Now We Wait

Charts and prospects as we watch the train wreck of an economy implode.  Like dropping another 630 points off the Dow wasn’t a hint?

We have written for years on this site about our focus “Replaying 1929.” Now that we’re within spitting distance not only of the long wave economics playing out as forecast, we’re also seeing how this could turn into a “long-term research success” but a World Failure.

Oh well.

While we wait for things to sort themselves out next week,,.what to do?

More charts, headlines and (oh yeah), wait.

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50 thoughts on “Now We Wait”

  1. Re: Ma Nature Fallout

    I was completely unaware of the massive undersea volcanic explosion in the Kingdom of Tonga last January. Cables connecting the nation in the Pacific to the outside world were severed for weeks. Apparently Mr. Musk positioned Starlink service their way to help get plugged back in.

  2. 3’s are wonderful / awful … in equal-ish measure. Big 3’s in a bear serve lessons.

    Still accumulating long last barter goods: vodka, whiskey / coffee / staples (misc., last imbroglio TP was a hit?). Instead of trying to do everything I’ll buy / store what I can and, at need, harvest protein off the hoof or in lake. Worst case? We eat / drink my mistakes?

    We are fine. Hope same for others.

  3. Opportunity only knocks once..

    Lets Go G! – what can we buy now, stash, and “flip” in 1 yr for fun and profit…U know like Tires, Building materials…boggles my military mind just thinking about all the possibilities.
    Capitalism is a real Bitch without family assistance to keep you out the clutches of the banks and their pernicious lending practices..25% credit card interest rate!?! AYFKM! Peeps never be able to dig out from those greedy aszHOLES.

    Game is rigged from the start – Domestication the goal.

    Current profit generating, future revenue producer idea going thru the BCN school of probable probabilities is the “Banked Pure Blood Profit Project or BPBPP.

    Just think of the poor schnooks getting blood transfusions during surgical procedures. You want “vaxxed” or “lightly”vaxxed blood transfused into Ure UNvaxxed Baby, young Child, Spouse? Prolly can include the lightly vaxxed (2clotzshotz) in this market study of potential customers too.
    Hell this may be a good idea for Ure own dam unvaxxed self for the self preservation angle, of the dangle.
    Researching best rates for Deposit/Storage – bank a pint of the PURE every other month – me thinks that will be betta than USD in the bank, and perhaps better ROI than da BitcoinZ, perhaps. Potential therapy for those that took the genetic mark and having regrets as well..

    * What r u waiting 4?

    Hop 2 Hopsing..

  4. “Hunter”

    When was the last time anyone at Hunter’s level was arrested let alone jailed? A dog will chase its tail all day long.

    Here’s a good VR video. Notice the push becomes pull at 45 sec. That’s when our lungs get sucked inside out. The tree to the right isn’t rendering correctly. But overall not bad.

    This Is What It’s Like To Experience A Nuclear Blast Through VR!

  5. I’m going to summarize an update from Aaron Brickman’s latest 10/6 video.

    Aaron has studied market crashes throughout history, and has observed five essential similarities in all the major crashes. He’s studied people who have described cycles observed for all the major market crashes. There are five features he describes.
    1) Chris Carolan ‘s Astrological cycles.
    2) Puetz’ solar eclipse correlation
    3) Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur correlations
    4) fractal similarity patterns in the markets that we have already demonstrated. Our high in November, Correction down to June. Rally back and then down at Rosh Hashanah. Rally back until Yom Kippur.
    5) the context that we”re currently in, in the financial world.

    In order for the next sequence to play out correctly, according to Aaron, we had to go down 10/7 (which we did) and Monday 10/10 to Dow 28725. Then we have to bounce 800 points (can be intraday) on Tuesday. At that point we will have a much higher probability of the rest of the sequence. Eight down days in a row til 10/20, by which time we’ll be at the bottom. He won’t know that target for a few days, but will be sharing on his Twitter. But from the way he’s talking it could be similar to the 1929 crash of a 90% drop. 80% of drop will be in last 20% of time. 80/20 rule.

