Markets Bad – But Worse Likely In October


First, keep an eye on Florida and East Coast real estate:  La Palma volcano eruption today: evacuation, possible tsunami and live updates.  The decades long fear is a massive tsunami from a caldera blow-out there (ocean of water onto steam-generating lava) could be a worry.  Read the Ward and Day analysis of how ugly it could get in Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands.

Continue reading when you stop shaking.  It gets worse.

Second:  Market Pseudo Crash (-700)

I woke up this morning to the FinViz website literally bleeding red all over my desktop.  Bookmark it: Futures (

Of course, we’ve seen it coming – and no reason to change our call date for The Crash possible this fall (next month) – but for today, this sure looks to us like a wave 3 down in our Aggregate Index work.

As I wrote you last week, this is “Foreshocks of Collapse.”

Which means that at some point – maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday – we should get a turn up and the Aggregate should level out at the bottom of a big 5-wave decline from the recent highs.

But here is the problem:  This is likely only a LARGER DEGREE wave 1 down.  Elliott waves general nest.  That is:  A larger Wave 1 will generally be comprises of 5-smaller waves which make up the larger 1.

On the Peoplenomics side, we spent some time Saturday using an Elliott estimating spreadsheet I built a few years back (on the Subscribe Master Index page).

Taking the data from last week:

Even at this morning’s lows, we were in the 39,100 range.  So we should trade this way and that, then get down to the range of 38,746 to maybe 38,523 for our Wave 3 down.   A rally to the 39,609 level then carries hopium in early October.

Then things turn bad.  Really bad.  Bad, bad, bad. The BEST case would be something like this:

BUT the WORST CASE could be devolve into a decline forming One Larger degree:

That would be a 34% decline.  Actually more because there will be so much inflation the purchasing power of the 66% of value remaining would be markedly reduced. But let’s not mess with trivialities, shall we?

Three Key Takeaways:

The first is that the Fed’s money printing festival (and Covid covering financial collapse) appears to be coming to an end;

Second Point:  Notice the red arrow (upper right, above) and the hard-to-see black dot?  That was an intraweek panic level that only shows up on higher resolution (Daily) charts.

In that move, the Aggregate dropped from 39,243.10 on July 12 all the way down to 38,060.49 on July 19.  But, by the weekend, it had rallied insanely up to 38,995.62 by that weekend. Which is why it is noted as a dot on the chart above.

The problem with this count is that is says our Wave III ought to end around 36,284.38 on this move (first few days of October). There, a playable rally up to the 38,112 area is possible.  But then October collapses to end as low as 31,000 or – if the other count is in play –  26,935.

An alternative interpretation in one of AstroMike’s posts should also be reviewed as it offers great additional perspective.

Third But Most Important!

The whole point of periodic economic Depressions is to destroy savings.  America’s got some very difficult times ahead.  Crooked disease reporting, banning the free flow of drone coverage of the invasion from Mexico, Biden handlers trying to let IRS have free access to all your banking records (my, ain’t totalitarianism fun?).

The key thing to do now is ensure if the market drops 5, 10, or even 50% – if there is EMP to cover it up…and no doubt a scariest of all “new variant” for the power hierarchy can maintain enough control to squeeze them higher taxes out of you – that you have an operating plan to keep your financial base intact.

We never planned to even consider Treasury inflation-adjusted products, but the problem with “winning” on the short side of markets brings the problem of “Now what?”?

See, in background, everything’s imploding.  Complexity has its limits – topic this week for our Peoplenomics readers.

Joy of Fed Week

There are more ways to view chaotic financial markets than you can shake a stick at.  Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and even astro-econ.  Profits written in the stars?  Actually, a lot of excellent work by my (now retired) friend Arch Crawford in this area gets ignored.  Maybe because it takes discipline.  I sure hope he writes a book on his learnings.

On the Fundamentals side?  The Federal Reserve gavels in tomorrow and has a rate announcement due Wednesday.  Along with “soft-shoe dancing” from the Fed Boss on his minions who have been making a lot of money trading in the very companies the Fed was supporting via asset purchases.

The Fed weeks generally fall into three camps:  Do nothing, low then rally, or rally then low.  This latter view of potential future looks best to us.

We have 96 hours to find out.

A good guess would be the wave 3 we are now (likely) in will sell off at the open, rally around the time Europe closes, and then drop to the close.  A final wash-out tomorrow and a “Turnaround Tuesday.”  Ahead of the Fed. None of this is financial advice, but speculation about the future.

