Job Report, Putin’s Birthday Candle?

Super short and on point, since Roofing Crew #2 – the metal roofers – will have the long-planned replacement of the guest room done this morning.  We’re trying to be “all ready for war.”

So, with this in mind we will get to the job numbers in a second.  But first let’s talk about making money…

The market, earlier, was nearly flat. Up a bit after jobs.

Ideally, we would like to see a small decline today, but then a major down trend beginning Tuesday, or so.  But in the present world, Tuesday might as well be next year.  Especially because we are on the brink of the hard down part of Wave 3 in this view:

If we can’t get a rally going after the employment numbers, then I may take a short position going into the weekend.  Not trading advice as nothing on this site is.  All pure entertainment, natch.

Still, can’t think of much bigger entertainment than lobbing nukes around which looks possible this weekend based on headlines like:

But in a huge mental disconnect, I was noticing the headline about the Nobel Peace prizes just out (Activists of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine win Nobel Peace Prize) and I found myself asking “Since this could all go nuclear over the weekend, is the prize being awarded on “best efforts and not results”?

While this would certainly help explain why Barack Obama got one, it then wouldn’t explain why you didn’t get one.  Or me.

Military Affairs Take?

Our military affairs contributor and former brother of the oak leaf clusters (warhammer) sizes things up this way:

“Biden made what, for a sitting U.S. president, is an uncharacteristic public remark about the threat of nuclear conflict with Russia.

Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ risk highest since ’62 crisis | AP

Did he discuss his view of the risks first with our key allies, especially those in Europe?  We have no indication that has occurred.  If the risk of nuclear war is so much higher, as the President alleges, then why are U.S. nuclear forces not sitting at a higher posture of readiness?  Finally, instead of making his claim at a political fundraiser, as he actually did, why didn’t Biden hold an official press conference to carefully convey his concerns to all American people?

Since Biden’s comments came at a Dem political campaign event, my hunch is Old Joe was just blabbering away to like-minded progressives, amping up political hype in order to raise donations for the mid-terms.  Problem is, the entire world is listening whenever nukes are part of the president’s conversation.  Biden, in my opinion, has just seriously escalated the situation.

Not very strategic.  Not very presidential.  Not very wise.”

EXCEPT as we have reported for several months now, the old Neocons – who have changed stripes and parties to Neoliberals – are spoiling for a winnable war.  The stan‘s and sands didn’t work, so let’s light up Russia.

What they ignore is Russians are every bit as clever and bright as they are.  Which means the two obvious (but neolibs in denial) are blowing up Poland’s LNG transshipment point or doing a 100-mile high EMP over “annexed” territory as a taste of things to come.

The rest of Europe is even DUMBER than we feared.  As EU targets Russia in new sanctions package 1 (  Which is like taunting a criminal holding a gun on you who has just wounded one of your chums (Germany) and is about to kick you to the curb as winter approaches.  Really think the odds of keeping on living go up by telling the gunman to f*ck off will help?

Slowly disarming might be a play, but crackhead gunman on his birthday?  Check with the Hecklefish, but we’re rolling toward slow-motion appeasement and pivots in here.  Not all Chamberlain like, more like a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan move.

Key fighting point:  Always be working to the outcome and European sanctions are just another piss-off point for Putin now.

Ever notice how absolute neocon hubris is both traitorous usurpation governmental powers and dangerous to the world?  War crimes in our view.

When Ukraine busted Musk’s chops for calling for talks?  We should have told Ukraine to take a flying you-know.

Speaking of Musk

This is cute: Twitter Trial Halted Until Oct. 28 for Elon Musk to Close Deal (  To buy Twitter.

So, if he closes before then, can he pull the lawsuit, so he doesn’t – in effect – sue himself?

Mighty Muskly, I’d call it.  Design patterns reign supreme.  So do feedback loops.

Joe’s Mega Vote Scam

Let’s call it Dope-a-Dope.

Tossing people away – in some cases for life – for marijuana is a bit stupid in the extreme. Bad policy but great for federal crime fighting budgets.  Huge business there.  Civil Asset forfeitures scam and all that – with no due process.

But when I read Joe Biden to pardon everyone convicted on federal marijuana possession charges and the related ‘Today we begin to right these wrongs’ – US President Joe Biden announces HISTORIC cannabis reforms, it did get me to wondering how much of this comes as a moral issuance and how much of this was crass politics.

Say, you don’t think this would make Hunter Biden safer in the Big House should things fall that way, do you?  Fears of only a weak wrist slap for scandal-scarred first son Hunter Biden. Not a fear at all Miranda Devine – dead-to-nuts certainty with Pops in the chair.  There is no equality for the ruling class brats, baby.

Doesn’t change the law and despite presidential largess (which we see as trending only months before voting) DEA is still around, sniffing, and busting.  This is just a move that is popular a month before otherwise losing elections, and another one of the (becoming famous) Biden Decrees.

The Job Numbers

Going into this, Mr. Cynical was expecting a report that would puff up the headline number, but when we get down to the basics, wouldn’t exceed total number working in late fall 2019 and early 2020.  How’d we do with the tea leaves?  Sorry. Decaf:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in September, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality and in health care.

How’d they will it off?

Well, since you asked: Of the 263-thousand (purported) 431-thousand were simply estimated into existence in the CES Birth-Death Model. Right twice as many made up jobs, lol.   Without the estimated adders this would have been an employment pit out near La Brea somewhere.

Thanks to these jobs, on paper, we have finally gone just over breakeven with pre-covid data:

Whether the market can put on anything larger than a show rally remains to be seen.  Dow was up a bit after the numbers.

There is still that Putin Birthday today and the lingering question of will there be the candle phallus, and will it go boom?