    If we don’t get the sequence for the next three days, he believes we’ll still get a crash, but not necessarily in that timeline, but soon. Maybe not as deep either.
    Aaron’s twitter is @AGBrickman

    It is likely that it is associated with a Lehman event like what caused the 2008 crash. This time it may be Credit Suisse, which is reportedly in trouble but claims all is ok. In the ‘29 crash, it took a few years to impact the banks. Today’s interconnected banking world will happen much faster, maybe weeks. Then all money transactions could freeze. Credit cards included. So consider that possibility that no flow of goods may occur weeks after the crash.

    Good luck and blessings

    • Seems like it would be fun to max out the credit cards if the banks won’t be around to collect. ; )

  6. I don’t think a “meaningful” nookwar is in the wings. The chrome dog doesn’t drive the truck. The Sir Humphrey Appleby’s and the sergeants E-6, E-7, and E-8 run things — really. In the Fire Dep’t, when a guy is promoted to a “sharp-creased white shirt,” he stops being a hero firefighter (in a blue shirt), and becomes a professional politician and budget-obsessed Manager, mostly interfacing with Upper Regimes..

    The hoard of invisible sergeants and permanent secretaries run things. All the visible rest is Kabuki Theatre for the amusement and distraction of the voting public.

    This is mostly Good News, because these guys don’t want to die. They want to stay beneath notoriety and retire in a dignified quiet manner. (Can’t say I think that’s an all-bad goal…)

    Fact is, neither Biden nor Putin have a “button.” They have a phone. They call a guy and say, “BLOW ‘EM UP!” Where “‘EM” is you and me and Igor and Ivan. THAT guy MAY have The Button — but chances are some other down-the-line much lesser clown has The Real Button — the one that ignites the propellant

    Sure, sure, Pooty-Poot might pop a small one off in the field as a mind-bender for foreigners — because Americans and Europeans will TOTALLY FREAK OUT. But, not to forget, WE perceive a large difference in Quality and Meaning between plutonium and dynamite — but to the Russkies, it’s just a slightly bigger bang. And not especially all that peculiarly horrifying.

    Real Shooting War is very messy, bloody, expensive, painful and inconvenient. Nookwar is worse — but much the same.

    AND, not to forget, it’s bad for business — AND everything is a business model. Maybe ESPECIALLY war — if done just right.

  7. less vaccinated people worry about the economy, nuclear war or the global condition than the unvaccinated, because they lost the ability to worry,,, gentlemen place ure bets,,, did ya wager that the vax was good or bad? Damn statistics. Not every one vaxed dies but I get tired of reading about young healthy people kicking the bucket and for some reason no one mentions ‘BLOOD CLOTS’,,, it is private and you sheep have no need to know!!!
    “Government reports confirm 1 in every 110 COVID Vaccinated people had died by January 2022, compared to just 1 in every 187 Unvaccinated people”

    and we AIN’T done counting yet,, we have met the enemy,, they are Trojans with gift horses

      • c, in your article they only address “covid’ deaths which we know is a lab invented disease, mis diagnosed by faulty PCR so called test, which is disputed even by the inventor of said test
        My article addresses all deaths,,, the vax die young, and more vaxed people die than unvaxed by percentage.
        I never claimed a high IQ, but when the training supervisor gave me a think outside the box test, I left him with his mouth hanging open. It seems that all the college educated trainers under him could not solve it. I did it in under a couple of minutes, just a dumb drunk mechanic that thinks/sees things differently.
        Oh ya scientific american is bias all hell,, enjoy the crickets they want to feed you all. I will just go fishing. I would rather be the fisherman than the fish.
        Thank you c, be well and don’t worry so much
        what ever will be, will be
        as we ride this spaceship called Earth
        where we go one , we go all,, JFK ship bell inscription

        Mr Ure check out those E-bay switch plate covers for a sailing room deco there is even a 1-1/4″ cabinet knobs with the ship bell on it

      • c is correct. Two dead young people are anecdotal evidence which, in general, is what is used to sell medicines that don’t work. As far as the base rate, that’s not even considering self-selection. The most vulnerable people were given preferential access to the vaccines i.e. older, diabetic, hypertensive, immune-compromised. Not wanting to die, the most vulnerable disproportionately accepted the vaccines.

