Market Hype – Bitcoin Dying?

Honestly, very little has changed in the past 24-hours since our last Big Picture of coming events.

  • Russia and the West are pouring war materiel into Eastern Europe.
  • China is still whipping up anti-American sentiment.
  • Markets are getting worried at a deep core level.
  • And above all, 2022-2024 is shaping up as a period when the way we live will dramatically change.

Still, on a peaceful December Monday, it doesn’t seem like anything is particularly out of place.  Yet it is.

Putin-Biden Talks

Tomorrow is likely to be the “tone-setter” for the week.  That’s when Joe Biden talks with Russian president Vlad Putin.  A good backgrounder on what’s in place is found in What to expect from Putin-Biden winter talks? | Vestnik Kavkaza.

The problem with these talks is that Biden is under increasing pressure to do something (even if it is wrong).  The neocons are out for war and pushing every republican they can to “go warmonger.”  For example, Ernst calls on Biden to be ‘very clear and very strong’ in call with Putin as US concerns grow over Russian military activity near Ukraine – CNNPolitics.

On the other hand, Adam Smith is suggesting that Biden not rely too much on US and NATO muscle in the area.  Instead work the sanctions angle as outlined in Congressman Smith Advised Biden not to “Play Hard to Get” with Putin – Oreanda-News.

A part of this is what we call the Peace Problem for Globalists.  How do you tell 7.6 billion mal-programmed apes they need a war so they’ll kill off at least part of the population?  Naw, you hide the facts in plain sight: Global Arms Industry Thrives Amid Worldwide Pandemic Devastation.  Whee!

Then there’s China (wartoo)

Unfortunately, Newsweek‘s assessment “Putin and Xi Working Together to Force Biden into a Two-Front Crisis He Can’t Win” is very close to our own.  Starting with the Obama purge of military commanders who actually worried about war more than the street-corner rabble-rouser’s political correctness agenda, American military has been hollowed-out.  Since Biden’s effectively Obama’s third term – and he botched the Afghanistan mess – Congressman Smith’s advice seems sound, to us.

Even more critical to the modern version of War and Peace is word of another massive Biden intelligence failure:  China Seeks First Military Base on Africa’s Atlantic Coast, U.S. Intelligence Finds.  We will watch to see how the CIA tries to blame this on military intel units.  Denial, blame, and mis-direction central.  The Bidenista socialists are running the scaled-up version of Defund the Police and will feign “surprise” at their failure. All the while, smacking you in the face China attacks potential US diplomatic boycott of Olympics.  Taiwan will be taken in the fog of war descending on the planet right now.

While we will likely see a sycophant media field day tomorrow as the socialist supportive press reports D.C. delusion, and maybe fuels a “turnaround Tuesday” the markets are not out of the woods by any stretch.

Happy-talk tomorrow after the talks will just be how the market makes its wave counts.

A Wave IV Rally?

This morning we offer a fine example of how our Aggregate Index can help you see through the “fog of markets.”

Earlier today, the Dow futures were up more than 261 points.  Naturally, this would lead you to expect a massive rally in the works.  However, in our Aggregate Index work, a lot of the S&P and Dow futures rally was offset by a good decline in the NASDAQ.  So, it really ends up looking like:

We’re just onery enough that if the market’s scream higher on the hype today, that Biden will shoot himself in the foot tomorrow.  Or, conversely, if the market closes lower, then “fake progress” will be the outcome to be braced for.

THISI IS NOT ADVICE: But on our trading platform Friday, the run-up into the close triggered a long position possibility in one of the parabolic SARs.  In addition, there was a final 15-minutes spike in on-balance volume, along with a bump up in fast stochastics, an upside crossover in slow stochastics, and the MACD can move higher.  Depending on your platform settings, of course.

Admittedly, this is a technical view of the markets.  But what they seem to be seeing with the futures pricing now able to be considered is Higher today, perhaps into the open tomorrow.  Then a Turnaround Tuesday to the downside as the reality of Bumbling Biden stumbling with Vlad the Bad.

Which could lead to an overall downer of a week, since to bust out of financial hell (where we do best) the market needs a fresh all-time-high to reset the 55-days to disaster clock.

This means – to a good “market whisperer” that we are in a solid decline now and that the odds of a rhyme of the 2018 “Slaughter of the Evles” Christmas decline is likely to be reprised going into New Fears Day.  The markets will be closed on December 31.

Imagine the market declining into Christmas, talk of a year-end rally on December 27… Then Putin moving on Ukraine in mid-January.  Calling up Russia’s military reserves over our New Year’s period would ensure market collapse Monday January 3.

Paradoxically, depending on the twists and turns, I’ll be watching my “options power trading algo” for the next few weeks for additional clues.  If there are any, that’ll be on the subscriber side.

BTC Dying:  No BTCs for Me!

We called long ago that recent rally in BTC ought to run out of steam in the $64,000 area.  This morning, that move is gone as BTCs were $48,704 when I looked.

Flipping over to you can look at the longer-term data, but to me the most worrisome wave count is this one:

“It Can’t Happen!!!”

Of course, it can:  Shock to crypto daredevils joins list of scary omens in markets.

Naturally, people will tell us this is hogwash, and that block head chain is a grand new technology.  People who believe this may not have Popular Delusions, or heard about Tulips.  Try Wolfram’s Mathematica, perhaps?

We – on the other hand – knowing that Bubbles are dishonest to the point of karmic cyanide. Because to make money you will sell to a stupider/greater fool than you – which is [karmically] taking unfair advantage.

We’d be a lot richer if we didn’t view this lifetime as just one of many.  Like is just a Holodeck, kiddies.  If you’re not playing the other levels of the Bigger Game, you’re a cretin who needs a hand along the way.

Smart phones, Second Life, and the coming Metaverse are just distractions on the real path of Lives.  OK, fun ones, too.  I mean, who didn’t just luv GTA, right?

Back to point then, how does BTC go away?

Imagine a fictional headline in the Washington Post some morning. “CIA Discovers gigantic Russian Ukraine rebel funding via Bitcoin”?

As soon as the existing political power structure figures out that the combined might of Antifa, Cancel, BLM, and all other Digital Uprising Groups can fund revolutions internal takedown of America without penalty? Well, this is where the existing power structure will save itself and Cancel Crypto.

