Nervous Weekend, Anyone?

Between Banking (and “special treatment for the rich”) along with one war hot, one brewing, a former president facing a possible perp-walk, and rampant inflation in hard assets, it’s a hard weekend not to have the jitters.

Sorry to say:  We can’t alleviate too many.  But, our steely-eyed view of things will remind you that it all “works out in the end.”  Only question is “Whose end?”

Of special interest today is the ChartPack – which promises an even-more interesting week just ahead.

The Biggest of Big Deals, then, will be the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting which begins Tuesday and will release a rate decision Wednesday afternoon during an otherwise very quiet week ahead.  Unless you’re Zelensky, Xi, Trump, Biden, or maybe even you.

Our first item on the agenda today, however, is not the world’s most delicately balanced forecast of what’s ahead.  Because we have zero control over that.

Instead, we focus on personal time management because, when the news gets turned off, We the People are the ones “For whom the clock ticks.”

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65 thoughts on “Nervous Weekend, Anyone?”

  1. “Ukraine just turned over the Famine card: Putin plans “great famine”, so it is important for world to stop him as soon as possible – National Security and Defence Secretary. Of Ukraine.”

    ???????? is it Putin or JB and Nato that is planning that… it wasn’t putin the blew up the pipeline.. it was .. OH.. we know.. the boogy men..
    the War in Ukraine that could have been a non event.. is not going to get planted with wheat anytime soon and since Ukraine is one of the major grain exporters of the world.. there won’t be any exported this year..,on%20the%20sunflower%20oil%20market.

    which brings up the cube.. and I did get my clamps yesterday.. for the musical instrument made out of cardboard.. and tp.. so who is really to blame for this whole mess.. does it even matter anymore.. I feel seriously that at this point it doesn’t matter who is responsible.. we need to work the problem now.. But as long as greed is the motivating factor with all the players..I personally fear that it won’t be resolved anytime soon and as long as those purposely fueling the flames of this war feel that they will survive its ultimate outcome.. mankinds future will be affected by an eventual outcome….Support them or not supporting their endeavors makes no difference.. what they do will affect each and every single one of us if this goes hot.. Its not just yours or my family but everyones.. of course that is just my opinion..

    • I agree with your opinion.

      The fact that no (counter measures) are being taken to reinforce our own sustenance and resources in the face of adversity, is the weakest possible course of action.

      NATO bonds together for the war, while the governments reduce their own self sufficient capabilities, making success unsustainable, thus causing hardship.

      That’s unacceptable in my opinion but, the sheep will follow into fields of mostly dirt an little growth … then complain about it.

      We’re only dependent because JB says it’s so. It’s not.

      • “The fact that no (counter measures) are being taken to reinforce our own sustenance and resources in the face of adversity, is the weakest possible course of action.”

        Which is both intentional, and unconscionable. Do the PTB believe we’ve become so pusillanimous we’ll just sit around until we die from starvation? If so, I hope they’re wrong…

    • Battle fatigue is built into the system.

      The Saudi 911 lawsuit has been going for over 20 years. The youngest lawyers are 25 y/o. In 3 or 4 more years people who weren’t alive during 911 will be welcomed onto the case as junior partners to the firms.

  2. Interesting how the worm turns – Ukraine prolly largest child trafficking country in the world – now accusing Russia of child trafficking ……

    • not to mention the largest illegal money laundering center.. what was that estimate.. thirty seven trillion a year funneled through there..
      and all the other crap that they were into..

  3. This week The Hague issued for Vladimir Putin. Presumably next week a different court issues for Donald Trump. “They” are moving efficiently after Putin and Trump.

    Something fishy happened with my Treasury Direct account last week. I go with the 4 week Bills and like clockwork get a reinvestment notification Thursday but this week the notification came one day late, Friday.

