Coping: Life on the Artillery Range

I’d like to begin this morning with a highly condensed version of the implicates of Global cooling which are stacking up all over the place. 

For one, we have to admit that when the Sun is down to the lowest output level in what, 200 years? Something may be up!

And, since there isn’t much to do on an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, Oilman2 has been counting the “Popov’s” (volcanoes) and his simple advice is what?  Bundle up and buy and overcoat because this winter could be a beast…

Etna   Sinabung   Merapi   Colima   Nishino-shima   Popocatepetl   Fuego

Not even counting the standard issue Pagan, Cleveland, Kilauea, Shiveluch, etc…

Just FYI old buddy.


Pappy didn’t raise no fool, and the pilot in me – the part of my personality that does weight and balance and performance deviations from aeronautical “standard days” – is extremely worried about the likely amount of snowfall this winter and the amount of flooding like to arrive in 2014 as a result of global cooling.

There’s some ugly math to be done about the amount of water that the atmosphere can hold at given temperature.

If you sniff around the net, you can come up with handy-dandy charts, like this one, from which you can look up the “hard physics” of what we’re looking at:  Air at 77F holds one-third more water than air at 68F.

Now close your eyes (unless you’re driving while reading this, lol) and image that the decades of high Sun output have raised temps X-degrees.

Apply double-sourced cooling:  The major increase in S02, not to mention the suspended particulates from the “popov’s” and the major decline in solar output.

Let’s then also appreciate that the mixing if the air masses will note be even and that while we’re in this window, we could experience more massive flooding, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 1931 flooding in China which killed 3.7 million people.

I’m not saying the body count will be that high.  But, I will go out on a limb and note that the typhoon which just wrecked the Philippines made a decent start, and things are still recovering up in the Denver area.

The only question left is the matter of “Who’s next?” 

We had a little taste of unusual weather right here in the East Texas Outback overnight.  The forecasts resolutely predicted only a 60% chance of precipitation.

Instead, we’ve had massively heavy rains (driven by an Arctic cold front) which slammed temps from the mid 70’s yesterday to the low 40’s this morning.

The lightning which went along with the violent “vertical mixing” was – I kid you not – like trying to sleep on an artillery range during a live-fire drill. 

Wading through the soggy grass, out to the rain gauge, I discovered that what had been empty when I went to bed last night, and since the rain hadn’t started when I got up for some personal recycling around midnight, showed at 5:23 AM (with me standing out in the rain wondering how to turn the damn flash on) somewhere north of 2 1/2” which – in five hours – pencils out to a foot in 24-hours if the pace keeps up.

This has tremendous implications for America’s food supplies.

You’ll see that this week’s US Drought Monitor has changed from its usual (lots of brown) look to something with only patchy yellow and the whole area from mid-Texas east has been in “catch up” mode.

Plus, thing’s aren’t looking too bad (at least improving a bit) in most of the “square states”

I’d like to suggest one change, which I think might help people a lot in 2014:  Change the title of the Drought Monitor to “Precip Monitor” and toss in some green-to-blue hues.  Not only would it be appealing from a graphic arts standpoint, but I think it could be useful.

Mr. Ure’s “news nose knows news” and with all the dead people floating about, the idea of massive flooding ahead in 2014 just sort of came to me.  While we were trying to sleep through Life on the Artillery Range.

Friday at the Wujo – Pet Theory Edition: 

Self-Fueling Power Equipment

Heeee’s baaack!  Remember the guy (Warren, actually) who had that lawnmower that just wouldn’t run out of gas?  Well his “problem” has returned…

A few weeks ago, I shared the story about the unexpected efficiency of our lawn mower and line trimmer. (The gas tanks were full when I tried to fill them, when they should’ve been almost empty.) The most recent such event happened just a few days ago, when I mulched the downed leaves in my yard. The gas tank was low by a capful, when, according to the laws of conservation and energy, it should’ve been half empty.

