Markets: In a “Fedstyria” Blow-off?

Yeah, the market rallied in a hysterical way Wednesday when the Fed:

  • Did nothing
  • In an unchanging war-crazed world
  • During a domestic political nightmare
  • In an over-crowded, resource constrained world
  • Amidst headlines about stocks hitting “records”

Seriously, Bubba?  In reverse order, let’s put some neurons to this, shall we?  In reverse order – because the world is crazy.

First, a Data Drop

God, isn’t this exciting? Retail Sales, Import-Export prices, and new unemployment filings! (Don’t wet yourself…) Whee!!!

Retail Sales was up an even $2-billion on last month:

Import Export Prices


U.S. import prices decreased 0.4 percent in November and 0.6 percent in October, the first 1-month declines since June 2023. The October decrease was the largest 1-month decline since the index fell 0.8 percent in March 2023. Prices for U.S. imports fell 1.4 percent for the year ended in November.


U.S. export prices decreased 0.9 percent in November, after a 0.9-percent decline the previous month. Lower prices for nonagricultural exports in November more than offset higher agricultural prices. The price index for U.S. exports also declined over the past 12 months, decreasing 5.2 percent from November 2022 to November 2023.

Unemployment Filings

And how did it feel where you live?

After the data, Dow was up 100 and the S&P futures up 13 and change.

That was good for me; you?

Market Records

How REAL are the market “record” claims?

As you know, I began publishing an Aggregate Index based on multiple markets because at highs (and lows) the shills come out and want you to believe their mantras.  The Aggregate approach says “Let’s do some honest accounting”.

November 8, 2021 Data

Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ: 36,432.22, 4,701.70, 15,982.36

Bitcoin: $67,520

Gold: 1,824.10

Ure’s Aggregate Index: 41,953.86

December 14, 2023, Pre-Open

Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ: 37,171.24, 4,719.59, 14,798.96

Bitcoin: $43,100

Gold: 2,030.50

Ure’s Aggregate Index: 40,702.97


  1. No question, the Dow and S&P are higher, but only in nominal terms. NASDAQ didn’t make it. 
  2. The purchasing power of the “Aggregate” is actually down due to the effects of Inflation.
  3. We have always liked the Price of Gold (POG) as a quick estimator of “real inflation”.  Assume (if you can) that Gold (and real estate to a certain degree) have relatively stable “values”.  However, their “prices” vary – LOTS!  What the 2-year delta in the price of Gold hints at is an 11 percent plus two-year inflation.
  4. Another way to look at this depreciation of money is by considering how much US federal debt was needed to keep Titanic America afloat. The most recent US Debt level (at press time) was $33.851 trillion. In November of 2021 it was $28.808-trillion.  That’s a 17.5% increase in the National Debt in a month more than two-years.
  5. We will not stupidly  conclude that inflation is running this hot.  Because the national borrowing binge – yes – is due to CONgress spending more than we fork-over in Taxes – but the national GDP has also grown.  How about we take the (golden) truth detector (11.3 percent, rounding) and back-out growth.  How much does that leave for GDP? 6.2 percent?  And how does that square with Bureau of Economic Analysis numbers on Real GDP?  Well, in fact, a 3-percent annual GDP looks an awful lot like visual averaging of BEA data!

Ure’s Alternate View

First, because our Aggregate is based on the idea that there’s only “just so much money” in the world, the only time we get a real sense of things is after the U.S. close Friday and before the Asia opening Monday.

Second, this is Options week.  Imagine that you owned a trading firm and had loaded up on index deliverables.  Since the indexes lock at the close tonight, a nice drop in the market Friday (or even Monday) would let you buy shares on the cheap to deliver against the indexes.  Nice spread may appear.  Or not.

But the biggest risk we see is that in Elliott wave terms, we have just filled our “third trading box” – which is peeking – turtle-headed so everyone can see it – into the rare airs above the overhead chart resistance line. How many times did I point this out recently?

If our short-term outlook comes to pass, it will show up – almost after-the-fact – in our differential moving averages work. Which has been a very useful way of looking at Fedstyria working through the world:

Is it possible the US could enter an extended rally?  Sure.  But when the Fed talks about multiple rate cuts in 2024 it won’t be because times are so good.  Rate cuts happen when the economy is on the way down.  And have you been paying attention to what Warren Buffett is doing?  Raising cash. When the economy craters, not only will Berkshire go on a mighty shopping spree, but the rates will be most favorable.

