Liar’s Friday: Jobs, Lobs, Gobs, and Slobs

Suppose we have to begin with the employment numbers just out.

The official hypelines read like this: (Got your pom-poms and cheerleading clothes on?)

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 528,000 in July, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and health care. Both total nonfarm employment and the unemployment
rate have returned to their February 2020 pre-pandemic levels.”

Bullshit lies!  Seriously, I don’t know how they can mislead and misstate like this and get a pass from dimwit mainstream media.  Here:  Look at the data:

Ugly facts in their own data:

We are still below 2020 level:  By 576,000 positions.  And still – as well have been saying – under the 2019 year-end levels, too.

Now – the good news (such as it is) is that the ACTUAL NUMBER WORKING did increase in July. by 179,000.

The stock market was in a rally mindset until this came out.  The Street is thinking that since jobs were stronger, the odds of another Fed hike is just about a cinch.  And since we’re the only ones who seem to be able to read actual data lately, the logic chains look like this:

Job Up, Fed rates Up>>Borrowing Costs up>>Consumer spending down>>less slosh for the 1 percent.

But:  ..More Jobs>> stronger dollar>> takes less dollars to buy market>> so market down.

See how logic chaining works?

Pinocchio, MBA

Geppetto – got your calculator?

(See how their data table and our headline match closer than the Hype Release?  We’re still mystified by misleading crap like “…have returned to their February 2020 pre-pandemic levels…” though.)

Let’s puff up not in the labor force a bit more.  Then make up estimate into existence some 309,000 new jobs over in the CES Birth Death Model.  That’s gonna fly, right Geppetto?



In the wake of the Nancy Pelosi power-play in Taiwan, Chinese is just beginning to show how utterly pissed they are.  A hint in China halts cooperation with US over climate and military issues after sending missiles over Taiwan island – live.  And for the slow, more in Chinese missiles flew over Taiwan during drills: state media.

The real blowback from all this lobbing of missles is just starting to emerge as reaction:  Analysis-Japanese Backing for Military Build-Up Likely to Rise After China’s Missiles.

Let me stitch-together a few more stories so you can get a real sense of where this is heading by fall.  First, understand that Taiwan dominates the world’s supply of computer chips – no wonder the US is worried.

Next, pay attention to this little gem in the International Business TimesExclusive: Italy, Intel Close To $5 Billion Deal For Chip Factory – Sources.

The reason a major chip plant in Europe is significant is that the world’s ONLY major semiconductor lithography maker is in Europe.  That’s right: Dutch company ASML Holding began to creep into the resilience myth analysis in a 2021 NY Times story: The Tech Cold War’s ‘Most Complicated Machine’ That’s Out of China’s Reach.

See, in order to make a chip, you need to run a complex process of lithography getting the circuits and components onto silicon wafers.  And that’s the rub.  While taking down TSCM via a take0ver of Taiwan would put China in a leadership/ownership/”you’re at our mercy” role, the idea with the global frenzy to put up chip factories still has the Dutch technology Achille’s heel.

Which is already leaking out over at MacRumors.  Let me connect the dots for you this way:  New iMac With M2 Chip Seemingly Missing From Apple’s Plans – MacRumors.  Probably because “Apple Supplier Pegatron Denies Reports of China Blocking Shipments – MacRumors.”  And the checks in the mail.

The hard reality is that even adding shipping time to Taiwan chips (routing sea to China then air freight to the world – will put the CCP’s foot squarely on the neck of tech.

We’ll go deeper into the Chinese mindset in this dandy little opera on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow.  Some things about China you may not realize are grinding now.


At the risk of ruining breakfast (*loogies is even worse), we note with concern that Joe Biden still had what the White House calls a “loose cough” during a “light workout” Thursday.  Thus, we expect he will also test positive today – and because it keeps him out of the gaffe lights and away from teleprompters, no idea how long it could keep him isolated.

Quite a while by the tone of this report: White House: Biden to Remain in Isolation Until He Tests Negative for COVID.

We shall see.