Since this move has been so powerful – and fast, maybe a rally after the Fed, then down to finish the wave V down.

After that?  This morning’s headline about “worse to come” is expected in late October.

News or Propaganda Ministry?

Oh boy.  Here comes the report in the NY Daily News that COVID’s U.S. death toll on verge of surpassing Spanish Flu – New York Daily News.  We’d get all worked up – foam at the mouth and yammer – except for that finely trained mind.  Population of the US in 1920 was 106-million.  Today, we’re over 330-mllion.  Adjusting for population change, Covid is less than one-third as deadly.  But even worse, we don’t have good data.  Are we talking of people who died directly from Covid?  Or, are we talking people who died of co-morbidities who just happened to test?  How does the traffic accident fatality who happened to have a positive blood test get scored?  (Spoiler! Covid death!  Because it’s all about the money!)  I feel sorry for reporters who have to “write the story angle” they’re told.  Reporters aren’t the crisis in journalism.  News editors and higher-up’s are.  Which we assume you already figured out…

Then there’s this gem:  Chris Rock announces he has a breakthrough coronavirus case, urges followers to get vaccinated.  But if he got Covid anyway…uh…show us the data?


I was senior vice president of an airline (you maybe forgot).  Flying 727’s around the Caribbean and to the US, Jamaica, Turks, and so forth.

So when the cover-up press says 10,000 military aged males flew from Haiti to Ecuador (or anywhere else in C.A. or S.A. and then walked north, I gotta call bullshit.  Highly improbable.

Distance from Haiti to Ecuador, for example, is 1,354 miles.   Let’s do airline math, shall we:

1,354 miles might be flown in  3.5 hours.  Let’s say the jet burns 1,000 gallons an hour and carries 180 people. 3,500 gallons of jet fuel.  By the time you get fuel, front and back end crews we’re looking at around  $15,000.

This means the (wholesale full plane block) sales price of tickets would be in the $100 range (AT LEAST!).  So we have to ask, who was buying 10,000 military-aged males tickets to Ecuador?  56 full flights?  One way and no provision for positioning flights?  Over a million in revenue before positioning flights…just saying.

Answer that and you know where treason lives.

Look up air service from Haiti to Ecuador.  The press fable doesn’t ring true.

But hey, people swallow gender uncertainty, CRT, and vaccine definitions that get made-up to justify shots, so WTF, right?  Sheesh!

Who Cares?

Let them eat cheese:  Emmanuel Macron To Talk To Biden Amid Crisis Over Submarines.

Kamala Harris:  Christmas grinch file:  Ports Of Los Angeles And Long Beach Test Night, Weekend Hours To Alleviate Congestion.

He should have quit a loser:  Some people don’t get it: Beto O’Rourke plans to challenge Greg Abbott for Texas governor: Report.  Abbott is a shoo-in, as we figure it.  Defending Texas on all sides.

Today’s Only Investment Advice

Powerball Jackpot Balloons To $472 Million.  (Tip the House 20% for reminding you?)

Write when I you get rich,

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61 thoughts on “Markets Bad – But Worse Likely In October”

  1. George,
    Your doom-porn post left out China’s Evergrande crisis. Look out below! First COVID, now this. China – the gift that keeps on giving.
    Looks like no Global Coastal Event this time.
    The charts have predicted a “rhyme with ’29” multiple times. Maybe this time.
    Love y’all. Peace.

    • If the caldera blows big in the Canary Islands, then on the East Coast we could see a “Global Coastal Event”….just saying…..a 100 foot wall of water would be a problem.

      • Those who diminish the potential threat are unaware of the circumstances. Just a couple of decades ago most geologists thought that most tsunamis would be less than 10 feet or so. Then someone noticed that the trees on both sides of Lituya Bay in Alaska had been scrubbed of trees up to 1500 – 1800 feet or so, but couldn’t understand the mechanism, which turned out to be massive landslides. the amount of displaced water is both massive and fast.
        in Alaska’s Lituya Bay to as much as 1500 feet high wiping out all trees on both sides of the bay to that height. The action of the Lituya Bay tsunamis are caused by massive landslide collapses resulting from earthquakes.
        The island of La Palma is roughly 3,500 feet above the ocean floor. The west side of the island (30-50 miles long) almost collapsed in 1948 and it’s only a matter of time before the next one happens. As the displacement ratio of the Atlantic to the La Palma west flank is much less than Lituya Bay the Tsunami height would be much less but would not be insignificant, Many have estimated 100 feet or more is possible. One would not want to be on an island in the caribbean (or anywhere else in the world for that matter when this happens), as about 90 % of the worlds population lives on or near a shoreline.
        Some scientists have speculated this what created the large coal fields in W. Virginia and Pennsylvania – and this was when ocean levels were 400-600 feet below present level.

