Karnak and the Market

With even Joe Biden hinting that famine will be the next scapegoat for our failing economy, some discussion about how next week could lay out.  Mainly today, a look ahead to next week when we see a really good chance of higher VIX (volatility index) readings.  The double-header-ahead might be worth bracing for.  Plus the weekly ChartPack with our Aggregate Index work in the lead.

If you’ve ever wondered how some people make investment decisions, this morning’s confessions could be amusing.

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George Ure
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41 thoughts on “Karnak and the Market”

  1. Hey George,

    The other day you mentioned courts were about winning, not justice. I have to agree.

    The Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief.


    I’m sure some military folks might care to chime in on this.

    Then, there’s the former nurse in Tennessee who made a mistake. And even the ANA disagrees with the harsh verdict.

    Former Tennessee nurse RaDonda Vaught convicted in death of patient given wrong medicine – al.com

    This has caused great unrest in the nursing community and, will directly effect health care because nurses are now quite paranoid.


    How mistakes have been handled, see here.


    The reality of being a nurse and how they feel about the load they carry, see here.


    For every winner, there are losers. Very sad.

    Little changes that ripple out and effect everyone. Stay heathy, man.

    • All medical personnel scare me. If the personnel in a facility are acting hinky, it’s best to walk away alive, if you can, and look for care somewhere safer. My nephew’s first wife bled out because the emergency room refused to wake up a doctor. My name is similar to a local guy currently serving a long sentence in the state pen. I don’t even remotely resemble the guy, and he has been locked up for several years, but his vigilante revenge league is still active and trolling for a victim. In past years I have walked out of doctor’s offices and had armed cops waiting to ambush me, and even worse incidents. I have no sympathy for medical facilities and personnel who kill innocents.

      • I completely understand your point, n_____ . I don’t give sympathy to the devil either.

        When there has been “criminal” activity, the authorities have always been brought in. Arrests made and then on to due process and hopefully, justice.

        This case, is unprecedented. The state government walked in and picked it. A matter thought to be resolved.

        Now, with the government getting involved with nursing homes, above and beyond the “state inspection” level, the dynamics have changed. Soon, every medical staff personnel who makes a “mistake” will be criminally protected. Doctors won’t be able to choose a med treatment plan for a patient, but have to follow (protocol) – and during Covid, we’ve seen what that looks like and it’s dangers. Like ivermectin and other meds were outlawed because they were inexpensive and worked. Go off protocol and doctors might be criminally charged. – the possible dynamics is mind boggling.

        This is just step #1. Toward more and more control by government in hospitals.

        Bad enough when patients are afraid, but now medical staff is afraid to render care to them.

      • There was a typo is that reply. Should read, “ criminally prosecuted “ … not criminally protected. – my spell-check is a piece of crap. Sorry.

  2. Taylor Hawkins, another untimely death? “Finally, the “elephant in the room” that nobody wanted to discuss in 2021 regarding labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks, which is that record number of younger people in the workforce were dying after the roll-out of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” can no longer be swept under the rug as statistics are being published that reveal a huge crisis developing in the United States.

    Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica, a $100 billion insurance company based out of Indiana, has come out publicly and stated that based on life insurance claims, the death rate has skyrocketed an unprecedented 40% among those between the ages of 18 and 64, based on the 3rd quarter and into the 4th quarter of 2021.” https://vaccineimpact.com/2022/crisis-in-america-deaths-up-40-among-those-aged-18-64-based-on-life-insurance-claims-for-2021-after-covid-19-vaccine-roll-outs/

      • Lots of anecdotal and reported data concerning deaths and adverse reactions to the vaccines, ignored and/or debunked by MSM. I guess it depends upon who and what one believes, and do we believe the so-called “fact checkers”?

        “People have lost so much faith in the mainstream media that big corporations are now bringing so-called ‘fact-checkers’ to tell us, the media consumers, whether something is genuine or not.

        Great idea in theory…until you dig a little deeper and find that the so-called fact-checkers are being paid by people and organisations that have more than a little skin in the game and want to direct the news agenda to suit themselves.” https://www.moneymagpie.com/jasmines_column/how-to-fact-check-the-fact-checkers

      • Advise, Lois:

        “C” is a troll. The only reason she posts here is to piss another poster off, get a rise, and get a response. The only proper response for narcissistic jerks is “no response.”

        Don’t let her rattle you. The transcript of Scott Davidson’s chat came out nearly 3 months ago and was linked here at that time.

