Imagineering Your Home

“You are Where You Think.”
Yes, that’s right.  There’s more to Life than making money so today we stretch-out a bit and do extreme home make-overs.
More than even what you eat, I believe people’s environment determines their productivity and, in the special case of home, you are very-much influenced by the vibe of the dwelling you live in.
Many people never “get into it” but to us, there is nothing more enjoyable than a home where every room transports you mentally to a “new way of thinking and being.”  Today, a bunch of notes on how we set about it – and a couple of highly-recommended books and resources.  Including some “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?” tech.
First, though, we will roll through some headlines and have a look at the market which closed just barely under our 23,723.38 target level on Tuesday but trading much of Tuesdfasy above it.  Time to call a top?
We bean up and roll…

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24 thoughts on “Imagineering Your Home”

  1. First, a citizen must learn to tell time-based upon the real measure of time: eternity. Rolex Seico or Timex doesn’t make one of those. How important was it last year when you rushed to answer that phone call offering you_____. How important is to you now to Twitter, Jitter or flash crash anything?- Right, you must be in on the event but what is the real event no one talks about? What is that ticking your soul hears? Is it not the slow certain passage of our allotted earthly time?
    If it is given that all men must eventually physically die then face our Creator, what are we doing or have done from HIs view that is important?

    • Graham: God will be making a new heaven & earth. When we die, we either go to this new world or disappear. God introduced us to him in the Old Testament & Jesus showed us the way in the New Testament. The rules have already been set. God is Love, & there can be no evil in love so there is no harsh punishment or vengeful judgement for the sinners. They will just disappear. We won’t even remember them.

      Impermanence in this life is central to Jesus’s teaching: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal. . . .”

      • Well, ECS, I beg to differ, but not in a negative way, your thoughts are quite beautiful, however, my personal experience trumps your thoughts. I have experienced past lives, so I can tell you that definitely the mistakes you make in other lives have to be ‘repaired’ in one or more of the next ones. When one becomes aware of a past life, one often finds someone there in the past that one is involved with or related to in this life. I have memories of at least 4 past lives with the soul that was my Dad in this life. We had a very strong bond. I also experienced past lives with some of my siblings. NONE of my siblings have shared any understanding or memory of a past-life with me. I have meditated, studied, prayed, lived, interpreted and studied my dreams, and worked on myself, and then the past life memories come and help me understand situations and relationships. The Edgar Cayce material has really helped me understand this process. Some kids actually remember and start to talk about their past lives up until they are about 6. I have friends and relatives who have parented these children. Even though, I have experienced these clues or deep revelations, it never detracts from the mundaneness of this life, these actually have helped resolve certain conflicts with myself in understanding my relationships with other people now. I find it quite amazing at these revelations and their incredible insights. Now, all of you who are reading this yet have not had these kinds of experiences, do not fear, or fret. There are so many frequencies that humans live on, among, and pick up. Maybe you don’t need those revelations and insights and are living your life on a frequency plane that doesn’t need the info. My dear neighbor who is going to be 97, is the crustiest female you would ever want to meet, but is she an incredible human, yes, and talented, and has made her way in life through all sorts of set backs and challenges. Edgar Cayce said not all people need to come back. I do not see her coming back, she has resolved all issues, and doesn’t need to. So, maybe one or two of you reading this won’t be coming back either. I say, enjoy the ride, this life, this experience. This life AND the next are so much richer, in depth, more of anything we can conceive, we may as well do what we can here to the best of our abilities and let the future take care of itself, I mean the next life. BUT, if you knowingly commit wrong, you tie yourself to that wrong, until it is set right. One last point to ponder. My near death experience taught me that regrets are real, figure out what you should do and what you want to do, don’t be in a coma, like I was, conscious, but dead to the world, regretting the things that I didn’t do, and the relationships that I didn’t take the time to tweak just right, and being aware that I was dying, but I couldn’t fix anything more nor could I say goodbye. Tie up your loose ends, make your peace now so you have no regrets, work on that part of your life, and you will be too excited about what comes next to feel regret. If you wronged someone who is no longer on the planet, pray to their soul and tell them you are sorry. They will get the message, and you will heal a hurt AND you will grow. Edgar Cayce said that there is no death just a transition from this life to the next. But, hey, don’t believe me, continue on with your own life and your own search, and the answers will come.

