Jobs Data, False Flag Fears

Tensions are high going into this weekend.  Daylight Time leaves Sunday.

Worries are not because of signs and portents related to Halloween last night.  Let’s “line ’em” up, for the day:

  • We have a new Jobs Report to digest.
  • The Fed may be dialing-back money growth.
  • Fears of a False Flag are elevated.
  • Patriots are riled-up.
  • Faith in “Due Process” is waning.
  • … Plus the rest of the news-noise of life…

I wanted to begin with the short list this morning in order that we can all “keep our heads on straight” and not be whipsawed or jerked into partisanship or unwinnable battles.  A theme that will emerge as we move along…

If there is one critical lesson for people under 50 (millennials) to learn, it’s about learning to master Process.  Own the process and you own the outcome.  Ask Nancy.

Jobs Data

Going into this morning, the set-up was the ADP job creation number (+125,000) released Wednesday and the Challenger job cuts (50,285, +21%).  Being a simple fellow, my expectations for the jobs report today were somewhere in the +75,000 to +135,000 range.  How does that square with this?

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 128,000 in October, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in food services and drinking places, social assistance, and financial activities. Within manufacturing, employment in motor vehicles and parts decreased
due to strike activity. Federal government employment was down, reflecting a drop in the number of temporary jobs for the 2020 Census. ”

Drilling into the usual details:

  • The absolute number of people working (*which is the most important big picture aspect) was 158,510,000, which is up 241,000 for the month.
  • On the downside, Goods producing jobs were down 26,000.
  • Meantime, average hours worked was unchanged
  • And hourly wages were were up 6-cents….
  • ,,,while the labor participation rate up a 1/10th to 53.3%

More notably, the CES Birth Death Model estimated 274,000 new jobs into existence for the month.  That skews the number up.

Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone, but we tend to take the headline job gains ( 241,000   today) and subtract the estimated into being number ( 274,000 ) and worry that the real picture is a loss of   jobs.

That said, the whole “What’s the real job growth number?” comes down to how many of your neighbors are really working and that’s why we’re guided by the total employed.  The rest turns into a statistical street fight.

False Flag Fears

It’s a good assumption that there are battling factions within the Globalist World Order fighting for control of everything.  In other words, while George Soros may give money to liberals, Warren Buffett does, as well.  But, I’d trust my money to Buffett, while Soros?  Not so much.

Here’s the thing:  Many pieces have started to move, now.  The House will be televising impeachment and some of the cheapo, shoddy, dirty, crooked,  underhanded, slimy, filthy (shit) pulled by the former admininistration and its minions to unseat the lawfully elected president are about to go public.  We will (hopefully) see the public understanding that representative Schiff likely coached a democrat plant, an Obama hold-over, in the White House long before the “whistleblower” complaint.

Dems need a big “national distraction” and they need it quick.

Second thing that catches out eye, in the Federal Reserve H.6 money stocks report last night is that money growth is being dialed back.  Reason?  Well, it’s OK to “make up money” (the MUM policy of MMT), BUT at some point, the public begins to move – bigly – and into assets like gold and silver.and (gulp) even Bitcoins which have bounced from the $7,000 range up to $9,241.

Having dialed back the money puffing, the market will soon begin to react, we figure.  Stock buy-backs are already drying up and many companies with “good earnings” have done more in accounting than on the shop floor to pasty their earnings.

Are there subversives and traitors on the loose?  Of the sort that went on an “urgent tour” to Jordan and Afghanistan the weekend of October 21st and which, perhaps following the
“connections being made” allowed the Trump administration  to take down not one, but  two ISIS terror leaders.  I have questions for Shifty I’d like to ask – with a voice stress analyzer on…

What I’m getting around to is that there are “bad things lining up on one side of the boat” and that seems to us – at the moment of potential capsize to some – would be the inflection point, or moment of highest risk, for a false flag “context changer.”

Toss in that video that talks about the  potential for an attack on Seattle Sunday, November 3rd, and it’s a time, we think, to pray for a happy future.

Toss in the nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, where this week “Countries backing India will be hit by missile: Nuclear war threat by Pakistani minister” was making the rounds.

We are in “nuclear prime time” on the 72-year war/dramatic social change model.  A kind of “anything goes” region of expected outcomes.  Good time to be wary.

Fed Dialing Back Money Growth

To the end of August, the Fed was “making up money” basis the 3-month M1 annualized at a 7.6% clip.