        That information is unquestionably factual. The only thing that’s not, is Davidson’s chat was private, and amongst other insurance execs. It was not privileged, so somebody released the chat-transcript.

        Any “fact-checker” who fact-checks otherwise has proven itself both unreliable and a source of propaganda and mis- or dis-information.

  3. “giveaways” it isn’t to solve anything.  It’s more like dropping another coating of tar on a roof to keep it from leaking”

    Hmm… noodle nomics.. to keep the noodle moving across the table you either have a dry table and an uncooked noodle..( well balanced economy without great debt.) If your noodle is cooked then you have to float it..by pouring water on the table..
    Fifteen dollars an hour cannot keep the velocity of cash moving..charge more for essential items and services then you cannot spend more on unessentials.
    With free willy printing like hell.. the balance of the economic social structure has been flipped on its ear..
    Now that basic essential services and goods is going to go to the moon..they either dump money in pockets like San Francisco or let the massive correction begin and go down in history of single handedly taking a country to economic ruins over stupid economic plans..
    With the supply chain broken and industry outsourcing transformed the country from one of an industrial dominance to one of consumption and service orientation..

  4. Recording studios…. It’s more about the ‘studio’ than the technology, IMO. Yep, the tech stuff has gotten better, smaller, and more accessible right down to the home user level now. But the ‘sound studio’ is the big elephant. Back in my midwestern hometown, some guys made a successful studio out of an old freezer warehouse. Nothing like a couple feet of foam insulation for sound deadening.

    Here in the islands I was involved in the construction of a sound studio in a large warehouse area… think semi trailer parking for three, under roof. Studio was designed by englishman Tom Hidley, who brought his own crew to construct it. Thick neoprene rubber pad laid out the studio area on the warehouse concrete floor. Another concrete slab was poured on top of the neoprene rubber, for floor vibration isolation. Then the studio housing was built atop that slab, with absolutely no right angle corners! It was amazing carpentry work. Closet-like spaces stuffed with fiberglass with padded doors that opened or closed for specific muffling or absorbing characteristics. Double sealed airlock door entry. All wiring in/out thru plastic conduit vibration isolated and foam filled after the wiring was installed. When you entered, and that second hatch door sealed, I was in the quietest place on earth. It really had an outer space feel to it, it was so silent. Not even subaudible vibrations.

    What was the tech? A 2-inch 24 track tape recorder. Although 2-inch videotape commonly available back then, it had a crosswise grain that was too noisy for linear recording, so we had to source 2-inch specific audio tape with a linear grain. The audio console was a large MCA board that had been a ‘demonstrator’ that allegedly Steve Miller used once to record ‘Jet Airliner’. The console was so large it would not fit thru the doors. So we had to pre-install it before the walls to the studio were finished.

    • “A 2-inch 24 track tape recorder. Although 2-inch videotape commonly available back then, it had a crosswise grain”

      You guys didn’t have access to Ampex 406? That was what we used, and IIRC it was available everywhere from 1/4″ to 3″ on 7 or 10 inch reels (hubs.)

      Video was done with a rotating head which tracked across the tape from side to side, but I didn’t realize they doped the acetate or Mylar differently to optimize its nonlinear aspect. Then again, I was strictly sound…

      • OH-oh… tape measuring time. I’m going to have to go into the old Studer and 3M 2″ audio machines we removed when I took the old Sound Master Recording studio down in 2004, or so.
        That’s the one where Joe Cocker was mic’ed (says the studio story) laying on the studio floor, drunk, yelling about someone “came in through the bathroom window” or some-such. Ah, them legends of rock & roll from those of us who lived it!

      • Our local Society of Broadcast Engineers group drove many miles to have a meeting at 3M outside Minneapolis in my early career. They made tape products at this plant. They showed us a room full of every model of videotape machine made where they tested their videotape products. One of the TV engineers curiously asked how many hours of head life they got out of the machines. The 3M tape engineer explained that these were ‘test machines’ that they used brutally. He told the story of a tape chemist who thought he came up with the best, highest coercivity magnetic tape formulation ever. So they made a test batch run of the stuff for videotape. When tested on the machines, they found the signal output levels amazing, signal-to-noise was the best ever seen… and after 30 minutes on the rotating video heads, the heads were absolutely dead…. ground out flat! The chemist had completely ignored the abrasivity of the tape formula.

        Long way of saying that yes, tape manufacturers DO note things like oxide grain and optimize for video tape vs. audio tape.

  5. “More interesting?  With world population screaming toward 8 billion, the amount of growing land would make finding food in such an event problematic, indeed.”