Remember for contexting, we’re likely 45-days, or so, from possible War in Europe.  You don’t think digital funding opp0sition sympathizers will be permitted, do you?  Y’ on crack, or what?

Government can’t afford rising popularity and a drug and arms deals currency system, now, can they?

That chart should worry you.  Wave 1 is the smallest of the waves.  Wave 3 was the largest. I mean the count looks real-enough to me.

Besides, the last fools are boarding.  An example? Tiny Palau seeks to blaze trail with official cryptocurrency.  All aboard!

Know the Following

Passings:  Bob Dole dies at age 98 (

Presidential Material?  Kamala Harris described as a ‘bully’ and ‘soul destroying’ boss.  Should she take office from Biden this winter-spring, as projected stress levels could zoo-off Joe, we’re busying ourselves with journalistic preps.  Trying to decide on a good moniker for her should be be an active-duty Commanderette in Chief with wars popping off.  Sheesh, huh?  Posible’s include Kamolini, Harrishito, ChurchKam, and so on.  Send along ideas in the Comments section.

Remember, the art of good news writing is the turn of a good slur.

Those Wise New Yorker Choices, huh? Chris Cuomo accused of sexual harassment days before CNN firing – New York Daily News…

Punish the Pure of Blood – is that how this rolls?  Covid-19: Italy tightens restrictions for unvaccinated – BBC News.  Can we just get to the “kill the unvaxxed” hysteria so we can move along to the Zombie Symptoms variant?  When you understand how global mass consciousness has been hacked and jacked, this will make more sense.  Until? Watch and wait.

CNN going for the ex-pat market? Top tips on buying a cheap house in Italy from those who have bought one.

Around the Ranch

I got the new ham radio antenna up Sunday.  Works great.  (More on ShopTalk Sunday next weekend – shop/prepping and making mindset in those columns).

But ISYN a $99 drone is one of the most useful ham radio tools you can find.  And, I got the north end of a 60-foot high OCFD and the south end on a single battery charge which is totally cool.  Less than an hour.

Dog training progresses.  Elaine’s going back and forth of ’em.  Mess, responsibility.  Zeus is now a house cat.  Which is better than being lunch, I suppose.

Happy Monday and brace for the flood and overdose of WW-II Pearl Harbor stories with the anniversary.  Everyone in the family who was there is now dead, so who knows what we’ll think is useful – financial news tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

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78 thoughts on “Market Hype – Bitcoin Dying?”

  1. my local obits this morning list 17 deceased of that 12 were 66 or younger
    Of course , no cause of death is mention anymore,,, they used to tell us the death cause but now everything is a secret,, privacy of course
    But ole Darrell wonders? how many got the vax???
    Every time time I turn around, I see another article like this about some world class athlete, dropping or getting a heart disEASE.

    • That’s interesting that you noticed that. For years, I have been a regular reader of my hometown obits. I’m not sure why I find it interesting, really, but I do. I think my interest developed because I spent so much time away from home and it was some of the only real news in my small hometown rag.

      Anyway, all through the ‘pandemic’ I didn’t detect any real trend in the obits. It was mostly the elderly dying at the usual rate. That was interesting enough in itself, but starting early this year I started to notice a definite trend. There were many more 40-50 year old folks dying. In nearly every posting of obits there were at least two 40-50 year olds that had died. For a town and surrounding area with a population of less than 30K this is significant. This trend lasted until around October and now it’s mostly back to the usual business of dying. This spike in young people dying coincided with the initial vaccine push and dropped off after pretty much everyone who would get the shots did. What I’ve quietly been watching for is another uptick once the booster hard-sell/new variant scare sets in. What I hope to NOT see is the obits of children once they start vaccinating those age groups.

      This is all anecdotal, of course, but I think this data could be collected and some actual science done, trends mapped and possible inferences made.

      • Here the unfolding medical crisis is one of the increasingly perilous states of health for the many tens of thousands of poor souls whose non-covid19 diagnostic tests and surgeries have been repeatedly postponed by pandemic lockdowns. So what would have been nip-in-the-bud health events are showing up more on the radar as life-or-death crises. I think the real numbers will leak out around the edges eventually.

        One thing that I’d be super curious about with these vaccines is how the two platforms are comparing. The West appears to be all in with the mRNA technology going after the spike protein. Let’s hope big pharma hasn’t put out a weakly encrypted vaccine while Mother Nature is working 24/7 to bust it. Meanwhile China has thrown in with tried-and-true dead/inactive vaccine technology and were to the point of vaccinating children as young as three years old. Sure was a coinkydoink that the PLA entrepreneurial arm had the resources at hand to ramp up production when the motherland needed a boost. As an aside, the next largest beneficiary of the Chinese dead vaccine shots is Indonesia which apparently has received 200+ million doses.

        As has been mentioned previously on these fine pages, “must be present to win”.

  2. Or they could just get rid of the Damkam and bring in Hitlary to fill in the void!
    Just in time before the fool on the hill completely looses it.

  3. “Zeus is now a house cat. Which is better than being lunch, I suppose.”

    If you’re keeping Zeus in because the dogs are outside, you might want to consider that they were all outside at various times together before you adopted the dogs … and nobody died.

    Don’t think of Zeus as “lunch” … think “Family” … remember, dogs feed off the owners emotions. (No pun intended) and dogs really do do their best to (fit in) with everyone. You show fear and dogs get anxiety.
    Likewise, you believe in harmony and the dogs will seek it too. Just like what I said about the garbage and delivery folks. Any acts of aggression, zap that collar. But you shouldn’t have to do that … but if you do, ya do.

    I’m sure there are other potential threats on or around the ranch. Snakes, coyotes, other dogs from time to time, whatever. And Zeus knows the lay of the land. He ain’t stupid either … if I recall correctly, Zeus even wrote a few of your columns in the past. Smart cat. Lol !!

    Feed the dogs well, and “train them” for what YOU want from them. Don’t over think it. Like anything else, what we (think) often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Think the best and stay calm.

    Like the Dog Whisperer says, be an assertive pack leader and … Zeus is a part of that pack. Everyone gets along and works together. Make it so.

