Mr. Ure’s Free Campaign Advice

imageFirst: I won’t dignify the candidate’s run for the White House by repeating her name.  From here to the end of primary season, I’ll refer only to “She of whom we don’t speak.”  [SOWWDS}

If SOWWDS wants an ad. she can buy it.

But I will offer some free campaign advice:  Change ad logos.

The one rolled out Sunday – which showed up uninvited in my email – begging for money, no less – is a fine example  of political spam.

What’s more, it’s easily spoofed by anyone with PowerPoint handy – as you can see.

An arrow pointed sideways?  Isn’t America supposed to be “up”?  Maybe our lone remaining democratic reader will disagree and can explain it to us.  But the majority around here (you and me) are tired of sideways, same-old, and do-over richy-rich aristocrats who should have been put out to pasture long ago.

The second bit of free advice is double-check your work.

Says over in this report that “Clinton’s press office left an embarrassing typo in its press announcement, saying that she had ‘fought children and families all her career’

Nice move.  Around here we call that “truth in advertising.”  Take it from the world leader in typos.  Can’t run a campaign?  Then can’t run a country, I figure.

Third – and final suggestion for this morning:  Any time a multigazillionaire lawyer uses phrases like “everyday Americans” sit on your wallet.


From our news analyst in Winnipeg, which may be the last remaining rational spot on the planet:

Dear Mr. Ure,

I am reading a book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” by Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team. The book points out that the American compound security in Benghazi at the time of the September 2012 attack was provided by the 17 February militia group more recently associated by the BBC with an organization displaying al-Qaeda-type commonalities. A group tweet from June 2014 picturing an alleged Benghazi air attack appearing in a July “IHS Jane’s 360” issue perhaps bears an uncanny resemblance to the American special mission compound villa and SUV depicted in the “13 Hours” book?

So much for distractions.  Onto the real news…

As We Forecast

Trade with Asia is sucking.  That collapse in the Baltic Dry index was not strictly related to the west coast longshore beef.  We saw this coming in last month’s port data.  Take the Port of Los Angeles, for example:  (Hand me the byte-scissors, please?)  Columns are current year to date, last year, change, and percent…


We’ll update the data this coming weekend for our Peoplenomics™ subscribers, but you get the idea…bad news on the waterfront…

What’s really going on is a shocking 15% drop in China’s GDP.

All of which should result in some additional worries about deflation globally.  But, again, as reported here Friday, with the collapse upon us, the Fed really has nothing it can do at this point but talk tough and print money like crazy. 

And crazy is defined as the 29% annualized, based on the latest month-on-month change in M1 as any damn fool can see in the Fed H.6 report over here.  Conveniently, I’m the damn fool.

People’s lives are going virtual.  Selling boatloads of useless consumer crap  is dying on the vine.  And with it?  The economy.  And that brings us to….

China Chopping Shopping

Restrictions on visits to Hong Kong are coming – and that will slow the rush of folks trying to snag much lower tax rates in somewhere other than Shenzhen. 

Waiting for the Gold Drop?

imageCould happen.  The word Deflation is showing up all over the place.

Part of the problem is that we just had a spike of the word according to Google Trends in January.

I’m guessing that someone besides you and me will wake up to this China mess and get seriously worried.

By the way, looking at the futures, it won’t be today that the world ends.  Dow’s set to open down only a few.

Along the way, though, I happened to read how Wheat futures were down 2%. 

Could it be that you and I aren’t the only ones to read Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health?

By the way, am I the only one to notice that my weight gain really ramped up as GMO’d / non-organic wheat rolled into the US food system?  Check your scale and get back to us.

Looking Ahead

Producer Prices and Retail Fails (sic) will be out tomorrow.  Maybe that will be enough to get Stampede Lite underway.

Empire State data from the NY Fed Wednesday, housing starts (or lack of them) will come along Thursday so we’ll be all primed and ready for the Consumer Price report Friday morning.

Till then, just green tea with ginseng and lemon for us.

Virtualizing Life

It’s a tantalizing topic – and the focus of Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report (shameless subscription pitch).  But you can see it is going on and is beginning to really dig into the old-line brick and mortar kinds of pastimes.

Evidence of the virtualization is popping up at every turn, such as The Register’s mention of how this “Pre-order purchasegasm will leave Apple Watch out of stock for MONTHS.”

