Just the Charts Today

Well, we are down to our last back-up of the back-ups on the power this morning, so we will do only the market comment and the charts,

The original article which was scheduled for this morning (2-Hours a week to being a millionaire) will have to wait for Saturday…

Folksy commentary is fun, enjoyable reading, but most all of it pales compared to making a bunch of money without doing more than entering a trade, or two.

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2 thoughts on “Just the Charts Today”

  1. 2 points/sources of input do not a trend make. Regarding the perceived rise of the sea – consider point of view, it may be that the land is sinking instead. Visual proof is evident – but always interpreted by the parallax and mindset of your reference location.

  2. George has a screw loose? :-) I went through my entire new (old-1973) house replacing outlets and installing GFI where required now. Old outlets that had been spray painted into, with loose contact tangs that barely hold a plug in place… Yikes! This is where electrical fires start. Cheap insurance to go through them when you know what you are doing. Some electrical brainiac years ago cross wired the black and white wires on the daisy chain of outlets along one side of the house… half the plugs had wrong polarity. That was fun to find.

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