Our Darkest Fear, Though…

…just keeps getting worse and worse for September.  Can you imagine the “American shitstorm” if in September:

  • Kamala Harris took over as president?
  • At the same time Israel and Tehran light up over nuke-weps?
  • While Ukraine is losing harder and faster as Russia ramps up?
  • As Russia is seen sweeping across multiple countries driving west and cutting NATO in half?
  • About the same time 100,000 North Korean soldiers could be sent to bolster Putin’s forces fighting Ukraine show up?
  • Or, as NorKs begins to run hard military probes against the SK’s?
  • At the same time another U.S. sub runs into an “undersea mountain” (Chinese undersea drone)?
  • While China invades and puts the hammer down on TSCM chip exports?
  • While more people are reported sick or dying of “long COVD”?
  • While the monkeypox is cutting down the LBGT movement?
  • While famine is developing due to fertilizer?
  • And while real jobs in America enter collapse for multiple reasons?
  • While all those military-aged males at the behest of foreign states begin an ongoing program of domestic terror in the U.S.?

What a fun month to look forward to, huh?

Off in lah-lah land, officials – in all their brilliance – have now categorized a Revolutionary era flag as a domestic terrorism indicator?  Even now, mainstream media is looking for ways to chew up Marjorie Taylor Green for speaking truth to political hacks.  Why?  “Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for FBI Purge Over Crackdown on Militia Logos.

I mean, seriously?  What the actual f*ck?


(n): 1 : a slovenly or boorish person.

Oh, look! A bitter Dick:  Trump blasted by Dick Cheney as former vice president stars in his daughter’s latest ad.

Sounds like an attack on bachelor food to us: The top 5 worst foods that could SHORTEN your life expectancy.

Guess who’s an economist, now?  Elon Musk predicts the US will have a ‘mild recession’ for 18 months.  (Dude!  Where’s my Starlink?)

What happened to Fall 2021?  Early 2022?  Am I being treated like Twitter?

Seriously:  All the crap going on in the world, an off-planet web is a really good idea.  Can we just move it along?  Sheesh!

ATR: Speaking of Space

Since famine is coming, might as well check in on the Sun and solar cycles today.  Which long-term looks like this:

Closer-in, it looks like this for the month just finished:

So – good news here – all those 3-watt $10 Chinese Morse code transceivers you’ve bought to put up a low baud survival network when it all blows up may be useful, after all.  If you have batteries and some solar panels, that is.

Thinking about doing a book on how to do basic electronic repairs after EMP.  Lot goes into it:  Basic electronics, buying a good parts inventory while there is still (remnants) of a supply chain.

In fact, just in the past 24-hours, a selection of high speed and power diodes for power supplies came in.  Get ’em while you can, I figure.  Already have spare fuse assortments and capacitors.

Cheap component testers are a good thing to.  For under $20 bucks you can get a basic meter that will tell you what kind of component and the value of it.  Like this one. Toss in a basic voltmeter (or digital multi-meter -DMM) and now you have at least a fighting chance of making local repairs.

Course you’ll need a propane fired soldering iron (Dremel makes one for $37 bucks.)

Now all you need is a small gas engine, an old fan belt, some pullies and a used alternator to gin up a charging stations if you didn’t have the foresight to load up on solar panels in advance.  Got gasoline?

Oh boy – all too grim.  I think I’ll go play in the hobby shop for a while.

Write when you get rich, or the global insanity lifts,

56 thoughts on “Liar’s Friday: Jobs, Lobs, Gobs, and Slobs”

  1. Basic electronics repair after SHTF is a fine subject for a book.
    I had an urge to put together Bob Heil’s pine board project a couple years back. Still do. I have felt like something was missing from ham radio lately. The local 2m nets are starting to sound like smokey and the bandit anymore. I don’t know, too much digital maybe.

    We’ll see. Stay safe. 73

    • “Write when you get rich, or the global insanity lifts”
      Neither of those is likely in the near future, but I’ll write anyway. Yeah, Jim, most of our 2m chatter is new hams recruited by the CERT volunteers, trained and licensed. Most come from CB ‘skip’ backgrounds. While I’m glad new blood comes to the hobby, these guys know nada about electronics or how to build a radio. I’m the electronics guru they come to with questions. I’ve got lots of parts and gizmos for repairs. And now I just got tweaked to get more rectifier diodes for the inevitable power supply problems if we get an EMP.

