Nutzo’s & the Fed plus a “Growth Kills” Poster

The whole “investment world” is Mad as a Hatter.  Worse.

I would have figured on a day when the price of Oil was up better than five percent, the Supreme Court leaking “secrets“, more money coming for war in Nukraine, not to mention Buyedem proposing the largest family-busting income tax hike since LBJ wending its way through Crooksville on the Potomac, that the market should have been on its ass.

Shows you what I know about market manipulations, doesn’t it?  Keynes “Can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” quip from the last Depression still stings.

Data Day: Job Cuts – UI Filers

Challenger Job Cut Report is just out:

“U.S.-based employers announced 24,286 cuts in April, a 14% increase from the 21,387 announced in March and up 6% from the 22,913 cuts announced in April 2021. It is the first time this year job cuts were higher than the corresponding month a year earlier, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

And there’s weekly new unemployment filings:

Immediate comment on both numbers is simple:  Everyone who wants to work probably already has a job.  And they want to keep it.  Everyone else is happy at the new “Dole Balance.”

Which is where people “take the dole” (letting us real taxpayers pay for their sloth) while keeping cash side-hustle money.  Winkers and their crypto’s.

Brent Crude was running $111.79 while West Texas was around $109.  Gold popped back up to $1,900 and change.

A dollar printed in 1913 is worth 3.65 CENTS of purchasing power today.  Prices don’t go up.  Your money is just watered down, Plebe!  Chiselers learned long ago if done slowly enough, people won’t catch the con.

Vote ’em all out as soon as possible. Both parties.

How the “Real Economy” is Doing

From this week’s traffic report from the Association of American Railroads:

“U.S. rail traffic in April had something for everyone,” said AAR Senior Vice President John T. Gray. “Optimists can point to autos, chemicals, and scrap, all of which had solid gains. Pessimists can point to grain, intermodal, and petroleum products, which saw significant declines. In the middle are carloads of industrial products — an aggregation of seven key carload categories — which fell slightly in April, consistent with the most recent GDP numbers.”

Excluding coal, carloads were down 29,329 carloads, or 4.2 percent, in April 2022 from April 2021. Excluding coal and grain, carloads were down 13,512 carloads, or 2.3 percent.”

“Build Back When?” Joe?  When “fake stimulus” begins with your Open Border “kill 42” con job?  FMTT.  More cops, more social workers, higher taxes – absent real, thoughtful lives, government fallback is same-old shit as always.  Fake polarization, crisis, and threats,.  How to con 7.8 billion inmate in a nuthouse.

Ure’s Discontinuity Watch

Home Edition.

Game Setup:  We’ve been watching inter-market arbitrage for several years now.  Look at the “whole world” as one economic index.  Then, take the US Aggregate Index as a second.

Lay it our in percentages and change over time.

What we see is how the US market oftentimes leads the rest of world (RoW) as the G20 uses its biggest stick to bash things toward a contrived outcome.  Which gets to looking like this:

What we think of as an indicator of “discontinuity” happens when the Global Aggregate runs off without its counterpart – the U.S. Aggregate – closely in tow.

Right side of the chart, we see how the US has blown upward and is well above trendline of the Global Aggregate.  Four days until the big calendar event from WW II where Russia beat the Nazis.  Could something big, ugly, and mushroom shaped lurk ahead?

Market action (if you day or swing trade) has become very choppy.  There are 120-point (and larger) swings in just seconds in the Dow down in the data at the 20-second level.  Dow will be up 800 one refresh, then only up 650 on the next.  Then you refresh again and now the Dow’s up 820…

My consigliere and I have been pondering this.  He chalks it up to a lot of mid sized players being screwed by the outsized rate problem.  Like when rate lock-ins are promised by big mortgage outfits.  They were ready to hedge for a point and a half, maybe, but a 2 and a half point jump?  Someone’s likely getting burned.  Or, at least bent-over.

My (competing) theory is the Big Boyz are unloading at a furious rate from long positions.  Drive the prices up and then sell big blocks off to lighten positions as risk really is (reading commodity charts and such) increasing at furious rates.

We won’t know any time soon; a lot of this parcels out in dribs and drabs over time.  One thing that’s clear is it should be sooner than  later:

In  fact at click time, Dow futures were down 175 and Europe was broadly higher.  Meet at the trend, friend?  Think Arby’s. (arbitrage for newbies)

Kiss My Trend Line

Thanks to a rate increase Wednesday (and the wildly misconstrued “I won’t do bigger raises, we think, for now, asterisks…” of Chair Powell the market has blown to the top of our trend line:

Maybe another hundred higher (Dow component) and a tad higher in techs, but we are either there, or close enough to throw grenades at the Bulls from.

Laughably, this CNBC headline casts “the fix” as a “relief rally” (Stock futures fall after Fed induced relief rally)  Except, unlike the S&M crowd, this is NOT the “It feels so good when you stop hurting me…” part.  There are more increases coming.  What you may be seeing is a rollover – from the Strong Hands to Weak.  If you buy in at these levels, good luck.