        I got the vaccine ASAP because I’m old and, according to the early statistics, would have had as much as an 8% chance of dying if I had contracted covid. For reference, updated statistics (to August 2021) show with fair certainty that in the 18-29 age group .08% of those who contracted covid died. For the 65+ group the percentage is 3.89%. These numbers are overall–vaccinated and unvaccinated.

        From this point out, statistics will be even harder to interpret because of home testing results that are never entered into official data because they don’t result in medical care.

        Of course there are high death rates among the the vaccinated: we are disproportionately old and afflicted with comorbidities when compared with the unvaccinated.

        By the way, I had two Modernas and two boosters. Six weeks ago I thought I had a bad case of allergies, but my son nagged me into getting tested. Yup. Covid. Most likely because of the multiple vaccines, it wasn’t even as bad as a nasty cold.

      • Do you have numbers for all cause mortality for vaccinated versus unvaccinated ?
        The issue is whether the vaccine has lethal side effects which increase mortality rates. Arguing about COVID mortality misses the point.

      • MarcR EVERY day I see more of your ‘anecdotal’
        or this one

        in my home town of 20,000 I scan the Obits are a regular basis and have seen a big uptick of younger people dying
        Marc says
        “Of course there are high death rates among the the vaccinated: we are disproportionately old and afflicted with comorbidities when compared with the unvaccinated.”
        Marc please reread the article, more slowly this time
        It is about deaths in the same age groupings,,, vax vs unvax
        plain and simple,,, like me the other brother Darrell

      • See offical Insurance Co. statistics – Death Rates – govt own #’s.= no agenda, “paid” research bullsceisse, just the facts.

        Compare Years 2019,2020,201,2022 -across all age groups.

        That simple – that clean – all other #’s regards pure fabricated and manipulated bullscheisee ! put together for delivering agenda purposes and covering criminal tracks..

        Painfully obvious what has occurred, what was DONE to You in the name of “pet” control&domestication..
        And, these numbers obviously only reflect the victims who have already fallen.
        vaxxed have ruined their immune systems ..RSV is off the charts
        in children around country – inundating (Pediatric) emergency rooms since Summer, not to mention the only people getting infected covert19 are the Vaxxed – hahahahahah friggin geniuses, same with rumpwrangler pox, majority of infected were previoulsy vaxxed.

        U da Pooch thats been _____, did you even get a reach around?

        Sniff sniff – whats that odor emmanating from the city by the bay ??
        Shocking, no?

      • n, here’s a vaers report on myocarditis from vax, rare, but still an increased rate for males, especailly adolscent age:

        340k vaers events out of 300 million mRna doses given (how rare? approximately 1 in 100k rare)

        vaers data can be questionable, can’t be sure if death caused by the vax or another problem…

      • c,,, ok here it is from your article, these people are PAID by the pharma vax makers. Did you really think? that they would bite the hand that feeds them?
        “Conflict of Interest Disclosures: Dr Creech reported receiving grants from the National Institutes of Health for the Moderna and Janssen clinical trials and receiving personal fees from Astellas and Horizon. Dr Edwards reported receiving grants from the National Institutes of Health; receiving personal fees from BioNet, IBM, X-4 Pharma, Seqirus, Roche, Pfizer, Merck, Moderna, and Sanofi; and receiving compensation for being the associate editor of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Dr Soslow reported receiving personal fees from Esperare. Dr Schlaudecker reported receiving grants from Pfizer and receiving personal fees from Sanofi Pasteur. Drs Barnett, Ruberg, and Smith reported receiving grants from Pfizer. Dr Lopes reported receiving personal fees from Bayer, Boehringer Ingleheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Daiichi Sankyo, GlaxoSmithKline, Medtronic, Merck, Pfizer, Portola, and Sanofi and receiving grants from Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Medtronic, Pfizer, and Sanofi. No other disclosures were reported.”

