Jobs: Facts Before Fiction

Let me huff a bit on the whiteboard marker before we rock the morning for you… This being the 21st Anniversary of the Enron Collapse.


So, here’s the “real deal” on jobs.

Pop Size Matters

U.S. population at the end of 2019 was around 328,239,523.  (*George scrawls this on the board.)

At the end of this year, we’re looking at?  332,403,650.  (Another scrawl appears on the board.)

“And these figures,” Ure continues, “May or may not include the transient population explosion because of the Biden clown posse arming everyone in Ukraine — so they can have a border — while disarming everyone in America so we will have Open Borders.  Clearly globalist stooges.”

Then, he writes on the whiteboard:  1.268% More Residents.

Then he passes around a flyer.  It reads:

“We cannot trust these non-farm numbers for several reasons.  The most recent two months is always “(P)reliminary” and second because of the source – a government agency WHICH “estimates” (makes-up) jobs in an incomprehensibly complex way.”

Even so, if we take that February 2020 number and multiply it times our population growth number, we see an employment (per capita) “breakeven” with 2020 would today be 154437 employed prior to today’s report.

“Now, both political parties are lying to the American public about how the U.S. has done in the Post Covid world,” Ure rambled.

“We have NOT YET come close to a jobs level of early 2020 when the change in population base is factored in.  Having pointed out the statistically obvious (we’re being lied to, on an apples to apples basis, we will now see how the job picture looks through lie-tinted glasses today, shall we?  We are almost a million workers short of per capita jobs pre-Covid…”

Opening the Envelope

(Is the tension almost palpable?)

“”Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, health care, and government. Employment declined in retail trade and in transportation and warehousing.”

Of this, more than a few jobs were simply estimated into existence by the Current Employment Statistics (CES) birth-dead model.

Which represents the hard to document comings and goings of business.  New ideas, business formations, that sort of thing, versus offshored to Asia, bankruptcy, and so forth…

This news release presents statistics from two monthly surveys. The household survey measures labor force status, including unemployment, by demographic characteristics. The
establishment survey measures nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings by industry.

The stock market reaction is driven by the Big Players who are in on the fix in sold-out corporate media which should be screaming their heads off about the lies behind the curtain.  The impacts of open borders, drug gangs, runway Big Pharma, and worker-beaters in China.

Yeah, maybe we’ll just chew some (legal) delta-8 and move on to the days other news…  Dow futures now down 380.

Son of Bank Runs

In our work, the markets are replaying similar conditions (Super Bubble) as the nation experienced in the Great Depression.  (Be patient, soon comes…)

You will remember all the headlines in the former Depression about Bank Runs and such.  Good Wikipedia read here.

How do we avoid fund “Runs” in the modern world?  Proactive management seems to be the answer.  Demonstrated in not only the limitation efforts of some crypto firms, as now we come to this:  Blackstone To Limit Withdrawals From $125 Billion Real Estate Fund (

As a “synthesizing generalizer” my thinking goes something like this:  If in one asset class, we see limits (crypto) and in another (real estate), as well, what is the takeaway?

Simply that new asset classes seem likely to join the “limited liquidity” trap in coming months.

And since these are in “boutique” investments, the widespread panic of bank lines will likely be pushed a way out, instead of arising simultaneously with the onset of Depression.

Every collapse has its own flavor of liquidity limits.  So, it may not matter since the role of Depression is to destroy savings and limits enable story tellers to say, “You’ll get your money later.

Which was what lines at banks heard in the Depression.  Lies for prime time, anyone?

Not So Prime Time?

We’ve been really gentle on CNN of late.  Not in our gene pool to kick people when they’re going down.

As in CNN makes massive staff cuts as news industry prepares for a dark winter.

Still, just desserts.  Advocacy Journalism has been a cloaking device for Media Marxists.  Reporter comments about the Communist News Network, the Clinton News Network, and more, were not entirely undeserved.  Their recipe seems to include entertaining lemons abut not enough news and useable analysis.   Does America need a Gaslight Network?  Now being dialed back in a Jumpin Jack Flash.  (“It’s a gas, gas, gas…”)

Crusin for a Newsin

So, let’s start with free speech versus offensive speech as a ponder:  Elon Musk finally suspends Kanye West from Twitter over swastika post.