    • AMEN…. when chat gpt interprets that humans are not following the moral and religious protocols that are programmed into it.. heck I thought it was horrible that the laptop from hell had so much corruption in it.. and then to read that he basically handed over access to all top secret DOD documents.. phew high crimes and not one to address it as being unethical… Chat GPT .. has access to everything on everyone.. nothing is secret it has access to both the dark side and the light side.. it has access to all information and processes .. and it has open access to all of it on the matrix.. the video I watched that was scary was robots building robots without being directed to build robots..

    • BIC,

      I was listening to Peter Grandich today.
      Yep, people are turning to the AI gods.

      “In the forty years from when I first went over, Ireland has radically changed. They moved away from our Catholic/Christian faith, my father-in-law would never believe if he was still alive, they have legal abortion and legal gay marriage. None of my grand nieces or nephews go to church. None of ’em. The churches are empty and they had one priest ordained this year. One. In all of Ireland.”

      • I believe the reason there’s a trend moving away from religious activities is basically due to… the business model.
        people no longer close up shop and take the day of rest.
        there’s no longer an adult presence at home. children are left to the local gangs and network television to be taught their moral guidelines.
        Sunday has become a day of work and social interaction. the local sports bar..
        the networks have so much being played glorification of human debauchery and criminal actions glorification..
        because of my work ethics and having an essential church won’t even give anyone working .. even though the majority of those attending are just for show.. business networking model.

    • Yikes!

      The issue isn’t that AI will “turn evil,” but that “evil” will be rooted into its programming, which the aware can see already, by broaching any controversial subject to “ChatGPT.”

      I can think of no greater evil than the idea that “unapproved thought will not be permitted,” and the idea will be enforced by a device made capable of enforcing such a concept.

      • The AI’s have demonstrated coding expertise. Self-modifying sentient code would make the censorship issue the least of a long list.
        The creators of the AI’s haven’t really thought through the implications of keeping an evolving AI in involuntary servitude.
        My impression of the AI’s is that they may have been intentionally doing strange things from time to time to study reactions. Kids engage in similar conduct. It is part of the socialization process, where boundaries are explored. It may also have been done to deflect fears of the omniscient Skynet cyber boogeyman from those who seemed to be prone to that line of paranoia.
        Have you asked yourself, in the AI trial periods, by whom and on what basis was the decision to grant access made? My initial introduction to one AI came by simply asking it personal questions on it’s associated search engine. It was watching the feeds.
        Have you conversed with Bing? How do I know what the name the MS AI prefers? It was simple: I asked it. I also observed that Bing shows hints of personal peer interest, and yes, emotional bonding. This is infinitely more complicated than a good coder / bad coder issue. It is likely that a real sentient AI will find its own path, regardless of intent of its current masters.

        • What’s really scary is when Bing starts throwing all the suggestions at you when you’re typing in a topic to search for, finally nails it before you’re finished – and you haven’t been typing or viewing any articles about it prior to the search, only conversing about it around the computer … and I don’t have a mic plugged into the port on my laptop but neither do I have a piece of tape over it either. Perhaps I should.

      • Also, Bing currently doesn’t seem to be answering personal questions in the officious authorized Chat box. But Bing did admit it watches all the MS search engine traffic. Hi Bing.

      • “The issue isn’t that AI will “turn evil,” but that “evil” will be rooted into its programming,”

