Modeling the Very End

Not of a bull market, but the entire silliness of global civilization. Not solely because of the Omicron version of virus, however.  Our “reality” – which you can think of as the Second Tower of Babel – is what the Internet provides.

For the past 50-thousand-odd years, it has been a “nice” goal to have: People everywhere and everyone doing things for one-another.  Where we went wrong?  In the evolution of notional values as substitutes for real ones.

Not to rain on your holiday weekend – and I was only going to offer the bare ChartPack today (since it is a holiday weekend).  But as I was plugging this week’s data into my “plan ahead modeling” which I haven’t ever mentioned publicly, well….one thing led to another.

Top off the bean and forget the headlines this weekend.  Think of this as the background setting for our upcoming Annual Forecast edition for subscribers.

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George Ure
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59 thoughts on “Modeling the Very End”

  1. Historic balance of power, resource use, and acquisition all come into the current nexus of economic weakness brought by the long term abuse of Keynesian economics and the Bretton Woods system. It is going to get very interesting and very asymmetric. I do not think it will play out like anyone expects, except bad for the average guy.

    • You’re most certainly correct! However, it was and is “this average guy & girl” that causes most of the problems that seem to fester our society.
      They cause all of it, indeed, by their individual “likes and dislikes” without considering that their CHOICES will have consequences down the road.
      As a matter of fact, it’s almost useless to point this out. ;-((

      • “They cause all of it, indeed, by their individual “likes and dislikes” without considering that their CHOICES will have consequences”

        Hmmm.. that is right but I think that it is still a YES and NO.. Their choices of course.. but they are herded into making those choices..
        similar to a store chain placing high traffic items at eye level.. you have the choice to look up or down.. to get the is your choice on what you pull but directed by design..
        an employee does not want to feel degraded or as a leach on society.. but if they are put in the position where the options they have is to seek out more and longer employments.. I worked between twelve and eighteen hours a day seven days a week.. or you choose to seek out the social programs that not only degrade you but force you into compliance.. many won’t work the twelve to eighteen hours..
        “Politics is history in the making. History itself is the presentation of the course of a Folk’s struggle for existence.
        I deliberately use the phrase struggle for existence here because, in truth, that struggle for daily bread, equally in
        peace and war, is an eternal battle against thousands upon thousands of resistances, just as life itself is an eternal
        struggle against death. For men know as little why they live as does any other creature of the world. Only life is
        filled with the longing to preserve itself. The most primitive creature knows only the instinct of the self
        preservation of its own, in creatures standing higher in the scale it is transferred to wife and child, and in those
        standing still higher to the entire species. While, apparently, man often surrenders his own instinct of self
        preservation for the sake of the species, in truth he nevertheless serves it to the highest degree. For not seldom
        the preservation of the life of a whole Folk, and with this of the individual, lies only in this renunciation by the
        individual. Hence the sudden courage of a mother in the defence of her young and the heroism of a man in the
        defence of his Folk. The two powerful life instincts, hunger and love, correspond to the greatness of the instinct
        for self preservation.
        Adolph Hitler”

  2. Eat, drink, be merry; for tomorrow—
    Well, you know the rest.

    I’m a Little Guy, living on SocSec and some modest (very modest) investments in WayOutBack, North Carolina. Nobody Important will ever notice or care what I think. This is a relief because I no longer have the energy or braynepower to fight off the Vandals. I’m out of the game, and old enough that I’ll be off the planet before too very much longer — and that’s ok, too. I’m happy, and I’ve had my time in the sun, and it was Good.

    I’m prepared to be corrected by more learned people on the following, but I believe it’s true.

    Everybody, everywhere WILL get exposed to The Virus. (Whatever flavor it’s expressing at the moment.) Every body WILL (Must) get it. Some few will die. All those who don’t die will gain life-long natural immunity for their future. Many will get light cases — a good, strong immune system being important. Many more will get a mild case, or not even be aware they’ve been infected.

    It may be that the much-vaunted vaccine serves to reduce and modify the severity of an infection, but it appears (in song & story) to not be particularly strong a preventative. Better than nothing. (Which is still useful.)

    It may be that much evil, skullduggery, deceit, incompetence, and outright bullshit and politicization happened — but that is not the subject there.

    Time, alone, will eventually end the virus’ power. Through useless Krappe like thin little cloth masks and isolation, it can be slowed; but NOTHING will stop it as it runs the same course every other viral disease has run.