    Loosing 175 acres per hour of agricultural land lost to development – 3 acres per minute of prime farm land….
    And 267 births globally per minute.
    I have said for decades..greenscape the cities..diversify the power grid for security.. be the tree.
    We all know the environmental cycle.. it’s fragile once we flip then it becomes like the failed economic plan..

  6. G –
    a new business model has been recently(in the near future/same diff) discovered, a pair a dime changing new method of refurbishing US Naval Vessels – the new program is called “Instant SLEP” (service life extension plan)

    The first USN ship to enter the program will be the USS Harry S Truman (cvn75).
    The truly remarkable engineering feats will turn the Truman around in less than 24hrs. WTF ! how would this be possible ?

    Simple explanation really – you just have to wrap Ure head around the universal NRG equation..think Al wrote formula describing this “equation”.
    Anywho, the 1 st step in Instant SLEP is establishing a NO FLY Zone over the kazarian hqs of KilBilz Largest Donor, ( “we fund Ukraine with 10 billion in Taxpayer receipts, and Ukraine donates 2 billion to the (kilbil foundation)..look it up, public records.
    Not as lucrative a scam as “da baby” = 2% indenture on EVERY USD ever clicked into existence, but a pretty sweet gig, – global extortion rackets.

    2nd Step – pay attention here – after first fighters arrv over Ukraine – the Truman will be Zirconacally converted into a brand new SSBN, very quick like.
    Brilliant taint it ?
    It gets better..
    confirmed” US (ds deploying chemies to Poland frm stockpiles at facility Richmond ,Kentucky – on orders frm WH?
    unconfirmed” russian dragon squads have taken down all bioweapon labs – got 12 redhanded – executed on spot- video taped and mailed each tape to CEO (s) of companies involved in biolabs – 2 American scientist rumored in the mix – their videos sent to DARPA – The Russian Way, no bullshit, no emotion, harsh and cold, no trials, no hearings – caught in the “act”.. unconfirmed.

    ?How to respond to this wicked and horrid depredations on Ure family, friends,neighbors, fellow country women&men ???

    – Turn the other cheek like the ‘devout” slave masterZ preach at us?

    * This is a HORRIFIC Disaster that has been Uncovered & I fear the retaliation/punishment that may come..

    color me “digging deep” to avoid the pressure waves&burning hot rads. “is that a spraytan ZM? why no its a radical new tanning method called RadiCalTan..

    • Zr02 Moose,

      Don’t loose slep over waves in the Meds. The Spanish state naval construction consortium founded in the 13th century has this. Their flagship light aircraft carrier for the Turkish Navy is now undergoing sea trials. Mushrooms are better in soup.

  7. Looks like the lunatic Lenny was wrong telling you to be short and short and short . This dystopian sewer is about to blow up big time . Sheet is gunna hit the aerial sprayer big time . The reason ? Take your pick . F you facists

  8. Oh and the commercials reduced gold contracts by 15k . Woopee Farken doopee . Still record short position . Insert the dog as well

  9. George, those ‘front line Trump hate Nazis’ (Facebook?) are still hauling in Trump’s propaganda money despite their newly proclaimed wokeness:


    Thwaites is the bigger Coastal Event driver, not only in size (compared to Conger), but it’s the ‘wine cork’ holding the huge glacier behind it from melting into surrounding ocean:

    1 in 500 yr flood events becoming the norm???

  10. “Russia Bans Facebook And Instagram After Labeling Meta An “Extremist Organization”.”

    I can’t disagree with them…

  11. “All of which is made possible by wild-eyed helicopter drops of cash into the financial system by the Fed”

    I think the big thing here is these are going to have less and less impact, over time. Like any (every) other artificial “adjustment,” their effect diminishes each time they jigger the market.

  12. “Spring is springing out here in the Outback and so the busy time of year – transitioning from the winter workload to the changed priorities of summers is along.”

    I wouldn’t know — current blizzard outside with temps headed for ~zero. ‘Supposed to have a one day break up to ~70° here in a couple, then chilly again. I’m thinking of moving someplace warmer where the weather isn’t schizophrenic, like Alaska…

  13. Comrades,

    EV privilege is set to plug in as a charged topic with the electric automobile caste. The CBC has a current report on the case of a college dean of science who plugged in his electric car to a standard wall outlet while shopping at a mall in Surrey, BC. No designated EV charge stations were allegedly free. The dean’s battery drew an estimated 13 cents of electricity in an hour, and received a $80 violation ticket subsequently canceled upon protest. Well, 13cents, $13, $13,000 – theft is theft, right?