We notice that in the Thursday report, it was down to 7.0 for the week ending October 21…might that “hiss the balloon” a bit soon?

Riled-Up Patriots

I also have noticed a shift in the tone of some of our reader comments in the past couple of days.  An underlying and growing anti-government context.

Nothing violent, but a lot of venom about income tax and other “symbol of authority” kinds of issues.  This shows up as the few remaining “see both sides” people are becoming in very short supply.

Could it be the left thinks it is winning on issues like impeachment and the border?

Set aside Thursday’s tax-wasting witch trial vote and look at border headlines, just as a “fer-instance.”   Washington Post’s headlining “‘Bodies flew everywhere’: A border chase shows role U.S. citizens play in immigration smuggling.” We view this as a  slippery ploy at best.  Because while yes, American criminals are making a boatload at the border, what about those foundations of politicians on both sides that rake in money and one way to do that is “working” the open border mess?  Oh, those don’t get mentioned, do they?  Naw…

If the “shaming Americans” angle doesn’t work, let’s try poster-childing, shall we?  Why look! (Again)  Here comes the NY Times with “Detentions of Child Migrants at the U.S. Border Has Surged to Record Levels.” Yet, for all their pretense of self-righteous indignation, we figure they’ve again failed to mention that the problem’s roots are in Washington DC and with the illegal aliens working to bring in drugs for the cartels. No shame in any of that for We the People, except who we keep reelecting…

But, I suppose, they can’t hang the real blame on the perps.  Too much of a business model this status quo, country wrecking stuff.  Especially the ones who leak anti-Trrump stories from the West Wing who should (IMHO) be in Leavenworth or “at the wall” having a final smoke.

No, we have to be better at  process than either of the co-opted political parties or the six corporations that spin the news.

If Congress had a “related Foundations disclosure law” maybe that would help.  Find out how the Deep State pays its minions.  Something truth “ Hunter’s” have been biden there time to find out.

Progressive Benefit Prisons

Want to really  do something about crime and recidivism in America?  Been thinking about something I call “progressive benefit prisons.”  Goes like this:

Suppose someone is convicted of a violent crime.  Should they just go into prison, and enjoy TV in the day room right away?

I was wondering if making inmates  earn their way out wouldn’t be a better way to readjust them into society?

Imagine starting from a very awful first day in prison in solitary and then having to “earn your way up” from there?  A vitamin pill, bread, water, no toilet paper.

After the anger wears off, some doable tasks to earn up to a more suitable meal, and some TP.  But still, solitary.

When there’s been some evidence of polite social interaction with staff, then a move to a more conventional, yet still TV-free setting.  Only limited books – books on values.  Bible, Koran, all the major religions and some philosphy like Plato.

A “values test” and continued perfect behavior and another advance.  Maybe to GenPop, with TV.  Maybe to get there, a book and job training…

Finally, for the longer term, something almost like a country club.  Still doing the time, but a year or two “in the club” to fine tune and look for predictive behavior warning signs.

Sure, civil libertarians will be pissed.  “It ain’t right” they will argue.  “Treat em all equal.”  Oh?  Like they treated people on the outside?  No, criminality needs to be punished and something I observed in my news-chasing days, a lot of people on the inside are there because they missed some of the key learnings of life.  Lack of parents, busted homes, drugs, horrid divorces, and sure, toss in a load of substance abuse pushed by gangs.

But what if, just as an idea, we instead of mollycoddling everyone equally, we put them through a  process to grow them back into productivity?  Help them get and retain the lessons missed in their lives…

Oh, well.  It’ll never work.  People get wrapped up around their emotions and, so wrapped, can’t come up with new ideas and solutions.  Self-blinding.  The liberals will argue cruelty prevents such radical ideas.  But you know what?  I can’t think of anything worse for several young men I know than being slammed “into the system” and once there, being so-labeled for life.

Yeah.  Ruining lives is a business model.  And there’s not an officer of the court on any of the three sides (pros. def. and judges) who can convince me otherwise.  It’s a business model and it’s a growth industry.  And it’s fixable.  They need D.I.’s.

The hand-wringing press is culpable, too.  They only want to report the battles, not try to end these “wars between humans.”  Just makes me sick.

I know former inmates who have told me directly “I wish I had toughter parents when I grew up…”  Well, once you stumble and fall, the liberal cause will ensure your doom.  So go read David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds and man-up.  We really can fix things. It’s just there’s  too many people making too much money to fix it, just now.