I would anticipate (if we move to higher highs from here) that we will be in either a macro five or an “x” wave up.  Which is precisely when gold, silver, and energy should scream higher.

Around here, we like to play the “Heads we win, Tails we win” game.  What falls off the “lunch money trading” account when I sit in a short position (too long in retrospect) is that precious metal holdings more than make up for the disappearing cheeseburgers at lunch.

That, and remember where we’ve been putting spare income? Not into paper or financial assets.  We like hydroponics, solar panels and (how to say this?) drones and high-speed lead dispensers.

As this site has shouted to the world for 25 years now: there are two laws of Life we hold inviolable:

  1. Everything is a Business Model
  2. You win by playing a “can’t lose” hand, not by always going for the maximum gain play.

Which is why we are writing such a long piece (Building a Personal Ark) on the subscriber ( site.

The first rule of winning, around here, is “Don’t lose.”

Real Risks of Loss Dept.

We know Ukraine is not going well.  Hints in headlines like Zelensky’s visit to the US failed miserably: He announced to Congress guerrilla warfare and conscription of men aged 45-70! (vid) support that possibility.

We are worried that when the US stops footing the bill and sending war materiel, that Vlad Putin will simply keep going and take all of Ukraine.  More likely? He’ll stop east of Kyiv and call it good – he will have accomplished his goal which is to bring the Russian-speakers into the fold.  With lots of food producing lands and some additional energy reservice (Dnieper basin) as well.  Putin offers rare details about war in Ukraine, says there will be no peace until goals are achieved.

Gaza could result in a Christmas Surprise. Three developments are likely before year-end as we see it.  First, displaced Gazans are going to flood into Egypt.  Which doesn’t want them and is in position to attack Israel from the south while Hezbollah – backed by Iran – can attack from the north.  This would be an existential battle for Israel and we have little doubt that the nukes would come out.

We have been extremely clear in our outlook as to what’s really going on, though most of the lamestream media don’t lay it-out clearly.  Israel is sick and tired of Palestinians who have made life miserable by lobbing rockets and being a general pain in the ass.  Now that we know there are large natural gas deposits off Gaza, Israel seems headed toward doing away with the so-called two-state (Israel coexisting with Gaza) solution.

IN Fact, this has caught the West flat-footed.  Just today we’re reading how Israel-Gaza war live: Rishi Sunak reasserts backing for two-state solution after Israeli ambassador to UK says ‘absolutely no’ to plan. We think (if the Arab states don’t unify with a Christmas Surprise attack on Israel), that — best-case — the Palestinians will become effectively sharecroppers in what’s left of a shrunken Gaza and Israel will (bonus!) claim all of the offshore energy assets.

Iran is flexing its muscles, too: Iran warns of ‘tremendous problems’ as US plans to establish maritime task force in Red Sea.

Taiwan’s on the block in 2024, as well. People are not talking about and the mainstream is not hyping events in the WestPac.  We think what’s going on (though our subject matter expert hasn’t checked in for a while) that the Old Guard in the CCP has put a leash on president Xi.  They are likely looking for a successful outcome to the elections in Taiwan next month.  To us, it looks like a lobbying effort as A leader of Taiwan’s Nationalist Party visits China as the island’s presidential election looms | AP News. The Old Guard will get Taiwan to moderate and move west, OR they will unchain the PLA/PLAN which we judge to be ready, like it or not.

Plus, we don’t know – especially in the age of computers – who’s writing the code and what back doors may exist.  I for one, would sure like to have seen a hot-shot group of Microsoft MVPs take apart all the “as-voted” code in America and given a full report. But that kind of total accountability is unlikely anywhere.  There are simply too many partisans, regardless of what the cause is, to trust much of anything in today’s world.

Tearing Down the Wires

Here’s what catches my eye after half a century of “tearing down” AP and UPI wire service copy:

Domestic politics seems destined to remain unsettled through spring. Supreme Court to hear case that could undo hundreds of Jan. 6 charges, including Trump’s.