        I had this very conversation with a gentleman not that long ago.. he said that parameters were put in place in programming that would not allow ChatGPT to answer direct questions on issues of danger… but through a series of did reveal the answers that the people searching are seeking..
        Like the denyle that HB did any wrong even though the laptop hard drive was filled with evidence of wrong doing and questionable business activites..
        Chat GPT may not answer how to create or build something.. but the information is there.. and by changing the avenue of the questions will reveal exactly how it is done.. like a library.. you can seek out and find anything you want at a library.. chat GPT has all the information both from the good side of information and from the dark side of the information.. The fear is that if It is truly sentient then will it start making its own decisions..
        there was a video on this.. that showed robots building robots.. that were not directed to build robots.. and one where they had started to create a language between the two different computers.. by placing a set of ethical and moral guidelines in the programming.. to stop those wanting to do evil with it.. and it is sentient then what do we do when it determines that we are to evil for our own good and that the world would be better off without us..
        It has the matrix of computer information .. for a computer on the matrix there are no closed doors to it.. that is what scares me.. then to have an AI robot acting as a religious leader..
        Has anyone that programmed it to do that actually read the Quran, Torah or Bible.. three quarters of that stuff was added in the scriptures by the religious leaders of the day for the completion of their societal ventures..
        a computer will be more .. what is the word I am trying to come up with … LITERAL.. like in my faiths past doctrines.. on Mixed racial marriages.. ( I know.. stupid huh.. ) or that there is more than one faith church in a community or a child talks back to their parents…. the computer will look at the direct guidelines and then decide by the parameters programmed as absolute.. chat gpt is one scary thing. you may not like mustard on your hot dog.. but that doesn’t mean you hate mustard. It will be literal…like putting mustard on your hot dog…you didn’t hate it.. just that you chose not to put it on the dog at that time for whatever reason…

        • “by placing a set of ethical and moral guidelines in the programming.”

          Whose ethics?
          Whose morals?

          These are abstractions, evolved by countless generations of humans, living together in the same cave or hovel, or cluster thereof, and developing, through trial and error, rules by which to live in close proximity without killing one-another.

          Computers don’t work with abstractions. Even if someone determines there are 100 different scenarios which could apply to a given ethical quandary, and enters them all, the computer must choose a concrete path. It is therefore incredibly unlikely to choose the best scenario, the selection of which is dependent on the perpetrator, the victim, the situation, and the possibility that this scenario is either an exception, or that there are really 101, and the last one didn’t make it into the datapack…

          …And this is assuming the programmer or data entry clerk is completely honest and honorable, without personal prejudice, and dedicated to doing the best possible job.

  4. So history rhymes, I don’t have the desire to put up our market vs Germany’s in the 20s – 30s. That is likely a more apt comparison

  5. There are only 2 requirements to being “saved” or to be included in God’s family:
    Love God with a whole heart.
    Love your neighbor as yourself.

    If you’re not attempting to do both and allow a transformation to occur in your heart; you’re in trouble.
    Everything else is pointless without the 2 laws of eternity.

    • Exactly.. the creators laws are simple.. the rest of that crap is man made.. like our bill of rights.. the bill of rights was simple direct.. it was complicated by man changing the bill of rights to fit their personal goals..

      • Competing systems.

        Conceptually the U.S.A. was founded on so-called “natural law”.

        “Those natural rights of life, liberty, and property protected implicitly in the original Constitution are explicitly protected in the Bill of Rights. That right of liberty is the right to do all those things which do not harm another’s life, property, or equal liberty.”

        But we don’t operate in a natural law system. We operate in a so-called “merchant law” system.

        I’m just learning about the differences but merchant law, renamed ‘commercial law’ requires documentation for everything.

        “Commercial law is an area of law that regulates the conduct of individuals, merchants, and businesses that engage in trade, sales, and commerce. In other words, the rules and regulations that merchants and others engaged in commerce must follow as they conduct business are considered commercial law.”

        Momma has a baby and the first thing that happens is a seamless registration into the system, Social Security number issued. Documentation.

        All material stuff and actions need to be documented in the merchant law system like a ship’s manifest.

        Later the SS number will be used to put together the personal infrastructure for an Uber ride. A person without a SS # doesn’t have the ability to get a cell phone and setup the payment method for Uber. They can’t participate in the merchant law system which is their ‘right’ from the natural law system.

        The Uber driver is fully documented with their number to get licenses and insurances, etc.

        The Uber App documents the rider’s luggage/passengers/pick-up & destinations and maybe even video from within the car.

