Nostracodeus Update: From “Outbreak” to “Epidemic”

Say…not to intrude into your weekend, and such, but I just had a call from Grady, chief wizard of code for our website project.

You need to click over there and see what has happened in our language studies:  We’ve been seeing the nasty little word  [ outbreak ] in the runs (both on my servers and his) and now the word is transitioning into “epidemic.”

I think this is significant (not just because I’m finally getting over the 15-day run of crap in the chest that I’ve just been through, but because this likely means that by, oh, say Tuesday/Wednesday of this coming week, the fear-mongers (always a bunch of damn followers, it seems) will be touting the “OMG!!!  EPIDEMIC!!!  Everyone run from Street!!!”

So if I were making a guess…I’m kinda betting that Monday or Tuesday night’s evening news shows will include “Worse flu season in xx years, as tens of thousands….” yada, yada.

Go read what Grady’s come up with…and try not to scoff….or cough.  Look for the government to find new ways and reasons to “needle” the population…