Market Showdown Monday?

Not too technical (we hope!) but there was some odd market behavior at the Friday close.  So, this morning, we take a look at how it was Mr. Ure went short knowing that he would miss the absolute best short entry, but still wanted to be “in the game” for Monday. Did he get “suckered?”

Options expirations always explain a lot.  But when we see a good “running of the shorts” – who were playing the role of Rational Investors – we get pretty excited about forward possibilities.

With the death of an AWOL American SEAL in Ukraine, we’re concerned about possible “plausible deniability engineering” behind administration claims of “no troops in Ukraine.”

Which part of “surprised” – right?

A few headlines and a preview of a very long report coming Wednesday as we go “one step beyond” our previous “Digital Scrying” discussion on UrbanSurvival.

With a major contributed work from G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation website plus my own scratchings at the problem of “Cultivating Prescience.”  For fun and (who knows?) maybe some profit might be in there, too.

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49 thoughts on “Market Showdown Monday?”

  1. AWOL … of course. He went AWOL and just happened to be in Ukraine by some coincidence.

    Meanwhile … Obama is still silent about his VP and Classified Documents. – one would think he’d at least, compliment Joe’s Corvette.

    And at least 50 kids we’re working in Nebraska … which is slowly making its way in and out of the news. I wonder where the rest of them are working.

    Remember when Gas Stoves were marketed as “clean energy” ? Don’t tell anyone but, it still is.

    Oops !!

    Ya use to be able to add things up to simply (right or wrong) but these days it’s more you have to discern weather it makes Sense or if it’s Nonsense.

    Remember, we’re living in a time when Susie can Identify as a Cat and poops in a litter box that’s Ok. But if Susie identifies as Sally, Traci and Samantha, she’s schizophrenic.

    The advancement of human Intellect amazes me.

    • Re: “,,,compliment Biden’s corvette,,,” feat. 10 seconds to lift off

      Pathfinder Bob,

      Thanks for the reminder. While Mr. Biden was vp, his 1967 Corvette featured on a Jay Leno show segment at a secret service training track. However President Obama and a 1963 Corvette Stingray split window coupe was guest star on the White House grounds for Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” broadcast 30/12/15. According to a “MotorTrend” report of the event vehicle, the model was particularly popular with astronauts.

  2. Control of information has been very important in American offensive aggression against small-fry nations.

    I think it goes without saying that defensively Russia has to crack the American Internet backbone if they want a chance at a win.

    Russia is putting anti-missiles on their .gov buildings. The most important place in the U.S. is probably Ashburn, VA, “known as Data Center Alley. The Silicon Valley of the east. The cloud capital of the world.” Left defenseless against a missile attack.

    Could the Big 3 be a 10,000+ point gap down do to a major Internet outage?

  3. “In Exhibit 5, the FBI finally admits that Crowdstrike performed the review of “Seth Rich’s” laptop. The FBI admits that they took possession of Seth Rich’s work laptop but never examined the contents. By inference, this means that the FBI and the Mueller exam relied solely on a three-page report from Crowdstrike for the examination of Seth Rich’s report. “So Mueller claimed Seth played no role… WITHOUT EVER INVESTIGATING the laptop.””
    filed this week from a FOIA request
    could one consider this release a DEC[L]AS? or a “stollen” clue?

    GEEES, Wally, who does the FBI work for?
    leave it to beaver

    ATTENTION !!! as Sister John Francis slaps the chalk board with her 3 ft pointing stick,,, Trump is right
    I do not care if you do not like his TV personality, he is still right and got McCarthy to remove the Polski’s proxy ballot scam!

