Markets “Kiss the Trend” – Replay of Last Thursday

Monday’s news flow sucks.  But that doesn’t mean we just sit around with our morning “cuppa” and idly pass the time.

Instead, I pass the time arguing with myself over how much of my economic viewpoint I should keep for Peoplenomics readers and how much could be safely “teased” in public.

Here’s the Answer

A single chart view MAY hint at what’s ahead.

This is much more plain that trying to figure out the Sixains of Nostradamus.  But I’ll explain that in a second. Let me “decode the chart” for you, first.

Black Trace

This is our Aggregate Index.  It is comprised of multiple market indicators.  I set it up following the 2000 Internet Bubble disaster because the financial industry went from pure hype of tech to barely a mention in 9-months time.  Despite the horrific (some claim up to $7-trillion in small investor) losses, with the Techs epic-fail, the stock-monetizing Hype Machine turned to the Dow and the S&P 500.

The Aggregate Index is my personal “Truth Detector.”  Its main applicability is after the markets close on Friday (U.S. time).  Because money needs to land somewhere.  Where it lands in the “period of uncertainty” when markets are closed for weekends actually means something, to our thinking.

Red Trend Line

Four day moving average.  This is a fair indicator of “the herd’s short-term direction.”  If the Black (*present) trace is above the red, odds of being successfully short may be reduced.

Green Trace

This is a 5th order exponential trend line.  Essentially, I look at this as an off-track betting adviser (OTBA).  As you can see in this morning’s read, the “OTBA” might be whispering “Lower from here, George…” But, offsetting this is the possibility told in our “trading boxes” that we could still have more upside today.

Blue Trace

This is a proprietary (which subscribers know) trend line.  It’s something that has evolved from following markets since 1971, or so.

It’s my most-trusted indicator because it semi-regularly is “kissed” by the Aggregate Index.  As it does so, it seems to be a good “wave count marker.”

As I look at this indicator today, it’s telling me:

  • At the (black) 4 (and possible ii) we went under the indicator.
  • And again, at the black iv we came down and kissed the indicator.
  • Ergo, should be a wave count there…

And so, we are left this week to see which way the markets will roll.  Clearly, there’s a very small 5-step, 3-wave advance over the past week, or so.  But, we need fresh all-time highs.  OTHERWISE we may head down to the proprietary indicator.

Of Course:  This is NOT Advice

However, we see some “signs and portents” that a “top may be here or near” in the flow of the news.  Let me give you some indicators.

Stock Market Stories

  • We look at the Wall Street Journal as the “house organ” of “the Street.”  So, when they run stories like “Americans Can’t Get Enough of the Stock Market” I can almost hear the sound of the cattle chute when I close my eyes.
  • Balancing this off (besides my OTBA and chart which demands a fresh all-time high this week) there are stories where “old-hands at investing” are urging caution.  Like the AP’s “Warren Buffett warns investors not to gamble on stocks.”
  • And confusing everyone is the crooked, data-hiding Federal Reserve, which by my reckoning has inflated stocks  more than 33 percent since what might have been a “natural high” in February of 2020.  As a result of them pushing $120-billion a month into bond (and stock) markets, investors operate in a shadowland of fiat largess.
  • Which is revealed in stories like the Financial Post’s  report “Inflation haunts stock traders in blockbuster earnings season.

The conjugate of which remains murky-enough that the “average American” (and ain’t we all?) is stuck in “normalcy bias.”  Which is pretty-much what the titans of finance have in mind:  “Spend to the End, be a Stock Operator’s Friend.”

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the “cash bells” and “good-time sells” are on and the pack is responding.  “From Apple to Domino’s Pizza, U.S. Companies Scramble to Meet Surge in Demand” bludgeons the WSJ.

All of which might even convince us to play the long side, rather than skimming a few shekels from Friday’s decline.  Except for one thing:

The Nostradamus Problem

G.A. Stewart’s Age of Desolation and commentary has been an especially useful futuring tool, in our view.  If you haven’t taken the time for a slow, thoughtful read of “THE BEAST – I AM FIRE – I AM DEATH –  it could be worth your while.

Forget about the stock market, or that other bubble (Cryptos – btw BTC is just under $59,000 U.S. this morning).  The real problem is war.