        bought and paid for like a Hunter Biden call girl,, calling Dr Call Girl, we need you to write a report and here what you will say

      • “do the math, if your iq can handle it…”

        what is it with IQ… I hear that a lot.. their IQ.. his IQ. her IQ etc. etc… why not use EL.. if your EL is high enough ( education level)
        You can be a cracker jack on something but then someone else is a cracker jack on another. a person that was taught in another language cannot answer questions in a language they are not familiar with… EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet is a genius in their own way.. you may be able to add and subtract because of your level of schooling.. but then someone else has the ability to do something else.. einstein was thought to be lacking the mental intuitiveness to handle daily functions and wanted him to be institutionalized.. when in reality he was thinking faster than the time they conceived what his thoughts were he was on another subject..
        he once said.. “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GENIUS AND STUPIDITY IS THAT GENIUS HAS ITS LIMITS”-IQ is a variable ever changing
        Maybe we should have t shirts that says.. EVERYONE MATTERS.. or I wish I was as smart as you are..
        iq can vary depending on their education and surroundings.. their environment .. IQ does not have a thing to do about any of it.. its a variable number..
        I would get so irked.. because a group thought that the vast majority of the planet was just drooling idiots.. ( especially those in politics and I have the same thought ) when actually the only thing they had that was special was an ability to see a pattern in an abstract..
        the oxy moron on this is I quit because of the same reason I thought they were drooling idiots LOL which irritates the heck out of me..

    • These ladies were so beautiful and failed by the satanic system.

      Wake up!!! Be Brave, stick your neck out. Fight!!!

    • Sgt Slaughterz suggests looking at insurance data. That made me go to the Blue Cross website and look to see what the major health insurer had to say about getting vaccinated. The advice was pretty unequivocal: do it. Maybe health insurance companies love paying claims or have idiots in their actuarial departments or are paid off by Soros and Gates to reduce world population. But if none of these hypotheses are valid, maybe one should consider the insurer’s advice, particularly if you are in a high-risk situation.

      SS, eventually I will ferret out insurance company death data on my own, but if you have a particular website you find useful, please post it.

    • Again with the vaccine shit!?! Give it rest – let it go. Everyone’s view has become an article of faith. You ain’t convincing anyone of anything.

      • Purposely ignoring evil, not saying anything or doing anything about it, defines today’s weak willed, demonically demented..WWDD.

        “nothing to see hear” is always the refrain heard from a nogoodniks, – wishing they could coverup the MALFEASANCE that is both covert19 & the Vaxx.

        The Life Insurance comapanies numbers dont lie, unlike many reading this missive. Beside, whats a little nano sized graphene oxide between demons..just a tini tiny trifle, no?

  8. “hopeful conservatives don’t grasp how power works despite of headlines like The shocking emails, texts, and photos that could land Hunter Biden in Federal prison. Fade that bet. Equity doesn’t do court appearances.”

    they have already told everyone that if something does come from all the corrupt and questionable activities the family was in.. that there was a presidential pardon already waiting..
    So why waste the money going after it.. absolute power corrupts absolutely.. the dual standards of law..
    I believe that is one reason why they have been spending millions to cover over all the questionable activities and keeping Ole pedo on ice..