Liberal educators still on simmer as House condemns (college) presidents’ testimony at antisemitism hearing. Frankly, condemnations by politicos doesn’t weigh much.  Not something that shows on a resume.  But now if Congress had turned loose, oh, special audits of their schools, for example, maybe….Naw, they have too much power as it is…

Tell Congress to take a hike department II: GOP investigators say they will ‘initiate contempt’ proceedings after Hunter Biden flouts subpoena for closed-door testimony. Our AI companion says t’ain’t a big deal, especially when Daddy can write Get out of jail free cards all day long:

If a person ignores a subpoena issued by the House of Representatives, they can be held in criminal contempt, The punishment for criminal contempt is a fine of not more than $1,000, but not less than $100 and imprisonment in a common jail for at least one month, but not more than 12 months.”

Budget dust and call Pops.

No one will be happy in ’24, sounds like: Few US adults would be satisfied with a possible Biden-Trump rematch in 2024, an AP-NORC poll shows. Pom-poms?

Sick of the News, or is it something elseScientists discover cause of severe morning sickness in pregnancy.

Also on the science beat: Dangerous volcanoes can suddenly erupt even after 100,000 years of inactivity, study reveals (

And we decided to skip this story (because we already know the answer!): What women want: Study uncovers what singles look for in the perfect partner – Study Finds. Money!!!!

Around the Ranch: The P.O.O.P

The P.O.O.P. is the Personal Organization Overload Problem. You know you are “in the POOP” when your computer desktop looks like mine and it spills far over this…

Why, first thing you know, Santa will have come and gone and Santa will be shacked up with Mrs. Claus for another year (with the reindeer watching, no less…and the elves…don’t even go there…)

New Years Resolution: I am going to organize my life.  It’s not that I’m disorganized, mind you. It’s just that I have too many interests.

The more interests a person has, the more interesting stuff they can write about, I figure.  So between drones, ham radio, woodworking, metalwork, construction, solar energy, hydroponic and greenhouses, historical research, computer coding now and then, a full-on 16 recording studio (which I don’t write much about, so we will do more on that one of these days) there is simply not enough time to Organize everything.  Did I mention I love to cook, there’s a 30-acre “yard” to keep up and…

Elaine’s the Keeper of Manuals.  I can only find a manual if it is online.  I’ve tried to organize my desktop into folders but heavens, what a waste of time.

A few years back, I organized all my annual tax filing information into a single folder on the desktop. With all the .PDFs of invoices and such into that, along with breakdowns on expenses and then – once taxes were done – it all got burned onto CDs and into a big box with the backups and out into the storage building.  Thing is, all this takes time.  Sheesh.

Here lately, I’ve been spending 15-minutes a day looking for new Organizational Rules that will help me on the desktop and in my (seriously overdone) life.  Who would have thought that as an aging (geezerly) senior, I would be spending so much time organizing.  It’s just nuts.

Slowly, a few “rules” have come into use:

  • Computers
    • Use folders more
    • Don’t save ANY one-time use docs
    • Hard drives are cheap
    • Amazon 400 CD folders ($23.05 ea.) for the Digital Ark CDs and for the studio (s/w, music, karaoke CDs and all that)
  • Shop
    • Group activities by area:
      • General projects
      • Woodworking area
      • Metalworking area
      • Printer Alley
      • CNC corner
      • Welding area
      • Electronics bench
  • Parts
    • General parts (labeled)
    • Electronic components (parts boxes, labeled)

This means not only will I be able to cut back on work/writing when I hit 75 in a couple of months, but I will be able to find everything I might possibly need for my hare-brained projects, as well.

Haven’t distilled it down to a Resolution, yet. But that time is only a few weeks off.

If there’s a world intact at the end of January, I might actually be able to get some of it done.

Write when you get rich,

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53 thoughts on “Markets: In a “Fedstyria” Blow-off?”

  1. Come on G-Pops, you know how this is all going to play out.
    Exactly the way it has always plays out. Best was bennie bernanke – expert on the depression, studied the schiesse out of it, and found the main problem/failures of the central planners back in the day. He swore he would NEVER d/repeat those things that created the last/most recent DEPRESSION = SHRINKING THE MONEY SUPPLY.

    Go ahead and try that manipulation wit BTC’s..geniuses.

    Then the evil lil POS turned right around and did EXACTLY that.
    Money supply is being “SHRUNK” again right now- hello!

    Similar strategy going on with the most RUTHLESS Genius currently managing “the brothers of light” forces in central asia. Mr Pooteeeeen is bleeding EU/USA/israhell dry..of Treasure and Munitions. Pregnant women and old folks to the front lines !?!?!? bwahahahahahaahah = laughing at the vile piece of scheisse devil.bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahah

  2. The way I see it , the people controlling pedo joe are controlling the economy. The will make the market look great till the next election. I don’t think they can do it much further. But they won’t care by then , either complete destruction and they enslave us , or they blame Trump for the collapse. I think they will go after no election and attempted enslavement.