Because, understand, Financial Operators and the ultra-rich periodically need a war for obvious reasons:

  • People are AT consumer supersaturation. We have more shit than any of us can possibly use fully in a lifetime.  So as a result, we’re renting out storage units (or storing stuff at “mom’s house” – which she got in the divorce) wondering if $800 for a video game which wastes personal energy and contributes little to society is a good investment…
  • Although we have a short pop in spending due, what will happen when the wave of confidence ebbs?

The people who matter – the ones who secretly own 51% of the Class A shares of hundreds of companies – don’t plan wealth by the day, week, or month, like you do.  For them, it’s intergenerational.  Which is why they have money and its where, no doubt, some of that near motionless M2 Velocity comes from.

War is a GREAT financial tool.  It kills people – making room for more population “growth.”  It destroys “savings” so that another round of theft may be played down the road.  It’s manageable, predictable, and useful in so many ways.  Ways unknown to everyday worker-bees.

You’re not “all in the family.”

Ukraine Matters

Which gets me to a question for Stu this morning:  Is it possible that Nostradamus’ references to (Orthodox Easter) and a “demented president” might be referencing “Ukraine, Baltics, Poland leaders meet on Polish holiday“?

Moreover, we also see Tony “Blinken Aims to Pressure China, Bolster Ukraine on European Trip.

Asked by one of my daughters this weekend, what I saw ahead, I simply answered with a few personal data points:

  • When war is coming, the stock market should sell off first.  The 1941 attack on Japan was when the U.S. was at the end of a horrific decade-long market decline.
  • The U.S. is getting non-essential personnel out of Russia by June 15th.
  • As our consigliere noted, it could be that Ukraine has told us that they have a date in mind for a possible drive to seize the Dnieper-Donets petroleum reserve region.  Which will all be under the banner of “freedom” with a hefty shake of NATO.

Few people ask the really important questions when things like War pop up.  but, in the world of intergenerational wealth – we have the French lineages in the USA and competitors (think oligarchs) in Russia.  The Intergenerational prize?

“The Dnieper-Donets basin is almost entirely in Ukraine, and it is the principal producer of hydrocarbons in that country. A small southeastern part of the basin is in Russia. The basin is bounded by the Voronezh high of the Russian craton to the northeast and by the Ukrainian shield to the southwest. The basin is principally a Late Devonian rift that is overlain by a Carboniferous to Early Permian postrift sag. The Devonian rift structure extends northwestward into the Pripyat basin of Belarus; the two basins are separated by the Bragin-Loev uplift, which is a Devonian volcanic center. Southeastward, the Dnieper-Donets basin has a gradational boundary with the Donbas foldbelt, which is a structurally inverted and deformed part of the basin.”

That from USGS in 2001.  The pools of future wealth haven’t gone anywhere.

Now that you’re armed with a semi-cohesive package of Ure’s perspective, we will now rejoin the sheep on their unwitting way to market…

Urgent?  But Important?

Big Money Truck Driving:  We have all read the exploits and adventures of Andy – our PNW dump truck and pup trailer gear-jammer.  No matter what happens on his path, I never worry much about him.  Because a clean record and a CDL ticket these days is like golden.  See “$70,000 For A Part-Time Driver over on ZeroHedge.

With no Trump to kick around, and unable to criticize the Kamunist or Open-Border Joe, we’re not surprised to see CNN runningBiden’s climate push promises ‘jobs, jobs, jobs.’ Here’s what that might look like.”

Speaking of dirty politics, Texas can give lessons.  “Republicans into Texas runoff after robocall claims leader killed husband with Covid.”

Which gets us into our Covid pile:  Brothels reopen in Nevada; California restrictions ease; India sets global records: Live COVID updates

You sent your resume where?  “Chad’s New Junta Names Transition Government.”

Things are still looking up, though.  Which accounts for a “Possible UFOs spotted off Florida coast.”

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Other than watering greenhouse plants, no outside work this weekend due to the heavy rain (and flooding down in the Houston) area this weekend.  One more day of showers tomorrow and then into the spring cycle.

Ure’s time Sunday was nailed with computer issues:  Rolling over an aging 5200 RPM HDD to a new Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD ($98).  That’s got Elaine smiling at the much zippier response  on her Samsung 17.3 laptop.  Worked on slow server response here.

