Markets: How Bad Could It Get?

The Ugly Patterns First

Highest Level Pattern first:

I began work on the Aggregate Index in 2001 when it became apparent (in the wake of the 9/11 event) that terrorism “seemed to appear” just in time to swing the public’s attention away from $5 to $8-trillion in losses in the Internet Bubble from March 2000 to market lows in 2003.

Another “public pivot” was seen when the runaway market 2006-2008 – which blew-up on  excesses in the “no-doc” loans and the enabling sales of collateralized mortgage obligations provided a government excuse for a massive bailout of a handful of “Too Big To Fail – TBTF” companies.

Although less specific in its “blame focus,” the events in this period, the “war card” was being played in background.  Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006 and in 2008 the U.S. Iraqi forces worked out plans.  Away from deep journos was the intervention in Somalia and Operation Ocean Shield.

The aftermath of the Housing Bubble collapse, however, was a widely dispersed event.  My friend Howard Hill’s book “Finance Monsters: How Massive Unregulated Betting by a Small Group of Financiers Propelled the Mortgage Market Collapse Into a Global Financial Crisis” is the single-best textbook you’ll find on events of the period.

Fast-forward to this morning:  The long-term bond rate has just cratered to 1.25% on the 10-year Treasury note.  (The U.S. 30-year is a bond, the 10-year is the note, and the bills are very short-term instruments.  If someone writes “10-year Treasury bill, they are unlikely to be a reliable economics reporter.  Just saying…words matter!)

What we (think we may know) is that Economics (the controllers and ultra-rich) never want to be blamed-directly for financial collapse.  A key lesson of the French Revolution was “Always have a Scapegoat handy.”

Spot the Goat!

Problem is?  We are not-yet seeing a big enough “goat.”

In  the face of this, the Fed is now finding itself stuck in Ure’s Discontinuity which I have written about for years.  Essentially, in  a zero inflation economy, bonds go to zero while stocks go to infinity.  Oscillations about a theoretical resonance increase until we have mornings like the one ahead, which is likely not to be the last.

As we scan the headlines, the “kicker-over” event isn’t here yet.  Though we do pray every night for Joe Biden’s health.  No telling what a “President Harris” would do to the world economy in general and the U.S. specifically.

Except perhaps set the stage (be an excuse for insurrectionists of all stripe) to stage a second Civil War.  Absent slavery as an issue, a Marxist kind of “political correctness BS” revolution against “The Rich” might be able to congeal the worst of the French Revolution and the U.S. Civil War.

Which – oh, by the way – WOULD  be a large-enough context-shifter to get the Ultra Rich Behind Wall Street off-stage without a visit to lampstands or guillotines.  Spool-up the Gulfstream’s.

Second Level Pattern:

This is the one Peoplenomics chronicles:  The self-similarity between major catastrophic events over long time scales.

The answer is really a little different, since “Zeroes are Free!” as everyone from Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and other Marxist Modern Monetary Theory promoters embrace.

Which now includes the U.S. Fed which has gone as close to hyperinflation as they dare by allowing for massive government over-spending with nothing but vague promises and raiding of the public’s “Trust Funds” for things like highways and Social Security.

According to the U.S. Treasury Public Debt to the Penny website:

We’d have to bet (given Spendthrift Joe) on at least $31-trillion of National Debt by year’s end.  Dem leaning media report the right column.  Accountants and scientists read the total on the right.

Where the Pump Dumps

Imagine that the 1929 Federal Reserve had flooded the market in November of 1929 with uncounted billions.  The result, in my work, looks like this.  Where the top trace is this week’s actual (through the pre-open yesterday) and the bottom trace is the 1929 actual.

The lines in between show various “made up money” rates of inflation.

Regardless (and we might quibble a few points either way, the 2021 Actual (market price) less (Fed) inflation, overlaying the lower track should scare the hell out of you.

Watch Commodities for Clues!

We can already see  at Financial Futures ( that the interventions in the U.S. has begun. Many commodities have taken a break – like lumber is down a bit, and so forth.   Curiously, however, Gold and Silver were running opposite.

Global markets have been a train wreck:  the Hang Seng was down 2.89% while most of Europe is down anywhere from 1.8% to 2.3% (Germany, France at clicktime).

Major collapses of Financial Markets are geared affairs.  One tumbler in the lock, then a pause, until the next tumbler falls.

That’s why the BIG event Blame-Shift is likely not here – YET.