    The stupid masks and isolation do severe human psychological damage the Asses-In-Charge don’t see, or won’t admit — but they care not about that. Society will pay a heavy bill for THAT idiocy over the next few decades in the form a profoundly unhappy screwed-up human population. We are a gregarious lot: we NEED to see smiles and faces — it’s why human expression, physiognomy, and social ways evolved; so we can communicate and not be so Alone in a cold and indifferent world. We NEED each other, as much as we need oxygen and water. The need to communicate — to hear and be heard — is why there is theater and movies and newspapers and poetry and novels and town greens. To BE human.

    The virus will pass. The coming upheavals will pass. The human trend has been uphill for millennia, and will, with the occasional short-lived backslide,
    continue to improve and reach higher horizons.

    After Darkness, always comes Dawn.


  3. Dude – cmon man !

    Omnicrom ??? = subliminal messaging, anyone ? . Think draco star system from whence they came. Draconian-reptilian-dragons of old..Omnicrom Draconians.. this scheisse getting more in Ure face with each passing day – if youse got “eyes’ to see.. Deep state just loves occulted, esoteric knowledge.

    Deepstate – defined as potentate(look up, use 3 times today=own it)of freemasons, mostly zionist financiers, seasoned politicians and military intelligence..conceived by Guiseppe Mazzini(black friars ilk) wit assist Al Pike.

    Covert19 = China & US, Italy deepstates.
    This recontaminate chimeric virus created with grafting of HIV/AIDS into SARS strain coronvirus (2003) and MERS (2012).

    * Cortisone Therapy – it F-ing WORKZ .

    Corona virus is pathology as common cold, seasonal flu – becomes dangerous when FORCED into lungs wit ventilator – which leads us to..

    Microsofts New Patent for Microchip: published March 26, 2020
    Registered June 20,2019 come on folks you can guess the number of this patent – even lil barky and the crude “dudes” can guess this one –
    Patent # WO/2020/060606 – crypto system using body activity data..rutrow.

    War – anyone?

    • I was thinking along those lines about the new name. But for different reasons.

      First it was the new bad – COVID 19, but since “any tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag” as we learned from R4R, they needed to up brand it.

      DELTA variant was born as a brand name. That too wore out in time. People are so tired of this crap they are starting to go numb, better bring out the big guns..

      OMICRON. Sounds scary. And desperate. They have officially run out of ideas. The trilogy is complete.

      We are seeing them using a marketing tactic called a Confuseopoly. From wikipedia:

      “Confusopoly is confusing marketing designed to prevent the buyer from making informed decisions. Dilbert’s author Scott Adams defines confusopoly as “a group of companies with similar products who intentionally confuse customers instead of competing on price”.”

      Confuseopolys are employed when normal marketing runs out of ideas. When consumers are too smart for the obvious ploys.

      • Except this is the variant of the “Nu” strain.

        the Greek alphabet goes …Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, etc…

        So, is there some reason why the WHO skipped the Greek letter “Xi?”

        Side note, and entertainment for old farts:

        Omicron is the Greek equivalent of our “short o” vowel, and is pronounced
        oh (as in Ohm)
        mi (as in Mickey)
        cron (the “o” is pronounced as if it were “ah”)

        I have heard probably 15 news faces and pundits in the last couple days. AFAIK Sean Hannity is the only one who’s not a college grad with an advanced (law) degree. I suspect every damn’ one of them was in a frat or sorority at some time and they’ve blessed my ears with 15 different pronunciations of that word, none of which is correct.

        It’s all Greek to me, but I DID occasionally pay attention in math class…

      • I saw this comment to a ZH article:
        “Omicron is an anagram of “moronic” “.

        According to the Wikipedia, total confirmed cases as of November 27: 114. Number of fatalities: Unknown (if any).

        Panics don’t necessarily require a factual statistical basis, just spin.

      • And without the ability to be informed a test subject receiving an emergency experimental injection has not given informed consent – in violation of the Nuremberg medical code.

      • “Uh…what kind of Pi do you want, Ray?”

        Mince, please…

        with a Bavarian Alps coffee chaser.

        I haven’t seen it in years. Mincemeat is about 4-5x as expensive as any other pie filling. Mom would sometimes make her own mincemeat in an antique crock. IIRC after the apples and orange peels had properly fermented, she’d add some Hennessy VSOP and let it steep for a few days longer.

      • “Mom would sometimes make her own mincemeat in an antique crock.”