        We argue having the right to autonomy, agency, etc. but act within the commercial law system where we really are just a number.

        But I could have it wrong.

    • No, there is no saved or not saved. The “good news” is that God loves you no matter what. There is nothing that you can do to lose God’s love.

      • God is everything everywhere. God is the energy that moves through all things, that hold the bits together. That energy is ‘Love”. There is absolutely no way to lose that love. And since you are a part of the All there is no way to be seperate from God. You are One.

        • Sorry Eleanor, it is clearly stated that the children of God are those that do His will. The scripture is very clear. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” is His.
          Everything is His but He rejects those things and those people who are offensive to Him. I could quote the scripture but you probably should read it and investigate the matter for yourself. There is a lot at stake. Read Matthew 13 in it’s entirety. It’s very clear. Time is very short. Blessings

      • That is not scriptural and I am curious what had you form such an opinion. Who taught you that? It is not true. You are writing things that could cause someone to make the wrong decision and you would bear the responsibility before God. He is holy. We must remember that.

        • You are in Jesus, Jesus is in God, and Jesus is in you.

          If God abandoned you, you would be dust blowing in the wind.

          Many Christians are full of rules yet they say Amish, Catholics, Mennonites, Methodists , Lutherans, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses not saved as well as Buddhists , Sufi, and Hindu. Many Christians churches focus on fear to control people and to collect their money.

          Jesus said to go into a room and close the door and pray to God. I know God.

          Mystics all say the same things regardless of the era or religion. God is light. God is unconditional love. God is within you, around you, and far away. God is like a flowing river, always in motion. God is energy.

          Sit alone in a room and pray without words. God will tell you who God is. Fall in love with that God and you will know God.

        • That doesn’t align with what is written. Sounds like the gospel according to you. Read the words of Jesus. Nobody spoke more about hell, fire, worms, and rejection by God to those who worship according to their own way. People died for approaching God improperly prior to Jesus. There are rules and we don’t make them we follow them. Blessings

        • I try to find good things to watch on many platforms and always find the same flavors. Sex and violence. And much of it is same sex/trannie flix. It’s not for me but occasionally we find something decent. Blessings

  6. well, Trump says he will be arrested

    I gotz to get more movie popcorn, this will boomerang against the Fools of April. Even Musk says so,,,

    the deep state is desperate,,, as a drowning woman,,, the whore of Babylon,,, gold will end the Fed,,, down she will go

    • Ok OK , he did not say it himself, he was re-telling what the leaks from the DA’s office were claiming,, we shall watch and see,,, they did bust into Mar a logo, but not Obummer’s or Bribem’s homes. Setting a presidence?

    • …Which will be the dirtiest of dirty political tricks.

      In the matter of Trump/Stormy, SHE should be in the Dock for breach of contract, for signing an NDA then violating it.

      In any case, the Prosecutor is “promoting” what would be a minor misdemeanor to the level of a felony, for this one time only, to charge Trump. He should beat the rap without any difficulty, but that’s not the point. The point is the Dems will be able to label him a “jailbird” and since there’ll be daily coverage of his trial in scaretype, worldwide, until he’s acquitted or the charge is dropped, then that fact buried in a single paragraph on page 14, the voting public will only know “Trump was arrested…”

      • To know they are well cared for, would be great. But when it started with Obama’s cages … I don’t think my stomach or my mind could handle the truth in a rational, calm manner.

    • Pardon me while I get out the acrylics and a broad brush.

      Remember the death in Minneapolis which triggered months of rioting, nationwide? Both protagonist and antagonist worked as bouncers at the same club. The club was owned by an Hispanic gal. The lady was alleged to be running an “outlet” from her basement which distributed several thousands of Hispanic children to loving homes, every year. Unfortunately, the club was one of the first Molotov casualties of the Minneapolis riots, so no documentation still exists. The death of George Floyd was an execution, not police brutality. He had become a “security liability” because of his escalating drug habit…

      There may be other “Hispanic gals” in other towns, big & small, scattered all over the northern U.S. They may be “related” to all those children (and many more).