Over in the shop, plans to repair the brush hog keep running into issues.  Didn’t have a set of extra-deep, extra large sockets needed to remove the stump bumper underneath.  Uses as 1 1/2 inch nut.  My previous largest was 1 1/4 inch.

My life-long chum, the Major, is sending 36-pounds of Rose Brand Chinese Egg Noodles down via UPS today.  Company has the regular/retail (25% egg) which is what’s in many retail stores.  But, if you can find the place in Seattle, the limited production (75% egg) can be had on occasion.  Much better for prepping and for Ure’s NEDF (not-exactly-diet-food) breakfasts.

I’d tell you what’s on tap today around here, but honestly, the To Do list before Elaine’s second hip replacement (coming around in a few weeks) is 4 pages single-spaced in Word.  Almost afraid to open the damn thing.

Got most of the outline for my next book done (“Packing for Death”) which will be serialized on Peoplenomics.

You know, sometimes I think Life ought to have a better instruction manual.  If I have known that the first 2/3rds of life was accumulating thing and the final third would be playing the role of “maintenance worker on your empire” I might have been a bit more circumspect.  Not complaining, just there’s not a rule book out there.  I’m going to fix that in the next book.


Drop by tomorrow and we’ll see how close to last Thursday’s close we get today.  Tomorrow, international trade data.

But the data highlight of the week will be another three-day jobs roll.  Wednesday is the ADP new jobs number, Job Cut report and with new unemployment filings Thursday and the Federal job report out Friday.,

Today, a final PMI number at 9:45 AM but not expecting any surprise there. (I could be wrong, but I can’t recall any time recently, lol.)

Off to 750 calories of high protein breakfast and then I’ll see about opening that word.docx.

Write when you get rich,

40 thoughts on “Markets “Kiss the Trend” – Replay of Last Thursday”

  1. “we also see Tony “Blinken Aims to Pressure China, Bolster Ukraine on European Trip.”
    Asked by one of my daughters this weekend, what I saw ahead, I simply answered with a few personal data points:
    When war is coming, the stock market should sell off first. ”
    all of those situations have some very scary results.. just imagine the toilet paper battles and the empty shelves in the grocery stores.. a few months.. but now amplify that by a few thousand points.. not to mention most of our arms are produced in china.. sure they say american made but let me see.. our steel mills are shut down for the most part.. restaurants and other service companies are in place instead.. parts for just about everything come from china.. it affects our whole life.. in every aspect..

  2. What’s ahead . The greatest crime against humanity in history . That’s what’s ahead . The facist will play you all so good . Buy everything and now your yellow dog as well . Every person I met in 25 years is a paid spiv for the facist . Yep not 1 person on my side of the boat . You are all so smart and right . Whatever you reckon . I will now short gold as well as long as markets . Long USD long TLT . Short the guts out of everything . First time in 25 years insert gold in rear mouths. Ok whatever you reckon about all those stories

    • Huh….
      Theres really only a couple that post comments that I fear would welcome a fascist administration.
      Fascism usually starts out the same way.. first you have an oligarchy then as the class separation widens you bring administrations that promise to equal the divide. Adolph said.. get the masses to be dependent on govt programs for their existence.. then cut them and give it to the ones you want to control. By doing that the govt of the time has the support of the masses..using that method he was able to enslave and imprison millions so he could steal their wealth. Most of which has never been recovered.
      From my perspective. The tide started to turn with pushing the greed button with deregulation and outsourcing jobs and limiting education..

  3. G – its a bird ! its a plane !..duuu-ooohhh! its cheap aze chinese made junk – unh I mean rocket.

    U see that chinese rocket w/launch platform still attached, falling towards a back yard BBQ somewhere between 40 degrees N&S equator ?

    Talk about a “out of this world” meat tenderizer..thats gonna be some melt in Ure mouth Brisket, once the rocket & associated launch structure come back down.

    “No Fusion – No Anti Grav Drive”.

    Seeing as how we only bout 7 of them currently, gonna need another 9/11 size FF to help fund building out the fleet(solarwardens?) *George Noory w/ G Duff/uncle Gordy – Majestic12 level info..