    Good Luck Brother


    • Agreed. Dogs tend to accept the family structure they find, when they first come on the scene, as the structure that’s “supposed to be.” When the pups were born, I had a female orange striped tabby who might’ve weighed in at 2 pounds. My big boy, from about 6mos on, would carry her around in his mouth — scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it, then he put her down and she boxed his face, then curled up with him.

      I would not explicitly trust the dogs around Zeus — not for a couple years anyway, but they should be able to associate at some level, so the dogs can accept the cat as “belonging.” If you buy a critter or critters, the dogs will have to learn you’re not

      George, I posted this here, because Bob mentioned snakes. Be advised: Snakes kill dogs — until and unless the doggoes get educated, a snake can “school” them, and they die as quickly as a human. ‘Might want to get a bottle of nitrous and a puppy snake bite kit now, in case you need it later.

      • “the dogs will have to learn you’re not…”

        “buying them a plaything.”

        Somehow the end of that sentence went away…

    • Bob, your reply beat me to it. I’m running one of those catchup days.

      George, I thoroughly endorse what Bob and Whisperer say.
      YOU are pack leader. Zeus is part of the house/pack. These dogs must learn this. Period.

      Where I am now is what used to be old woods out in the country. Country folk need a good dog. We were gifted a puppy who grew up with my sister and me. One day a little boy who had a mad crush on my sister gave her a tiny feral kitten. We made sure that Jack knew from the very beginning that Ginger-cat was to be part of the family. We held Ginger while stroking and petting both the animals, talked to them, explaining how things are. Yes, talked to them. Watched them closely for a couple of days to be sure cat was accepted. Jack tolerated no other cat. And, like a good family dog, he guarded his kids totally, even taking copperhead bites for them. Like Bob says, there are other threats in the woods. I know–I grew up in the woods.

      I don’t envy you and Elaine taking on the job of bringing two grown dogs to heel. One young pup would be so much easier. One or the other of you is going to wind up being Captain and the other First Mate. But what either one decrees is to be obeyed. Be firm and let them know exactly what you expect of them and things will work out fine.

      • p.s. What was mentioned earlier, that these dogs possibly being dumped.
        This being the case, would be wise to proceed with caution concerning keeping them. You don’t know their history. No telling why they are dumpees. Could be some bad habit that couldn’t/wouldn’t be dealt with easily.
        Just sayin’.

      • “Could be some bad habit that couldn’t/wouldn’t be dealt with easily.”

        Not likely. Dogs occasionally get dumped when they have an expensive medical condition, but like any other pet, it’s usually because somebody discovers they’re living creatures and require silly things like food & water, or because their owner is a narcissistic psychopath who gets relocated, and for whom finding the dogs a new home or taking them to a shelter isn’t a priority…

        The same applies to cats, bunnies, ferrets, or any other critters which humans choose to turn into pets. Of domestic “pets,” cats are the only ones which stand a chance of surviving. Dogs will never survive unless they’re adopted by a pack of coyote or wolf, and the pack has to be well-fed when they come upon it, or they become “dinner” instead of “family.” It happens. That’s where “coydogs” come from. But it’s rare…

      • “a little boy who had a mad crush on my sister gave her a tiny feral kitten. We made sure that Jack knew from the very beginning that Ginger-cat was to be part of the family. ”

        That is so true Calyn… when my sister and I were really little.. my father heated with coal.. the train came in and my father had to scoop coal from the box car.. there was a kitten.. tiny little cat.. my sister and I begged my father for this kitten that was scared and snarling.. he gave in and we adopted Toodles the cat.. It was mostly my sisters.. my dog was named tiger.. a tiny little terrier.. anyway this cat grew up to be huge.. about the size of my dog now.. and it was heavy and when it licked you it had the roughest tongue.. would sleep on my feet at night.. ( I say it was a lynx my sister still thinks it was a bob cat) anyway one day I was sitting in the swing and toodles was on the branch in the tree.. tiger was running home as fast as his little legs could move him yelping and two big dogs were attacking her.. toodles poked its head up and before I could jump out of the swing and run to tigers defense.. toodles killed both dogs.. and then licked tigers wounds in the middle of the yard..
        Not long after that toodles would take off and be gone for days at a time.. then one day it never came back.. my father told me when I grew older that someone thought it was going to take down one of their livestock and killed the cat..
        I think that Zeus and the dogs will be ok.. once the dogs realize that the cat is part of the family..

    • “Any acts of aggression, zap that collar. But you shouldn’t have to do that … but if you do, ya do.”

      Exactly PFB…. I have only had to use the zapper once.. the rest of the time the call or gentle vibration is all that is needed to get her attention..
      there is a difference between discipline and abuse.. even with a child.. a swat on the caboose.. if needed.. and let me tell you that is an extremely rare event.. just like the dogs.. Rule number one of the house… no one ever gets upset over an OOPS.. an oops happens.. you accept it learn from it.. but it doesn’t cause any concern and definitely no one gets upset over it… Rule 2 if your hungry and you see something you want to eat.. then eat it.. food is open nothing is set aside especially for anyone..

  4. “whipping up ”

    The other day it was mentioned China is propagandizing their folks for war conditions.

    Last month John Deer staff snatched a 10% increase.

    Right on cue the taxpayer target is being softened, again. The 1st Farm Aid festival was 1985 – over a 30 year mortgage ago.

    ‘Once We’re Gone, We’re Not Coming Back’

    “I’ll have to work an hour before my funeral,” Jeff, 51, said. “I have no retirement.”

    “For families like the Uhlirs, farming is increasingly unsustainable, as drought and extreme weather, fluctuating commodity prices and rising costs alter the economics of running a small- to midsize operation. Hundreds of family farms file for bankruptcy each year in the United States, with the largest share routinely coming from the Midwest.”

  5. “..outside in the distance, a wildcat did growl”

    Fog of Fiat is the current weather pattern affecting Ure altitude and attitude. Bitcoin currently experiencing yet another sneaky bull bust manipulation hard down program – it is intended to clear the path for mass purchase of discounted BTC – we therefore can assume someone/something has a very large settlement coming due soonly. Remember post regards credit squeeze temporal marker preceding war ? Evergrande debt burrito that is causing very foul gas in the financial markets – financial dominoes be clicking and dropping.