Explain this:  What is quantum entanglement? A physicist explains the science of Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ (

Let’s register cutlery:  Las Vegas stabbings – Two dead and six injured after ‘man stabs group of showgirls outside of casino on the strip’ | The US Sun (

“Checkmate my ass” Department: Chess ‘cheat’ goes through full body scan at US Championships – including his BUM .

Pretzel Logic files:  Border chief says GOP governors’ migrant relocation campaign is stoking migration to U.S.  No.  Taking them all to Kam Harris’s home is a dandy idea.

OK, off to get the roofers roofing.

Write when you get rich,

93 thoughts on “Job Report, Putin’s Birthday Candle?”

  1. Nobel piece of bullshit! Quantum my ass, Gdog. Care to have these geniuses describe CHARGE. Bohrs me to death – natural source/aether/Qi – never in million years get to tachyon travel tubes – star gate/portals, without understanding.
    Drugs = Control
    Chems/Whoremoan disrupters = Control
    Sandbox Media= Control

    Humanity currently acting like Big herd HORSE..wit enough discomfort, fear and lil pain easily broken/trained.
    Now try the above with wild Zebras- they will NEVEr stop Resisting, ever…so nobody (controllers) bother trying to domesticate..,,wisedom I’m in thar somewhere..

  2. While everyone is buying up big Pharma anti-radiation meds in bulk globally, I’m sittin over here with enough apple pectin to give my whole family diarrhea for 6 months

    I’ve been up wind of nuclear testing and swallowed the radiation pill a couple times to check my thyroid. I know folks who have had some very aggressive radiation treatments and lived to tell about it.

    So, in my mind, radiation gets flushed from the body (no one I know was given anything after treatment exposure to expel it after treatment) and with potentially higher exposures, I’ll break out the apple pectin. – I believe it’s survivable, without fear. I could be wrong, but it’s worth a try.

    I believe with anything, fear plays the biggest factor … and what one believes, is important and often determines outcomes. Stay positive.

    • My understanding is the pill .gov purchased supports bone marrow Vs simple iodide. Maybe you’ve considered this difference, just throwing it into the ring.

      Nplate is for living through the nuclear winter. If we find out how many dosages .gov purchased/recommended dosages/time required to take dosages that should = the amount of people they are planning to survive. ???

      NIAID-Funded Research Leads to Approval of Drug for Acute Radiation Injury

      February 09, 2021

      “In January, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of romiplostim (trade name Nplate) to increase survival of adults and children, including newborns, who are acutely exposed to high doses of radiation that damage the bone marrow.”

  3. George, The press has made a big splash about Biden’s MJ “pardons”. But they have not made much of the fact that those Federal pardons are only (*if* Biden is true to his word…) *simple* Cannabis convictions. Simple possession offenses would exclude convictions for trafficking. Such as “Possession with intent to distribute” (Read: possession of LARGE amounts of contraband). If so, I am not at all sure of just how many Federal pardons will be coming down the line since most Federal trafficking cases involve *only* large amounts of MJ (or any other drug). This due to the minimum threshold prosecution policies of the DOJ and the various USAOs. Simply put, United States Attorneys Offices (USAOs) are not generally in the business of prosecuting piddly, possessory amounts of any contraband. The focus of Federal prosecutions is almost always large scale trafficking type offenses. Low level/small possessory amount prosecution of drugs is generally left to State and Local authorities. Federal pardons have no impact on State/local MJ convictions. So, President Houseplant’s recent announcement might just be “All Hat and No Cattle” (Thought I’d skip the Latin and use a little Texas lingo from my own days in Deep East Tejas) in terms of what it actually does. In short, just another cynical political ploy. Intended to garner votes and do little or nothing else. Time will tell.

    • Initial reports are it will impact about 7500+- … but remember virtually all of those are already out of jail, bunches already dead, since this covers all the convictions going back into the 1980’s.

      In addition many of those may be, probably are, from DC proper since in DC the Federal Government IS the local prosecutor prosecuting everyday ciminal activity, including low level stuff such as simple possession (and driving charges /domestic assault etc.) (back when local police in almost every city prosecuted the crime of possession – though often times with NO jail time, just a fine).

      Not a biggie in the real world … but Virtue Signaling to the states that maybe they should do something similar for the low level USERS.

      NOW … if you are a “conspiracy” type!! … maybe this is just a plan to get rid of those convictions so they can DRAFT those people!!

      Remember the old song “Alice’s Restaurant” (made into a movie by the same name) which was all about Arlo Guthrie being convicted of “littering” which made him ineligable for BEING DRAFTED!! Couldn’t have CRIMINALS (litterers) being drafted and sent to Vietnam to kill people during the Vietnam War could we?

      • Marijuana should never have been criminalized anyway.. those that are going to use it for recreation.. do anyway.. when I grew up.. my parents had a bottle of cough syrup in the medicine chest for when someone got really sick.. that had thc in it.. they got rid of it.. and put a bottle of Opium based cough syrup..
        with all the studies that have been done and those that are going on right now.. there is just to many good things that this one plant can offer. that literally affect every facit of our existence.. I call it a miracle plant.. just like the hated dandelion.. I will not kill off a dandelion plant.. there is just to many things that the plant is good for…as for marijuana.. there are semi loads of positive points to the plant from food fuel clothing and life saving drugs..I love my pain cream.. and yes it is considered illegal even though it is only for arthritic pain no one is going to get high on it.. or eat it…. and those that are addicted to it.. are addicted to a vast variety of other things already.. if you smoke and drive then you should face the same consequences you do if you drink and drive.. and if caught giving it to a minoe other than for a medication.. face the same consequences that you would if you gave a child an alcoholic beverage..

      • Spot on about DC. I forgot that the USAO handles *all* crimes there…to include simple possession. And, yep, 7,550 convictions dating back 40 years is de minimis (Oops! there goes the Latin again.) for sure. Virtue signalling from The Man from Depends mos’ def’. But that’s all he’s got.

      • LOOB, all that is good and well until you know someone personally with marijuana induced psychosis.