Damn weaklings.

The U.S. Merging with Mexico?

While the Drooler in Chief is spending your tax money on Nukraine arms and buying cell phones, housing, and free transport to cities all over America in the dead of night for illegal border-jumpers, while ignoring RealID requirements for them, it occurs to us that after 50+ years of Low Intensity Conflict with Mexico, the Idiot-in-Chief (and namd of sexually confused followers) may have a grand design in play:  merging Mexico and the US.

The story on NPR hints to us this is the long-term plan.  “The Story Behind Cinco de Mayo and Mexico’s Fight for Independence” begins with the false premise “Does history have a border?

Anyone with even a pawn shop IQ would see the sham and propaganda bent here:  HISTORY dimensions as a continuum, old to new, arrow of time, and all that.  When liberal media begin to “mix units” pretending there might be borders on historical events, seems clear where the Subliminal Orwell’s are driving.  “Oh, those poor lawbreakers…let’s let them all in…”  Ukrainian refugees waiting at Mexico camp urge US to open doors | US-Mexico border.

And ignore stories like In Mexico, One Cartel Is Cleared, but Others Storm In – The New York Times (  Cancun, Chicago…what’s the difference, eh?

More than enough reason to pick up some frozen lemonade and a fifth of tequila on the way home tonight.

Drinko de Mayo.

And don’t mix the good stuff like Herradura Especial when a low-end white agauve will do just fine.

Short Snorts

Fake, red-herring department ahead of ass-kicking losses this fall:  Ure’s money is on a “deep Dem” operation behind the Supreme Court leak case.  As Law enforcement prepares for potential post-Roe unrest.  That’s spelled hypesteria.

Remember Monday could be Big:  Victory Day (9 May) 1945 in Russia comes up to an anniversary Monday when reading stories like Putin practises NUCLEAR missile strikes and chemical attack in chilling war games on Nato border.  Along with wondering Russia’s War Has Been Brutal, but Putin Has Shown Some Restraint. Why?  Planning a PR coup perhaps?

While we are STILL WAITING for Starlink out here in the woods, speculation builds that Elon Musk is about to monetize opinionsElon Musk could make some Twitter users pay ‘slight’ fee to tweet – will you be affected?

This is “rich” coming from a vaxxer and someone who spent time in Epstein’s orbit:  Bill Gates: Elon Musk could make Twitter ‘worse’ on misinformation.  We’re just trying to figure out how?  I mean hold up all those Opinion Bots running on social for revenue?

Free Speech-Stealers Daily:  Disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz: CRT anger being ‘weaponized.  Lesson here? Using simple-minded communist agitprop technique the dems is making mockery of opposing the People’s Revolution, ain’t it?  (“You must be a (checkboxes)

  1. White supremacist
  2. Racist
  3. Homophobe
  4. Isolationist
  5. Denier
  6. And (drum roll) A domestic terrorist!

You go, Hillary and Biden contributor girl!

We’re more interested in how the FBI and DHS are being retooled as the American FSB and KGB, sorry.

ATR:  Poster: Danger of Growth

Lessons in Life – big important lessons – are all around us waiting to inform and teach. I got a HUGE lesson in the Garden Room Wednesday.

The set-up: I walked out the music studio to the office Wednesday morning, I noticed that one of my prize yellow squash plants – going gangbusters – had attempted veggiecide.

The plant had simply outgrown its ability to hold itself up. When one limb of the stalk got overpowered, it snapped falling to the flow.

It was a good lesson for this-here Urban Farmer, but not so great for the Urban Appetite curator.

I was so taken-aback by this, that I decided to memorialize this “teaching” in a poster suitable for color printing:


It’s a fair generalization – which is the basis of extensible thinking. There are other lessons that could be embedded in this one:

  • Spoiled and Pampered things are Weak.
  • Farming Fallout begins at home.
  • Early to Spring, early to fall.

I thought you’d get a kick out of it, though.

Off to the cardiologist today.  More on that little adventure tomorrow (we hope!).

Elaine asked me “Are you worried?

“Hell no:  Timex.”

Don’t tell her the punchline if she’s forgotten:  “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking…”

Serious Research Note:  BP before vit stack and CBD: 137/58 pulse 70.  After the morning liposomal, vits, and CBD 117/60 pulse 56.  You’re welcome to weigh in on what’s best.  Dr. Input will be weighted more heavily.  On recheck 120/60 pulse 60. Hmm…which do you body-manage to?

Write about your “vegetable experiences” or just when you get rich…

(Click Comments to toss in your own 2-cents on this)

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59 thoughts on “Nutzo’s & the Fed plus a “Growth Kills” Poster”

  1. “take the dole”

    What’s good for Boeing, Amtrak and GM is good for you, me and the others.

    A future bailout: “The city of Springfield, Massachusetts has taken an initial step toward borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to bail out its employee pension fund. ”

    We are all equal.

    • Simple Question:

      How in the HELL can a city the size of Springfield Massachusetts be underwater with it’s employee pension fund to the tune of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS??!!

