Prediction and “the News” are on the menu this morning.  This follows both a major financial story – namely, the temporary solution to the Mexico tariffs being levied – and an incredibly interesting vivid dream that was posted to the  Peoplenomics subscriber side Saturday morning at our usual 8 AM posting time.

This was some serious personal woo-woo, so let me run through that one first.  The market can wait…since I’m writing this at 5 AM and it’s more than 3-hours to the open.

The building collapse “dream” was followed with three “building” +”collapse” stories shortly thereafter.  One involved a partial building collapse Saturday afternoon at UNC-Chapel Hill, the second came Sunday with a partial building collapse in Midtown Manhattan, and the rest of our “falling building” prediction came later Sunday when a construction crane fell into an apartment building in Dallas, killing one and injuring five.

Anyone Can Do This

As I wrote in my book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream, anyone can do this kind of “work” but there are a number of steps to get it working.

  • You need to live a relaxed life.  The ability to “dream future” comes when you don’t have a high “internal noise level.”  If you always have something on your mind, you may not get good sleep.  The kind of sleep that welcomes forward knowledge seems to be when you can honestly “sleep the sleep of the just…”
  • You need to give yourself permission to totally recall your dreams.  ***Check with a therapist first if you have a history of trauma!***
  • You need to be “clear.”  In other words, if you are angry, holding a grudge, have any malice toward people of situations, that will color your dream content.  You “dream life and landscape” will not be too dissimilar from your waking state.
  • Avoid violent content on television as much as possible.
  • Lock in dream memory by getting in the habit of “going back” into your dream (that you just left) when you awaken.  There’s no rush to get out of bed…nothing is more important than how you “transition between Realms” – nothing!
  • Journal your dreams.  Some will be “personal” working things out.  Others will contain a lot of “day residue” – unresolved thought stubs you haven’t completed processing while awake.  But then come the peaceful, quiet,  adventures and stories .  These are the ones that are like going to first-run IMAX features every night.

If you have trouble going to sleep, remember this last point because it makes going to sleep a real pleasure.  You will look forward to it.  You’ll learn to “walk through the tunnel” into dream realms very easily and naturally.  Which Realm do you want to visit tonight?

Going back into your dream, recalling vividly what you just dreamed, will often tell you things.  Like about “falling or collapsing” and “building.”

Or, the word I am looking for in headlines now is  “ammonia leak”    with EMTs or paramedics responding, but they “don’t smell it…”  False alarm, or what?  No, there was a person (woman?) involved…

Anyway, point to the “doing” of this stuff is that you can get one or two good dreams per night.  Some times I walk around in a near “constant state of WOW!!!” when things are hitting.  Other times, nothing happens that track between dream recall and waking-world reality.

There’s a nickel’s worth on the “personal prediction” part.  I think (actually quite sure) that the Energy-stuff and Universe/God are all the same “stuff” and there’s much to be argued in favor of the “universal subconscious mind” but that’s another book-length discussion.

OK, Which Relates to Markets?

Oh, sure.

Go back to the massive rally of last week:  Market was up over 4-percent (depending on Index).  OK, since you were wondering, our Aggregate Index on the  PN side was up 4.295% from week-ago Friday to last Friday which is a smoker on the upside.  And, judging by the futures today, we may see more of the same. (*Dow ftures +112 at click time…)

But. here’s the point about “the News.”

If you watched the financial channels late last week, we had commentators tripping over one-another telling us that the market was going up because the Mexico tariffs would surely drive the Fed to lower rates in July.  Which, as I told you in a column (“Job Whacks, Misunderstanding the Fed“) might have nothing to do with Mexico.

So, sure enough, here we are:  Tariff talks continues but no tariffs today and the market is heading higher at the open ANYWAY.

The studious thinker should pick up two points here.  First is that TV talking heads are as full of BS as voters in Vermont (where BS is Bernie Sanders).  Second is that IF tariffs were going to cause the Fed to cut rates, why isn’t the market cratering today?

There’s very little to drive markets in the way of news this Monday – Who cares how many demoncrates showed up in I-owe-a this weekend?  They are all trying to raise taxes and they will say almost anything to get votes.  Old snooze.

Deplorable and 2nd Class, Are We?

Well, well…looks like TSA is giving illegals the right to fly around the country without the same ID requirements as We the People who used to “own our country.”  We don’t anymore, of course.

And if that doesn’t give you the warm & fuzzies about government, how about “Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas, 350 More on The Way” over on InfoWars today?

State Dept. Out of Control?

We have whined previously (ad nauseum) about how there are rogue elements in the US State Department in the political appointees attached thereto, a large number of rogue elements that are not following orders from Washington.

Latest example: A CT Post areticle (from the Washington Post syndicate) that “US embassies still hoisting rainbow flags, despite advisory from Washington…”  I must have missed it in the WaPo…(or, is there are agenda in play?)

Worth Knowing?

You make the call.  Here’s this morning list of nominees:

  1. Rep. Andy Biggs: House Dems’ John Dean testimony stunt would be comical if it wasn’t so desperate.
  2. Tesla, Facing Setbacks and Skeptics, Tries to Get Back on Course (We have a battery of questions, too!)
  3. Canada makes a claim to the North Pole (It’s moving – the pole, not Canada)
  4. Lewis Hamilton brags about jetting bulldog on private jet despite going vegan to save planet.  (Another talker-not-walker, eh?)
  5. “It’s not abuse”: Trophy hunter Tess Talley defends viral photo with dead giraffe.
  6. Also plane nuts: Passenger opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet.
  7. China exports grow despite U.S. tariffs, but import slump most in nearly three years.
  8. Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018, Study Says.
  9. Our tears could one day tell us if we have glaucoma.
  10. United Technologies and Raytheon to Combine Into Aerospace and Military Giant.
  11. L.A. grapples with homeless camps, rats infesting City Hall.  Don’t look now, but there are rats infesting Capitol Hill, too…

Why are we posting at 6:15 AM?

Damned if I know…but we plan to have  moron the ‘morrow, though…  Real news then:  PPI and NFIB outlooks…

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