Interplanet Janet Spooks Markets

Cue my proposed theme song for the Federal Reserve this morning….it’s that ABC.School House Rock fave “Interplanet Janet” available here on Youtube.  Of course to make sense in current context, we’d have to rewrite it a bit to “Interplanet Janet she’s an interest-rate girl….” and the rest of the lyrics would need to be recast into financial terms.  But the lyric is catchy and it’s a good core to build from.

Alas, the “comet team” has been looking at the future and they’re now talking about interest rates maybe getting off the dime in 2015 and that just scares hell out of the markets.


Japan and China were both down smartly overnight, and the US is likely to drop a bit at the open this morning.

Gold was getting whacked gently in the trowsers this morning and the Dow looks to open down 50 and then the big question will be whether the bulls fill be able to pull off a rally going into the weekend.

Spin Wears Thin

The war mongers must be up early.  Going from the necon right to left, we can read that either:

a) Russian forces seize second Ukraine navy base in Crimea

b) Wait;…maybe it was “pro-Russians seize naval base.”

c) Oh, and that “sniper fire” in Crimea is looking more like planned efforts to get the two sides shooting at each other.

Someone really is pushing for War and, like Putin’s side, or not, they at least held elections unlike the other side which seized power violently.

As I have said from the get-go – this is the harmonic off the ‘62 Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russians will go nuclear to keep their warm water port and anyone who can’t grasp that has their head in something other than a babushka.

More after this…

Maybe College Kids ARE Smart

Standing ovation for Rand Paul at Berkeley.

It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Surgeon

But since NASA has a bunch of them, and they are saying that too few natural resources and too much concentration of wealth could lead to a global crumble like the Roman Empire, do you think anyone one will listen?  I mean while there is time before the Big Panic…

Plane Search

New leads, but whether these will pan out remains to be seen.

Reader Note

Since I was up all night with the CoastToCoastAM show, I’m going to go do some non-destructive pillow testing now (6:17 AM).  There may be a further update when my testing session is complete.