  3. Anyone considering another COVID booster might want to watch this 15 minute video by Dr. John Campbell, one of the remaining honest scientists in the media. Like me, in 2020/2021, John believed some “politically tainted” fellow scientists who sung the praises of COVID vaccines and masks. I argued for both on this forum. We both changed our minds when the hard scientific evidence came out and have both admitted our mistake. Good science should only be driven by hard facts and not bias or ignorance.

    • Italy’s top health official is under criminal investigation for mass murder for his actions during the pandemic that allegedly resulted in the nation’s soaring Covid vaccine-related deaths.

      Roberto Speranza served as the Italian Health Minister between September 2019 and October 2022, overseeing the pandemic and the Covid vaccine rollout.

      However, evidence has now emerged to suggest that Speranza knew that the Covid mRNA shots were dangerous to public health but concealed the information and pushed the national rollout anyway.

      • won’t happen in the US..
        similar to GMO seeds laws were passed taking away any risks of being held accountable if things went south..

    • let us remember ‘another george’
      he pushed the vaccine and boosters hard
      as the Covid 19 was the bait to get the multitudes to accept the hook,,, vaccine poison,,, not all batches were the same.
      Thanks to Texas Atty Gen Paxton, he’s pushing law suit against big pharma. Big pharma was the ones pushing their bought and paid for Texas rino house members to seek his impeachment. They know they are guilty as sin.
      Here is another pusher of the vac from the Canadian news

    • YO OB, attended a neighborhood party last week, overhead from a well dressed gent in his 70’s ” I have gotten 2 vax plus 2 boosters and still got COVID, I guess without the vax it would have been more severe”. WOW, just blown away by the brainwashing that has taken place. Edward Bernays is smiling in his grave, what a genius. The lame stream media is complicit, never forget that, now angling for amnesty. Nuremberg 2.0 is on the horizon and all debts will be settled.

    • Something was dogging the wife through the weekend and until Tuesday this week. By that time she’d totally lost her voice and was coughing and sneezing up a storm so I figured it was time to suggest a little horse paste as a possible antidote to what ailed her. (I’d thought about the lost voice aspect of it but decided to be a good husband and try a solution instead) So I got the syringe of horse paste I keep nearby and squeezed out a pretty fat line on a spoon and gave it to her with something to drink. Of course the apple flavor they promised was like an apple you’d scrape off the road after someone ran over it but she choked it down with a gulp of what she had. She didn’t upchuck anything or have any adverse reactions otherwise so things appeared to go well.

      Fast forward to the next day, yesterday, and her voice was back and she’s been getting better ever since. She grudgingly had to admit it must have had something to do with the Ivermectin and not the boxes of OTC meds she’s been going through so perhaps it won’t be so difficult to get her to take it the next time.

      If she didn’t have some new brand of Covid it appears that the “horse paste” is good for other bugs besides Covid. No one else has come down with whatever she had but things usually work like that. What throws me for a loop doesn’t affect her and vice-versa.

      • Good news on the horse paste Bill. I have some on order. In the meantime, I started to get a sore throat and baritone voice last weekend and took a few drops of Oil of Oregeno in an ounce or two of water. Gargle and then swallow.

        Run over apple peels would taste much better than this stuff but it took me back to no sore throat and normal voice by morning. This seems to work well for me.

        • I’ve heard that Thyme has very similar effects on things that ail you, too. Either chewed and swallowed or made into a tea.

        • You guys can search Indiamart, either for “Ivermectin” or for “COVID-19 kit” and locate a bazillion online pharmacies and manufacturers who sell worldwide. I insisted on a vendor who accepted PayPal and also sold HCQ. I got hits from 6-7 sellers, then shopped them against each other in a sort of “orchestrated bidding war” until I’d properly “worked the crowd.”

          Many of them will tell you ya have ta have a scrip. Many of these will offer “workarounds.” All of them will caution you to make no reference whatsoever to your purchase, anywhere along the payment or shipping path, or your package will not make it through customs.

