Knock-Out Game: a Predictor or a Short?

Oh, sure, there will be plenty of sites this morning which will wax on about how a would be player of the game of “knock-out” was shot by a would-be victim who was packing a .40, but there could be something else going on here, something below the radar perhaps indicative of the potential for inter-generational warfare.

Let’s back up:  Kids on the east coast, who run in packs (ala wild dogs)  have recently been pointing out people at random, and then knocking them out – while an assistant perp shoots vido and then posts it online at places like YouTube…and in the latest, the CBS affil in Philly points to three recent knock-out attacks.

What concerns me is the inconvenient arrival of the attacks at a time of growing tension between various parts of the population.  In fact, so “coincidental” is the “game” that one with a keen eye toward social tensions might wonder if it has been deliberately planted in an effort to kick start wider public violence?

While the knock-out attack reports are building, and the cops in places like New York are going back over recent crime reports to see if other “knock-out” attacks might be found, we have to acknowledge that the odds of something like this simply spontaneously arising are not real high.

I’m sure you can pencil out what happens next:  Within weeks we ought to see an increase in CCW permits and people packing heat.  And that ought to lead to even more gunfire in America.  But in the back of the mind there’s the nagging question:  Who’s marketing this?

And why haven’t knock-victims sued the living bejezus out of YouTube (owned by Google) for allowing online presentation (& promotion) of criminal behavior.  Unless…

Near as I can figure it, we don’t need more laws to deal with knock-out…although that’s perhaps the intent….just some solid police work which is pretty simple evidentiary work:  Anyone posting such video, obviously had to be present (or knew those who were) and aiding and abetting the perp…which ought to be an easy conviction. 

So we stand at another WTF moment.  Freedom of speech online is one thing, sure, but as I figure it, allowing posting of illegal behavior (tantamount to endorsement and promotion) makes whichever outfits are involved (YouTube parent Google, for instance) complicit – and that should be enough to get the lawyering crowd off their butts.  Especially when there’s already been one death involved.

Google wouldn’t want me on the jury.  And the mere fact that so many knockouts can be found on YouTube has me thinking about GOOG as a potential shorting opportunity.

At some point, the wild-west attitudes of the internet are going to have to come to terms with public responsibilities, just like radio broadcasters had to back in 1934 with the passage of The Communications Act.

It may not be popular to talk about the “Public Need, Interests, and Concerns” but a friendly word to Google now and a policy change which includes turning over personal data to the cops of the uploading video perps, could nail a social problem. Nip it in the bud – show some leadership!

I’d anticipate that if they don’t act proactively, a herd of lawyers will be along representing knock-out victims, who might have a solid case against any online outfit which promotes bullshit anti-social behaviors for profit.

I really like Google – generally a solid, forward-thinking company.  But on this one, someone’s asleep at the switch and they stand to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.  Remember where you heard it first.

The Other Knock-Out Game

The one going on in the US Senate where the rules are being changed to prevent what has been a long-standing accommodation of free speech, is now spilling out into living rooms across the land.

The only way to work a short on this game of knock-out that I’ve been able to figure, is keep buying gold or other hard assets.  Our money’s been hollowed out, down to about 4.6-cents of purchasing power since 1913, so no reason to think that trend is going to change any time soon with the free lunchers at the helm.

The only way to clean house (and senate) is going to be ban interstate transfer of money to support candidates…and there’s so damn much money be be made by the congressoids, they’d sooner sell their mamas than embrace legitimate reform.

Barring a mass dispersal of NoDoz into water supplies on election day “If we always do, what we’ve always done, we’re gonna get, what we’ve always got..”

Kind of like Clueless Leader and Executive Orders.  Which, reminds me to mention the president down in Oilzuela is trying on ruling by decree now, too.

But you’re not supposed to notice such behaviors.  Why else would the White House block more press access to Obama events?

(Jeez, did I miss my meds this morning?)

More after this…

Did You Ever Have the Feeling…

Odds, so say our server logs, are that most of our readers aren’t old enough (or, alternatively, bright enough) to remember Jimmy Durante’s “Did you have that feeling?” which you can find on YouTube over here.  (Yeah, I do love YouTube which does have a major role as a cultural repository and that’s a good thing.)

As misfortune would have it, Ures truly is old enough to remember that from the black and white days of TV…which predates even HD.  Even microwaves…

Ure point?”

Ah…just take a look at the lyrics and then look at the dance going on with AfSmackistan.  The US is trying to get the hell (did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to go?)  out BUT president Karzai is trying to get the US to hang in until at least the next set of elections in the country. (Did you ever get the feeling that you’re trying to stay?)

I won’t pretend to understand Afghani politics (except they tend to be explosive at times, lol) but clearly the budget numbers are driving the US to leave and Karzia is not showing us to the door because he’s obviously figured that he won’t have a prayer in elections without Uncle in his pocket.  Ever notice how the truly power-crazed don’t want to retire, smoke a doobie and call it good?

Ever wonder if we export voting machine technology and purple finger paint?

Kennedy Assassination Plus 50

It’s today…and no, the hidden files collected by the government aren’t being released.  Still, there are some pretty good comments about on why they should be, such as this in the Deseret News.

Reality check:  Is there any reason to think that a government which doesn’t back sound money (less than 5-cents of purchasing power compared with 100 years ago), and which doesn’t hear the public outcry on things like bailouts of banksters (or the lack of them going to jail, come to think of it) could possibly be expected to do anything else but sit on the facts?

Why, hell no.  I mean, it’s a nice dream in a Camelot sort of way…but just that: a dream.

Plane Speaking

‘OK, with the FAA and FCC beginning to think that maybe cell phones on planes would be OK, there’s this writer Scott Mayerowitz (AP on MyWy) who’s one step ahead of the herd by wondering if loud cell phone talkers will be the next bane of air travel?

Hell, I remember in my “road warrior” days rushing to the airport to get some peace and quiet…so now we’re gonna have talkers….a fine replacement for screaming babies with the birth rate in collapse, but that’s another  topic for some other morning.

Nostracodeus: “Hidden”

Grady’s got some notes up on our site about hidden (as in “royalty” or “imam”) which is worth a read if you’re trying to front-run the great steam-roller of life.

Can I Apply?

“Newspaper Job Posting of the Day” from the Denver Post, reportedly, sure as hell gets my attention.  They need a “weed editor”.

I mean, I’ve got plenty of experience reporting on the economy (and world) going to pot…


Preholiday Euphoria blow-off continues.  Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

Chinese Drone

I bet you didn’t see this one coming  (the Chinese stealth drone) …..arghhh….terrible pun, huh?  ROFL..

“Drones, drones on the range…where fear and the paranoid play.

Where seldom is heard, an encouraging word, and the news is a bummer today….

Home, home…..”

(fade to black)