If the Stock Market Were Football…

imageDon’t kid yourself:  The Global Financial Markets on Friday were on the brink of collapse. But, if this were football, the ball would be first and goal on the one-yard line. This morning we roll out the two play books which will be deciding next week.

One is the Bull playbook.    It allows for the Bears to advance the football, right down to the goal.  But we are going to see flags flying on that play. 

That will leave the Bears with fourth and inches – and the Bears blow the point-after – and the Big Depression doesn’t start now.  We get the new highs by May that I have been talking about.
But Football and Life are never simple. 

So we need to peak inside the Bear’s playbook and model out how bad things could be if this is the Gates of Hell about to open.

The next couple of weeks are guaranteed to go into the financial record books, either way.

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10 thoughts on “If the Stock Market Were Football…”

  1. gu,you used to always play the short side”make money faster going down” but this time you did not pull the trigger.did vyou loose byour conviction are prefer to be long ? we,ve had a hell bof a drop and you must expect a bigger hell of a ride up ? will you pullthe triger !

    • Maybe – that’s the topic for Peoplenomics Wednesday: It’s the “Can you jump in a free-falling elevator?” problem

  2. If the market bounces back to a somewhat high later this year, would a long term Put of the S&P be prudent or would that be negated by a currency collapse.

  3. “The Most Merciful Thing in the World, Is the Inability of The Human Mind To Correlate all it’s Content”. HP Lovecraft…
    The Martin A. Energy Models are also showing the Dow and S&P are approaching oversold? who knows… And then it’s up to Central Banking minds…More Monetary Distortion? OR Let The Dollar continue Rising along with gradual increase in interest rates to accelerate pace of flooding the US Treasuries? BUT presently on Planet Earth.. Sociopaths Rule this Day, so flip a coin!

  4. Regarding the garden. It’s BETTER than a dollar saved, because as you know, growing food is like printing money, only better because it’s tax free (and, so far, in MOST places it’s completely legal). :-)

  5. As usual, good content not to be missed! I do wish the football references could be translated to less culturally specific terms.

    Some of us never learned the fine points of even traditional ball games and find them truly boring, like watching community board meetings. I get concerned that there’s valuable information being missed for lack of understanding a game.

    BTW, thanks for the larger font! I didn’t ask for it, but I surely do appreciate it.

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  7. QE4 on the way. Big jump down soon, then walking the flats for awhile, then the biggest market crash in world history.

    Good luck.

  8. Larger font? People need to learn about ‘Ctrl’-‘+’. Works in every browser I have tried it in.

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