  2. One thing about The United States is, people from every country on the planet live here. They’ve come for various reasons but represent their cultures and proud heritages. We call ourselves “Americans” but our ancestral origins still hold dear to us.

    To attack us, (in a sense,) would be an attack on every people on the planet. – That makes us different but unfortunately not immune to any given conflict. – an attack on us is (kind of) an attack on their own.

    Just a thought … a thought I hope someone else thinks about and takes into serious consideration before the powder keg blows up.

    For what it’s worth, Just sayin …

    • “They” (whoever they are) have been attacking their own all along. It’s a structural characteristic of the time. Such a polyannaish appeal to reason is unlikely to get any traction. But the sentiment is understandable.

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      “For what it’s worth, Just sayin..”

      Is that a steamroller heard rumbling along the turnpike?
      “..There’s battle lines being drawn…”

      No, it’s a bus! The first charter bus carrying 50 illegal refugees the 2000 miles from Texas to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York arrived early this morning. One of the scribes from London’s “Daily Mail” interviewed a 30 something solo male. The new arrivee planned to see the Statue of Liberty and saw the USA as his ticket to opportunity.

      Speaking of tickets, here’s our tour conductor DJ Ure now entering the station. Grab a seat, buckle up, and let’s hit the road with more Fab Four:

      “Magical Mystery Tour”

  3. The hole is inverted, we be upside down, where the hell is the black sun? Language ? Sure, Sumerian – Nephillum breaks down NE HIL LI IM = “who scares and destroys” ??? say what ?
    “leakyboats” leak quotes..
    Simumum = AmeriIndians – a very special, personnal project of Sa-Am/Nuddimud/Enki – “divine source” “unaltered ancestry” – not unlike parseltongue/Arry Potter..oh so leaky.

    meanwhile..down on the farm –

    Another day, another hundred dolla – inflation dont cha know.

    That Belogard leave behind nuke torpedo got Nothing on Grome kerPOWel – the master blaster his own dammed self.
    Blackrock and Coinbase getting together ?? oh lordy loo! Bbbbb,bbbbbbbbbbbitcoinZ – cause Ure smarter than average Bear.

    Was going to compare Ure intellect(ala Lennster) with the rutabaga in chief, but there does not seem to be even one working brain cell left in that talking cadaver =not funny, it really never was.

    Its Friday – the BCN MRI results are back and bulging disk -C5, plus a bunch degenerative bullscheisse to be discussed at coming consult with Neurology -HUP. Insisting on new disk replacement procedure (age is factor in good prognosis) – if they balk/ dont work – med travel to get the “enzyme” treatment…will post $ figures for any procedures in future – at least bullshit numbers used by med insurance company’s versus med travel/procedure costs.

    luv Oil here, long PM miners “spread” versus short PM index options. ..raising revenue so as not have to “kill” anymore “rats”.

    Got some btc ? it bee a risk spreading/smoothing move, but a smooth move nonetheless.

  4. “Bullshit lies!  Seriously, I don’t know how they can mislead and misstate like this and get a pass from dimwit mainstream media.  ”

    Lol lol otflmao.. ok.. some azz on TV that makes seven digits telling everyone.. dam your so well off.. just look at how great your doing..
    Except for @C that bites this BS ..
    You have to be pretty stupid to not have it SLAP you in the face when you go to the store…
    I had to buy pork and beans.. nothing fancy.. the last time I bought some the cost was .49 cents…

    And that is cheaper than what I paid at the local grocery store.. so how do you convince a wage earner that they are on a gravy train when wages aren’t going up.. and everything else is..
    The common hourly wage earner is being bombarded with lies and such.. but real life slaps them at the checkout..
    Another thing is about Ukraine and Taiwan in comparison to Texas…
    For years there’s been stories that texas was going to leave the USA and become their own country… So what if that’s definitely large enough has the financial backing..the comparison is.. would the USA still consider it a part of the country.. and IF they had a corrupt political abusing the citizens of the country of Texas complain and ask DC for intervention.. who would be right..

