Investing: Step-by-Step for Millennials

A beginner’s Guide today.  How much to get started, how to pick an online brokerage, and a ton more including how to make – and read – your own charts.

One of our readers – a Millennial at that – asked if I could whip up such a simple, step-by-step guide to how to invest in the stock market. Something for newbies.

Since I wrote the Millennial’s Missing Manual, and that eBook – which will be on Amazon any minute – is all about processes and how you can do anything ever done by another human (if you can find their recipes), why not apply the same thing to the stock market?

Easy-peasy, right?

So this morning we will dispense with the headlines – since you can find the flow of news updated every few minutes from our news/RSS feed page over here, we will combine everything about investing into a series of really easy-to-follow steps.  There is also a reading list – the mechanical part is simple.  The strategies is where the gold is buried.

Who knows?  Maybe even my own Gen-x kids will find it worth reading…

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6 thoughts on “Investing: Step-by-Step for Millennials”

  1. I strongly urge young people to learn how to invest. I did not and am living on Social Security as sole income source at age 71. You cannot know what life will throw at you, and nobody other than you cares as much about your welfare, so prepare for multiple scenarios.

    In addition to learning, remember to use your gut instincts too. Spiritual oriented folks also listen to their inner guidance. Steven Covey wrote that when making decisions, use head and heart. And, finally, when in an important disagreement, find a third way that is mutually beneficial and agreeable. You don’t always have to be right and win.

    • That’s right! I had a friend tell me once, do you want to be right or get along? Great question, sometimes you can be right and get along, and you do that by keeping your mouth shut!

  2. Hey Mr. Ure! My intentions were to respond yesterday but my actions said otherwise! None the less, this was extremely informative and something I will treasure in my early years of trading! I will have to build my grubstake up but I know there is a reason you had that as #1.

    • Glad to be of service.

      I may have to put occasional Peoplenomics reports out on a 1-yerar or longer delayed basis. Who was thinking microhomes how many years back?>

  3. Thanks for your link to 3x funds. I know it is only a 2x but what about the 2x Vix fund UVXY? It has had a steep slide down but could pay off much more than the other 3x funds when the markets fail.

    • Jim I would love to comment but that might be construed as “advice.:
      I only write about the “theory” and my personal experiences and crackpot theories.
      That said, our little trading account was up 2.69% for the day…I do love my crackpot theories

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