        Problem is, no one knows ahead of time what that wonderful plant can do to them.

        The destruction is irreversible.

      • Nope to dope,, marijuana induced psychosis never killed anyone, it is from taking to much at once,, usually younguns or people new to cannabis CONCENTRATE potency, such as high dose eatables or THC shatter, they live,,, I have not seen or read of your ‘irreversible destruction’
        Too much blood alcohol is NOT survivable,,, DOA
        At 70 years of age I have seen much use of each (mostly observation, but I did drink to much, back then) Them damn pills and meth addicts are a BIG problem,,, focus!! got fentanal? Your position of anti cannabis is unfounded
        Hemp/cannabis was made illegal solely for the enrichment of the corporations that gave US those damn marijuana regulations
        cannabis tincture use to be in every Dr’s bag till big pharma took it away because they could not patent it, own it and control/tax/profit off your use of it.

        But the good side is,, ‘Alice’s Restaurant’,, I sat on the bench back in 1972 being drafted and reported and then sent back home to be changed from 1A to 4F, undesirable for military service,, kept me out of Nam,,, just for witnessing a man sell 2 oz of ditch weed to 2 narks,, ‘accessory after the fact’ was my crime,, thank God I did not have to go kill someone I didn’t know, just for the globalists and the military industrial complex

        Alcohol drinking instructions are on the aspirin bottle,, not more than 2 every 4 hours not more than 12 in 24 hrs,,, sober up
        alcohol goes from medicine to poison with over use.
        MODERATION in all things

      • “LOOB, all that is good and well until you know someone personally with marijuana induced psychosis.”

        well @Nope to Dope I have known a few.. I had to take care of them.. the big kicker is.. they also had the DTs from alcohol had a history of multiple drug addictions..
        one of whom is a family member.. and it was illegal.. the stats say seven out of a half million users.. and they already use.. those with addictive personality traits are going to be addicted to whatever and use what ever.. just like opiods.. good drug.. but so much easier to get a dependency to it..
        My point comes from listing the good with the bad.. the lists of the good can fill up a few semi loads of paper.. the bad will fill up about a half sheet of paper..
        If you have seven people with an allergic reaction to peanuts or milk.. you don’t outlaw milk or peanuts.. those two are just as deadly if not moreso..
        those with cancer.. what was the research paper on supositories.. mixed with coconut oil and either inserted vaginally or anally it breaks down the shell around antibiotic resistant cells so that the medications can be affective against the disease.. canada is in the process of doing tests on its effectiveness in fighting cancers..
        using it as a mind altering drug is ones personal choice.. now alcohol that has more negative than anything if it is abused.. and misused..
        the other thing is legal or not legal.. if a person is going to use it for its recreational affects they are already.. the same thing with an alcoholic.. they will drink .. if not they will huff paint fumes do whatever they can to get the high.. so tax it regulate it.. if they are driving high fine them jail them whatever the laws are for alcohol.. but don’t tell the person that is suffering from some horrific disease they can’t utilize the medication that can save their life.. just because there are a few people that have an addictive personality and will acquire it legal or not legal.. how many billions does the cartels make from its sale for recreational purposes.. don’t know off the top of my head but fifty billion comes to mind.. and the usa spends that much a year incarcerating and legal costs prosecuting’s

  4. “Biden: Putin nuclear threat worst since Cuban ”

    If Biden didn’t tell us, we wouldn’t know. If NATO didn’t start the war (is NATO/U.S.A. interchangeable terms?) we wouldn’t be in the danger Biden tells us about. Don’t forget $WMT doesn’t restock in a timely manner.

    Did you folks notice how humanity switched from solid fuels, wood/dung/coal to liquids like whale oils/distillation towers to gasses like LNG….

    Japan can now transport hydrogen. Look at that compression rate!

    Why Japan’s ‘new LNG’ bet is good for Australia

    A Japanese project to commercialise the transportation of liquid hydrogen is set to revolutionise green energy supply chains globally, and Australia is playing a major role.

    “These voyages were significant because no-one has transported liquid hydrogen, which has a volume that is 1/800th of its gaseous form, across oceans before. Safely maintaining temperatures just 20 degrees Celsius off absolute zero (minus 273 degrees) for the 16-day 9000 kilometre voyage was hugely complex.”

    • ..think energy torus – quicksilver – dc inverter – cold -spin baby spin .

      -U bee outta time, till you make “the” right connection, back…dont forget leave early, so you can disconnect(cxl) in case something goes wrong while outta time, that way no connection to that troublesome timeline is ever made…


    • pure hydrogen is relatively safe.. I for get what they use to store it.. I think hydrides.. that absorb it and then releases it slowly..

      as for Putin and nuclear.. he has said he would if forced to.. .. but then we keep pushing this whole war issue.. we shouldn’t have ever been in put in this position.. he what begged and pleaded for almost a year for us to move missiles off of his front porch.. and to guarantee the Ukraine would never be a member of NATO… what did we do parked more missiles on his border three hundred miles away from the kremlin then started to shuffle over more advanced weapons and surveilance targeting and training…. this whole thing could have been avoided in my opinion..
      NOW who I think we should fear.. isn’t Putin or Xi.. …Its KIM in NK.. he is the wild card all putin or china has to do is give him a few advanced missiles and its go time.. . On the other hand if you push putin or xi far enough they both will defend their countries to the end and spitting in Xi’s face was not a good idea.. she doesn’t have them ( well we don’t know that for sure) but it took brass balls to visit taiwan and basically tell china that they could care less about what they see as honorable…. and think about it we didn’t leave them a golden bridge for this to de escalate.Instead we cornered a bear and the MSM tells everyone he is a war criminal.. who in recent history ws that said for.. Hussein and Kadafi.. and both of their families was wiped out of existance and they both died horrible deaths…. and pushing this war has bankrupted our country even more in the meantime..weakened our selves by using strategic reserves.. in arms and fuel.. and pizzed off the country that we depend on to make almost all of our products.. there wasn’t one thing that we have done that was worth the nightmare that could be..and seriously if it was all about their business endeavors.. they could have set up those business issues in another country..

