Job Junk, UFO’s, and Slow Disclosure

Reader Note: A reminder that we will be posting only one (all-purpose) column on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday and market’s being closed. We may do a Sunday Special if something strikes us as particularly interesting…so come by.

First Whack at Jobs

Every month, we go into the big Casino of finance and spin the wheel (knowing it’s sort of rigged – which is why we will look at Labor in our Saturday Peoplenomics report).

We generally get three spins and the Job Roulette Wheel.

The first one in this sequence was yesterday’s ADP Employment Report: It showed 177,000 jobs added to the economy. More important is the detail level:

Pay particular attention to the loss of another 8,000 in the goods-producing sector. We roughly approximate this to Manufacturing.

The core economics point has everything to do with keeping America weak – and a confidence-based service economy – while propping up other countries around the world which 45 years ago, you could have bought lock, stock, and barrel for about 41-cents.

Today, we have given those countries voice and we are moving toward a One World Government, which probably started with the Cape Girardeau crash of a UFO in 1941, arguably got Kennedy killed (Current piece of info) (Previous piece of info circa 2011) and it’s all part of Slow Disclsoure… But you knew all of that already. If not, go watch UFOTV Presents: The Secret – Evidence That We Are Not Alone.

Because it is very interesting how all the pieces of daily news flow do fit with the current rush toward Globalism if you look at it just so and with an open mind.  Think external influences.

Too early to worry about it, however, because if slow disclosure doesn’t work, government has a completely logical back-up plan for keeping the sheep in line, which includes I figure, things like a big economic depression and more terrorism and the continued third-worlding of America.

Let’s just put that stuff aside, though, and skip along to this morning’s Challenger Job Cut report…which looks about like so:


Downsizing slowed in August, as US-based employers announced plans to cut their payrolls by 32,188, a 29 percent decline from the 45,346 cuts in July, according to the report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The August figure was the lowest monthly total since May (30,157) and the second lowest of the year. It was 22 percent lower than August 2015, when 41,186 planned job cuts were announced.

To date, employers have announced 391,288 job cuts in 2016. That is 10 percent fewer than the 434,554 job cuts recorded between January and August 2015.

The computer sector saw the heaviest job cuts during the month with 6,103. The bulk of the cuts came from Cisco Systems, which announced plans to reduce its workforce by 5,500. That was lower than the initially reported 14,000 cuts that were expected from the tech giant, but still represents a sizable downsizing in an industry that has experienced a surge in job cuts over the last 18 months.

In part due to this, and encouraging overseas action, the Dow is set to open up 30 as pre-Holiday Urephoria continues.

Tomorrow, we will have another cut on the employment picture (very short-term) when the government tells us whatever their number is.  It won’t be too bad.  This is an election year, yeah?

Not that it will make a hill of beans worth of difference.

What’s going on right now is the government is making-up money and we are seeing complete reversals of previously-held economic reality.

Just as one example, consider M1 (the amount of cash out there). Once upon a time, whatever the creation rate of M1 was, the creation of M2 (and the now hidden M3) would be higher. You know: leverage of a fractional reserve system.

Uh…it doesn’t work that way any more.

Which is why when the H.6 Money Stocks report comes out this afternoon, Ures truly will have his ViseGrips and a stiff drink at the ready because (and here’s the point): M1 will be screaming along at the 10% annualized rate while M2 will be along in the high 7% range.

And brainwashed/brain-dead conventional economists don’t understand it.  Well, perhaps the economy is 100% fictional, not fractional anymore?

Seems simple enough to me: IF we are in a period of slow disclosure, there would be all kind of changes being made to account for a new kind of world…one where aliens could walk among us – call most of the shots in terms of how the planet operates – and not be feared.

How to do you do this, assuming you’re dialed-in to MAJIC-12 (*Majestic 12 or simply M J-12)?

