Markets Eye Possible “National Emergency Weekend?”

“The Wall” is Trump’s “Hooverville” as we figure it.

So, before we get into the Consumer Price report, the on-going government shutdown and the like, a bit of future modeling is in order.  Along with a grand lesson in management.

The lesson is simple – taught to me when I was running my first multi-million dollar P&L.  My mentor made it very clear: “No surprises, George.  The first rule of management is it’s our job to think EVERYTHING through in advance.  No surprises…”  (Thanks, Brock!)

How does this apply to the Border Impasse (notice how we are a country that can get illegals across our borders, but we can’t get a bill through Congress?)?

Simple:  President Trump knows that people and the stock market don’t handle surprises well, either.

Which is why astute politicians “watch the clock.”

Something a young cub reporter learned back in his first year “on the beat” at city hall.  Asked, one of the then Seattle mayor’s staff laid it out simply:  “George, the Post Intelligencer  is the morning paper, so we try to hold some stories for afternoon – which give them time to get the stock on the morning front page.  Other times, since the Seattle Times is the afternoon paper, we hold 9:30 or 10 am press conferences, so it will make their afternoon front page….”

It works a bit differently at the national level.  Since most of the Big Influence papers hit the street in the early morning, afternoon events tend to give them something to write about.  The morning press conferences favored the television networks.  ‘

The process was diluted as the TV industry transitioned from actual film (B-roll and stand-ups, remember ’em?) to the ENG (electronic news gathering) chains.  Why, television before ENG was positively boring in comparison to live reporter gaffes caught on YouTube these days.  But I digress…I’ll save the “Intro to Old School Journalism” for another time.

Point is, though, that Donald Trump announcing something like a National Emergency to deal with the border will be a big, ugly, disruptive deal.

First, we will likely see “spontaneous” demonstrations by open border supporters.  And then, there will be blustering, braggadocio and bullshit-deluxe out of congressoids.  Oh, and with uncertainty how this all works out, the stock market could peel off a thousand, or more points.

Which is why we would expect the presidential of a National Emergency to take place when the markets are closed so as to leave plenty of time for the idea to settle in.

Already, though, we can see the tumblers falling as that potential future is unlocking.  The headlines that reveal it?

We’ll toss in one more data point to consider:  The market here in the US could be at a critical juncture this weekend because one of our views of a particular oscillator when held up to our Aggregate Index for the past six-months, or so, looks like this:

The very last view on the right is based on futures pricing as of early this morning.  But the dashed line is our Aggregate Index and the blue line is the particular oscillator we’ve invented.

By the way, our subscribers will be able to download the spreadsheet “Small Trader Power Tool” when we get the Saturday edition published.  And yes, this is one of the charts included.  The idea being that subscribers should be able to clone our (odd) view of markets on their own to see things evolving based on their own inputs.  No need to wait for a Saturday of Wednesday report.  It will be available on the Master Index page where things like out Elliott wave projecting spreadsheet and some other goodies (plus over a thousand back issues) are located.  Yes, you need to be Excel competent to use it.  Grownups, remember?

Back to point?  If you listen carefully right now, you can hear the tumblers falling unlocking the “possible future” while headlines tell us “Trump closer to declaring emergency; 800,000 won’t get paid,”

Such a grand cottage industry has Trump-hating become, that we would be surprised if there was no violence and demonstrations shortly after such a move.

Markets don’t like surprises, either. So, after 4 PM today, then?

Consumer Prices Fall

Oh-oh…deflation is it?  Just out from the Labor Dept – which offers the laborious details here:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) declined 0.1 percent in December on a seasonally adjusted basis after being unchanged in November, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.9 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The seasonally adjusted decline in the all items index was caused by a sharp decrease in the gasoline index, which fell 7.5 percent in December. This decline more than offset increases in several indexes including shelter, food, and other energy components. The energy index fell 3.5 percent, as the gasoline and fuel oil indexes fell, but the indexes for natural gas and for electricity
increased. The food index increased 0.4 percent in December.

The index for all items less food and energy increased 0.2 percent in December, the same increase as in October and November. Along with the index for shelter, the indexes for recreation, medical care, and household furnishings and operations all increased in December, while the indexes for airline fares, used cars and trucks, and motor vehicle insurance all declined.

We need to be very price in our thinking about this stuff:  The Decline was in the month-on-month results.  On a whole-year, 12 months basis, the consumer prices overall are up 1.9 percent.