Then we have the Gruesome who is riling people up by working toward a (racially divisive) White Tax:  California reparations committee will recommend handing out $223,200 to descendants of slaves. The story goes on to say “Nearly 6.5% of California residents – 2.5M – identify as Black or African American.”  Do the math. This sure looks like reverse discrimination, to us.  Being white doesn’t get capitalized (Black does) anymore.  Can reverse racism be any more evident?  EQUALITY is the goal, and we believe what’s payday for one group should be green for all others.  [The Ure family has never owned slaves, so we won’t be held to account for the misdeeds of others.  Slavery has been illegal in America for how long?  Looks to us like a monetization designed to reignite racial friction in America.  Way to go, Gruesome!  Party line!] (Maybe he should click over to What is Modern Day Slavery? – voices4freedom and work on actual present-day slavery issues instead of remonetizing the past to pander to voting persuasion blocks?)

In other Wild West Politics:  EXCLUSIVE: Katie Hobbs’ Office Threatened County Board With Arrest, Indictment If They Didn’t Certify Results. Maybe there’s something in the water, out West?

Wait!  What Water out West?  Drought-hit California cities to get little water from state.  In Grand Nanny State fashion, California solves all the wrong problems again. Meanwhile Border crossings are already near record highs, and the end of a Covid ban this month could bring still more. Which has really helped growth here in Texas.  Now, if we just had a border…

Environmental inconsistencies:  California is on schedule to wipe two more model years of diesel big rigs from ports at the end of the year.  So, with water shortages and brownouts, pardon this but our calculators puke on more EVs in Golden State transpo plans.  Still, the hype is never-ending: Tesla Semi unveiled with tri-motor setup, megawatt charging tech.  No explanation of where the megawatts will come from.  Because more EVs means gigawatts not megas.

Oh, on that Biden’s border crisis endangers skies as air marshals sent south.  Tell me you ain’t surprised?

The Slow Joe files:  He’s living up to the “War Party” moniker: Kremlin Rejects Biden Terms for Ukraine Talks. Unlike the unelected Russia Regime Change Artists in the U.S. State Department, at least Russia is trying the PR move.

Meanwhile, Putin is claimed to be “falling down” on the job, in a manner of speaking: Vladimir Putin ‘fell down stairs at his home and soiled himself’.  What regime changers forget is hardliners are three or four deep to take Putin’s job and they will use nukes…

Braced for Big Attacks now?  Might follow next week on the heels of hardliner Joe:  Russia Assembles Long-Range Bomber Fleet: Is Moscow Prepping A Massive Blow To Ukraine? ( Loading missiles is not a good sign, and this seems separate from the old cruise missile inventory being used as air defense distractions presently.

All of which leaves the U.S. in position to fight a THIRD major war in Europe: Europe ‘Not Strong Enough’ to Take on Russia, Needs U.S. Help—Finland (  If you liked WW i and WW II, WW III should be marvelous. (IV if we count the Cold War as III.)

Profiteers killing Golden (NFT) Goose?  Coinbase Drops iOS NFTs As Apple Extends 30% Cut to Gas Fees.  30 percent isn’t much, if you’re The Mob.

Planet Kill evidence coming clear:  Velikovsky was right?  Colossal ‘planet killer’ asteroid sparked mega-tsunami on Mars, and now we know where it landed.  So why be in such a hurry to return?

ATR: Miles of Files

The A.P. overnight teardown of the news wires (late 1960s by Ure’s truly) was always a fine time to get snippets of history in the “Today in History” list.  Crossed on the overnight wire runs and ran about a dozen topics deep.

In keeping with the spirit of that, this is the anniversary of Napoleon becoming emperor of France.  1804.

This is the birth date of the Monroe Doctrine, too.

On this day in 1942, sustained nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated which cleared the path for the Cold War and “duck and cover” 10 years after.

