Markets: Kiss the Sky — Ure on Injured Reserve List

There is a ton data to digest today:  New Unemployment claims, Philly Fed outlook, and retail sales.  So that’s as good a focus as any…AFTER we go through a dart throw at the market.

What Does “Kiss the Sky” Mean?

Scuse me while I kiss the sky…”  (memorable riff follows – thanks Jimi)

This is what the market was doing Wednesday and it was a flat out amazing site to behold.  Because when you look at the following chart, you should be able to spot my “trading boxes” (the yeller ones) that argue that we are just ending an A-B-C correction from the Big Drop from late February to late March:

This is not your Dow – or the S&P for that matter.  This is an Aggregate Index that I cobbled up back in the wreckage of the Dotcom bubble bursting.  Because while some indices looked like there was no “tech wreck” the truth of the NASCrash was papered over by the financial industry.

Ure’s Financial Reality Check

Yesterday, we  briefly  – and I mean an hour or three – popped above the overhead resistance line.  The top horizontal line that is extended from the February all-time-high.

As any damn fool can see, the market looks like it’s trying to go higher.  With this lurking, we can almost here money managers licking their chops.

Now for the UGLY Secret (that only a very few super-bright minds like Mohamed El-Erian’s) seem to be able to comprehend:  When the old all-time high was hit, how much money was sloshing around at M1?

Table 1 February data from the Fed H.6 report says $4,009.8- billion.  (which is 4.0098 trillion to we mere mortals).

When we slide down to Table 2 for the most recent M1 number (four-week average) was $5,254.1 billion.  Again for simpletons like Ure, that’s within a cheeseburger (or twelve) of $5.254  trillion.

Showing off the Online MBA:

Well, er, garsh Mickey…”

M1 from the previous peak to the flash-in-the-pan high yesterday was about 31.04 percent.

Now, follow the logic here because it’s really  simple:  If the stock market is just doing a “normal” 70-75% Elliott wave retracement, we need to take the aggregate index and decrement it by 31%.

See how the charade works?

We don’t think the MSM will out this tree-cutting binging any time soon, though.  Easier to “feed the peep’s” stories like “Dow Futures Slide, Global Rally Pauses After China GDP Data; U.S. Coronavirus Infections Back Near Record Highs.”

After the data, Dow futures are down 200’ish.

Maybe we’re all supposed to keep “playing house and pretending to be grown ups” but you can bet your ass that steely-eyed Greedsters see – internalize – and adjust their outlooks.

Moreover, even within the Elliott Wave world, you will find arguments for  and against including changes in the money supply in wave calculations.  Going from memory here (dangerous at my age!) Bob Prechter over at  Elliott Wave International has in the past suggested that monetary inflation  doesn’t need to be consider  for most counts in “normal” times.

But Ure stays up all night with his injuries (we’ll get to that in a sec) worrying about the ONLY QUESTION THAT MATTERS right now:  HOW MUCH inflation needs to be injected into the system before the Money Supply Matters?

The “dim-witted George” thinks that if technical analysis  doesn’t account for changes in money supply, then people have their heads where the sun don’t shine.  Because if – as I suspect – it matters a hugely/bigly –  then the rally could set marginal new highs and collapse “unexpectedly” after going up another 10-percent,. of so.  Which would be a 100% Elliott retrace with a side order of 32% monetary inflation.

Specifics will depend how the printing ink at the Mint and the digi-dollars are cranked out on SWIFT…

But, it’s something to be critically aware of, since this is a “live money” exercise.

Weakly Unemployment Claims

From the presser: “In the week ending July 11, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 1,300,000, a decrease of (Ure says JUST) 10,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised down by 4,000 from 1,314,000 to 1,310,000. The 4-week moving average was 1,375,000, a decrease of 60,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised down by 2,250 from 1,437,250 to 1,435,000. 

So, still in the 17-18% range.

Now the nightmare question:  What if the jobs never come back?  Happened in the Great Depression, you know…

Retail Sales

Staying home and spending online, are we?

In the fine print:

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for June 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $524.3 billion, an increase of 7.5 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 1.1 percent (± 0.7 percent) above June 2019. Total sales for the April 2020 through June 2020 period were down 8.1 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.

Philly Fed Outlook

See if this makes sense to you:

This and Thats

We should see CV-19 pass through 14-million this weekend.  While that continues rolling along, “Can you get infected with COVID-19 twice? Experts say possibility is ‘certainly real’.”

Trump’s HR Revolving Door continues.  When in doubt “hire and fire” is it? Trump replaces 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale.  Also of note “Trump team launches a sweeping loyalty test to shore up its defenses.”