An “Amen” for “The Rock”

In the UK’s Daily Star, there’s a dandy read in their “EXCLUSIVE: The Rock slams snowflakes as ‘looking for reasons to be offended’.”

Mix equal parts of The Rock’s philosophy and the David Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds,” and you have a whole recovery and wellness program for today’s losers and selfaphiles.

Unfortunately, the majority of inmates in this planetentiary are mostly lazy and what these (actual role models) are talking about require sweat on the outside as well as between the ears.  So, while we’d like to see such thinking become more widespread, we’re not, oh, you know…holding our breath.

Reduced Instruction Set News

We figure you’re bright enough to figure out just from a few words how other “news” and “infotainment” is spilling into the living rooms of America:  RISN we call it.  Kinda like News Koans but easier to index.

…Pulling Troops… Syria…

…Geopolitical Risks …2019


O-Cortez slammed”

China…Pictures …Far-Side

In case you hadn’t noticed, because I have been compressing half a dozen large spreadsheets of many megs each into a single bite-sized for Peoplenomics subscribers, eliminating the fluff has been high on my agenda.

Hence, today’s whole “waiting…border…declaration” and other mental shorthand.

Even a story like  Reuters Exclusive: China to set lower GDP growth target of 6-6.5 percent in 2019 – sources” reduces to “China GDP 6-6.5%” nicely.

Looking Ahead

Long-time reader Hank of Hawaii sent me a Qualitative Potentiation  (QP) device to try which I’m really looking forward to.  Details are on the Peoplenomics site under September 19, 2018:  Q-P Fields (Qualitative Potentiation)  – a Pending Physics Breakthrough?

The idea – for non-subscribers – is that it may be possible to emphasize certain modes of thought by potentiating certain frequencies.

If you’re a ham radio operator and have used a “Q-Multiplier” you’ll have the general idea.  If not, here are some resources so you can see what a Q-Multiplier is and how it works.

  • The Heathkit GD-125 Q Multiplier
  • Q Multiplier on Surplus Receiver

Q-Multipliers can either notch or boost a frequency…and while they are used in the radio spectrum, I figure there’s possibly something to be learned about increasing the Q- of extremely low frequencies, such as those the human brain employs.

We may (or may not) say much more about this.  But that’s one of the many projects here at Old Man Labs.

Tomorrow on UrbanSurvival, Ure’s Digital Cosmology will be “flipped out” so to speak..

God have a Friday and get back to us…

55 thoughts on “Markets Eye Possible “National Emergency Weekend?””

  1. Astrologer/numerologist Mark Lerner said on Coast last night that we are entering planetary alignments that repeat the 1775 pattern. He foresees a spring of federal turmoil with a constitutional crisis between the three branches of FedGov. Fasten your seat belts.

  2. Regarding Markets Eye Possible “National Emergency Weekend” I just finished reading the latest update at site and perhaps something will indeed happen on Sunday, January 13.

    “If you follow my work, that is a 1-1-3 Ritual Day…..”

    “The Fukushima nuclear meltdowns had not happened yet, as well as a host of other less-violent 1-1-3 days that have seen some form of mayhem unfold somewhere on the planet. Of course, Americans just suffered through the death of George Magog Bush on 11-30-2018, and that may be a sign to look for something on January 13th, 2019… 1-13-2019.”

    • Thanks JC. I love it when people pay attention. Yes, Sunday is a day to mark on the calendar.
      Last year it was the Hawaiian Missile Alert on 1/13/18 and then the Congressional Train attack on 1/31/2018.

      The Q Forces Pinged the Clintons in Hawaii on 1/13/18 with a False Nuclear Missile Alert, and then Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect responded with the train attack on 1/31/18 as 100 Republican Senators and Congressmen were traveling to the Greenbrier Hotel, which is a 5-star relocation center for the U.S. Government in the event of Nuclear War.

      Here is the nuance and symmetry of the attacks:

      1-13-2018 – Clintons, Hawaii, Nuclear Missile.
      1-31-2018 – Republicans, Nuclear Shelter.

      The war went hot in 2016, but nobody is paying attention except a few folks like J.C.