On this day in 1954, the U.S. Senate voted to condemn Senator Joseph McCarthy.  And the country has been damning conservative voices ever since.  This has been facilitated by software taking over most of accounting.  Who needs to understand money, nowadays?

And this is the birthdate (1970) of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Which has solved a few things, but which has hitched up to climate change and God knows where that mess will lead.

More on Peoplenomics tomorrow and back here for ShopTalk Sunday.

Let’s all go watch Wave III (3) (iii) now, shall we?

Have a dandy weekend and write when you get rich,

59 thoughts on “Jobs: Facts Before Fiction”

  1. The people of pre-Crash 1929 were collateralizing something to buy stock. What was the 1928 Bitcoin equivalent?

    • I think folks collateralized the sound banking system.

      The Depression ended immediately after gold was called. Then a ‘World War’ was launched to cover the operation. During this war the new credit system was put in place.

      Everything is collateralized now. That’s why we’ll own nothing.

  2. George Ure: Braced for Big Attacks now? Might follow next week on the heels of hardliner Joe: Russia Assembles Long-Range Bomber Fleet: Is Moscow Prepping A Massive Blow To Ukraine? ( Loading missiles is not a good sign, and this seems separate from the old cruise missile inventory being used as air defense distractions presently.

    G.A. Stewart: I have some concerns regarding the time-frame around St. Nicholas Day, December 6th, 2022 and events in the Adriatic Sea, “At the port of Puola (Pula, Croatia) and of Saint Nicholas [Day] [December 6th].”

  3. Enron collapsed on 11-28-01.
    Why do I know such an obscure fact off of the top of my head?
    Because it’s the combination for one of my gym locks.
    I write reminders on the backs of each of my locks in case my memory temporarily slips.
    On this one,I’ve written Ken Lay.

  4. “We are almost a million workers short of per capita jobs pre-Covid…”

    around here.. most of those new jobs created.. are only part time or limited hours..because of the rise in the cost of operation and of basic necessities.. companies are limiting the amount of hours that the employee can work.. benefit costs have also increased..Health insurance rates.. for one person hovering two grand a month and fifty dollar co pay for clinic visits and a hundred dollars for a specialist.. ten thousand dollar deductible.. top of the line insurance rates are what was it thirty six grand a year.. twenty dollar co pay fifty dollar for a specialist and five grand in deductibles.. medications are ten dollars on covered medications and up to two hundred on regular..
    bottom of the line insurance is sixteen thousand a year and you pay all labs and x rays can only see a physician a total of three times in a calendar year..
    utilities .. going up.. food going up.. rent for someone on federal assistance.. is seven hundred a month in the wastelands.. more if you live in a slum dive …
    I visited with one yesterday that had to quit her part time job.. she couldn’t afford daycare.. daycare was more than what she grossed..she has federal child care on her son.. but the sub policy was four hundred a month.. to cover what they don’t cover..
    Home taxes.. well they do have to pay for the schools.. so home taxes are going up.. approximately one dollar per working hour..
    I am not sure what the power company is raising their rates to this year.. but line men got a pretty substantial raise.. so.. my guess is quite a bit..

    • That’s why I harp on Amtrak.

      The jobs America had in 1971 when Amtrak became a GSE (semantics) were different from today.

      Today’s Amtrak bailouts are based on 1971 former glory thinking and not concrete affordability. Part of our Christmas ham goes to their table.

      As we eat cricket they’ll still be gnawing on turkey legs.

    • If you stop looking at the government (bullshit) numbers and go out into the real world and talk to real people, you will find out that the only real number is that of a”living wage.” And living “paycheck to paycheck” is not a living wage when the first unexpected expense like a medical bill shows up. (That’s 60% of the USA BTW.) And if you do isolate your life, (like when was the last time you attended a high school graduation or a school play or sporting event?) then what you have to say means nothing unless you are selling hopium, which really in demand these days. Your opinion has as much value as a childless person opining on family life and child raising.

      George, you need to stop posting government numbers. Because when you pay attention, they are just like recalcitrant children, it only encourages them. I haven’t figured out if you still post them because your commentary makes you look “wise” or you just want to prove your spreadsheet skills are better than those os sleepy Joe.