Fox came off my TV watch list for handing out a “do over” when I don’t think they should have.  The case? Nick Cannon Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Remarks as Fox Announces He’ll Remain Host of Masked Singer.”  (Would he have gotten a “do-over” if white?  Of course no one in the left-run media will ask that question…)

ATR (Around the Ranch)  Ure on Injured Reserves

About 2-weeks back, I scored a hell of a deal on a radial arm saw.  Used, but a dandy Craftsman and it was had for just $50-bucks  Deal.

Thing is, though, we had storms come through (that almost 8-inch rain event) and other non-stop excitement.

So, right after posting Peoplenomics Wednesday, I went out to the pick-up, slid the saw to the back of the truck, and lifted it out.  I should have remembered that it took two adult men to lift it into the truck.  I figured (after the fact) it weighs around 130-pounds, or so.

There I was:  grappling with 130 pounds of gravity-possessed steel.  As I turned, dropping into a squat to drop it onto the waiting hand truck, there was a “snap!” inside my back lower left thigh.  Toes got numb.  Also twisted the right knee in the process, too.

Elaine, ever the supportive spouse, said something about “RICE it – quick!!!”  She’s been a lifelong gym-bunny and has seen miracles worked with Raise, Ice, Compress, Elevate.  I should’ve listened.

Instead...Mr. macho decided “Naw, I’ll just walk it off…”  And I headed up to Tyler, Texas to get one of those dandy 5-foot work benches that are on sale for $149.  Urgency? I had a $20-gift card their customer service people sent me (long story) and I want to finish buying tools before America’s coming (screaming) inflation comes along.

II woke up about 12:30 AM.. hamstring hurting like hell and the gout (triggered by the knee twist) demanding I get that heavy sheet off my leg. Yeah, it really  was THAT sensitive.

Lesson for Millennials:  When you get to be an “old man” (I’m rolling through my 72-nd year now), try to remember to adjust your activities to fit the slowly changing condition of the old bod.

Second Lesson:  Use only the painkillers you need following dental work or surgery.  The rest?  Save for mornings like this one!  Code-what?  Dean?

Alas, there goes my football career.  But, since football will soon be more music than sports (I see football cowering to all kinds of groups and expect they’ll be playing  3-10  different anthems within a year.   Just wait till Latino Lives Matters figures out the anthem push – everyone will want one!).

I won’t be missing much.

Sports is going through the same crisis that home appliances went through in the 1990’s.  Adding idiotic “features” that had little to do with the appliance’s purpose.  Now we’re adding anthems to football.  See my point?

It’s like this:  Do you need the IoT in your fridge to text your phone to remind you you’re low on beer?  Are people that effing stupid?

While on the “injured reserve list” I’m hoping baseball doesn’t get screwed up like the NFL has.  But the NFL is refining its uncanny ability to “steal defeat from the jaws of victory.”  Say…why should any of America’s sports teams” get ANY CV-19 money?

Oh, maybe it all a scam.  Gee, you think?

Off to hunt for more drugs.  Write when you get rich,

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63 thoughts on “Markets: Kiss the Sky — Ure on Injured Reserve List”

  1. Yes, people ARE “that F-ing stupid,” — and it’s steadily getting worse.

    I’ve been preaching for YEARS to anyone who would hold still for 60 consecutive seconds — a rare ability now — that the U.S. had a SEVERE NATIONAL SECURITY risk as a result of very poor education in Science, Math, and History.

    So. Here we are. The flood of ignorant morons, unABLE to think clearly about anything, now dominate society.

    The depression you and many others have predicted is nearly here, and Darwinian shake-out will kill a few, and forcibly re-educate many, and cripple many financially for life.

    …and it will all be oh, so unnecessary.

    It began when they stopped teaching “Shop” and “HomeEc” in High School. The works of one’s hands became unfashionable — even disparaged as low-class. EVERYbody was to become “Professionals.” EVERYbody would be in The Service Economy or in Financial Services — NOBODY would actually MAKE anything anymore; we’d farm all that out to the lower grubby classes overseas.

    And, so we did.

    And, here we are.

    • Totally. The thing I notice most is the lack of logic training. People make all the simple logic errors every day, and don’t even notice. At the most crude level, someone’s red hat marks them for a beat down, at slightly higher levels the warm sun in summer time is called climate change.

      The point is that without even a slim and shallow selection of logic tools, the average individual is led around by the nose like a cow, and worst? They are proud of it, suffering from internet narcissism disorder has side effects. I only know a few people who can actually think, they happen to be other software engineers.

      • “Instead…Mr. macho decided “Naw, I’ll just walk it off…” 

        Lol dam that sounds like me lol..
        I stepped wrong at the mailbox fell only to see a little old woman with her walker asking if I wanted her to help me up.. lol lol
        No just let me crawl away in shame.. lol

  2. Youch, pain city. I’m in Your age bracket and won’t touch anything over 80 pounds, no way, that’s young buck country 130 lbs.
    You take care for a while.
    Painkillers, hope You have a few good ones and of course afternoon libations, doubles I hope.

