My Wife – the New Investor

We launch into a new series of articles – ideal for first timers who have been denied the opportunity to make money with money before in life.

Getting started in the market isn’t difficult, but when you’re retired and on Social Security…how does that work?

We are about to find out.

After the charts and some yada, yada from overnight

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10 thoughts on “My Wife – the New Investor”

  1. Silver is more rare then Gold ,harder to find harder to mine.J.P Morgan bank is buying up all the silver as we speak. Slick huh? Heh

  2. this is interesting.. what do you invest in.. buying food will give you four percent interest.. I was asked a few weeks ago.. what would you invest in..
    My answer is a farmer.. the farmer goes to the bank borrows his money to plant the crops..feed the cattle etc.. invest your money in him he saves money at the bank by paying a lower interest rate you have a farmer that can produce you food in an emergency..

    anyway.. all the banks stock markets its just bookwork..a farmer now he is here and now..not just a number on a sheet of paper.. bernie madhoff had this figured out.. Of course like always it is just my honest opinion..

    • FPI AFCO and LAND All farmland reits that pay a decent dividend. There are many ag ETFs as well.

  3. Firefox says your peoplnomics site security certificate expired March 11 and it won’t let me connect so I can subscribe. I shall try to do this with Chrome.

  4. Chrome won’t let me subscribe either. I really want to get access as every investment I have ever made lost money. Living on Social Security is getting too tight so I need the info. Please advise what to do.

  5. **********************************************
    **********HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!*****************
    **************HOLD ON!!!**********************

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  7. Remember your dream or your wife’s dream about it being a Monday and the stock market?From my own exp with dreams,
    a “Monday” can mean your beginning work week day.

    It wasn’t positive.

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