      • and er…Ure…lol (We also track April 20 because on that date in 1889, Adolph Hitler was born…_)

  3. G – A different understanding and or use of Potentiation..of Human DNA.
    Involves use of a 432hz Tuning Fork – helps you keep your personal “chant”/tone at proper frequency.
    Learn basic Gregorian chant style by listening to some examples of it. Then need some knowledge of vowel (s) sounds (hard and soft) to “potentiate your DNA” – Sol Luckman wrote a how to book on Potentiation of DNA. Yet another path around and up “the mountain”.

  4. Learning from cats: For those who have a deep connection and affection for our feline relatives, how many of you have learned to purr, and communicate with your cats in their language? I picked up this habit from my most recent and fondest feline love, though she’s now among the dearly departed. We’d communicate back and forth purring and developed a real bond. There’s some meditative quality to a cat’s purr, and I still do this often. It’s satisfying and calming. I wonder if it’s related to the 432 Hz and Gregorian paradigms?

    Purring, deep in the throat, is a wonderful experience.

    • NM Mike – my recently departed feline was very intuitive with me. She always knew, in advance, where my body was having issues/problems and would lay on that part purring like crazy. 99.9% of the time those spots were exactly where something was amiss. And after treatments/surgeries, she would lay on them again, purring, until they healed, not leaving until such time. Once healed, she would not return to the same spot. For problems on the face, she would lay her paws on the area and purr. Her name was Annabelle Noel, and she was my ‘Nurse Annie’. At 18 yo, she crossed this year around GivingThanks Day.

  5. While we’re talking “revelations” here Ben over at mentioned in today’s submission that the report of the World Magnetic Gridded Variation of the North Pole has been moved up to this month and should be out whenever the government shut down ends. It had originally been scheduled for next year but the grid variation of the polar wandering is so far out sync with their modeling they had moved the report up to the present time.

  6. Why don’t people see that the wall is a scam? A cheap trick to give Trump an ego boost. Let’s go back to January 18 when he said..

    “The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it. Parts will be, of necessity, see through and it was never intended to be built in areas where there is natural protection such as mountains, wastelands or tough rivers or water.”

    So he doesn’t want a wall where there are physical barriers…Hmmm. That would be the only places where there presently isn’t a Wall right? So…what are we arguing about?

    As it turns out, there is already fencing in New Mexico, Arizona and California, where the federal government controls a 60-foot-wide strip of land adjacent to the border

    Interestingly, The Texas border is mostly unfenced because of treaty provisions, private-property rights, litigation and floodplains. That will be interesting. That will set up a fight over Government seizures of land. How do you think that will fair in Trump Country? Remember the Bundy standoff in southeastern Nevada?

    Funny thing is…the media trecked down to McAllen, Texas yesterday for the White Hat Tour for Trump and it turns out that there is quite noticeable lack of fencing and walls in McAllen. To further make this wall tour kind of farcical, McAllen is one of the safest communities in Texas with very low crime. This is probably why draft dodger Don picked it. He shy’s from danger. Bottom line, Trump traveled down to an area that is often listed as one of the best places to retire in America. Boy, that sure makes for chilling news content huh?

    Hmm. One last note…all this bluster about dangerous Mexicans is getting old. There are more terrorists by the hundreds weeping through our border with Canada, than Mexico…

    Trump said recently, “All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration.”

    The libertarian Cato Institute, not exactly a bi-partisan group, which reviewed criminal conviction data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, found that immigrants — legal or illegal — are less likely than native-born Americans to be convicted of crimes. I received an email from my high profile Senator, Kamala Harris and congresswomen Jackie Speier. They both said that they would be willing to give Trump his $5.7 billion if he he would focus it on the areas where it is needed the most…The ports of entry. Why build a wall where there is no activity, no intel, no proof to suggest a breach of our borders. They also said they would be willing to renegotiate the way captured illegals are handled…such as catch and release. They are focused on protecting our borders, but let’s switch the focus from an off the cuff remark made at a campaign rally..

    ”It’s going to be a big, fat beautiful wall. I don’t mind having a big beautiful door in that wall, so that people can come into this country legally”.

    Those are our president’s words….sigh…..

    • You’re right, modern landmines and are the only way to go. Although, thinking “old-school” – Emperor Nero knew how to manage an empire.

      To your point?

      Dewalt makes cordless tools in Mexico. There already was a demonstration showing someone sawed through a mock steel wall.

      Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through

      A photo shows that the steel columns were breached with a common industrial tool.

      • Dems never said they liked steel either George…They never, ever said that.