    • I can’t wait till they let marijuana do the same job as opiates.. does the same thing and not near as many issues..
      I won’t even get into the studies that have thousands of pages of research done on the issue.. the plant is a miracle plant plain and simple.. from building to food to medicine.. clothing the list is so long of positive points of the plant that nothing is anywhere comparable to it.. and to think it was made illegal because some ding dong had a pile of saw dust and wanted to corner the market ( my favorite.. for TOILET PAPER )..
      History has proven that those that use it for its euphoric properties are using it anyway even though it is illegal.. so regulate it tax it and use it.. study it.. and let it leave its positive mark on society..
      but then how many millions is spent trying to keep the monkeys in the DC bubble from voting to make it a legal substance..

      • Pot is weird. It affects different people in many different ways. Seems to vary by strain. It just puts me to sleep with no other noticable effect, so I’ve yet to find a point to it. Others feel differently.

        IMHO, every substance should be legal, subject to being honestly represented. No laws can save us from ourselves, so we should just recognize what works for us and go with it. Honest education would help a lot.

  3. I’ve heard that “pop” a few times in my life. It makes me cringe just to read about it. That’s real pain. My sympathies.

    • Been down that road myself. The instant it happens the white hot happened twice when I fell thirty feet and got busted up and when I pulled a seven ton pallet wrong and pulled the Achilles..
      I feel for ya..

  4. Baseball is not screwed up like the NFL? Stikes in the past 4 decades accomplished that. Gout pain is worse than a root canal without the LALA pills afterwords. I have taken daily allopurinol for years.

    It’s hard to convince an old warhorse to slow up but sometimes you need to listen to those hairs on the back of our neck and get a helper like a come-along or a chain fall when necessary. Those rolling engine hoists are pretty dang handy for lifting stuff out of pickup beds with just some minor alterations.

    The saw is OK though, right?

    Get well soon. 73

    • “The saw is OK though, right?”

      LOL, God I love that kinda humor/reality. How many of us are still alive who look at the bottom line deliverable and stay frigging FOCUSED in today’s screwed up world?

      Made my morning Mo-Jim.

  5. Well I am sure this doesn’t have anything to do with the markets or the state of stupidity in the USA.. but it has been a vexing problem I have been contemplating for decades..

    Freezing tomatoes for future use..

    I once worked with a woman that made canned carp.. it tasted like tuna..
    And she would bring a frozen tomato.. take it out of the freezer and nm put it on a plate. Let it thaw.. then slice it for sandwiches.. it had almost the same consistency of a fresh from the garden tomato. It wasnt mushy and full of fresh picked flavor..
    It was her secret recipe..
    She said it was easy. Before she gave away her secret recipe she died from breast cancer.

    I have been trying to figure this thing out ever since..
    I found a study done on tomatoes that may finally lead me in the right direction..
    Thank god. I hate to have a problem nagging me to death..

    What are the common points what processes need to be done that are easily accomplished by a little woman using common house hold items..

    • I recall Alton Brown on good eats mentioning to take those fresh fruits and freeze in dry ice first. Apparently the slow rate of freezing cause the development of larger ice crystals. But fast freezing does not have the same impact. Not sure how to get dry ice anymore nor if you would have enough produce to warrant the cost. But the info I recall they used fresh strawberries in the same way you mention. Pull from the freezer and once thawed, are as fresh as the day they were fast frozen. In general, the faster you can freeze the better the results when thawing.

      Maybe your friend had an extremely cold area of her freezer.

  6. I felt the pain of my last hamstring pull…when you mentioned yours. It’s a painful injury that leaves a nice purple bruise like reminder that a guy my age should not be playing basketball with 30 something kids…despite the fact that they can’t contain my fade away jumper. Elaine is right… RICE it!

    • OATS (organic and tasty smoke, lol) would be more my style if Texas was like Colorado.

      Then us the up time (or is that down?) to work on time machine research. Always get these great insights and can’t seem to get them to hold together upon return to sanity…

    • lol – impatience will kill me, OM2. So far, on the ranch, recovery has been quick. I should be good to roof work by Sunday or so. I make “work the illness a bit” since getting a massage from Elaine….
      Besides, don’t you have a well to punch in?

      • that might be true if the parts for the tractors weren’t all on backorder due to ‘things’ I got zero control over! Glad it isn’t worse buddy. Healing isn’t quite as fast for us these days…

      • @G U

        Roof work with a bum leg….70+

        goes out a 2 nd time ‘up on the roof’..unless your on a flat roof….rolling off a roof is not any way fun..rethink work till next week…

      • “Not sure how to get dry ice anymore nor if you would have enough produce to warrant the cost. ”

        I can get dry ice easy enough.. make the poor man’s liquid nitrogen.. pouring everclear over dry ice will react the same as liquid nitrogen..I would do that to show the kids things..poor man’s science lab..
        I will try it.. I have a freeze dryer will get anything down to fifty below in a matter of minutes.
        The paper I was reading used a desicant.that was forty years ago I dont think she had the funds for dry ice..
        It was pretty amazing though to watch.. she would pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw slice and put on sandwich’s.