I’d Liberalize the hell out of old Earthly values, make-up a new kind of economy, and medicate the hell out of the population so;s not to be too obvious about it.  That would explain the rush to gun control, too – can’t have a redneck rebellion against our new-found friends, can we?

Then with slow disclosure – and things like the M.I.B. movies, a butt-load of fiction about space, massive social pressure to “accept every who is different” (Hm… LBGTQ etc, anyone? Share a bathroom with a GaZorpian exoid?) and then start up a worldwide audit/identification/registration system.

This latter is done through a combination of Social Security numbers (which we were promised would never be used for identification, remember?) and drivers licenses…and it’s going global and it’s going biometric…and one-world money will be along shortly.

The ONLY part we are not precisely clear on is how it all works out in the End.

You see, we can almost perceive Zika (and a few other of pop diseases) as the leading edge of planetary population control…and well, that means fewer residual humans.

Alternatively as we pointed out in Peoplenomics recently, whether we like it, or not, the convergence of two key technologies is almost here: Massless engines (which likely explains why NASA has been through such a U-turn on mission design) and the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works Compact Fusion Reactor project when we hear is at about break-even power already.

Whatever the full details are, we are coming up to a period when 100-megawatts of electric power will fit on a semi-truck and when going to the Moon could be a few days…and Mars a week and I will leave it to you to dig up why the U.S. recently approved laws which provide for (this a bit much this early) asteroid Mining. ( *Links and all that are in the Peoplenomics report.)

So the Big Picture amounts to a huge “WFT?” and “What happens to all the people?” as we venture into the minutia of terrestrial politics, knowing it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference who the nominal “president’ is – which is why functionally, Bush and Obama have been nearly identical in a Big View policy perspective – and why whoever gets in will have to follow the -orders called-in from the sidelines – just as the recent string of presidents has.

And it’s fine…I don’t doubt the sincerity of the MJ-12 people on keeping disclosure under wraps…and now that the slow disclosure process can be seen (provided you know where to look) it does give us an interesting way to look at the future.  I might be able to learn a thing or three from the exo’s…too.

Which is what we do around here –learn the arriving future –  often to a very small and highly skeptical audience.

Which doesn’t bother us a single whit because of one critical fact:

All the data DOES FIT.

Meantime Back on Earth


SSDD  (Same shit, different day.(

Does any of this sound familiar?

Chicago Has Its Deadliest Month in About Two Decades

BACKDOOR DEALINGS Report: US, world powers agreed to Iran exemptions

CLAIRVOYANT MURDER ‘Wizard of the Stars’ found decomposing in his office (  What? Didn ‘t he see it coming???)

DOUBLING DOWN ON ‘THE WALL’ Trump pledges ‘impenetrable, physical’ border barrier during fiery immigration speech

Report: Child-welfare officials launch probe into Weiner after sext scandal – DR. ABLOW: Why do men like Anthony Weiner keep sexting? – VIDEO: NYC child services investigating Anthony Weiner

But Seriously, in the Big Picture:

UF-WOAH:UFO spotted near International Space Station is SPYING on NASA, alien hunters claim.

An d  “Are ALIENS monitoring NASA? Footage emerges of two ‘UFOs’ hovering near International Space Station…”

Hmm….. as Ures truly was saying:  The Data seems to fit.

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    • The ‘UFO’ could also be either the USAF’s maneuverable X-37B, which has been in orbit for over a year on the craft’s fourth mission, USA-261, which launched on 20 May 2015. Or, it could plausibly be what is colloquially known in the military as a SAT2 (Satellite Squared, aka Satellite to Satellite) intelligence gathering vehicle. If SAT2, it could be anyone’s – NASA or Russia may need to view the space station externally for some operational reason, or China/Israel/Iran might want to do some casual yet opportunistic intelligence gathering. Barring that, it could well be some curious A-lee-ens observing we primatives ‘out in the wild’

  1. “The ONLY part we are not precisely clear on is how it all works out in the End.” Here is the good news: After our allotted time we all will die, even H$D. That includes you, too! ;-)

    (Eat, drink, and be merry.)