    • China is unstable. They have four well known problems:
      1. Worlds biggest real estate bubble
      2. Worlds biggest old people bubble
      3. Worlds crappiest water supplies
      4. Stability is not ensured, hence they act with ego to keep the population focused on enemies. This is what I’m concerned about.

      If any of their bubbles burst, what would Xi be required to do to keep his place in the party? Is war out of the question? They have few war options.

      So if Taiwan is one of the war options, and things continue to destabilize or accelerate in that direction, is this cause enough for concern?

      Because it’s dragging our markets down, is that cause for long term concern for US?

  2. “Which means that at some point – maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday – we should get a turn up and the Aggregate should level out at the bottom of a big 5-wave decline from the recent highs.”

    You know .. if your moving a cooked noodle across the table and it starts to tear…. the trick is to dump more water on the table..
    What if.. in the next two or three weeks.. Congress and the Administration decided to shove another couple of grand in everyones pockets again.. that would give the noodle..( economy ) a little more friction free movement before the fall apart.. IF they don’t.. then you have the Onset of winter and the issues and expenses associated with that.. along with the main holiday season that defines the success or failure of brick and mortar stores..
    I will wait and see if that is just what they will do.. or did they finally decide that now is the time to let it all fall apart.. put the masses in a pinch so that they can bring in the socialized agenda they have been working towards..

    • thinking about that.. what if they did it again in six months.. COULD THEY KEEP THE NOODLE MOVING until the next administration took office.. I do realize he hasnt’ been in a whole year yet and the whole country is slip sliding away…. but…. WHAT IF….

  3. “So when the cover-up press says 10,000 military aged males flew from Haiti to Ecuador (or anywhere else in C.A. or S.A. and then walked north, I gotta call bullshit. Highly improbable.”

    DAM… you mean they are bringing military aged men. Can’t be.. I know it is what they said they would do but we know that they were just kidding. LOL LOL LOL …. So tell me.. just what does ten mil a year buy.. Everything that is going on is so bad that its actually funny LOL LOL LOL LOL The evil crap is so plentiful that I bet it is extremely hard for the News reporters to find other things to talk about … which is ok for me.. more feel good stories rather than this stuff

  4. ‘The Haitian Question’ is the first one I asked once this hit the news. How in the ever-living hell did all of those Haitians get to Central America? Swim? Fly? Somebody coordinated, funded and facilitated that. Which, in my simple military mind, is equivalent to supporting an invasion.

    I think that many people didn’t think of that because they didn’t know Haiti is an island…and they’re incapable of thinking logically through a hypothetical set of events and coming to a conclusion that the story their being told can’t possibly be true. There’s a great video out there that breaks down the implausibility of all of it. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it.

    Basically, it shows the basic mathematics of how far people in the ‘migrant caravans’ would have to walk daily to reach the U.S. from their starting points within the time frames given in the media, asks the question of food/water logistics and then shows actual footage of clean, well-fed people walking in flip flops with small children in tow. Even the simplest ‘normie’ could see that the official narrative is unrealistic. Those people are being transported, housed, fed and cared for by SOMEBODY.

    I suspect that ‘somebody’ is also behind the Haitians.

    If that person and their organization could be positively identified then, theoretically, that operation could be shut down.

    • “If that person and their organization could be positively identified then, theoretically, that operation could be shut down.”

      Was already done in history–
      they lost BIG TIME for identifying.

  5. “the power hierarchy can maintain enough control to squeeze them higher taxes out of you –”


    Who would they target if one in every two are getting federal assistance programs?
    From my perspective.. they want the obedience of the working class.. the last spending bill passed had sections in it that opened the door to target the upper twenty nine percent allowing the one percent to go after their assests.. So would they attempt to go after the middle class once again.. or would they use this opening to go after the twenty nine percent.. a very interesting point that you brought up..