      • Be careful George.. remember the two hip rule…
        I’ve seen it a thousand times..
        A minor slip on the ice.. broken hip..fix fix back home..
        They are more cautious..
        Slip broke again..this time the two hip rule comes into play..some go back home some stay in the chair. Those that go home are so careful that it isn’t long before they are in a facility.. that usually happens on the second hip replacement..

      • If.. it’s a flat roof . You might want to consider a peaked roof. On modular homes the string the wiring across the rafters and put the roofing on top of the wires. That could possibly be a hazard for shorting out.. where a peaked roof that’s not a concern..

        • This isn’t on the manufactured part – it’s on the part I built (hired hands)
          I didn’t put enough pitch in…and I didn’t pour concrete foundation…and I forgot vapor barrier.
          Which all gives me a chance to rip everything off and do it right this winter/spring…

      • “I didn’t put enough pitch in…and I didn’t pour concrete foundation”

        Boy can I relate to that one.. LOL when I built our home.. I cut the pitch down to four twelve.. and I dumped insulation in it.. I filled it up.. but that was decades ago.. and the insulation settled.. ( today they have foam that I would use.. or the pink ) so I crawled up there to see about putting in insulation.. only to realize.. I was in my thirties when I built the house..I have put more muscle around my midriff..( It isn’t fat.. it is muscle that allows me to sit for long periods of time without tiring) to save that few bucks I should have sucked it up and went large and in charge and do what I had originally considered.. ( story was the school gave me a one room school house.. thirty feet by thirty feet with eighteen foot ceilings.. I was going to put that on a basement and have a garage come off of the one side. the one room school house would have made a really nice one bedroom with a loft and a work shop over the garage.. but the city fathers being old dutch group.. and you know how the dutch are.. dam.. wouldn’t let me do it so I had to add on to the existing structure..)
        anyway It dawned on me that because of my declining health and the fact that I aged someplace along the line I needed to hire someone a lot younger than myself to do this work..
        which I did.. One young man took my advice to do small jobs and he did it.. now he is three years backlogged in work.. ( no one wants to do the small jobs)
        I brought up the factory roof because they are notorious about laying tin over the rafters leaving the chance to have an electrical short.. not knowing where the wires are its easy to drive a nail into it.. I personally would remove flat roofs and replace with a peaked roof..

  7. My shop 12×16 log structure has been delayed for 2 yrs. First year a hyper extended knee ,coming off a decline with too long a set of snowshoes. Shorties would have worked,duh.
    Last year, late April,having cleared the log for kick-back, left foot firmly planted on log. Right foot planted on a frosted rotted stump on an incline. Right foot slides off on the start of cut, never took the brake off. Saw dropped neatly on log, trying to brace from the fall, here comes the pain of the hamstring pull. So that’s how it feels! Oh ya, a total back flip was in order and after writhing in pain on the ground for at least 10 min. No, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So far so good this year.

  8. Have you guys noticed increasing gun slingers?

    One was in Florida yesterday.

    Florida Man Pulls Gun, Makes Death Threat In Mask Argument At Walmart

    “Things got heated at a Walmart store in Royal Palm Beach when an unmasked man pulled a gun on a masked shopper in an apparent confrontation over wearing a facial covering. Katie Johnston reports.”

    Could you imagine explaining to that guys kids, “Your dad was a smart-ass and pulled a gun to impose his will and prove he did not have to wear a mask. Someone defended the group and sunk two in his head. Your father is dead”

    I bet the kids would try to sue Walmart.

    A similar incident happened in MI a few days ago. A guy walks into the store and the clerk, persuaded by the state to enforce mask rules, refused service. The guy got mad and protested about the mask requirement. A separate customer started defending the clerk and asked the customer to put on a mask. The customer would have none of it and stabbed the separate customer then ran off.

    Michigan is a “stand your ground state”. If anyone in a store starts waving a gun around, anyone in the store can pull.

    “Under Michigan stand your ground law, a person can use force—including deadly force—if he/she reasonably believes that he/she or another individual is subject to imminent great bodily harm, death, or sexual assault. … Additionally, you must honestly and reasonably believe that you or another person is in danger.”

    As example: June 1

    “Detroit police sources say the man was in an SUV and was upset with the cyclists riding on Jefferson.

    He shouted at them and one of the cyclists shouted back, prompting the man to get out of the SUV and confront the vocal cyclist with a knife.