Walk With Me

Governments worldwide are tone deaf.  They don’t hear the people.  Take the land of the kneelers.  England.  Brexit was voted on in 2016 and a majority want to leave the European Union for, among other things, virtually unchecked immigration.  Ever since, the political class has been slipping and sliding on their own bullshit, unable to do what  the people voted for.  Oh, they whine about cost to UK GDP and all kinds of other crap.  And in today’s latest: “General election 2019: Farage calls on Johnson to ‘build Leave alliance’” which makes even American democrats look…well, maybe it doesn’t.  Deaf Political leadership globally is why a Global Online Uprising is brewing and Digital Mob Rule just a few steps away.

Back in 2012, I talked about the coming end of the global Internet in  Broken Web.  Skeptics take note: Russia’s Sovereign Internet Law Comes Into Force.  Additional details in An Overview of the New Russian Laws Coming into Effect in November.

Aghast: China wind power firm plans $1 billion LNG terminal by end-2022.

We need gag orders on late night TV when there’s a pending trial, don’t you think? As the Trial of Donald Trump continues by the left-wing lynch mob on TV. Too real for you?  OK, try  Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton talk impeachment on late night.  Same dif, though.

Circular Finance:  Let’s see:  A country is involved with an oil company, gives its people money to pump up the share price so the country will be worth more?  Is that how this works? Saudi Banks May Lend To Saudi Investors So They Can Invest In Saudi Aramco.

And don’t forget this is fall back weekend. Most Americans Don’t Want to Adjust Their Clocks Twice a Year, a Poll Finds, and you can count us in that crowd.

My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning, but the 4 AM alarm cat did.  Zeus wakes me up when he thinks it’s either time to get up and write or to pour him some cat food.  Elaine says it’s like raising a child.  (Not sure if she meant Zeus or me…)

Ahead Around Here

(not sure that’s not a new lowpoint in headline writing..) Feature in Peoplenomics tomorrow is on the decline of actual work.  And Sunday here on Urban, more on “The Digital Ascension.”  Will there be only 144,000 phone-free people left?

Write when you get rich,




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45 thoughts on “Jobs Data, False Flag Fears”

  1. Interesting throughs on the prison ‘values’ and “Reading”. Back in 1970, as part of my job, I did incoming testing of reading and math skills. High school (Pittsburgh) grads tested out at the 3 – 5 grade level. For values and philosophy you would first need to teach reading and comprehension of the English language. Sad isn’t it? These ‘grads’ were really upset at the level of their education!

      • I’d believe that violent crime would go way down, though I’m less sure about white collar crimes and even burglaries. According to Jordan Peterson, males between 15 and 25 can often be considered psychopaths due to their high levels of testosterone. A spiritual awakening is often necessary before they are repulsed by the consequences of their actions. This generally happens some time after age 25, if they’re lucky enough to have one at all.

        Regardless, learning reading, writing, elementary math and life skills is always a positive. Evolving beyond an addictive personality is a different matter and is generally associated with age and maturation.

        • Totally agree. Although I don’t talk about it a lot, my son G2 did some serious box time for trying to be Raymond Reddington (if you watch Black List that will make sense).
          He finally got his life turned around and replaced the thrill of crime with skydiving. Fell in love with learning and medicine. EMT training came. 600+ skydive jumps later, and having been a “hero of the year” for the local Red Cross and having kept his nose clean, his record was completely expunged…even has his gun rights back as of last July.
          Many long conversations – lots of investment by both of us. But some of it was due to excessively permissive parenting in his background (not by me, though…but by the Appeals Court of Mom who let ’em get too many do-overs. Mom’s need to be drill sergeants more and allow do-overs less).
          Young people with felonies need serious retraining and to learn that there’s no free lunch and there are consequences. Those that recover and go on to successes in life, do it down this one and only road. They need a solid framework and not inculcation into dead end belief systems. They need tools.
          But what do I know? I’m a dad of a divorce victim young man who has gone from zero to hero… You never hear it elsewhere because it doesn’t fit with the liberal agenda to score the game in advance of play. Pretend results made up by sheltered cowards and pawned off as happy valley unicorn bullshit.
          People who are phonbies don’t get this, but in the real world you work the problems direct and you fix your own f*cked up sh*t.
          That’s why prisons train for more crime. Yet they could be a hotter ticket than Ivy League schools because at least their “students” have a real hard-ass experience, or two in life. Can’t pull the wool over the eyes of lions. Yalies? You’re kidding, right?

