Market at a Crossroad

Stock markets around the world are an an interesting juncture this week, according to our Trading Model.  Seems if there’s a decent rally, the market could zoom off to new highs before our usual “Sell in May and go away” period.  Except, the other side is that if the markets do break down in the next week, or so, we could be in for a major bloodbath in roughly the same period.

Anyone who is even halfway serious about making free money from Wall St. knows it doesn’t matter which way the market is running; trades can be put on either way.  And, despite the periodic demonization of short-side players, there always has to be someone to take the other side of a trade – or there’s no market!

A look at Asia shows a pretty decent (1.77%) rally in Japan overnight and a small quarter percent loss in China.  European markets are nearly as exciting as a bowl of spaghetti.

Which I mention in case you’re trying to “noodle” what to do with your vast fortune:  Don’t think…wait for the market to make its mind up and go with the flow.

The market could “tread water” until the end of the week, too.  It will be Thursday before we get retail sales, which should be down a bit, partly because the number of jobs added in last week’s unemployment data was weaker than the Hallelujah Choir was hoping.  But the real numbers to watch will be out Friday morning when the Fed’s industrial production and utilization arrives only to be followed within the hour by the leading economic indicators.

Sure, the market might move one way, or the other, a bit.  But the real direction may take a bit of doing to sort out.  So if you work on Wall St. this might be the week to take a few days off before things begin to get nutty again.

As the World Spins

I mean this very (or at least mostly) seriously:  This is a very hard week for serious news junkies because so much of the stuff which is making headlines is either inevitable or just plain “don’t matter.”

Take the case of the first NFL football player, Michael Sam, coming out as being gay.  It that going to change anything in the NFL?  Nope, not likely.  Other than  the LBGT movement is one of the few growth “industries” around anymore, it’s not going to impact my plans to try out for the NFL.

What’s much more likely to impact my relationship with football is the fact that I don’t think there are any (repeat ANY) 65-year old walk-ons in the game.

Since media all have to come up with different “angles” on what’s essentially one story, we can’t help but notice that the fact Sam is from Missouri has made it into a few headlines
What, like there aren’t gay people in every state?

In our never-ending efforts to point out how the Universe serves up wryrony in heaps and gobs to aware observers, I’ll remind you that Missouri is  what?  The Show Me State.

You can make up your own ending, punchline, or social comment from here:  I just give you the set-up material.


My Swiss Cheesy Immigration Note

By a thin margin, voters in Switzerland have voted to bring back a strong immigration policy.  Which means that now they have crossed the uber klassen of the European Union leadership (a term used advisedly) because the EU thinks that people should be able to come from all manner of poor and oppressed downtrodden backgrounds and be free to trash the home of the gnomes of banking.

Needless to say, the home of the gnomes ain’t to keen on the idea.  For one, it might bring down the term  “average” a few notches.

Not that this has anything to do with the immigration mess here in the US where we have put ourselves into a “must do” on immigration because without it, government programs like Social Security will blow up sooner than later.

But it does get us to wondering if there is anything like a global ranking of national IQs of registered voters.

Well, lookie here!  There is such a ranking.  It shows that Swiss are still ranked 101…slightly above the 100 average IQ.

What’s more, a little study of the data says that Canadians have gone from an average of 97 in 2002 to a more recent (2006) reading of 99.

The average IQ in America, says the data is actually 98 and that prolly explains a lot about voter apathy and who we put in office, doesn’t it?

And, as for my contention that opening up the floodgates of immigration with Mexico would bring down America’s average IQ even more is supposed by the data that says Mexico’s  average IQ was 87 in 2002 and it’s only up to 90 as of 2006.

Know why we won the Cold War with Russia?  I mean besides bankrupting them on defense with the help of the Marcos Gold?  Russia’s average IQ  at the time was 96…up to 97 more recently.  Freedom makes people smart.

imageSo what we SHOULD be importing, instead of Mexicans (suggests the data, not me) is North Koreans.  Average IQ 106…or better, Singaporeans or Honk Kong(ese?)?  Average IQs of 108.