    • LOOB, a corporate tax is a tax that’s placed squarely on the working poor and those on the dole. The IRS uses it as a “recapture tax” to force those receiving assistance to finance a large percentage of their assistance, without ever knowing they’re doing so.

      They will redefine “wealth” and go after the top 70%, even though only the top 50% are actual taxpayers. There will be loopholes available, designed by someone like Buffett or Soros (both of whom advised Obama on policy), which will only be available to the billionaire’s club.


      • “SSDD”

        I hear ya… corporate what is the plan…is it increased product and service costs to cut sales .does industry they cut profits to maintain the economy or cut wages from the top ten percent of the labor force to equalize the income of the nation.or.let hyper inflation loose, making way for the next weimer type depression?..
        Does the USA use .. the Defense Production Act of 1950, a law with roots in the all-society mobilization. Where the United States still has the authority to spur industry in times of national emergency..and just take over in the name of the countries best interests.
        In the end.. we go to work come home turn on the tube or read a book.take time to make live tothe little lady .watch the kids play a game.. pay Bill’s.. nothing to drastic..
        Of course we will only know what is truly in their plans until after they do it..

      • No, they will raise the corporate tax, raise income taxes, cut education allocations (which will force localities to raise property taxes), raise luxury and sin taxes, double-dip the death tax, etc.

        People will tolerate really hot water, if its temperature is mild to begin with, then raised slowly. When I first began paying attention to Scandinavian economies the highest individual marginal tax rate in Norway was 103%. Norway is the country in Vikingland which gets to suck & sell oil out of its offshore wells, and has a static population and really strict immigration policies. Norway, if it were a free-market state, is one of very few socioeconomic, geopolitical entities which could sustain itself without any taxes whatsoever. (This is why Bernie used “Norway” as a “socialist worker’s paradise.” It truly IS, but only because its government functions at a net budgetary surplus. Without the oil, Norway would fail within a few months.) It’s been a few years, but FWIW the last time I looked, the Norwegian top marginal tax rate was 78%.

        That the House of Glucksburg and the Storting choose to vacuum the cash out of Norse pockets, in exchange for forced overseas vacations and a (actually very nice, but totally unsustainable) socialist paradise at home is awesome, but only as long as the oil and its demand last, and everybody is content to be a good little worker ant. The Norwegians love Harald, but he’s also done a good job over the years, of buying their affection. When the wells run dry, the Norwegians will demonstrate the meaning of “berserker” to the Storting, probably in a manner which severely lacks civility…

      • “No, they will raise the corporate tax, raise income taxes, cut education allocations (which will force localities to raise property taxes), raise luxury and sin taxes, double-dip the death tax, etc.”

        Exactly Ray…
        I believe they will also cut the govt. assistance programs that one in two are on ..

        Its all a plan.. Back in the eighties.. the county paid 6.50 the high powered linemen mad 12.. today the county is paying fifteen dollars an hour and the high powered linemen make around a hundred an hour..
        Most companies no longer have health insurance or retirement funds for their employees.. instead those benefits go for the top ten percent of the company..
        SO.. raise those taxes see an increase in product costs.. and then watch.. Its all part of the plan.. and the really sad part.. is they don’t even hide it anymore. This way a Weimar type depression hits and the top tier gain total control

  6. Down bubble dude !

    Beat the rush, and put a “Lenny” on = Sell Calls – Using the sales proceeds to Buy Puts ! Squeeze em coming and going – “squeeze it Georgie, squeeze it!”

    Da bitcoinz in a BTFD range …attention blue light shoppers !
    All you need to do to figure out exactly what the future in USA looks like – just observe the evil clowns in charge ; blinken/antknee, winken/kamtheman and nod/slo, a large side of rice, smothered in hungarian goulish.
    Frightening, taint it ?!
    Like the Len-Dog down under alwayz sayz – “Short Everything”

  7. RE: Hatians
    Best info I can find is that Mexico was holding them but Biden reneged on something and they sent them north.

    • That’s a more likely case, since Biden’s an idiot and possibly a traitor. Were he not, he’d have closed the border. But his handlers won’t have that…and he’s not less spine than a Jellyfish.

    • Guatemala, if they took the Soros/Steyer express (now funded through USAID…) Mexico if it is a cartel push. They’re fed, bathed, clothed, and bused to within 20-30 miles of the border (closer if cartel-owned), then pointed north and released with a “guide.”