  2. Dam….I wish I could read the rest of this post…
    That’s a subject I’m passionate about. Usually people notice right away that our home is peaceful. No arguing harsh language.. No swearing or putting someone down..etc.
    I don’t know if its because we believe in chakras and keep pink quartz around or just that we are both harmoniously in tune with each other.
    Even our pets are like that as well.. Or the wild ones that live in our yard..except something that was brought up yesterday.. There haven’t been any birds at the bird feeders in our community for the past couple of weeks..which I had noticed to. Not one bird has come to eat..

    • Looking — It is only $40 a year to support George’s work & be able to read PN’s. He can’t work for free. PN is not all about investing, but gives you George’s best thoughts & ideas that are only available to PN’s subscribers. PN’s gives you the ammo to be the best you can be. Write a check.

      • I know.. I totally wish I could to.. I was a subscriber for years I absolutely love peoplenomics to George has the experience and insight I wish I had. His posts always have me questioning and looking at situations from a different angle. His assessment of the daily news is some of the best I have ever seen to.. My peoplenomics subscription was one of the very few things I actually did for myself. I think that is why I loved working as a caretaker as one of my many hats giving and doing for others really fulfilled an empty spot and gave me insight.
        Unfortunately this years budget mess has me cutting all kinds of stuff way back to the quick the first place I hit was my personal wants and needs. now after learning that I will have to pay double in taxes and can’t deduct any of the increases that was heaped on us this year and that the checking account being hit for up to almost a grand every month for my medical bills.. well it has me struggling again with the budget. At this point I don’t even pay any of the necessary bills at all till after all the auto deductions are taken out.. I can’t take a chance on the auto deductions coming out and there not being enough money in the account to cover it.. since it is a government collection the bank pays it and then heaps the costs back.I definitely don’t want to hit the death spiral..(Hey that is about what is going to happen to the federal reserve. Its the shizts been there done that). .I totally don’t know where I am going to come up with two months gross wages(unlike congress I don’t have any lobbyists willing to toss bags of money on my doorstep LOL). I will have to put an extension on paying the taxes this year not counting the eight hundred for getting the tax prepared.. I sure haven’t found any geese that lays golden eggs lately instead must pays went up and wages went down.. then on top of it the neighbor had to come by and let me know a few minutes ago that the guy moving snow broke my mailbox off.. rather than come up and tell me oops..( no one ever gets upset over an oops in this house. its rule number one) he just stuck it in the snow and walked away. I will corner him on it and ask if he knows anything about it and see if he fesses up to the oops.. so there sits another hundred or so..Its a nightmare.. the good thing is I have been in a lot rougher spots.. I am a survivor..One of my curse and blessings is.. everything.. I see or think about has a numeric figure associated to it.. I don’t usually share that.. since it is kind of nuts.. to sit there watch someone drink a cold beverage and your thinking he just ate four peanuts at three cents a piece retail LOL LOL LOL so how many peanuts does he have to eat before the beer is free.. LOL LOL LOL…

    • @ looking

      Paying $800 for your tax prep…….and can’t afford $ 40 for George….Really now…..IF so I have just said a special prayer for you….

  3. My wife changes decorating by the seasons…She is pretty darn good at it too. She mostly paints and adds accessories and accents to change the mood of each room. Used to be when I would be the one that did the painting to help her along with her projects. Ughh. Now, she borrows Pedro, my contractor on many of my flip projects and when I go away for conferences, it’s all done for me now. It’s nice coming home to a whole new home…without the hassle and expence of actually moving.