    Kinda reminds of old jump school ditty..”hook up, buckle up, shuffle to the door, jump right out and count to four, 1000, 2000 all is fine, 3000, 4000 pull that line..if that chute dont open wide, I got another one by my side, if that one should fail me too, Look Out Below – I’m coming Thru, and if I die on the Russian Front, bury me in a ______ _____.
    Wonder if Nosty saw , wrote anything regards falling comets/stars/rockets w/attached launch structure crashing into population centers, or crashing into those low orbit musky satellites – bringing new meaning to the term Zero Dark Thirty.

    “out on the edge of darkness”..train has left the station , if U can catch it – Ill be back in the Bar car – guy w/smelly stoogie, purple Buy The Dip t-shirt,empty bag o popcorn, wearing a chesire cat smile.

    • Oops.. I think the fine print said.. made in the at one point in time there was american pride and a standard of excellence. Since everything is made in china and we quit taking pride in our manufacturing that the cheap junk is usually made in the USA anymore..

  4. Anything the size of, and built like a rocket will break up and burn up on the way in. Anything that hits the ground, or people, will be unfortunate indeed, but not any reason to write home from space force camp.

    • Thank you Out of Work Steve,

      I had some things to do on my only day off; and when I saw George’s Post this morning, I knew invariably that you or Mark would be the first to cite another Nostradamus Failure and rub George’s face in it. Mine too, by proxy…

      So, I thought I would wait until either of you responded, and call you both out right here. This is mainly in the hope that I can clearly understand how your Belief Systems operate.

      The Nostradamus’ stuff is excluded here for the moment.

      First off; what do I call you, a Progressive Liberal, a Democrat, a Communist? I’d like to know.

      I will be 65 this year. My entire life, until two-years ago, was spent as a registered Democrat. I identify as a Progressive Liberal and a Democrat. A JFK-Democrat, who was a warrior with a social conscience.

      I spent 12-years supporting a popular Progressive Radio station in my city. I’ve organized a union.

      I once voted for Jesse Jackson in a Democratic Primary simply because he had the brass-balls to once say that former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was assassinated.

      I have even identified with Maxine Waters, who once railed against CIA Crack Cocaine that destroyed the Black Family unit, as well as White Families, and that included my family.

      When Gary Webb, a real journalist exposed the scandal of CIA drug dealing, Maxine Waters was in front of the television cameras wanting justice. I was there with her.

      Here is the Hard Reality to those allegations, Congressional Hearings:

      That’s Maxine getting up in the CIA’s face; what happened?

      Gary Webb was so despondent, he magically committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice with two .25 caliber bullets… Standard CIA issue.

      As Democrats, we once recognized that JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King were assassinated by people clearly connected to the U.S. Intelligence Services. The attempted assassination of Governor George Wallace is in there too. 1960’s Democracy in America was ruled by assassination.

      People like you, now ignore it.

      I learned all this in 1989 from a C-Span show featuring a speech given by John Stockwell at American University. He suggested his audience read 16 Books. I read most of them.

      So, Mr. Out of Work Steve and Mr. Mark and all you other fake Progressive Liberal Democrats; start with that link above and read those books and listen to that speech.

      John Stockwell was a former Vietnam Marine officer and the CIA Operations officer in charge of the war in Angola that involved Cuban Mercenaries and the Soviet Union.

      That is the reality my friend.

      Today, Maxine Waters lives in a four-million dollar mansion, and has done nothing but support the CIA Neoconservative narrative. LORETTA LYNCH let HSBC, the biggest drug money laundering operation in the world off with just a fine.

      Real White Privilege is the fact that no one on the board of HSBC went to jail, but an 18-year old black kid hustling a nickel’s worth of crack goes to prison for 10-years… Thanks to former PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON.

      Gary Webb, and many like him are long dead, and all that he sacrificed is now Conspiracy Theory that they make flashy movies out of.

      Fast forward to 2016 and The Podesta-PizzGate Scandal.

      So, let me get this straight, you, Mr. Out of Work Steve and Mr. Mark. You will call this QANON Conspiracy Theory after the long history of these documented events:

      The Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Scandal: Too many citations to link.

      The White House Call-Boy Scandal, connected to Craig J. Spence and the Mainstream Media:

      The Westminster Pedophile Dossier:

      The Vatican Pedophile Scandal: Again, too many citations to link.

