Been an interesting year from the perspective of an economics student.  Because the “new thing” globally is SynGro and MUM.

SynGro is short, obviously, for  synthetic growth.   The way SynGro works is this:  You “make-up” a problem, “make-up” a solution, and turn it into a huge business model.

I’d have to go back to the law books to figure out exactly when the notion of “protected classes” came along, and when they were massively expanded.  But, once upon a time in America (which this  used to be) there were  people, not “classes.”

Today, thanks to mass marketing to legions of phone apes (and billions of phony social media accounts) we everyone slotted and differentiated into marketable classes which have economic clout.  Victimhood is the new, carbon-neutral, economic model. I await the days when hemmerhoid victims become a protected class.  People with halitosis, too.

This is not to say that fundamental human rights are n’t important; Of course they are!  But, should the 22nd gender be able to promote its programming ideas in grade schools?  Social Media makes CMD (communicable mental diseases, digital dementias) propagate.

Even once “hard sciences” are running afoul the  SynGro model.  The number of “climatologists” has never been higher.  Yet, except for cloud seeding and HAARP (ionospheric heaters), (and jiggering of data to amplify urban heat islanding), help me understand what all these people are focused on.  The absolutely tiny impacts of humans?  I hold a deep fear the real SynGrow here is appointing themselves the new Masters of Everything.  Without review or recourse, at that.

I swear to God, here in the remnants of ‘Merica, the burned-out shell of a once-great country, SynGrow is talking everything to death.  Gone is that old “look at real problems and implement real solutions” attitude.  Innuendo and hate-leading.

Holding the USA to one climate implementation level (now) while the biggest polluter in the world (China) is held to another implementation level (2030, which will be after the global nuclear war, so Paris won’t matter), where’s the home-grown light rail frenzy?  The lambdas in every home?  You know 5G isn’t the answer, right?  Even Scientific American is warning could spell our genetic doom?  Sure, there must be someone besides me who understands modal bandwidth, right?

MUM Matters, Too

Ah, the making up money discussion.  Bullet points first:

  • In the Fed’s H.6 Money stocks report last Friday, we saw pretty clearly where the stock rally is coming from.  Made Up Money!!!
  • Table 1, 90-days for the period ending September 30, the annualized rate of increase for M2 was 9.1%.  And lest you think that’s a gross exageration statistically, the 6-months annualized was up 9.0%, as well.
  • Table 2.  gives us reason to think the stock bubble is on its last legs.  The most recent sliding window of 90-days puts M1 at 6.7% and M2 increasing at 8% *(both annualized).

Just for the hell of it, let’s look, using our US Aggregate Index number at how the market has performed in the past year, shall we?

  • November 15 of last year, our Aggregate stood at 23,111.37.  When we ran the numbers for our subscribers this weekend, Friday was seen closing the week at 26,444.25.

Just for fun, sport, and amusement, let’s divide the former by the latter and see how close to the Fed Money Printing Festival that gets us, shall we?

Why,, that’s 14.42%!!!

Can someone explain to me why with that kind of market the whole country is getting on the “bite the hand that feed’s ’em” wagon?  It’s just not tracking for me.  (Must be my age, or something.)

Let’s see if we’ve got this right:

  • Stocks, year on year as of last Friday up 14.42%
  • Money supply, M2 one year *(Table 2.) up much less.

Worried?  Sure:  I think where we are is on the tail-end of the 11-year expansion from the 2008-2008 bottoming process of the last economic cycle.

And, while it’s true that disposable personal savings are up a bit more than 13% compared with Q3 of 2018 (table 8 data here) , two relevant facts that impact this “good” number need to be born in mind.

  • First is that stocks are hot…and that’s driving up lots of things Including personal savings which, on the long side, might have run close to that 14% rate for markets overall.
  • Second, because of money printing, there is inflation – and we’re guessing 2%, or so.

Which means (to old simpleton George) that when this sucker turns down, personal savings rates will reverse (as losses in the markets and investments would be realized) as well as goods sales would crater.  Goods have been running ahead of long-term trends so people are “still buying stufflike crazy.

Lots of housing data coming this week in dribs and drabs.  Keep an eye on that.  When it becomes clear that housing prices are turning, the market may not be too far behind.

So, Overnight?

Surprise to me:  Hong Kong was up strongly.  This despite the “hardening” taken by China in order to “keep order.”  Keep an eye on the Fiery standoff at a Hong Kong university.  Driver?

Free Money!!! US Futures Breach New All-Time Highs As Global Stocks Approach Record On Unexpected Chinese Rate Cut.  No one will notice the Hong Kong violence if there’s enough party money, right?

The Hang Seng index was up more than 354 points, or 1.35%. which tells us that yes, it’s true:  Markets do climb walls of worry.  (Or they’re manipulated, but we would never take that seriously…or would….)

Nancy Tries Playing “Trip Trump”

After the sour grapes of a fired Ukraine ambassador were leveled when she admitted having no knowledge of president Trump doing anything illegal, at the Friday Inquistion session, Nancy Pelosi is now trying BTT (Bait The Trump) into appearing before Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court.

