Lover or Farmer Day Rally

This is a very special day:  Lover or Farmer Day.  If you are a Lover, then it is the longest night of the year and you’re happy.  But, if you’re a Farmer, it’s the shortest day of the year – hence you have less light to get things down and you’re not-so-happy.  Aside from Season Affects Disorder (SAD) and treatment with full spectrum light plus, perhaps, some vitamin D3…oh, wait, back to finance.

We begin this morning with the futures up, the Tax Bill passed, Bitcoin’s holding in the $16,700 range earlier, while we ponder how long this year’s Santa Rally will last.

AS always, the answer is: ” Until it’s done.”  Like “when the fever breaks.”  Nevertheless, we have several fresh data points just out:

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The first one is the latest GDP figure out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2017 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the second quarter, real GDP increased 3.1 percent.”

Then we consider the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator:

“Led by slower growth in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.15 in November from +0.76 in October. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index decreased from October, but three of the four categories made positive contributions to the index in November. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.41 in November from +0.31 in October.”

But the Philly Fed’s Business Outlook survey is more upbeat:

Current Indicators Suggest Solid Growth
The diffusion index for current general activity increased from a reading of 22.7 in November to 26.2 this month (see Chart 1). Nearly 41 percent of the firms indicated increases in activity this month, up from 35 percent in November. Both the current new orders and shipments indexes also improved this month, increasing 8 points and 2 points, respectively. Although they moderated slightly, both the delivery times and unfilled orders indexes remained positive, suggesting longer delivery times and increases in unfilled orders. Inventories were, on balance, nearly steady this month: The percentage of firms reporting lower inventories (19 percent) was slightly higher than the percentage reporting higher inventories (17 percent).”

Should mention, too, in the BEA GDP data there is Table 12, the Corporate Profits report:

“Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation adjustment and capital
consumption adjustment) increased $90.2 billion in the third quarter, compared with an increase of
$14.4 billion in the second quarter.

Profits of domestic financial corporations increased $47.8 billion in the third quarter, in contrast to a
decrease of $33.8 billion in the second. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations increased $10.4
billion, compared with an increase of $59.1 billion. Rest-of-the-world  profits increased $32.0 billion, in
contrast to a decrease of $10.8 billion. In the third quarter, receipts increased $26.9 billion, and
payments decreased $5.2 billion.”

If these numbers haven’t put you to sleep, congratulations.  You have the makings of a good young capitalist.

There are less than four dozen of us left, the rest having been co-opted by various causes and globalism.  So Ure in good company.

Dow should pop up today…as we near the end of the Santa Rally.

Enjoy It While You Can, Tho

As our outlook for 2018 continues to point to problems in late 2018, especially in the House elections where we’re expecting the RINO’s to suffer, another disturbing fact is coming into focus:

U.S. life expectancy falls for second straight year — as drug overdoses soar.

This is a kind of ‘double-whammy’ for those of us getting Social Security:  When the young die, they stop paying into retirements.  As a result, fewer workers (which will be driving wage inflation) will make things more expensive for the older Americans (especially those of us who essentially got NOT BUMP in Social Security because healthcare premiums ate it ALL) due to wage-driven inflation.

In a way, somewhere in here, robotics is good news (since we won’t need open borders to bring in cheap labor).  But it will quickly turn to bad because, once again, only the  One Percent will continue to own the Means of Production.

As we’ve been shouting from the rooftops, robotic incomes to business should be taxed as Regular Income and robotics should pay Social Security.

For now, no one seems to hear me, but give it time.  As jobs evaporate in coming years, surely someone besides us will wise-up.

About that War in February

Our “not particularly upbeat” outlook for 2018 also includes war on the Korean Peninsula.

US commandos train to capture North Korean nukes” is yet-another pointer of trouble to come.

US Department of Stupid

Holiday cheer banned from Minnesota college over ‘inclusivity’.