      Just down the road they have what SELF Proclaims that it IS THE BEST Business School IN THE WORLD, Harvard. Can’t they get some advice from all of those Wizzards at Harvard, some of whom have more sheepskin on their office walls than a Flock of Sheep has on their backs?

      … or maybe the answer is that they DID get advice from the Wizzards at Harvard which is why they are so upside down on their pension obligations.

      Myabe they just need to consult with the super Pension Plan folks running the City of Chicago pension plans, or those running CALPERS (California’s State Pension Plan) … I am sure either of those places can give them some pointers on CREATIVE Accounting for upside down pension plans.

      • “Pensions” have been a Leftist “bribe-for-votes” for nearly a century, same as most other “retirement benefits.”

        In an honest world, money to cover bennies is deposited every month in a fund that’s being invested in safe, high-yield, long-term investments.

        Retirement investment funds become a LOT of money, very quickly. Fund managers see this pile of cash and invariably think “I could invest it better” (usually, but not always so they can skim the overage between the funds’ expected earnings and their investment plays.)

        Additionally, every election cycle the bribe has to be tweaked with more free stuff, for which the employees’ benefits deduction wasn’t actuarially-designed, and therefore the fund becomes inadequate to the promises of the employers and the needs of its beneficiaries.

        After the first years of benefits payouts, the large fund gets eaten up and turned into a small fund. It is then incapable of meeting any benefits requirements from any beneficiaries.

        Illinois has a many billion dollar budget deficit. This is because schools and municipalities in Illinois “provided” outrageous benefits packages to employees. (I learned this a few years back when an acquaintance retired from UI on 80% of a full-professor’s salary, then went to a college in another State and began at 90% of what UI had been paying her, while collecting her retirement benefits — double-dipping because she could (for which I blame her not in the least.) However, the University of Illinois’ investment account couldn’t handle the payouts, so the State assumed the liability for this lady’s bennies (and those of a million other Illinoisans – a number increasing daily, as more people retire than die…)

        Gimme a “P”
        gimme a “O”
        gimme a “N”
        gimme a “Z”
        gimme a “I”

        What’s it spell?

        “Retirement benefits.”

        Retirement fund managers ALWAYS over-promise and under-deliver…

      • Even Texas has a deficit even thought it’s supposed to be one of, if not the best, funded state retirement system out there. The last I heard the Teacher Retirement System was only 83% funded – and then they went out an bought or built, I forget which, a swanky new building to house everyone in the Austin offices. Lots of people still sore over that one. I’m hoping the Texas Gold Depository will keep us going when it all falls apart – and from the look of things that could be today.

      • ” I’m hoping the Texas Gold Depository will keep us going”

        I thought that was built principally to house the UT gold stash, then opened up as a vault for Texas Citizens to deposit their gold into?

      • Also, Indiana has a several billion dollar surplus. I don’t think it is the result of employees of the Indiana cities or state colleges being less-retired than those in Illinois. Ohio is about a budget break-even, and they’ve got a shit-ton of both colleges and big cities.

        I see the difference as: Indiana is a conservative State; Illinois is a neocommunist State; Ohio is a split State that’s been trending conservative since they flushed Kasich. I look at this and I see a trend — just sayin’…

        Folks in Illinois would be much better served if they could chuck Chicago into the Lake. FTM if D.C. took Greater Chicago, Indiana’s Calumet area (“The Region” if’fn you’re reading Michael Jackson’s bio), and SW Lower Michigan (where all the really wealthy Chicagoans live) and turned them into their own State, IL, IN, and MI would all benefit greatly…

      • Stephen 2 , with all the distraction we have forgotten the tentacles and tendrils winding throughout the financial system globally. How much of this also has ties to the Vergande fiasco.

        And now three steps and another two gauranteed over the next two Fed meetings. When M1 velocity goes down, retailers will continue to raise prices fo compensate for the drop in sales volume. $8.00 gasoline coming to a station near you. Thanks Buy Dan.
        Mr Ures 1929 redux is unfolding right in here.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the Veterans administration has started to reposition their hospitals closer to military installations?
    It had me curious.. why would they do that..
    Could it be that there may be an anticipation of a future increase in patient loads.. and rather than have skilled personnel scattered all over the continent.. it would be better to have them all close and focussed..

  3. I am doubtful of an “Ass Kicking ” or even a “Shellacking” of the Dims this fall. I keep going back to the last election and ask myself how in the holy flipping hell did that happen? Seriously, roll out a laundry list of good tidings then compared to now and we’ll talk. I suspect this fall will be more of the same. The only thing is I also know if you keep poking the bear sooner or later he will get pissed off and bite back…Hard.

    Sorry to see you lost a limb off a squash vine. They are vines though and want to climb. Try a large pot on the floor wth some support to climb on and try a bush variety bred for containers. The plants do look great though.

    The Executive Committee yesterday having several important items on the agenda noted that the busiest time of the year is now and future meetings for the next couple months will probably be changed to monthly rather than weekly. Watch diesel and distillate prices and availability. Everything is affected by those.

