Jobs: Cuts & Claims – Requiem for Wave II

I’ve always found eating a couple of times a day a useful endeavor.  And what helps buy the bread is dough and that means a job.  So, yeah, jobs are changing around a bit.

For example, in the JOLTS report this week, we learned that people who held onto their jobs got about a 6.2 percent increase in pay (year-on-year).  On the other hand, job-hopping resulted in an average 10.2 percent in annual compensation.

This economic cycle again screams:  A lot of what we’re witnessing is 180-degrees out of phase with the previous Depression.  Working backwards.

The sequence in the Great Depression was Bubble, Collapse, Depression, War. It’s not off the table we could be heading for Bubble, Collapse, War, Depression, though, is not obvious at the time of Great Cycle Peaks. In fact, most people don’t remember that the term “Depression” didn’t arise until 1934.

Because this market peaked in November of 2021, we don’t expect the definitive “naming” for our modern “convulsion” won’t be widely used for another year or two.  But we’ve got it pegged as Convulsion.

Imagine if you will a Petri dish – the place where you grow bacteria.  Here they come, getting closer and closer to the sides of the dish.  But, as soon as solidly touched, the bacteria discover the walls of their home Petri dish are poisonous.  A convulsion away from the wall.

Requiem for Wave 2 Up?

Dandy-fine question.  See for yourself, lower right, where we are:

Charge of Wednesday market carnage
One of our readers was it DLynn mentioned the last time Fitch kicked US debt downstairs the market dropped 7 percent In our view we will be lucky to stop at 40 percent down from these levels a year from now

I’m not as smart as Jamie Dimon, of course, but the story Jamie Dimon calls US credit rating downgrade ridiculous seems to me that some long-term data trends are not as alarming as they should be.  As long as a country has the prospect of higher growth ahead, sure, the debt downgrade MIGHT be ridiculous.  But we’ve run out of “real jobs” – and gender changing, history rewriting, anti-hate policing and crooked agenda setting media just doesn’t seem like solid sources of growth to rely on.

Seems to us Woke and making up social industries isn’t working: Bud Light Boycott Drives US Sales Down for Beer Maker AB-InBev.

Why isn’t Jamie worried about Biden emptying our strategic petroleum reserve to China?  Biden delays plans to restock nation’s emergency oil reserve | AP News. With friends like Joe, who needs enemies.

Well, except the warmongers, o’ course.

Peak Civilization Passing?

So it goes for human progress, huh?  Most of the “deliverables” from “dream-ahead”  teevee shows like Star Wars and Star Trek are already done.  Computers talk to us (and are many times smarter in some things).  Screens are everywhere.  5G is almost here to cook the remaining unwary as government surveillance compounds almost as fast as the national debt. Would you explain to me how this is Progress?

Is the invention of “Equity” as a replacement for Equality really an industry? Yes – if you are a legal specialist in civil rights law, it’s likely half your practice by now.  But do we have to make up jobs?  Is gender mutilation an industry we could have gotten along without? Will if fill up medical schools next?

We are on a rock where actually solving anything would kill us. A cheap or free solution to all health ailments would drive medicine into depression. A quarter of Wall St. would be ruined.

So, what comes as Wave II up of the market now hovers in position to break and devolve into a 50-percent collapse in the next six-12 months, sure feels like a convulsion. Electric shock kind of thing.  Even as EMP could literally deliver that.

But we’re doing war and Bubble about the same time on this trip. As the Bubble breaks, wars and blamery will evolve even as the technical high point of civilization passes.  Attacks breaking up the Internet will divide the world more, setting up a Global War (with mass civilian casualties) that will decimate the lifestyle and leave us in the New Dark Ages.

Payback for false progress could be a bitch. Enjoy it while you can.

Job Cuts Report

Happy talk to turn the market up – providing the bounce off major support?

“U.S.-based employers announced 23,697 cuts in July a 42% decrease from the 40,709 cuts announced one month prior. It is 8% lower than the 25,810 cuts announced in the same month last year, and marks the first time this year cuts were lower than the corresponding month one year earlier, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

We will see the impacts from Yellow and other actions likely in next month’s report.

Also out are the weekly new unemployment filings from the Labor Department. These were surprisingly good and should help turn the market around after the open.