      How does a person travel from CA or SA to the USA, when the cost of the trip is equivalent to a year’s earnings for that person?

      Why is George Soros, who was worth $43bln in 2014, now worth $8.8bln?

      • “Why is George Soros, who was worth $43bln in 2014, now worth $8.8bln?”

        Some of his fun games takes a great deal of cash to play them..

      • BTW, I know there’s a lot of stick yurts and tepees, but has anybody besides me noticed all the (new, or nearly so) $200-$500 tents under the Del Rio bridge…?

  8. I want to thank you George. I have never commented before but have been following you since 2007. I dont invest and understand economics slightly. I’m a stay at home mother, now grandmother. I have taken much of your advice which has helped my family tremendously. No jab for me and prepared as much as I can for what’s to come.

    • Love the preparation note. But you might want to consider a jab to also be preparation. Vaccines have been made now to hundreds of millions of people and most generally the impact of the vaccine, is much less the a covid infection. Same could be said on the flu. Being a grandmother you likely have no further thought of being/getting pregnant, which is the only base fear that I completely understand, but we have great data these days on vaccine responses. Now you may still be isolating, but if further economic troubles occur, you may necessarily have to interact further with friends and neighbors. We didn’t vaccinate my wife’s mother (she is deteriorated mentally), because of heart and many other health issues, but we fully understand if she gets the virus, she likely will not last long. I don’t imagine spending a few weeks wired up to a ventilator sounds that appealing. Don’t let fear and conspiracy theories affect your decision, discuss with a trusted doctor. Either way get out in the sun regularly and keep fit. Good luck.

      • Only those who get their news and “facts” from the mainstream media would claim that what’s being reported by alternative media are conspiracy theories. The MANY scientific studies and reports from courageous doctors who have not been corrupted by money and threats prove that the alternative media is reporting conspiracy facts. And those facts show that the majority of covid cases and deaths are now among the vaccinated instead of the unvaccinated. Check out news from Israel and England, among other countries. Medical professionals who know the ingredients of the vaccines and the effects of those ingredients predict that the vaccinated are time bombs who will suffer huge numbers of diseases and deaths within a year or two, during which time they will be (and are) spreading covid and other maladies.

        As for trusting a U.S doctor–what a joke! They are being paid and/or threatened to NOT prescribe simple, cheap remedies for the virus. Their Hippocratic oath is no longer in effect.

      • Joe Blow or JoeDish, they both full of it

        the conspiracies are real only the people in them and suckers that believe the conspirators, hook line and sinker, call them theories. Anybody with eyes that see, see that this shit mess the entire world is in, has been planned. Just the simple fact, that the virus is a product of ‘gain of function’ is proof of a conspiracy. Fauci and the China Commies, holding hands. The Fauci and Gates families have been ‘friends’ for generations and the rockefellers also, it was a Rockefeller that got our manufacturing move to China going.
        this is an opinion article “Thinking for Yourself May Be the Only Regimen for a Full Recovery – Part III
        By Steven Ferry, Chairman International Institute of Modern Butlers”

        “February 4, 2020 with eleven active cases in the USA, Dr. Fauci (Director of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NIAID] of the National Institute of Health [NIH] and also on the Board of Directors of the Gates Foundation) quietly pushed through regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability, in order to accommodate Mr. Gates, who had been funding multiple vaccine development efforts and owns major stakes in the leading vaccine makers; he had refused to distribute any vaccines until the government agreed to indemnify vaccine producers against lawsuits—he was worried about the dangers of adverse reactions to vaccines, a real concern as reported by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.”

        “March 18, 2020, Mr. Gates says “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” Such a system is being introduced into Bangladesh as part of project ID2020 to create a global digital ID, beginning with immunizations, and “ultimately, supporting access to rights and services throughout one’s life-course.”—all backed by the UN, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations. Mr. Gates funded an invisible Quantum Dot to be tattooed onto the skin of children to identify those who have been vaccinated (December 2019, MIT).
        March 27, 2020, Dr. Fauci, as head of the White House’s coronavirus task force, fast-tracked his own vaccine (partially funded by Mr. Gates) and seven of Mr. Gates’ vaccines, setting aside the vital animal trials normally conducted that would provide early warning of runaway and fatal immune responses (as happened with SARS vaccine trials in 2002). Full testing protocols are especially important for these COVID-19 vaccines as the new technology being introduced includes risky genetically engineered vaccines—mRNA vaccines, for instance, use nanotechnology to transport the RNA of the virus inside liquid droplets into every cell of the body and reprogram them to produce the virus’ spike protein and so confer immunity. April 4, 2020, Mr. Gates announced the investment of billions of dollars to build seven factories to start making various COVID-19 vaccines;”