    Good luck at the Doc. Hoping all is well. Last week mine took me off BP meds and tells me if I continue to be a good boy and the numbers are still down by the next visit the statins are history as well. Woo Hoo!

    Stay safe. 73

    • “I keep going back to the last election and ask myself how in the holy flipping hell did that happen?”

      Watch the movie “2000 Mules” and get back to me…

      • No thanks. 60 minute limit on screen time daily is it for me. That’s apparently partly how I got my BP down. Sleep better too. Wife says I am about as much fun as a sink full of dirty dishes.

    • Unhappily I agree with you about electoral outcomes. The Uniparty with the collusion of both sides have been doing this for many years with perhaps the Dimms doing the more efficient job; each side trading back and forth. Than DJT surprised the District of Corruption and the Deep State is still raging over how this could happen. Read the many mostly suppressed articles and books about the series of events and
      2000 Mules. As “Uncle Joe” said (para) it’s who counts the votes that matters.

    • You KNOW what I think about this Fall. Glad you’ve come around.

      Clif and the others were also saying that just about this time this month the markets and financials will be in a huge, writhing Gordian’s knot of turmoil and here we are. By the time we get to the Fall elections the supply shortages will be in full effect causing a lot of social unrest, the illegals will be camped out in your yard and the Dims will be cheating in plain sight and still denying it.

  4. Good luck at the Tik Tok Doc today.

    Read your .pdf on “A Life of Gods” last night. Thank you for sharing with your Peoplenomics subscribers. You truly are a driven man. Will have a couple of comments on it later.

  5. Good luck with your tests. At least they prove that you have a heart of some sort.

  6. News item that struck me as odd.
    Maybe I got it wrong., but I thought that China was the largest manufacturer & distributor of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in the world. They just bought 80 tons of “medical supplies” from Germany. Off-loaded at Shanghai, yesterday. Not enough stores for planned future action?

  7. Why is there no concern about a reputation these days among the “ruling” class. In many cases like Shiff’s, reporters, news anchors even who are constantly lying and fabricating data, no damage appears to be done to their reputation in their supporters eyes. The only thing is to have your clan “win”, not get to their truth or decisions supported by data.

    Maybe a generational thing are children still expected to tell the truth or expect punishment for lying. Do these people have no internal voice they wrestle with when they start to express these lies? Media and voters have no personal standards they impose on their leaders.

    I would feel terrible to lose the trust of friends and family that my “word” has no meaning, but many these days so many just don’t care at all. Win at any cost is all that matters to many (maybe to most).

    • JD, I believe it’s called integrity, Appears there is no integrity left in the world. One thing my father taught me was without integrity you are not a man. Thank the creator on a daily basis for the parents that provided life lessons on truth, honesty, non-materialism and the love of good food. As for my raised beds, planted 6 romain and 6 red lettuce plants the last week of March. They survived two nights in the high 20’s in early April. Harvesting enough for myself and neighbors. Six tomato plants in last week and 3 cucumber plants this weekend, love the Asian Jade variety. Plenty of plants available at the local garden centers.

      • A person has as much integrity as they can afford. It has been like that from the beginning of time. In Washington, DC, if you have integrity you are unemployed. If you are considered a man of integrity, you can afford to be so, it is nothing you have done. When the SHTF, your integrity will be out the window. Integrity is fleeting based on the direction the wind is blowing. Just like a fart.

        One exception may be a Buddhist Monk. I don’t think the Pope would qualify as an exception, especially the current one.

        Next time you see a homeless person, ask him for a dollar. Say you lost your wallet or left it home & need to buy a candy bar for your sick son or something else that fits the situation. You may see integrity in action. If they give you $1, give them $10.

  8. G-dude, can ya help a brother from another Mother out ?
    Seems the BCU cant stop laughing his ass off -having fits of laughter. Bystanders-witnesses must think I have gone Further around the bend” or sumpting. There is moar “imposssible” shceisse happening before 9:30 AM est every single day..too funny raising interest rates to slow inflation – bwahahahah Sure more peeps gonna SAVE cause kerPOWell raised .5 basis pts. backwards is as backwards does. SPlain how raising rates in virtually free money-Credit environment is going to somehow arrest Inflation..on da contray sayz here it will aggravate it, but what does a bitcoin maximalist suffering laughing fits know…obviously not much! bwahahahahaahhahaah
    New from department of Homeland zionasties -ministry of truth. bwhahaha
    What are We? a whole country of F-ing Muggles=”mudbloods”??? Wheres Harry f-ing Potter and Hermione, Ron and House f-ing Gryffindor when you need them ?

    Moar impossible SCHEISSE – a FREE Election – EVER ! bwahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahah

    You all know in Ure Heart of Hearts that if Ure Vote actually Counted, You would not be allowed to Vote.. One way or another.