The really interesting/experiential vibe of the week comes at the end of the report in the “good news” and “bad news” notes.

Tomorrow morning, the Federal employment numbers will be in. Today, it’s caution and patience.

War to Spike Econ Demand

In the “kill people and break things” file, we are not disappointed in fall prospects:  Ukrainians are being forced to become Russian citizens, U.S.-backed research finds (  Want a bet that Chinese-backed research would find something different?

The U.S. media coverage isn’t talking about the West losing Ukraine, but some foreign sites are pretty skeptical of NATO right now: Game Over for Kiev: Russian Army Arrives at Kupiansk and Seversk Gates – Ukrainians Run Out of Ammunition – Sends Brigades from Zaporizhzhia-Donetsk.


Lies of the father, Lies of the son watch: Crystal clear that Joe Biden was involved (  Miranda Devine is doing great work on this story which her book made obvious.

Put the Washington Post/ Journo Jeff story Jack Smith will try to prove Trump didn’t believe he won the 2020 election on your read list. Because it’s becoming clear to thoughtful minds that it will be hard to make thought crimes stick.

The Rest of the Circus will be in D.C. today.  The clown posse already  lives there, don’tcha know?  But the circus? Trump is due to face a judge in DC over charges he tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election (  Can a liberal judge give Trump a fair trial? Peanuts, Popcorn!

More reason NOT to trust the media, seems to us: Who’s talking? Over 1 in 4 deepfake speech samples fool humans – Study Finds

Around the Ranch

Allow me to help.  Just looking over the latest Fed working papers and found this one – kinda interesting.  The Fed – Can Measurement Error Explain Slow Productivity Growth in Construction? No.  Regulation might, though. Management change orders…too many consultants?  See it’s like a good tradesman will tell you.  Give ’em a mission and it will happen as quickly as humanly possible.  But, put in micromanagement system and mandatory this-n-that’s, change orders…that there is ANY productivity at all is a freaking miracle.

G2 heads back to server farm build-out site medic duties in two weeks. I’ll see if I can get him to video one of his OSHA the Safety Clown presentations. Complete clown outfit with red nose, white face paint, big floppy clown shoes, chomping a big stogie… A bit of levity?  Why shore.  BUT everyone has a higher safety consciousness and recall of procedures with high energy, entertaining presentations.

As I explained in the PN  piece yesterday, we live in a world of direct experiencers of Life and the synthetic lives crowd.  Wanna bet who has the most fun?

Zzzz…  (I get out of the day trading penalty box tomorrow…)

Write when I wake up,

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43 thoughts on “Jobs: Cuts & Claims – Requiem for Wave II”

  1. “Clown Presentations”


    PREZACTLY G – watch this video of cocaine mitch being “turned off” by the lady in the green dress.
    Observe the Man in background with sandy colored hairs’ facial expression/reaction, just as the “key fob looking thingy” touchs the coke whores hand.
    * The lady in green dress is NOT, I repeat NOT, Nookie Green. No idea what color that nookie is..

    Dude “Rabbit Season” has seemly Opened again..who new ? Imagine we will start finding a huge gigantic warren full of “holes”…many moar than it took to fill the Albert Hall.

    So lets take a dive into the deep end of the “pool” as it seems “things” really are not as deep as they seem to be..


    Who the hell is Her ? Who is She ? Would Mr Idol have had a clue, or just a “channel”?

    Lettuce leaf this heavy ponder now and enjoy a little ditty – 33, er I mean WW..ahhh whats the difference, no really?

    “Its a nice day – to start again..”

    Curtain rises on Act 3..cue the convulsions.

    ? Mr Luddie Luddite – can you help splain why Belizean Dollars are worth LESS in Chetumal, Mexico now than they were last Month, last Year..knowing the Belizean Dollar is pegged to USD 2to1? Hello Houston..

    *Those poor victims down on the southern border seems are going the wrong way…duh oooh!

    As my fav Celt once quipped “Vae Victus!”

    • “* The lady in green dress is NOT, I repeat NOT, Nookie Green. No idea what color that nookie is..”

      The lady is wearing a white pantsuit with a green blouse, and she is WV Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

      Note also that as she works her way forward, she dips her right hand into her jacket pocket, then transfers the sheaf of papers in her left hand to her right, swapping the “fob” to her left hand in the process.