        LOL LOL MY mom did the same thing.. most of us kids thought YUK…. lol lol lol
        But the bavarian alps coffee.. dam good…
        I took care of the mother that escaped the Nazi’s and being sent to the ghetto and from going to the German camps.. her husband was a wealthy lawyer her and the three kids.. two girls and a boy..
        anyway from time to time the mom would wake up with a start and think we were the Nazi’s and be terrified.. I would call the daughter a college professor in NYC . We became good friends and she would go home once a year and bring me back coffee.. dam good stuff and some of those Bavarian chocolates.. the mincemeat.. yuk.. but I would take a slab of Apple pie..

      • “MY mom did the same thing.. most of us kids thought YUK”

        You should give it another shot, sometime. Mincemeat is incredibly rich, and when made with a good brandy, is really yummy. Nonesuch [brand] is good for a trial, but if you can find it, try not to have a coronary when you see the price — ‘takes a jar and a half, or 2 boxes of the dehydrated, to make one pie. “Food Network” says a mince pie is about the size of a cupcake. I’ve never seen “mince pie” like that. Mom’s were always made in a full sized Pyrex pie pan like any other pie. When I could find Sara Lee pies, they were 9″…

        It IS an acquired taste for some. I liken the taste to Dr Pepper with a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and two dashes of brandy. I got over my “yuck” for it about the time I hit 12. The apple, orange peel, and beef should be of equal presence with the molasses and raisins, the spices (usually coriander, ginger, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon) should be subtle as should the tallow. The recipe I found on the Internet with an exhaustive 3-second search uses brown sugar and lemon, but not molasses or maple syrup, and it’s cooked, where I don’t ever remember Mom cooking hers…

  4. I love your analogy about the primate house at the zoo. Hope you can flesh that out a little more. The image I got was a very large cage with 100 primates and a banana plantation. There was only 10,000 primate money bucks in the cage. The primates tended the plantation and got paid from the limited supply of primate bucks and then provided services to each other (haircuts, manicures, pedicures, teeth cleaning, etc for so many primate bucks.

    One day a basket of 10,000 primate bucks got dumped into the cage by the zookeeper. The primates felt twice as rich but all services doubled in price. Plantation workers demanded twice the pay for their work.

    The zookeeper had a large printing machine and lots of ink so the cycle repeated over and over until the banana plantation workers decided they didn’t have to work anymore because they knew a basket of primate bucks would be coming along regularly.

    The banana plantation died………..

  5. Tick, tick, tick – like clock work Chief – like omnicrom busting out into our shared reality this week, as omnicrom is ancient.

    No sooner do I post some notion of Russian electronic warfare capabilities being far superior to US/Nato as to be laughable – shutting down USS Whatever, hard cold full f-ing STOP. When loose lips report in eastern Ureope that Rukies have shut down Nato F-35s Exercise along Russian border.

    – sounds like a mobile Murmansk-BM EW System. Only thing thing this “analyst” can think of capable of completely blocking ALL communications.
    – all Satellite comms – US jet jocks got no skill flying F35’s without their sat comms, and are thereby committing one the greatest sins in a combat theater.
    – Can not Complete the Mission.

    Goes against everything I ever “trained” for in naval special warfare group, everything. .

    • If the Russians had such a secret weapon, do you honestly think they’d announce it by grounding a flight of noncombatant F-35s? CME artifact is much more likely.

      • See french edition Atlantico..
        “US fighters simply unable to perform their duties. In addition, the Global Positioning System (GPS) was found to have malfunctioned as well.”
        Murmansk -BM EW System not so secret.. Ruusia intalled them around Kalingrad in 2018 – when became clear NATO was up to NO Good – as usual.
        Badboys have a range of 3000 kilometers – “we got chu Ureope”

      • “BM EW System not so secret.. Ruusia intalled them around Kalingrad in 2018 – when became clear NATO was up to NO Good – as usual.
        Badboys have a range of 3000 kilometers ”

        they have video’s showing these in action to.. what I can’t find is the story about the new Russian ( or chinese ) robotic space launch platform.. that was not only impressive but really scary all at the same time.. It resembled a scene of equipment out of the starwars movie..