Or, be CNN and ask Is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sexist?  FMTT.

Rolling Stone Sold

Penske Media buys majority stake in Rolling Stone magazine.  Keep on truckin’?

The Case Against Pitbulls

Soap Box: File this under “Gory Story” as a 22-year old woman was mauled to death by her two pitbulls, according to local accounts in  Richmond media.

The sad part of the story (in addition to the death) is the number of stories that come out basically apologizing for the dogs and hinting at neglect. WTF?

There was a case recently in Florida which took us aback: “Pit bulls that almost killed a UPS driver were just ‘doing their job,’ their owner says…”

Let me see if I have this right:  If a delivery driver were to show up here at the ranch and I sent out a volley from the inventory, nearly killing the driver, what would happen?  Answer:  Attempted murder charges as a minimum, no question. Box time, for sure.

But IF, instead of a few bursts downrange from the AK’s it was chomps from Pitbulls that nearly killed, that would be OK? “Doing their job?”  My ass.  Set some frigging land mines, then too, so they can “do their job…”

People – not dogs – are responsible for all damage done by their animals.  And an in-muzzled Pitbull – unpredictable and DANGEROUS as they are – is like walking around with a loaded weapon pointed at everyone in range.

So, pardon me if I draw down on any four-legged bred killers in my vicinity.  Quid pro quo. Out of a muzzle? Out of a holster.  Plain as that.

If you claim you need “personal protection” try Frontiersman Bear Spray – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range – 30 Feet (7.9 oz). $30 bucks and no food bill.  No poop bags.  No obedience classes.

Remember:  I’ve owned two dogs and consider myself a responsible pet owner.  Where I differ with pitbull owners is the definition of responsible.

Out here in the woods, understand, packs of wild dogs are a real PROBLEM.  And much WORSE when pits and other attack breeds are in the pack’s mix.  Ever look at a half dozen dogs with their back hairs up?  Up close and personal?

All the dogpoligies in the world won’t turn a pack.  Bear spray at ’em if they’re upwind?  No thanks…Something heavier and faster is the only choice if you want to be home for dinner.  Bump-fire?  Let’s just say it works.

Despite the liberal outcries, there are times in the Outback when a 10-round magazine isn’t enough…30 (or our new 40’s) are definitely preferred.  Dog packs or a herd of wild hogs are two such occasions.  NRA and GOA members, of course, know this.

If you can’t make the distinction between  a well-trained or working dog and a bred killer, you probably shouldn’t own ANY pets.  Or firearms, either.

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    • Another good choice is a 12ga semi-auto riot gun with no.4 buckshot(why semi-auto you ask? have you ever tried to shot a pump around a corner)

    • In Montana, bear spray is called “spice”!
      The bells that are recommended to be worn to jangle while walking through the woods to alert the bears are called “dinner bells”

  1. A friend of mine was visiting friends, sitting three on the couch, the family pit bull suddenly grabbed her face. She looked terrible for weeks after her face was stitched up and still has scars. No one knows what set the dog off, but my friend was very lucky to come out as well as she did.

  2. Damn, George! There you go telling the truth AGAIN! As an NRA member and a prepper, I know the problems caused when hungry and abandoned “nice canine pets” roam in packs. A pistol is great for a single animal, but NOT the best for a pack. A rifle with a 30 round magazine and a red dot can pick off the alpha dog at the back leading the charge. Semi-auto, IMHO, is better than a bump stock in that situation. Better conservation of ammo and 30 is NOT too much.

    But to be unaware and unarmed is to become dinner for the crowd. Which is why I carry when I go walking. Another FACT! I suspect you don’t get too many Fact hating readers. Thanks for all you write and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Super Solstice, etc.

  3. Agreed, George. People nowadays think of pets as “furbabies” ,etc. Sometimes animals are. …animals. And must be dealt with accordingly. ….

