In the Words of Ivar

imageIvar Haglund, who for years ran the famous Acres of Clams on the Seattle waterfront, nailed the best fish and chips recipe on the planet. 

But he was better known for saying “Keep Clam.”  No matter what the occasion.’’

A folk singer in his earlier years, he had the kind of spirit we seem to have lost track of.. which means its getting on time toward George and Elaine making our summer trek for fish and chips in the Pacific Northwest again, later this month.

We will be in the Seattle area from about the latter part of June to the midriff of July and then off to Alberta and so on, weather permitting, of course.

As your mind clears, it might occur to you to wonder “What the hell does Keep Clam, a trip to the Northwest, and travel plans after, have to do with investing?”

Just everything.

I will lay out the reasons on the subscriber side again Wednesday, but with the market set to open down only modestly this morning, Haglund’s “Keep Clam, you chowderhead!” rings as good as anything put out by a major brokerage firm, here lately.

If you’re trying to make a few clams, the only way to work it is with determination – and a clam shovel.  This latter point being often missed by the free-lunchers, who often forget that making clams involves digging in.

Speaking of chowderheads, though, we note that on Friday, Fed Bossette Janet Yellen was saying the Fed would not turn over information about Feral Reserve meeting notes, which showed up in the hands of an investment outfit one day before public release.

This all deep-fries into a crispy “we’re probing that ourselves” on the Fed side to local Congressman Jeb Hensarling’s  wondering why we would swallow that bait?

Conspiracy theorists are going to love this one:  It also gives the republicorps something they haven’t had for a while…a real story.

But in the meantime, we’ll keep clam for another day…as there’s not much on the calendar.  So we will  sit back, amused and amazed at Ms Yellen’s other side show, preemptively saying last month that stock prices were too high and saying how we can’t afford a stock market bubble.

While some of our work points to a Dow soaring to 30,000 (when people figure out how much money has been printed by the FedGov) we note that Chris Legarde of the IMF has also signed on to the “No rate high club” as a leading member.

Still, little is likely to happen today.  The market usually likes some kind of news story to blame for any major move…so absent a Russian invasion of Ukraine (which itself is violating the peace agreement right and left) we have some boring bond crap and another quake over in Japan to think about.

I’m off to audit some media now, since the 5.9 quake report sure looks like a 6.1 on the USGS site.  Reality seems to drift now and then…

Hardly enough to ripple of cup of clam nectar, though. so we will clamly think about travels and profits to come.

And remember, when someone asks if the chips are down, don’t forget to ask if the fish is, too.

Oh-oh….the French fry warnings are back…

Problem for the Lab Rats

So, in this morning’s inbox is this gem from Madison Avenue Mike, scion of the NYC Fashion Jewelry set:

Binghamton University reports “Brain’s reaction to certain words could replace passwords.

With this technological breakthrough, I see an opportunity for a lot of easy-pickins should I decide to take up the life of crime…

How are the really dumb people of the world every going to be able to access their accounts…since they are brain-dead?  Huh?  Answer me that!

Kerry-Spotting Contest

We’ve cleaned out the cookie jar and now proudly post a 5-cent reward for the first link to a video of John Kerry up and around post “bike accident.”

There’s been a rumor (fanned by Iranian press) that Kerry did more than take a fall of a bike

We aim to dispel such rumors, so fresh videos, please.  A whole nickel rests on your  keeping a sharp eye out…

G-7 Warning

Terrorism and Climate Change ( which can’t be bought off, but another discussion) is on the agenda as the G7 meets today.

There used to be an old saying of Mark Twain;s “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

That was back when government was a wee bit smaller. 

Today, “No mans life, liberty or property is safe when any governmental body – and many that aren’t – have a quorum.”

Thanks to Common Core, fluoride, politispeak, and corpmedia, we call this progress.

Where’s my ViseGrips?  A Monday Pinch in order.

Cheapskate’s Delight

Another MAM find just in:  12-items that pay for themselves 10-fold or better.

Elaine and I were just talking about this one…we go through we can’t count how many rolls of paper towels a week…

Did I mention a roll of toilet paper is now kept alongside the TV for use when the news comes on?

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    • No. Ivar’s restaurant was the Acres of Clams — not the Acres of Calms… it was all fun word-play


  1. “How are the really dumb people of the world every going to be able to access their accounts…since they are brain-dead? Huh? Answer me that!”

    I think perhaps that is the point. Of the flouride, at least.

  2. “Conspiracy theorists are going to love this one:”
    That is just another comment I find intriguing ..the way I see it there aren’t any conspiracies at all in our country.. everything in our government does is done in triplicate and usually has a few committees etc to check over.. then the departments under the organizations and committees that are involved in one way or another keeps records in triplicate also by the time it hits the gossip in the chow line at the diner everyone knows including the delivery boy from the doughnut shop down the street..I think Even the government releases news leaks that are usually put on the last page of the newspapers section c just so that if anyone comes up and says… ” why didn’t you inform anyone.. well they did..” what I look for in the news are the odd news stories where millions have been spent to discredit a story that most people wouldn’t give to shakes of a pepper shaker over.. so to hear that some organization got wind of what was written a day earlier just doesn’t make me suspicious at all.. we have lobbyists and special interest groups that have had our congresses ears for years influencing and in some cases even assisting in the writing of laws that most of the members voting on don’t even care enough about to crack open the cover of..So to think that someone else could be influenced to give up a set of notes that are going public or semi public anyway for a few bucks or a dinner out .. absolutely and I don’t know what I would do if I was the head of a large investment firm where aquiring that information could get me a few million in bonuses….

  3. Paper towels have the benefit of being a bit more sanitary than a cloth napkin, and can be disposed of in short order, where you would have to wash the cloth napkin after every use to get comparable results. If you don’t wash the cloth napkin often enough you’ll get stuff growing in there. Ugh !

  4. Brita water pitchers/filters do NOT take out fluoride, I would not waste my money on one…they do not do a good job taking out other things either.

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