News is Mostly Marketing

It never frigging stops.

Elaine came home with a bag of prewashed salad fixings (a salad and omelet is a good breakfast,, at least to my taste buds.  You oughta try it sometime).

But come to find out, it wasn’t really salad fixings at all.  Nossir:  It’s now an Antioxidant Kit.  Honest-to-God, I can’t make this stuff up.

But it does remind me that everything is marketing, a truth kinda co-equal to our Everything’s a Business Model.

Let me show you how it works.

Take the lead in the NY Post this morning:  Hillary’s FBI probe is indeed a criminal inquiry reports the Post.

The Post then quotes a source:

“I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe…”

What’s the word we are studying this morning?  Marketing.  And who is the leading democorp? 

You see, this marketing stuff isn’t so hard to figure out, is it?

Job Cuts Suck

Writ large in this morning’s Challenger, Gray and Christmas job cuts report:

Monthly job cuts rocketed to the highest level in nearly four years, as U.S. employers announced plans to shed 105,696 workers from their payrolls in July, according to the report Thursday from global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The July total is 136 percent greater than the 44,842 job cuts recorded in June. It is 125 percent higher than the same month a year ago, when planned workforce reductions totaled 46,887. The last time more than 100,000 job cuts were announced in a single month was September 2011, when they reached 115,730.

The July surge brings the year-to-date job cut total to 393,368, which is 34 percent higher than the 292,921 cuts announced in the first seven months of 2014. This represents the highest seven-month total since 2009, when 978,048 job cuts were announced amid the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Well, gee, gosh, who would have thought?  But the way marketing works, the stock market is not yet done having its way with the ‘Merican public yet.  We should still (according to our more serous work on the site) see a decline of modest proportion, then   a final run-up into 2016 and then the hammer will come down.

Death of Oil Kingdoms?

Markets this morning are about flat, but that could be because the vultures are circling the OPECers.  They should be cratering on the jobs number, but the agenda is to raise rates in September, so the focus is on the happy talk and this morning that’s the marketing of the silver lining of the oil price collapse.

You see, if oil collapses much further, oil kingdoms will be in trouble and the end of OPEC looms as a possibility.

With OPEC pricing power on the ropes, the Saudis are trying to float $27-billion worth of bond issues.

The problem the Saudis have is that it’s a kind of oil-driven welfare state and when the pricing power runs out, then social unrest looms as a possible future.  Something no one likes to talk about, because, in part, it would be inconvenient marketing.

Forget Jade Helm

The real threat to American freedom may be from our own police local police departments which are losing their grip on marketing their version of “law and order.:”  This, as The Guardian has documented more than 3,500 Americans, mostly black, being held in an “interrogation facility” called Homan Square up in Chicago.

Not all at once, but over a decade.  But it begs the question how it is that Chicago has apparently not been allowing legal counsel, release if no charges are filed in a timely manner and all the rest of it.

Marketing angle:  All those ChiTown cop shows on TV which invariably show the squeaky clean side of the thin blue line.  But having covered grand juries looking into police corruption, yes, there is a dark side of the line that is conveniently NOT marketed.

Marketing The Don

Is Rudy Giuliani the Don’s new corner man by likening Trump to Reagan?  That could be good for a cabinet level appointment down the road.

Counter-marketing is Stephen King.  I keep waiting for him to write a horror story about government, BTW, although most days the NYT does suffice.

Speaking of Marketing and Roads

Did you see this-here lil marketing gem in the Washington Post?  “Lawmakers take well-timed Israel trip paid for by AIPAC charitable arm.”

You see, Israel is running a huge marketing campaign to crush the Iran deal, and the Iranians are showing they are terrible marketers.  Example:  “Iran warns of ‘third World War.’”

What part of history did the Iranians miss?  Surely, they must have skipped the how when pissed enough, we can organize enough horsepower to lay cans of whup-ass on Japan and Germany at the same time in WW II. 

But no, the Middle Eastern types are slinking around Wyoming, Colorado, and we hear elsewhere trying to intimidate families of American Service persons.  Bad marketing, Stupid marketing, and they really don’t have a grip on how America really works.

Of course, they maybe they think they have a co-marketer in the White House.  But Obama doesn’t have a marketing department.  Cast of clowns is more like it.

Otherwise how would you explain headlines like “Obama admits some unfrozen Iran cash will fund terror” and “Obama Providing Extra Million Alien Work Permits Annually.”

All I can say is if I was Obama’s marketing department, I’d fire the client.

Always Right – But Usually Early

So, as we wrap up this morning’s expository on marketing, let’s me close with this:

An Associated Press story to read is this one:  “Dream of Free and Open Internet Dying, Lawyer Says.”

What year is this?  “2015!”

Right.  When did I write Broken Web:  The coming collapse of the Internet?



We live in a world where everything is a business model and all business models rely on marketing.

And to the degree you understand the unstoppable forces of cash and the irresistible forces of marketing, you will see how your world is created as a kind of prison with toys in it.  A place of pseudo-choices and sham democracy.

And if you don’t get it?  You’ll make great fodder for the commercial interests that own America, having stolen it out from under the great concepts embodied by The Founders.

We have moved into a world where the only model that works is the “continual growth model” and that has some terrible implications, some of which we will get into this weekend for our Peoplenomics subscribers.

There.  Done with my bowl of “:antioxidant kit” it’s off to the omelet, though the news may still seem scrambled.   

It’s really over-easy.

5 thoughts on “News is Mostly Marketing”

  1. An omelet of broccoli or green beans both very lightly sauteed from the evening before, garlic and onions with some shredded Swiss cheese if you like finished off with a healthy splash of your favorite hot sauce is the best way to get started on the days field chores.

    Seems to me this crapola of middle eastern people harassing military families is simply a way to stir the Sh*t. When one of those “military families” takes the threat a little more seriously and responds as defensively violent as they feel appropriate expect it to be immediately followed by cries that servicemen and their families are racist.

    It’s all orchestrated. Everything. Everything reported in most any news service is nothing more than pure BS.

  2. a quick thought about marketing, with regard to israel vs iran: Mb those ‘middle eastern folks’ harassing soldiers’ families(and mb even the reports about iran and ww3) aren’t actually aligned with iran, but are just an extension of the israeli marketing campaign to make iran look bad/worse? A truly good marketing campaign would not only be trying to make what you’re stumping for look really good, but also be trying to make what you’re stumping against look really bad.

    • I agree with you. I find it strange that the FBI would put out ‘an alert’ to LE and inform MSM about it. If they were in fact trying to catch or identify these men, why would they broadcast it to the public? Wouldn’t that drive them ‘underground’ and lessen the chances of apprehension? But if it is a smokescreen designed to arouse public anger or fear(their favorite tactic) to torpedo any sort of Iranian agreement, then it becomes more likely. The democons that are going to Israel, courtesy of AIPAC, are probably going to get their options read to them…Israeli version of do or die, politically or physically.

  3. Guilianni is probably right. He does sound a lot like Reagan, mindless blustering, appealing to the simplistic and jingoist political atmosphere sheeple endorse and adore. Now, with hindsight, we can see how good Reagan was for us. Runaway Corpgov anyone? Can’t argue with Kings blurbs, either. Most people don’t remember Trump and his tirade and 4 full page ads surrounding the Central Park Five circus. That they were found to be innocent through DNA and the real perp confessing is non-sequitur, he was disgusted by their being awarded damages for wrongful conviction and years of incarceration. But when he repeatedly stiffs creditors by bankruptcy, why that’s just business. Yeah, he should fit in real good with the rest of the political elite. All blow and no go.

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