    • Wetdream of the globozionaziWEFers.
      Once a state secedes from the “union” ALL those TRILLIONS in bennie obligations are zeroed out.

      No more liability medicades/cares/socsec..ect to Non US Citizens.

      Not even mentioning the criminal malfeasence of the FED/IRS cartel and the stolen $23Trillion with a T !
      source data on criminal numbers/amounts Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts – kicking “Fed” ass and taking names. Man do I just luv smart tough chicks! Go CAF!

      • “ALL those TRILLIONS in bennie obligations are zeroed out.”

        TRUE…but would the country still consider it part of the USA..
        And .. just look at how much revenue texas produces a year..
        One third of the total tax income of the usa.. and barely any expense in comparison..
        I do believe that is the reason they haven’t done away with social security.. a little over a third of all the money taken in is from social security withholding..
        Congress squanders it off ..
        If I had had the option of just my wage portion of the withholding invested in something other than letting congress hand it over to big business.. I would have been a multi millionaire.. instead..80’s bailout..2008 bail out and how much in wars..
        I seriously doubt that our govt. Would allow texas to secede fro. The wouldn’t fit the business model.

    • LooB … Looks like I may have to visit the hood and start getting basics at Save-A-Lot again.

      For BIG quantities of standard stuff hit the restaurant supply houses too, some are open to the public, some are not, around here Gordons Food Service is open to the public and “sometimes” you can get bulk stuff for 1/3 of what a grocery store would charge for the same quantity of BRAND NAME food, though you have to buy it in bulk packaging.

      For anything Asian related such as rice do not forget visiting a good Asian Grocery Market … again 1/3 of what the chains charge when buying in bulk for many of the asian related items … even some things like Butane Canisters which asians use a lot for mini cooking units in their kitchens sell for 1/2 to 1/3 of what you would pay at Walmart. My local Asian market has about 20 different types of rice … and the better one in town has close to 40 different types. BIG taste difference between the different types too!! Most Americans just assume all rice tastes the same, NOPE, different tastes and different textures between the different types of rice. Friend who has a Chinese GF got me going to the Asian markets … an experience if you have never been in a good one. The one I go to has about 20 different types of live fish in tanks in the meat section along with other strange fish items such as FRESH African Crocodile meat. The better one in town has a lot more strange LIVE and FRESH stuff.

      Anyway back when I was first doing basic food prepping I stocked up at Save-A-Lot down in the hood since they were so much cheaper for canned and boxed goods than the regular grocery stores. For all intents and purposes most canned stuff that isn’t acidic will last for many years past it’s expiration dates.

      For acidic stuff, everything with tomatoes is acidic, you do have to rotate … and for spagetti sauce I not only rotate but get 1/2 of my sauce in GLASS containers. Metal rots from the acid. Glass jars with lids will eventually leak air at the top seal and make the stuff spoil … so neither one is a perfect solution for longer term storage. (condensed milk – don’t ask me why but that also rots out the cans over time)

      Haven’t been to a Save_A-Lot in years, but after my last few trips to Aldi’s prices are up about 40% over the last 6 months though still cheaper than the big chains for the most part (Aldi’s here has also been having HUGE voids in their product mix starting about 6 months ago). btw Meijers imo has MUCH better meats than Aldi’s, by a LOT, and on sale they are 1/3 less than Aldi’s prices. Around here Krogers does the best with fresh produce, they locally source a LOT of it, but they do CHARGE for it even when it is “in season”.

