Step 1. Pour yourself a big glass of water.

Step 2. Down 2 ibuprofen or aspirin.

Step 3. Three hits of Boost Oxygen.

Step 4. Continue reading.

The U.S. Department of “Cozy”


1.Over here (on Real Clear Politics) is a story about Megyn Kelly going after DNC whozit Donna Brazile for alleged question leaking.

2.Over at the Daily Caller we read how “Andrea Mitchell Falsely Claims Donna Brazile Leak Story Has Been ‘Completely Knocked Down’ [VIDEO].”

3.And HERE we read about Andrea Mitchell: “She married her second husband, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, twenty years her senior, on April 6, 1997 following a lengthy relationship.”

4.One more logical hop: Here at NewsBusters we read about a “Takedown: NBC Strategically Airs 7 Anti-Trump Shows.”

5.Another NBC item “With Empty Rooms and Bookings Plummeting, Trump Hotels Are Taking a Beating .“

6.A lot more even-handed look at hotels may be found in Travel Weekly which doesn’t have a political axe to grind as they report “Hotels’ book-direct push failing to slow down OTAs.” But how can this be? How can an ndustry-centered organization mention outfits like Hilton, Intercontinental, Starwood, Hyatt and Marriott without trying to slam Trump? Can someone please hand them An axe?

Have the ibu’s or aspirins kicked-in yet?

How People Really Work

The U.S. Department of Cozy, with offices right next door to the American Aristocracy may nont be able to limit choice forever. Look across the puddle:

Some of the people in Europe, for example, seem to be waking up to the E.U. swindle.

Swindle did he say? Mr. Cynical is reminded of the description by financial whiz Jim St. Clair, that the EU is a collection of 13 (at that time) bankrupt countries all banding together to pretend they aren’t.

Bet you didn’t realize the Belgium highwaymen were so crafty, did ‘jah?. More countries were added since. Then the big Islamic Reconquista of France…it all gives the illusion of growth. But we know better. Globalism on the march.

The EU business plan is simple: Add more countries and continue adding refugees while pretending to “grow.” Although, Ukraine may not be tossed in the pot for another 10-years, no matter how many cookies the U.S. passes out in Kiev.

So Ure clear: The New Game is import people, pretend that is growth. Sound familiar? Which leads to…

Hillary as ‘Merica’s Merkel?

She may not have the German accent down, but she owns political-speak. Why the Trumpeteers aren’t screaming this personality parallel escapes me. Ure is often dense.

Ecclesiastes explains there is nothing new under the Sun. And it has all been done before. And sure, “Elites Want a Borderless World, but Voter’s Don’t” and all that. There are answers:

Politics is all marketing, or nearly so.

When you get a successful Commie in one country, it spawns more Commies in another country. They try to outr-commie eachg other.

Works across the political spectrum, too. See WW II: Fascist in Germany, wannabe in Italy.

Eventually, you will sit back with thought-patterns like “Which came first, the Castro or the Che?”Breshnev or Mao?”

Coming: “Clinton or Clinton?”

I’d don’t understand how Merkel went from being a research chemist to being orchestrator in chief of mass migration. But then again, I don’t understand the Obama immigration scheme either, where under-vetted refugees from other continents skip ahead of lawful applicants.

That shows you how limited Mr. Cynical’s mighty mental powers are at this hour.

Institution Collapse

This is fun and it’s one both obvious and totally missed by the mainstream.

First we read in the Wall St. Journal this morning how “Plummeting Newspaper Ad Revenue Sparks New Wave of Changes.”

Then, already suffering from audiences down in some cases near 25% because of disrespecting egotistical players, now we’re reading how the “NFL Struggles As Another Star Player Is Accused Of Domestic Abuse.”

What will be the next “institution” to bite-it?

Grand Theory

Mr. Cynical’s lifetime friend, the retired major, who’s down visiting has a neat theory that explains why Washington can never fix itself through the legislative process as I (delusionally and hopefully) proposed Thursday.

“It’s a re-run of the Senate of Rome.”

Damn, I hate it when he’s right.

All Comes Back to Money

You can’t buy happiness” is one of those U.S. Department of Cozy lies told by the Elites to keep the competition from riff-raff like us down.

There is virtually no press released hype going around this morning. Usual Fed-speakers and Baker –Hughes rig count this afternoon, but quiet for now.

This reduces us to scalping trades. A week ago the S&P closed at 2132.98. Thursday’s close was 2,141.34, but the futures are down 7 so a completely wasted week in finance. Can you imagine 6-million people in financial services working all week for a lousy 6-10th’s of one percent? Sheesh.

Deflation Continues

…at about a 5% rate, figures Mr. Cynical.

You look at the current run rate of M1 released Thursday by the Fed:


From 10% you back out inflation atr CPI which we will call 2.5% and then back out nominal GDFP growth of another 2.5% though both are terrible squishy.

All spells unsustainable, so whatever wins in November will be having a terrible time a year from now, we figure.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of weekends between now and then for prepping.

And prayer, too: That Putin’s massing fleet doesn’t run afoul some trigger-happy midshipman and light off World War III.

After you read how “Russian warships sail down British coast, likely en route to Syria…” pay close attention and track this fleet. If they head out toward the Canary Islands, re-read our Peoplenomics report “Scenarios: Election-Day Seismic War.”