    The cyclist’s girlfriend, who was an armed, Concealed Pistol License holder, fired a single shot killing the man. Detroit police placed her under arrest.

    Attorney and firearms expert Terry Johnson said he believes the shooting was justified.

    “Realistically she has a right to protect herself but under Michigan law, she has the right to protect others as well,” said Johnson. “Just the fact that the other person had a knife and she had a gun doesn’t matter. Just the mere fact her boyfriend was in imminent fear of death, great bodily harm at that particular time, she had the right to use lethal force.””

    Make sure to stay armed at all times.

    • Out of work Steve,
      We are not doctors, therefore we shouldn’t give medical advice. George isn’t a licensed stock advisor and reminds us that this is not stock advice. I am not going defend someone in court, because I am not an attorney etc…

      Therefore, I have no right to kill a man Just because he brandishes a knife. We abide by the law, we don’t bend or break it. If showing a gun and pointing it in the face of a guy with a knife isn’t enough to tip the scales on your side…then the world has completely gone mad. I am a GOINO….gun Owner in name only. I have one and don’t plan on using it anytime soon. When I first purchased it I went the the local gun range and went Wild Bill Hickok on the targets…grew tired of it and put it away.

      Like this pandemic, if you want to stay safe, stay out of harms way…don’t start fights, don’t engage…stay Cool, calm and collected. Most shootings are a result of not being in control of your emotions. It’s almost always a two way exchange. The woman who shot the guy will have to live with her actions the rest of her life. And it won’t be a good thing

      • If a man pulls a knife(within striking range) over a verbal comment, he’s irrational and a clear and present danger. If the potential victim cannot instantly remove himself or that danger, the girlfriend in this instance is justified in shooting without pause. Brandishing is an offense in many situations and whoever strikes first is the winner. Any delay means that the person brandishing the knife has an opportunity to kill. Knives are regarded as more lethal than guns within a 21 foot distance(per LE sites that I’ve read).

      • @marx

        Self Defense Rule # 1..

        a man with a KNIFE inside of 20 FT from you..YOU can not draw your weapon and shoot him BEFORE he stab’s you…Proven Science…20 Ft rule..Your Life…

      • I don’t know the facts of the bicyclist case so I’m not opining on that. Someone pulling a knife on you most certainly allows you to meet the threat with appropriate force. If someone places you in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury or death that rings the bell for the use of lethal force. It applies to defense of others too. I’m licensed to carry, but usually don’t because carrying makes one more likely to be shot. If I’m traveling or rambling the wilds I may, but at that point the firearm is just another tool like a spare tire sleeping bag, fishing rod or tent.

      • “Therefore, I have no right to kill a man Just because he brandishes a knife.”

        I would laugh at someone who brandished a knife. Charging with a knife is a different thing, and more-closely fits the description of the incident Steve described.

        So, you admit that should someone come at you with a deadly weapon, you will not defend yourself. I suggest you stay away from Bayview and Sunnydale…

        I have stared down the barrel of a pistol, held by someone who couldn’t care less whether he pulled the trigger or not, too many times to ever share your sentiment. If I check out prematurely, I will do so kicking & screaming, and fighting like a mofo to ensure my slide to St. Peter’s Gate will be greased by the blood of whatever goons unadvisedly set themselves upon me… And should I live, will not regret sending them to hell.

        A thug’s desire to be murderous does NOT supersede my Right to live…

      • Violent confrontations are complex things. Staying cool is always your first line of defense. Pacifism can provoke predator responses. Aggression can provoke defensive responses. But if you fight, fight hard, and fight like your life depends on it, because it probably does. If you run, run fast, and be evasive.

        I may have more practice at defusing situations than most, but that doesn’t always work. Individuals who are out of their heads with delusion or rage aren’t to be reasoned with. Delusional vigilantes trolling for a victim are especially dangerous. If someone accuses you of some offense which has nothing to do with you, that is a warning sign.

        I don’t necessarily disagree with anything Mark said, but be aware that those tactics don’t always work. My conscience draws the line at volunteering for a trip to the ICU or the county meat locker.

      • Getting philosophical with nut jobs is a gamble I’ll not take, especially if I’m with my family. They don’t follow “the script”. Leave those pious lines to the actors in the movies.

    • I don’t have an issue with pulling the gun to induce a knife wielding, threatening person to stop in their tracks. But the reasonable follow-on course of action would’ve been to tell the guy to “stop, or I’ll shoot.” And if the SUV driver does not stop and shooting is initiated, a hip or knee shot is preferable to termination if circumstances permit. But all-in-all, considering the SUV yahoo pulled a knife, he demonstrated intent to harm or kill, so the use of deadly force is generally authorized in most states, except perhaps for liberal fiefdoms such as Detroit, where it seems only criminals may be armed.