  4. When you look into that Pit Bull story you find that when the body was found, the dogs were protecting it and were not molesting it. More to this story than is being told.
    I used to leave my Pit Bull in the house, unlocked and the car, unlocked. I never lost a thing.

    • You didn’t read the released update from one of the policemen on the scene: pitbull was eating the torso.

    • Darwinism in action.

      I read one story where the lady’s friends were saying something to the fact, ‘someone killed the woman and framed the dogs’ (sic).

      Somehow some people just mis-perceived the following:

      “Deputies found a Virginia woman in the woods and saw her two pit bull dogs “eating [her] rib cage,” the sheriff said on Monday about the “grisly” mauling of the 22-year-old who was found dead after taking her pets for a walk. “

  5. I have known 5 families with pit bulls in my life. Family number 1…Pit bull mauls and partially eats family cat. Family Number 2…Pair of Pitbulls left in detached garage while family goes shopping and come back and each mauled themselves to death. Family number 3…A neighbor is walking her prized Maltese and they pass a guy with his pit bull. Without any provocation, the pit bull latches on to the Maltese’s neck. The Maltese survives, but gets 24 stitches. The pit bull is put down (by law). Owner buys another pit bull.
    Family number 4. Everyday the mailman delivered the mail to my brother in laws neighbors home and like all dogs, the pit bull barked at him. One day, the pit bull goes crazy and tries to scale the 5 foot wooden fence in a devilish rage. He somehow makes it to the top, but the wooden spikes at the top gore the Dog and he dies. Family number 5…our mail room guy has a pit bull and had to be put down for busting through the screen door and attacking a UPS delivery guy. That’s 5 people in my circle and 5 incidents. You’d never see a Labrador do any of those things. Pit bulls have a genetic code that is on the fritz more often than not.

  6. Even my cat whose 3 kittys born in my closet and concerned by me, turned on me sinking a bunch of fangs into my leg and refusing to let go without being banged upon the table, ..

  7. Lots of good info in this thread. I’ve had my bad scenes with dogs, and I’ve faced down a pack of three unarmed. My mistake being there like that. I escaped by advancing toward their leader making an unholy amount of noise and glaring at the alpha until it decided to run, and then I chased it. The others went with it. If you must deal with a killer dog attacking you and you can grab its front paws, rip the front legs out sideways away from each other. Something will break and the dog will be out of the fight, but plan on getting hurt. Carrying concealed on your own property is legal here, and I’d personally choose a medium caliber, large capacity semi-auto pistol. Long arms are so clumsy that you’ll put it down to do whatever you are out there for.

    Dog packs will kill anything they can(just like human packs). Never back down or they’ll be on you from all angles. One other problem: Dog owners don’t like it if you take out their dogs – even in an attack situation. Plan on bad blood in the neighborhood.

    I prefer cats.

    • Why bother grabbing dogs legs, as the dog lunges, kick him in the nuts! Works real well and the rest of the pack get the message.

  8. I was in purta de varta, a pack of dogs hunted me on the beach, I had to grab chairs and yell and try to intimidate them to get them to back off. They never went away, just trailed me to my destination. You can’t hardly believe it, until you see it, but once you do, not only will you not forget it, you will understand how serious the circumstances are.

  9. Marie Prevost was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood in the 1920s.

    “Marie dragged on until 1937, when her half-eaten corpse was discovered in her seedy apartment on Calhuenga Boulevard. Her dachshund had survived by making mincemeat of his mistress.”

    –Swiped from “Hollywood Babylon”

    ALL animals have an innate sense of
    viscousness, even those commonly preyed upon. Humans cloak ours with a veil of “civilization” but it’s still there (which is the principal reason for “stealth prepping.”) We tend to
    anthropomorphize animals we’ve either domesticated, or adopted as pets, and the flakier amongst us place an unjustified emphasis on animal feelings and emotions, and on the level of domestication humans believe they have instilled in certain species.