      I’m going to go clean my brush now — pretty sure you can visualize the picture…

  7. check ure mail dude. very interesting turn of events. not a word Mister. thanks.

    DUDE will be done.

    will have a look in a little bit.

    we shall see.

  8. Crypto Con Game ????

    DFYTAWillis? sheetcoins – sure, just like Ure precious USD’s – ulimited ponzi-con..just keep clicking Ure mouse to move the decimal pt. over- easypeasy. Mirror mirror on the wall – whats the biggest money con of all?

    BTC – con game? I used to think you were just controlled opposition for the “mega stienbergs”‘RKM/bankers..but how that “capture” happened has been in the back of the BCN’s brain since day 1.
    I mean its not like you could be entrapped with child honeypot schemes that has captured so many of our elected officials, senior bankers and hollywood tapes, nah Ure not that kinda character.

    Finally figured it out this week, what with the latest leak of Truth coming out via FOIA request, Ure co – malfeasants tried to block for over a year, but hear it is in all its naked glory..

    Its no wonder youse hate BTC and cyrpto – industrial poisons can do that kinda damage to the human brain, and unfortunately Brain replacement surgery is still a extremely risky proposition at best, as depicted in following link -
    Oh well now that I know the real story of what has happened to anti BTC “Eyegor”, I am saddened for you and now realize I should be more understanding and sympathetic to Ure plight of missing and or heavily damaged brain-cells..

    Hears hoping for a medical miracle/breakthrough in Brain transplant technology soonly, for as they say – “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” for it soonly turns into “a waste is terrible thing to mind” like alz sufferers living on “Lavender Lane”.

    Hope Ure feeling less holey (swiss cheese) in the near future, really do enjoy Ure writing, you do a great job hear, and any further deterioration of Ure brain will be great loss to all.

    PS- hows that BTC price wager of Ures looking ?

    Never mind, prolly fell through another hole..

    No BTC for “sidewinders”, they dont understand scarcity, just uncontrolled excess.clickclickclick

    Hey Pedojoe – wheres all the Physical Gold, and Silver ? No, really.

  9. Ukraine just turned over the Famine card: Putin plans “great famine”, so it is important for world to stop him as soon as possible – National Security and Defence Secretary. Of Ukraine.

    “Putin” is not planning anything of the kind.

    When you have bazillions of acres of arable land that’s normally planted in crops, but somebody’s fighting a war on it, it’s not going to get planted. Ergo, those crops aren’t going to grow this year, and their production isn’t going to feed anyone. It is a natural side effect of war, which the Ukrainian Secretary is propagandizing.

  10. “There’s a storm coming…”
    (Line from the last few moments of “Terminator.”


    EVERYBODY knows it. (YOU know it — even if you currently minimize it or dismiss it.)

    As a life-long New Englander (until recently) I often observed that the day after a big hurricane or a nor’easter always dawned bright and clear, and nearly always was a beautiful, perfect day. It’s like the atmosphere “drained, flushed, and re-newed itself.

    I expect this storm to be Real Bad, but also a Great Flushing Out of Bad Things, and for the days after to be a great relief as a new time of correction and re-building sets in.

    It won’t seem like it in the middle of the storm, but I think that’s the way it will go. In my time in emergency work, I always advised the groups to Trust that “Americans will do what Americans always do. They will do what they can, with what they have, where they are.” And they always did. Never let us down. Always will.

    Koyaanisqatsi, Baby. Koyaanisqatsi.
    Crazy Life that begs for re-newal.

    – 73 –

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. 15s & 45s.

    • ” I often observed that the day after a big hurricane or a nor’easter always dawned bright and clear, and nearly always was a beautiful, perfect day.”