    • the one I know that shouldn’t be incarcerated all part of all that fake news crap that they say is all false…. will be there for some time.. long story.. and one that unless she says can be said I won’t discuss.. but.. I try to get her some cash every couple of weeks.. the instructions was get what you need then bank the rest.. don’t go nuts.. I read fifteen plus books a month.. so does she.. I get her eight of her choice and eight of my choice.. some intertainment some meant for deeper thought.. some for something to do..
      luckily she is a very intelegent woman and will do ok.. unfortunately unless she is let out early I won’t be able to see her.. but did tell her that if she is frugal she should have enough to get a good start.. and if I am still kicking and still in my own place she has a place to call home and get a start..

    • What’s scary is reading and comprehension weren’t “dumbed-down” in the ’60s to nearly the extent they are now. That said, classes were populated by placement, but DID move at the rate of the least common denominator. I was reflecting just the other day, how much better I’d have done in college if my damn’ high school teachers had taught to the end of the textbook, instead of belaboring chapters where one, or a few kids stalled. THAT is what “after school” and tutoring were supposed to be for. I never saw a summation sign, factorial, or dx in a class, until I hit my second term in college, and I was a frickin’ math major.

      Kids freaked 30 years ago when they saw a “no calculators” sign on the door of a testing room. I believe today, few (or none) would survive either a graduation, or APT without their pocket-thinker. The fact my Junior-High and High School math testing rooms had a “no sliderules allowed” sign is completely beyond their ken…

      • “What’s scary is reading and comprehension weren’t “dumbed-down” in the ’60s to nearly the extent they are now.”

        Amen Ray.. I totally agree…

  2. RE: India-Pakistan and nuke exchanges: Even a nuke exchange 1/2 a world away will impact life elsewhere on the planet. The prudent Urban Survival reader should realize that now is the time to assemble a basic emergency kit, while demand is low: (medical items & meds (including iodine tablets), flashlights/head lamps/lanterns & batteries, portable radios & batteries, candles, portable camping stove and fuel (propane or liquid), minimum 2 weeks of emergency food and water (a month is highly recommended), waste disposal capability, self defense items, heavier clothing, water filter, portable shelter (tent, tarps), sleeping bags or heavy blankets, camping saw, survival/hunting knives, plates and utensils, an extra 5-gallons of gasoline (with Stabil added) and/or diesel fuel, kerosene (if you have a K-heater or lamps) and special needs items (extra glasses/contacts, hearing aids and batteries, diabetes or other meds, hygiene items (e.g. TP and lady necessities), extra shoes and clothing. It sounds like a lot, but one outdoor deck storage chest can hold almost everything (except for the flammables, which can stay in a shed or garage). Prod the neigbors into doing the same so that you cooperate instead of competing during a post-nuke crisis. There is literally strength in numbers, and bartering items can build a cooperative social structure – everything is better with capitalism!!!!

    • What do you suggest for people that live in major areas of concentration? And please don’t say: Move! ;-(

      P.s. We need a different “set of politicians” that tell the truth about our way of living and its sustainability, IMHO

      • Hey Bruno , if I may…

        Everything Warhammer mentioned is possible for people like you and me. I too live in a major area of concentration and checked everything off of his list and much more. Creativity and desire will lay the path before you.

        It would be nice to see an on-going conversation about this topic from people in this community.


      • Assuming neither “move” nor “leave” is an option, your only viable means of survival if the sh!t REALLY hits the fan, is to hide and completely avoid detection (“become invisible”) until the bad stuff passes.

        Visqueen, duct tape, Rust-Oleum “Camouflage Black” spray paint (for blacking out windows, &c), a hugely quiet and efficient HEPA filter, a solar panel battery charger you can install hidden and use to recharge the batteries which power the filter, a means of surreptitiously capturing rain water and a Big Berkey, and a huge pile of dehydrated food (mac n’ cheese, Ramen, Rice-a-Roni, etc., and a LOT of dehydrated ham, smoked sausage, hot dogs, and so on, to add a high quality protein component to the above. The sodium in the processed meat will be much less of a concern than either not having the protein, or being discovered by your starving neighbors.)