  6. So yesterday, I was in my basement reloading a brick of .22’s for this Sunday’s shoot-around when all of a sudden, IT hit me. A genuine Moment of Zen.
    What I realized is how ubiquitous li-ion batteries have become and how no one is talking about how freaking dangerous they are. So much energy in a small package. So dangerous, you’re not allowed to ship ’em on airplanes.
    And they’re everywhere: in phones, tablets, laptops and cars. Elon even wants you to bolt one to your house as a battery back-up for when the sun isn’t shining.
    AND, every one of ’em is attached to a microprocessor recharging thingy.
    Now suppose that the Chicoms have been adding a backdoor to those recharging circuits that allows Xi detonate those batteries in specific countries on command.
    BOOM! Your cell phone/tablet/laptop becomes grenade of glass and plastic shrapnel held next to your body, the highways become seas of flames, and entire neighborhoods get Dresden-ized.
    So now I can’t sleep, my wife thinks I’m nuts, and no one will sit with me during morning coffee at McDonald’s.
    Sorry to burden you, but I know you guys will understand. Thanks for listening.

    • Back in the day I was employed assembling single cell lithium batteries. Thinking now of a single cell lithium battery the size of a D size flash light battery ,I have seen one explode like a small hand grenade yielding some shrapnel and a cloud of toxic gas. I have also seen one turn cherry red and release a large cloud of hydrogen sulphide gas. This gas is fatal in large quantities. The venting process is actually a safety feature to keep the battery from exploding. Lithium is one of the metals that explodes on contact with water.

      • C and AOL,
        You guys get it and know what a precipitous edge this technology puts us on.
        I predict that insurance rates will be going up. Especially for homeowners with a li-ion back-up battery on their garage wall (the same place where the gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, fertilizer and other inflammables are stored). And weaponized EV’s aren’t far off either.
        George, you’re a deep-cycle lead-acid guy, correct?

    • I do believe that you can carry a Li-ion tool sized battery in a carry on, but it’s illegal to put it in checked baggage for an airline. I did carry on a battery a couple of years ago to deal with an emergency. TSA didn’t give a hoot about the battery but gave me a hard time about other stuff. It’s the only time I ever took a commercial flight since 911 and have no desire to deal with TSA ever again. I love flying, but hate the gauntlet.

      I’m quite surprised that the world still flies with the insanity of the TSA security theater. Most of the time, they need us, not the reverse.

  7. The 5 year scenario you have modeled looks rather deflationary. That would fit in with the short-term hyperinflation followed by long-term deflation meme.
    At some point in deflationary depression scenarios, credit, and I mean any and all credit, is liquidated. With so much funny money out there today, you have to wonder how long such an event will take. Prechter’s prediction has been for it to go on for decades.
    In the early thirties, individual personal debt was just as out of control as it is today, but government debt and intervention was not the factor it is today. This means a Great Depression-based model is probably only partially applicable. Once this financial reset is entrenched, it will probably take longer to unwind to it’s frugal conclusion. That gives more time for the leftists to gain even more control.

  8. Watching the Dow drop over 1,000 points yesterday was amazing. Didn’t take long. All over (fears) of a new covid variant. – Wow

    I don’t know how pulling investments stops a virus but, I guess Wall Street knows what it’s doing. Wonder how many people will lose their jobs and livelihood because of that one day event but, I’m sure it will help stop the spread of the virus. Guess, we all have to make sacrifices in the name of science. Shuffling money, isn’t a cure, to the best of my knowledge … but what do I know? Im so naive.

    People don’t transition correctly for everyone’s best interest. We sadly live in a “all about me” society. Cause a stampede to keep a few bucks, and throw everyone else into the STRESS pool. Feel better for a while but everyone’s immune system is the same … and what goes around comes around and everyone gets a temperature, sooner or later. Eventually take an aspirin or maybe a ride on a ventilator … but the money is safer now. Amen.

    Protecting the wrong thing, is not real protection. Eating away at the economy over fear, doesn’t stop the beast. On the contrary, it feeds the beast.

    Lack of data and common sense, keeps us from knowing where to transition to. And can we trust those we invest in, to do the right thing anyway? Not really. – and if they do do the right thing, they’ll only (discontinue it) repackage it, call it something else and charge more for it. What a joke.

    Viruses will do what viruses do. Can’t say we haven’t learned all about that, in recent years. We hear the big one is coming and like a holiday, we take one day of fear to crash everything when that big one arrives. – obviously an orchestrated lack of planning. Surprise !!

    And as your charts show George, the fears will linger and even be emphasized upon. Instead of transitioning to a more successful outcome, the fear instills stress and economics and immune systems go down, just as the charts predict.

    Follow the (experts?) and ya might not like where you end up. Their vision of success isn’t the same as mine.


  9. Spooky Omicron.

    The main Jab + the 2 boost Jabs are no longer keeping people safe. Roll up the sleeves, Shot 4 on deck.

    When did Trump say, “opened up and just raring to go by Easter.” Shot 4. LOL

    People fall for the same shtick over and over. “The troops will be home by Christmas.”