    No worryz though – Just WAIT a little bit LONGER…An “alien Savior” will be along soonly to forgive you of all Ure “impossible sceisse” hahahahahahaha

    * Spiritz Note – most important to FORGIVE URESELF 1st – of any and all “shortcommings” – soundz wierd/f-ed up – but is a true path. How do I know its a true path ? Cause when I came to a Fork in the road – I took it! hahahahaaha

    yo CCB – intention and imagination homeskilletz. Imagine – picture it ! In Ure “minds eye”.. talk it out loud into stability.. set Ure Intention on what Ure “imagining”- thinking on – “alwayz Assume the Sale”. Theres no blocks, blocking – never forget – Ure Attitude Sets Ure Altitude.

  9. Railroad Freight Data:

    As has finally become increasingly reported the BIGGIES of the American Railroads have cut back their manpower and equipment so far, in order to please Wall Street’s desire for ever and ever reduced operating costs, that they can no longer handle all of their freight in a timely manner which is FORCING more and more shippers to have to go to much more expensive trucking.

    The situation is so bad that shippers are demanding a change and the Federal Government is starting to look at reimposing some government controls and regulations on the Railroads (they were mostly deregulated by the Staggers Act back in the 1980 but some ability was left for the Federal Government to step in if the rail roads didn’t fulfill their service commitments, which some of the biggest ones are NOT doing presently).

    Because of the railroads are no longer being able to move all the freight that is tendered to them to move the movement numbers that now come out wrt freight being moved is NOT accurate wrt the economy unlike in the past. One would have to also integrate the CHANGE in trucking movements and barge movements once the railroad capacity limits are hit in order to get a complete picture of the what is moving in commerce

    For Chicago they can move LESS freight through that hub, the biggest RR hub in the US, than they could 20 years ago … and in fact TWO railroads have issued STOP ORDERS to stop ALL freight coming into Chicago multiple times over the last three years, for one RR that STOP ORDER apparently lasted almost 10 Days! (they held trains a couple of hundred miles out … and also all the way out to Des Moines and Kansas City, some reports even said Witchita)

    The problemS? #1 Lack of crews; #2 Lack of workers and equipment in the container transfer yards; #4 Lack of Engines; #5 Lack of Rolling Stock.

    ALL examples of UNDERINVESTMENT by the railroads in capacity ability and manpower. Having a train loaded and ready to go sitting in a Chicago yard for TWO DAYS because they don’t have an Engineer to drive it out of the yard (which then ties up the yard for trains trying to come in) is RIDICULOUS!! … but that is some of the stuff that has been happening.

    Anyway … do NOT put as much reliance on the railroad data as an economic indicator today as one might have put on it years ago. The data is being skewed by the railroads inability to move the cargo that people want it to move because of their unwillingness to invest in even replacement equipment as equipment wears out. (all to keep Wall Street HAPPY! they say “TO HELL with Main Street”)

    • The arc of history is long and slow. Discounting somewhat the effects of Bankers and Warren Buffet, IMO this began around the turn of the
      20th Century when union featherbedding required crew changes every very few miles. This persisted for years and led to reductions in personnel which has continued to this day. Shortsightedness which is one of the hallmarks of this country can have very long term effects

  10. I remember reading a few years ago about the plan to create the ‘North American Union’, a global economic superstate, on par with the EU. But first the standard of living of both the US and Canada had to be lowered to around that of Mexico.

    • Correct.

      Also, a South American union, an African union, a Pan-Pacific union, and a Pan-Asian union. This is the intermediate step between where we is, and where Orwell saw us…

  11. The nature of a progressive income tax is to dissuade ambitious people from earning a lot of money – at least, a lot of money that can’t be deducted away. Many ambitious people, including me in a former life, would rather maximize time and utility rather than strict dollar denominated assets, especially in view of taxation and dollar depreciation(inflation). Why do more than you have to when all you’re doing is bankrolling the Brandon agenda? You also further expose yourself to audits and the angst and cost of defending yourself.

    I’m sure there’s an alternate POV. I do believe one real estate broker in SF has that view, and perhaps it works for him. Still, if you set a given necessary dollar income to pay for basic life costs(food, fuel, housing, taxes, etc), then everything beyond that is flexible and in many cases – optional. Yesterday we were treated to a great article on time management, yet enlightenment is often referred to as the “conscious wasting of time”. The same principles apply to money, and even more so, to taxable money.

    Regardless, working to pay progressively higher taxes seems to make no sense at all and such things will always have so-called “unforeseen consequences”. IMHO, they’re in plain sight. Right now, we’re wasting our national treasure and military assets on a worthless war in eastern Europe. I see no benefit to our nation at all. It’s far easier to avoid spending assets than it is to replace them. Everything Brandon is doing seems to be aimed at diminishing the USA in every possible way. That was true of Obomba also.

  12. “While we are STILL WAITING for Starlink out here in the woods”

    And did you get the email that said, “Oh, by the way, due to inflation and such, we’re raising the cost to you for our system.” Increasing the equipment cost by $50 and the monthly service cost to $110. I was hesitant to sign up at the original rates. Now I’m thinking dropping StarLink might be a better move.

