave, Darwin will churn out awards by the thousand…

      • And one of the most surprising things is there’s no age limit for being a ‘flake except, well, … nah.

  8. The problem with gold..
    Is if when the dollar is tossed up in the wind and gold becomes the standard ever one is looking at. What will stop the puppetmasters from doing exactly what they have consistently done in the past.
    Make it illegal to own and you have to turn it over for what they say it should be worth.
    In the early eighteen hundreds a glass of water was what two ounces..
    If you have gold you have to have a buyer. The worst depressions evolve around poor crops or other natural disaster.
    Ray is right respiration brings out the worst and best in people. You will do what you have to to feed your loved ones. I would scrape grain off the ground walked twelve miles to scrape the fat off the hides of road kill..steam clean blood tanks..
    A simple look at the events around Argentina and Greece and how they survived after they dissolved their currency. How would the fifty million people relying on social security act after it is dissolved. Or the third of the working population that’s been forced to seek out federal assistance programs for survival. My guess is that it will be a nightmare scenario none of us can fathom. One that could easily be fixed by allowing DJT to inspire manufacturing and pride to the American laborer.
    It may be to late

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