      And then Fast-Forward again to the material allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop; not to mention Creepy Joe Biden’s recorded behavior.

      If you can support the photographs found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop, then I have questions about you.

      Certainly, forgery is a possibility, and that is why the United States has a Department of Justice, but it amazingly has given the material on Hunter Biden’s Laptop a pass.

      Whether it is the physical evidence from the JFK, RFK, and King assassinations, to today’s evidence with all those people connected to the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, slobs like you, Mr. Out of Work Steve and you Mr. Mark, are happy to believe the bullshit, even though it defies the laws of physics.

      Personally, I struggle to figure out how it is that despite the evidence, people see what they want to see.

      So, since my little-Progressive ass has been in the trenches a lot longer than you, I remember MKULTRA, Richard Helms, Watergate, Iran-Contra, fuc**ng etc.

      People do not understand why Jimmy Carter was their last chance, and a good man. Notice how he stands away from other former Presidents. He and Stansfield Turner tried to kill the CIA Bush machine. They lost., and I suspect that this connects to a George H. W. Bush SR-71 ride, and the October Surprise.

      But you don’t want to believe in that sh*t do you Mr. Out of Work Steve, even though you’ll watch a movie with the same premise and believe it.

      Fools like you Mr. Out of Work Steve and you Mr. Mark do not understand the price that John Lennon really paid.

      On the evening of Monday, 8 December 1980, Lennon was shot dead by Mark David Chapman in the archway of the Dakota, his residence in New York City. Lennon had just returned from Record Plant Studio with his wife, Yoko Ono.

      The Dakota doorman Jose Perdomo and a nearby taxi driver saw Chapman standing in the shadows by the archway. As Lennon passed by, he glanced briefly at Chapman and nodded slightly, appearing to recognize him from earlier that same evening.
      José Sanjenís Perdomo, a man of many aliases (including Joaquín Sanjenís, Sam Jenis, Sanjenis Perdomo, José Joaquín and probably Luis Sanjenís), was a Chief of Police during Cuban President Carlos Prio’s regime. Perdomo went into exile after Fidel Castro took power and was recruited by the CIA. Working from CIA/Miami station in the early 1960s, he recruited most of the members of Operation 40 (a CIA hit squad).

      He was working as night doorman at the Dakota on Dec. 8, 1980, when John Lennon was killed, and told the police that Mark Chapman was the assassin – a fact unmentioned by commercially-controlled media until March 1987.

      That’s a funny coincidence, isn’t it Mr. Out of Work Steve in the light-of the CIA’s MKULTRA Program?

      So, that’s just the tip of my debating points. You come up with a logical counter-point to all the same coincidences, and just maybe I might consider your point-of-view.

      If you are going to use the word coincidence, I don’t have to tell you where to go do I. Hunter Biden, Burisma, Ukraine, I suppose that’s all coincidence too.

      My reality test for respect is empirical; one of my young friends, who was an absolute Trump Hater, and who I had to listen to for four-years, voted for Trump because he found Biden so morally repulsive.

      Regarding fools, horses, and weirdos, Mr. Out of Work Steve and Mr. Mark, my guess is that you have not done the homework.

      The first starts with what I wrote in the last few comments here and in my last Post.

      You are both fake, brainwashed, Progressive Liberals. I was you, before I did the reading. You are just following a Facebook Fad.

      As regards to how this all works with Nostradamus. I had to create a 1,500 page book for people just like you.

      No matter how many citations I provide; I realize that it will never be good enough.

      No matter how factual the facts, I realize that people like you will never accept them.

      I wrote my last Post, Mr. Out of Work Steve, with you and Mr. Mark in mind.

      It is a synopsis of the factual, which you ignore. My view boils down to intelligence agency intrigue and social engineering, which only fools pretend to ignore.

      What I clearly wrote in George’s comments and responses to those comments was that I expected troubles between Russia and NATO sometime in the SUMMER. That is in my book.

      My statements and quotes from my books are right there in the Post to read if you bothered. But your belief system prevented you from reading or comprehending what I wrote.