      McConnell had just been talking about the NDA (National Defense Act) being almost completed. Was she sent to keep him from saying more about it? She certainly did move forcefully to the podium, not to give him anything or to speak to him, but to touch his hand and shut him up. Manchurian Candidate-level mind control at work?

  2. There has been another water overdose death!

    An Indiana mother of two who told her family it felt like she couldn’t drink enough water to feel satiated collapsed and died from water toxicity — a rare consequence of drinking too much water too quickly.

    Ashley Summers, 35, was out at Lake Freeman with her husband and two young daughters over the Fourth of July weekend when she began feeling severely dehydrated.

    • Not to disparage the story but I deal with this every day I’m out at the ranch. I’d definitely look at the water she was drinking. 4 bottles in 20 minutes is a lot. Tap or bottled?

      Lately I go through a couple of bottled waters, a short Gatorade and an undetermined number of Gatorade bottles I keep in the truck and fill up at one or both of the wells I’m taking water from and moving water to. I remember drinking so much water one Summer while pulling rods and pipe out of one of these windmills by myself about 13 or 14 years ago my guts felt like they were just big balloons full of water and I still wanted more. You just can’t drink enough when working in these conditions. I’d probably be better off pouring the water over my head when it gets like that.

      • ” I’d probably be better off pouring the water over my head when it gets like that.”

        Too much of a shock.

        If the water is cool, wrap your wrists and neck and soak the wraps with water. Swap out 2-3 times after about one minute. It will cool your blood. It’s not a cure-all, but it does help…

        • Quite often I’ll soak a handkerchief in water and tie it around my neck then a dry one around my head. I sweat like crazy in weather like this from just moving around but the wet handkerchief (and sometimes those wetable things that hold a lot of water) around my neck keep the brain more alert.

  3. “On the other hand, job-hopping resulted in an average 10.2 percent in annual compensation.”

    I think that’s why nobody cares. Imagine working at Taco Bell. Why would an employee care? It’s not like working mom’s roadside vegetable stand where there’s a direct vested interest. Taco Bell pays prevailing wages, poverty wages.

    The manager comes down on you and leave. Work the next window.

    Same working @ Yellow. Get the bonuses while you can. Won’t be there in a couple years.

    Is GM a going concern without the grants/loans and free? The management knows and I’m sure act accordingly. The workers will be surprised like the Yellow worker.

    Eddie didn’t care when he folded up Sears ‘else he wouldn’t have done it.

    This Taco Bell lawsuit below complains about deceptive quantity. But notice the quality. That’s what happens when all you offer is a hourly wage.

    $5 million NY class action suit asks Taco Bell: where’s the beef?

      • Folks forgot really quickly that those billion-two hundred million shots the government “gave us for free,” cost over $4100 each. (That’s right, kiddies, Mr. Fauci needlessly spent $5 trillion of our tax dollars on the vaxx!) An Ivermectin + HCQ + D3 + zinc & selenium treatment would’ve cost about $3 for a 5-day regimen, which India determined was sufficient to kick the bug. You can still buy the C-19 kits on IndiaMart. They’re between $3 and $4 each…

        Those COVID shots created a billionaire a day in the pharmco industry, for many months, after the vaxx hit the distro channel…

    • Just found out last night that someone I hadn’t seen for a long time, who worked in healthcare, was mandated to get the jab, got the jab, caught covid, was admitted to hospital and placed on covid treatment protocol of Remdesivir and a vent, and died in 2021. Whole process to a week. 39 years old. Mother of 4.

      I’m feeling very angry today.

      • Yes I get that…both the wife and I were mandated to get the jab or give up the job..
        when I got mine my doctor and their nurse was in line with me..
        they refused all the shots after I no longer get any vax..

      • Damn. What is it going to take to overcome the blanket of misinformation that the Media throws over this information?

        • We will be forced to devote more and more time to digging up credible information sources, then studying stuff ourselves, or when the time investment becomes too demanding, going completely Luddite — We’ll have to disconnect from all news and media, go “hermit homesteader,” and trust in ourselves and our God to forge the best path forward.

