NoDoz Day for Markets

Pencil in the Dow closing up 50 as a likely target and take the rest of the day off.

There’s damn little to drive things higher, or lower, from here so it’s hardly worth watching.

As you know, I have an odd way of looking at markets.  I look at an Aggregate. Usually, it’s a pretty exciting way to play.  But, even this is causing no end of boredom.

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We are in a sideways move that could last who knows how long.

In the meantime, though, note that there is a much higher level off to the left and until old highs from earlier this year are all broken, we can’t get too excited about getting bullish.

Yet, until our Aggregate falls below the present trend channel, we can’t get too bullish, either.  So we pop NoDoz or swill spoon-melting coffee and wait.

With Richmond Fed numbers due out at 10, we don’t see much happening there.

I’ll be using the day to get the air conditioning checked on the truck, get a state inspection done, and maybe pick up stamps at the Post Office.  Is that exciting, or what?

SECOND Spy in Trump Camp?

Oh-oh…Another ‘informant’ attempted to infiltrate Trump campaign under Obama, campaign aide says/

When in Doubt, Be a Smart-Ass

I don’t mean like Jimmy Drivvel and the late-night Trump bashers… I’m talking useful smart-ass.

Take the story China, U.S. near deal on ZTE reprieve; Beijing cuts auto tariffs.  This teaches us that despite what Schumer and the Bashocrats are selling, that Donald Trump is not trying to burn down the world.  He’s a public negotiator…something the dem’s have no concept of.

Still, the trade deals are still up in the air as we read how “Russia and Japan warn U.S. of $1 billion in tariff retaliation.”

Then we have the Atlantic trade dance in how Trump wants more from EU to lift tariffs: EU trade chief.

Let’s all get our Kleenex out and wring hands together, shall we?

ICE Raid Leaker Warning

See ‘Mayor Libby Schaaf Act’ would imprison gov’t officials who warn about ICE raids.

This as the crooked open-border people are trying to tear America apart non-stop by importing violent filth.  What we need to do is start putting liberal strongholds on maps and dropping them along the border so the MS-13 types can find them instead of middle America. Go to the snowflake ‘hoods.

I’m just sure they’d be welcomed, yah?

RINO Tracker Note

Cal Thomas: Who’s afraid of cutting a mere $15 billion from the federal budget? Republicans, apparently.

Life Goes On Dept.

A story on Business Wire caught our eye today: U.S. Boating Industry Prepares for Busy Summer Season With Sales at a 10-Year High.  We have to wonder how many jerk-off degrees in history have been issued to kids who now regret not going to an outboard mechanics program for 20% of the cost and a lot higher per hour?


Speaking of history: New controversial idea about Stonehenge has archaeologists shaking their heads.  The idea?  The advancing Ice Sheet waaay back when moved the massive stones to the plain of Stonehenge where they merely needed moving and erecting.

It’s nonsensical, there’s virtually no evidence for it, yet here we go with what smells like pseudoscience to us.  It’s simply unhenged.

Social Meda Wrecking the World?

We won’t expect anything but softball questions as Facebook’s Zuckerberg faces EU Parliament grilling.

Grilling?  Hardly be the term; if you had a steak that got grilled like some of the world’s liberals, it would still “moo.”

Vacation Planning?

Good Fox report on how 25 percent of Americans haven’t visited iconic landmarks in their own cities, study finds.

Even here in the Outback, we haven’t yet taken the steam train ride in Palestine, Texas.  Seems like something always comes up.  We;re still considered newcomers to Texas only having been here 15-years now…

Bitcoin Stuck

In the $8,200 area.  Maybe it will move one of these days – we are watching it – and the stocks – to see which one will blast one way, or the other, first…

Climate Change?

A Heatwave Has Killed 65 People in Pakistan’s Karachi Amid Widespread Power Cuts is the headline.

We tend to jot this kind of thing down as a weather variance, not the end of the world.

But, then again, we’re not selling anything.

Note to Our Jakarta Bureau

Hey, Bernard!  Wake up: Indonesia Orders Evacuations as the Volatile Mount Merapi Erupts.

Given the nature of Hawaii, seems like something to keep an eye on.

By the way, Bernard’s got a dandy article on his site “Deep Throat vs. Q” that’s pretty good.

When he’s not sending memos to us about the adventures in everything from high street theater to gold mining in the jungles, he’s developed a nice clear view of how nuts America is.  Easier to do the further you get from the asylum.

Screw  Being PC

We don’t know how this story could possibly happen while we’re turning into a nation of a thousand genders, but here you go: “Miss Nebraska Beats 50 Competitors to be Crowned Miss USA.”

How dare you click that link, lol.  Shame, shame…oh hell, go for it. We don’t report people.

We’re still stuck on where “non-binary” people come from…and if genuinely non-binary, how their plumbing works.  Evaporator systems, perhaps?

20 thoughts on “NoDoz Day for Markets”

  1. 15 years in Texas and still a newcomer reminds me of an obit discovered in rural Maine that stated, “Although John Soanso lived in in Outback for 98 years, he was not a native.”

    It aint just Texas!

  2. Hiya chief! Thanks for the toss and the kind comments. I was enjoying the ash bath when you pulled my chain.

    Honestly, Merapi goes off so frequently, we jungle-bunglers have gotten complacent. My house is on the flanks of Gunung Gede, which has slept for the past 700,000 years, but I’m keeping a sharp eye on the peak for signs of trouble.

    One note related to that, there have been a large number of landslides on the road up to the mountain retreat. Could be a protracted rain season, or it could be the mountain breathing. Either way, playing havoc on my runs to the city for wine and song.