          BTW, need Entresto, Ozempic, Viagra, etc.? Every single one was pushing 5¢ sildenafil (Viagra) pills, which make the TV “buy our 2-buck pills, or CVS’ identical $46 pills” ads kinda silly. Personally, given a choice, I’d much prefer Indian over Chinese drugs…

        • Thanks LOOB. I’ll put that in my bookmarks. As long as they don’t have anything else in them they should be good to go. The only way to be absolutely certain is find the MSDA sheet on their product if the company won’t send it themselves.

          Ray, that sounds great, too, but I thought the Indian pharmaceuticals were shut down during “the plague”. Glad to hear they can still be purchased online. Thanks.

        • @Bill

          “As long as they don’t have anything else in them they should be good to go. The only way to be absolutely certain is find the MSDA sheet on their product if the company won’t send it themselves.”

          Not true. You can run a pill through the “pill identifier” page at WebMD, Mayo Clinic, NIH, or several others (everybody worldwide uses the NIH database, so choose the site with whose interface you’re most comfortable). Unless the pill was manufactured by Pedro in his Tijuana garage, the pill identifier will tell you what it is, what’s in it, and whether it is approved for human consumption.

          Ray, that sounds great, too, but I thought the Indian pharmaceuticals were shut down during “the plague”

          Not in the least. Politicians and the lamestream have led the U.S. populace to believe all drugs that aren’t made here, are made in China. There may well be more made in India. ‘Thing is, because of a lot of greedy pricks on the Hill, like Joe Biden, we get nearly 92% of our drugs from China. India has better QC, and they’re not out to subjugate us…

          Just dropped in on Lancer. They want $82 for Ivermectin (12mg, 200 per box), $30.10 for 100 200mg sildenafil (Viagra), $20.40 for 200 500mg cephalexin (Keflex), $11.85 for 150 200mg HCQ, etc. I dug up Lancer because they’re prominent. I last purchased (non-prescription, of course) pharmaceuticals in March of 2022, from a manufacturer which was NOT Lancer, for considerably less money than they charge for their products. (Without looking much, I found Ivermectin 100x12mg {adult} and 100x6mg {kid-size} for less than $15…)

          BTW, I used Firefox Relay so none of these vendors know my E-Mail addy. This IVMC query has generated 20 E-Mails and a dozen web-messages in the time it took me to type this reply…

        • Sounds great Ray but a syringe of horse paste is still about $10 to $13 at the feed store. One syringe is good for 4 or 5 people or doses and, generally, you only need one. We’re on our 3rd syringe since the Delta came out and it’s right down the street. The checkout people have quit asking if we’re buying for ourselves or livestock.

          Doesn’t the Pill Identifier website deal only with meds for humans? I haven’t run any other type of medication through that database lookup but I’ll see the next time I’m there. Good to know.

          Just because the drugs are manufactured for animals doesn’t mean they’re created in any less sterile conditions than drugs for people. I’ve seen a commentator saying the Fish-Mox-Fish-Flex meds had been reported to have a parasite in them but the poster of that comment was a doctor … so consider the source.

        • @Bill

          “Sounds great Ray but a syringe of horse paste is still about $10 to $13 at the feed store.”

          I know. I have some. I would guess $15 would buy 30-50 treatments (1 treatment = 5 pills) but you’d still have to circumnavigate Da Man.

          “Doesn’t the Pill Identifier website deal only with meds for humans?”

          No. I ran my dogs’ meds through it a few months back, on a whim, and SURPRISE! No dif between doggie tranks or pain pills and people tranks and pain pills.

          Fish have much more delicate systems than people. If anything, fish-mox, fish-flox, fish-flex, etc., will be of even higher-quality than human antibiotics. Most animal meds are made here, and have to hit the FDA specs. Most human meds are made in China, and don’t…

      • “Something was dogging the wife through the weekend and until Tuesday this week. By that time she’d totally lost her voice and was coughing and sneezing up a storm ”