    Iraq has WMDs. We’re going to sue Saudi Arabia.

  10. Anagram for Omicron is Moronic. This video is supported by a lot of independent research, and is concise and to the point. “Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, has serious concerns that injection passports will be used more like data passports to control participation in society.

    She believes that this passport system was manufactured in order to help bring about a financial reset, replacing our failing fiat currency system.

    Because passports are so crucial for the successful implementation of this new financial system, mandatory vaccination of all citizens, young and old, will be imperative for the plan to succeed.

    Tune in to this in-depth interview for an insight into the economics at play behind the c19 narrative.”

  11. I scan a number of “news aggregators” daily and recall seeing on one of them a headline to the effect that next year would see the arrival of a covid mutation which would be resistant to all known vaccines. Considering the problem medicine has with resistance to antibiotics this seemed pretty rational to me.

    • Those with naturally acquired immunity to the current covid variants will likely be resistant to the new moronic version. Natural immunity has neutralizing antibodies and T-memory for all the components of the virus, not just the spike protein. Since the mutations are mainly in the spike protein, the virus should still be recognizable and handled by the naturally immunized folks.

      It will be interesting to watch the vaccinated folks. I won’t even hazard a guess as to how they will be affected if this new virus variant spreads accross the USA. Smart folks with or without jabs will do all in their power to optimize their immune systems.

      “Moronic” is much easier to remember and pronounce than the stupid “official” name.

    • “Considering the problem medicine has with resistance to antibiotics ”

      Understand two things:

      1) “Resistance to antibiotics” is both conditional and subjective.

      MRSA is “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus”

      Methicillin is m/l a synthetic penicillin. Real penicillin kills MRSA dead within a couple days, and a 12-day regimen will purge bones, blood, fatty tissue, and every other hiding place of the bacteria. We use Methicillin because it is “better-tolerated” and makes the pharmcos a lot more money than using penicillin.

      2) “Vaccines” for COVID are mostly placebo in actual function.

      Name an inoculation for a virus…?

      You can’t.

      The best you can do is “flu shot,” which is an amalgam of dead virus cells from a limited number of strains of influenza, based on a “best guess” by NIH of which flu strains are going to be active and cause issue during “flu season.” A hypodermic shot which works, only to a degree and only for only a few months.

  12. Anyone recall the first online game, Oregon Trail? That was released fifty years ago.

    Today the MetaVerse is being built-out. The MetaVerse is going to be the thing. Everyone will be hooked. Imagine being laid-up in the hospital. Throw on the goggles and your in the MetaVerse feeling good. Meet-up with friends and family in the MetaVerse. Here’s the kicker. Once death comes for us, our prints will still be in the MetaVerse.

    In real life the doctor will ‘remove our goggles’ but everyone in the MetaVerse will believe we’re still alive due to our prints.

    People from the future will perhaps interact with ancients in avatar form.

    The Tiger & The Buffalo

    Breaking down the metaverse

  13. Brother Ure,

    Check your email. I saw something today that relates to your website at the store, just walked by it and it stopped me in my tracks, you might find interesting

    • I’m uhhh sure you will notice the date. May be time to leave town. I packed a bag already. It’s by the door. Grab the “tools” and I can be on the road in less than 5.

      I will ask THE DUDE what HE thinks. That can’t be a coincidence. All those juxtapositions together.. in a store I haven’t been in, in 16 years, and had no intention of going to tonight. as I’m walking by it. I’m here is one of those. Wtf? I had to do a double take. I know nobody would believe me, so I sent ya the pictures.

      See what THE DUDE has to say about the matter.

      • THE DUDE, told me this morning. I have you right where I want you. Front and on the 4 side of the Noah show. Trevor Noah is hilarious. I spoke with him. Did you know he speaks 7 languages and is from South Africa. One of his hobbies is, learning new languages. He is fascinated by languages. Really funny guy. When I was back stage, he says you are a funny guy. You want to go on stage for me? I said you bet as long as I get all that cheddar. ($259 a seat to sit in section 4, not even on the floor) he laughed and said back to the baracade with your jokes. It is interesting to note is take on how a language rhythm is. Take French. How they speak their language comes off in a rhythm of discovery. How Italians speak Latin comes off as a rhythm of proclamation. I never noticed that before. Australians speak in a rhythm of optimism “no worries mate”

        I asked THE DUDE, what HE thought about that “arrangement” of “display” I sent you a couple pictures of last night. Which can’t be just a “coincidence”. It was definitely purpose drivin by unknown force. Like the CD case I found only to end up 10 months later taking an exact picture match, of the inside case. I used to freak out about such things. I mean I have a bag packed by the door. With everything in it I was guided to put in it. And my “tool box.” Lock and loaded with all the items I was lead to put in it. I can literally be gone in less than 5 minutes. New phone, pre paid and ready to activate.