    Anyhow, upon reviewing “The Peace Arch News” for last July, the mall had received a $99,900 federal subsidy towards the total $250,000 cost “to install 24 EV chargers at the parkade” (which is 6 floors high). So “at the parkade” – you mean that 6 storey monstrosity beside the mall where one subsequently expects a dean of science to WALK to the mall? You can’t be serious!

    Obviously, there’s a solution for the common folk. Next time you’re at a mall with your non-EV transportation, remember to stop by the customer service desk and collect your 13 cent per hour EV discount coupon.


  14. Ahoy, Skipper,

    The ship is listing to port. A message is in from webzine “Asia Times”, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Edited by a German former naval officer, and a couple of subsidiaries removed from China’s richest man, they report of China making breakthroughs in satellite warfare technology. For goodness sake, as if worrying about streaming movie data interruptions from solar flares wasn’t bad enough.


    The report author has been churning out a number of write-ups for “Asia Times”. He has an interesting background on Linked-in: student of Russian studies, intern at a San Francisco web blog (managed by a Philippine army special forces officer), former defence analyst Philippine Navy, and now PhD student in International Relations at The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow (RUDN). Notable alumni include Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal (expelled), a leader of the FARC terrorists, US spy Anna Chapman, Daniel Ortega leader of the ’78-’79 Nicaraguan Revolution, and Alexei Navalny imprisoned opponent of Mr. Putin. A fine cast of characters, I’m sure you’d agree.

    Well, back to DJ Ure! Let’s try righting the ship with some good old “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young. Here’s hoping Mr. Young got his electric caddy rebuilt after it burned down.

  15. Opposition To Starting WWIII Doesn’t Make You Pro-Putin, It Just Means You’re Sane

    Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine in an attack that’s killed or displaced thousands of civilian innocents, Democrats are even more eager to accuse anyone they dislike of being a Russian plant. So that’s what they’ve resorted to instead of thoughtfully engaging arguments for why going to war with a nuclear power might not be the brightest idea.


    A Brief History of Pundits Encouraging Nuclear War

    There is an active, influential, and well-paid minority of pundits and politicians in America who apparently believe that escalating conflict between nuclear powers—and even nuclear war itself—is not really that big a deal. These, of course, are the sorts of people who fancy themselves “the adults in the room,” while people who proceed with prudence, caution, and regard for the rule of law are to be regarded as traitors, cowards, or Russian agents.


    Mises says “minority.”

    After investing a sliver of two days, listening to a few minutes of every pundit on the alphabet networks, FOX, and SiriusXM that I could find, I’d have to say: not “minority” but “considerable majority.”

    Different political parties and ideologies, different motivations, same means to achieve those different motivations… and every damn’ one assumes if we join the party, Russia will bend over and take it from us. Every one quotes “facts” which I, personally, KNOW to be false. Every one draws inferences which illustrate they know nothing of either tactics nor logistics, and their booking people can’t find a “military expert” who knows anything, either. We need a General Officer like a Patton or McArthur, or even a Schwarzkopf. Instead, we get general suckups who think Thoroughly Modern Millie is a combat tactician.

  16. White House Rushes To Clean Up Disastrous Remarks Biden Made About Putin During Speech

    The White House was forced to once again clean up highly problematic remarks made by Democrat President Joe Biden during his trip to Poland this week. “A dictator, bent on rebuilding an empire, will never erase the people’s love for liberty,” Biden said on Saturday at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia, for free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness. For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”


  17. Now, a California Bill to Permit Infant Death by Neglect

    Nothing in this bill would limit the license granted to the context of a baby surviving an abortion, which would be horrible enough. Rather, the freedom granted from civil and criminal liability would seem to apply generally.

    One blue-state bill that would allow a born baby to be neglected to death might be an anomaly. A second that does that — and perhaps could be interpreted to allow infanticide, also — is a pattern. The cultural Left is blazing new grounds of depravity.


  18. Jamaica Looks to Drop British Queen as Head of State, Drifts Toward Communist China

    Almost 400 years after the British conquered Spanish-occupied Jamaica, the Caribbean island has indicated it plans to follow Barbados in removing the Queen as head of state and becoming a republic.