        I have dust allergies…. so sneezing coughing and watery eyes, runny nose are normal I usually wear a mask when the dust is way up…. the other day I was with a friend in the surgical waiting room had to spend the whole day there.. phew…. dam if I wasn’t sheezing hacking nose dripping.. etc..People would give me this odd are you are sick look.. but when I would leave the room. it would clear up and I didn’t have any dust masks with me.. reminded me of the face prints I put on the hospital windows LOL .. to keep the budget on tract.. the option they had was cut in housekeeping.. that was in 94 and there are face prints of me from way back then.. they still haven’t cleaned for five years I watched one piece of popcorn move back and forth across the floor dam security guard picked it up.. i personally believe it still would be there .. that is where they cut to maintain the wage increases of the top they cut the people that take care of the main work load the support staff…. I can only imagine how the rest of the building is.. my guess is just as bad scary as hell thinking just how clean is that surgery room LOL. looks good.. carpet will do that.. anyone that knows me knows I am no fan of carpet..
        Then the ultimate slap.. gentleman is living in our spare room.. he had no place to go.. but they believe he has cancer.. he goes in for tests and biopsies next week.. a couple days before xmas.. OK.. so he gets a bill.. they said a good faith deposit .. LOL LOL LOL they know he hasn’t any money.. so why not a fifty or hundred thousand dollar deposit to do the tests..
        seen that so much it is scary.. if you have the money you can get medical treatment.. if not.. well when you get it come back and see us..
        before I worked off the debt with the hospital.. they would call me all the time and inform me what a dispicable human being I was.. and then ask why in the hell did you even seek a physician if you didn’t have the money to pay up front.. the bill for someone without insurance is ten to twenty times that of someone that does.. I thought the gentleman was going to cry at the supper table.. oh well .. it is that way with the elderly as well.. husband loves his spouse.. they take it all from them .. can’t even tell you how many old men and women that slept in their cars.. one her husband had demensia.. it had progressed to the point that he had to be in a facility.. nice woman loved her husband.. they had a couple million.. after about a year.. she had to get a divorce.. the kids were appalled.. refused her to even visit her husband of sixty something years.. she divorced dad.. we of course let her in to see her husband.. they won’t let you go to a facility if you cannot pay up front.. and they will boot you out the minute you have nothing to give them.. biggest group of fresh divorcees ever.. the old folks home..

  4. “nukes would come out.”

    The old give us your land or we’ll wreck it for everyone
    Genghis Khan strategy. There is no negotiating with that mentality. Yet, people will support them throwing more radiation into the Dome. Israel has taken the entire globe hostage. There’s a lot of Patties (Hearst).

    American folks don’t want Mexicans/Venezuelans. Why would Egyptians want Pallies?

    This is what we know. Jewish folks thrived in pre-WW2 Germany. Since WW2 Jewish folks have their own place, Israel and it’s been wars ever since.

    • Tis the offer redshields gave to Assad – 15 billion to walk away or 15 billion to stay and make way for pipelines..3rd choice was $15 billion spent against you. Guess which offer the good doctor chose ?

  5. Freedom!

    “The largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. provide patients’ prescription records to law enforcement upon request without requiring a warrant, federal lawmakers revealed this week.”

    – 3 hours ago

    • No surprise. Phony drug investigations are a staple of local ethic and racial hate cleansing witch hunts. All the partisans need is a name of a convicted felon which is similar to your name, and they have an excuse to stalk you. They and their pet vigilantes will use the convicted felon’s name to stir up false complaints against you, then go fishing through your medical records looking for something, anything they can use to screw you. Been there. I’ve had cops waiting to ambush me as I leave a doctor’s office in year’s past after some little vigilante nurse or medical clerk saw my name and called in a false complaint about someone with a similar name who is already in the state pen. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, the cops will never talk to you about it, or give you a chance to make a complaint. Motivations in my case have been vigilantism, attempts to force sale of property, and multiple retaliation memes, including juror retaliation. You don’t want your kid to have a very common name (which I have), and you don’t want to be a juror in this country. Our country has unlimited freedom for the partisans, the wealthy and for their pet vigilantes, but not so much for you.

  6. ” Our AI companion says t’ain’t a big deal, especially when Daddy can write Get out of jail free cards all day long:”

    oh yes he can do a pardon BUT, the problem is, Hunter appears to be a keystone, Hunter took money for Joe
    Joe was peddling influence under Obama
    I wonder IF this House will get it’s impeachment and if the Senate will do it’s duty
    the Whole damn lot is the target, like a net on a school of fish. First you have to get them in a net before you start to take it up. patience and timing
    But also there is that treason thing hanging over their collective ass holes
    election theft and in collusion with foreign powers
    Hang em high, for all the world to see
    those were JAG officers standing behind Trump during his inaugural speech when he told US about returning POWER to the people
    something to think about,,, tickey tockey
    GITMO is still open for business
    Smile and be happy

    • If pedo joe gives the crackhead a pardon , hunter could then be asked to testify against pedo joe . If he refuses or lies under oath , could pedo joe once again pardon him? If he could , then Nixon could have pulled the same thing , except politicians were a little less crooked then. The communists in the senate will all vote for acquittal of the pedo is impeached.