    Next up the – zeitgeist manipulation and adjustment. Just like back in WW2 – populace was not ready for, supporting War on Germany , many like Bush & J. Kennedy, Lindburgh supported other guyz. We had to be “herded” into supporting the War effort – and zo Voila! pearl harbor, where ALL but 2 boats were called into harbor just prior to not “sneak” attack….hmmm.
    In the big picture frame, this is called Coerced Consent and The False Flag.

    ..Free Will and Vibration interact..with Ure Vibe determined by What U Think and what U Feel. Ure Vibration makes a difference in what U manifest in this Life. Is Ure vibe compatible with what Ure trying to manifest – for it must be at similar vibration in order to interact with it. If always in Fear or Anger or Sad – no interaction wit Higher “ground” matta how much U bee praying.
    **speaking bad vibrations – whats up Klaus & Lesgrande publicizing upcoming trip to see the wrinkled ooold “marduke” in Anartica??? member kerry going down there day hildebeast Lost?

    Caution – stubborn refusal to engage Crypto and Blockchain – will produce very unsatisfactory outcomes in your financial future. Everything Financial is going to bee on a Blockchain – everything – from Commodities to Carbon Credits/trading NFT’s. The eventual outcome of SHTF financially – response will be the ONLY way to protect ourselves from ourselves is a Blockchain –

    Nobody/Nothing Can be Trusted . – Therefore it must be VERIFIED .

    jeesh – sloooo is an understaement around here anymore – when some you guys and gals ever get up to speed – Please, please please show/post/provide pictures, papers, links-anything linking to studies on the covert19 plandemic virus molecule that show ISOLATED virus – the genetic code there of.

    No fuzzy pictures of /from johns hopkins -hahahahaah the folks that brought humanity Event 201 ?? You know a clear electron microscope photo/rendering – with genetic breakdown of Spike Glycoprotien.
    A picture of a Furin Polybasic Cleavage Site – as well explanation of probabilities associated with those 2 structural components Evolving together in Nature would be good and greatly appreciated.

    Last chance in Ure lifetime to own a piece of the future for such a lowly USD price, cept for G – as still striving for financial martyrdom..yeah allah akbar and all THAT happy libshit.
    * Holy War on Saturday – Jesuits got their asszes handed to them, again 81-52, putting the “August Indians” into #6 national ranking this AM – Go Cats !

  6. If the war comes, as CNN indicates the war is beginning it might be prudent to go out that afternoon/next morning and buy a new truck. Just get the vehicle.

    As the war progresses into the first few days $100,000,000,000 budgets will be announced inflating the cost of the truck away almost over night. OR….

    The economy will collapse due to EMP and the creditors won’t know you owe.

    “No cars, commercial trucks, or auto parts were made from February 1942 to October 1945. On January 1, 1942, all sales of cars, as well as the delivery of cars to customers who had previously contracted for them, were frozen by the government’s Office of Production Management.”

      • I am curious how much after Brandon did our spending habits change.. It use to be.. 9/10 of our budget was spent someplace other than the USA.. has that changed at all?

  7. I’ve noticed a lot of HIV (AIDS) articles popping up since the vaccines came out. HIV has been relatively a quiet, non issue for decades.

    Then there’s this …

    Then last night I heard the President of Brazil had made a connection months ago.

    Guess when the vax compromises the immune system to the point ya need boosters to keep your system up and running, what else could ya expect to happen? – of course there are those who argue this as BS. Whatever.

    Magic Johnson contracted AIDS in 1991, and is still alive and in his 60’s, so it isn’t a death sentence as it use to be. – However, if the jabs are. Causing the resurgence, there’s no medication for that.

    Vaccines that have been required for years, aren’t living up to their original expectations, either. But no one mentioned “breakthrough” cases until recently.

    Sometimes, I think it might be best just to wing it and pray the force is with us.

    You’re Welcome George. I really wish your family the best !! Just give it time and a lot of love.

    • If you get the jab, not only are you now on the subscription model of immunity with “free” updates (for now), you also get to serve as a petri dish and incubator for new strains…

  8. I have to agree with PFB. If the Lads were a threat to Zeus it would have manifested itself before now. Besides, cats climb trees while not many dogs do so successfully.

    On another note. Consider Guinea Fowl for security duty. They make dandy early warning alarms for bipedal visitors, either invited or uninvited, and other unauthorized biologics while reportedly eating ticks by the mouthful. They are quiet otherwise and are weird enough looking to provide viewing pleasure whenever you are taking your airs on the screened porch.

    Mom had a pair years back named Heckle and Jeckyl. That would roost on the peak of the shop and would let us know whenever anything arrived by their annoying cackling sounds. Once one of the duo was strutting around the drive in front of the shop when I heard my Mom shrieking. I looked out and saw mom sprinting across the yard with her broom in hi ready position. Looking left just in time I see a good sized Red Tailed Hawk had one of the duo down, I never could tell one from the other as mom could, and a black and white blur flying through the air landing on the back of the hawk. Turns out one of the cats known as Momma decided to join the fight by a landing on the hawks back, wrapping all four legs around its body and sinking all her claws in then calmping her lioness like jaws down on the back of the neck of the hawk. Apparently, the hawk decided this battle was not worth a mangy old weird looking chicken with a pointy thing on its head and released the bird. At the same time Momma cat let go of the hawk and rolled away with a mouthfull of feathers. Just in time too since Mom arrived and connected with a swing of her broom that would make Hank Aaron proud sending the poor hawk only a couple of wingbeats into its escape sailing into the yard where it landed and just laid there momentarily. It got up a couple minutes later and disappeared to nobody knows where. Dad had come down the drive just in time to witness the event. We both stood there and broke into hysterics while mom started chasing the Guinea around wanting to give it first aid or something. I looked over to see Momma cat sitting on the top of my truck licking herself.
    Heckle and Jeckyl continued to provide security services for several more years before each succombing to old age. I guess.

    • Good story and good info! One security problem I’ve not yet figured out is if you’re a sound sleeper and the house is virtually soundproof, how do you get woken quickly and effectively to take action against interlopers. Dogs, peacocks, and other loud birds outside simply won’t get heard. The only solution might be motion detectors, and they are prone to false alarms from other animals.