  13. Pelosi urges ‘strongest possible military response’ against Russia

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded the “strongest possible” retaliation to Russia’s attack on Ukraine following meetings with officials in Warsaw and Kiev.

    In comments after a sit-down with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday, Pelosi said Washington and its allies must escalate their efforts against Moscow, calling for the “strongest possible military response” and “the strongest sanctions” in order to “make the case that this is not tolerable.”

    “We shouldn’t do anything less because of a threat from Russia,” she continued, arguing that it had “already delivered” on that threat by attacking its neighbor.

    RT culled this from the NYT.

    I had long-believed the principal difference between politicians and diplomats is the diplomats get to back their threats, bribes, and extortion with big guns.

    Nancy Pelosi just demonstrated to me that there is also a huge intelligence gap between the two types of political animals and it doesn’t favor the fools on the Hill…

  14. Liberal group calls for protests at conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes

    Left-wing activist groups are planning to send protesters to the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices following a leak indicating the court may soon overturn Roe v. Wade.

    The activists are organizing under the moniker “Ruth Sent Us” and have published the supposed home addresses of Justices Amy Coney Barrett, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

    I’m not the biggest fan of any Government-employed resident of D.C., but doxxing the USSC Justices is all kinds of wrong.

  15. G –

    how are you going to heartmind transmission – if you dont take care of Ure mind ? Both be muscles – both should be exercised daily, for proper functioning. Kudos for getting Ure meatsuit on dynamometer. Love dyno runs – maxing out torque at peak HP – great way for moving backwards in Ure ageing process in a kick ass kinda way.

    Green is the Heart Vibe – great Fun in the mental practice of picturing a spinning, green light nrg in Ure solar plexus area. Even moar FUN and entertaining “kundalini sex” with Ure significant and willing Partner.They need to be “on za top” for proper “control” = alt softness/tightness. NO LEAKS, just a mutual artistic exercise in FUN and magic -real world real magic -completely harmless with 2 willing/mutual partners. You prolly already know the “drill”..starting very slowly and controlled both Imagine RED – everything is RED..thoughts,ideas, feelings, starts with desire…once in the leaky.must fight the urge..move on to Orange,then Yellow..culminates in the Purps-together. – Feels like LOVE..and the “controlerz” fear you will find out this power and energy..

    Never mind all Ure chakras “above” and outside Ure body…(solar/cosmic/universal..). Still sticking 2 the clayey mud ? resist/fight back – never agree/go along, Fight.

    No ? not pissed enough yet ? keep waiting…………………………………………………………and waiting

    • What’s an NRG? It’d be nice if you peeps would define some this crap in your comments now and then or once in a while.

      • my apologies – very difficult to describe in terms we understand. It would be nice if Science had terms to use in describing something SUPPRESSED from Humanity.
        Similar to the “Natural Source” -“the ALL” if you will. – being undefinable. nrg can best be described in terms of Qi or Chi – “life force”. I can describe what I perceive, knowing we all have different perceptions of a Thing. There are subtle and not so subtle differences in the kinds of Qi..the highly refined Qi of a Qigong Master is differently perceived than Qi of a neophyte like myself. Science has still to catch up-getting closer..
        * to my perception – wild “caught/collected” Qi is Vari-Colored, ben qi or sick qi – seems oily-darkish in color.

        Simplified – good/positive Qi – Light/reflects Light..its all around 24/7 – want idea of what it “looks” like ? go out at night – a warm night – hold a flashlight straight up in front of Ure face and observe ….the trillion upon trillions of tini tiny little particles floating on by – that is rough idea of how much there is out there…hahahahahahahahahaah and its all FREE.

      • NRG=Energy

        Those posts are what happens when someone fluent in ebonics overdoses on Walt Kelly…

      • RAS, thank you for that comment. Want is the intent there, G, ….to further puzzle your reader with unrecognized acronyms (feigning some kind of esoteric knowledge not to be shared…or dementia that can’t be hidden? lol!)

        And those people on the DOLE (look thru pages 11 -36)! COMPLAINING about their own raiding of Soc Sec & Medicare! Never let a few little facts alter your viewpoint!

        Yogurt reduces heart attack risk by 30%:,Professionals%20Follow%2DUp%20Study%20men.

        hatred, bigotry and bullying cause heart attacks, keep up the Biden insults/demonization!:

        Meanfulness does not equal mindfulness!

        • Dear token liberal. the term NGY a) was not my use. I don’t think you will find it in any column I’ver posted.

          a) You are skirting dangerously close to “don’t get it-ville.” No worries – just relax, a strong delta-8 cBD and coffee…now open your mind. eN aRe Gee. Say it fast three times.

          While it is a grand thing to suppress “subvocalization” when reading, you also miss a fair bit in the REal Wiorld. However, as a token liberal, it’s perfectly understandable. Bounce back and forth b etween logical and intuitive mind more. Doodle with one hand while writing a multiplication table with the other.
          Teach one other liberal how to think like this and we might heal the world.

  16. Comrades,

    Things are getting real out there.