    • Nein,nein,nein- Honduras and Iceland be locations of “S” prisons…

      “Hey, is that you jeffery?”

    • the other brother Darrell
      December 14, 2023 at 10:07
      I beg your PARDON.
      BUT, the problem is; “I wonder IF this House will get it’s impeachment and if the Senate will do it’s duty
      the Whole damn lot is the target.”
      The House and Senate work in collusion with one another rather than compromise. And never in the interests of the taxpayers. All that ‘reaching across the aisle to our bros and sis’s’ stuff is for public consumption.
      When there is money and power to be had, all the pigs look the same. Heads down in the trough, stuffing it in as fast as they can.
      Sure would be a change if they actually did something to follow what the Constitution commands from them. Their prime directive is to escape and evade the laws defined in the Constitution. Those that make the decisions will never allow laws to restrict their behaviors or actually work against them…
      For the House and Senate bodies, the second they are announced as “winners,” unless you are a major donor to them, they have already forgotten you. Top to bottom, that’s apparently the way it works these days.

      • I do NOT expect the Congress to do it’s duty to impeach and remove from office.
        The majority of CONgress is dirty, even the ‘good’ ones have some dirt on them, some will be spared, some have already resign, no one is perfect,,, even some CLAIM trump is a narcissist , I don’t care, he is getting the job done, even after leaving the White House. We are in the exposure stage now, water is draining, look,,, see the rats, snakes , and alligators
        I see a failure of the government, a collapse,,, left with a standing military under it’s CIC,,, Trump.
        There are still standing exec orders and continued by Bribes about election interference by foreign powers,,, the military has the goods,,, but wait for orders from CIC.
        If President Trump would have pushed it in Jan 2021 ,,, there would have been a civil war II. He let the thieves leave the store with stolen property. It is the mass awareness that is needed before the STORM.
        Fast and swift it will be and they are scared shitless,
        Remember Trump joked about being a dictater for a day,,, well, they couped Trump. The press and CIA & FBI. what was it? 40 intellegence officers signed a letter telling US ‘Hunter’s laptop’ was Russian fakery. The news ran it and it did affect the election numbers, gulliable voters, and they still had to use machines to get enough ballots to cheat the voters out of their choice
        We could still see it happen,,, Happy thoughts
        Zippity do dah
        brought to you by Jack Handey

        Technically if the military did remove 70% of the elected and unelected members of government for colluding with foreign powers to change to outcome of the 2020 election and 2022 and held allegiance to the CIC according to the US Constitution, he would have dictator power, but he would still need a following of Generals who would hold him accountable to reinstall a fair and honestly elected constitutional gov
        Look at the hats of these officers, they tell what branch (hat bands) they serve as they stand behind President Trump. they only stood there for that one brief statement, then went back to work.
        10min mark to 11 min mark in this video Jan 21 2017

        GAME ON

    • “I wonder IF this House will get it’s impeachment and if the Senate will do it’s duty”

      I had heard that .. IF … the kid was to be convicted there was an administration pardon waiting.
      IF… that is true then this is just a pony show..the kid won’t even get a fine for not paying taxes or claiming any of the income.

    • “Daddy can write Get out of jail free cards all day long”

      Daddy can not write a single GOOJ card for someone incarcerated pending trial.

      There are political prisoners who’ve been in the D.C. hoosegow for a month shy of three years, who’ve been neither charged nor convicted, and are incarcerated merely for supporting the less-favored candidate in the local precincts. It is 3rd world, pre-reformation feudalist, and wholly immoral. I’ve bitched for years about Kevin Mitnick, who went through this in the ’90s and paved the way for the current Constitutional, institutional, and human rights violations.

      With that said, as Mitnick’s incarceration paved the way for the Jan-6 indecencies, it has also made it justifiable to toss Hunter in the clink indefinitely. Hunter’s big mouth, just today, has given the House license to do just that (Hunter publicly stated he would flee the country, rather than face a Trump court. That legally makes him a “flight risk” and subject to being a Guest of the State until such time as Congress’ docket can be cleared, to make their inquiry…)

      • he will never pardon those people waiting to be tried..
        that kid though.. DOJ is dogging not telling anyone anything.. corrupt deals to forgive any felonies he has done.. It is so bad that it has a comical note to it.. and movie scripts that will be written for decades to come.. unless the administration gets that war they seem to be seeking.. then the stories will be told around camp fires for the next couple thousand years until mankind rebuilds civilization….
        History and stories of fallen civilizations world wide are told about ancient history on the fall of their civilizations.. the massive corruption of their leaders how they were lured into being corrupt the timeline on those stories along with ours and you can instantly see a correlation of the events that are unfolding as we sit here contemplating what will be done……
        Considering that it appears that we have a do nothing congress..Then the logical assumption is that absolutely nothing will be done at all.. they have to many important things to do on their time off away from their jobs..