      • “For acidic stuff, everything with tomatoes is acidic, you do have to rotate ”

        that use to be true.. but the way they are canning the stuff lately they do go bad.. and after the expiration date they take on the taste of the can… I freeze dry when it gets close to the expiration date…

      • for things like Peanut butter.. as an example.. remove the oil from the peanut butter.. then freeze dry or you can store it long term..
        to separate it.. similar to making GEE you can put the jars in a hot water bath for several hours.. the heat will make it rise to the top of the jar.. a double boiler would work.. or an ice chest with it filled with water and a sous vide.. set it at 124 and let it go..
        the other method is centrifugal force..and let it spin..
        It is the same for most oils.. plastic can be made into oil.. then distilled to get the various products.. nothing spectacular and really easy to do.. when someone tells you that we have an oil crises.. don’t believe them.. each person dumps seven pounds of plastic a day.. or one gallon of oil.. in other ocuntries they actually sell a unit that isn’t allowed to be sold in the USA that does just that.. with only twenty watts of power usage.. yup as much power as a cell phone charger.. that same with oil sands etc etc..
        the hand cranked one is pretty cool.. you use the oil you expell to heat the tube LOL.. great item..
        the electric one is better.. and easier.. takes less time LOL.. then take the remaining solids.. after you expell the oil and dry it grind it to a flour.. like peanut flour.. put it in a pellet and pelletize it..
        Now if you order one of those.. make sure you write to the company and have them put the die in that you want.. I wanted a ten and twelve MM die.. which I got.. then you can pelletize the discard material and use it to feed chickens or whatever you want.. I make dog food..

    • LOL LOL LOL I had a worker that use to work on the hot dog line.. after hearing some of his stories.. LOL LOL LOL I couldn’t eat a processed dog for over a year LOL LOL LOL and yes if there was any truth in the stories he told.. I could totally believe that it would shorten your life.. I love to make my own hot dots..

      1 tbsp (5g) coriander seeds, toasted and ground

      1 tbsp garlic powder

      2.5 tbsp smoked paprika

      2 tsp ground black pepper

      2 tbsp mustard powder
      (Or…. you can use..
      3.5 oz of hot dog seasoning and 1.5 tsp of meat cure.. )

      2 tbsp salt

      1 tbsp brown sugar

      1/2 tsp. of Prague powder #1 or instacure #1

      3/4 cup distilled ice water

      3/4 cup of binder flour..

      3lbs 1.3Kilos ground pork shoulder

      3lbs 1.3Kilos ground beef chuck roast

      IF.. you want just all beef weiners.. then use five pounds of 7/30 ground chuck..

      mix with seasonings.. let sit in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight to let the seasonings flavor the meat.. mix half of the water in with the meat.. then take the other half of the water and mix with the binder flour to make a rhue.. mix that in the meat evenly.. take your soaked casings.. put on your stuffer.. and crimp the end or tie it off.. then stuff and crimp every six inches.. hang in smoker and smoke them for two hours.. low heat or no heat.. freeze and eat another day..
      I don’t make many because I am the only one in the house that eats weiners.. and brats… when the kids were little .. I did that and make bologna to..

      • The one recipe I have searched for but cannot find.. is the TEXAS cowboy bean recipe.. go to any restaurant in the area and they serve them up with the meal.. BEANS.. dam the best I have ever eaten and cannot replicate the recipe to save my soul.. if anyone has it please share it with me..
        Texas beans.. dam good..

      • “Ask at the restaurant”

        Lol I actually did G when I was in Oklahoma city.. the cook there laughed and said everyone from the south west knows how to cook beans…I think he thought I was joking.. ham hock.. some onions pintos.. but it just doesnt taste the same..
        Speaking of which I need to pick up dried pintos..

  5. If you have an old gas engine, a belt or other drive setup, and an alternator from a car, you can get at least some power for charging, and with an inverter, you might be able to do a redneck power system. Got gas? No? This setup is simple enough that with a bit of tuning, it could run on wood gas. If you have an old water heater and some metalworking tools, you can make your own. Finicky, but do-able. Got matches?

    • Hook that up to a gassifier and your in business.. toss your garbage in let it go.. I do want to try the alcohol hydrogen lpg gassifier..

    • “Got matches?”


      Cases of “strike anywhere” matches, dipped in paraffin (makes ’em waterproof, and they can still be struck “anywhere.”)

      Everybody got them in their GO-Bags, years ago, along with magnesium starters, BIC lighters, and I additionally gifted myself a Zippo. Multiple redundancy, especially for something as potentially necessary in snow country as fire…

      • fat wood or fat rope…
        easy to make.. thick hemp rope.. soak it in a mixture of parafin and oil.. heat the oil and parafin mix soak rope in it.. then coat rope with cloth tape.. tip the rope in parafin.. fat straws.. take straws.. soak cotton with the same parafin oil.. ( Vaseline works real good) stuff one inch sections of the straw and seal each end with an iron..