  9. A good moniker for Kamala Harris.

    How about Kamalicron? Then we can name the next variant after her. You won’t get sick but every time someone asks you a question, you will break into peels of laughter.

  10. Presidential Material? I doubt it.

    I have long experience dealing with people that were in leadership positions that had no business being there.

    The situation that ‘seems’ to be unfolding with the VP and the revelations about her personality sound very similar to a situation that I (a lot of other people) were in on my last deployment. There was a Battalion Commander that had very similar characteristics to our current VP. Even the total lack of ability to speak intelligently in public is shockingly similar. A completely toxic and incompetent person that had somehow made it to this position without ever having had a single day of command experience previously. Actually, I had a hard time believing that this person had every actually been in the military at all. Apparently, this person was ‘hand picked’ by someone at the general officer level to make themselves look good politically. It’s a long story whose details are relevant here, but would be specific enough to maybe figure out who I’m talking about. So, I’m leaving them out.

    Normally, the Army has a very specific path for the types of experience one must have to meet the requirements for higher level command. Especially, for a deployment to a combat zone. These requirements were waived and we got what we got.

    There are people that say things like ‘yes, this person is incompetent, but their staff will keep them from making bad decisions.’ That idea is flat wrong in this case, because this type of person is not only incompetent, but highly paranoid and irrational. So much so, that they cannot accept guidance from their staff. The staff can’t save this person from themselves and when the inevitable failure occurs the staff gets blamed. Eventually, the some of the senior staff (me) learned to mitigate this situation by letting this person twist things until they believed that they had created a good plan independent of the staff. In other words, I got to them think that it was their idea. It was a situation of ‘it wasn’t a good idea until it was their idea.’

    Ultimately, things got so bad that this person got fired during the deployment. That’s a big deal. A career-ending big deal. It was a great day for us, but it didn’t last. To save face for the offending general officer, the whole thing was swept under the rug and this person was reinstated about a week before the end of the deployment and later the next year promoted to O-6.

    After that, I decided to hang up my 27 year career.

    My point with all of this is that the VP will fail (and by extension we will fail). The people closest to her recognize that. They are doing what any rational person would do.

    • My dearly departed Dad told me that: “People rise to their level of incompetence.” And that’s why there are a lot of incompetent people in leadership positions.

      They get there from family and college connections, ass kissing, ‘heels up, Kamala,” “Swa(m)p Employees” between think tanks, banks, academia, media, corporations, lobbyists, etc., the MOB-I-Ah and all manner of ways.

      Just so you know, they didn’t earn it the old fashioned way.

  11. “The neocons are out for war and pushing every republican they can to “go warmonger.” For example, Ernst calls on Biden to be ‘very clear and very strong’ in call with Putin as US concerns grow over Russian military activity near Ukraine”

    Joni Ernst isn’t a neocon — she’s a gen-u-ine conservative, and a retired Army Lt.Col. Check out her record…

    • Ah wrt Joni Ernst … if it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, Swims like a Duck, and Flies like a Duck I’ll call it a “Duck” even if it really is a Goose.

      The NeoCons have their tenacles in BOTH parties … their goal isn’t to be a Republican or a Democrat, but is to START WARS – usually on behalf of a small country on the Med that doesn’t like to fight it’s own wars but to have others shed THEIR blood for it, but if one of those Wars are not readily available any Potential War will do. Joni Ernst is clearly a NeoCon in her thinking and talking.

      The arrogant NeoCons, along with all the ex Europeans who somehow seem to end up in our National Security Positions all the time, are eventually going to be the death knell of our Republic.

      As a country we are WAY overextended into places that are not critical to our survival which actually makes us weaker as a nation (a bunch of illiterates with rifles /NO airforce /NO anti aircraft ability and NO artillery defeated us – a country with artillery /aircraft /high tech communications other high tech weapons – in Afghanistan which should at least turn on a dim light in most people’s minds as to our REAL military capacities … Vietnam War redux?).

      As for Europe … it has a LARGER Population than the US; it has a LARGER Economy than the US; it has a LARGER ability to fund a military defense force. WHY should the US keep spending it’s treasure to “protect” Europe since it is larger, richer, and as technologically advanced?

      Trump was RIGHT!! We need to get out of NATO, should have gotten out of it 20 years ago, 10 years after the breakup of the USSR, and let the Europeans be the masters of their own fate.

      Again the ARROGANCE of the War Craving NeoCons and a succession of European born National Security types (who want us to be European at our core, which at least fly over country the US IS NOT) is why we can’t shake ourselves loose from that entanglement and now those types CRAVE us fighting, actually STARTING, another general European War – SHEESH.

      Eisenhower wasn’t stupid enough to take us into East Germany in 1953.
      Eisenhower wasn’t stupid enough to take us into Hungary in 1956.
      Eisenhower wasn’t stupid enough to take us into Poland in 1956.
      Lyndon Johnson wasn’t stupid enough to take us into Czechloslovakia in 1968.
      Herbert W. Bush wasn’t stuid enough to take us into Poland in 1980.
      George W. Bush wasn’t stupid enough to take us into Georgia in in 2008.
      Barak Obama wasn’t stupid enough to take us into Crimea or Ukraine in 2014.

      Today the NeoCons CRAVE taking us into a War in the Ukraine, a location that is 300 miles from mid downtown Moscow and 5700 miles from the US. I guess that will work out well since the NeoCon Wars of Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya and Syria have been such successes.

      Sheesh …

      • I have always considered the ‘Neocons’ to be left-wing democrats that were allowed to infiltrate the Republican Party. Some of them as an example, Bill Kristol, left but too many remain. How many realize that both parties are private corporations? Who determines their policies? Board-of-Directors? You are right to question ‘Who Runs This Country”? Corporations are the invention of the British. How many realizse that when our not-so-civil war began both sides were financed by the Rothschilds (British-Bauer) and were charging 27%-32% interest on their made-up interest bearing loans. Pres. Lincoln said ‘up yours’ and issued interest-free.Currency (Greenbacks).. For this he was assassinated by a British Agent, John Wilkes Booth.
        After the war ended a treasonous “law” was passed – The “Act of 1871” that transformed the US of A from a Republic to a Democracy (mob rule)..
        The States formed the Federal Government but this treasonous ‘law’ set the ‘creature’ against it’s creator!
        To confirm this go into any courtroom and notice the flag – three edges have gold fringe and two gold cords ended in gold tassels will be observed. When one observes a politician on the TV the same flag is seen, both for the the Federal Government and that of the States.
        There is more, but this should suffice for now..
        We Are British Subjects!
        We cannot win this unless we identify our real enemy – Britain!