  5. GU: As EU targets Russia in new sanctions package 1 ( Which is like taunting a criminal holding a gun on you who has just wounded one of your chums (Germany) and is about to kick you to the curb as winter approaches. Really think the odds of keeping on living go up by telling the gunman to f*ck off will help? ”

    Reminds me of Month Python’s, ‘The Black Knight.’

  6. The exchange very well could be this weekend. One Friday the market will close and just not reopen. All the fraud will disappear with a *boom*..

    Zelensky calls for ‘preventive action’ to deter Russian nuclear strikes

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for the international community to take “preventive action” to deter the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

    In an address to the Lowy Institute, a nonpartisan international policy think tank in Australia, Zelensky underscored the importance of “preventive strikes, preventive action” so that Russia can get a better picture of the potential consequences if they move to use nuclear weapons.

    • Why on earth is the free world allowing Mr. Zelensky to dicktate orders to it regarding anything? The guy is an ugly, unkempt entertainer that claims to run a country, and many of his citizens hate his guts. Why is he even still president?

    • “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for the international community to take “preventive action” to deter the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia”

      Yeah I heard that.. the I want you hold em down while I kick him in the Nuts request… LOL LOL LOL

  7. hmmm.
    “Importantly, there is also no conflict with special relativity, which forbids faster-than-light communication. The fact that measurements over vast distances are correlated does not imply that information is transmitted between the particles. Two parties far apart performing measurements on entangled particles cannot use the phenomenon to pass along information faster than the speed of light.”

    Let’s put that in perspective.

    The secret sauce? I would think would it would be gravity. Perhaps this is as tubes are to the transistor.

    Don’t Look here.

    I believe the folks in WV were there first.

    Nope Popular Electronics:

    fascinating topic.

      • Oh, I hear that a lot. My roofing guy’s sister is getting married tomorrow – says it wouldn’t work for them, either. Hence, a big rally Monday after overselling today, then? Z’at work for everyone? (show of hands?_)

      • Can’t find anything about it in my usual places. Hope it isn’t true cuz we’re pulling that danged solar pump well again tomorrow … BUT if Putin can do anything about that danged coyote on our East fence line …

      • Please don’t let anything happen for the next couple of weeks. I’m out of town on business, it’s a long walk home, and I feel naked without my IWB carry because I had to fly AND I’m at a facility that frowns on carrying weapons (even though they made two of the biggest ones ever used).

    • I am with you G and William … I have to patch a sidewalk … and It has to be done this weekend.. ( I can’t afford to replace it.. but I can patch it..)

  8. NO NUCLEAR WAR this weekend … or this month.

    George you are getting wrapped up in fiction novel writing … and leaving reality behind.

    “IF” you are going to START a Nuclear War, even if you don’t intend for it to be full scale, you HAVE to be prepared for it to become a FULL SCALE Nuclear War. That means you HAVE to already have all of your troops deployed, most away from major cities, most if not all of your missile subs out, and your moveable nuclear weapons out of their storage areas and disbursed.

    In addition “IF” you are going to start a potential FULL SCALE Nuclear War you would want your HARVEST to have been totally completed and the food in it’s storage bins … and harvest season is NOT completely finished yet!!

    LOGISTICS in other words …

    There is NO indication that Russian logistics are set for that dynamic at the present (those kind of movements are impossible to totally disguise – and the private satellite systems, which photograph every part of the earth each and every day, are apparently not showing anything like that at present OR news organizations somewhere would be talking about it, and they are NOT).

    Shoot there are reports out that Russia is having a difficult time providing for the basics of the troops it is now calling up (uniforms, BOOTS!, sleeping bags, tents etc.) since apparently what is supposed to be in storage IS NOT THERE!! (any surprise that is happening in the second most corrupt, right after Ukraine, semi-industrialized country in the world? That what exists on the paper inventory records of the government does NOT EXIST in real life when they open the warehouse doors? – shoot even the US Navy had problems much like that … remember the Admiral and a few Captains that were Court Martialed a few years back over fake invoices and products and services NOT delivered to the Pacific fleet?)

    It takes TIME to get everything in place for a BIG WAR, even if it is “just” going to be a Nuclear War, and you are not giving it enough TIME.

    Don’t worry, Russia “IS” thinking about it, but the timing and logistics are not there … YET.

    • People, including on this list appear to be living in the past, clubs and spears.

      It only requires 4 – 5 average nukes to end U.S. civilization as we know it.

      3 or so for Russia. A few more for China.

      Yet hear about 1,000s of nuke warheads and Mirv’s with 9 nukes. More subs, planes. etc.!!!!

      Pills, roofs, gardens do NOTHING. You are or soon will be dead and if not, will be surviving in a much earlier century with no or only few resources.

      The best thing that can be done with those nukes is to use the material in electric generating plants –like they did previously.

      • “You are or soon will be dead and if not, will be surviving in a much earlier century with no or only few resources.”

        all the studies day.. that we will be thrust back then thousand years..and the estimated survival rate of about a half million for the whole planet..
        If you want to get it over with quick.. move to flash bangs state delaware.. as for it being quiet.. way to quiet.. nothing new on any of the news sites.. many have the same week old stories.. my guess is.. they had anticipated what was going to go on with Ukraine and when Nato and the USA put more missiles on their borders.. ignore their requests.. that they made the arrangements long before.. the club K missile systems.. could be in our back yard as far as we know it.. anyone that thinks that a dock worker has more morals and eithics than those in office are just kidding themselves.. its just cheaper to sway a dock worker to ignore things than it is for a politician..