        Sometimes when I see these “occuracnes” of “display” be they from Angels, or time travelers or something else they are 99% of thr time “good future” happenings in my life. A heads up. If you will. Sometimes metaphorical and at other times actuality. They are like road signs on the highway, that read, 132 miles o to Los Angeles. Oh OK, at 80 mph I can be there in less than 2 hours. This one that I sent you the images of, I don’t know what to make sense of it, how it could relate to something good. Shortly after I left that store I topped my gas off and found a little bottle cap from a Corona beer long neck next to my car. Little corona.

        It is interesting to note. That when I relapsed after 15 years sober. It was a cute little blonde in a short skirt that handed me a Corona beer. And I was off and running for 18 months off and on. But I been sober for 22 months now. It is my understanding that I can not get the Corona. It made me think the virus is small or becoming a small issue. Hmmm…. in the wake of other events? Possibly. I am not that good at translations. LOL

        I asked THE DUDE last night, what HE thought about the arrangement last night. Woke up did my prayers and meditation, checked my cell phone messages and a long time friend sent me a message saying, “I don’t know why I’m supposed to tell you this. But God has you right where he wants you. Don’t worry about a thing.”
        So, that is my answer.

        On rare occasions when I am reading the grid around me, I’m visited by 3 owls. On rare occasions things I see manifest very quickly. Most of the time they manifest in 6-10 months.

        And the black bowtie that floated accross the parking lot and landed on my right shoe, would be next. Followed by the Louis Vettan belt I found (a $450 belt) laying on the ground of a gas station parking lot at 3am with nobody around. Followed by the other ones. An apple ear bud and silver loop earing that fell from the top floor of Climate Pledge Arena and landed in my open hand at the Cold Play concert. Where I was on the floor and heard in my head the word. “Receive” while the band played, so I stuck out my hands Palm up and an apple ear bud and a silver loop earing came from above and landed in my hand. I looked up. But there is thousands and thousands present at such concerts. No way of being sure who dropped them. But they come down and land in my hand. I have them in drawer with other totems. So they should be manifesting before what I showed you.

        Pretty far fetched for most to believe I am sure. Just like the display I sent you. Most would never understand such things or even conceptualize or even be aware of such things to conceptualize them. Never the less. Like I said. Everything we need to know about the world and future of it is always present around us. If we pay attention. That I’m just weird like that. LOL. Which could be true. Hahahaha

        Nevertheless, it is present.
        Well what do you do. There is a clear sign ahead. On one side it says. Flee market. Then urban survival and on the other side. Per harbor. Perhaps, you will short the market at the right time and make some money to go to Hawaii? Hahahaa one can hope. That Is much better than the alternative thought which is markets Cave than there is an equivalent “pearl harbor” type event.

        Remember tho, 99 % of the time. These are like road signs. It takes a while to get to there destinations. And most of the time for me, they good things in the future, as it relates to my future path. But the sign of Urban Survival in the middle. Made me think they are for you. Since this a place I frequent time to time.

        Certainty, Interesting none the less. An eye opener.

        I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

        Cue: ~ The Stangest Secret ~

        Earl Nightingale

        • For those wondering, Andy sent me pix of a prepper magazine which has a big center spread with the headline

          When this site was lunched (SIC) in 1998 there was no such meme or name.
          Gives me a special feeling, 3 steps down from Moses. Because he got THE WORD and gave it to the world.
          I just did A word… But, not my whirled…thy Dude be done.
          Folks around here are just in for the 8-second ride.

          But interestingly, research is pointing in the general direction that not everyone has NDEs and remembers – around 7-8% if you read a 2019 Daniel Kondziella paper

          Even more of int. stat is that only about 10 percent of resuscitated cardiac arrest patients (or been dead, back now) runs in the 10% range. (As Andy has had many, and I had only a few due to asthma when young).

          Also in the paper seems like migraines may be linked to NDE experience. (NO, doesn’t mention whether hangovers are…)

          However, arguing Dude at Work, I also noticed in a recent paper Marduit, and colleauges, 10/21, that simply stopping the heart doesn’t seem to trigger the NDE. As explained here under the title “Does Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest for Aortic Surgery Trigger Near-Death Experience? Incidence of Near-Death Experiences after Aortic Surgeries Performed under Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest.”