Something like a massive attack on the Internet.  I mean something that takes down everything:  Banking, telephones, money transfers.  Neatly gets the Controllers out of Bank Run risk, though:  With no comms, there’s no money in banks.

Oh yeah – no way to check out at the store, either.  Like the Commercial says “What’s in YOUR wallet?”  There’s always a media hint when you look, right?

Meantime, in a HUGE victory for analytics, I did tell you to expect something because of the previously identified data bubble for July 7 and 8, right?

As I explained to Peoplenomics subscribers in Wednesday morning’s report:

I would blow out of a modest short position held into today’s (WED>) action except for the divergence seen in the Global views. 

Take this one, for example:  See how the US is “floating” over the rest of the world?

My thinking was that when divergences between the U.S. and RoW occur, strong market action may follow.

Daily Data Dose

Unemployment claims were up a bit on a REAL (not seasonally adjusted/agendized) basis:

Keep an Eye On

Signs of “soft martial law” as we read:  White House defends door-to-door vaccination push amid backlash.

And we cannot emphasize enough the threat to National Security posed by Social Media.  Why, here comes the Digital Lynching Mob now!  Facebook Wants to Know If Your Friends Are Extremists |  Pre-war Germany experienced Kristallnacht.  Now we have the modern replay as KristallClick.

Anti-Semitism’s Return

My reference to Digital Kristallnacht is far from accidental.  You see, persecution of Jews in today’s world is a good “thermometer” for the Controllers and Dividers to watch as they gauge how hard to push anti-White agendas.  White-shaming and the historical revisionism of CRT,  Speaking of which, did you notice Ms 2024? Nikki Haley slams critical race theory, says America should not be ‘divided by different shades of color’?

Let’s look at the thermometer, though. shall we?  Black Jewish inclusion officer is forced to resign over statement condemning anti-Semitism | Daily Mail Online.  And coddling those lovable rocket-launching tunnel-diggers comes into play as Book Group Apologizes to Palestinians for Condemning Anti-Semitism | Opinion (

And who, other than Marxist opportunists, could fail to cash in on a different victim group?  College kids:  Thomas Elias: Rash of anti-semitism now alleged to infect Stanford | Columnists |

Yep – just leave it to the Kamunist and Slow Joe to keep the border open while America slumbers on.  Too lazy to work, corralled if you digitally bitch on social media, the degree of Digital Depravity continues to be ignored in the co-opted Mainstream.

Is the tide about to turn?  Here’s a real reporter doing real reporting: AP reporter stuns Biden State Department spokesperson during press briefing | Fox News.    Another turn sign?  Voters fail Harris on border, 62% see ‘a crisis’ | Washington Examiner.

The Rise and Fall of QAnon:  QAnon Supporters Think JFK Jr Is Alive.  (Don’t know whether to file this under Dutchy or Blunt…hmmm….

But this is equally RICH:  GOP engaged in ‘concerted attempt to destabilize the democratic process’, says Hillary Clinton.  Dutchy it is, then…

Like a baseball game…with concrete?  I couldn’t help noticing (Elaine had the TV on in the house Wednesday) and there was (ISYN) play by play of body recovery efforts in Florida.   Am  I the only one who’s getting tired of such macabre editor choices?  Yeah, quiet news flow, but really?  (10 More Bodies Have Been Discovered At The Site Of The Florida Condo Collapse).

Hey!  How About an Alien Invasion?

Hasn’t this been hinted at for half a century as the “ultimate” attention-shifter?  Government report?  Check!  TV series pumping fear?  Check!  How about fresh sightings?  UFO or swarm of bugs? Object recorded over South Carolina ignites tabloid coverage.  Check!

Sure you don’t just want a “hard grid down” or Internet Collapse?  See my 2012 book Broken Web.

Whew.  Time to put on the Scrooge McDuck Suit for the open and blow out before the printing presses spool up.

Watching streamers closely for the rumored opening of an Adult Depends stand outside Wall Street….

Write when you get rich,

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34 thoughts on “Markets: How Bad Could It Get?”

  1. “…the bitter Truth is people these days are lazy. How lazy? ”

    Most everyone believes they work hard and productively.

    Ask anyone who ‘worked’ at GM through the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s only to be confronted with the surprise of bankrupt company in the aughts. We all saw it coming. Nobody @ GM saw it. GM illustrates “lazy” has been here for 50 years or more.

    “Not my fault. Gimme dat trophy.”

    So now it takes two people working two $15.00 an hour jobs each jobs to pull 100K all the while waiting for government cheese in form of direct child care checks.