The passage of time on our little property has become somewhat flexible, as well. A matter of perception? Mebbe, but when two or three hours pass on the clock, when it  seems as if only a few minutes have gone by in the ‘real world’?? …and I’ve only accomplished a few minutes of work during such periods? Attempting to relate such events is all but impossible to accomplish without becoming incoherent, in a ‘long walk, short pier’ sort of way.

My question is this: Has anyone else experienced flexible or ‘squishy’ episodes of time during recent days and weeks? …or should I take that long walk off a short pier and be done with it? Don’t worry. I can swim. I just need to know which way the tide is running…

Indeed a fine question…so if you have any experiences with “time drop-outs” please pass them along.

And yes, Elaine still gets uncomfortable when I mention her “teleporting experience” of a while back.

I think, wildly speculating here, that as we move ever closer to global thermonuclear war/Armageddon, or whatever you want to call it, the very fabric of space-time will be ripped enough that things will start to act up (all crazy-like).

The problem is that we don’t seem to be noticing a lot of these events yet, but say we were going to run into a real “end times” deal out in 2016-2017, then wouldn’t it stand to reason  that we might experience some time-space anomalies before hand?  And might the rules of “physics/logic/commonly-experienced-reality not also seem to bend here and there as a “get ready” or “lead-in” indicator?

And that rolls us right into our next problem…

What’s Past 2015? 2014 is “Missing”

 One of our readers, who has (at times) been able to “see” into the future, asked me if other readers (who work on remote viewing, psychic abilities, deep meditative states, and yada yah, had noticed the drop-off in 2015?

If you run out (have too much caffeine) and are somewhat more alert than usual (from standing in the rain trying to get a flash to work on the camera) the question might be answered by going to Google and just tossing in the year dates and turning them into a chart (which guess who did?).

As you can see there’s a steep decline in hits from 2015 on.  What’s even more important is the drop-off from 2014 hits ( around 2.17 billion) down to 650-million.

So we’re left to ponder, what does this mean? 

Without turning this into a full-fledged Peoplenomics report, we can begin to size up the data this way and make something of an equation up as we go.

The Google hits on 2013 are presently about 23.87 billion.  The number of 2014 hits is only 2.17-billion.  In other words, next year’s references are 9% of this years.

Since we know that references to 2014 are 2.17-billion, then 9% of this should predict 2015 references ought to be around 197-million.

But in fact, they come in much higher than that – but that’s likely due to the normal clustering of dates on years divisible by 5. 

Even so, we don’t see the references get down into the 2015 kind of prediction level until when?  2018 where we found 195-million references which is close enough.

Which means we have something of a head-scratcher here.  One of two things is true:  Google is finding truly noisy data (which I am dis-inclined to believe, OR something quite bad and ugly will happen in 2014 and that has artificially dropped  2014 references.

My suspicion, and it is only that, is that 2014 is going to be a really horrific year.  Besides floods, the trend toward war is becoming more evident and for all the good-intentions that may be going into Geneva talks, we seem to remember the road to hell is paved with what?

Not exactly the kind of chipper and cheery stuff of our usual reports, but a kind of peek into the thinking that goes into making up our annual report for Peoplenomics subscribers, which if you follow it, has been just dead-on with the markets this year, being bullish since almost a year ago, except for a one-week whipsaw.

It’ll be hard to beat that performance, but in investing, as well and in Life, it’s getting the most out of each day that adds up to a long-term win.  We may hit one into the rough, now and then, but that’s bound to happen if you pick up the sticks.

Our project ominously signaled “israel, will, nuclear” on its top line in one of the runs Grady sent out Thursday, and while that may be early, we notice that such word frequency changes are often temporally proximate to pending events.

Whether that’s just headlines that will follow from Geneva, or whether it’s the real mushroom farming (“you light up my life”) stuff should be known presently.

But the cogitates this weekend will center on why there isn’t more in the way of 2014 references.  It feels at an intuitive level, almost like people aren’t mentioning the year – a kind of year we don’t want  – because of some “hand on a hot stove” kind of reaction.

We shall see.

Ya’ll come on back Monday as we try to “walk the line” between disaster porn and front-running Life.  It’s a footrace we’ve been pleased to run since 1997…

Write when you break-even (or send in wujo and seer data)