Is the Internet Wrecking Infrastructure?

We consider (between the rain and power blinks here in Texas) how soon we start seeing some real declines in things like hotel, rental cars, and travel as business is moving more and more to video conferencing in lieu of travel?

And, we take a look at what our Trading Model is doing in the wake of the sell-off yesterday that closed the S&P below short-term support.

So grab the coffee….here comes a data dump…

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3 thoughts on “Is the Internet Wrecking Infrastructure?”

  1. 2 Rolls of comfort…. Funny you should bring up the big white roll for the personal throne.. Just the other day I had found an old package of tp that was up on the shelf so I brought it down to be used.. as I sat there pondering the state of the nation and figuring how cleaning up congress would be the only answer for the next election I noticed something strange.. the paperwork seemed ticker.. so after the job at hand was finished I took a closer look as well by pulling out a roll from a newer package.. the two didn’t compare.. the older one minus a few sheets was clearly almost a half inch thicker in diameter.. ( I didn’t notice a tube size difference) which tells me the sheets are thinner since the sheet count is the same on both packages.. Not only that but the width of the paper is a little more than half inch thinner as well, so instead of getting a roll 4 5/8″ wide the roll is now 4″ wide.. Hmm… I wonder if that is why they now say 45 rolls per package instead of 40 …. so I am now curious if we will see boxes with the advertising of 90 rolls per case… in the future

    • Just another symptom of the economic wipe-out being at hand, by friend.

      Time was I thought about a seed vault, but now storing real-sized TP may be the more quickly vanishing… uh… species.

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