    Thanks GM.

  2. George, while I wait for the markets to wane away today like the moon, I want to thank you for the speed crown project the other day. I ordered some flexible lights , a pair of 6″ each, blue and green. I have an old charger that puts out 165mA 11.6v, hope it works for these,

    I am tired of being tired all the time, need some get up and go juice(non-pharmacy) Ure 3 yrs older than I, and run circles around me. Now I have to go find a welders cap, an oversize one, they slip down and cover your ear hole to keep the sparkies out of your ear. Yes the hat is for the light kit

    • Keep us posted on progress – may not work for everyone, but after a week or two of non-stop use, I get on a serious roll with mine…

  3. Boycott strong!

    “Blood centers in some U.S. cities are down to a one-day supply, forcing hospitals to postpone surgeries. The blood shortage is yet another fallout from the pandemic, experts say.”

    • Sorry buddy, but at this point, my radar makes me immediately shuttle anything uttered by an “expert” into File 13….

    • I QUIT giving (80 pints+) when CB Services refused to tell whom was their independent auditor of blood products. Not a covid thing.

      • I am not quite following your point. Are you concerned about who is testing blood after you donate? Do you have some information that something is corrupt on that side of donation? Not sure the folks that may need blood in time of an emergency would necessarily care. Hey I get it at times a blood donation may be wasted, that is the nature of a product with a shelf life. But it almost sounds like you are trying to come up with personal excuse not to feel bad about stopping your donations. Nothing wrong with deciding on your priorities, I have stopped donating for while after being vaccinated to ensure I came through them with no short term effects. Reminds me I need to get myself back in cycle, I don’t do a lot of charity outside my broader family, but donating blood, is a very small sacrifice I make to random needy people.

  4. Great ending to your column for the 74th anniversary of the US Army press release stating that a saucer crashed near Roswell NM. The visitors to our planet are no doubt amused at how our political leaders and media play up the newly released info. If the other worlders wanted to invade, it would’ve happened by now. We’re far too entertaining to destroy.

    • It did – was called The War in Heaven/Orion Wars of Aggression.

      Our solar system – mostly sacrificed – in order CONTAIN/IMPRISON the ginabul (fallen) – You/Soul have been living here since – time and time again..

      sniff, sniff, sniff.hopophop…

      never mind uncomfortable ..b52 stratofortress “intel”- tested (twice) low altitude flight at same elevation/speeds as 9/11 planes that allegedly struck the twin towers – failed – air frame failed both times..rut-row.

  5. Was this the Data Bulge Warning of 3.59 for July 7th. ?

    “he was never a lynchpin of the World Order, at least in the sense Archduke Ferdinand was in the lead-in to WW I.”

    Bocchit Edmond
    I spoke to
    today and want to thank her for her kind and heartfelt words of condolences to the Haitian people at this tragic time. I also want to thank the speaker for her commitment to help strengthen the National Police so we can better address the security issues

    Interesting stuff.

  6. I wonder if there is a correlation between people returning the the workforce and mask/vaccination requirements. Are there any regional stats? I recently went to pick up an order at the department store where I worked part-time for 13-1/2 years before getting laid off right before the pandemic. There I found all the employees still masked up. (California…bah humbug!) I am in good health at age 70 and wouldn’t mind working part-time but there is no way I would work with a mask on!

    • I haven’t see any data on this.
      BTW Elaine just came over and said one of the news channels had a female Asian virologist on saying that CV1-19 was man made and delib released… at least that’s what Elaine heard…
      Notwithstanding, the bum’s rush is on to bury the public connexcting the dots as in stories like just being sold today…

      • There was evidence in the form of actual sequences released a year ago or so from Indian research indicating unnatural recombinations and selections in the SARS-COV2 genome. Since then, plenty more evidence for the bioweapon hypothesis has emerged. The female virologist Elaine saw was probably one I’ve seen before on the net – recycled as “news” on the TV. She was well respected in her field, though I’ve forgotten her name. I’ve seen no credible evidence for the natural origin of this unnatural virus. It’s almost as if the spike protein was designed for functionality and insertion into humans via various “vaccine” delivery systems, and then the SARS-COV2 virus was configured to be a convenient excuse for injecting the world population of mammals, including zoo animals, with spike protein fabrication abilities.

        I’m sure there’s more to this story, but it smacks of lies and deceit geared toward a yet undisclosed purpose. The push toward vaxxing everyone and everything flies in the face of known science.