        That was a Trumpism. On July12th 2017, he said: “One of the things with the wall is you need transparency. You have to be able to see through it,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One. “So it could be a steel wall with openings, but you have to have openings because you have to see what’s on the other side of the wall.”

      • Yup, a Sawzall will cut through the bars. It takes a long time, and makes a lot of noise, even with those sexy Milwaukee or Lenox bi-metal blades. A wall can always be breached, given sufficient time and the proper application of the proper tools. That’s not the point. A burglar doesn’t hit an occupied house, or one with an obvious deterrent system, if (s)he can burglarize a neighbor’s unoccupied, unsecured house because the unsecured house is a much easier target.

        A border wall provides a choke point — it’s not “easy.” The vast majority of invaders will go to a soft point in the border, rather than attempt a breach, because it’s much easier.

        Walls have worked for thousands of years. Leftist intellectual idiots will whine that it is old, or obsolete technology. So’s the wheel.

        “[Modern] technology” can not work, unless it involves some type of autonomous “kill on-sight” device. Anything less will provide neither a deterrent, nor actionable detection, and will be defeated much more-easily than a physical barrier. Proposing “a technological solution” is another means of proposing to employ a bunch of nerds to solve a simple problem, not very well, but in a complex manner.

    • and, and he SAID and PROMISED that MEXICO was going to pay for the Wall…and at the time those words were spoken, there was no squirming or sliding or alternate verbage that the monies would come from other means – he SAID MEXICO was going to pay for the wall….end of discussion. So, why there are threats of a National Emergency and why is our government in a shut down IF MEXICO IS SUPPOSE TO PAY FOR THE WALL???? Why are so many of his supporters conveniently forgetting that fact or ignoring that?

      • Because the issue is not the money.

        Were political types allowed to do so, Mr. Trump could set up a GoFundMe and would raise the money for the wall within a day or two.

        The Administration needs Congressional approval or a declared Emergency, to acquire a right of ingress/egress across private land, to access the border area with construction crews, and in a few cases, to exercise the Right of Eminent Domain to acquire a “no man’s land” buffer zone for the purpose of barrier construction and patrol.

        The Administration has also requested funding for a bunch of new “asylum judges” and for modern detention and processing facilities (Note for idiots: This would be like Ellis Island, not like a concentration camp.) Pelosi has nixed both of these, too.

    • Well, Mark, why didn’t you ever admit that you live behind a wall in your left wing Nirvana of SF? I asked you a few days ago whether you did or not and you deigned not to answer. Whether it’s a walled neighborhood, estate or a secure condo what’s the difference? Why don’t you live in a nice, quiet upper middle class neighborhood that’s wide open on all sides? Do your security measures excite your ego and enhance your exclusivity from the Great Unwashed out here?

      I read you comments occasionally and they are much like the author of Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe. The poor guy over there is a highly educated, very successful investor, well traveled, very accomplished in his career fields and, in view of all that, I do get why someone like Trump rubs y’all the wrong way but you both throw the baby out with the bath water every time. I deal with this level of snobbishness in our locality as well with all the over-educated newbies that have moved out here and will not associate with those that have lived here longer than they’ve walked the Earth when, in fact, those people actually make our area a good place to live. The old folks who can live with anyone that understands mutual respect of their fellow Man are what makes us a real community. Those who consider others beneath their feet and happily engender a superiority complex destroy what was once a good, cohesive community whether it’s here or anywhere else in our country.

      You say there’s no proof of a breach of our borders down here? We’ve taken all of our game wardens off their stations to supplement the border law enforcement personnel for cryin’ out loud! Even the bought and paid for MSM admits to thousands upon thousands of people pouring across the border every day and Cato wants to throw more money at ports of entry were everyone stands in line to be grilled and searched already? Can you not admit that this whole human tragedy is promoted by democrats because they need the votes, republicans because they’re bought and paid for and all the other Socialistic elitists in the World to destroy our sovereign countries and set up their One World Government?

      • Why on earth would I or anyone else for that matter want to live in a walled community? No I do not…I live a very modest lifestyle. I am sure, due to the cost of homes here, that your home is much bigger than mine. But I am outdoors mostly, so it works for me.

        When my kids were much younger and living with us, my son would sometimes leave the house for school and forget to close the doors. The neighbors were nice enough to notice…having kids themselves and shut them….sometimes. Only had one intruder…a seagull…who made an incredible mess in our kitchen. I feel very safe here. I can draw a 12 mile radius around my home and basically say the same thing in any other neighborhood.