What I’m focusing on is what classes of products will be impacted and what that portends for investing…  think you’ll like it.  (The report, not the outcome in it.)


16 thoughts on “Mr. Ure’s Free Campaign Advice”

  1. Double standard warning…. half a dozen cases of plagiarism, including 1,700 words directly lifted and put into a book offered for sale. That’s what your boy Randall Paul did, and when called on it, said he wanted to shoot the people who caught him. But wait, there’s more…

    • Large mean-ass slightly underfed cat oughta do it…

      You want answers, we got answers…The Answerman is in.

    • Take a course in STALKING MICE,and a follow up 3 course meal of rat,cat and dog for dinner -by your local china town restaurant ,,just joking of course ,a sick joke neither the less, just joking, except that is what people did during the last depression

  2. Rand also didn’t say:
    As for the security of the emails, she insists they were fine because they were guarded by the Secret Service:

    Well, the system we used was set up for President Clinton’s office. And it had numerous safeguards. It was on property guarded by the Secret Service. And there were no security breaches.

  3. Lone remaining democrat ,ha. Fwiw note the vote in congress to permit states to sell off national forest lands went strictly along party lines so if there ever was a clear example of good vs evil in this muddled political system that was it. Writing is on the wall though, they including the democrats have been severely closing down access to public lands so just a matter of time until the “keep out private property” signs go up.

  4. get a rat ,they will kill and eat mice , or a cat which will kill and eat both or a raterrier dog ,which will kill and eat all of them, or get ralph that crazy meth head down the street who just doesnt give a flying ****, a simple mouse trap will do

    • I tried Ralph the methhead,but he ate the upholstery,and befriend the mice,and brought a truce with the packrats and mice. They rose a flag on my antenna that had the letters,”RATMICISS”. I feel all is lost if I can not find their hidden “caves”. Thank you for the advice.

  5. There are a lot of things you can buy on line – ” I ” would not touch clothing or shoes – IF you do not try them on – you are asking for returns – because all those folks making them are using different yardsticks and you cannot believe, even in the same identical item from the same brand being the same size.

  6. Whenyou drive through here next time you can see that Sowwds logo is a complete rip-off of the Colorado Highway “C” with a sunrise in it, right down to the colors, and the arrow of yellow sunlight going out the open side of the “C”.
    Unfortunately for Hitlery, that meant if she copied the C, the arrow points Right!
    When the press is so quick to hop on plagerism, I wonder why they didn’t see the ripoff of the C?

  7. Yes, we are finding out that Glyphosate (i.e. ingredient in Roundup) acts as an antiobiotic in the way that it destroys good gut fauna and stops the natural chain reaction of the pro-biotic’s good reproduction…so when you eat all the crops that either are GMO or are sprayed with Glyphosate to kill the part of the plant not needed in harvesting, they are damm near spraying that crap on everything we eat…and YES, that is one of the MAIN common reasons so many people are getting fat! High fructose corn syrup, advising people to cut fat, eating GMO sugar beet sugar, and fake sugars (aspertame), and drinking fluoridated/chlorinated water. Floride takes out the thyroid and so does the Bromine in the bread and foods…One last noticeable mention, they PBA’s in the food, used in the lining of canned food, plastics, etc., they are hormone disrupters…

    I just wanna know this: Is this a concerted effort by the FDA, and CDC to make as many of the US population as sick as possible? Cancer rates have skyrocketed. Our immune system is in our gut and our gut is under assault.

  8. ‘Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.’
    I suspect there is a comma missing after ‘Everyday’.

    Another non-proof-read statement. Still, do anyone of them read the bills they pass these days?

    In 2000, John Titor (pseudonym) predicted, amongst other things, a nuclear war in 2015 and hinted at a female POTUS.
    We narrowly escaped the nukes so far, but with a Clinton at the helm, how long will that last?

  9. Went off the reservation to Portland for a few days (thank you, Amtrak, it was great). My main impressions were the incredible (to the point of morbidity) prevalence of obesity. In a fairly hip city, compared to some, with an amazing well-integrated transit system I did not expect that (you still have to walk to the bus or light rail). I estimate that the mass of the human population of the city weighs about 50% more than it should.

    The other disappointment was a distinct lack of pretty women, possibly related to the first impression. However I did get to test drive the very sexy Tesla Model S and can report that it is truly a state of the art rocketship, although one that I can’t afford, of course.

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