    About The Walton Foundations prediction on small town America and growth. I believe the rural towns could become the tech worlds best resource.

    But…That would require a huge investment in re-education and a focus on STEM. I believe that small town America could be an outlet for the tech worlds growth and long term could end our dependence on India and China for intellectual capital. The problem politically is that the more educated rural youth get, the more liberal they usually become. Look at our campuses. Will the GOP ever want the rural folk to become engaged and empowered like that?

    And with growth comes problems associated with growth…The locals will start asking…where has Our small town gone? San Francisco and the rural areas in Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Marin etc are not what they were 30 years ago. They have have been going through this change and locals are not happy. With growth comes change…And the very thing people escaped comes full circle when you improve quality of life and the quality of the people with it.

    • Improvement in small town America need not involve massive increases in population. I can see the empty houses being filled, a greater desire to improve them(because folks have more money), an upbeat attitude and pride in the town. Perhaps better maintenance of the local roads and infrastructure. These things are real improvements!

      Keys to this are local HIGH speed internet. Not anything less than 1 MB. Preferably a target minimum of 20 MB bidirectionally – with fiber to everyone that wants it in town. The next key is gently pushing the OpenCourseware model, with credit by exam from the state university. Finally, cheap transportation via self-driving buses with sleeper configurations, so you can close your eyes and snooze for the hour(s) that it might take to get to a big city. If these things ran regularly 24/7, weather permitting, at affordable rates, people would want to live in small towns.

      I really don’t care what the GOP wants. I do care deeply for my freedom and personal choices. The “right wing” failed to lead with a story that people take to heart. That story is freedom to do as you wish without harming others. The left insists on leading with guilt, though they have good stories. Yes, things might move a bit politically, but if we root out the corruption in both parties and entrenched politicos, perhaps we can more closely approach a better society.

    • ????
      During a depression small town America has historically had people leave and head for the cities for work.

      I wonder how that will work this time around.Since NAFTA our country has been slowly transforning into a service or consumption nation rather than an industrial manufacturing one. Looking at the steel mills and Detroit and other industrial cities that have essentially been turned into ghost towns of industries past. Because of career outsourcing or industrial outsourcing the jobs that were available historically won’t be this time around.
      Question 2.. Since the world is now dependent on our consuming and throwing will that affect their economic structures.
      Could the economic woes of Argentina be just the tip of an iceberg that we are about to experience?

      • I think Mark is (correctly) recalling that the 1930’s Depression was a huge migration into the cities. But look at the historical context. The devastation of farms was done (as I have written many times) because the draft animal business died in less than 10 years. In 1920 there were 7-million acres devoted to draft animals and thehy played a critical role in cities. But by 1930, there were effectively gone. The Tractor had come in.
        The dynamic was that faced with no market for animals (and feed) the ground was planted with crops and this promptly oversteps the demand levels, resulting in prices collapsing.
        With family farms unable to make payments on mortgages, the young of working age headed for the Big City wherre, at least until early 1930 there was still a good chance of jobs.
        Beyond that, however, the demographic shift changed and people simply “went mobile” to wherever they could find jobs.

        Mark’s observation, however, needs to be reconsidered for several reasons: In previous depression, including the Long Depression (1873-1898, essentially) and in the various Panics including Knickerbocker 1906/07, there was no migratory change.

        I believe that a lot of city families will come back out to “the sticks” and will become involved in small scale (Muddle through) farms and will form collectives that will be able to compete with A.I. at many levels.

        There’s more, but that gets into a Peoplenomics length treatment. Mark will find it interesting when it arrives.


  4. If you live in the state of Washington, when you buy something on ebay from any state, Washington requires ebay to charge 10% sales tax & eBay sends it directly to the State. The seller never receives the money. I just sold a vintage Hamilton Automatic Wristwatch that didn’t work to a person in Washington for $80 & noticed on the invoice to the buyer a 10% Washington Sales Tax added to the total. I never received the $8 because ebay sent it directly to the State. The State’s grab for money has begun.