      • “In an origins debate which has grown increasingly political and polarised, the scientists – including Professor Eddie Holmes, who first shared the Sars-CoV-2 genome with Chinese colleagues in January 2020, University of Glasgow expert Professor David Robertson, Wellcome Trust director Sir Jeremy Farrar…”

        The Sars-CoV-2 genome had not been sequenced by the end of January of 2020.

        Glasgow U and Wellcome Trust are two of the three entities responsible for cooking the global warming data.

        Sorry, all the Telegraph blather does for me is make me think some puppetmaster has a bunch of generic “experts” on a healthy retainer, for the express purpose of generating “learnéd misinformation” (uh, that would be LYING) for widespread publication at strategic moments.

        FoxNews and Newsmax have both interviewed the lady virologist from the Wuhan lab. I assume she’s safely tucked away in Australia or Canada, since she’s not dead, yet:

        Tucker Carlson criticizes Facebook for censoring interview with Chinese virologist

        Facebook and other tech giants have engaged in a troubling pattern of censoring speech surrounding major issues in the coronavirus debate, Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued during his Wednesday night monologue.

        Carlson’s comments came after Facebook slapped a warning label on video of his Tuesday interview with Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who claimed to have evidence showing China “intentionally” released COVID-19 onto the general population.

        Chinese whistleblower exposes COVID-19’s origins on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

        Prior to her escape from China in April of 2020, Yan claimed that her husband attempted to “harm” her in a variety of ways, including poisoning, in order to stop her from fleeing the country.

  7. The same question (Does anyone believe they can find their way out of their self made mess) could and should be asked about Puerto Rico.

    • Yes. Bill W. found a way out of his mess.

      Puerto Rico is a collection of people.

      Probable success with a collection of people can be expressed in an equation.

      Task = numerator
      People inputs = divisor.

      Say you want to buy 1 refrigerator and go to the store alone. Your probable success of coming home with a refrigerator is 1/1, or 100%.

      In a polyamorous household someone might have two mates. Throw two mates into the store example. You + two. 1/3 chance at bringing home a ‘fridge.

  8. Hi, George,

    I did not know about many of us Boomers having been in WW2. When I was a child, I had a recurring dream about my death in Germany about 1944 when I was in the US Army as a young man. That’s the thing about having had many lifetimes. You may be a man one time, a woman another time, and your background will vary.

    • Nancy thanks for your comment on past lives. From my personal experiences seems right on.

    • Because one’s FICO score is based partly on how much credit you have available vs how much you’re using, a contraction by any lender will lead to a lower FICO score leading to contractions or elimination of credit by other institutions. It only takes one money-center bank doing this kind of thing to bring down the entire house of cards. This is part of what happened in 2008/9 or so, and I’ve seen it happen a couple of times before that.

      Use it or lose it, but do it now! Personally, I avoid credit. I sleep better that way.

      • Personal credit cards make life easier, as long as long you pay them off weekly. I avoid other debt.
        Running a business requires a line of credit to guard against failing to meet payroll due to cash flow issues. Large corporations issue debt. Small companies depend on the legal loan sharks or the revenuers for their credit. In Texas, small companies which can’t meet payroll aren’t around very long.
        I have seeing issues with credit cards for individuals and credit for small business for some time. It appears to be making it’s way into the public view.

  9. Elaine hear the right news!! Covid 19 was not from a wet market. It was from the Wuhan lab which was partially funded by Fauci with U.S. Dollars. It was a Plandemic and act of war. We should melt that lab with directed energy weapons. You won’t hear the Leftist networks interviewing the Chinese virologist who has been trying to tell her story for over 2 months.

    Look at the numbers. There are 4,017,885 deaths reported worldwide from Covid 19. There are 7,900,000,000+ people on the planet. That means that 99.9994915% of the people on the planet did not die from “Covid 19”. Or inverse .0005085% of the population died from Covid 19. It was even less than that because the medical profession was coding Co-Morbidity deaths as Covid 19 to get more money. Also, take into consideration how many normal flu and pneumonia deaths there are each year that got re-coded Covid 19.

    Hydroxycloroquine was written about as an effective treatment in the January Journal of American Medical Association. Fauci and the News Media, including that wimp on the now leftist Fox Propaganda Network…Neil Cavuto lied and said Trump was spreading lies. Trump was right…AGAIN!!!! Along with Ivermectin, Hydroxycloroquine works if taken soon enough. It costs pennies. When they treated me in the hospital, I had two rounds of Remdesivir at $3,100 each. They wouldn’t give me Hydroxycloroquine because of the liars at CDC and NIH…..Fauci and the Scarf lady!!