    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council has staked out the world’s first Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in “The Sandbox” virtual world of The Metaverse. It totally makes sense. Desert dwellers buying into a sandbox? Of course. His Highness anticipates that this initiative can pave the way and work out the wrinkles for a borderless “Decentralized Regulator Model”.

    I guess anyone who doesn’t like it can go pound sand.

  17. Lovely read. I finished yesterday’s people and the pdf. Just now.

    Jedi stuff for certain.

    You know one of the many things I do is. When I read books, If something sticks out. I highlight it, write the Date, time, where I am, what I’m wearing and something about my life at the moment of that sticking out.

    It’s always interesting when I pull a book off the shelf or fins one in a box I haven’t read in a while to open it up and find that thing that stood out to me, back when, I was wearing this on this day, at this time and this was on my mind about life. Then I can see where I came from at that moment to where I am now and how what i read in that particular book helped or didn’t help me get to where I am now, wearing what I’m wearing, dealing with what I’m dealing with and the journey in-between both those points. And how what stood out to me then and what it says to me now.

    I also, stash notes in books. Write an idea on a book. Then fan the pages and stuff it in randomly. Then 2 maybe even 10 years later. I open that book and it says, hey man its me Andy! Look at you now. Look where you were and how you got there. Curious, you still give a shit about it? Then I write whatever your worried about now? Wont matter if you write me another note. And everytime i find those notes on cards, i think ohh how funny. No I’m not worried about shit anymore. Thanks for the note Andy.

    Thanks George. Food for thought.


  18. Credit card for conservatives pushes back against ‘woke’ capitalism

    May. 05, 2022 – 3:44 – Rob Collins, founder of Coign and former GOP strategist, says a portion of every card swipe fee is donated to conservative causes.

    The Coign credit card is issued by MRV Banks pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc.

  19. One question I’ve never seen posed or even mentioned:
    How many of them Narco Dollars have made their way to the Buydem Mafia Family and to all of the rest of the criminals in the District of Corruption ? Maybe that also has something to do do with no border.

    • To the BideNostra? Probably a few million.

      To others in D.C. (past & present?)

      Many billions.

      Joe has always been dirty, but never a heavy hitter in the political influence department. Compare him to Robert Byrd. I’ve only been to Delaware a few times (it’s like Rhode Island — blink twice and you’ve missed it) but I don’t recall seeing anything, at all, anywhere, with Biden’s name on it. It is impossible to drive through West Virginia without seeing Byrd’s name. He may have been a Klansman and a sonofabitch, but Byrd was a Congresscritter who got things done, and got his constituents paid for it.

      Don’t forget the narcobucks which never see a Congressman or Senator, but get funneled directly to our black-ops budget…

  20. You people who have known me along time say all the time, is there anything you haven’t done. I mean dude you have dated super models, playboy bunnies, hung out Uber Uber wealthy, rock legends, drove semi, pro athletes, been married, had kids, worked in casinos, traveled the world, lived on an aircraft carrier, in hippy Comune, lived in Hollywood, been all over, and Done more in life than anyone I have ever met. Hunted bear, moose, deer, hung on in bard filled with mexican mafia, mnow rolay princess, and dutches, been thebes, the Egyptian pyrmids, the myan pyrmids, like really been there. and Dubia, Stonehenge, the wailing wall in Jerusalem, the Vatican, and mount Olympus in Athens. Lived with Italian mafia, and hung out with street thugs and even hookers in the blade know of you. You hung out george burns who played God at south seas plantation on captiva island in Florida. You hung out with John Macanro in his prime and drank shots with him at Sanibel Island resort. You sat next to John Gotti at the Bonita Springs Dog track and you won 6 jackpots in a 2 hours at the Quest Casino and now you work at a company called higher quest. And You stood in the center of what the hopi call the center of the Universe on a day no single person on earth went to a house of worship on the entire planet. A place no white dude has ever stood in recorded history. And that isn’t even the half of it.

    Is there anything you haven’t done?

    And you what i say every time someone says that to me George?

    Hmmm. Well, I’m just being Andy. That’s all. Living my life. I don’t really think about all that stuff. Most of the time. Isn’t that normal?

    And they all look at me and say no Andy. That is not normal life.

    Oh. Well it is for me.

    See ya around sometime. I’m sure.

    Truly I am Blesssed and Highly Fortunate! There is still alot of life left in me to live and many things left to do that I haven’t done yet. Lol

  21. A God like life. Hmmm yeah. Maybe one day I will have that too. For now, I’m pretty good just being Andy.

    Ya know a native dude on the street said, You are the Great White Buffalo! I said, Does that come with nice salary and benefits package? He Gave me a thumbs up and started laughing hysterically.

    I thought. Buffalo huh? I been called alot of things in my life. Buffalo? I don’t look like a Buffalo. I look like Andy. Maybw that is native code for fat white dude? I do need to loose a few lbs.

    Just got my cdl and will put in notice tomorrow at the security gig. Oh I will moon light once a s while at shows at back stage and baracade. I need definitely need to make more money. And it gives me time to think.