    Kevin , so you want to be Speaker,,, here is a list of shit that needs cleaned up. Get’er done.
    15 votes and Kevin says ‘OK boss’

  4. Hey Wordslinger,

    Like as not the 200 DMA will foil the good feelings close AHD. Or not?
    Bear market rallies and declines are borderline spectacular.
    If, you find yourself on the right side of momo.
    Write when you get gamma,

    ps – now on 16 zero gain days here with lots of snow on the way. Online widgets I used for system payback are way off due to Ole Man Winter

  5. All week long we have had ‘dueling prophecies’ from market analyst and major banks. 33% decline just ahead.., major rally of 20% or more is currently in the works.., recession is dead.., recession is about to rebound very strongly.., The Fed is right – The Fed is wrong.., both sides of economic fence are making proclamations and forecasts… doom-n-gloom – vs – sunshine-n-rainbows – there is no consensus, what so ever. If you are trading., or preparing just who do you believe ? Quick, short answer? No one.
    You have to do your own homework and research for your own path. Lots of good advice and info here – but before you make that choice., research it a little. Become “informed” as much as you can.
    Case-in-Point: A lot of people are saying that we are heading into a recession., some say a ‘deep’ recession. Some are saying that we have already entered into a recession, though mild at the moment., the worst is yet to come. If you believe in history and look at historical data – the stock market has never crashed “before” a recession.[ down 50%, or more.] If we believe that data, then where are we? The stock market has not “crashed” – therefore, we are not in a recession., it hasn’t even started yet.
    The economy is going to have to cool a bit., [Which The Fed wants.]., unemployment will have to climb.,[Which The Fed wants.]., inflation will have to reemerge [ Fed raising rates.] – lots of separate economic factors need to combine for a true recession to start rolling along. [ dwindling GDP, growing trade imbalance, consumer supply shortages., yada – yada..,] We are talking months.
    Therefore, we are talking months before the market will crash.
    – Recession First – Crash Second –
    [ if.., “IF”.., it follows historic patterns, and what else do we have, but historical data?]
    – Caveat. All of this ‘logic’ and historical forecasting goes out the window at the first blinding flash on any battlefield [ quite a few are stacking-up., pick one.] When / If that happens we drop immediately into a depression, skipping recession completely. At that point, logic and forecasting goes silent.


    Karine Jean-Pierre ~ “But, she added, “Like the President has said many times, raising the debt ceiling is not a negotiation; it is an obligation of this country and its leaders to avoid economic chaos. Congress has always done it, and the President expects them to do their duty once again. That is not negotiable.”

    Biden has demanded that he be presented with a “clean” bill to raise debt limit.“

    So, is not making payments “an obligation” now? Can I tell my creditors that paying up is “nonnegotiable? I can just go deeper in debt, and that’s ok?

    Somebody please clarify this for me before the end of the month when my bills get here. Thank you.

    • “So, is not making payments “an obligation” now? Can I tell my creditors that paying up is “nonnegotiable? I can just go deeper in debt, and that’s ok?”

      According to MMT… “Yes.”

      • Commie economics is the “Renunciation of all debts, public.” But not private – for that shit we got gulags or a house in Belize…depends who you know and who you blow, right?

  7. In Wednesday’s highly anticipated “cultivating prescience” column I hope you give honourable mention to Ingo Swann. He wrote books about the topic. The Why Files on YouTube has an interesting podcast about him: “Alien Bases on the Moon”.
    (I’m a fan of Heckelfish. )

  8. The worms continue to gnaw away at the US Economy:

    The addiction to cheap money continues, only without the cheap money to subsidize the Jones. Auto loan 90+ day delinquencies are on the rise. The fourth quarter rate of change was +30%, according to the latest Elliott Wave Theorist reading of the NY Fed data.

    Overnight bank funding rates are skyrocketing:

    Long Beach container traffic is diving:

    This is mirrored by the Baltic Dry Index:

    The warning signs are out there. When you are only one of a few experiencing a default, you can expect a little mercy. When half the American households are bust, there won’t be any mercy for any debtor.

    Do what you have to do to get out of debt. Other People’s Money (OPM) is not yours (or Ure’s as the case may be). Uncurable unrepentant debt slaves are advised to have one cash serviceable livable vehicle as contingency for forced downsizing by the sheriff. Just don’t park it too near the other soon-to-be repo’s. Be wary.

  9. Amazing amazing amazing . Bill gates has come to meet with our prime minister Albanese at the official home , the lodge for talks . Amazing amazing it freaked me when I saw it . Amazing is not the word . Sinister

    • Re: A Canticle for Leibowitz


      The event certainly could set the hyenas howling. Hopefully the PM was able to pick out a nice gift from the Apple Store for the distinguished guest.

