Numbers Without Context

A number of items on our agenda this morning: 

I’m ticked about some misleading things about the market that made headlines this week.  Silly financial press!

My consigliere has pushed-out more numbers on the arriving cap of state and local tax write-offs impacting in 2019 for Tax year 2018..

And we are working through what we expected from weeks ago – sour grapes and recounts…

Grab the coffee and let’s roll…

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6 thoughts on “Numbers Without Context”

  1. George, you seem to be on to some powerful pattern/trend analysis that is proving most profitable for the “crazy like a fox”.
    The past two weeks have been some of my most profitable two weeks of trading in ages, or since last years crazy Crypto frenzy.
    I use your directional analysis(s) as a “rough road map” to my individual options trading strategy.Friday was all about squaring up my SPY Put positions (Long SPY Puts-Long select FANG stocks Puts). The SPY Put positions are at a 10x ratio to current portfolio value, going into weekend. I will obviously be rooting for the S&P500 to drop biggley next, after all baby needs a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s! If and when the market drops again, and I can book some more profit, I will be pulling cash Out and reinvesting in…the right coin – Lite Coin.So thanks again G, you ole rascal.

    • Oh, we do love to read such comments, my friend. While Peoplenomics is NOT offering financial advice, we do try to look at the road ahead and mention a pothole here,, a speed bump there and such.

      Like you, we are well positioned to profit bigly Monday and Tuesday…and we still NEED NEW HIGHS BY NOV 27 or we could be in a downside poo storm ’bout then. Truly and bigly.

  2. Stu over at the age of desolation website mentions that Trump and Putin meet in Paris tomorrow and that….

    “Something big is coming. November 11th, 2018 is a date that Q continually pointed to throughout his/her/their posts.”

  3. I like to use the “when I start to” signaling method.

    “When I start to” hear radio ads for flipping houses, it’s time to get out of real estate.

    “When I start to” see lots of new BMW’s and Mercedes’ with dealer tags, auto sales are about to roll over.

    I’ve been seeing LOTS of new, expensive vehicles on the road.

  4. Good analysis by your consigliere. I guess, when it comes to real estate, things even out by region. I was shocked to hear that property taxes are as high as 5-6% in some states. California’s is 1.25%. The good people in Ohio and Michigan may have homes a third of what we pay…but are actually paying a much, much higher tax bill.

    The debt to income gap is actually lower here than in Ohio as a result, since our salaries are double that of Ohio on average. Take the next to nothing utility bills we have in many parts of the state (We use the furnace sparingly and where I live we don’t need air conditioning) and we may actually have an advantage, which I guess explains our 40 million population.

    But back to the point of his email to you…The new tax plan is a sham. I will actually pay about 6% MORE in taxes this year than last due to the real estate an $10,000 itemized restrictions in this tax plan. Some Tax reform huh…what’s ironic is that the people most affected are the states like Ohio, Michigan and many red states that voted for him that have high property tax rates…They may get a few bucks more from their pay check…but come April 15, I would like to see the look on there faces when they get their returns back from their tax preparers and they see LINE 78…brought to you by the biggest scam artist in the biz…Trump.

  5. This is NOT a racial problem that we can fly to the moon and back — but WHO is it that cannot count votes correctly, WTH?!!

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