    • Hmm logistics absolutely… unless… this had been thought of and calculated for previously..
      Notice we basically spit in china’s Xi’s face nothing.. we push arms and money at a war we shouldn’t be in..for a country that is well known as the most corrupt on the planet.position missiles on their border and give up a lot of our reserve arms.
      From my perspective that’s a hint that someone anticipated the direction we would take and made plans before. .. as far as our troop placement.. there’s an arrogance that maybe it won’t come back home to us and since we don’tsee a hurried scurrying and deployment we are not anxiously preparing .. yet we have an open border with millions crossing all from countries that swore sending warriors posing as refugees. We have our navy moving in different directions .. from this view it seems pretty nonchalantly quiet.. what is it SunTzu said again..

  9. Think they will?
    Federal agents believe they have enough evidence to support charging Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, with tax crimes and making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a gun, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

    It is now up to U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, to decide whether to prosecute Hunter on those charges, noted the Post, which cited people familiar with the investigation.

    • “Think they will?”

      Of course… but the Prosecutor will let him plea down to a misdemeanor with zero slam-time.

      • they have already said that there is a presidential pardon to him if anyone in the family is charged.. the way I see it.. get a charge give them the pardon then they can’t go back and recharge them again after Joe is out of office..

      • the blanket get out of jail card and proceed past go and collect your two hundred fifty dollars..

  10. I do find it a little ironic that the largest group of people helping to clean up after Hurricane Ian are…IMMIGRANTS. And, when DeSantis needs them, he will do nothing… From USA Today…

    “Immigrant workers from Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras and other countries are often at the center of the multibillion-dollar disaster recovery industry, and the aftermath of Hurricane Ian probably will be no different. Migrants will descend on Florida to help repair properties after the deadly storm, putting their lives at danger for little pay. 
    Migrant laborers also wade through contaminated, flooded homes and businesses to make repairs, often jobs no one else is willing to do, he said. 

    “They’re the bread and butter of this dirty and dangerous work,” Soni said. “

      • Ray,
        I have done my share of cleanups with Katrina, Harvey and the Paradise fire here in NORCAL with several corporate cares groups. In each of those cases, immigrants were a huge part of the cleanup effort and worked far harder than any of us ever could…because just like the article I posted, they were willing to do the work many of us were afraid or physically couldn’t do. If I had the bandwidth, I would go down to the Ft. Myers’s area and help out. Instead, I will raise money for those that can.

      • “immigrants were a huge part of the cleanup effort and worked far harder than any of us ever could…'”

        well Mark.. I can agree with you they are hard working the bid thing is it is always a business model….. the Illegals that I knew and have met… were all paid under the table most of them paid five dollars an hour… those that were hired by corporations were given all the money paid in for taxes on both ends at tax time and then get the benefit of making minimum wages and on their return get the eic tax credit.. oh wait they did away with that this year didn’t they LOL….. plus they got the eic tax credit to.. and benefits for food, daycare, housing, utilities and medical plus the costs of their medications..etc.. plus free college.. Hell I still have three hundred left on my teeth.. my cost was almost twenty thousand for my dental work.. and the interest is twenty five percent.. Yes.. twenty five percent.. they give you a year to pay it off.. and unfortunately I didn’t have the money to pay off the dental expenses in one year..
        the people that hire the illegals don’t have to pay miniimum wages and can deduct the payments they make to them.. On the other hand.. they are targeted by slum lords because they cannot get into a regular apartment and they pay out the nose for a piece of crap rat trap….
        Now.. if a citizen didn’t have to pay taxes get free medical and dental and medications etc….. and get all the benefits daycare housing utilities and food… they to could work for a lot less..
        just for home owners.. I would save over a dollar an hour take home wages month easy on taxes.. medical.. there is two grand a month or twenty dollars an hour take home wages gone and that doesn’t inclued the medications and office calls expenses that is just the insurance.. rent.. food.. for a household of five.. that is twenty five hundred before flash bang took office.. it is now over three thousand a month.. 4.75 per meal.. and 1.25 per snack and three snacks a day.
        so yes.. give me those same conditions they give the illegal refugees and I to can work for 4.00 an hour.. and the employer can pocket the rest that he is getting for the rebuilding…. and free college.. heck I know kids now that are paying over a thousand a month on school loans and they will pay that much for the rest of their lives…
        It is always about the business model.. and yes.. I have worked day labor.. they drive up you go to work they pay what ever they want..

    • Mark,

      Who is organizing these legions of nomadic souls to do the grunt work? The illegals appear to be offered $15/hour plus a $15 per diem for meals. Accomodation is unknown. What are the bosses making and who do they report to? Are all State and Federal labor laws being complied with vis-a-vis perhaps unofficial transport of undocumented aliens across state lines? “The New York Post” had a report from a couple of van collection points in Queens. God save the King!

      • Folks,

        It’s Friday evening. Time to lay down the hammer and sickle for a day at least before off-the-clock Szunday Tool Time. What better way to relax than with a Book of Xi. Yes, today, just in time for Mr. Putin’s birthday, Chinese state media Xinhua announced the new book of some 512 parts on Comrade Xi Jinping socialist thought of these last 10 years. Western msm appears to have jumped after the Chinese presser wagon and is giving salivating chase. I do not yet see this newest title available on Amazon. Perhaps of some interest is the domestic Chinese audience was notified of the book some 16 days prior to the farang by way of The State Council Information Office of the PRC.

        One sees no reason for there not to be a similar announcement here upon the release of a tome of Biden Thought “…nourishing the roots and forging the soul of the nation with advanced (capitalist) culture, revolutionary culture and fine traditional Western culture…”.

      • “Who is organizing these legions of nomadic souls to do the grunt work?'”

        think about this to.. they pay no taxes!!!
        they get benefits that were meant for citizens.. and now congress wants them to have voting rights..
        It is always about the business model.. citizens have to make at least minimum wages.. the illegals.. they can pay them what ever they want..