          One way or another, we’re going to end up in the frontier West of the 1830s. The final straw may be AI-created mis- or dis-information. Within 4-5 years it will become impossible to determine which is live, and which is Memorex, unless you are physically present at an event or occasion, and it will become prudent to believe no-one and nothing…

  4. Took the harley out for an early morning ride. Great way to start the day. Turistas are still hung-over in bed, no traffic., sun just coming up., even the first-to-open coffee shop hasn’t started pouring the brew.
    – On the north shore of the lake is a set of twisties that are nirvana for a bike rider. The warning sign reads 25 MPH and most people find that to be true., as you have the lake on one side and sheer rock cliffs on the other for about three miles. No place to make a mistake.
    – I enter the first turn as a law-abiding citizen at about thirty and by the time I am through the entire three miles of sharp turns I am doing fifty., with a big ole grin on my face. I’ve done that my entire life. The more dangerous the situation is, the more willing I am to step forward, the harder I push. I have the scars and even few shining government medals for those efforts., but I wonder, is that a character fault? A physiological defect, or some kind? Should I be doing that at this age? Hell yeah !
    – Oh well.., by the time I am through with my ride the coffee shop downtown has opened and I stop for a double Americano – sit out, leaning up against the bike and watch the town slowly come to life. Kind of odd seeing the entire main street empty – when in a couple of hours you won’t be able to find a parking spot, anywhere., within a four block radius.
    – Makes for a nice, quiet, peaceful start to a new day.

    The reason I posted about the market drop the last time Fitch downgraded the U.S. debt [ which Fitch is now catching all kinds of hell for doing so..,] is that – I have been looking for something to drop-in from the left field of life to do a slight bitch-slap to the market and wake them up. I know a lot of people have been looking for mushroom clouds, or amphibious assault craft., but I thought it would be much more subtle. I think Fitch just supplied that wake-up call. We may finally be at the top of Wave Two., and I am setting up for the decline. [ The DowJones had its biggest one day drop in many years yesterday, after the downgrade.]

    • Brings back fond memories on my Virago – up a half-hour before dawn, up ov er the N cascades down into the Twispy county and then shooting down along the Columbia…stopping for a burger at Teanaway Junction – used to be a kickass burger joint there.
      I remember the road you speak of, but not as bravely. Too much time finding gravel on turns in the spring. OK later in the year, but the winter’s worth of loose rock warming, cracking, falling…yeah – old cautious George.
      But if you would, shoot some picks this time of year up on the Washington’s Alps highway, too!

      • When I head that way again., I will mount the Go-Pro and shoot some of the Cascade Range – beautiful up there., but the tourist traffic is horrendous.
        – This time of year there is no worries about loose gravel on the roads.., way too many cars and trucks., the main concern is ‘careless & inattentive’ drivers. Last week a couple in their 40’s riding their Honda back over the pass., were hit head on by a lady reading her email on her cell phone, just outside of Twisp. They were killed near instantly., and she has been arrested for vehicular homicide., as an officer found her phone still on, after the crash and she admitted to it.
        – The roads and towns around this part of the State were not laid-out, nor built to handle this volume of modern day traffic. It’s getting worse every year.

      • When I am on my bike I am always on the look-out for an “emergency cheeseburger” – if we are talking ’bout the same place near Teanaway, it has been closed for a few years now.., I heard that owner died and no one wanted to take over. Cle elum has grow significantly and taken most of ‘travel dollars’ away from the outlying businesses.
        At one time, a few years back, a huge solar farm was planned for that area., but Washington regulations basically killed the whole thing. Because of where that valley sits, it receives over 340 days a year in solar gains.., a perfect spot. Would be a great place for a remote solar homestead.

    • “I know a lot of people have been looking for mushroom clouds, or amphibious assault craft., but I thought it would be much more subtle. ”

      they don’t want to destroy the planet.. i believe they want to knock the oligarchs off their thousand plus year pedestal..
      they used the oligarchs greed against them.. the way it sits now Canadian preppers post the other day hit as on it..
      they own the companies we rely on ..99 percent of what you toss in the cart is from ten companies.. our stupidity was not promoting education an d industry.. put the life value at a number and forced millions in to poverty..took the adult presence from the home leaving our children to the mercy of the MSM..and gang
      openly let terrorist organizations destroy the neighborhoods of our most vulnerable and defended their only source if protection..
      now the place for their heat for the upcoming winter is Africa. NATO cannot protect everyone and many of these countries have joined allegiances to China and Russia.
      it’s a really scary scenario that’s building up..