        Your game plan for, say, Lower Manhattan, is to become totally invisible until everyone but you is either dead, or elsewhere. Your problem is the looting will start within 3-4 days of a really bad situation, and any place that’s not been looted within 10-12 days will become a looters’ priority, as people get hungrier and more desperate. I keep a couple junk dressers full of junk clothes, in case I ever need a “ransacked house” prop. Rummage sales are a much better source than Goodwill, and much cheaper…

        An India/Pac nuclear exchange isn’t going to affect us significantly for some time, unless the conflict widens and we get sucked into its periphery. There won’t be a need for additional Iodine supplementation, because the thyroid-sensitive radiation (typically cesium and strontium isotopes) have a radioactive half-life of a couple months or less. However, some of the other radioactive detritus will live on for many years and will inundate the food and water supplies of every animal on the planet. We should have no trouble, processing a minor, and gradual increase in background radiation in our food chain. ‘Might cause a slight bump in cancer rates 40 years from now. What sucks is it WILL cause a major bump in cancer in India and SE Asia, and in probably less than 4 years.

        That said, there are lots of other things that could really screw up everyone’s life — like the asteroid which just passed by, missing Earth by less than 3500 miles, the existence of which no one knew until last week.

        A few days ago, you asked, essentially, “Why prep?” When we die, we die, but I view it as a horrible waste to die from stupidity. Most of my prepping is to give those who would survive me, tools by which they can better-survive in the not-very-friendly world to come. The remainder is simple common sense stuff to lessen the likelihood of my premature demise from terminal stupidity. An example would be a life-preserver on a boat. There are people who carry one because it’s in the law and the DNR regs, and people who don’t carry one in spite of the law and DNR regs. I choose to carry one because it makes good common sense to me, irrespective of any law or regulation…

    • I would suggest reading “Surviving a Disaster” by Tony Nester as an introduction to evacuation planning. The Kindle version costs 99 cents. Beyond that, you must decide how much time, effort, and money you want to devote to prepping, if any. I think we are many decades past the point where lobbying for changes in public policy would mean anything. The die appears to be cast.

      Once two large countries engage in a major nuclear exchange, everything that you think you know about civilization, humanity, and what is valuable is going to go out the window.
      Read “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. That book will give you an idea of what Americans have forgotten about the horrors of World War and the effects of nuclear weapons on undefended civilian populations.

      The advice being given today is basic, and is geared toward short term events. Nuclear war will be a very long term event. Right now my stomach is tightening up. Read Warhammer’s comments again, and this time, pay attention.

      I think this weekend might be a good time to go through and informally inventory provisions, and figure out where everything is. Running out and buying stuff without some sort of analysis is a waste of time and money. It is easy to obsess on side issues when you are stressed, and ignore the big stuff.

      Non-electrics, especially for potable water, heating, and shelter are top priorities. Maybe I should fill up a water storage barrel. I haven’t done that in years. Maybe I could cut some firewood. Maybe I should go ahead and buy a 5 gallon can of kerosene. It is better to conserve energy than to start doing projects without prioritizing. What is the weather forecast? What are the NOAA projections for wind direction for the next week? Gather data, then prioritize your activities.

  3. You are correct, expect some kind of mass lunacy soon. Smokescreen is needed. The amount of total BULLS#!T seen or read on anything remotely resembling a news outlet makes you wonder how in the world anyone can have a rational thought. Obviously that and nearly all of what is spewed out of the boobtube is nothing more than mind control.

    I’ll pass.


  4. Imagine starting from a very awful first day in prison in solitary and then having to “earn your way up” from there? A vitamin pill, bread, water, no toilet paper.

    This sends chills up my spine. Do you realize how many falsely accused and convicted people are potentially in prison? Can you imagine being treated like that, and finally, after 23 years of jail, you are found innocent, after decades of abuse my the system, courts, and law enforcement (the people who “protect us,” but are really after $$, civil forfeiture, fines, etc, etc, don’t add “cheap labor”). Even treated like that after 23 years and all you get is $10 for your trouble. 23 years! Yes, for the most part, the system works, but when it doesn’t, law enforcement can be harsh. Think Troy Davis, but “just-us was served.” Even former President Carter felt there was not enough evidence to execute him. Yes, I was falsely accused and lost a lot, but, thank heavens, was never was treated like that. Sometimes things are not just black and white. I will remain unnamed for reasons understood.