      The “New York Post” has a report out about the Sting gig at Davos to a cozy 50 soul-strong Microsoft corps the night before the big layoff announcement. I have not located the set list. However, Sting’s two events prior on Jan. 9&10th at the Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh closed out with “The Last Ship” that describes a resurrection.

      Please do advise if the distinguished guest is sighted with Air-Vice Marshal Cath Roberts of Space Command.

      God save the King!

  10. The chartpack aside, I see a left shoulder and a head on the 1929 curve and a left shoulder and half a head on the 2023 curve. There is no right shoulder, just a nice easy slide into oblivion. The missing piece is figuring out the time scale on the 2023 curve.

    As for the AWOL SEAL, don’t discount he might have been a sandbox vet turned adrenaline junkie looking for a fix. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going through a divorce, etc. and the only upside in his life was a small pension with half going to his ex-wife…

    Anyone recall the Nostro quatrain re: the desolation of Greece’s Plain of Lamia? Should probably take a closer look at Lamia in the game of Risk in play.

  11. Still in disbelief. Bill gates coming to Australia to talk with our prime minister on energy. To discuss energy , climate change and health . Unbelievable. Scary

  12. George I entered shorting land on Thursday. That’s why I politely asked you . One flashing indicator screamed at me , nobody talks about it . And when I read that stirring essay by my mentor Steven John kaplan I waded in . Remember always stagger in . Wow Steve’s essay was up there in the top 10 . Other people in the top 10 . George ure and Martin Armstrong pre release. Yep Marty it’s time

  13. This Swedish lady, Tarot by Izabela is making the rounds. She predicted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would step down two weeks before she stepped down.

    She certainly looks the part. Great stuff starts @ 4:00.

    Global Predictions for 2023 – Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards

    • Bill Gates in front of Military Tribunal ? A civilian in a military Court is not an easy thing to do. Fauci dead ?
      – I will listen to her again. Fascinating.

      • “Interesting” is only interesting.

        For all I know Jeane Dixon may only have gotten one hit (I kinda didn’t pay attention to such things, back in 1963), but it made her entire career.

        With that said, it only takes an occasional hit for following a psychic or “seer” to significantly influence one’s personal fortunes — You just have to intelligently guess on which prognostications (s)he will hit…

      • I can’t vouch for that lady but when someone predicts something and hits within weeks it’s a notable.

  14. “Joe Biden owes America some clarity and openness.”

    He could start with explaining why today’s classified document dump (from yesterday’s raid on Biden’s actual home) not only found more docs it was against the law for VP Biden to possess, but found classified docs from his Senate years, which it was illegal for him to possess.

    I don’t advocate impeaching Mr. Biden, because the New Prez would be even less mentally adroit than the current idiot in-chief, but I DO advocate trying him, and his entire family, for treason, once he’s out of office.

    This is becoming worse than ridiculous…

    Khrushchev is pissed in his grave. He wanted the honor of claiming responsibility for the destruction of the USA. The Democrats are totally beating him out…

  15. ” Iran deal becomes latest casualty of Russia’s war in Ukraine this week.”

    So, we’re starting to see some good come out of Ukraine?

    The “Iran deal” is like as if our “Social Security deal” were merged with the Gestapo’s “Jew deal.”

    Picture a world in which the government takes 15% of everything we earn over the course of our lifetimes, pays some of it back to us, then when we die, the government not only pockets the principal, but also lines all our survivors up against a wall.

    THIS is the “Iran Deal” the West is “losing…”

    It was a horrible deal which conceded a “right” to Iran to build a nuclear arsenal, as long as they waited 10 years to do so, and a “right” to the West, to have (only) Iranian inspectors inspect their nuclear facilities to ensure compliance, 2.5 months after we issued a notice of inspection.

  16. “The quality of American justice is “rotting from its head” now: Supreme Court’s Investigation Into Leak Raises Concerns About Justices.”