  9. George

    I wonder what the current DEFCON, ( Defense Condition) is?
    When I pulled Nuke Alerts in a silo back in the early 1970’s it was at condition 4.
    For those who have not been expose to that system it’s fairly simple. Let see if I can remember it roughly.
    DEFCON 1: you are at war and hostile actions against the United States have occurred or are eminent,
    DEFCON 2: preparation for war should be complete and armed forces are ready for action.
    DEFCON 3: final preparation for war are begun and armed forces are mobilized.
    DEFCON 4: armed forces perform routine duties but remain vigilant to possible enemy actions against the United States.
    DEFCON 5: peace time activities with no enemy action expected.

    The wording is not exact but you get the gist of the meaning.
    Warhammer can give me a grade if he so desires.

  10. See the footage on of the Crimean bridge explosion last night? Interesting. I wonder if the target was the bridge or the box truck, or both…

    Anyway, suppose it’s not TEOTWAWKI. Any advice on how to get through the depression without losing our shirt? We seem focused on the trip down but not planning for the trip up if it comes. I’m sure many, if not most, of PN/US’s readers have experience or wisdom passed down from parents who were there…

    • First rule of Depressions: Some of the stuff you own you may be able to hang on to; stuff you bought with Other People’s Money (OPM) you will lose.
      Have enough of something tangible squirreled away in your immediate possession to pay property taxes for several years. Property taxes become a big deal when employment gets scarce and the free money dries up. If you can’t pay your note, the mortgage holder will take the property. If you can’t pony up tribute to the tax man, the property gets sold for back taxes. Don’t expect the protections being extended to debtors now to be there when the economy goes completely bust.
      Better to have a modest cash home and low-mileage cash vehicle than any combination of stuff bought on credit. Theorized resale values means nothing when real market valuations go deep under water. My young neighbors are learning that the hard way. It will get much worse, and it will take multiple generations to dig out from under the coming financial ruin.

    • “”suppose it’s not TEOTWAWKI. Any advice on how to get through the depression without losing our shirt? We seem focused on the trip down but not planning for the trip up if it comes.’

      dam interesting point Joe…with what has been done to the economy and the currency.. I doubt seriously if the dollar can rebound.. I believe that there are some pretty hairy times ahead even if brandons pushing for a war doesn’t go nuclear..

  11. There’s a lot of deadly dog attack stories. Dog kills are never the fault of non-pet owners and always start with a pet owner. Dogs should be outlawed unless the owner has them working a 100 acre farm or larger. But people have to have them. They have rights.

    Over in Europe they have “American Bully XL” dogs as pets. Even worse/fancier than Pitbulls. Bigger, stronger and the owners over there get chewed up too. Harsh as it is, Darwin, at least it was the Pitbull family instead of innocent bystanders.

    There was a lady in Iowa who built her Great Dane pack to five before they turned and chewed her up. Imagine the convos.

    1st dog. “Why do you need a dog so big?”
    Dead lady. “You can’t tell me!”
    3rd dog “Aren’t two Great Danes enough?”
    Dead lady “Giggles”
    5th dog “Those dogs are going to kill you.”
    Dead Lady “They love me. They’re my children.”

    Helter Skelter comes. The dogs wouldn’t let helpers near the dead lady. They were ‘protecting’ her.

    5 Great Danes attack, kill owner in northwest Iowa

    ROSSIE, Iowa — A northwest Iowa woman who was found in a ditch died after being attacked by her five Great Danes, authorities said Wednesday.

    A man found the woman in a rural area of Clay County on Monday but couldn’t get close to her because of several large dogs, according to KTIV-TV.