  2. May all beings be lovingly fulfilled and free and Rich where have you heard that before all men are created equal is that in Hebrew or Christianity or where have you heard that before Karma.!? I remember I had posted something or was it July 4th it was about a jeremiad,. Explanation? Is the denunciation of existing conditions comma.! Question period due you believe that we need a change of the existing conditions if you do then declare a jeremiad,. Exclamation? In other words yes change your thought processes change the future of your desires, the rulers that delivers ,need to feel rueful they are to have sorrow for all the things that they have created against mankind and this living entity called earth,be like a lion and Roar and let your voice be heard across the world especially when they try shutting down all your Communications and all the truth are kept from you just like that sense who can predict earthquakes has an Italy and other places and none of the powers-that-be will acknowledge that the only reason they won’t is because they don’t want to lose the power to control you so be like the lion and Roar and let them know you know what they’re doing and it’s time for them to stop and it’s time for you to be free and Rich comma.! Question that was a prevue of the future

  3. WEll George,, here comes the slow disclosure. The headlines from Google News at 12:30pm today…
    Shrinking manufacturing activity surprise blow to economy, market shifts on Fed:
    Auto Sales Starting to Hit the Brakes
    Despite still-brisk pace, declines by Ford, GM suggest industry’s best days are over:
    Productivity down in Q2 while labor costs jump; jobless claims tick up:
    Some friends of mine just insist the economy is getting better….”just look at Dow Jones, its so High”.
    I tell them, “Look, Wall street does’nt care about the little or medium guy,, its all about big money and making profit margins on that big money”. Us peons don’t matter!!! ….. the end is Near!!

  4. I am certain that these aliens are coming here illegally and that Trump will send them home or have them build a dome to keep them out.

  5. Re aliens:
    Why waste taxpayer money and the gov time looking for intelligent life “out there” when they should be looking for intelligent life here for god’s sake.

  6. George –

    You need to check out this guys website – he claims to have been part of the US Secret Space Program and has proof of it’s existence.

    Check out: or

    Lots of great stuff.

  7. So.. Alien Bartenders Lead our GDP numbers along with Male Testosterone Enhancement Products to F##K ourselves? I Got This…

  8. I recall well over a decade ago when “disclosure” was imminent, even reported in the MSM. Larry King had a couple of programs dedicated to the topic. Then, poof, the news stopped, and every one forgot about it. I wonder if it has more legs this time. Interesting stuff, George, thanks!

    • A decade? I remember it forty years ago. LOL! But George is right, the world is definitely coalescing into a single governing body. Aliens or no, power hungry, greedy men will always be part of our lives; until we and they are no more.

  9. as L A Marzulli says…” the great deception nears”….UFO’s and aleigns to require us to embrace a world government to resist the outsiders….”SSDD”…imho

    • absolutely.. there has been so much real news this week .. as far as UFO’s are concerned. I believe they are real I think we have been visited and are visited. we would be pretty vain to think in all of the universe that we are the only intelligent species around.. even the bible talks about the watchers.. now is this a grand experiment.. who knows.. and if they are watching.. why then are they letting us destroy our planet..It isn’t like this planet and how it is composed is real common.. ( or is it)

  10. George Filer remarked that sightings reports, either camera evidence or multiple eyewitnesses are now coming in at more than 1000 per month.

  11. I do not believe in UFO’s because of common sense. If they have the technology to travel the stars they have the technology to not crash in some farmers cornfield. They also have the technology to not be seen. Think of how small a nano-tech observation satellite with widely separated nano-mirrors could be. If a UFO does show up it’s some government agents somewhere pretending to one.

    This does not mean I don’t believe in life in the universe just that we’re not seeing them. If they mean us harm we will never know. The will hit us and it will be over. It’s likely that aliens merge with computers and with the vast distances in space most just stay home. The ones that do leave and explore likely have no need to announce their presence and don’t for safety.

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