    • Ah….Ure’s second plan: Make all judges and prosecutors personally liable in false imprisonment cases and all the appeals are moved to new venues to avoid conflict of interest on retrials or rehearings.

      • Any mishandling, lack of candor or disclosure of evidence if exculpatory – would be grounds for disbarment, as well. America’s about checks and balances.
        When someone writes a check, something balances.

      • I love this idea! A judge in Pennsylvania was found guilty of incarcerating children on false charges in a private prison from which he got kickbacks. This is violation of trust of the highest order. I know a personal friend who represents prisoners pro-se who he believes have been railroaded into pleading guilty for crimes they may only have been peripheral to. I respect his calling. There are those who wear robes that wish they’d never heard of him.

        Those who have the public trust have an extraordinary responsibility to do the right thing. I’ve met only a few who do this, and many who have been corrupted by their power.

      • I have mentioned here before my reforms for the US and the way things work.
        1) Everyone in a courtroom is sworn in, defendant, the witnesses, the jurors, and especially, the Defense team, the PROSECUTOR, and the JUDGE!
        Anyone telling every a little lie gets a 5 year visit to Grey-bar Hotel.
        2) All market transactions not made for a retail customer are subject to a $1 excise tax. Anything where George or Al call a broker and say “buy 10 shares of XYZ”, no tax. But if the markets computer front runs G or A, or if the brokers are shorting what we buy, or the Computers look at the trades for the day and decide to make a trend trade OR ANY or the 90% of the volume of the market for the day that is not executed for a retail customer, but for the House, against the customer, is subject to a $1 tax. Think about it $2 BB trades a day, 90% for the house, at a dollar a day: $1.8 BB a day new revenue.
        That and no soldier sent anywhere without a declaration of war.
        (Might re-read the part about having a Navy, but no Bill of expenditures for an Army can be for more than 2 years. ) That would be a good start.
        That an firing any holdovers from any previous administration.
        Well I could go on.

    • My heart goes out to you anon.. I actually know someone in that very boat..
      The good thing is I learned the back story.. so I have been trying to help them enough so when they do get their freedom hopefully enough will be saved that they can make a fresh start..

      God bless and keep a positive outlook..

  5. George – todays jobs numbers report rivals anything the ChiComs have ever reported. Obviously they have learned well from the “round-eyes” in DC.

    The illusions are failing now, soon to be laid bare for all to see the Filth and Deceit in our midst.

    Why even the lefty witches&warlocks are bleating out their crimes and mis-deeds publicly – filthy luciferian scum that they are..

    Former head of Clowns In Action – John McLoughlin ysterday at lefty rally..”thank god for deep state” – any idea what god he is referring

    Another rormer head of Clowns In America – John Brennan on whistle blower coming from intel community: “fighting in the trenches here and overseas ..I’m just pleased everyday that my former colleagues in the intelligence community continue to do their duties”

    “There is no deep state” really ? How STUPID/Dim-Witted can U B ?!

    FED – can Ure great financial prowess explain how the feds Deflationary Policies can Create Inflation ? The Nips have have been running this same “scheme” for 20 years now – not a hint of Inflation anywhere.

  6. Regarding the Late Night TV impeachment comments: Come on George! Do you really think any of your readers (Except Mike) watch ANY CNN broadcasts? It’s the HOME of Fake News!

    The chasm between the truth and the lies just continues to widen. I am sure President Trump is aware of this and, at some point, will bring legal action against the Pelosi – Clinton partnership.

    The sooner the better.

    • Jumbo…really? Fox is the Birther of Fake News…nothing they say is real…which is why many of their integrity based news staff are leaving or have left. [Redacted violation of site
      “Trump Policy”
      because Trump was not the discussion in source post. ]

      • Heres a guy who maintains “exclusive access to the truth”.

        Continue Mark , your true master is very grateful for your work.


  7. GU, you are so right in your thoughts about the prison system.
    I attended a family funeral and there was a relative (by marriage) there that was allowed to attend, accompanied by a guard. He had been a successful burglar for 8 years before he was caught. I asked him what he was going to do when he was finally released, he said, “same thing I’ve always done, it’s all I know.”

    •  “I asked him what he was going to do when he was finally released, he said, “same thing I’ve always done, it’s all I know.”

      Unfortunately coyote..I know guards that will tell you that inmates will Come up wanting back in.
      If you have a felony very few places will hire you. I can tell you hmm how hard it is as a catfish we without any of that hanging over my head. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it would be trying to seek out a living washing dishes.