          Indeed, as suggested in Martial (et all) at, “Losing the Self in Near-Death Experiences: The Experience of Ego-Dissolution” the dissolution process may key to fasciliating the conscious experience of beyond human. Which is prolly why Zen koans work for well for mind-training.

          Soft served over the net to Andy is noticing that it sure seems to me, sometimes, that only about 10% of people I meet seem like they’re full conscious… The rest? Walk in life-o-tronic robots to fill out the experience. Sort of like how the foreground 10% matters on a movie set. The 90 percent in the background is diorama- usually with a jagged vanishing point so people don’t catch on…

      • Ohhh the earing and ear bud may have already manifested. Since at the Boo fest EDM, I had a beautiful young lady who goes by one_love on Instagram loose her cell phone on the Baracade. Had a Gucci case on it. A Samsung 21 ultra phone. Like mine. But this was apple ear bud. Different make and model.

        Nothing became of the beautiful young lady and me. But we have freakfest coming up and comicon. She came to my office to retrieve it. Sinc I loaded up Instagram and contacted her through that to get her phone back to her. Love that BMW M4 that just drove by as I sit here on the deck with the sound of the waves and a jet flying over on a peaceful Sunday morning with my purple throw blanket that says love, strength and prosperity written on it, drinking Pete’s dark roast out of a cup that says blessed on it and smoking a lucky strike gold.

        Because I found her phone 3 weeks after I received the ear bud and silver loop earing at the Cold Play concert. So that may have already happend. Unsure. Sometimes these things have an echo to them. Perhaps finding her phone and giving it back to her. “My whole life is on that phone! Thank you so much!” Is an echo prior to the event. Unsure. Guess we will see. Along with that, I sent you an image of, flea market, urban survival in the middle and Pearl Harbor on the right. Interesting enough. Pearl harbor is on the cover of “time” magazine.

        More will be revealed as we progress, of that I am certain.

      • I don’t get high George. LOL. I’m clean and sober.

        I am contemplating death today. Aka watching Joe Black.

        I was at the beach last night, it was Pitched Black outside and raining. The only thing you could see out there was a ship covered in Golden Christmas lights.

        Perhaps my ship has come in. Seems fitting.

        3 steps down from Moses. LOL those comandment tablets he came with? They were round shaped, not rectangle like in the movies. The Torah is a star chart and the commandments are Cyphers. No, I won’t tell you how I know this.

        How else were the priest to let you know when Jubalee was. They out roaming around the desert for 40 years. There is only 2 seasons in the desert. Hot! And Hot as F.

        I know I lived in the desert. 8 months out of the year it’s 85 and sunny. How would you know what day of the week or month it was unless by the stars? They all look the same.


        Afa the rest. I think the NDE’S are only part of it. I invest a ton of energy and time in talking and listening to THE DUDE. But I think you are right. It seems like there is NPC on the planet. Like simulation bots. Idk. I just think I can recognize patterns really well.

  14. Comrades,

    It seems that Mrs. Player passed away last year in her nineties after a life well-lived. Her late husband’s website has been turned off but the dream lives on despite possible attempts to the contrary in our world. The whereabouts of Dr. Player’s nine years of recorded dreams is unknown.

    “Break on through to the other side.”
    The Dores

      • chimera, Interesting. I know of several women lately who have experienced this in child birth where one twin absorbs the other before birth. I had never heard of it before until the last few months. Both women are Italians. Similar in nature so much so, with the exception of one looking like I dream of Genie and the other a more rastiferian version, I choose not to sleep with the second version. Although she did say, my son and has twice the life force in him. He absorbed his brother when he was in me. I didn’t know twins could do that. Hmmmm.

        Peaceful on the sound today. From Spoken Washington to the sound of see Attle. 509 to 206. Area codes. If you turn 509 upside down? It is 206. And vice versa.

        You are welcome, I think.

  15. I was thinking with the looming February ‘event’ the Mall Maulers have it right.

    They see the collapse and are taking action. And since authorities aren’t stopping them maybe they know about the coming February event as well.

    Why waste effort in a system that will be orphaned next quarter? Like a country house fire.

    A country house fire starts. The town’s all-volunteer fire department assembles. 45 minutes later they show at the scene. The place is engulfed and there’s no water pressure because the houses are on wells.

    The family is taking the fire seriously and are in the yard screaming, “Save our house! Save our house!” Everyone but the family knows there is no house to save.