      • Ok, Mark. Assuming you’re telling the truth – and you don’t mean your estate is 24 miles across which I couldn’t imaging in a state as densely populated as CA – I had made an assumption based on your description in previous posts of what could easily be described as a lavish lifestyle in a high rent area of the country.

        And so you don’t make any assumptions about rich ranchers in Texas my house is under 1900 square feet and is quite old. “Adequacy” is what people strove for when the house was built in the Depression era and it remains so to this day which is vastly different from all the McMansions being built by the new comers in the area.

        The amount of drugs and God knows what else that flows up and down the local highway, though, makes everyone quite nervous for what could easily turn out to be a dangerous situation for our local school and community. We’ve had at least two and possibly three “security incidents” at the school already this year. The administration doesn’t like to talk about them but we all know about them and where our firearms are if the need ever arises. Thanks to you people in your “safe places” there’s a very good chance someone in our town, in our neighborhoods, on our school yards, perhaps, just might find out if all their target practice we have to engage in will be adequate should the need arise.

        The Border Patrol chief in today’s report from Fox News ( said they captured over 140 people in the prior day ALONE among all the other illegals that came from places other than Mexico and Central America. How in the heck do Pakistanis, Indians and those from other Asian countries make it to our Southern border? I can understand South Americans making the trek but people from the other side of the World? Uh-uh. Take the welfare magnet out of the incentives that bring the people from the Central and South American countries away and these infiltrators won’t be able to hide in their droves. But your democrat and republican “heroes” in D.C. won’t stand for that because they need the votes to maintain their lavish lifestyles balanced on “We The Peoples'” backs.

      • ?????

        “Why on earth would I or anyone else for that matter want to live in a walled community?”

        We all live in a walled community of sorts.. Each chooses to find a location that has good community support, low crime, good schools, close to shopping.

        There isn’t a thing wrong with any of those.
        Many of us bought our homes years ago when times weren’t so stressed..
        I can tell you what everyone’s hobby is and what their strengths and weaknesses for a five block area where I live . when I lived in an apartment complex I made sure to visit with everyone in the building and the adjacent buildings. know your neighbors.. ..
        Some don’t have a choice.. and have to settle in area’s that have large crime.. live in dumpsters or vans shizt on the sidewalks and deal with poverty.. pay two million for a burned out shell of a building and call it home.
        No matter where you live.. inner city, big city, small city, small town, suburbia, or country… you should know your neighbors…
        no one wants to live by an Ed Gein, or a neighborhood mostly controlled and ran by a gang with regular drive by shootings or be so expensive that you cannot afford to live comfortably..

    • Why don’t people see that the wall is a scam?
      WALLS work!
      They are every where. We want to know, why you can not see that.

      • Boy, a lot of you people on the Trump bandwagon sure like to disassemble the words of others. Not one person in Congress save a very few ultra leftists are saying we don’t need border security. Trump was correct in saying the Schumer voted for wall security in previous terms. The key to Schumer’s vote though was the walls they voted on were in areas that it made sense..which was more populated and accessible and vulnerable areas.

        In a harsh and geographically remote area that smugglers would avoid anyway, why put up a wall? There are already walls around populated border towns. That makes sense because border towns in America usually have a Mexican sister city across the border. All trump wants to do is outspend, when what we really need to do is outsmart this immigration issue. All because of a whim he had on his goofy campaign trail

      • “the walls they voted on were in areas that it made sense..which was more populated and accessible and vulnerable areas.”

        The problem with that is…if you have a rock in the path you most obviously…go around it..

        The wall is just a symbol..we do need better border security.
        I personally don’t care if someone wants to come to America raise a family. I do have a problem with an army of illegal aliens marching at our border and demanding we accept it and pay for their care.
        The more serious issue is. There are programs to pay for their every want. Guaranteed jobs etc. Now to stop it go after those that hire them that house them..get rid of the programs that offer them privileges that aren’t available to citizens.
        If you come legally come on ahead. No benefits until you become a citizen you pay all the taxes associated with being a blue collar worker and you pay a non resident tax.
        If your a hunter and want to hunt in another state you have to pay for a non resident permit..

      • Mark, when did our President say to build the wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific? You leftys are the ones who muddy the water as to where the walls are to be built. You need to spend some time with the people who patrol our southern border and gain their perspective on the wall, fence, or barrier. I don’t care what name you give it, it still is the best tool in the tool box.
        “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
        Did I disassemble your words this time?