      This may seem cruel but.. you get an infraction .a fine keep it up you end up at the mall where theres a crowd your pearly whites or chocolates browns are exposed.. smack smack your done go back to work. Get razzed by your coworkers.. the indignity alone is a deterrent.. do something really evil since we outsource everything why not long term prison. I knew a military man that j walked after going to a bar in another country. He didnt ever want to go back again..
      With what is it 65 percent being incarcerated for having a marijuana cigarette.. since its revenue is as big as oil.. legalize it give farmers a new crop.. researchers a life saving product to create medicines and other valuable products to numerous to say.

      • Of course, that’s moves a business model back into the hands of We The People and out of corporate and bankster greedstes. Jesus, we can’t have that kick of subversive shit going on, can we?

  8. “”Here comes the NY Times with “Detentions of Child Migrants at the U.S. Border Has Surged to Record Levels.””

    unfortunately.. they use children as a means.. even in war.. we value our youth and women.. there are area’s that don’t value women or children.. in some countries women are not even allowed to speak unless spoken to..

    and some countries that use children as weapons or fighters.. those being taken across the borders are in most cases commodities for the seedier sect.. for those that have money and power.. while they make a show of going after the single mother or the lonely truck driver the true criminals go free..

  9. Good thoughts today on incarceration and potential rehabilitation. I’d suggest adding the writings of Confucius to the available literature from the beginning. I’d also suggest providing TP – dehumanizing never gets good results, though real consequences certainly can. Encouraging disease is generally a bad idea too. I’d also suggest that being able to decline gen pop is important. Personally, I’d have single isolation cells for everyone. Many people in prison can’t deal well with others, and it only takes one person in gen pop that’s a total bully. There’s not enough money or interest to watch everyone all the time, even if it’s possible. Sharing cells is a bad idea for the same reason – see Epstein. Solitary isn’t always bad, and being crammed in with a bunch of violent strangers all of the same sex is a recipe for disaster, as we see daily.

    I’m of the opinion that keeping prisoners in solitary yet decent conditions for the long term while providing appropriate reading and learning materials is a better policy, and it will absolutely prevent prison riots and insurgencies. Strong rules regarding privileges make sense. Visits and conjugal visits are appropriate most of the time unless the prisoner commits further violations.

    Much of the problem we have today is that gen pop and prison rules encourage prisoners to feel put upon and to learn more street smarts and violence while incarcerated. While most guards and wardens are probably OK, there are certainly bad apples there that need monitoring too.

      • Sure. Consequences are necessary. They need to be assured and unemotional so that acting out yields no emotional reward.

      • I don’t disagree with punishing the punishable. Heck, suit up some old school, ear grabbing, hair pulling, Catholic Nuns with pointer sticks and rulers and let them go after the bad prisoners. That will humble them…It worked on me when I was a wild, smart ass grade school kid. I still have the scars on my knuckles from those nasty nuns and their pointers to prove it.

        But…Why don’t we go a step further and actually give inmates skills so that they can exit a better person with real money making jobs. Many prisoners got caught up in the wrong crowds as youth and like many, didn’t have great parental role models. If you talk with many prisoners, most were bad students and took shortcuts to earn money like drugs, stealing, contraband etc. In many urban and even rural areas, they have the equivalent of underground job fairs for would be criminals. For a kid that has nothing due to absentee parents…this route to earning money doesn’t seem all that bad…But of course it is bad and in their world, they know of nothing else to fall back on.

        So, why not provide them with a skill that could give them a life after prison. For instance, right now in Southern California, there are hundreds of Orange suited “firefighters” helping to contain the fires in and near Thousand Oaks, CA. These are prison inmates that have been taught fire fighting techniques in dozens of prison yards in California as part of a program to shorten prison terms by engaging them in humanitarian causes like firefighting and crisis management. Sometimes, giving someone a purpose can give them enough hope to realize that their life of crime was a huge, life altering mistake.

        • I actual included the training in one of my rambles on this somewhere today – but we agree – give ’em something new to do besides steal cheat and run for office…

      • Mark: where do you find the good crowd for prisoners to associate with in prison. Prison is punishment for crimes committed, not for rehab. Rehab doesn’t work; programs have been complete failures.