    • Totally agree, Ray.

      Brandon is in a difficult spot, one Putin is taking full advantage of. If the Ukraine places troops along their border with Russia, Putin will call the move a threat that needs to be dealt with. If Joe pushes NATO to mobilize for support to Ukraine, he crosses the ‘RED’ line clearly painted by Putin. If Joebama sits back and does nothing, Putin will view this as weakness and a clear signal to go ahead with a move on E. Ukraine. Any way one looks at it, odds favor a Russian incursion into E. Ukraine, and sooner rather than later. Why? Putin is steadfastly working to re-establish the Russian empire. Ukraine, from its formal creation as a regional territory around 1917, has always been a Russian satellite. Putin views the land as Russian and integral to Russian security. A former KGB Lt Col whose grandfather was personal cook to Lenin and Stalin, he views a reconstituted Russian confederation as his destined historic legacy. He is all about himself and Russia, and apparently not so much of a fan of communism. He understands the power of capitalism and the failures of communism, once describing communism as “a blind alley, far away from the mainstream of civilization” Putin could care less about what the rest of Europe, the U.S. or the world might think of his grandiose plans. Putin is all about his own image and the image of his mother Russia. The two are inseparable. He views his destiny as returning the motherland to its rightful power and glory upon the world stage.

      • Understand, Ukraine is a region, not a territory, and was an integral part of Russia from before the Mayflower was built, until the Soviet Union fell apart. This is why it is often referred to as “The Ukraine.” The people living in the Ukrainian region opted for independent statehood because they’d seen 70 years of communism and wanted to ensure they wouldn’t fall under the thumb of a new Russian communist regime. “Ukrainians” are ethnically a blend of Rus, Caucasian, Viking, and Slav, the same as all Southwestern Russians, and unlike Romanians or Belarusians, were native Russians for many hundreds of years.

        I honestly don’t know what Putin is up to. I do know that were I he, I’d do nothing, other than run Winter/Spring wargames from (within spitting distance of) the Ukraine border to a couple hundred miles inland. I would completely ignore Ukraine, unless Ukrainian forces attacked my Russian forces. Oh, and if the U.S. jacked with my means of international monetary exchange, I would shut Europe’s fuel off — maybe not long enough to cause a Pearl Harbor, but certainly long enough to let The Hague know they hadn’t gotten a bikini trim…

      • “Any way one looks at it, odds favor a Russian incursion into E. Ukraine,”

        We Loose Either way.. and if we succeed.. We loose with our currency and economy…
        Then the slam …. the poison pawn trap its multi sided event..No body wins..

      • No, LOOB, we only lose if we deal ourselves in to that game.

        It is our choice.

        That may mean “Congress’ choice.”

        It may mean “President’s choice.”

        THIS is why elections matter.

        We have the government we deserve.

        If it gets us into a shooting war with Russia and Putin nukes us all out of existence, that is what we deserve.

        I, personally, do not believe I deserve this fate, so I take steps to mitigate potential bad stuff and offset the actions of really detached people who make decisions for me which can result in my death or destruction, whether I want them to make those decisions, or not.

        With that said, remember, at this point in time, it is still our choice… NOT OUR OBLIGATION!

      • “No, LOOB, we only lose if we deal ourselves in to that game.
        It is our choice.
        That may mean “Congress’ choice.”

        That is TRUE Ray… But considering.. our congress only works 176 hours a year.. has the puppeteers spending billions on them sending them on luxurious vacations.. giving them private planes and the best meals and having their people write the bills that they vote on.. ( I have read some that are real shockers and you wonder how in the F@@K anyone with half a brain would vote for that crap ) an administration that has been accused of so many crimes and taking huge sums of money.. so.. really do you hire anyone for millions a year and expect absolutely nothing from them?
        We are going to be involved even if no one wants us to be involved.. there will be the cover story about us rushing to someone’s rescue. save fluffy… but seriously.. it is all about oil and control..

      • Money, Raw Resources, Oil, or just a fancy land grab.. its all about the green back.. whatever someone that has to much already is coveting.. as it says in the bible and almost every religious text..
        avoid coveting..
        ” Be content with what you have and don’t desire things that don’t belong to you. You will never be happy when you covet,”
        this one is my favorite….
        “Life is not about possessions. Never compare your life with others. Coveting is indeed idolatry and it leads to things like fraud. God will provide for your needs. Lay up treasures for yourself in Heaven by giving, which is always better than receiving.”
        What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? Certainly not! Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet.” But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead.
        For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
        in almost all the ancient texts in every religion.. there is some texts saying that reflects on this being the worst thing..
        Looking back and we see a pattern that is similar in every major kingdom that has fallen..
        I reflect on Plato’s five regimes…and its affects..

  12. So there are only four countries that report not having any cases of the ‘Vid:
    1. North Korea
    2. Turkmenistan
    3. Tuvalu
    4. Nauru
    The first two have obvious credibility problems and can be dismissed. But the last two….
    They are both remote Pacific islands and being such, one or both have got to have volcanoes. If one has an inactive volcano, then BINGO, that’s got to be where the evil mastermind that unleashed Covid upon the world has got to be holed up.
    I say, send in the Marines, smoke the bugger out, hogtie ’em and grab the antidote. Quick in, quick out; like going to Wisconsin.
    Otherwise, you’d have to believe that Dr. Evil was stupid enough to unleash the ‘Vid on her own country, family and friends.
    Let’s quit screwing around and get this shit over with.

    • Tuvalu and Nauru are very, very, VERY old volcanoes that have sunk into the sea and nothing but a ring atoll remains. Nauru is mining it’s bird guano to enrich it’s citizens and investing in Hi Rise apartments in Honolulu. Nauru is disappearing completely. So good luck finding Dr. Evil.