  6. Kari Lake is Make America Great Again
    kArizona things are looking up, the demons could not cheat enough to stop this red wave, too many eyes on the cheaters. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    The theft of the 2020 election has awaken the American people, look the hell out, we is pissed,. Only the stupid and those involved with the deep[Sorass/Rothchild/Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci/Bush/NWO] state disagree
    Too many car thieves/politicians driving this economy like they stole it. The auto will be in bad shape when we recover it, but we have the ability to repair her, BUT first we have to get her back, Lady Liberty!
    The theft of the elections is treason, when domestic and foreign thieves collude , an act of war by other means

    • ” Liar’s Friday”
      dad said “if a man will lie to you,, he will steal from you”!
      See what Brazil is doing to thieves,, push the orange cancel button to get it out of the way, this is a cool video, , cars running over motorcycle driving , 2 man teams of thieves
      “After the Brazilian government permitted the killing of motor cycle riders who rob & kill citizens – in order to put an end to this menace, this is what the citizens there are doing!!!
      When Law Enforcement do not do their job, citizens will…”

  7. It’s not lies, it’s fraud. Fraud nation.

    We saw it with Delphi’s 13 year retroactive bailout. 13 years is over the taxpayer hold period for IRS docs. There is no way to legally verify anything Delphi’s ‘management’ says. And here we are paying their bills.

    Don’t get me wrong. If .gov was to give me 13 years of back cash at ‘their’ expense I’d take it too. I’m down with the fraud. Hey, a free trophy is a free trophy.

  8. The Syrian Arab News Agency advises that the Syrian flagged cargo ship Laodicea has arrived in Tartus to offload. The ship had been detained in Lebanon enroute from Crimea after allegations of “stolen cargo” by the Ukrainian ambassador in Beirut.

    The Syrian Ministry of Transport expressed satisfaction with a perceived favorable outcome: “We highly appreciate all efforts that contributed to revealing the truth and were culminated in the ship return, and confirm the ship’s continuous operation, along with all other vessels, in securing the Syrian people needs and sailing as scheduled…”

  9. Why Taiwan?

    Let TMSC go before TI, National Semiconductor[defunct?], On [formerly motorola they aren’t coming back], California Eastern Labs [NEC], intel, Atmel, AMD, et al. which left “merica incentivized by big tax breaks rebates and compensation for doing so; and you will have even less silicon than you can scrape together today. I cant imagine going back to the Pentode and such. Scary thought[excludes RF Finals]. Well done Nancy Policy, rhymes with Pelosi LOL.

    remeber this is not just chips for cars and computers and coms, its also DC-DC converter modules rectifiers and microcontrollers, those are needed before even considering power up the CPU, FPGA’s and DSP’s. Fun stuff.

  10. I thought I might mention on the war front, that the book of the Revelation of John speaks of the great armies of the east coming to Israel with 100 million man army on horseback. Think about that. No gas transport. So either China is out of gas, or something happens to kill all of their vehicles. Maybe an EMP from a nuke? Maybe the sun? Whatever happened, they are pissed at Israel.

    • Or “horse” is analogous to “motor vehicle.”

      How does one define a car or truck for his fellow Man, ~1800 years before such a conveyance is created…?

      Bear in-mind either China or India, by itself, could field an army of 100,000,000…

  11. Fortunately (maybe) it will unfold as an underperformer in the “Tee-Oh-Tah-Wok-Ee” sweepstakes. (TEOTHWAWKI.)

    Either way, (could be even worse, too — an “elly”).

    I’m old. (78) My race is almost run, anyway. Mostly, I am sad for our grandchildren; who are very much “Children Of The Age,” and live mostly self-focused, pop-culture/internet psuedo-lives, referencing very little beyond their own noses.

    They will be sorely tried by such upheavals and events, and will not understand what is happening. Seems a shame to suffer, and not at least know why.