  5. A perfect example of; “Who writes this stuff !?”
    – “Oil tumbles as Saudi’s balk !”
    – Saudi Arabia has been rather deceptive of late – nothing new – Saudi is between a rock and hard spot right now – “Trust no one.” and Biden has severely depleted our strategic reserves – for probably nefarious reasons.., but financial headlines like this are simply inexcusable and deliberately misleading.
    – Since the market opened Crude Oil has climbed over $2.28 a barrel and is solidly above $81.50 a barrel.
    – Just why did the Editor allow the writer to get away with this bull-infused hyper lie ? Amazes me that this allowed, and probably encouraged, to happen.

  6. With todays’ market action, A/D line., volume and a lot of spinning-in-one-spot.., it looks as though the big boys aren’t too sure of what to do, or what comes next.., and the market place “hates” uncertainty.
    – Next couple of days should be interesting
    – “Stay Frosty ! “

  7. “I’m not as smart as Jamie Dimon, of course, but the story Jamie Dimon calls US credit rating downgrade ridiculous seems to me that some long-term data trends are not as alarming as they should be.”

    It is not “smart,” at all. It is “necessary.” Every talking head economist, financier, and investor or investment guru MUST BE ETERNALLY OPTIMISTIC whenever they’re in front of a mic because to be otherwise is to risk starting the panic which crashes the house of cards, that is our contemporary “market system.” The only thing worse than the Dow crashing into the Mother of all Depressions, is if one person, entity, or investment house can be positively tagged as the one who “caused” the collapse.

    Hoover was a reasonably good man in a very bad spot. That spot caused the Republicans to lose their majority in the House for generations. Public perception is a bitch…

  8. “Lies of the father, Lies of the son watch: Crystal clear that Joe Biden was involved ( Miranda Devine is doing great work on this story which her book made obvious.”

    Dem strategists are starting to place wrongdoing and blame on Beau, because the dead can’t mount much of a defense…

  9. “As long as a country has the prospect of higher growth ahead,”

    it’s the old in and out game….

    Ronnie thought trickle down only to discover it didn’ they gave tax rebates and cheese and peanut butter..

    it happened a few times later to..
    then covid.. gave some numbers out to keep people spending..they can claim anything they want..but if you don’t have it it can’t be spent.
    adolph proposed getting people dependent on social programs to get their needs met.
    last year they took away a great monies option of the EIC tax credit to people on set incomes..
    in 1992 nurses still made around 5 dollars an they start in the thirty dollar range in the wastelands..but prices haven’t changed very many years can you survive in a nursing facility at a quarter million per person per year. the average cannot pay it. I told the wife to not complain about her wage not going up.. he isn’t making a dime her wage is on him..
    Herbst boss got a billion dollars loan bought facilities all over the usa then stopped paying the bills and wages all across the usa..they closed while ge raked in the e money.. then the biden administration gave him a other 30 mil covid relief.

  10. “The Rest of the Circus will be in D.C. today. The clown posse already lives there, don’tcha know? But the circus? Trump is due to face a judge in DC over charges he tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Can a liberal judge give Trump a fair trial?”

    Can’t, and won’t. In a town that’s roughly 97% anti-Trump, he stands no chance. His convictions will all be thrown out on appeal, but the only place Trump will win in a court below the Appellate or Supreme Court level is in Miami.

    BTW, upon his conviction in D.C., Gore, Kerry, and Hillary should immediately be arrested, along with priggish camera hogs like Stacey Abrams, because Trump merely acted the same as they…

  11. “Biden delays plans to restock nation’s emergency oil reserve”

    He didn’t “delay” at all. Mr. Biden has no intention of EVER restocking our strategic reserve. We can not be “dead in the water” helpless, if we have fuel for our Navy and Air Force…

  12. Well., now we know why after a year of heavy recruiting the Seattle police are still 280 officers short., even with a $25,000 hiring bonus.
    In an encrypted memo [ decrypted and sent to several news outlets in the city] the new Mayor – [who is black ] demands the new police chief [ who is black ] to stop hiring white officers and any officers with military backgrounds.
    Once again, the credibility and race relations of Seattle City Leaders are in the dumpster and will further hate, mistrust and animosity with the citizens and business leaders.
    Absolutely incredible. What level of hypocrisy is acceptable? Wow ! Seattle used to be great. Will it ever be again? I doubt it.