    In 2019, Jamaica joined China’s Belt and Road initiative, which establishes trade routes between China and almost 70 other nations, with China fronting bills to improve nations’ infrastructure with the goal of increasing the communist regime’s soft power across the world. Belt and Road is somewhat of a poisoned chalice, however, as developing nations like Jamaica are left in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of debt to Beijing in what some have branded “debt-trap diplomacy”.


    Ah, yes — Jamaica.

    Summer high temperature 83°F (28°C), winter low temperature 79°F (26°C) and some of the cleanest air in the Caribbean. The Chinese aristocracy will love it. I wonder if Xi will appropriate Ian Fleming’s estate…

  19. And now, a couple that matter:

    ‘Doesn’t Sound Very Balanced’: Elon Musk Hints He May Launch ‘New Platform’ To Take On Twitter

    Entrepreneur Elon Musk hinted on Saturday that he may launch a new social media platform to take on Twitter after suggesting that Twitter “fundamentally undermines democracy” because it does not protect freedom of speech. Musk conducted an informal poll on Twitter on Friday…


  20. You’ll Own Nothing and Like It: Apple Is Working on Hardware Subscriptions for iPhones

    Bloomberg reports that tech giant Apple is developing a subscription service for its iPhone and other hardware products, which could turn iPhone ownership into a subscription service rather than direct hardware ownership. The service would be Apple’s biggest effort so far to enter the automatically recurring sales market.


  21. You septics are bullsheet . Not one patriot or freedom fighter amongst yah . Fools . Cowboys !!!! Farked the world now yah just back on your ranches . Bullsheet artists !!! Big gurus !!! Up down up down up down . Sheetcoin we love !!!! The pastrami slut and Jerome the jerk . Moose hard poster boy . Little for you lots for me . Good blokes those 4×2 dago facists

  22. Good morning brother.

    Supercross was a big success last night. Started out with 10 people 6 months ago. Had 300 working last night. Security, set up and take down of the show and I had 50 over at Billie Eilish.

    Braaap! Love dirtbike racing. Met a young fella there. First year as a pro. Young small town kid. Remind me of that Stafford kid that plays for the Rams. All neveous and awkward, just needed a little faith. So I gave him some of mine.

    You never know who you are talking to. Got a reminder of that last night. After the show was up and running. I went and found a random seat to enjoy some of the show after doing 500 laps around Lumen Field to get eveyone on point.

    Oh the Point. Get to the point Andy. Yes sir. So I sat next to this fella in the stands sitting by himself. Nice fella. Blur jeans, wearing brown romeos, black no named hoody and backwards camo ball cap. I meet alot of people in life and alot confuse me as some sorta Angel or something. I’m regular fella too.

    This fella and I are shooting the shit. Offers me some of his popcorn. I said thank you kindly. I noticed his watch. When he passed over some popcorn. We watched some of the race. Then my phone went off and I had to bounce to deal with some security dumb stuff. Shook his hand said nice to meet you. Enjoy the show. He said have a wonderful night. Hope it all goes well for you.

    I thought what nice watch he was wearing this morning. Maybe I should get one too. I like a good watch. Not too flashy. Water proof. Looked durable. So I looked it up this morning to see about getting one.

    Omega speedmaster. At the link

    Hahahhahaaa you never who you are shooting the shit with. You would never would have guessed this dude was wearing that much money on his wrist.

    A little pricey for me. Hahahaj. I did walk outside this morning to have my morning coffee, ritual and talk to THE DUDE. I did indeed noticed all the tulips are blooming this morning. Wonderful! I take that as a good sign. They don’t seem to worried about what is on the news.


    Reminded me this morning of the fact, Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

    It is my hope you are as well.

    She coming to town and I look forward to meeting her. I really like her attitude. Yes sir. I do. She is all attitude.

    Q: Dua Lipa


    ~Don’t Start now. ~

  23. May I add a comment regarding the “chill” event you linked to surrounding the calving of a 460 square mile iceberg off the Larsen iceshelf earlier in March?

    Supposedly even if the entire Larsen shelf melted at once, sea levels might rise 4 inches not 160 feet. As well the shelf is estimated to be 10,000 years old which in terms of eons is a blink of an eye.

    Five years ago, the 2200 square mile A68 Iceberg broke away from Larsen. Satellites stopped tracking it a year ago since it had almost melted to nothing. Apparently the big bergs like that are a danger to the regional sea floor and surrounding habitats. Anyhow we’re all still here even after A68.

    By the way, I may have been remiss to note that the Climate Czar attended a gala dinner of Her Majesty’s at the Palace towards the end of last October. If I stumble across the menu served, I’ll be sure to offer an update.

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