  12. “Multiple job holders’

    My uncle’s 1st year of compensation was equivalent to 2.5 Chevy Impalas. That was for holding just one job.

    Today people need more than one job to get that Impala. But I don’t see many Impalas. I see stores in NYC locking up cans of SPAM because hungry folks are stealing it.

    Every time you hear of a bailout, think inter generational theft.

    The pensioners that get bailed out can afford to give their grand children college tuition or buy them college books.

    The other end of the stick, the bail outers, will work multiple jobs for the duration of their stay on the planet and steal SPAM to make ends meet.

    And another thing, Italy won’t get a chip plant, there isn’t enough time to build it before the big wars.

  13. Is the jobs report an all out lie? Absolutely, and with your help, Mr. Ure, we are able to see through it – time after time. The unfortunate thing is – the financial world (i.e your financial planner, your company 401K sponsor, pension providers, corporations, governments, etc.) are all stuck with going along with the narrative and have to use the BLS numbers regardless for their ‘planning’. If they don’t, the lie gets revealed for all to see. That is why it is so important that people think for themselves and not go along with the crowds when it comes to investing and anything else for that matter.

    I remember back in the mid -’90’s when a relatively good jobs report would come out and the market would immediately take a nose-dive. I would ask “why would that happen, wouldn’t a good jobs report make the stock market go up?” The response I would get is that a good economy would increase inflation, spurring the fed to increase interest rates and making stock returns less attractive.

    I guess that axiom appears to be in play for a while. Brandon can’t have it both ways….

  14. Great point on Apple George. Also ties into the rumored release of iPhone 14 having the same a15 chip that the iPhone 13 and 13 pro line have today. the iPhone 14 pro line will sport the new A16 chip and higher prices All speculation of course [part of Apples information leakage as a marketing tool strategy].
    All ties into your great coverage on Linux and up-cycling older gear. I cant dump anything electronic unless its been carbonized.

  15. Ok.. love to grill out on your griddle..
    what better way than to use a really good butter flavored oil..

    1 ½ cups coconut oil
    ½ cup red palm oil
    2 tablespoons Butter.. or 2TBS of butter flavoring..
    Now instead of palm oil you can use olive oil.. melt them all together and put in your bottle..
    the other recipe is two liters of palm oil.. one liter of coconut oil and one liter of olive oil and a pound of butter.. heat mix and put in jug.. anyway.. making potato chips or using for fresh vegitables on the griddle.. its all easy.. and oh so good..

    • oh .. if you want to use GEE for your flavoring.. Gee is really easy to make.. and store.. take your butter and put it in a jar.. fill your jars with the solid butter.. close the top of the jars.. then you can place it in a pan doublt boiler and heat it on low.. or you can place the jars in a ice chest.. and fill with water put hot water in it.. or use a sous vide heater and put the temp to about 124 degrees.. let it warm for a couple of hours.. then take the jars out.. you will see the oil separated from the milk solids.. keep a spoon nearby.. and gently pour the oil off of the jar .. DO NOT… let any milk solids enter the jars.. cap put in a hot water bath for twenty minutes.. then let cool..

  16. I overlooked mentioning that Laodicea, the Syrian ship with Turkish (?) management, is under US sanctions. I guess US, Turkish, and Nato navy elements were kind of busy with more important stuff going on when Laodicea passed under their noses leaving the Black Sea last week. Oh, well.

    Meanwhile over in the swamp, grab a chair. We are moments away from presidential signing of bills battling covid-19 fraud. Sgt. Joe Friday is on the case? Speaking of Friday, have a great weekend!

  17. The other day I posted the link to the former Sheriff’s employee working as school security while a school shooting unfolded before her eyes…. for whatever reason she thought the slaughter was fake.

    The so-called blockade that’s going up around Taiwan. Be clear, those aren’t going away. It’s the setting up for invasion.

    Team-Russia kept saying they weren’t going to invade as they massed troops…. then invaded. Noble as it is killing Nazi’s bear in mind the setup.

    Don’t be the school security. See the war is about to begin.

    Reference the “Falling Down” clip I posted the other day, I’m sure NORK will blow-out Atlanta, GA.