      • Hip and knee (and shoulder) shots only happen in the movies. It doesn’t matter if you can 10-out on the 50-foot range with your Glock 19, in a real life-or-death situ, you always shoot “center-mass.”

      • Ray is right! Under stress and the influence of adrenalin, sight narrows to tunnel vision, time perception is distorted, and the aim that you learned on the range goes AWOL. Simple, fast, and automatic responses are generally the ones that will keep you alive, even if they will get you into court. Think it all through in advance and decide what results you can tolerate. Then mentally train this to be automatic. A shot to the knee under stress conditions will succeed only by chance.

        Due to the odd legal system we currently have, a shot that maims rather than kills may actually cause greater long term (legal) harm to you than a “clean” kill. Not happy thoughts at all, be we must consider them(in advance).

      • @NM Mike

        I still remember the episode of (was it “Cops” or a predecessor?) where there’s a traffic stop, our viewpoint is the cruiser’s dashcam, the cop goes up to the car and a gun battle ensues. The driver shoots 11 times, the cop 15, at a range of less than 6-feet, and no hits are scored on either side.

        Everyone who ever mentions a shoulder or knee shot (or shooting a gun out of someone’s hand) should see that clip…

        I carried concealed in college because one of my jobs was as a late-night cstore drone. The store was in a not very nice neighborhood. A week before my first robbery, the gas station four blocks down was robbed and the clerk made to kneel, before the robber blew his head off for funsies. After my second robbery, I bought a gun (actually a couple, because I bought a street sweeper from one of the local cops) and secured my first cc permit. The store was part of a chain, and even 40-some years ago, had camera surveillance.

        I got called in to the main office one day (different city and it cost me a day’s work at two other jobs) to be grilled by the chain’s security shirts. It was explained to me in no uncertain terms that I was not to carry. On the way out, the Asst. Chief told me, kinda sotta voce like: “If you pack heat and use it, you will be fired, but the Company’s legal staff will back you to the hilt before we let you go. Just make sure if you ever pull that pistol, you don’t stop pulling the trigger until you run out of bullets. We don’t want a live robber who can sue us. We also don’t want more guns in the hands of punks, so if you pack, you are obligated to do whatever is necessary to keep anyone from taking your gun. If you choose to accept that responsibility, you must be prepared to fulfill it…”

        Bear in mind, this was the 1970s, when there were only about 13% as many lawyers in the U.S. as there are today…

    • I’ve been seeing all these things happen, the newest thing that I’ve seen is there’s not enough trays, there’s enough food to go on the trays,but there’s not enough Trays,to deliver the food,I’m thinking the trays are are the truck the delivery system as we have seen it all failed are they kill animals don’t have shipping potatoes system is breaking down so have yoursshipping container truck the delivery, is the weak link .
      On the other hand in cryptocurrency velink chain link are doing great if someone had invested this year.

  9. Geo…I feel your pain – been there, done that recently. As were get older we stupidly keep trying to push the bodily limitation envelope. Rest up and get well!

  10. doesn’t your tractor have a bucket? got rope? even if it won’t lift high enough, just takes a few inches and drive out from under it,
    Us old grey dogs ain’t what we used to be,,,live long and prosper,,next up,,,Georges healing light diodes

    • I think George has forks for the tractor. I always use forks or a bucket where possible for heavy stuff – even a piano. It’s the only way to get a lot of heavy stuff done alone. The two important factors are good hydraulics that will hold, and good brakes so the tractor doesn’t move without intention. Obviously balance matters with heavy loads, including watching the incline. I often chain things to a bucket if they’re overbalanced. Either way – use the power tools instead of stressing body mechanics.

      Good luck George. Get well soon. If you’re getting massages from Elaine – Ure already ahead of the game.

  11. Now you know why we’re going bananas in NJ and NY with the gyms remaining padlocked.(They’re open in every state around us,especially the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

    — Last sign on the instruction board at a sky-diving school, as you exit the door to go to the plane. I saw it myself. Never forgot it as I was learning to fly small Cessnas.

    The other relevant item is the Physics definition of “Work”….. Foot-Pounds. How many pounds, lifted how many feet? Sounds like you got ‘worked over’ by your saw!

    Magnesium Citrate (most absorbable form) relaxes tight muscles and lessens the pain.

  13. Your injury sounds like a compressed disk injury that I had. The pain radiated from my hip down the back of my thigh. I thought it was a leg issue until I got an MRI. The way the pain runs down your leg from your back tells me nerve injury. A vertebrae is pinching a nerve. I’m no MD. It just sounds similar to what I suffered.