    THERE IS NO ANIMAL SPECIES, HOMO SAPIENS INCLUDED, which will not revert to utter viscousness when faced with sufficient hunger or threat of death, unless first wounded into submission. There are exceptions among individuals of some species, but exceptions they are.

    The danger of attack by a Pit Bull, as a breed, is no greater than any other dog. However, Pits have that wonderful locking jaw, which encourages many Pit Bull owners to breed and raise them to be more-aggressive than other breed owners. When around Pits, German Shepherds, Rotts, or Dobes, I’m more wary than when around hounds or retrievers, or even (domesticated) wolves, until I learn the dogs’ owners’ personalities.

    Feral dogs, coy-dogs, coyotes and wolves, I want no part of, and will carry if I am in their neighborhood (or they in mine, which has happened with the latter three.)

      • Meh, it was a cut/paste from the Hollywood Babylon website…

        Jerome: Is true, just is not relevant, which is why I mentioned the “locking jaw.” I’d never own a Pit, even though I’ve met several who were as gentle as a worn out bloodhound. No matter how docile the critter, a Pit has the potential to do a whole lot of damage, very quickly, and I’ve never been a fan of flat-faced dogs anyway…

    • Not true. Nobody should own a pit bull period. A Pit Bull was bred originally to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. Recently, they have been bred to kill and maul for sport and gambling. Most dogs were bred to be of assistance to man. Labs for instance were innocuously bred to retrieve waterfowl. Pit Bulls were bred to be much more harmful and viscous. Best to stay away from this breed.

  10. I like animals; However, whenever I look into a pit bull’s face I see potential trouble ahead. Perhaps these so called “owners” shouldn’t breed!!

  11. It’s not only pit bulls. A well known Miami hand surgeon lost his ability to work and provide for his family when his beloved Rottweiler turned on him enexpectedly during hurricane Andrew. Good reading today at the Merck vet blog about dog aggression and the over abundance of hormones present in these dogs.

  12. George,
    I just borrowed a book from the library, ‘CHINA MIRAGE’ by James Bradley- non fiction. It reveals the subjugation of China by the illegal opium trade of the Western World beginning around 1933 until current times. That opium trade was the single most influential source of fabulous wealth on the earth at that time.
    When you wrote of “Enjoy It While You Can Tho” and used the declining life expectancy of young folks as “when the young die, they stop paying into Social Security.” I believe that by the time they die,they will have long since ceased to be productive members of society, instead, they become useless addicts killing for money while killing the society.
    Like the peasant Chinese who became addicted to Opium, all age groups suffered from addiction. The point being that the addicts became a drag on the Chinese economy. Too much of the economy was diverted to the effects of illegal drugs.
    Our shining leaders here were totally aware of what they were doing to China,and went back for seconds on the fabulous wealth. Almost unbelievable.
    Now, opioid addiction is taking this country by storm and the violence threatens to become martial law for ALL of us. I hear the opioids in medical form are sourced from China now…mass produced and plentiful. Paybacks are a bitch! Check out this book.

    • Basically when the criminal elite globalists come up with a plan to destroy a country and it works, they like to repeat the formula, thus we have been inundated with drugs from the South, the drug cartels have perfect access to our country, the heroin from Afghanistan, and the Opiods from China. It’s a hit em on all fronts. Don’t forget the culture killer in Hollyweird which has been going on heavy duty over 40 years and the sell outs in the government AND the churches, and we a perfect controllable take down of the USA.

      • If the legalization of marijuana will affect the profits of the drug cartels and reduce the use of more caustic chemicals. Which statistics are implying..I wonder how much money they are spending to influence our legislators to keep it illegal?
        What surprises me is those willing to use it for recreational purposes are anyway. Those incarcerated costs each of us a lot of money that could be used for other necessities. The tax that could be claimed is funneled to the cartels instead. And the fifty thousand other uses are laid to waste..not even considering the loss of the life saving medications that are waiting in the labs of reasearch

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