    Like a video game, transfer troops:

    Russian state TV: North Korea offering Kremlin 100,000 ‘volunteers’

    North Korea has offered to send 100,000 soldiers to bolster Russia’s invasion attempt in Ukraine, Russian state TV has claimed.

    • North Korea must want some real time experience in the arena of war. Russia being their mentor.

  18. This is a great look back to see what the dissidents, the nay-sayers, in the whole Covid thing were starting to say even back before the Ivermectin and HCQ cures started to come out.

    Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –

    Dr. Tenpenny’s current website –

    It may have taken something more than 3 to 6 months but with all the people dropping dead this year it’s obvious Tenpenny knew what she was talking about.

  19. oh yes george you super intelligent fit guru . looks like martin armstrong and all are trying to spin survival the great $USD.. oh yes george i will be a little obedient folloer of this great psyops . yes yes obey george oh yes the great one !!!!!!!!!! and all i have to say to you is go and #$$% yourself real good !!!!

  20. Saw gasoline theoretically down to $3.259/gallon this evening. Theoretically I say, ’cause the stations at that price that I have a card for were sold out. I settled for a higher price at a deserted station, because I had let my tank drop down to the quarter mark, and right now, keeping half a tank minimum sounds like the smart move.
    I guess old Joe did that. I mean, I had concluded some time back that we were all being gouged at the pump for a $1.00 or more a gallon, based on historical pricing at equivalent crude oil price levels. You might argue that it was really free markets at work; however, I suspect it is was largely monkey hammers and futures contracts doing the price gouging. Apparently the monkeys got the message, whether it was by the magic of freely manipulated markets or by Old Joe. I look for prices to fall further as the futures monkeys get their hammers shoved where the service station lights don’t shine. Happy motoring.

    • paid $3.13.9 last night coming home from a dinner out with a friend. Sam’s Club was showing $3.15.0 on my app, but it was already closed so I filled up at the $3.13 number.

      Wasn’t long ago that I was paying $5.09.9, and most stations had $5.14.9 on their boards, so that is almost a solid $2/gal drop since July 4th weekend.

      At least for now no more $100/fill up charges, even for the Suburban with it’s 30 gallon tank, which was my normal charge even for my much better milage daily driver when prices were at their peak.

      We all know prices will be heading back up, there is a shortage of both oil and refinery capacity in the world, but hopefully I can enjoy driving around a bit longer before it becomes an “unaffordable luxury”

      • To find the current “real” price of gas or diesel: Add your State, and the Federal gas tax to the pump price.

        When considering fuel price/availability, also consider that Creepy Joe is still siphoning 1,000,000 barrels per DAY out of our strategic reserve…

  21. “Thinking about doing a book on how to do basic electronic repairs after EMP.”

    Solder, solder, solder, solder, solder, solder, solder…

    A 12VDC soldering pencil might also be a good idea.

    One of my first memories is when I was about a 2yo toddler. I was walking through the garage. Dad was soldering something (a radiator, perhaps.) Dad had a small fire into which he periodically plunged a soldering iron to heat it up, before soldering more.

    The Iron was a piece of (probably) wrought iron about 12 inches long, with a spring-like handle and a body which must have been about 3/4″ in diameter.

    He had left the iron on the floor and told me not to walk through the garage because I might burn myself on it (I was barefoot.) As I was walking, I turned to tell him I wouldn’t burn myself — as I stepped on the iron.

    I would be willing to bet there are folks in this comment section who could build a soldering pencil which would be heated in a fire, and have a copper tip suitable for soldering electronic components (might be resistor leads or hookup wires to busbars, terminal strips, and socket lugs, but I’ll bet it could be done…)

      • See, George, you actually believe that “50,000 hours MTBF” nonsense the manufacturers print on the retail boxes.

        And BTW, there’s no reason someone couldn’t fashion a soldering tip out of a strand of 49ga MilSpec wire and solder LSI SMD leads under a microscope. They’d just have to heat the iron, not its tip. It’d be “Flinstonesque” and awfully kludgy, (and BOY, would it require some patience!) but doable in an emergency.

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