      • “the only real number is that of a”living wage.” And living “paycheck to paycheck”

        Unfortunately.. the only numbers there are are those that are posted.. we call them the happy dance numbers..
        It is like those saying the the present administration has the support of the people.. yet you go and listen to anyone in a checkout lane or coffee house and you hear otherwise.. the big issue.. is.. even with them printing up trillions and not doing a thing with them.. ( except maybe shoving the numbers in their pockets) the average person feels hopeless to even try to make a change.. govt is owned and pimped out by their money donors.. they all know the double talk auction material.. so a message from the DC beltway to anyone that wants an honest answer..
        as long as its legal to corrupt our politicians we will continue to hear the same

  5. All about that “Base”..

    Its Friday and I’m in mourning..for my beloved Soccer team was unceremoniously knocked out of the greatest sport spectacle /competition in the wolrd – FIFA World Cup 2022.

    German soccer team & coach are KAPUT! A national disgrace !

    – a total and complete FAILURE. I personally had no idea failure was an option in German soccer circles, never used to be, but apparently it is now the current zietgist in das fatherland.FMTT!

    PS – thank goodness for rules based trading – fought myself like mad yesterday selling longs (December Calls) in PAAS..
    As for that other beloved piece of amaze ballz technological ‘kit” – das Bitcoinz still get you 16 thousand and nine hundred NOTHINGS.
    Its party time, 4 the falling knife catchers, like 1999 –

    Youse know – altogether in chorus – “No BTC 4 GPops”

    ..he nose better, risk.

    • Re: BTC at 16,900, dig a hole deep enough and pretty soon everyone will want to jump in. It’s pump and dump time for the top fifty holders while the curious and kooky see great opportunity.

      • Obviously you do not understand the FUNCTION of bitcoin. You are one of the people who want to sit around on their *ss and make money.

        Some friends of mine here in Ecuador made a quick visit to the USA. They went to their longtime LOCAL bank to withdraw a few thousand in cash. The teller, a longtime friend, apologized and explained she was required to do this. She then asked what they intended to do with the money?

  6. 8.7% SS increase and the inflation is already being announced.

    If you drink Heinies the cost for 11 cases today will only get you 10 in four short weeks.

    Heineken may hike beer prices by over 10% from January:
    Heineken Lager Beer, has said that it will hike the price of its beer and cider by almost 10.7 per cent on January 1 due to increasing input prices

  7. Here we go.. thought I would share this.. as I get ready to give my xmas gift to me.. I am looking at this wonderful organization..
    what better thing can we do but save a life of some child.. through an education.. and double your gift as well.. what better gift than the gift of life to a child or family without the sickness of poor water..

      • Oh… and for those that can itemize their taxes.. that is a tax deduction to.. so just think about it.. you can save a families life and.. deduct it to get a little back from uncle JOE.. or not pay uncle JOE a few extra coins.. a win win..
        I am planning to give a monthly donation.. remember the little girl.. Jesus loves me.. well honey I do to.. time to pony up a few coins for a deserving institution and get the job done..

    • Last stats I saw, Americans spend $27 billion per year on NON-FOOD items for pets. $22 billion would permanently proved clean water for all of Africa.

      $100 plus billion into the Ukraine.

      It’s a great country, ain’t it?

  8. “White Tax:  California reparations committee will recommend handing out $223,200 to descendants of slaves. The story goes on to say “Nearly 6.5% of California residents – 2.5M – identify as Black or African American.”  Do the math.:”

    with administrative fees taken off .. writing the check will cost more than what it’s value is.. lol lol.. talk about a hoot.. who would cash a check for a penny lol without laughing or giving a snickering comment…lol lol
    it’s as funny as the year they promised the nurses a huge raise..then gave them a penny lol..
    the hospital would give out xmas and birthday cards.. basically an advertising campaign.. one year they forgot to seal the envelope.. ( mind you their idea of a gift to the non executives was a 2 by 2 sticky note pad of 20 squares and their name on top lol) so for SAG ( shitz and giggles) I slid ten bucks in the card and sealed it.. went out to the table that all the smokers sat at with my lol and opened it.. took out the bill and that all this year what lol..
    I almost had to tackle them as they were racing in to complain lol lol..