  5. On my first trip to Disney World, I figured it was designed by a cattle rancher. It was summertime and the park was packed. The only way they could move that many people thru the ride lines so fast was to design the park like you are herding cattle & then herd the hoards of people likewise. A model of efficiency. I was impressed.

    George, your comment, “Yes, that’s right. There’s more to Life than making money” shows you are turning 70 & getting tuned into more of a retirement lifestyle. You will get over it & get back to money. Birthdays with 0’s in them are the worst. Happy Birthday!

    • I have a cute story about disney world and the swamp it was built on…. .. If I ever go on a vacation that is one place I would like to visit.. another would be the great wall of china.some of the tibetan monestaries. the pyramids.. and some of the gorgeous buildings in Russia and the Louvre .. a few libraries along the way..
      in my obit I pre planned my internment.. I said just say I went on vacation and hope that there are mild temperatures where I am heading and that I will miss everyone very much while I am gone. Anyone that knows me knows I have never had a vacation to just relax and will inquire where I went.. if anyone wants to get together heck go down to chicken ranch get a keg and have some pizza and chicken.. if the rest want funeral meat sandwiches and funeral beans well they can on their own..

  6. Interesting report, G

    I’m in the process of remodeling my house. I’m thinking about how to make my bathroom look like a set from a black and white movie.

    Not a “black and white” bathroom – but instead shades of gray so that it has the elements to like a TV show set as being looked at through the TV screen. Of course when the visitor steps into the bathroom, they’ll be the only “color”.

  7. George, I’m impressed with your ideas on decorating, though I’m not moved emotionally. That’s my fault and my tragedy.

    I’ll be exploring the links to try to get a better grasp of imagineering. I can do the engineering in my sleep, but I’ll defer to others to do the visual and emotional cues. Perhaps I can hook my daughter and her husband into doing such a thing. If the appropriate female comes into my life, she’s welcome to lead on that one.

    I’m glad for you and Elaine that you both have each other and your health! If I were you, I’d enjoy your palace in the woods for the rest of your lives. You can visit elsewhere, but unless it moves you more emotionally than what you already have, I’d never leave for such mundane reasons as shopping and hospitals. Remember that relatives move too, so moving just to be near them can be a lost cause.

    Happy Birthday and welcome to this decade of your life!

  8. Tax refunds are down 9% so far this year. IRS employees are taking empathy training if you can believe that.

  9. You have many times pondered moving closer to the city, citing health care concerns. Perhaps you should consider your next room remodeling project to be an ‘elder care suite’. In that area I am ahead of you. The volcano ranch here is all on one level… no stairs. And both bathrooms already have handicap grab bars installed. I’m just teasing you. Happy 70th, and many decades more. I’m only 4 years behind you.

  10. …Thinking about Elaine’s stairs:

    I’m assuming there’s at least a partial ceiling above the stairs, or at least a place to build one. Suppose such a ceiling were slightly radiused and concave WRT the stairwell.

    Suppose someone added risers to the stairs, as they should have.

    Suppose they installed stringers to either side of the treads, and a run of low-voltage “string lights” to the top of the stringers.

    Suppose instead of the risers going in at the proper 90 degrees to the steps, they are put in at, say, a 60 to 80 degree angle (by running it from a stair nose, to the base of the tread beneath) with the acute angle facing out, toward the stair climber.

    Now, suppose some asshole mirrored the treads, risers, and ceiling.

    To this day, I don’t know whether my (humorless) ex-wife lost her bottom-end worse at this home modification, or my computer which looked, sounded, and could converse for hours like the HAL-9000. They were both a source of great personal satisfaction and near-endless amusement to the kids and me, though…

      • I wish… At that time my camera was a Minolta 7000 and I never tripped the shutter unless the result made me money.

        Besides, after I tell you my ex-wife never walked those stairs without suffering vertigo, your imagination will be sufficient to paint the picture… ;-)

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