      • Thanks for the info, HIH.
        Means her Den of Evil is VERY deep in an extinct volcano.
        Looks like we’ll have to send in the nukes.
        Now, which one is she in? Oh hell, let’s just blast ’em both. Just like the old days before that stupid Test Ban Treaty.

  13. This will serve to put a floor under Crypto currencies… Great cover for the build back better planning [and recall/phase out of federal reserve notes].

    Revoke US fracking licenses, revoke oil licenses in ANWAR and the Gulf, shut down pipelines. The US is no longer a net exporting nation of hydrocarbons. Whats setting the value of the federal reserve note?

    How long did it take the Bolivar to collapse after oil production in Venezuela was curtailed?

    Are we seeing the design pattern of build back better? Better for whom?

    Reading between the lines it does seem to confirm a [banking] game theory at play. The your point Mr. Ure, everything is a business model.

    • “”We have put together a pretty damn aggressive package,” an unnamed administration official additionally said to CNN, adding further that if Russia invades Ukraine “the US and Europe together will impose the worst economic sanctions that have ever been imposed on a country, outside of Iran and North Korea,” according to the report.”

      “If that mean old Mr. Putin invades Ukraine, we’ll give him such a pinch…”


      It’s coming on to winter. Putin controls 70% of Europe’s ability to make heat, and 95% of Germany’s gas supply. If we stuff Russia’s means of exchange, they would have absolutely no incentive to leave the pipelines open. I know if I have a commodity to sell, and am guaranteed to not get paid for selling it, I’m gonna collect my chips and find a friendlier game. I hear China’s looking for new energy supplies…

      In 5-card stud, it is unwise to bet your entire net worth when you’ve a pair of deuces and the other guy is showing 4 aces…

    • A couple of weeks ago I bought a new a mattress @ JCPenney and asked for a cash discount. They refused cash. The rep explained they don’t take cash for mattresses. I had to pay with a credit card.

      Unfortunately I didn’t have my AmEx. AmEx has the highest fees.

      • Ya blew it, dude. You had the chance to go from “out of work Steve” to “owns his own island Steve…!”

        Walk out with it.

        As long as FRNs say “…legal tender for all debts…” and you pay for an item with Legal Tender, you’re good. You are obliged to pay for purchases. Retailers are under no obligation to accept payment for purchases. If a store refuses to accept legal tender, they’ve gifted you the items (although you might want to get a signature on a carboned affidavit, and maybe their cash refusal on camera…) You should include a fine-print clause in the affidavit which says the store is responsible for all your legal fees, and don’t forget to leave the carbon copy (NOT the original) with the clerk.

        Assuming your attorney has chosen proper wording for the affidavit, you might get arrested but you WILL walk, and the store WILL reimburse you for your legal defense, plus triple damages if they slander or defame you in the process…

  14. Every day they out do themselves with greater evil . Yep . Absolutely no problem . expected really not surprised

  15. Yep just pile into gold . We got em they are desperate delusional vegetables. All currencies all stocks are worthless . Gold has no counterparty. Everything is an illusion in the other scams

  16. Mr Editor,

    As a public service forcommunity here on the urb surv site – I am posting this very good, high quality hand gun handling and safety video. This is the same instructional, training video our contractors were using in training Afghan security forces in small arms training.

    Does cutting off SWIFT to motha Russia count as a “credit squeeze” ??

    anyone seen Orville lately? gonna need to restock thde popscorn stash.

  17. Regarding the current “VP”, I’ve got a few names for her, all of which are NSFW.
    Most begin with Camel—.

    For now, I suppose we can just call her Camel. If she ever gets to be a president, we can call her Humpty. If we get lucky, we’ll get to Dumpty.

  18. For those of us that are un veged , and function in a conscious aware state , we ask , where does this end . One conclusion as always is bad . The other guys never changed they just became more evil . Stay strong healthy and most of all disciplined

  19. “Kamala Harris described as a ‘bully’ and ‘soul destroying’… the art of good news writing is the turn of a good slur.”

    Skamala Terr’rist

    • Yes, interesting because the definition of Ka is: noun Egyptian Religion.
      a spiritual entity, an aspect of the individual, believed to live within the body during life and to survive it after death.

      So, we could nickname her: Anti-Ka, KaMoulah, KaMullah, KaMoola.

      Or KaKa, which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as: Kaka, crap, shit, etc.,. in Hebrew, you are such a Kaka.



      KaKaKamala!!! I feel a song coming on. KaKaKamala, oh oh ah!!!

      You all know that Obummer took acting classes to prepare him for his Presidential placement.

      I can see her now;

      Acting Coach: Now KaKa, try to answer my question without cackling before answering.

      Okay, try again.

      “Okay, no, and yes, are answers, but try to answer with a complete sentence and do not end it in a cackle cackle cackle.”

      “Okay, try again.”

      “I can see we need to practice this.”

      “Okay, let’s take it from the top.”

      “Uh, actually WHEN did you start cackling instead of using words? This is actually a very bad habit that is obviously hard to break, but let’s keep trying.”

      “Okay, please, take it from the top.”

      Cackle Cackle: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Cackle Cackle, Cackle, Cackle, Cackle!!!

      — The Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 1

  20. Really . I wonder what they will cook up tomorrow? They always find new levels of evil daily . Not allowed to mention those outstanding individuals on CNBCC ussa . But I will give the great and honest Rick Ackerman a wrap . Look forward to his weekly wrap all the time. Thanks rick

  21. Sir,

    While Churchill may not have been a man of the cloth but rather someone who knew one end of a cigar from the other, please do not under any circumstance attach his name or portions thereof to that of Vice-chairperson Kam.

    One imagines a most convivial level of respect would be to reference her henceforth simply as “Alice”, or “Ms. Keppel”, should decorum so dictate. Indeed, the great-grandmother-in-law to the present Heir Apparent was held in high regard in the private chambers of HRH King Edward VII. Additionally, visions of the Alice in Wonderland moving ever faster to remain in place evokes a happy ending to the fairy tale.