    And I got some other ideas about a new venture. Have to have the resources to do it. Since I didn’t win the fuckin powerball, yet. I gotta do what I gotta do.

    Thanks again George. Always a pleasure.

  22. Some numbers for you:
    My aggregate index is down 15.5% since Jan
    Dow Jones is down over 11% since Jan – 3.7% today
    S&P500 is down 14.2% since Jan
    10 Year Bond Yield is up 52% since Jan
    Diesel pump price is up just over 35% since Jan [76% YoY]

  23. Umm… squash needs support. Think about what is going to happen when those vines are heavy with squash. You expect them to just dangle nicely over the edge?

    • Actually, Len, thanks for asking. I nailed it. Due to caution, bailed with a 3% gain. Not 6 which it should have been.

      More in column this AM

  24. Comrades,

    You know you’re not in Colorado when a veggie stalk breaks off in the grow room.

    Well, another brouhaha is brewing at Windsor Great Park. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have apparently expressed a desire to move from Amner Hall to Adelaide Cottage. Amner Hall, first acquired by the future King Edward VII from a ponzi stock promoter of the 1896 bicycle bubble, was a wedding gift from the Queen to William and Kate. However the commute time to London is rather undignified. As chance would have it, Princess Eugenie wants to move from Frogmore Cottage also to Adelaide Cottage. Frogmore, built by the wife of King George III, gained its delightful fairytale name after a widowed Queen Victoria witnessed many “disgusting little frogs” on the property while at breakfast in 1876. The home later housed her assistant, Mohammed Abdul Karim CVO CIE along with his two wives, and later the Grand Duchess Alexandrovna following the Russian Revolution. The house lease is currently held by Prince Harry as his UK domicile address which one imagines can only help tax situations in Malibu.

    Hopefully Adelaide Cottage, built for Adelaide wife of King George IV, will receive refurbishment to match the standing of whomever is chosen as its future new occupant. Indeed the master bedroom is said to mimic the decor of the Royal Yacht Royal George which left family service 180 years ago.

    By the way, past ‘Urban charts and graphs would make unique nft’s in The Metaverse art gallery. Yep, netizens could put on the vr goggles and unlock all sorts of value.

  25. Comrades,

    Do you have a frequent caller plan in your telephone package? Let us surveil possibilities for last week’s 2 hour call and 20th since December between Mssrs. Macron and Putin according to Britain’s “Daily Express”.

    Dust had barely settled in the former French colony of Mali as Russia’s Wagner Group stepped in while French troops stepped out. Now France24 advises the Wagner Group guarding the president of the former French colony Central African Republic are being called out for creating carnage and mayhem amongst the citizenry in a civil war following the withdrawal of French troops. Additionally the C.A.R. president holding two Phd degrees in mathematics faces domestic strife as each of his two wives vie to be considered First Lady of the resource rich and a top 10 of the world’s poorest nations.

  26. MIT study finds COVID vaccines ‘significantly associated’ with jump in emergency heart problems

    COVID-19 vaccination was “significantly associated” with a 25% jump in emergency medical services (EMS) for heart problems in 16-39 year-olds in Israel, whose vaccination rate is among the world’s highest, according to a peer-reviewed study by MIT researchers. Published last week in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, the study found no association with COVID infections, however. “While not establishing causal relationships, the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals,” the study says.

    Another conspiracy theory comes true

    The Centers for Disease Control used cell phone tracking data to measure whether Americans were complying with lockdowns, possibly including the (unconstitutional) state travel quarantines.

  27. Another blue, clean-energy state frets about electricity rate increases and brownouts

    Illinois legislators are looking at how to modify the state’s clean energy laws amid warnings of electricity price hikes and possible rolling brownouts coming this summer to central and southern Illinois, but it may be too late. Last month, Ameren Illinois said energy experts say solar and wind energy has not kept pace with generation capacity lost as fossil fuel plants retire. “The reality for zones that do not have sufficient generation to cover their load plus their required reserves is that they will have increased risk of temporary, controlled outages to maintain system reliability,”

    Illinois residents own about 35 million cars & SUVs, of which fewer than 5000 are EVs. Can anyone tell me what the Illinois Legislature would be doing if there were 5mln EVs in Illinois (the car owners would, of course, be walking…)?

  28. U.S. intel helped Ukraine sink Russian flagship Moskva, officials say

    Intelligence shared by the U.S. helped Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser Moskva, U.S. officials told NBC News, confirming an American role in perhaps the most embarrassing blow to Vladimir Putin’s troubled invasion of Ukraine. It sank on April 14 after being struck by two Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles, U.S. officials said.

    …And we (as in the Biden Administration) are now freaking BRAGGING about sinking the Moskva. If you hand a 3yo a gun and tell him to shoot someone, when he does it, the toddler is not the one the Prosecutor charges. It’s probably excusable that we sold/gave Ukraine the missiles. Providing the weapons, THEN providing the targeting coordinates is flat out an Act of War. Putin may not nuke us for the Moskva, but we can be damn’ sure neither he nor Lavrov will forget it (even though Creepy Joe already has.)

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