    • Who would want that job that Your demonized for protecting people victims of crimes against the criminal elements..
      I visited with someone that was telling me a story about their friend in Minneapolis.. their home broken into robbed raped and beat up .. the officer came out took a statement and said they’d look into it .. the victim knew who the attacker was.. the victim was upset that the officer wouldn’t take the assailant into custody.. my daddy use to say.. be careful what you wish might just get it..

  13. It aint jus all bout Donny, there’s his co-conspirators (6 of them):

    Haley’s ready to pardon Donny, but cha gotta vote for her first:

    Unfortunate for the Biden bashers, Don’s crimes make Hunter look like a choirboy..

    Don’s also charged with the KKK act, there’s fine Proud Boys on one side:

    2020 Biden voters of color 39%, Trump voters of color 15%,

    Republican gerrymandering all about race:

    • Sorry to inform – but you are/have been, watching a Show.

      Ever see tRump in mugshot ? handcuffs ? So sure he has been arrested..not once, not twice, but tree times!

      Suggestion (4 Ure own good) restock the Popcorns, scheisse bout 2 to get very REAL . We got em right where we wanted em – think center mass.

      * federal govmint WILL have 1000’s of New Openings – Aug-Sept2023.

      Dust off those resumes, polish up a little bit and get em ready – they are going 2 need a lot of quality “old school” types to man up the new agency (s).

      No longer staying frosty – bigger better things to accomplish – time is right – color this Patriot “Screaming, Screaming with Vengeance! –

      Life is beautiful, wish You were Here.

    • liddle miss c, you have been fed a sterile white bread sandwich,,, no meat, just plain white flour bread, 2 slices of nothing
      Mr Smith , a true piece of lying crap , makes charges against Trump for doing what the demons did when after the 2016 election. here they deny 2016

      Listen to this lady tell you, it is only 2 mins, how Donald will have his day in court

      you are just fooling your self.
      don’t forget,,, Q asked, “how do you get evidence into court ? ” ,, see the above video ,,, Jack opened the door

      who gives a crap what nikki haley says???? nobody on either side, except a few RINOs,

      Biden is losing the Black vote

      after the indictment, Trump said ,”it was a good day”
      that is a warning to you miss ‘c’, buy Kleenex, lots of them,
      boo hoo time is coming.
      as for me, I AM in a zippitty do dah, happy happy happy camper
      I did not vote in 2016, I had given up any hope for this totally corrupt US CORP GOVERNMENT, then in 2017, all hell broke loose in fear of the DONALD, I became renewed.
      What a glorious time to be alive,,, when all looks bad,
      folks here are all up about WW3 being ushered in by the Biden ruling committee,,, I see a Sun Rise,,, time to go feed the outside cats, the sun is up.
      Good luck with your mental dis-ease,,,
      all the alcoholic has to do,,, is not to take a drink, flip the switch of FREE WILL, and Quit drinking the main stream media,,, be hang over free.
      alcoholism is a selfish disease,,, poor me, I need to get drunk, again

      • Have you ever stopped to consider that when you don’t vote, somebody else uses your place to cast a vote for their choice? I think it’s better to write in something, mickey mouse or batman or something just so hopefully your spot in the voting rolls isn’t usurped by the other side.

        • yes I have,
          2016,,, that was in 2016, 7 yr ago,
          do you understand now?
          I vote ,,, I AM back
          before then, it did NOT matter, both side were compromised.
          It took that one yr to get my attention, Trump has it now.
          I love the smell of the deep state FEAR.
          50, yes fifty, lying father mucking intelligence officers, signed a letter, saying the Hunter laptop was Russian dis-info,,, that my friend , was election interference, by the deep state.

          Gore or Bush, really? that is a choice ? both are hands of the same clown.

