Modeling the Ugly Side of Demographics

Other than email proclivities, nonsensical personal attacks based on sex, and all the other crap that goes into this election cycle, there is a fascinating difference between candidates in Tuesday’s election when it comes to immigration.

This morning we look into some of the mechanics of demography, model out some futures, and propose a startling answer that believe me, you won’t like if you’re over 50.

Think of this as a late Halloween report…

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14 thoughts on “Modeling the Ugly Side of Demographics”

  1. What is wrong with a worldwide birthstop? Anyone with half a brain and can put 2 and 2 together knows the source of all the world’s ills is overpopulation.
    What is wrong with a multinational coalition of Peacefighting troops (not NATO) who are equipped with the latest weaponry and their mandate is to stop wars, murder, rape and torture? In the tradition of Henoch.

    • While it all sounds terrible and awful, population increases are what fuels business demand in large measure, especially for households and household goods. The problem is we in an economic system that does not reward downsizing or right-sizing of consumption. Because of this – an d we will take this up in Peoplenomics Wednesday – we get locked into the grow or die mentality which materializes as the Virtuous Cycle on the way up and the Vicious Cycle on the way down.
      Moreover, this is further compounded by planned obsolescence which is where most companies make their real money. Take an automaker. They turn out 100,000 mile cars and some, like Nissan and Toyota can go 200K miles if you know what you’re doing on the maintenance side. By comparison, the average Kenworth will run 2- MILLION miles. And working its butt off with 80,000 pound loads a good chunk of the time.
      So think about it: Planned obsolescence, stock prices based on growth, and a marketing economy that presses over-consumption.
      A bit less than ideal, but how to transition…and that’s where we spend zero national resources which is treasonous stupidity. See candidates up for election Tuesday to clarify why we perpetually don’t ask the hard/right questions…

      • George I couldn’t agree with you more that population growth fuels business demand – but only when the growth of the population actually results in employment that produces enough income to fuel the purchases – the policy wonks have gotten this completely wrong as our population growth goes right onto welfare entitlements and it looks great until you and I are tapped out …….

      • An economy that has debt requires ongoing contributions, and one that has debt with interest requires more than that in contributions. I can run my personal economy efficiently by avoiding trade and the money system, and by DIYing almost everything. I buy producer materials and only buy rare finished goods. There is no economy of scale, but there’s a real economy of taxes, along with commuting, etc.

        The reason we need such an expanding “economy” is mostly because of the massive wealth expropriated by the tax and regulation systems. Reduce those and encourage self-reliance, and we can do OK in an environment of shrinking populace.

        Of course, the “political class” won’t like that at all.

    • “What is wrong with a worldwide birthstop? Anyone with half a brain and can put 2 and 2 together knows the source of all the world’s ills is overpopulation.”

      Plain % simple, and why is that not discussed more often? (not in the long Ure way about economics, etc. please ;-))

      • Well, unless universal birth control is provided (and that isn’t going to happen due to a number of factors, including ‘tradition’), this idea will fail due to “man and woman doing what has been done forever . . .”

        I think that only having children when you can afford them and would be good parents is great – couple of the reasons why I never had any. And now that I am older I look at my nephews and niece, and think that was a very good idea . . .

      • No, the source of all the world’s ills is WAR and WARS over Religions! The earth can handle the population. Yes, there are already populations being managed, a certain brand of GMO corn causes a woman’s body to reject sperm, so there is no conception. The vaccines that ole mr. computer is putting into Africa and other countries, is stifling conception, too. ONLY in the WHITE majority countries are abortion on demand AND all immigrants allowed to reproduce at will (they are HIGHLY encouraged to reproduce as much as possible) – they have free funding and free healthcare, no worries, no bills, and no pesky ssn for anyone to attach judgements, liens, or repossession to.

  2. Daylight savings time takes effect in some time zones tonight. Some will enjoy an extra hour in “Logan’s Sleepshop”. Others may be off and running to a headstart.

    • Actually, Daylight Savings Time ENDS Sunday. It took effect for the summer in the spring, and we return to Standard Time for the short days of winter.

      The “savings” of daylight don’t accrue to the winter; rather, the daylight of early hours in summer are saved for that evening. The opportunity to save daylight is over for this year.

  3. If you are over 50 (yes, I am 59), short of divine intervention or extraordinary independent wealth, you are in for a bad time in the so called golden years. Of course, if you are a 20 something, you will enjoy your third world living standards if you make it to your 40’s!

  4. I just saw this elsewhere:

    If you’re not a citizen of the United States of America, it’s a felony to vote in a federal election. It’s fraud and it’s wrong.

    “Dreamers” are aliens. They might not like it, but that’s the law. Legal and illegal aliens are prohibited from voting. That’s one of the privileges of citizenship alone.

    No LEGAL alien would ever consider voting in a federal election. First off, it’s wrong. Second, he would endanger his and his family’s status. Stupid beyond belief.

    There’s no excuse for a president encouraging aliens to break the law to vote for his party. IMHO, that’s treasonous and impeachable, not that CONgress could even scratch their own collective ass before Mr. Useless gets booted in January.

    We need proof of CITIZENSHIP as a prerequisite to register and vote! Driver’s licenses don’t count, unless they’re the enhanced version.

  5. We just have to scale up, as in a high rise that is the size of a City. Totally self sufficient, recycling everything. A city so massive it would alter the weather patterns around it. At the same time create a huge underground City/Prison also self sufficient that would house those unable to adapt to Scale-up society. Those who can not scale up would scale down, we could even call the underground city Hell on earth.

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