    • “There’s a lot of deadly dog attack stories. Dog kills are never the fault of non-pet owners and always start with a pet owner. Dogs should be outlawed unless the owner has them working a 100 acre farm or larger. ‘

      I have a dog.. and dogsit a dog.. for my grandkids.. fang and cujo.. but I couldn’t see them going mad or attacking unprovoked at all.. fang will be the first one to greet you at the door with cujo at close second.. see they assume you brought them a treat and came to visit them..
      they can tell the fedex truck four blocks away and the ups driver only has to drive by.. the fedex and ups driver started it.. they have a bag of treats on the truck..
      ginger my last dog.. she was a sweetheart.. totally loved.. she had been abandoned with her pups in winter.. when I came into the view.. she was to be put down.. just like fang.. and I said no I want her.. had to carry her to the car and carry her in.. carry her outside to go potty and then carry her inside.. she was nothing but skin and bones.. what is that word emaciated .. it was sad.. I feed rocky the squirell to.. anyway I had set out corn for rocky and his mate and ginger took off running.. hiding in a closet.. she was afraid of rocky.. took me a year before I could get her to go further than the driveway.. we had her for thirteen years almost.. then she got bone cancer.. but now.. she had fought coyotes and racoons etc.. and had been shot at.. (probably by the previous owner) she hated the orange vests and the sound of guns.. and if a dog went by that looked like a coyote or a racoon.. she would break a log chain to get at it.. she had no fur on her face from fighting for her pups.. but a person.. if a person was ever bitten.. I would have had to ask just what they did to her..
      Of course most of our pets take on our personalities.. whether its a cat or dog.. the squirrel.. or momma bird.. she chewed my butt but good when I took down her nest.. had to make her a bird house LOL.. then she was nice again..
      peanut the rabbit.. and jackie the bunny that would come up to my grandson.. ( dr. doolittle jr.) to be fed.. cutest thing you ever seen.. he would go out as a four year old yell for jack and if that rabbit was in earshot would come running up to him LOL.. he turned out to be a she and so her named changed to jackie rather than jack LOL Princess was not her baby so they had a who would be queen dominance thing going on.. and they had to be separated..
      when the boy was learning how to ride his bike.. jackie was watching him he fell she ran off.. then came back to make sure he was ok.. LOL..Peanut.. heck I have to watch where I walk other wise I would step on him LOL
      I just got done feeding princess.. she is getting old and fat now LOL but still princess and quite royal.. the turtles.. we caught are getting bigger to.. now they bite my son in laws fingers but I can pet them and not get bitten LOL LOL he is jealous to.. so I read about dogs attacking and I wonder what kind of owner were they.. did they feed them.. were they nice to them..

      • LOOB, I really appreciate your abilities with dogs and kids! They’re generally the critters that I try to avoid, since they’re neither predictable nor logical.

      • ‘Pack mentality kicks in, and they become invincible. Just like humans.’

        Yes.. when a pack goe faral that is a problem.. they are just dogs.. and will follow the leader.. do what they leader wants no matter what and go out of their way to protect them..( OH MY GOD… they are democrats LOL)
        even humans we are no different.. if we are abandoned and despirate.. we to revert to our instincts for survival.. ever watch a blm riot.. or Jan 6 capital riot.. there was only what twenty five or so people that turned what would have been a peaceful demonstration into a violent event.. that is why there were people put in the group to do just that.. a friend went to what they thought was a peaceful blm antifa demonstration..Yeah I said the same thing why in the heck would you even think of going to one.. I believe it is curiosity.. but anyway.. there were guys running around with lots of money giving five grand to someone willing to toss a rock through someones window.. or ten grand if they would start a fight.. NOW.. who has that kind of money and that is the ones that should be sought out and convicted.. it won’t happen because people with that kind of money don’t have to deal with the laws the average people live by..

      • there was a study done.. a while back on prison guards and people in authority..
        the object was to see how someone like adolph could get people to do horrific acts even though they knew that what was asked of them was wrong…. and treat others so horribly push forward in a war or act because someone else told them to.. .. ” Social psychologist Stanley Milgram researched the effect of authority on obedience. He concluded people obey either out of fear or out of a desire to appear cooperative–even when acting against their own better judgment and desires. Milgram?s classic yet controversial experiment illustrates people’s reluctance to confront those who abuse power”

    • Yep. Dogs in a group of two or more will do things that a single dog alone would never consider doing. Pack mentality kicks in, and they become invincible. Just like humans.