Unfortunately, Canada’s already got that locked up, but look at data on India where all those special visas are being handed out by the high outfits.  You see what?  Maybe people from India aren’t supermen at all…maybe it has more to do with corpslimes trying to get the work done by the cheapest available resource. And yes, that’s why the corpslimes have their eyes on Africa, next…exploitation is profitable as hell.

Gee, what a novel concept, huh?

Ruthless Hillary

No, I have no idea why the Drudge Report is covering the stories about Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House so early.  Reports like “The Hillary Papers: Archive of ‘closest friend’ paints portrait of ruthless First Lady” aren’t going to make her quit the run…

Clinton has been busy retooling her Benghazi actions and now looks like David Petraeus is endorsing her.  If she wins, expect Petraeus to get a gov gig…which is how this stuff rolls.

Meantime, if someone could slip this Wikipedia entry to Matt, that’d be useful, methinks.  Familiarity Heuristic.

In psychology, a heuristic is an easy-to-compute procedure or “rule of thumb” that people use when forming beliefs, judgments or decisions. The familiarity heuristic was developed based on the discovery of the availability heuristic by psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman; it happens when the familiar is favored over novel places, people, things. The familiarity heuristic can be applied to various situations that individuals experience in day to day life. When these situations appear similar to previous situations, especially if the individuals are experiencing a high cognitive load, they may regress back to the state of mind in which they have felt or behaved before. This heuristic is useful in most situations and can be applied to many fields of knowledge, however, there are both positives and negatives to this heuristic as well.

Which is why ‘Merica is F/U’ed:  We vote for the familiar rather than best, novel, or different.  Which is why we have a couple of national aristocracies, and the Clintonistas is one of them.  So after Ma Clinton is done in the WH, it will then be time for the daughter to move up ther food chain…kinda like the Bushistas are working their aristocracy.

It’s a brand, don’t you get it?  We keep shopping at the same stores and electing the same has beens because we’re what?  Idiots!

Say, maybe our national IQ is lower now than it was in 2006 – you think?

Power Mongering

Turn about it fair play, figure the Iranians.  So they are sending some military might (a couple of ships) close to the US in order to make it known that we are not the only country that can project force.

Meantime, back home, the Iranians are getting simulated bombings of Tel Aviv and of a US aircraft carrier.

When we do it, it’s called Hollywood.  When they do it, its suddenly propaganda. 


More talks in Geneva.

You know, Syria has a government.  Just like we do.

Now, how would the world act if China or Russia started arming street gangs in LA and calling it a “resistance movement?”  Obviously, that wouldn’t go over well.  But when we do that in Syria it gets labeled peace talks. 

Weirder and weirder every day, ain’t it?

Meantime, the US/West/EU are promoting the uprising in Ukraine the same way, selling the EU and the kinder, gentler brand.

And so, Ukraine government (backed by Russia) has upped the ante by putting anti terrorism forces on alert, and that’s a kind of code word for “Look out for those western backed trouble makers…”

I just wish a big war would break out somewhere:  We need it for the economy otherwise we’re going to be reading forever about stories like creating government jobs for a million a pop.

You see?  This is the kind of back-end problem war fixes….

Do Process or Due Process?

Here we go again…another report that an American citizen – dumb enough to throw in with al Qaeda – will possibly be the target of a US drone strike.

So when you leave America, do you give up rights to due process?  I must have missed that in the Constitution…I was pretty sure I’d read the whole thing.

But then again, I probably missed the part of IRS taxing you after you leave America even if you renounce your citizenship. 

Being an American anymore is kind of like having a tattoo  that won’t come off…   Which gets us to…

Bye-Bye ‘Merica

Say, you don’t think that’s why a record number of Americans renounced their citizenship in 2013, to you?

You gotta read the Forbes article because it’s a girsly reminder how (just as in pre-War Germany) we’re slamming the exit doors shut and punishing those who do escape from citadel ‘Merica.

Quaking Hills

Three minor quakes in the hills of Hollywood are making news. But if you put out a big SoCal paper and it’s a slow news week (like now) what do you write about?

Personally, I’m guessing a big truck on Barham or on the Ventura could have done almost the same thing, but if L.A. slides into the ocean this week, I’ll admit to overdosing on cynicism.  Of course, there’s always traffic accidents to report, like this one.  Which is why I’m not dying to drive in SoCal again…