    • I wonder how many Californicators will “identify as Black,” should this become more than just a means of buying votes…?

  9. I no longer ‘give’ to any overseas organizations. Haven’t for many years now. My resources for donations are very limited., so I donate locally.
    – The oldest church in Chelan does a great job of reaching out and helping those in need., with clothing, food and utilities bills. .., and the local Food Bank – run by an ex-military logistics officer is stellar in helping those in need throughout the area. Especially those who work but still can’t afford the costs of living here.
    – Those two are very worthy causes and take all our donations., and really do help the local community.., a lot.., where everything is geared for tourists.

    • There are excellent charitable organizations, local and International. The important thing about what you are doing d’Lynn is that you can confirm where your funds are being spent. Charities that are accountable and transparent deserve support. I have seen many that aren’t. The Clinton Foundation comes to mind.

      I guess it would be appropriate to consider the US government a charity but think how accountable they are with the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine this past year. When money is sent overseas by governments or individuals without 100% accountability, I can guarantee it is never well spent.

      • I agree that there are many “good” overseas and national charities.., however, there are many, many locals with families that need help right here in my area.

      • I would also temper donations by whether a charity is true, or has sold out to the “woke agenda.” The Salvation Army has consistently been in the top three organizations WRT percentage of donations which actually go to charitable causes. Last year they went “woke” and sold out to the CCP. Two years ago is the last time they got a damn’ dime from me. I refuse to fund the demise of the U.S. I’m ostensibly a Quaker. I have watched the communists infiltrate the charitable and service organizations of my religion since I was a child. It saddens me to see it now happen to, what I considered, the last pure religious charity in the U.S.

    • I prefer to never give money to anyone, and especially to organizations. Plenty of others can do that. I prefer to donate time and expertise one on one, to those that are deserving, even if I barely know them. Money is subject to all kinds of regulation and overhead, and direct value can be given or exchanged without involving money at all. Fixing a heating system, changing a starter, cutting down a tree, troubleshooting bad wiring, etc., has the least amount of overhead in improving someone’s life. Even giving(GOOD) advice can have significant results. Many folks give to kids, and that’s not all bad, but older folks in need are often ignored because they don’t pluck at the heartstrings like kids do.

      I do agree that local organizations are usually much more responsive than national ones, and fraud will be much more easily discovered.

      • I think the lesson here is to know where your money or efforts are going and not trusting someone else to tell you they are changing lives (except theirs) for the better. Getting directly involved is always good. Then you can find out where your hard earned money is really being spent.

        I would pull my support for any “woke” aka “reverse discrimination” charity.

  10. It sure does seem like the first week of December has seen some big history changing moments. Interesting.

    In unrelated news, The following link is a longish read, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone say OR write anything that so closely matches how I view the world. The author is talking about the last 3 years but it has been reality for decades.

    • Good read. Thanks for posting.
      “Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out.” ? Plato

    • MAJ13, thank you for the above article, absolutely nails it. Will remind people that these sickos continue to normalize deviant behavior. See what has been uncovered at Belanciaga. My daughter, who works in the fashion industry called me when this info first came to light, she was absolutely apalled. She also said that dear old Dad was right again. I guess I did a decent job of educating her about the real world.
      In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king….

    • Our founding fathers were neo-classicists, and we are the neo-plebs. We are held in perpetual debt slavery and kept docile with the aid of the web circus maximus, professional sports, and the entertainment industries. We are as safe and free as cameras and prisons can make us. We have the dole to protect the elderly and the non-participants. It isn’t the Truman show we are trapped in, it is the neo-republic. And we all love every moment of it: totalitarianism wrapped in a toga of individual freedom.