In today’s chapter, left-supporting media will tout Nancy as being “fair” by giving Trump a chance to testify.

But, in reality, they have a nothing sandwich so far as evidenced by calling people with no knowledge of an illegality being committed.

Dems are stonewalling an appearance by Eric Ciaramella, allegedly the whistleblower, because if they did, the republicans would get him  on the record admitting to meeting with rep. Schiff’s staffers prior to the filing of the “complaint” which was based on hearsay since the alleged whistleblower (Ciaramella by reports) was not on the call.

As we have noted, Trump staff, moving the call notes to a secure server , pprevented their being amended by coup members.  Notwithstanding the coup narrative, “Can you say preservation of evidence?”

This leaves the dems trying to trip Trump into the “process crime” trap.

Remember the FBI interviewing Michael Flynn?  They get enough detail so that later he may not answer precisely the same minute point…BANG!  Process crime of “lying to the FBI.”

By the way, for all the “corruption” and “inept” slurs on Trump, how come the MSM isn’t reporting something of a Ukraine win:? Russia Starts Process of Returning Captured Naval Ships to Ukraine – Reports.  We see that unlike Obama sending blankets, Trump sending actual arms has checked Russia.

What’s still missingis the prosecution of Obama underlings and Hillary implants who broke all kinds of laws by weaponizing the US intelligence agencies.  Through the creation and dissemination of opposition research.  Wasn’t that made up, in part, by the wife of an FBI agent?  When she was working withy FusionGPS  and then fed to Steele to plant?  Horrifically convoluted.

AG William Barr said last week the long-await IG report is due soon.  Apparently, a week back, a draft went to key people named in the report for their comments.  That could come out just ahead of Thanksgiving.

Not a bad time, either, since markets tend to run up before holidays (save last Chrismas!). That would basically give the Nation four days to digest *and maybe actually read* whatever is to come.

Interesting times we live in, no?

Short Stuff

Related to all this Trump stuff is the fact that House member Kevin McCarthy (R) has sent a letter to ABC wondering why they spiked that Jeffrey Epstein expose for three years. The answer is obvious, though we doubt seriously whether ABC will come clean:  The network is likely under the thumb of the coup.  As we have explained, lib-dems who control the coup also control huge advertising and social media resources  Like we totally get it. Economic nuts in a vice.

This is the kind of problem you run into as Rome is about to begin collapse.  People, put in economic duress for doing  the right thing, throw in with the  coup leaders and play along, hoping the coup  will succeed.  Thinking when it does, they will be forgiven by the  coup.

Side Note:  I have noticed lately that a lot of my reporting on this brings me back to covering the two big stories of my early reporter days (late 1960’s and early 1970’s).  We had what was essentially a  coup against US policy in Vietnam which was generally peaceful, except things like the Bank Of America demonstrations/riots in Santa Barbara….and we had a president (Nixon) under seige.

As a result, as I recount the story (down the middle, though I lean a bit anti- coup because he’s an elected, sitting president) the flavor of reporting is evolving that “war on the home front” feeling I experienced on the streets back then.  Only thing missing so far is the tear gas on the steps of the Federal building, but I expect we will have that before 2020 gets here.

New line of attack being launched by the coup through cooperating media includes Possible pay-to-play scheme for Trump ambassador post uncovered.  Again “shocking innuendo” but will there be something on the sandwich this time?  9th times a charm? No cancelled checks and it’s just more Hillary-Obama sour grapes…but let’s see what comes out.

Where were we?  Oh yeah…other stuff:

Bong! Potential $1.7 billion adult-use cannabis market in Michigan gears up for Dec. 1 launch.

At the box office: Joker becomes first R-rated film to make $1bn at global box office.  Here,m all this time, I thought the Joker was leading the House hearings.  My bad.

Footsteps of Soros?  Is that what this is? Russian Billionaire Eyes Religious ‘Troll Farm’ – Reports.

Well, this is just ridiculous.  About the only interesting things on the horizon this week will be anything Barr says, the Fed notes on Wednesday, and when will the next dire climate story be along to pimp fear as we head into the new Modern Minimum?

Monday Woo Woo

Had an odd woo-woo dream last night and it involved royalty and how the economic collapse has just begun.  Seems a few of the ultra’s are beginning to “reposition” went the dream.

Then I noticed the BBC Prince Andrew interview on BBC NewsNight here.

Yeah, maybe the collapse is about to gear up.  Snowballing and not just in the “box in Trump” arena.  Could it be the whole Deep State and Royalists are about to implode their conflict in mutually assured destruction?

And interesting theory.  But with the Dow futures up 75 ahead of the open, it likely won’t matter.


Still, the dream portion of a “woman under threat fleeing on a jet” with a “fake emergency inflight/landing” was pretty interesting.  The kind of thing to keep an eye out for in coming headlines… Nose gear/hard landing.

Write when you get rich,