    • Illegals were also 3/4ths of the looters they’ve caught thus war. Let’s be real here.

      • its always about the business model al… the thing no one mentions is.. they don’t have to pay taxes on the money.. and get the things the average citizen has to pay for for free..
        If I received the same thing.. we could live on a fraction of what it costs us..
        taxes and insurance cost us a fortune.. My sister paid for her house in alaska by the rebate checks they got from the oil company.. and they had the golden goose healthcare insurance that retired military and govt employees get.. they also paid for their cars with that money to..
        at the time they lived there.. the state even paid them to home teach the children.. it was cheaper than paying for a bus driver to go out to the outbacks and pick the kids up..

    • “I do find it a little ironic that the largest group of people helping to clean up after Hurricane Ian are…IMMIGRANTS”

      Yes I worked day labor been there done that.. I scooped hot dirt from a radioactive water spill.. it was to close to the containment tanks.. they hired a bunch of us to scoop next to it.. ( we didn’t learn until after we schooped by hand that it was a hot dirt job..) the bosses had the safety gear on and didn’t come anywhere near it.. we were out there eating dust and grime.. wiping the sweat off of our foreheads with bandana’s etc..
      its the same thing.. for the hot dirt spill.. I can tell you I made five dollars an hour for a couple of days work..
      so it doesn’t surprise me.. they work day labor.. they cannot get a decent job at minimum wage until they have a green card.. but they do get all the bennies..
      a citizen expects to make at least minimum or better.. they have to pay taxes on the money they make.. illegals don’t..
      that is why you see so many doing jobs that a citizen won’t work at.. but seriously you should already know that though living in a city where they rent out a bunk bed for two grand a month.. and people are living in their cars..

      • I’m not surprised. Back in mid 2000s I worked on the Pentagon Renovation Program. One day a president from a Central/South American country (I forget which one) visited and made a speech to a couple of hundred of his countrymen working on the Pentagon construction.

        FYI: Everyone on the project had to go through a safety briefing. The Spanish language version included instructions about not defecating in the hallways.

      • “made a speech to a couple of hundred of his countrymen working on the Pentagon construction.”

        You know .. govt. when they outsource jobs for labor like that.. only pay three dollars an hour.. I was shocked.. I would take one of the gentlemen out for activities.. that was federally funded.. they contract out.. ( like buying propane get it in a contract to save money the next season) and the contracted amount was for three dollars an hour.. at another place for medical services.. it is the same thing.. but.. what gets people to do it.. is they contract for lets say snow removal.. ok we will pay up front for snow removal figure once ever two weeks.. through the season.. at the reduced price.. if it is more than that.. they get it cheap.. if it is less than what they contracted out for it is more.. and they get professional staff because they forgive the school loans.. and give the employees that golden goose health care policy.. and retirement..

    • Ever since Bill bricked my legit DVD copy of Office Professional and shoved a monthly recurring pay portal at me, anything with Intel based silicon is running OSX, Linux, or both.

      • Buy Office 2010 license from ebay ~$30. Download the Office 2010 binaries and you’re in business….(with an older version)…just saying….if, you don’t HAVE to have the latest and greatest. I’m running Office 2010 on one computer with Windows 10, and Open Office on another using Centos Linux. It works….

      • OpenOffice works fine for me. Will open MS office files and do whatever I need to do. For free.

      • I have legitimate MS-Office on my primary laptop and have never used it. Libre Office does the job better with no fuss or licenses. One of these days I’ll delete the stupid MS program, since they keep making new editions. Libre Office stays up to date if I let it with no effort.

  11. Biden’s hemp reform is little more than PR toke(n) reform. How many simple weed possession busts do the FIBers make each year? Small number compared to local and state. I don’t see local and state jumping on the bandwagon. Too many poor kids are being fed to the law industry machine over damn near nothing. Just let the employers keep testing for jobs which require sobriety.

    • You did notice that his kid is being looked at before the election..
      I think in the event it goes further by showing leniency he wouldn’t have to give a presidential pardon..
      It’s always about the business model..

  12. “But when I read Joe Biden to pardon everyone convicted on federal marijuana possession charges and the related ‘Today we begin to right these wrongs’ – US President Joe Biden announces HISTORIC cannabis reforms, it did get me to wondering how much of this comes as a moral issuance and how much of this was crass politics.”

    It is ALL politics, and not cool. FEDERAL drug convicts are not in the hoosegow for smoking a doobie. These are FTMP really bad people who hired expensive lawyers and pled down really serious charges.

    • “how much of this comes as a moral issuance and how much of this was crass politics.”

      I think political positions… granted it should never have been illegal..but with a druggie child with so many alleged questionable activities.. and then not pardon those millions of people imprisoned over such a stupid’s just one way to gather votes..

  13. Were you aware during the 911 days? That is, did you look at the empty sky after air traffic was pulled down? During operation empty skies I distinctly recall seeing a military plane in the sky. It was flying in a straight lien from the horizon and then just overhead it made 90 degree turn. Strangest thing to see the contrail right angle.

    After the first ICBM arcs out of its silo the sky will turn into a ‘war sky’. No commercial air traffic. Who knows how sea traffic will be handled.

    Damaging missiles can be disguised as/in containers on a container ships and that’s that. G mentioned a ‘coastal event’.

    *woosh* all trade stopped. Go get your stack of tuna.

    • no need to stack tuna – Belogorad leave behind nuke drone torpedeo will provide a bountiful harvest of tuna fishes, as well as seabass, mackeral, seatrouts, trousertrouts, sharks, one eyed wrinkle necked bass..ect. Added bonus, a gift from Mother Russia with love..those tasty fishies will be already cooked – a seafood smorgasbord!

  14. Gotta leave this comment just for the record.
    Yes, markets should be in free fall between now and late Nov. But what is the Black Swan catalyst to kick things off? All eyes are on Russia/UNraine/Poland/Germany. Got it. History sure can rhyme, no?