    • You’re not seeing the point mark at this point in time we needs the wall whether or not it’s feasible it doesn’t matter what matters is as the wall which is already been in progress progress it Narrows down the possibilities of the USA infiltration from the southern border which were changing government positions that all crossovers to happen and I do not like the idea of having all these multi linguistica people coming up into my neighborhood and I can’t understand them that’s why one of the reasons we need borders is so that we can understand the people who we are living with at this particular time I do not wish anyone to have this coming at them where there’s multiple cultures coming in to our nation and they don’t speak American which means now we have to take all kinds of extra precautions and extra money just to provide those people that are coming in with the ability to communicate with us the American people and Mark

    • Cato is hardcore Libertarian. They believe in open borders and actively campaign for same, and against POE restrictions. They also campaign for the elimination of all welfare and means-tested assistance programs. Theirs is a completely reasonable and logical system. Unfortunately, elimination of freebies — the government “safety net,” is also completely unworkable in contemporary society, which makes “open borders,” also unworkable.

      With open borders, the welfare state will expand until it devours every resource of a society, and then it will devour the society itself.

      It is impossible to have open borders and a welfare state.

  7. My advice to Mackenzie Bezos is don’t accept any non voting stock. Right now AMZN shares have equal voting rights so stockholders would have to approve 2 classes of stock – voting & non voting, like Facebook & Google did.

    She could end up with 8% of Amazon stock & become a director & a thorn in the cheating Bezos side. It all depends on what state the divorce is in. They have several residences across the country.

    My belief is that Davy Crockett would approve a wall to prevent this second Mexican invasion from spreading.

    • Um, I believe they were married in California so, “community property” — right down the middle… ;-)

  8. will mark have a disagreement with this video
    Asthma Mark progresses minute by minute hour-by-hour and day-by-day to his life change he will change understand how it feels to help this person coming to office that has a manufactured self being episode that makes its not want to be with him which is a good thing because he offends all members of the parties this man has the ability to change everything that you believe in because he gets us to think he gets us to go hey what if what if and this is where the Democrats are failing at because they can’t think of what if they only know one thing and that’s what they’ve been instructed by the higher beings to do. part 1

  9. I believe instead of a rising tilby are rinsing of the people who live in the United States so with the wall being built with this going to be filled they’ll be a rensing not a rising a people who object we will have a rinsing that goes like where’d you come from what’s your purpose why are you here how can you be beneficial to our country are you a gang member or are you just a lady with a child embedded in your tummy I’d rather take the child that’s embedded in the tummy that’s way we have the ability to educate that job from the ground-up compared to 70% of males better over 17 who can’t speak our language and who want to exert there I do on our civilization

  10. If for some reason you find out the regression when you are a kid that you been abused and then now at this particular time and you’ll I feel like I can’t remember any of that but that’s the control probably MK Ultra control and then they have learned through the years how to use your vibratory rate and use that to their advantage who are you mark are you really thank you are or are you a person that has been manipulated through you birth

  11. Hi George of the thing that’s going to become the biggest problem that was kind of high of among all of us people who are gradually converting to cryptos is the taxes assessments and I hope Trump has the ability to get rid of the IRS I mean you know about my video which is like we live on an island right well there’s no reason for taxes now what there is a reason for in a big establishment like the US government is to have someone establish a money system but we don’t want the central bank’s doing that since 1913 what we want our own ability to create money for the treasury of the United States of America give that to the government there’s no reason for taxation now you can say hey there is a reason for Social Security and other programs but there really isn’t if you can live on an island with no money ass ass ass fully you with a group of people how can you live with us fillet on a continent and not rely on other places around the world as we do now well we’re at the point now we have the technology to do anything we want at any point around the world whether it’s the Antarctica Antarctica or they or the Equator you say it’s all manipulated by those who want to control your system so how do you as we progressed into the future resist us and we make our own money so spec I think it has something to do with cryptocurrencies especially the ones that are decentralized like digibyte in the bunch of others but Ripple is not that’s a centralized cryptocurrency that’s been taken up by the government because they have control over whether they can inject more ripples for his digibyte it’s set in stone so there’s no manipulation except on the people’s side of the government that has most of the coins

  12. There’s a place up here in Tennessee’s got 304 Acres Scott’s 6 Ponds .7 Barns, it’s beautiful it’s off Route 66 and they want 1.2 million for the place but it’s not worth on Zillow they say 4 to $500,000 this is a beautiful place way up there on the Hills I have this and took my consideration for the future to buy