    • Martin Armstrong was saying this back in a couple of his interviews ago on Greg Hunter’s show. He’d just shake his head in wonderment at how inundated the World was with complete idiots in charge of all the major World powers. Schwab and his WEF’ers have been hugely successful in placing his brainwashed kids in high places. We won’t be coming out of this until they’ve torn the World apart and we, the great unwashed, finally overthrow them. The World is waking up but so very few have the cajones to do anything about it.

  11. Interesting comment –
    “It’s time for investors to sell any rally in stocks with job losses set to shock markets in 2023” – Bank of America foresees the unemployment situation in 2023 will be as shocking to Main Street consumer sentiment as inflation was in 2022.

  12. “What regime changers forget is hardliners are three or four deep to take Putin’s job and they will use nukes…”

    the biggest complaint about Putin.. is he’s not agressive enough.. I believe this whole thing was avoidable.. I’d rather see the world leaders working to solve some of our planets problems..

  13. I had a very good week trading.., very good. Made the right call again this morning – NASDAQ100 down 120 points and am doing very well.., but – do I hold over the weekend? [ rhetorical question] I am not sure – will know in about an hour, or so. Looking a little shady at the moment.
    – Hope you all had a good week.

    • Well done!
      It was strange at the non-farm payroll announcement…the GBP/USD dipped fast and furious and then came right up to where the dip was started from. Seems the cat is out of the bag that nfp is fake. I wonder if they’re holding back the real numbers so when people start thinking things are going well they can drop the real numbers on us and crash things further.
      This is all about control of the emotions of the masses because emotions run everything, or at least lead everything.
      Control the emotions, control the world.
      As to holding a short over the weekend…
      I’ll let you know on Monday. lol

  14. “Modern Day Slavery is real slavery: where people are held against their will, under violence or threat of violence, and unable to walk away. They are either never paid or paid irregularly, either in the form of food or money, the sum of which is far below any minimum wage standards; typically they are paid only enough to survive another day. They are trapped in brothels, factories, mines, farm fields, ”

    modern day slavery.. so sad.. years ago I had someone vent to me the situation they were in..I tried to get them out of the situation and failed. they sought her out.. under threat of violence when they were caught she was to scarred to testify.. so they threw the book at her.. from one prison if being forced to comply with their demands to another..
    luckily I’m still able to visit and help her with her basic needs..
    the bad thing is..when she gets out she will still be in a prison judged by all

  15. Moved my stops up., nice and tight and in twenty minutes I have been “stopped-out”.., still.., a pretty good return for one day. Dow has turned positive and NASDAQ is down 10…, I thought it was looking a bit shady.
    – Now…, what will Monday bring me?

  16. “Both bulls and bears should brace for US stock market frustration next year – but not a recession-fueled crash,” BlackRock equity chief.
    – The way I see it, is the other way around., the ‘crash’ will fuel the recession., and just how far down that ‘crash’ extends and how fast it might happen will determine the outcome to a mildly painful recession., or, crashing too far – too fast and go full-blown very painful depression.
    – – .., or have I got that all ‘wrong’., and a multi-millionaire fund expert is right ??

  17. Sharpen up your carbon taxes! Send the bill to Madame Pele, Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii Island. According to USGS:
    “Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission rates of approximately 180,000 tonnes per day (t/d) were measured on December 1, 2022. “

    • Seventeen “sustainable development goals” via ESG, and NONE of which include Freedom, Independence, or Happiness! Why would anyone buy into this?

  18. Re: Pop Size Matters


    Today the Prince of Wales instagrammed images of his amiable indoors meeting with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. Meanwhile Mr. Biden was kept outdoors in frigid temperatures. He awaited an audience with His Highness who did subsequently descend elegantly via a stairway from a higher level for the brisk tête-a-tête in crisp airs along a river walk to nowhere.

    Subsequently local Boston media pictured Mr. Biden speaking into a landline handset situated in an electrician union phone bank boiler room setting. One image captured Elizabeth Warren manning a phone in the background. The official WH schedule also had Mr. Biden rallying the troops at a Boston region DNC fundraiser for next Tuesday’s Georgia Senator runoff.

    Speaking of Georgia fundraisers, President Obama made a passionate speech last night to 5,000 supporters in Atlanta with the democrat Senate candidate at his side according to “The Washington Post”. The former President called upon a four year old who thrilled the crowd declaring “we’ve got the power!”