    Don’t look there, look at the Pacific. Perhaps a surprise attack on US interests in the Pacific by an Asian nation that has been sabre rattling for decades? Could it be?

    October 12 is the day I see as the start of the fall.
    A range for the most interesting events is 10/12 – 11/11
    Now that it is typed and on record, probably not. But if I were a betting man (which I am not) I would put a little down on that one.

    • You are implying that the news will be curve fit to the event. The Black Swan event is the $ and the global financial rails. Distractions are fabricated /executed using real live toys of the kinetic variety, and of course can also be of the soft variety think SCADA. We are living in interesting times.

      Whats been going on with Evergrande lately?

      Got Blockchain?

    • Agree with your date range … though I would extend it out to Tuesday Nov 15 … I will note that Nov 15 is 89 calendar days AFTER the market high in August, which as fibinocci timing goes is important (NOT as important as 55 days but probably next in importance).

      I have no idea what will cause the fall off but there are certainly enough potential events to do it. To just list a few:

      *Financial Panic from some sort of entity collapse in Europe
      *Financial Panic from a currency collapse related to Europe’s energy crisis which is creating a government solvency crisis
      *Panic caused by the realization that much of Europe’s manufacturing economy is going to have to shut down for part of the winter
      *Some LEGITIMATE entity provides “PROOF” that it was the US that bombed the pipelines … which pisses off the Germans to no end
      *Ukraine does something very stupid which rattles everyone (need not be just military but possible out of borders “Politcal Violence” acts ie: murder Elon Musk?)
      *MAJOR Nuclear meltdown event of some sort
      *MAJOR sea battle or battles with large loss of life
      *Russia’s military collapses and Ukraine moves to take over the Crimea (which everyone by now should know WILL lead to Russia using nuclear weapons though not necessarily right away)
      *Xi moves on Taiwan after the mid October party conference
      *Crazy Kim does something wrt Korea
      *Some crazy earth event happens which throws chaos into the planet’s trade /economy system
      *and of course there are probably 10 other things that could throw the world into a tizzy

      Sometimes we can see the end result coming, and can actually project it’s timing with some kind of accuracy, but don’t really know WHAT is going to cause it.

      After November remember several seers see a collapse of NATO as it is currently structured by mid winter AND Martin Armstrong’s computer is projecting major War Chaos beginning in March 2023 (and growing worse from there) as well as a terrible NEW WAVE of some sort of disease beginning in the same time frame – he is saying it potentially looks worse than the original Covid wave did (ebola?).

      Fun Times (not) dead ahead …

    • You know Bob, I got thinking. Here in Canada, we start spreading tons of salt on the roads when winter arrives. It keeps the ice and snow in a nice slush that the tires spread across all parts of the bottom of the vehicle. Not unusual to see a nice white crust on the doors, wheel wells and undercarriage for about 3 or 4 months in between visits to the car wash if it is not frozen shut and closed. All cars are white here in the winter.

      Also, not sure sure how well they charge and how well the battery driven heaters work at 30 below zero. I think I will hang on to my gas powered vehicle a little longer.

      • the boss’s car is a prius prime.. and it has what I think is awesome.. is an electric air conditioner and an electric heater.. the batteries.. seem to be ok.. they are stored under the passenger seat behind the spare tire area.. ( NO SPARE.. they give you a can of the green slime LOL)
        It does real good in the heat and really nice in the cold.. the biggest issue is if you have snow or finger drifts .. don’t drive.. they are to light for popping finger drifts and any big ones.. since they are front wheel drive.. you always make sure that the front tires are the best.. the weight of the batteries is enough that if your front tires don’t have gripping power.. in the ditch you will go..
        mileage.. we get really good mileage with it.. but then most of our driving is fifteen miles or less..if there is a lot of snow.. then we start up the beast.. the downfall is the twelve volt battery.. see the twelve volt battery is recharged and maintained by the gas motor.. and beings we don’t drive but fifteen miles or less.. the twelve volt battery doesn’t get the recharge it needs and after a year or so has to be replaced.. Luckily my mechanic told me that was the downfall of the Prius prime.. they should have a setup in the system where when you plug in the big battery it recharges the twelve volt.. they don’t.. ( I put a battery maintainer on it.. all of our cars has them.. ) after doing that.. no problems.. pull it in.. plug in both..
        speaking of which.. I haven’t driven the beast in a while.. I need to plug in its mainainer battery charger..

  15. So, as always, I will challenge Warhammer here – who thinks he is the only ‘veteran’ here on this forum. Key points:

    1) Biden DOES NOT control the nukes – if he called his attache in to his office and issued a command to the JCS to prepare to launch, the JCS would laugh at him!

    2) The CINCs control the various levels of nukes – both strategic and tactical. They are the ultimate controllers – if they don’t want to launch or prepare the orders to launch to their subordinate commands, the ‘Biden Order’ will go no where. They are the real line of defense against stupid and irrational policy.

    3) This is all propaganda – the Pentagon has its share of showmen – lots of them, but they are surrounded by rational actors who are not going to invite armageddon because some prick in the ‘white house’ who stole an election wants to play ‘Big Man’ with ‘Big Stick’.

    4) No nukes will be launched from either side. The ending of the Ukraine War has everything to do with the will of the Russian leadership – they can easily win this conventionally. Will they do it, or leave millions of Russian speaking people in Dombas to be slaughtered? I don’t know, quite frankly. The Russian leadership has been much less cohesive than I would have ever thought. The stakes are very high for everyone – and it will be settled on the battlefield one way or another – not in Washington or Brussels.

    • You forgot the part about how Donbas has all the lithium. This war is part of a business model, so don’t get confused about whether Russia cares for people, because they don’t.

  16. Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency for New York City on Friday as the city struggles to respond to an influx of tens of thousands of migrants from Latin America.