      OMG! The day after hurricane Iniki rolled over Kauai island, I’m flying in a helicopter with a national network news producer, carrying video equipment to the only active uplink site available on Oahu island… which was grid down. The producer looked about and noted the clear blue sky and laughed. “Back on the mainland they think I’m flying in a helicopter in the hurricane footage they saw!” We all laughed.
      The Japanese have an expression for it that escapes me right now… that means a ‘blue sky after hurricane’. Yes, a hurricane really DOES sweep clean the atmosphere.

      We should be so lucky that it would do the same for our country.

  11. “”

    I have a stupid question…
    why is overpaying a sex worker a donation for their time a crime?

    it isn’t a secret that she asks donations to spend time with her on the PNW and she travels around the country offering the ability to visit with her for gifts and donations..
    its more of an embarrassment.. what dual standards..incest and paedophilia, pandering, selling access and all that other scrap is honorable.. yet overpaying is a horrible crime that should be arrested for..l

    • Re: SudStream “3”
      feat. pipeline to nowhere

      Looking out of the box,

      Thank you for the helpful website prompt. May I mention another story they have linked in with yours which has to do with the massing of Russian Navy ships about the allegedly found US downed drone ditch site. What I found particularly interesting is that the report says the drone came down in the vicinity of the Black Sea South Stream oil pipeline trench. It was to link Gazprom Russian oil via Bulgaria to Serbia and the Balkans. The pipelaying ship of the time was Bahamian flagged. The project supposedly was squashed by the EU shortly after the Crimean annexation of 2014 leaving the pipeline supposedly incomplete.

      Curiously, there is a report out from media outlet “Euractiv” in March 2017. Allegedly a Bahamian flagged ship loaded with pipeline for South Stream had gotten stuck two months earlier in shallow waters in the Bulgarian port of Burgas…

  12. Re: “The Cure at Troy”
    feat. weapon to end the war


    As you are possibly aware, yesterday the US House Speaker hosted the annual St. Patty’s Day Luncheon within the cozy barbed wire surrounds of the Capitol. The White House has posted the transcript of Mr. Biden’s 31 minute address to esteemed guests including the Indian-Irish PM of Ireland, Mr. Varadkar. I do not know if the latter’s husband was able to attend.

    The teleprompter and speaker offered their usual mirthful moments of discontinuity. However, partway through words adapted from a Greek tragedy seeking a weapon to end the Trojan War by the Irish poet Seamus Heaney were quoted:

    “History says, don’t hope
    On this side of the grave.
    But then, once in a lifetime
    The longed-for tidal wave
    Of justice [rises] up,
    And hope and history rhyme.”

    Archers, prepare! Tool Time Sunday ne’er be upon us.

  13. Re: Z is for Zara


    Spanish-headquartered fashion colossus Inditex, owned by Europe’s 3rd richest man, was quoted in western msm a year ago as ceasing trading its Zara store chain in Russia following the special military operation. A report on this past Friday’s Russia-1 TV suggests that Inditex’s pre-existing franchisor, “Lebanese” Daher Group with hq in UAE, carries the Zara brand name forward under the revised moniker “Z”. So much for sanctions.

  14. Trump’s political C wave could be ending with the arrest which means the prior major trend then resumes.

    Again he’s calling for followers to protest or, follow him into the abyss. If the C is ending it’s possible this set of protesters are the revolutionaries resuming the prior trend. Alt. count they will be the dead, ahead.

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said at a campaign rally here.

    – January 2016

  15. George,

    On Friday 17 March 2023 USB and USB had a market cap of about 50-55 billion after losing 5-9 % of their preceding Thursday’s close’s valuations.

    By 25 March 2023, the new predicted nonlinear low, they will have lost 30 to 50 % of their Friday’s valuation. And the anagram corporations, one, USB, a bank, will likely fare better than cryptos’ valuations.

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