      My answer to George’s question is on track with what I wrote in that linked Post and my books. My timeline is a construct of Conditional Statements; and so world events have me very concerned about what happens this Summer. It is not a guarantee, but I just spent $30,000.00 on my concerns. And that is as tangible as it gets for me.

      Once again, Easter was the starting point, as we saw world tensions rise this last Easter. Just read what I have written, it is all there in quotes. JUST READ IT!

      Frankly, I do not care if you, Mr. Out of Work Steve or you Mr. Mark believe in Nostradamus or the Tooth Fairy.

      George’s blog, ultimately is about Doom and Gloom… the economic kind, which leads to the physical kind as he stated above. Why do you think this man lives in BFE East Texas.?

      In reality, I would tell George, the one thing he needs is serious protection from being downwind of Barksdale.

      And since the moronic Democratic Party has embraced, “let’s blame it all on Russia”, you get what you pay for, and that is eventually a world leader who practices Martial Arts will throw down with you.

      So, that is baked into the equation of what comes next. The line has been drawn in Syria and Ukraine, just like I wrote in my book… oh about 11-years ago now.

      Get a backbone, man, and call the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal for what it is. There’s your reality. You and your family’s future depend on it.

      • Prevailings from Dallas, Houston, Barksdale (never saw any followup to those missing nukes, did we?) and other such are all safely clear of us.
        Yet fresh iodate, thanks.
        Like Stu, we ain’t fools.
        And there’s no such thing as 1% dead.,

      • regards Iodine and rads – U gotz to take the shit prior too any exposure to ionizing radiation. dont work if taken after U see/feel the flash/sparklies..
        Might want to start sprinking some iodine on Ure bowl of Wheaties in the AM..

        very nice synopsis of the machinizations designed to keep the herd imprisoned @ Prison Farm Earth..farmer greenjeans? nope – least not jeans..

      • “I once voted for Jesse Jackson in a Democratic Primary simply because he had the brass-balls to once say that former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was assassinated.”


        that is funny Stu … I voted for him for the exact same reasons LOL LOL LOL LOL….

      • “People do not understand why Jimmy Carter was their last chance, and a good man. Notice how he stands away from other former Presidents. He and Stansfield Turner tried to kill the CIA Bush machine. They lost.”

        The sad part is the way I see it Jimmy miss calculated how trustworthy that congress is and just how much control the puppeteers had on congress at the time.. I personally think it is even worse now that it is legal to corrupt politicians with gifts and money.. when he tried to even the tax burden Congress through him and the middle class under the bus and he took the blame for it..You will hear a lot of people say.. oh with Jimmy we had.. without ever knowing that IF.. the tax burden had been evened out back then and we did do a balanced budget and quit spending a trillion a year on other countries.. that we wouldn’t be facing what we are today.. the eighties would have been rough..( they were anyway during the Reagan recession and trickle down and outsourceing) but we would have steered the titanic economy away from the ice berg.. of course that is just how I see it.. ..

      • That was a f&@king epic response.

        Here’s the reality…We all chose to be here at this time and if a person hasn’t woken up by now they were never meant to.

      • ECU: You are wrong about iodine needed BEFORE the flash. Radioactive iodine is produced by the nuclear explosion and becomes part of the fallout, drifting with the wind. Your thyroid gland takes up all the environmental iodine it can find, and thus you get thyroid cancer.

        If you take iodine pills ASAP, even after the flash, it loads your thyroid to saturation with iodine, so the thyroid cannot take in any more (presumably radioactive) iodine.

      • That was epic!!

        Note to Nostradamus nonbelievers and those who would pan or ridicule Stu:

        G.A. has spent 30 years or so trying to decipher a mess of cryptic riddles, which others spent ~400 years trying to decipher, before him.

        Many believe the riddles are prophetic in nature because, well, a lot of them seem to be.

        Are they all? No one knows, not even Nosty himself. But even if only a few, of surpassing importance, are, it’d be kinda good to know. Las Vegas was begun with mob money, but the city was built on a less-than 2.5% house margin. If Nostradamus’ prophesies are only relevant to humans alive at this moment, 2.5% of the time, that 2.5% may be of life-and-death importance to each of us, as individuals, or to all of society.