  13. For those of you who know of me my name is Bryce and on the other side of me is the beforefinder that’s my website but just not being up and at it right now so Bryce beforefinder as the ability 2 use the psychic dictionary reading some people have the ability to use or going to deep trances to get what they want other people that are fortunate to have the ability to just go like what I’m going into it and other people every once in awhile have the ability that go like hey I just a crumb across something here how do I do that and as George knows when he gets into the Grove he can do just about anything he can change this whole world so surround as our future because thoughts have wings don’t they.
    ,, so what we want to know now is how does all these things work horrendous millisecond we can change our destiny everything that we thought and now our new thoughts are there and our new reality is there

    Everything’s a belief system and belief systems have the ability to come true it’s when you’re connected every day so your cell phone on the TV and they say this is what is compared to your new reality which is I can do this and I’ve done change my reality into a place where I’ve never been before but I like it.

    So we get back to the point of who we are what we are what did we eat what did we ingest into our system that makes us automatically a different person from where we were before we ingested or inhale something.

    But all those things were controlled by your thoughts thoughts have wings if you want it this you got it it may take a little while if you want to do this you got it takes a little while if you wanted this other thing you got it it takes a little while do you now have the ability to conceive that you have the ability to change your universe not everybody else’s but yours.

    Can’t you just imagine being in a prison and you accept it and all of a sudden you have the Second Sight that you can change Where You Are all of a sudden you’re not in prison you’re somewhere else that you imagined it happens every second every microsecond of every person that exists we control our destiny

    • Thanks Mark..I hadn’t gotten to the journal yet today.. This article is really a good read..
      Thanks for sharing it…

  14. President Trump doesn’t want to go to Davos. The national emergency concerning the wall is his excuse not to go. His not being at Davos may prove detrimental to the country.

    Russia walking out of the U.N. paved the way for the security council to create the Korean police action.

    Globalization of currency could prove hostile to the dollar.

    • IF ALL those in attendance at Davos were ‘eliminated’ ….the World and especially THIS country would be rather pleasant to live in….imo

  15. Just watching the latest MSM news.. Isn’t it funny how they are laying the blame on the president about the shut down. Yet they take off without doing anything at all… The whole mess could have been taken care of two years ago..if congress actually did anything.

  16. ALL immigrants that have entered this country illegally, when caught need to be transported to Washington DC and released THERE…Tent cities built on the mall in DC for their housing….after a year or two, then maybe some one in DC might want to close our borders since NO ONE HAS IN THE LAST 40 YEARS….

    there is NO COUNTRY without borders and a means to only let in wanted migrants…..that has survived….not one in all of history

  17. BTW, since I read “news” differently than most people, what this tells me:

    “Back to point? If you listen carefully right now, you can hear the tumblers falling unlocking the “possible future” while headlines tell us “Trump closer to declaring emergency; 800,000 won’t get paid,””

    is the 800,000 (15% of) Federal employees who are on furlough, means the Federal Government has 5,300,000 actual employees — NOT the ~2mln employees we were told, the last time that number was published in the Press (2013?)

    WTH does the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BY ITSELF, employ nearly 3.5% of ALL wage-earners in Amerika?

  18. Wake up America you are the largest suppliers of illegal arms in the world. Both Mexico and Canada are recipients. You allow your children to be killed at school You have squashed every nation from Texas south. Your cheap labor source is made up
    poor immigrants (replacing former slaves?) Who in their right mind would walk from Central America, a trip fraught with horror and danger, to be interned and have their children taken from them – only the desperate! US sells the guns, Mexico the drugs>

    • A better question might be: Who would walk the 1750 miles from Mexico City to the San Ysidro Crossing at San Diego, when they could walk the 605 miles to the Hidalgo Crossing at McAllen or 587 miles to the Gateway Crossing in Brownsville, and why?

      Answer: Anyone who was bought & paid-for to do it, by a party or parties who wished to make a political statement in the United States.

      The cheapest available going rate for a person to travel from Mexico City to the northern side of the U.S. Border is ~$2950. The rates paid by people from “terrorist watchlist countries” is upwards of $80,000, per person, to be smuggled in with the SAs. The average yearly income for an average family, living between the U.S. Border and the continental borders of Columbia is ~$2971.

      Please, do the math…

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