    What helps me…I’m lucky it doesn’t act up too often…is gravity exercises. Allow gravity to stretch your spine out. Now not everyone can do 5-7 sets of 30 pullups and 5-7 sets of 30 dips, but hanging there stretches everything out. I hang and let gravity do the work. I wouldn’t try anything until you see a doctor and or give it a few days. Later…if you are able to somehow hang so that gravity stretches your spine out it may work. Maybe you put two chairs back to back with padding on the back of the chair to go under your armpits. Then once you are secure lift your feet up off the ground and let gravity stretch your vertebrae out. You get the idea. The weight mashed your vertebrae together and you have to stretch them out. But don’t do anything until you find out what’s going on. Be real careful and listen to Hippocrates, ‘do no further harm’.

    • The good news is that you didn’t get a shoulder separation or a crushed foot when you threw your shoulder out and the saw went free-fall. Go to Houston if it’s your back. Really.

      Next time use the bucket on your tractor. I use it for everything. Need to take the tiller to the garden? Load up the tractor. I’ve too much frame and nerve damage already to risk more.

      Bulk food places which have been jammed up for months are starting to ship again, but you need to get in line. If all you can get is bulk bags, dry home can ’em.

      Working on a first DC home appliance. Will run it off 120VAC initially.

      • “Working on a first DC home appliance. Will run it off 120VAC initially.”

        Before you go nuts with that new Lehman’s Catalog…

        Most older appliances are DC — even the motorized ones. Everybody built ’em with a DC motor and a rectifier, because you can speed-control a DC motor with a resistor. However, check the motor plate so you know what you have. My Osterizer (1936) is 90-125 VAC/DC but the motor is 90VDC and the speed control a rotary switch with resistors stacked between the contacts — utterly primitive, and will outlast us all by a hundred years as long as no dumbass swaps the DC brushes for AC brushes…

  14. Really George? I’m thinking that saw is 132 pounds (+ about 35 more if it’s mounted to the stand) and the column side is HEAVY!

    …You probably noticed.

    Suggestion for your future “Frightful” shopping list:

    You will need a trolley and a chain hoist or electric hoist. On sale, the three pieces will set you back ~725 bucks from HF (more if you buy a quality, new hoist from elsewhere), but how much is one’s back worth?

    BTW the HF chain hoists are all junk. When new they are marvy, but rain (or even humidity) will render the chain unserviceable within a few months and the chainwheels, distinctly unfriendly — dunno about the electric hoists, but their winches use Chinese steel cable, which also becomes unserviceable within a few months. I’m honestly thinking of redoing mine with an ATV winch. American chain and cabling can be had. It doesn’t have such issues, but it is mostly MIL-Spec and not cheap.

    Honestly, not worth it if you only unload sumpin heavy once a year or less (that’s what OM2’s kids are for), but if you are going to do this even once a month, you’ll fall in love with the crane…

    • Ray, that’s just a damn-fine idea…EXCEPT
      The truck is parked under the truck & tractor port. The surface there is pea gravel.
      The pea gravel is a bear to move heavy stuff on, but otherwise OK…
      So that’s why I go with the fat-wheels on the hand truck.
      Oh, that’s also why I didn’t fire up the tractor (overhead space to move bucket in…) and I was too lazy to go get the truck keys and back it out….(I got more excuses than Carter has Liver Pills…)

      • My crane is setting on gravel. I simply didn’t install the wheels (weight is ~650 pounds. Who wants to drag THAT around, even if it IS on wheels…?) Nice thing is it’s wide enough to get any truck or trailer underneath — Its failing was the HF hoist. Live and learn…

  15. George,

    A couple of weeks ago when you were writing about future planning for ‘life extension’ I saw that you completely overlooked accidents/incidents that are unplanned.
    I wrote back a comment cautioning about awareness of slips, trips, falls and even pneumonia; but I neglected ‘lifts’ in my comment – my bad – sorry!
    My, you really are literal aren’t you?

    Best wishes,
    Al B.

    • Dang – I take everything too literally, Al. Keeps processor loading down if you don’t have to run every synonym in the world looking for inferences, though, lol

  16. Yo G

    See what happens when U keep putting up “fear stats”..Universe kicks it in Ure arse.

    Why not meaninful -useful stats – like % of covid Deaths that were VitaminD3 Deficient.

    Percentage of covid deaths that did NOT have other underlying health problems. U baaad boy. Number of people who took HCQ AND ZINC and KILLED the virus, # people taking HCQ as prophylactic and contracted the virus – 0.0% ole “Whinny” once said -“there is NOTHING to FEAR, but FEAR itself”.

    They say nature abhors a vacuum..of TRUTH – U might wanna try it once in a while, it would be refreshing. Sounds like U are just a glutton for punishment – Allopurinol – stubborn is as stubborn does..