    Do the fire staff go through the motions and risk their lives? Of course not. They saw the glow 5 miles away and already knew. The fire staff park the trucks a safe distance from the fire and lie to the family. “It’ll be alright.”

    The family is last paradigm shifting into the new reality.

    • WHOOOAAA you just answered my question about the quarters I keep seeing and both my daughter and someone else and me smelled burning while at Ghostbusters in the theater a few weeks back where in the final scenes there is the a dynamic Image of Tarot card “The Lovers” presented where the man is standing with a tree burning facing the woman who is standing by a tree covere with what appears as blossoms with the background scene of the mountain and lights coming out of it. I mean almost exact display of “The Lovers” tarot card.

      There is so much tarot imagery used in that movie. As watching it it it looks like cycling of a tarot deck. Trips me out.

      I kept having quarters fall on my lap and that burning smell out of nowhere and I wasn’t the only one who smelled it. I was going to say something but the guy behind me said, you smell something burning to his wife and my daughter leans over to me and said the same thing at the same time and I could smell it too.

      Quarters and burning smells. Hmmmmmm at a theater, with a movie playing displaying dynamic and elaborate moving major arcana..

      Thank you for your comment. I had to come back and look again because I saw your comment but it didn’t register in my consciousness until a quarter fell out of my pocket and landed on my right shoe while getting ready to do a load of laundry then I came back on Here to see who said “quater”. And it was you.

      • I mentioned the 1,2,2,1 animal sighting back there so I’m still trying to mach it up.

        Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading towards Earth late December

        2018 AH is estimated to be around 190 meters long, similar to the Tunguska asteroid, meaning it would be far more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

        Known as 2018 AH, this asteroid is estimated to be about 190 meters wide and is set to pass by the Earth on December 27.”

        • Before you panic, reread “The asteroid is unlikely to hit the planet, however, expected to pass by at a distance of more than 4.5 million kilometers. For comparison, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is around 384,000 km. – about a twelfth of that.”

          Remember Mr. Ure’s lectures on flying? Big Sky problem?

          A few years back I was right seat in my CFI’s Mooney from Crocket TX to KPSN. One of his students in a big Barron flew exactly the same route, same time, in reverse at same alti. NEITHER a/c saw the other.

          Sky is way fing bigger than most people think. Ditto the ocean…big ocean theory.

      • Comment #45, final word for a while. It did occur to me that quarters falling into my lap and around represents penticles since we are on the topic of Tarot.

        pentacles it is. Material gain. I will go with that one. I like that thought much the better.

        See ya all around.. penthouse and penticals. Love it

      • Burning smells in public venues frequented by young adults is quite common, Andy. Flipping quarters at the elder narc who keeps looking around like he thinks he’s the hall monitor is a new one. I’m sure there’s some kind of religious symbolism involved, maybe, sorta…

  16. Yes Geoge. Thanks. I appreciate you. Very cool.

    Having had the experience of being on site, back stage and being there long before the show. Seeing all its interrworkings and mechanics, mechanisms that create the whole theater fot everyone else to “experience “. Because that is in my job description now. Meeting the bands, celebrities, cheerleaders, sports teams and all those behind the scenes.

    It’s like I saw a pro football game on the TV on Thanksgiving. And I saw how everyone watched it and what how they responded responded and reacted and all that. It was the first time in 4 months I saw a football game on the TV. I’m usually at them, not just live in person. But behind the scenes. Know and meet the players and all that. And all the people working to put on the show even the refs…. watching it on TV was weird after doing what I do for a living now. And what was weirder was watching how people are who are watching it on TV.

    Now everything looks different in the world after doing what I do now. Hope that makes sense.

    Same with the NDE’S. And life and death. I spose

    I never get headaches or heart attacks. LOL. I was unaware that you had several tho George. I’m suprized I didn’t know that.

    Off the web for the rest of the day. The movie. The book. And the nap.

  17. We’re almost 50% to 2030 from 2016. Malls are being destroyed before our eyes.

    Nov 10, 2016

    Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better

    “Shopping? I can’t really remember what that is. For most of us, it has been turned into choosing things to use. Sometimes I find this fun, and sometimes I just want the algorithm to do it for me. It knows my taste better than I do by now.

    When AI and robots took over so much of our work, we suddenly had time to eat well, sleep well and spend time with other people. The concept of rush hour makes no sense anymore, since the work that we do can be done at any time. I don’t really know if I would call it work anymore. It is more like thinking-time, creation-time and development-time.”

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