  17. Humans generally tend to find ways to adapt. Just make sure you and Ures have welder’s googles handy, some serious SPF sunscreen, wear light colored non-patterned clothing and have plenty of iodine tablets on hand and everything will be just fine – as long as you are not 20 miles or so near ground zero.

    • Personally I think I want to be WITHIN 2 miles of ground zero.

      (where I live that is VERY doable, in fact MOST likely since one of the top bio labs in the US that does top secret govt work is just a couple of miles away … and that is not counting the other two more important 1st strike military targets in the metroplex plus oodles of military critical second strike targets all over the greater metro area too. Go out in a 50 mile circle and there are at least another 12 targets besides what is in the metroplex itself – AF bases (3 more), steel mills (2), auto manufacturing plants (2), missile guidance manufacturing (1), military electronics manufacturing (several), underground command posts located away from the military bases themselves, etc. etc.)

      Dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear strike at my age is NOT something to be looked forward to. Hundreds of millions, if not a couple of billion, are going to eventually die, most after lots of pain /suffering /heartache so why not go in the first wave?

    • Lol well.. I know there’s absolutely nothing I can do.. so.. time to grill some burgers and have a cold one..

  18. G, let me ‘rain on your parade’ lol…..what your yesterday’s drought diatribe omitted (previous droughts were not the present day ‘megadrought’ lasting for decades, instead of just years):

    Lake Mead at lowest level ever (chart shows data through 30’s Dustbowl to present)

    From the Prechter Pump (Ell Wave Theorist):
    1929 crash ended 3 trading days before the new moon 10/29.
    Sharpest portion of the decline occurred in the final 5 trading days (due Oct 17 – 21, 2022)

    Back to Ure regular programming…Biden Bad, Me Good.

    • well maybe this article and there is the california environmentalists draining the reservoirs to the ocean


      c, i realize that you most likely suffer from a medical condition, anxiety, I am truely sorry for your suffering and hope that you find relief. This anxiety will cause a person to be fearful, and the main stream media which is corporate owned feeds your fear. I see it in others close to me. I love them but I will not let their FEAR drag me down.
      Yes Carli Simon has symptoms also. Anticipation and stage fright.
      I read your links to see what makes you think the way you do.
      Be well.

      • OD, tell your linked youtube scientists to look at current data, and that City Journal link is dated 2015:

        You obviously chose to ignore current facts, preferring the ‘Denialist’ viewpoint. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink. same with your Denial illusion…

      • C,,, do you not see all the chem trails being sprayed in our skies?
        have you not heard of the HAARP type antenna arrays around the globe? Our un-elected governmental, un-name agency, is manipulating weather as a weapon against other humans
        and you call me a denialist.
        You believe the solution is to tax me into poverty, and wonder why so many talk down to you.
        C, do you even know the difference of condensation trails compared to chemical trails? If a low IQ person such as I can easily tell the difference, what is your excuse?

  19. Remember… the Nobel Peace Prize comes from the fellow who invented dynamite. Maybe it has morphed into a “Best Use Of…” award?

    Thanks Pathfinder Bob for the APPLE PECTIN tip! (Slaps forehead). I knew that, but…. I have my iodide pills already. I am upwind of anything important, but you never know how the winds blow.

    WmRR: “I have plans for the weekend that Nookwar would interfere with. It’s simply not convenient at the moment.” Me too! But do you suppose anyone (who counts) will listen?

    And then there are the Russians fleeing to the Bering Straits to seek asylum at the nearest Aleutian island:

    • “Remember… the Nobel Peace Prize comes from the fellow who invented dynamite. Maybe it has morphed into a “Best Use Of…” award?”

      You do realize that the nobel peace prize is similar to the golden globes or the Oscar… ( the statue not the ugly little fish) or the crap awards they give out to medical facilities.. LOL LOL LOL they are all pay yourself on the back.. give them an award.. see I got the crap award.. we must be good.. LOL LOL LOL or how about the I have an Aplus rating.. they pay for it.. as for the crap award.. they pay their airfare.. their room and board.. and all they do is send in a doctor a pharmacist etc.. to look at your books and say yup your doing what you said you are..
      the oscars.. when were you asked to judge a movie.. I am betting it is as much as they have asked me.. like NEVER… LOL LOL they pat themselves on the back prance around.. its like a celebrity that dresses in fish net then complains about people taking pictures.. LOL if they aren’t noticed they die off in the ratings.. and become a has been.. that is one reason why they get nip and tucked and bleached etc.. to try and stay young.. and still noticed by an industry that thrives on being noticed.. I had one celebrity that came with another to visit his mom.. the whole time I was taking care of her he kept saying.. do you know who I am.. I don’t care who in the heck you are.. I have a job to do.. because of how he was.. I refuse to watch any shows with him in it.. he was a jerk.. now the others mom would have been horrified if she had found out that her son was addicted to cocaine.. thankfully she never found out.. He was a good son though took good care of her..

  20. Folks,

    Possibly you’ve heard Mr. Putin’s birthday is coinciding with a meeting in the ‘Stans. Guests have not arrived empty handed to Mr. Putin’s party. The president of Tajikistan, home to melons, gave two pyramids of melons. The president of Belarus brought a gift card. It can be redeemed for a tractor from the Minsk Tractor Works.

    No word if there will be a fireworks show after the candles are blown out.

    • Folks,

      France24 is conveying the latest energy conserving action from the French state. Hot water will no longer be offered in public building restrooms across the nation. It just makes getting into a lather that much more difficult doesn’t it?

  21. Happy Birthday Vlad. A candle, or fuse, has been lit today on the Kerch bridge.

    This completes a set of visions I had in a dream a couple years ago about the war. It began with collapsing apartment buildings, broken helicopters with jets on barges, and ended in a mushroom cloud with purple lightning.

    I just saw the purple lightning in a book, and tonight I know why.

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