        “Unfortunately, research has consistently shown that time spent in prison does not successfully rehabilitate most inmates, and the majority of criminals return to a life of crime almost immediately. Many argue that most prisoners will actually learn new and better ways to commit crimes while they are locked up with their fellow convicts. They can also make connections and become more deeply involved in the criminal world.”

  10. George,

    -Ah, yes, the great political polarization.
    -Expect a lot more.
    -Pelosi hated Impeachment, and overlooked so much, because it would detract from the D’s message that produced their 2016 landslide propelling her to Speaker of the House.
    -But then her hand got forced. The deliberately hidden Summary of the Transcript ( “I would like you to do us a favor THOUGH,”) surfaces. Then 4 corroborating witnesses, plus Trump HIMSELF reiterates the Shakedown’s ask in talking to reporters. Yikes.
    -So Pelosi is screwed. Her hands are tied. Her best laid plans are far, far astray. Impeachment is here to stay.
    -Yet everywhere I go in Conservative Media World, they won’t even talk about the FACTS.
    If the Base doesn’t know what the cops found in the “Drug Deal,” how does the Base judge?
    -As long as the conservative media refuses to report the actual facts (i.e., forever), expect way a lot more polarization. Best, Mike.

    • It’s all entertainment — when will YOU get it? ;-)
      What else would congress do? It is a waste, the
      same as it is in China, Russia, Germany, GB, etc.

      • Bruno, yes, indeed.
        Entertainment before work. Work is hard.
        The Greatest Generation left us a 3 run lead in the 7th. We baby boomers have made a real mess of it. Until we get off the entertainment, and do the hard work to get back to actual facts, not nearly as much fun, we can count on much, much, much more polarization. Best, Mike

  11. “Keep our heads on straight” and you’ll agree that “life is good w/o war,” regardless of what GU writes in his essay. It’s probably all true what George writes — but how does it relate to your own personal experiences (unless you’re being bombed, or sit there w/o electric power)?

    I can only testify to the simple fact that w/o PAIN life is very pleasant if you look at things that matter; Like if you have a job, who cares if 125K or 250K new jobs were created? Some do — but should you too? I think we tend to overcomplicate our lifes to a degree that’s bound to create issues of dissatisfication, JMHO!

    P.s. Best demonstrated by wasting time wit EW-theory.

  12. False Flags ? whatwhatwhat..

    How can coot take this material seriously if U R going on about false False Flags or this mythological Deep State..there is no such thing ! just ask a Leftie – they will f-ing tell ya there is NO SUCH THING AS A Deep State .

    The TRUTH – American Deep State Style:

    JFK Magic Bullet..

    2 Planes/3 Skyscrapers..

    Epstein “suicide”..

    Osama and bagdaddy thrown in ocean according to islamic custom.. W.T.F. ?

    U People actually believe this stuff?

    imho it is more than likely bagdaddy and epstein R in Tel Aviv sipping champagne & boffin slave children..

    Now can we get on with hedging into the weekend – Gold and Silver still look like winners since Jerome KerPowell cut rates AGAIN – Bonds have done good as well.

    Hedging/Downside Insurance is critical at this juncture – remember EVERYTHING goes Down in price in a corrective wave down..including Gold & Silver – players have to cash in highest value assets to cover..and the coot will be on the Buy side of those Liquidity raising sell orders.

    * Price is ALWAYS Right – it knows the news before the street – therefore if U trade news – U will lose.

    The more blood on wall street the merrier – I know sick right – enjoyment and entertainment from others misfortune..bad coot bad.

    • Breeders Cup Classic Fri & Sat – Santa Anita

      Fri – Juvenile – Dennis’s Moment – coot betting across the board on this Star in the Making – W/P & Show

      Sat – The Classic – coot has to take the Pennsylvania Derby winner – Mckinzie

      will wheel this guy with field on $2 Bx Exacta’s.

      2) Vin Rosso

      3) Code of Honor – Bx Trifecta here – hopefully generate enough $ for a big ole Texas T-Bone dinner & drinks – otherwise between dinner out/playing the ponies and hedging activity coot will be hurtin 4 certin.

    • “Price is ALWAYS Right – it knows the news before the street – therefore if U trade news – U will lose.”

      That, indeed, is something to think about! ;-) Therefore, I watch the TVIX the last few minutes before it closes, specially on a Friday, as though I care very much. It’s entertaining to speculate on what will happen.

      However, many of your past comments (not the ones in this post!) left me confused?! Sometimes I couldn’t deceiver what you were getting at. No harsh feelings!

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