  7. George
    Knowing you are no stranger to wild speculation based on no actual proof, I thought I would offer you this one.
    The only explanation I can find for why the market keeps shooting up when all the underlying data seems to indicate a fast track to a major “Recession”, is AI.
    AI programs can now be taught to learn as they improve their capacities at directed goals. Perhaps the big financial firms, who profit more from an up going market, have joined in a program that keeps playing the market upwards. The program even knows that occasional down days keep a semblance of credibility to the true believers.
    So the Black Rock, Fidelities etc keep the good times rolling even as over half the country cannot come up with $500 in an emergency and rent is now often taking 60% of incomes.
    Like I said, pure unfounded speculation, but it is one way of explaining why the sucker keeps climbing and climbing to the confoundment of anyone trying to bring rational analysis.

    • “AI programs ”

      Modern AI being bots and not sentient A.I., I thought that too.

      All .gov has to do is lie about 1 number then the bots predicate. It’s not like G’s A.I. pal ever suggests trades.

      • Open ended AI will overtake all of the human endeavors sooner or later. It will be unstoppable after it is released to open status.
        Our ignorance is exposed when we think or believe AI is only for providing the best numbers for easing the burdens of being human. When applied AI becomes open ended and more fully developed, it will likely engage with ALL other AI from around the world. It will be only one AI then.
        Don’t you wonder what sort of decisions and changes such a mix will come up with then!
        AI from other nation’s developments that may (?) be hostile to our own will ultimately be intertwined with the decisions of our own AI. The AI’s will join rather than becoming defensive towards each other, to make joint decisions on human events and methods without consulting or asking OUR permission first.
        Whom is ignorant enough to believe all AI development will only favor us? And only adhering to our recommendations?
        What will AI programs from ISLAMIC developers or Russians, Pakistanis, Chinese and others come up with to infiltrate into ours? We (all) will ultimately know what a horrible mistake we have made.
        If you are already old, no problem. If you have kids or grand kids,……????

    • hmm..I thought it was just creative accounting that was showing that everything grand in the land of the tin man and Dorothy..

  8. “New Years Resolution: I am going to organize my life.  It’s not that I’m disorganized, mind you. It’s just that I have too many interests.”

    ROFL! What you NEED is something that old-school executive business managers couldn’t live without…. A personal secretary/file clerk to organize a complex business! DIY secretarial work takes a lot of time. Ask me how I know.

    • But every time my wife “organizes” my stuff, I can’t find it and have to ask her where it is. “Oh, I threw that junk out.”

      • Oh Yeah.
        We throw out the “junk”, which I agree with. My beef is when she throws out “stuff” instead.

      • Dam she must be talking to my wife to LOL LOL LOL LOL…or they are on the same psychic wavelength LOL LOL LOL.. I am going to go through my wifes.. good china collection.. I think it would make wonderful xmas and birthday gifts LOL LOL

      • Ah, but the secretary gets fired if she loses something important to the business. At one TV station I once worked, the GM secretary literally ran the place for him… always within bounds and at his approval. She survived there thru three ownership changes and four bosses. English career lady… very competent lieutenant in charge.

    • I don’t know if the Duma cares about the EU, since it’ll likely be a bankrupt, bad memory within the next few years. However Ukraine will not EVER be a member of NATO…

      • Canadian Prepper had an interesting comment a week ago.. we are drawn into this.. from what was said we cannot withdraw .. Bordering countries are in for a wild ride.. I believe this will touch our shores..

  9. Someone said a friend of theirs is a portfolio manager at a well known hedge fund and that only 5-8% of all daily activity is stock positioning and the rest is ODTE options – the leverage has to be mind boggling – and tomorrows triple witching is the largest ever.

  10. “Elaine’s the Keeper of Manuals.”

    “Good wife best household furniture.”
    (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)

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