      • Please refer to page 158, Vol I, Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon, Century V-75:
        He will rise over his wealth, more to the right, he will remain seated on the square stone; towards the south placed at the window, a crooked staff in his hand, his mouth sealed

        Nosty intreprets to Dolores’ channeler that this refers to a wealthy person connected with KKK, and like organizations; Trump and others like yourself…

        Dolores on youtube:

        GA, your latest (and obviously defensive, especially after promoting a Hal Turner trope) long winded essay really says how poor your knowledge of history and Nostradamus is….

        The I am Fire etc link would not open, but it is a also a quote from The Hobbitt, The Desolation of Smaug movie quotes (it’s obvious you steal your ideas from the fantasy movie genre, not real history or real knowledge of current events.)

      • Ouch. Not sure how much faith to put in channeling, either. Those “voices” are not always nice. And some? Well, the Major has done some exorcisms. Ought to be a clue. Yeah, don’t mention he’s a psychological type but yeah – Masters in field and 20+ with the .mil crowd – knows darkness. I assure you one just one thing – but this matters above all: Darkness is ALWAYS looking for a way onto the Rock…

  5. The Beast -i am Fire-I am Death

    Holy Crap!! Scary read.
    I have had dreams of water in Pennsylvania going as far inland as the Blue Mountains.
    June 15 seems to be a good date to have your preps ready.

    • Basically an island of W.PA/OH/IN and a slice of Illinois, with KY/TN and bits of WV and N.MS and AL thrown in?

      Me, too…

      It’s a recurring vivid dream, of which I told George, probably 10 years ago, now…


    Unfortunately I don’t think you could write the one I’m thinking about. Many, many young people look so screwed up because their parents were screwed up and can’t admit it. (Yes, lots get that way on their own, by peer pressure and drugs). From your previous descriptions your parents were rock solid.

    Include such things as:

    …what looks like sane and rational behavior when dealing with authorities
    …fair dealings with others
    …dealing with out-of-control people (including parents)
    …good money handling tactics …saving …spending …alternate purchase
    …handling peer pressure …defuse the bully …walk away …change the conversation

  7. The politicians continue to ramp up the fear while the virus is disappearing faster than did any money invested with Madoff.

    The rate of transmission in NJ has fallen to 0.37.Pretty soon,it’ll go negative by invading immune systems to extract the virus.Still,the Governor is mandating indoor masks,social distancing and prohibiting gym showers,saunas,pools,steam rooms,etc.

  8. Remember the Weimar Republic produced the leader of Adolf Hitler. The solution to liverism and communism was nationalism.

    Nazism is described as one type of fascism. Both fascism and Nazism reject democracy and liberalism as ideologies, and instead embrace the concept of a nationalist state.

    Because! Because! Because! Because! liberalism destroyed democracy.

    After Adolph spent some time in the pen to think? He rose to power shortly after. All produced by the Weimar Republic and Paid for by its monetary system of Hyperinflation.

    Dont forget, Adolf was the solution that all of germany desired after hyperinflation. He was what everyone in Germany wanted. A national hero! Praised for all he was going to accomplish! He said everything their ears were itching to hear… I mean people thought after paying a wheel barrel of cash for a loaf of bread this Adolf guy is on point! Let’s make Germany great again!

    Long before everyone figured out adolf was the bad guy. A really really bad guy. They loved him. Worshiped him in many ways.

    Because a wheelbarrow of cash for a loaf of bread. Was kinda an ass kicker for most people who couldnt afford a wheelbarrow.

    The Kansas City Shuffel. Is In full effect George. I gotta get. Nothing more to say other than I May be moving to Rural Alaska soon to sit this one out for a while. Good clean air up there and lots of elbow room. Abundance of organically fed mobile meet products.

    For more information on the mentioning of “Kansas City” and the Shuffel?

    Warren Buffet is on the same page. He actually mentions Kansas City. And the Shuffel.


    See ya in 8 months if I come back on line. Me thinks fishin, hunting even 2 legged deer is more important than being on the box.

    Remember: sometimes Andy is off by a year in his predictions. Just like the blackouts. Gives ya lots of time to browse for a really good wheelbarrow.