      • I’ve never really liked dogs, though I respect their right to be(most of the time). I’ve befriended a couple of them, but generally they’re unpredictable and will try to bite randomly. I had to face down three in a pack, including a pitbull, and after 10 minutes they ran off. If I’d been armed at the time, there would have been three less dogs to deal with. Cats generally understand me and we get along well. Dogs don’t, and react unpredictably. I have relatives with two dogs that I can’t trust. Both have tried to bite me and at other times just want to be petted. Some might be useful as alarms and defense, but I prefer hardware since it’s far more predictable.

      • “Yep. Dogs in a group of two or more will do things that a single dog alone would never consider doing. ‘

        so will people LOL…. and even more if there are people handing out cash..

  12. The day after Mr. Putin’s birthday marked by an explosion on the longest bridge in Europe, electrical power to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhia, went out. The plant’s constant cooling needs are currently drawing on diesel generators says msm. One imagines the same holds true for the 18 years worth of radioactive spent fuel housed in a containment facility on-site. Presently winds appear to be blowing in a westward direction.

    Let us join DJ Ure for some post-vesper words from the Bard during this full moon:
    “The moon shines bright. In such a night as this. When the sweet wind did gently kiss the trees and they did make no noise, in such a night…

  13. George;
    Doom,destruction and Russia cannot maintain its military equipment,their education system crashed in the late 1980’s /early 90’s and has not been rebuilt.They have a declining population. They have a bunch of crooks running the Government and stealing everything. Can they maintain their Nukes?
    Can they maintain the missiles and guidance equipment?
    China is corrupt too. All for CCP members, everyone else are peasants/serfs.They must import 75 to 80 percent of their energy, their construction is shoddy
    including naval construction.They must import food to keep everyone fed.The treat of mass starvation is coming back to china.Jobs suck.They cannot build the machines that make the low end chips.They must buy them elsewhere.They cannot build Cray Supercomputers,the clintons gave them access to that in 1994 or so. Their rigid top down structure stifles innovation and if a boss loses Face, he will kill you before the higher ups kill him or send him to a Gulag/china style..
    Yes Dangerous World.Always was,always will be.Dominant predator HUMANS are very unstable.
    So be prepared, food ,fuel ,meds, guns, ammo, bow,arrows, staff. We humans in America have been expecting the world to go to crap since 1880 and America to fall.. But USA has ended the last 10 or 14 decades Stronger than we were before.
    If our politicians get put out of the way,we will continue that and perhaps make a better world from it. We will pull thru.. Drill Sargent, What is the Spirit of the Bayonet? To Kill Drill Sargent,to Kill.. A time to sing,a time to pray,a time to sow,a time to reap..A time to Live,A time to Die.Yes I have my radiation drugs,face mask,NBC mask..Good Scout..

    • “George;
      Doom,destruction and Russia cannot maintain its military equipment,their education system crashed in the late 1980’s /early 90’s and has not been rebuilt.They have a declining population. They have a bunch of crooks running the Government and stealing everything. Can they maintain their Nukes?”

      It only takes five to change our position from today back ten thousand years..
      they have good schools and some with some pretty awesome libraries.. china.. a child from america would never make it in a chinese college.. in china you go to learn not party.. the big thing that got me.. is on the list of good schools how in the heck did YALE ( the daddys little preppy boy party school ) get above..Princeton and Penn state.. both of which I believe are much better schools.. at least they have some really good libraries and some great lecturers.. you get nothing from a yale library and the only lecture I seen from a yale professor was good but not outstanding.. I do have to admit in all the years of reading books and listening to lectures etc.. in the last year they have had four that shocked the heck out of me.. didn’t ever expect anything of that to come out of that school.. mostly I would have expected to see something like the proper way to shotgun a beer lecture to come out of it LOL..

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