    People are dying from the shots, which according to the lying Fauci don’t work on the “Delta” variant. Run out and get the 3rd shot for the “Delta” variant…and the 4th, 5th, 6th that will be coming and be a Human Guinea Pig for Round 1 and Round 2 trials because it was NEVER tested before release. What a CON this whole deal has been. The government lies or hides everything anymore: Economic Numbers, Inflation, Covid, Masks, False Flag Wars, and all this new Commie bullshit on Critical Race Theory they are feeding our kids.

  10. A GOAT – you wanna spot the next GOAT? whats amatta with the original ? no not MJ – though he is NBA GOAT.

    Rocking Ronnie Rayguns Reagan – he told it at the UN in 87 speech, too bad none was listening then or now…”Alien Threat – would unite Humanity” -Hello!

    “they started wearing wigs” – due population grew fast from the plains of edin/modern day Turkey.. due newbs not used to seeing reptilians walking around the planet.. around time of first Sumerian kings.

    uprising & war is current news – scheizze prolly just a lil unsettled under A51 right now…

    pewpewpew..pewpewpew – ? what does Ure laser blaster sound like when fired ?

  11. “while America slumbers on. Too lazy to work, ”

    Now I personally know people seeking a full time job.. one hasn’t heard but was told there might be a possibility of 1 to 3 days a week.. one applied for a job and was told the openings they have are internal only..
    A refugee I overheard at a local hospital cafeteria was telling another they were offered two positions in a govt. Job..
    Another was told they were to over qualified. I was told they wanted me to be eligible for more hours than what I have available.
    No benefits and low wages for all positions.. the therapist I visited with today was seeking a lateral move within the hospital.. shes been with them twenty years ..the position she wanted was given to a refugee..
    So what are these jobs and do you have to have six like I did in the eighties to make a living..

  12. Anit-Semitism has infected Representatives of Congress (especially those supporting Trump); Ms. Greene likes to confuse vaccinations with Nazism:

    She, like others on this site, see the entire political left (libtards, socialists, commies, democrats all lumped together) as part of a subhuman Jewish conspiracy to enslave the planet…

    • You are SERIOUSLY under-estimating the brain power around here.
      We are a data-driven tribe and and as hard on anti-Semitism as we are CRT.
      Maybe not your middle – but among those of us with 70+ years of perspective arrogance left AND right is fair game.

    • Troller, did you do the poll at the bottom of the nbcnews article? I did! You move the arrow to what you feel, to see the results to date
      MTG is doing her job and making the other members come to the floor and vote, we the people love the job she is doing and the nbcnews poll at the bottom of the page reflects that the majority of even the readers of your lefty news is in favor of her
      what is the difference between nazi brown shirts and antifa black shirts, both groups are Maytags (agitators) brain washed monkeys terrorizing the streets
      40 sec video

    • Antisemitism has never been a theme at this website. Opposing leftist authoritarianism is not antisemitism, nor is calling out progressive bullies. Using social justice as a cover for extortion, fraud, ethnic hatred, and political racketeering has run it’s course with many of us. The left’s track record is that of mass murder, economic enslavement, and ethnic cleansing. Degrees of complicity are a technicality.

      • Amen to both n______ and the Other Brother Darrell.

        Wikipedia co-founder Larry Singer recently resigned from Wikipedia because he said the editors and content has become too biased to the left. He stated that “only Globalist and Progressive content and bias is now allowed. Conservative ideas, writers, and content is banned”.

        A perfect example are the lies in the following Wikipedia entry:
        Wikipedia states:
        “On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., was stormed during a riot and violent attack against the U.S. Congress. A mob of supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.”

        Lies—#1. ‘mob of supporters of President Donald Trump.’ They fail to mention that busloads of Black Garbed Agitators aka ANTIFA that were being waved in by Capital Police. These black dressed AGITATORS AND INSURRECTIONISTS were there to shift the blame to Trump supporters.
        Lies—#2. Joe Biden’s was not President-elect. The senile old bastard stole the election. Arizona will soon prove it, soon to be followed by other states.
        Lies—#3. Theft of an election is not a victory. It is FRAUD and TREASON.

        Truth is like cream….No matter how much you stir the milk, the cream always rises to the top.

  13. Oh it will get bad alright . All depressions are bad , been here since late 2015

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