        Humanity is becoming more and more aware every passing day, Joe , you will to eventually. Good luck to you Joe

    • Terri,

      Follow your heart and stay clear of the Jab! Here is an exceptionally high caliber report written by a credentialed and well known medical doctor who’s track record for treating COVID-19 patients is upwards of 99.7% recovery. He has briefed the President and has published protocols followed by entire nation states as well as physicians all over the world. EVERYTHING you need to know about the virus and the mRNA Jab is included in this report. It is 38 pages that speaks the TRUTH about the Experimental Gene Therapy, and what is the Agenda (and identity) behind it. Once you read this article, you’ll understand everything medical there is to know, and you’ll suddenly find yourself understanding ALL the articles in the news with widely divergent viewpoints. Plus you’ll see through the Narrative and “Conspiracy Theories” promoted by varies agencies with a profit motive to push the Jab. LoL, and you’ll even understand why there are so many incredibly stupid and ill-informed people that continue to recommend you take the Jab.

      Having this information will save your life, and especially the lives and health of your children and grandchildren. From there, it just gets better and better. Please read and pass along. After a brief search, you’ll also find the article in PDF form, which makes it very easy to distribute.

  9. “Haitians”

    Keep working hard.

    This past weekend I had a visitor from Florida drop by. We went Ghettoing in Hamtramck, MI. Hamtramck is a city within the City of Detroit limits.

    The visitor was astonished seeing the international flags. All the women (presumably) walking around in Burqas. Arabic writing on the commercial buildings and even some graffiti written in Arabic.

    Over time a sea change took place in front of everyone. Our country is compromised. All that’s left is the $.

    • From the article “it could have huge impacts on people’s lives”.

      Of course, those impacts could be hugely positive or negative!

      The problem I see with replicating biotechnologies is that we have no feedback mechanisms currently employed to limit the level of product. In the case of GMO production of molecules in vitro, that doesn’t matter. In vivo, it certainly does! If you have a series of amplifying technologies(Beta*Beta*Beta) without a natural limit or feedback, a random person( or animal) could get a lethal dose of something that will amplify to saturation! We already know that excess spike proteins in susceptible humans can cause uncontrolled thrombotic events! What about those of us who eat lots of veggies every day? Like the fluoridation problem, we’re unable to control the dose, due to having no control over the amount a given animal or human consumes, and fluoridation is not even an amplifying techology, though it is one that can involve bioconcentation.

  10. Under the story about Chris Rock being infected even though double vaxed, I read this comment:
    When you have a small number of cases popping up among the vaccinated it is “breakthrough cases” when you have widespread cases among the vaccinated it no longer qualifies as “breakthrough cases” and has crossed the line into the vaccine just doesn’t work territory.

    When you look at the actual numbers instead of statistics it looks really grim. Minnesota has had 18,790 breakthrough cases, 1095 of those have been hospitalized and 108 have died. That is 6% hospitalizations and .6% deaths among the vaccinated. Remarkably, those numbers are precisely the same percentages as among the unvaccinated.

    I don’t know if those numbers are correct, but it might be worth digging at.

    • Numbers are highly-localized.

      There are places where vaxxed infections are lower, but deaths are twice as high as unvaxxed. There are cases where a couple get the bug at the same time, one is vaxxed, the other not, and one has a rough time or dies — and it could be either the vaxxed or unvaxxed one who sallies on through with no ill effects (currently seeing this in my circle of friends and it is the vaxxed one who’s “not good.”)

      The real point is: the vaccine isn’t.

      It is a mitigant, for some people who’ve specific body chemistries, metabolisms, or genetic attributes (nobody yet knows, not even the molecular biologists whose treatises I read), an accelerant for others, and a placebo for the remainder.

      How many people do you know, who’ve come down with polio?

      Salk’s development is an actual vaccine. It actually prevents infection. No COVID jab yet developed (that we’ve heard of in the States) is a vaccine, no matter what the media or the CDC call it, because it does not perform the function of a vaccine.