  9. Hey G, I got to thinking about India and their big covid surge and the thought came
    to mind who is India in a big time pissing contest with which just happens to be the
    same country that covid came from and is right next door to India? Can anyone say
    biologic warfair

  10. Uhrm Liberalism? Liveralism? Alcoholism? It’s not the alcohol that kills ya. It the ism’s.

    Ya ya ya the ism’s that are the problem.

    If your not paying attention? Well I guess good for you. But I plan to be way farther ahead of the rest of the herd. Going the other direction.

    Popularity is the herd running off the cliff.

    Meat and meet. Meet the meat?

    Sudefilet? Uhem! see the play?

    Damn auto correct.

    Yadda yadda yadda

    See ya old dude. You know why!

    Infinitely NOW.

    • “Meet the meat?”
      LOL! A line from the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’… in the restaurant at the end of the universe.

  11. Great column today. Lots to think about. My best wishes for Elaine and her hips, along with you getting the necessary items on your list done. In my experience, the important stuff can be handled in time, and the rest gets handled eventually. My own bush hog is limping along and needs work, but it still cuts(badly) and that’s better than nothing. I’ll fix it eventually.

    I’m fine with the abbreviated PN for now until Elaine gets through and recovered from her situation. I’ll be renewing this month and looking forward to future focus pieces. IMHO, Peoplenomics is definitely worth the cost, unlike so many other publications!

  12. Susan Wright was endorsed by Trump. The repug Establishment likes “all things Trump” even less than the democrap Establishment, hence the reason the national-socialist and anti-American “Lincoln Project” is still hanging around. That said, it appears to me that Texas will win, regardless which candidate wins the 6th…

  13. “If I have known that the first 2/3rds of life was accumulating thing and the final third would be playing the role of “maintenance worker on your empire” I might have been a bit more circumspect. “

    File under: ‘Things you learn when you retire’ Yes, I finally have what I planned for all those years. Now it seems every day is a ‘maintenance day’ of some aspect or other. House, property, ham station all show me something that ‘needs doing’ at all times it seems. Ah, well. Life is not boring.

  14. “Other than watering greenhouse plants,”

    I had an interesting conversation with one of the greenhouses that produce garden plants for big box stores this morning.. he said.. the reason prices are high now is because theres a national seed shortage.
    He also said he is afraid of what’s to come if the drought continues.

  15. Humanity is lost . I wish I had my life over . Some really sick people came into my life years ago . I would and should have eliminated all of them . Remember though some people never give up and are never scared . So to all the other guys . Tanti belli cosi fille butani

  16. Dam I’m pumped.. I had ordered a traditional Turkish coffee pot for my collection.. I was afraid with all the drama it wouldn’t come.. but it showed up today.. I’ll make a pot in it.. then shelve it.. I’m sure there will be some eye rolling from the boss… not another kitchen I have some nitro cartridges coming to for my nitrogen cold brew coffee.. I figure what the heck.. golf theres a potential of everyone foing stupid crap to light up the globe i.might as well use my nitro cold brew coffee pot…enjoy a few batches of jamaican blue coffee..( black of course no girly drink for this coffee hound)

    • Pish. The settlers and Westerners preferred coffee with milk & honey. They learned to drink it black because real coffee was rare & often mixed with chicory, and milk and honey were unobtanium on the Westward trek (and often for several years after the “conniestogie” got parked.)

      I’ll take mine either black, or with milk & honey — Just make it strong, please…

  17. You don’t get it do you . Gold is a disguise . The central banks use bitcoin . Repeat bitcoin . NOT treasuries they are obsolete to numbers and deflation . Sheetcoin . Gold will never be free till after the war . Ohh they will run to treasuries when they wake up though

    • “You don’t get it do you”

      All of it is fake.. the cartoon coins to whatever script you want to use.. gold.. if you own gold you have to find someone that collects gold.. the same with silver.. which is why the vast majority of past civilizations used grain.. everyone has to eat where you don’t really need to wear a shiny bobble.. stones diamonds etc.. well the crown jewels and the light crown comes into focus with that one.. and the effects from the frequency that is emitted from the gem stones.. for me.. keep the diamonds and rubies.. well I think the ruby is pretty.. so maybe not rubies.. but for myself.. the most precious gem is the rose quartz.. the green chakra.. with the kids and grand kids.. I let them choose their pretty rocks.. we tumble stone them and they carry them.. just like grandpa does..

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