Oh, you didn’t hear?

Well that $400-million in foreign cash that the Golfer in Chief dispensed to Iran is turning into the least of our worries.

So is the reported earlier this week that the real number was PURPORTED TO BE $1.7-BILLION.

Because as of this morning, the real number is looking like it could be over $33-BILLION.

How much money is $33-BILLION?

You see, big numbers like this are hard to comprehend. But with this much money you could hand out a million dollars to every person in a city of 30,000. Yes, including those in bed, the nearly dead, and the not –yet read. So big effing pile of dough.

Here’s the part no one is yet asking: Where in US Law is the president given this much discretion?

Or is there some back-room “deal” with the Paul Ryan wing of the democratic party that we’re not privy to and is that why the last budget was a rubber-stamp laydown by turncoat Ryan?

Search Results: Crooked or Good?

Another topic we went into for Peoplenomics.com subscribers Wednesday is worth repeating this morning:

Put the number “33.6” into the Bing News Search Engine this morning. As we expected the first four stories related to this taypayer-funded Obomination.

Now let’s do the same thing at Google News and see what we get.

Was the outrage the #1 story? No. That was something about soccer and Arsenal and Barcelona.

Second story, maybe? I mean pissing away $33.6 billion tax dollars is a big deal, right?

No…not there. Second slot in Google’s returns was about the Everton-Brahimi deal.

Surely the third story?

No, this was a 33.6% upside potential for Rednow plc in the Google returns we looked at.

Finally….in fourth place comes the Iran Pay-Off story.

As we explained to Peoplenomics readers, this is not to charge Google with pro-Obama, pro-democrat bias.

It is just a report of how two search engines react to a simple number input. Google results are wider and Bing zooms in on the Iran payments. And – if you put a dollar-sign $ in front of the search term, then you get the Iran story as lead.

While such fine points of search may be claimed as bias, we won’t do that. We’re just here to help “troubleshootize” (to borrow a Googlism) your search results.

Which leaves us with the learning for the week: Unitize search to troubleshootize results.

On a different search in the news engines?

The Bing results for our daily “hillary health” returned “71% of doctors say Hillary Clinton’s health concerns serious.”

On the Google side the same search lead is “Sarah Silverman: Only F**cking A**holes question Hillary.”

Gee: I guess this leaves me with a choice to make: Do I believe the stand-up comic that I’ve never heard of, or 71% of doctors on a site I’ve never visited before… hmmm.

Then (and this is the rough part) how to I algo that? In other (Boolean terms) how do I write that little bit of code?

Maybe the Google source chose [Breitbart page Silverman] because of Breitbart’s Alexa score which is the 228th most popular site in current US traffic. The ZeroCensorship.com site’s Alexa rank this morning looked to be about 34,551 in the US. (UrbanSurvival’s rank is 74,094 in the US just for comparison. Our rankings skyrocket when the market collapses because this site is a counter-cyclical….but I digress…)

How would Bing make the call to go with the [71% of doctors] story, then?

Oh, jeez…long list of possibles.

How many sites like Drudge have picked up the story is one possible. Another is current searches on Bing. The list of reasons is limited to the algorithm designer imagination. Which leaves a vast area for speculation.

Still, the topic will be around for a long time. Some will claim Google is slanting the news pro-Obama and I see how that argument could be data-based.

On the other hand, if Bing is basing on search trends, doesn’t that have the potential to contribute to the “digital mob” concept? You know – where a story goes viral so it moves up the results, which spreads it more, which is how things like Ferguson escalate in social.

Still, when you see a number like this $33.6 billion pop up, toss a dollar sign in front of $33.6 and press either button.

Because the only search results that matter are a) Who said they could piss away my tax money like that? And b) Where is this kind of cash-jack authorized in the Laws of these once United States?

Meantime, rumors of right-wing FB supression continue – amped by reports that the co-founder of FB is tossing $20 mill in the beat Trump kitty.

NK Nukes

Number 5 is alive!

Big Fed Doings

Under-reported as hell:

Federal Reserve Consumer Debt report out yesterday says consumer debt is going up at a 5.8% annualized rate. Credit card use going up 3.4% annualized – which given inflation is around 2% and pop-growth due to legal and illegals and looked the other ways and births is 1% that’s a no growth world. More gory details in the report here.

Even if you don’t get it, the market does with futures down 100 on the Dow. (Hold the applause on my going short I told you about last week, lol…)

Janet’s Thumb

With the Election/Transaction just down the road a bit, we always like to report the Fed H.6 money creation report – which discloses after-the-fact money creation by the Fed


Damn shame they don’t denote how much of this went to Tehran, huh?

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