          JFK was our last President before Trump,
          they killed him and his brother.
          Ronald was ‘controlled’ , he tried.
          voting for a fictional character is not a solution, when the deeps make fake ballots and maintain corrupt voter registrations rolls, and keep counting for days, till they get the results, they paid for.
          Trump, is Trumping them all, he has shined the light into their darkness,,, listen to them squeal.
          conspiracy ‘THEORY’ has been the cry of the lefties, but now they cry conspiracy,,, liddle missy ‘c’ ‘s link, I repost,,,

          The CIA killed JFK, is not a theory.
          But they shouted from the Main Stream Media,,, “it is a conspiracy theory”

    • “Don’s crimes make Hunter look like a choirboy..”
      perfect comedian lol lol you’d be a hit on lol
      they Find something knew about the crime family..they toss another indictment on Trump..the hilarious part about this is..that dual standards makes trump more popular.
      I am not a Trump fan I didn’t vote for him ..where I was surprised was at how much he accomplished without any help from congress at all while being attacked 24/7 .
      the Democratic party is insuring his re-election..

      if they had just ignored the whole thing Trump would have appeared to just be an unhappy loser..


    LolLol.. I wonder how many realize that what they are doing is actually making Trump popular.
    they uncover something about the family the very next day they slap a new charge on Trump.. the people see the dual standards and it just brings more credibility to Trumps claims. if they had just ignored it all.. dropped it where it was. Trump would have appeared to just be an unhappy loser..
    it’s what will give the opposition strength.
    if Joe would have just came out when he blew up at the farmer that questioned hunter and said I love my son very much and pray he will make good judgements but I don’t have any control over his activities or actions..heck I would have supported that farmer is doing the moonwalk because everything he questioned is true..
    lol lol now I wonder if they actually realize that their actions is what’s giving the opposition strength..

  15. Hurricane Watch
    ‘DORA’ is still many days out from Hawaii. Path is predicted to run well south of the islands on Mon-Tue, BUT…. we watch closely then. Worst two hurricanes in recent history, Iwa and Iniki, took that path and hooked north, each rolling over Kauai island ten years apart.

    • Lol lol.. my little tiger lol lol
      she was three in preschool and her brother six..
      we were babysitting .. the police showed up a very angry father .. what’s the matter officer.. your grandchild beat up this mans son after school. the boy nine or ten walks in black eye head hung low.. We would like to get to the bottom of this..
      so down comes the six year old brother.. what happened.. the boy that had the back eye said..not that one the other one..huh.. called her down.. little thing ..the officer half laughing asked..what happened honey.. she said we were walking home and he was hiding in the bushes.. wanted my brothers money.. he hit my brother and knocked him down..then came after me..I told him..don’t you dare touch my DORA the explorer back pack and he grabbed me and threw me to the ground so I hit him and ifen he does it again I’ll hit him again.. by that time the officer was almost rolling on the floor laughing the father turned six shade and the left..
      the kids never were attacked again lol lol lol
      so don’t mess with Dora lol lol lol
      when she was 4.. she asked do teeth turn yellow. I said..well as you age and the eyes in the foods you eat eventually stain the outer layer.. after a few minutes she said smile grandpa..I smiled she said yup your getting older lol lol..
      another cute story.. I was taking her home..she had her sippy cup in her carseat..we are about halfway there when she says..grandpa..I said yes honey..she said.. aren’t you forgetting something..I don’t think so what did I forget..
      gas you didn’t get gas… well don’t you come crying to me ifen you run out…lol lol she was three lol lol lol lol
      fun memories..hard to imagine she’s grown professional now lol lol

  16. One Step Beyond – Goodbye Grandpa

    The scene is a three-room shack at the end of a broken train rail, where dwell a careworn mother named Nan (Anna Karen), her dreamy-eyed son Doug (Donald Losby), her cynical daughter Callie (Candy Moore), and Grandpa (Edgar Stehli), a former railroad worker who talks only of the past. Despite their squalid surroundings, Grandpa assures the children that life is worthwhile if they only have the patience to “look and listen”; he also promises little Doug that he’ll never leave him without saying goodbye. But Grandpa dies before keeping his promise, breaking Doug’s heart…until a strange and wonderful manifestation occurs.

    • OSB is one of my favorite channels I found on YT. The one where the moderator tries a couple of mushrooms and improves his ESP ability in a measurable manner is my top most favorite. All of the episodes were dramatized stories that existed and were brought to the screen. It was a quick peek into the future as to what the Internet would be and the show as a huge success.

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