      The jab is not about virus immunity, it is about control. I am not an antivaxxer, by any means. I’ll be the first in-line for a real vaccine. I will not be in the line for a COVID vaxx at all, ever, unless one of the (more than 120 current) viable vaccine candidates proves out.

    • The Chris Rock article that George cites reports that Mr. Rock is nevertheless encouraging his fans to GET VACCINATED.
      He must be delirious from the graphene oxide infection triggered by the 5G tower near his home. Or maybe “they” slipped him some mind control drug in the hospital. No, wait. The vaccine already does that.
      Better living through chemistry (thinking is a chemical process).
      I L B C N U in the ICU.

  11. The S&P500 and NASDAQ are heavily weighted with tech stocks., [ I believe we all know this.,] if you take a peak at the FANG+ Index Futures I can get a feel for where those two indexes ‘could’ be heading. The S&P, NASDAQ and FANG all peaked around the 6th and 7th of this month. [As did Apple] Elliot Wave confirmed this.., but I waited. With Evergrande news starting to break I couldn’t wait any longer., and shorted the whole mess on Thursday. I’m one happy camper this morning !!
    If you look just at Apple, there is a possibility of an A,B,C wave up., but then its begins a five wave down. Apple is in a bear market. .., and “could” be a leading indicator of market action to come. [ The DOW has been dancing around it’s 85 Day M.A. for a
    week., but has plunged below it this morning.., and for the first time this year the S&P has dropped to touch it’s 85 Day.]
    So.., is this possibly.., I’m not sure., but maybe – the beginning of the Dark Days of October ? Could be.., stay tuned Boys-n-Girls. This weeks Fed action., [or non-action] could change everything.

  12. ‘Keep your nose out of it!’ Britons rage as Nancy Pelosi issues US deal ultimatum

    “It’s about time the Americans woke up and got rid of Pelosi.

    “She is leading America down the drain thanks to her influence over her puppet Biden.”

    “Things falling apart for the Democrats at home, Democrats focus on matters abroad. They do this to try to turn attention away from the mess they have created in the US.”

    These are from the article, not the comments section.

    It’s nice to know people elsewhere are aware of how stupid our politics has become. It’s not so nice to realize what was satirical propaganda in other nations’ publications, poking fun at our politics 25 years ago, has now come to pass…

  13. Argentina bulks up military with £483m investment in new fighter jets – Falklands fears

    I read this twice, and I’m still not sure if the title is referring to Argentina being afraid of the Falklands, or the Falklands being afraid of Argentina.

    BTW, I need to spend more time at Jane’s. I had no idea Pakistan was making their own military aircraft.

    • I live in a metro DC county that got slammed with COV-19 when it went nuts two years ago. My wife and I both got 2x Moderna shots. Despite shopping for neighbors and other risky activities, neither of us ever had any infection symptoms.

      Fast forward to this month. Two weeks ago, my wife and two of her friends went to a NC beach for a late vacation. One had the 2x Pfizer shot and the other no shots. The one without the shots was just evac’d to the regional hospital. The other with the Pfizer shots is positive. My wife has no symptoms and tested negative. We suspect “no shots” got infected before the trip started.

      • Locally the hospitals & government sponsored vaccination sites used the Pfizer vaccine. This means all the first responders and medical personnel got Pfizer jabs.
        CVS had Moderna. Some smaller doctor’s offices and churches got J&J. This is where the Plebs not under hospital care got their jabs.
        I can see why the government and medical types are now having a delta panic. The third Pfizer jab has now been limited to the statistically challenged.

      • It could also be suspected that “no shots” picked up something from her viral-shedding vaxxed friends, with whom she was in close contact.

      • Tumbleweed- Your analysis is lacking .
        Urban areas and tourist traps are awash in Delta-variant Covid. If you visit public places, you get exposed. If you aren’t immune to the current variant, and you don’t use PPE, you get sick. If you haven’t had Covid previously, you aren’t taking poor boy preventatives, or you took the wrong jab, you probably aren’t immune. I would suggest that an individual who hasn’t had the Moderna jab get the antibody test before traveling. So far, the Moderna claims are holding up under scrutiny; the Pfizer, not so much. I haven’t seen enough on J&J to have an opinion on it.