    In any event, hope all is well in the Texas outback. We’ll keep the lights on for you, should you get the itch to fly trans-Pacific.

  3. A “public negotiator” who just happened to get a $500,000,000 loan from the Chinese government for one of his real estate projects? You do the math. If you don’t get ‘disgraceful’ use a calculator. Best, Mike.

    • Do you NOT understand how calendars work? When was (A) and when was (B)…just sayin

      • George, you think influence respects a calendar? Just one example of many: We still not know what that extra $60 million washed through Trump’s FL estate bought or, more importantly, is still buying. This is why we have ethics rules that are based upon ‘even the appearance of impropriety.’ Banana Republics don’t. Best, Mike.

    • What about Mayor Mary Schaaf ‘even the appearance of impropriety’ or is Oakland a Banana Republic. Besides the Raiders, what is Oakland’s claim to fame?

  4. I took that train ride when I was 15 with my folks. Actually got to ride the locomotive when they made the turn-around wye. Never get to do that in today’s litigious world. Met a girl on the snack car. Can’t tell you much else about the trip. Probably because I met a girl on the snack car.

    I grew up in Marshall, BTW. Small world.

    • Uh…not a small one. The ones inhabited by upright apes who scam each other, have nuclear weapons, and are political tools tend to be about the same size, though the sample (n) is small: <2

  5. I’ve lived in Hawaii for over 40 years. The 20-somethings still taunt me with ‘but you weren’t born here’. Yeah, but I’ve been here twice as long as you.

    And I’ve got a volcano shooting 100 foot fountains of lava just 5 miles downwind of me now. Red sky glows at night.

    • And there ain’t a virgin in sight. Looks like the natives will have to settle for a new type sacrifice…I wonder if virtue signaler’s will do?

      • PS- if youve got a CNN affiliate nearby, you’ll be able to find you some virtue signalers there. I see them trying to claim they only enabled the the embedded FBI imformants in the Trump campaign for his own good, to ensure he and his advisers wouldn’t fall victim to Russian influences. Uh huh…

      • Heck robert.. send some of the terrorists there to sacrifice themselves.. I hear they have 74 virgins that will follow them if they sacrifice themselves.. just toss a few of them in

  6. I’ve been to Stonehedge. Those stones were quarried; they sure as hell didn’t just “show up” one day. Even if that were the case, at some point someone cut them into rectangular blocks.

    • I am jealous WCD…. that is one place I would do almost anything to go see.. stonehenge..the great wall, pyramids, the balkan the cliff dwellings. St. Petersburg russia.( I have a diary that was written by a guy before the czar was overthrown that has a ton of pictures. the rich heritage the wonderful people.. a coupld years ago I knew someone in the diplomatic services and was going to be living there.. at first I said take pictures so I can see it.. then I changed my mind as paranoid as everyone is.. ) . and maybe if someday everyone decides to quit all this fighting I will be able to visit the many places.. Oh turkey.. there are a couple places in turkey that I would like to see along with in south america the old temples in tibet.. phew the list is getting long here LOL
      I am jealous.. what I wouldn’t give to just see the henge.. did you know that strategically located around the globe are henges that all align with stone henge..

      • what fun it would be to see all of them.. the same thing with pyramids.. phew.. I should have been an archaeologist I just love this stuff..

  7. George, the Hong Kong Dollar peg is getting ready to blow up.
    This is from Marty Armstrong.
    I know that futures are not many peoples cup of tea,but thought that I would toss it out there if anyone was interested.

  8. George, your comment on today’s market was right on.

    “There’s damn little to drive things higher, or lower, from here so it’s hardly worth watching.”

    I am looking for a downturn, & if the NASDAQ breaks below 7,000, it should signal a summer downturn.

  9. George,

    Please excuse my language, but WTF!

    There is a specific kind of author who attempts to write a ‘speculative pre-historical or historical’ book after acquiring a ‘nugget’ of actual fact. This, despite libraries of authoritative work explaining (or more properly proposing a theory) as to the how and why of something happening – particularly the more ‘sexy stuff’ – Stonehenge, The Pyramids, Possible Space Aliens, The Vatican, even Jesus Christ.

    Uneducated, ignorant, foolish people will believe this nonsense – but often people not familiar with the humanities – who do not know even the minor consequences of history – will fall prey to. I’m talking about people like engineers and scientists . . .

    ‘Stupid’ history degrees? History is the study of mankind, and ‘The past is prologue’ – I have a history degree, and I have found that having such has been ‘handy’ in keeping sanity while dealing with fools and idiots.

    You will have noticed that I am ‘not fond’ of President Trump. Two reasons – first, he is non-literate, non-reader even of his daily briefings. One must have some familiarity with the past in order to anticipate the future.

    Secondly, Donald Trump is remarkably lacking in curiosity. Even people who have medical reasons for not being able to read can be curious and understand the world and its peoples. Unfortunately, this is not how our president views life.

    I think this is tragic, and the United States is suffering greatly for his lack of knowledge.

  10. “Good Fox report on how 25 percent of Americans haven’t visited iconic landmarks in their own cities, study finds.”

    I believe that.. Many places either have a conditional vacation..( you can go this day and that day or not at all) or they don’t offer a vacation benefit at all.. When I left I had just about three years built up of sick time and vacation time. They hire on the point system..point five is the most common. That means your guaranteed five days every two weeks. But your not allowed to take five days off vacation.
    Anyone that knows me knows that I have never been on a vacation. My life revolved around work and a day of vacation was an eight or ten hour day.
    That’s why my obit reads that I went on vacation..hoping that there will be moderate temperatures where I’m headed. No get togethers those that know me will know that and inquire why spend that money when every one can go get a meal have a keg or two and laugh..

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