    • Folks,

      The US, French, and EU flags were on display today in New Orleans at a clean energy accord signing. President Macron was present in the “quintessential French territory” overseeing the document signatories, his French foreign minister and the Louisiana Governor.

  19. “Russia Assembles Long-Range Bomber Fleet: Is Moscow Prepping A Massive Blow To Ukraine?”


    The TU-95 and TU-160 are extremely long-range heavy bombers. They’re designed to loose Hell-on-Earth anywhere in CONUS, generally as mop-up after a general nuclear exchange.

    Engels (not “Engels-2”) Air Force Base is their home base. They’re not “being assembled” there, they live there.

    The TU-160 is a Mach-2 super-bomber, but the TU-95 is a propeller-driven plane that’s half the size of a football field, and is wholly-inadequate for flying into a war zone that’s equipped with modern air defense systems.

    I suppose they could circle the borders at 60,000ft and launch air-to-ground missiles into Ukraine, but that seems like an unnecessary exercise, unless there are targets Russia can only hit by shooting straight down on them…

  20. “Vladimir Putin ‘fell down stairs at his home and soiled himself’.”

    Two things:

    1) Most of the world, not counting the United States, treats colorectal cancer by sectioning the colon, cutting out the infested area, and stitching the rest back together. If he had colorectal cancer, he would have been completely clear and free of it, months ago.

    2) Putin’s bodyguards are not bulletproof. If one gossiped to anyone, about anything, at any time, he would be dead within hours.

    It drives me nuts when I see some “reporter” concoct a story about another culture, and apply current Anglo-American standards or social mores to it. Putin’s bodyguards are extremely-highly-trained by the FSB. They’re so stoic they make the Buckingham Palace Guard look like laughing hyenas. They are also summarily shot for any deviation from their job description.

    • I will admit to not reading the story — is it worth reading?

      The headline leaves me thinking that some genius decided to accuse Mr. Putin of things for which there are more credible allegations of having befallen his counterpart in Foggy Bottom.


      • No, it is a gossip hit piece, probably intended to piss Putin off. I give it a less than .00001 probability of being anything other than pure fabrication.

        Since it is likely the Brits are at least partly responsible for the Nordstream bombing, I’m not sure they should be trying to aggravate Mr. Putin’s ire…

  21. “And this is the birthdate (1970) of the Environmental Protection Agency. Which has solved a few things,”

    Name two.

    Then consider that every State has its own State EPA and explain the reason and justification for the existence of the USEPA…

    • The EPA exists for itself, and whatever mission creep it can manage. I can see the PCV valve perhaps, but the tomes of regulations beyond that is insane. It’s not possible to design an efficient engine for your car and legally install it without certifying that particular engine separately for every make and model that you wish to install it in.

      Innovation tends to stop where regulation starts.

  22. The same tactics of force, fraud, and coercion that are used to exploit people around the world are also used in the United States. Of every 1,000 people in the United States, 1.3 are living in modern slavery. Modern slavery is seen in jobs like domestic work; agriculture and farm work; traveling sales crews; restaurant or food services; and health and beauty services. Up to 30 percent of farmworker families are living below the federal poverty line, experiencing situations of modern slavery where they are held against their will, through the use or threat of violence, and forced to work for little or no money. (12) Thus, the fruits, vegetables, and meats we consume are often the product of slave labor happening in the United States.

    • C’mon man…! These are not the drones you seek..”

      They are all Human Resources ! Bwahahahahahahahahahahah

      a human RESOURCE, bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

      ..and when they retire at the ripe ol age of 65- 72 – what do ya think they got left in the “Qi tank” ? after grinding away at a “corp. grindstone” for 40 years?
      All Peaches and Cream, Sunshine and Unicorn farts..all of which the National Bank of Uncle Sam does not accept as collateral. Hey, least they get a small funeral/burial benefit with corp sponsored term life as not leave the “Survivors” on the hook for those expenses. How generous of the corp. masters, no?

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