  22. HOLY COW George! My tulips are up $14 in value today! Hell that is almost the cost of a Big Mac in Seattle. WHOOHOO! I might have to put in another $20!


  23. George,

    In my experience, you can perhaps ‘train” the newly acquired pups to accept Zeus. However, and this a big however, certain dog breeds are just natural born cat killers. My past experience has shown Labs to be one of the worst offenders. Great dogs, but most seem to have an intense dislike for cats.

    Our German shepherd, that adopted us, gets along OK with our cats; but even so I think that unrestrained she would chase the smaller fur balls and in playing accidentally hurt them.

    My advice is keep Zeus indoors for now. After all he should get the better treatment since he has been “King of the Realm” for so long.

    One final note, the Great Spirit will reward your kindness for taking care of your new found pups.

    • And he’s obviously older, and there is no way he can out run one dog and definitely not 2, tree or no tree.

      And if he stops to defend himself, that’s the end of Zeus.

      Sorry to be so blunt, but I just saw a black lab take out a cat 2 weeks ago, which I have already posted about.

  24. Hmmmmm….. I got asked if I wanted to go teach greenhorns how to shift Eatan tonight.

    His manager said I’m not sure if he is the right guy. Looks busy.

    So I asked,

    Do ya have to teach double clutch still because the state wants it? Plus your kinda mean dude. You know like, expect me to actually work, use proper terminology and shit. Not show up 2 hours late, ask where breakfast is, slam some 100 mile coffee, choke down some reds, then start calling everyone rubber neck and sayin shit like we got two repeat beeps past the Chicken Coup and the Travel agents still pissed about black eye on buster brown, so hammer down driver!

    Hahaa. The manager of the place a guy in his 30’s said what the hell did he just say? The owner known me a long time and says to me, looka like we hiring for Boss, Andy. You interest. I said let me check my roster, drop this Pup, catch ya on the kickback. Hahahahaha his manager had no idea what the hell I just said. Ed laughs and says. That is trucker speak man. Real trucker speak.

    I’m think I’m good tho. Would be fun. I do miss grabbing gears. Lol less bitching from both mouths.


    • He said he will call me tomorrow be to catch up anyway. I said well as long as we don’t have to talk about Zena and the Stripper pole again.

      The idea of working 4 tens and living away from the city. Making close to the same money but in a much cheaper place sounds good.

      But greenhorns grinding gears all day is well…. idk. But there best be biscuits and gravy for breakfast if he wants to hire me as boss man.

      Hmmmmm wasn’t expecting that.

      Can I see my self saying,

      “Off to grab 18 gears!”

      Again. I kinda like my new catch phrase mo betta. Still wear a suite or boots but it pays close to the same. And be out in the country or be at the beach. “All you need is within your soul” Momma used to tell me.

    • “double clutch”

      Really? Still? “Double clutcher” was my CB handle, 40 years ago. Even then, a lot of people didn’t know what it was…

  25. Those clever Chinese.

    The Ikea model was moving the cost of furniture assembly to the buyer. And pass on a little savings, keep a little savings.

    This You Tube guy bought an electric car from a Chinese firm that’s using the Ikea model, some assembly required.

    A great idea. Sell a base kit then make money selling snap-on add-ons later.

    Unboxing & Testing My Chinese “$2,000” ELECTRIC Truck!

  26. With the war drums beating, something dramatic happened today on Oahu. The Navy housing has had fuel contaminated water in their housing areas in the past week. The Navy has a million gallons of fuel stored in a massive underground area called Red Hill, above Pearl Harbor. Eight (I believe) underground tanks carved out of the mountain. It has been a major worry for years, as below the tanks is the single biggest aquifer water supply for Honolulu and the island of Oahu. That water source has now been shut down. Secretary of the Navy visited the site today, so it is serious to the highest levels. Navy has agreed to cease operation of the underground fuel storage operation immediately. The Hawaii state governor went one better today and issued an emergency health proclamation, ORDERING the Navy to drain the tanks within the next 30 days. Where will a million gallons of fuel go?? I don’t believe there is that much above-ground storage available elsewhere on the island. This was the major protected fuel storage facility for Pearl Harbor and Hickam air base. This could have a major effect on military operations if needed for a war footing. It may have also contaminated a large portion of the island water supply.

    • It will be loaded onto a tanker. Hopefully, there’s still somebody above Commodore who’s smart enough to keep it local, lest the Bidenistas integrate it into the mainland fuel supply.

      Now might be a good time to acquire a personal desalinator…

  27. whats this dogsheet tonite yah scum sarking hypocrite vombie veges .. yous are all in this together farken circus .

  28. “Adam Smith is suggesting that Biden not rely too much on US and NATO muscle in the area. Instead work the sanctions angle as outlined in Congressman Smith Advised Biden not to “Play Hard to Get” with Putin – Oreanda-News.”

    Hmm….I wonder..While our politicians worked feverishly to de-industrialize the USA… Russia has been Pushing hard to industrialize their country..
    We outsourced .. our industry they worked hard to build theirs.. to top it off.. they are now working with China the planets manufacturer of choice..
    take alibaba or alliexpress and check it out.. on most of their products.. there is a choice.. where do you want the product to come from.. one of their distribution houses in the USA… from China or from Russia.. I believe that the Cato institute did a story on this and so did Carnegie.. or was it the brookings institute.. anyway it makes no difference at all.. everyone knew it.. they bought lobbyists to buy our legislators votes and wrote many of the bills that they voted on.. even our medications come from them…. while we played fill the pockets.. they played on our greed and desire for more..
    so what really does anyone think they will think.. we will put sanctions on stuff you already manufacture.. My sincere thought is MAYBE those in the position to make changes should sit down go to work and read some of this shizt that they don’t think has any merit .. to actually give a dam about their job rather than their pockets.

    • “Adam Smith” is politically, diametrically opposed to his famous namesake. Smith is an “open borders, and make them all citizens as quickly as possible” anyone-but-White, tax and spend, PNW Leftist who has done nothing, since he hit Washington, to ensure the sanctity of our Constitution or way of life. He’s probably a permanent installation, because even after the jerrymandering, his District is about 70% Democratic, but that doesn’t make him a good Congressman, nor does it reflect well on the majority braindead who live in western Washington shitholes.

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