We will present an exceptionally short column this morning because there are only a couple of stories worth focusing on.  We’ve abandon the northeast liberal media’s promising “any day, now” for something of consequence in their Trumpquisition.

Nuclear war is a potential flashpoint now that Israel has definitive evidence that Iran Lied about their secret nuclear weapons development program.

If we didn’t have a corrupt, do-nothing congress, you’d be able to assume that ALL the Obama error intel types would be grilled about how stupidly wrong they got it.   But, sadly, we do have a mostly do-nothing pile of slime on the Hill.  Damn shame.  Why not send Obama/Clinton the bill for sending all that money to Tehran?  That helped fund their project.  Is “dumb shits” too coarse?   What were they thinking?  How much nuclear materiel can you fund with $1.7-billion? Jeez…Turn Mueller loose on ’em…give him something real to do.

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And, speaking of the Hookers and Fishing expedition: House Republicans Close to President Trump Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Rod Rosenstein.  Can you say glacial speed?

Fake news spoiler: ‘Total BS.’ John Kelly Responds to Reports He Called Trump an Idiot.

Sec State Pompeo’s Iran Statement

From the foggy bottom press release depot:

“For many years, the Iranian regime has insisted to the world that its nuclear program was peaceful. The documents obtained by Israel from inside of Iran show beyond any doubt that the Iranian regime was not telling the truth. I have personally reviewed many of the Iranian files. Our nonproliferation and intelligence officials have been analyzing tens of thousands of pages and translating them from Farsi. This analytical work will continue for many months. We assess that the documents we have reviewed are authentic.

The documents show that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program for years. Iran sought to develop nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems. Iran hid a vast atomic archive from the world and from the IAEA — until today.

Among the flaws of the Iran nuclear deal was the whitewashing of Iran’s illicit activities related to its military nuclear program. Iran had many opportunities over the years to turn over its files to international inspectors from the IAEA and admit its nuclear weapons work. Instead, they lied to the IAEA repeatedly. They also lied about their program to the six nations who negotiated the Iran nuclear deal. What this means is the deal was not constructed on a foundation of good faith or transparency. It was built on Iran’s lies. Iran’s nuclear deception is inconsistent with Iran’s pledge in the nuclear deal “that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop, or acquire any nuclear weapons.”

Weasel wording, but Iran may have just screwed the pooch on this:  Look for the Iran deal to be nixed and with Bibby no able to launch an attack on Iran on any serious threat. Pack welding goggles if you work in in the “missile east.”

Big Buck

The other big story of the day is equally simple:  With the prospect of war on Iran to take out their nukes – because they not only threaten  Israel, but also Europe, global investors are loading up on the “flight to safety currency” – the US dollar.

Here’s how markets work:

Stocks are prices in dollars.

If the dollar is seen as buying more (*purchasing power going up) it will take fewer dollars to buy stocks.  It looks like stock prices are going down, but in Reality, they are roughly the same value all the time, except when earnings expectations change.

Were stock prices going up (in this constant value explanation) it would mean the dollar was becoming worth less (but not yet worthless).

Stocks go up, means dollar purchasing power is going down.

Stocks go down, purchasing power of the Buck going up.

Stocks aren’t the only things impacted.

Why is gold down another $10 bucks?  Dollar’s going up.  Pay attention!

Why is silver going down?  Dollar’s going up.  (You getting this, yet?)

Why is oil going down?  Dollar’s going up.  (Shall I go on?)

Why is palladium going down?  Dollar’s going up.

OK, I have lots of examples, but if you read Urban, you’re not that stupid.  (Wait!…Hmmm….)

Dollar goes positive for year before Fed meeting means stocks are going which way, again?


Much of Europe is closed for May Day/ Labour Day, see Coping section for details.

Fed meeting begins today, look for the decision on rates at 2 PM tomorrow afternoon.

Futures?  About even…but more in Peoplenomics tomorrow.

We’ll also get to the core of Apple’s earnings as Investors look to Apple’s cash, services as iPhone sales seen stalling.

Useful News

A severe weather outbreak alert from the Gulf Coast to the Upper Midwest as spring arrives belatedly.

DOJ charges 11 possible caravan members with illegally entering the US  …just 11?


Noise cancelling device by NTU scientists halves noise pollution through open windows.

We have a different answer.  Our team of crack engineers says “Just close the window!”  Now, give them the pipe and the lighter back.

Confusing Headlines

We’re offering remedial biology training to the BBC for this one:

The people fighting pollution with plastic-free periods.


One other item for this morning’s biology class: Brown widow male spiders prefer sex with older females likely to eat them afterwards.

PG-13?  Here?

More?  If you insist…..

We’ve told you for a long time that high levels of night time lighting has been associated with certain cancers.  Now there’s more on the danger of not-quite dark sleeping: Effects of night-time light on internal body clock.

Back to work now…see you Thursday…