    Investigated by their own internal security officers, exactly NONE of which is either an investigator, or knowledgeable WRT investigations and interrogations. I’m not sure I blame them though. Such an investigation should be the purview of the FBI, but knowing how dirty the FBI is, they may feel they are better off keeping their crap in their own litterbox…

  17. “I Want America to Wake Up and Pay Attention, Something Aint Right!” – Silk Describes How Her Sister Diamond ‘Died Suddenly’ in Her Kitchen (VIDEO)

    At the Saturday memorial for her sister Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, Silk told the crowd of supporters, including President Trump, that the vaccine may have been a factor in her sister’s sudden death.

    Silk then called for an investigation. “There’s something going on!”

    Silk spoke to the crowd on Saturday before President Trump took the stage.

    Silk described how her sister “DIED SUDDENLY” (emphasis mine – Bill) and how she tried to save her.

    Silk then went on to say, “Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed the real question is are they being poisoned.”

  18. I disagree with the conclusions of this article:

    The Stalinists and Maoists aren’t a-comin’, they have been embedded in the US bureaucracies for decades, waiting for technology and an appropriate crisis to give them control. And you think that American kids are too smart and well informed to fall for the leftist goose steppers:

    The kid soldiers get their marching orders off social media. My personal frontline observations are that this has been going on for a decade or so, and the downfall of the Twitter censors has only publicly scratched the surface of the problem to date. Twitter hasn’t been the only Stalinist boot-licking outfit with kids tuned in. And then there are the Maoists….
    Ure readers worry too much about things that have already happened. The next step in the leftist agenda looks to me like it involves calling in all the markers on the debt slaves, to gain control of the adults. That appears to be in progress.

    • “And then there are the Maoists….”

      Hey, we’re putting a Band-Aid on that dao cut…

      There are a number of States moving to ban Tik-Tok.

      That’ll fix everything, right?

    • “School system failing -” Cell phones are the downfall of the education system. I have subbed in the local district for the last 2 years. District policy on having phones in class… 1st offense take phone. 2nd offense phone goes to office and parents have to retrieve the phone. Enforced?… NOPE. All students in the district get a Chromebook. Assignments are in “google classroom.” Half the kids don’t charge their Chromebook, and have lost the charger. Do you remember to charge your cell phone every night? Oh yes Sir! So plug in the laptop! I’ve asked kids if I can read back to them exactly what they wrote for any particular assignment… it’s atrocious how bad the sentences are. It’s hard not to laugh out loud when reading their stuff with no punctuation and grammar. And spelling? Ure spelling is Much better, and more artful! The kids are only interested in social contact, and fitting in… not learning anything that will help as adults. Sad

      • “I have subbed in the local district for the last 2 years.”

        What I would do:

        Go to someplace like Jameco Electronics and acquire a Wi-Fi/cellphone jammer (probably now of questionable legality. Jameco may have stopped selling them, but others do).

        Write a generic outline of my own lesson plans, one for each subject for which I’d sub. Design the outline so I can “drop in” whatever the class I’m subbing is allegedly supposed to be learning. Arrive a half-hour early, acquire a box of pencils and a ream of 24# typing paper from school stores. Print the paper, 2-sides, in 3/8″ spaced lines (college rule). After the bell, hit the switch on the jammer and pass out the pencils & paper.

        If’fn the only thing the electronics are good for is as a distraction, remove them from the learning environment.

        Bear in-mind this is satirical. I never taught, other than private tutoring, because I’m allergic to prison, and even with 1980s and ’90s kids, I’d have put someone in the hospital within a couple days. I had no patience for the class fuckoffs when I was a schoolkid. Every year past high school my tolerance has decreased.

        Today, teachers’ hands are tied. Discipline doesn’t exist, and their lesson plans are dependent upon the political agenda of the local school board or the NEA. I have tremendous sympathy and no envy whatsoever for them. At the same time I have little admiration, because it is the rank & file that have put the commies in power in AFT and NEA. These communists drive grade school curriculum far more than SRI now and are one of the principal reasons Johnny and Janie are functional illiterates when they get to college…

  19. a recent survey of peers has come up with quite a few people experiencing the same thing as me, with rapid changes.

    it’s almost like creation is shuffling the deck on many lives and quickly.

    many people are making rapid changes in various categories of living. not just environmental.


    seems prudent to dance in such a way…..

    centered, balance, pause then proceed.

    wear the world like a loose garment.

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