    Road trip continues – horses-beefs – golden hued fields of already cut wheat -corns and beans.
    Denver was cool – drivers are cool, just like majority of local drivers in every state west of the Mississippi River.
    Really is a stark contrast to Eastcoast/NorthEast – majority of folks there are aggressive,rude,abrasive and kinda nasty compared to Mid Western & Western. Heavy duty fog coming out of Denver into the Rocky Mtns – driving was lil hairy coming down the mtns – at speed, in very low visibility fog.

    Once out of the fog – spectacular!

    Stopped in Vail for lunch – place reminds me of Disneyland – not cheap – but lunch was delish – and had a chat with a couple blue winged magpies and a Raven – lil weird, but kinda cool.
    Finally made it to Grand Junction – arid and warm this time of year.

    U have to place Ure order online with the Dispensary (the Happy Camper) due covid phys-op, they text U when ready for pick up – 28gram limit per day. Mrs Deplorable ordered the limit as well in a show of my kind of spousal support. Then went Colorado National Monument Park – Sick!
    They are following CDC guidelines here, so about 50% of Customer facing (stores,restaurants,hotels) “workers/owners” .
    Bout 75-80% of Seniors were wearing masks. This is TRUMP Country – so hardly anyone else is/was wearing them – more like a sign I saw on Main street that read “Say NO to Nazi Contact Tracing”. Wish I could help U out with “da kind”, but alas u will prolly just have take some Kidney killing NSAIDs and what not. Going dark for now, time to drop off the radar..

    • “Percentage of covid deaths that did NOT have other underlying health problems.”

      The problem I see ED is if you get the virus.. even though it may seem like just a bad cold.. it does significant damage.. so the second time around it has a better hold on the individual..

      like many lingering viruses.. the affects are still there.. and from what I understand of what I have read that it is just the beginning.. people talk about a vaccine yet people I talk to say that making one will be extremely hard and doubtful that one could be made.. instead treat the conditions..
      My wife and I were talking and we have come to the conclusion that it isn’t a matter of not getting it.. everyone will have it at some point and time.. or a mutated version of the original.. but When we catch it.. hopefully they will have a treatment process in place by then..
      those that don’t believe that it is real.. well I know people that work with covid patients around here and they tell me it scares the hell out of them..

    • “people taking HCQ as prophylactic and contracted the virus – 0.0%”

      Funny, that was an observation made (as a curious “aside”) in the early, actually accurate Chinese *.docs, which seemed to die before it made it to WHO or CDC… But then who wants to sell a $5 preventative when they can sell a $4200 treatment…?

  17. “Small business aid

    The one area of actual bipartisan talks over the course of the last month or so has been between the bipartisan (and somewhat close-knit) negotiators on the small business piece of stimulus. ”

    CNN had an interesting article.

    The problem I see is a stimulus wont work. Unemployment is still advancing.. giving funds th o corporation’s only opens the door for the upper crust corporation’s to acquire and abuse. What would be better is give the stimulus to those that need it to survive. We already know that those funds would be distributed in ways that wouldn’t benefit the USA or the economy.
    Heres a speech from Reagan that I loved..I believe he had faith that the trickle down theory would work. My thought is he had faith that corporate America would be as faithful to the country that built their fortunes. Instead they did the me dance and threw America under the bus.
    Instead he should have pushed for a trickle up campaign. Put tariffs and restrictions on incoming goods and services..
    The people at the bottom have to survive to guarantee the survival of the affluent. Class separation is a must..keep the pride insure that our talents aren’t put to waste..
    Just my opinion..

    • Strange Reagan told the business leaders “come to Washington and let us show you how to move your business out of the country and increase your profit” then he had them change the IRS so they could park their profit in off-shore accounts,this was during the period that twice the s.o.b. had them cut the tax rate on the top and add it to the bottom,braying we are just leveling out the playing field.Anybody who would believe anything good about Reagan ought to seek some help,as he was a traitor not only to the people but to the country….!!!!

      • exactly bluedogg.. the ending of american manufacturing..

        I think Reagan truly believed that by maneuvering some industry outside of the usa.. that it would increase sales to other countries.. and if the american industrial complex had stayed the way it was with supporting our communities.. we could have shot into the stratosphere as the industrial leaders … instead it had the opposite affects and now we see the steel mills and their communities.. and our automotive manufacturing cities like Detroit that look like communities that have been war torn and ravaged..
        the broken will the the american laborer and the destruction of the american pride and dream..

      • I also believe that he truly believed in the trickle down.. IF those at the top made more was able to save more.. then they could spend more to stimulate the economy.. so tax breaks to the wealthy making the millionaire relief act of seventy eight look like it was a trinket.. the eighties were the worst in my life financially.. jobs were non existant.. because of outsourcing.. mom had to leave the home and start work.. but.. looking at what I understood his vision to entail if it had gone as he had planned it could have worked.. instead it went south.. both he and bush did tax stimulus rebates to stimulate sales and keep the economy moving..

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