  14. duh, George, maybe the Haitians work hard and save to buy a one way ticket, much easier than the boat ride of us Uropeans…

    one way, port au prince to quito, under $300

    Quite a lot safer to fly than sail as the European immigration wave of 1800’s did, rife with typhus and dysentery on the ship ride (and/or ‘floating coffin’)

    • You really think 10,000 can come through Ecuador without a LOT of grease for the Ecu immigration people? You’ve never traveled outside the Us to the real third world, I see. I got held up at machine gun point at the Lima Peru airport and was relieved of a carton of smokes, but not my laptop. They couldn’t use it but they could and did smoke.

    • Columbia to U.S. border, overland, $3150 (unless the coyote is in a bad mood.) The cost is probably slightly higher from Ecuador. Haitians aren’t “working & saving,” because there haven’t been many jobs since the hurricane.

  15. Democrats Aim To Choke Off Arctic Drilling With Provision Tucked Into Reconciliation Package

    The only tribe living within the proposed boundary for drilling, the Iñupiat, have lobbied Congress for decades to allow development projects to move forward. Radical environmentalists… have successfully exploited the opposition of a rival tribe hundreds of miles south of the 1002 Area to cloak opposition under the moral righteousness of environmental justice.

    The Gwich’ins are assholes. Because their exploratory wells were dry, they don’t want any other tribe to be able to exploit their tribal resources…not a fan.

  16. NY Hospital to Pause Delivering Babies After Maternity Workers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

    With some surveys showing nearly 1 in 3 nurses say they’d quit over a vaccine mandate, we may soon see the unfortunate consequences of government officials arrogantly deciding they know best what individuals should do with their bodies.

    I’m not quite sure how they’re going to convince pregnant women to pause their labor. I’m guessing the Biden Administration is shortly going to hear from some very loud medical voices, hopefully loud enough that the lamestream media can’t ignore them…

    {I posted this so all y’all would have the link to the Foundation for Economic Education, in case anybody doesn’t already have it..


    The ruling class is ramping up the use of the medical surveillance state by monitoring those who use a “vaccine exemption.” We are truly living in a surveillance police state in which we have little freedom.
    President Biden recently announced a mandate that required any company with at least 100 employees to mandate its workforce. The only way to avoid the mandate is to claim an exemption on either religious or medical grounds. But now they will monitor those who use these exemptions. Be prepared to be considered a “threat” if you continue to disobey the master and his commands.

    My idea of “exemption” is to tell anyone who dares to confront me that I’ll take the vaccine as soon as one is developed.

  17. Jerome Powell Orders Ethics Review After Fed Officials Trade Millions In Stocks During COVID

    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell ordered an ethics review after regional officials made large stock trades during the 2020 recession.

    IIRC the Fed is not just supposed to not do illegal stuff, but is also supposed to avoid the APPEARANCE of impropriety…

    The Fed Is Bailing Out the Wealthy as Everyone Else Pays the Price

    The Federal Reserve says that inequality is a problem. At the same, the Fed also pretends to have nothing to do with it.

    Last September, for instance, Jerome Powell bemoaned the “relative stagnation of income” for people with lower incomes in the United States, but then claimed the Fed “doesn’t have the tools” to address this issue. Instead, Powell, being the chairman of this ostensibly “independent” and “nonpolitical” central bank, called for the federal government to engage in fiscal policy efforts at income redistribution.

    Posted for LOOB — and to turn him on to Karen Petrou.

    Everything on Mises is good…

    • “Posted for LOOB — and to turn him on to Karen Petrou.

      Everything on Mises is good…”

      Its always been like that…always..
      Like I never made enough money to get the low interest loans.. I wanted to do something else once upon a time.. but you had to have x number in assets.. Its always been like that..

    • Thanks Ray for the book suggestion…….
      I got one of her books on audible and will start listening to it..
      Engine of Inequality:

  18. George. I’ve been outside the U.S., seen the machine guns at the airports and at many road stops in the middle east.

    Yes, Ecuador used to be worse

    Many countries much worse than Ecuador:

    Too bad Biden was smart enough to send them home (discouraging others from trying the same thing), depriving you of your Biden Bash fix.

  19. I don’t understand how people like Dr. Chris Martenson can get booted off YouTube and Monkey can get harassed almost into oblivion there while Project Veritas keeps their channel but it iz whut it iz.

    PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”
    1.6 million views already

  20. What a great day is turnaround Tuesday . Yep bit of yellowdog , USD shorting , futures gooseing and bingo the funny farm strikes back . A chance to put more timber on fire if they get drugged enough

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