Hurricane Preps

My, oh my. We’re in the new forecast for the middle of hurricane Beryl set to drench Texas Monday. Which means I have a lot to do this weekend. With 7-inches of rain coming in a 24-hour window…

Other than that (nuclear war fears, election candidate uncertainties – and before we even get to earthquake concerns and the Paris games) just the usual dog days of summer around here.

Pull up a cup and we’ll go through the notes.

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49 thoughts on “Hurricane Preps”

  1. She’s gonna blow – and I don’t know where Ure gonna go when “little sister” blows.. Nothing to get excited about…less of course the old man (Rainer) wakes up, in which case all you alls in PNW should “Go on, Git!”.

    Euro Soccer Championships tonight- 3 Lions vs Switzerland.
    /Quarterfinals. Moneyline on Swiss plus 250. I gotz skin in the game, lost last night with Germany..Booooooooooooo. Looks like both Murhican and German coaches be looking for new jobs soonly..

  2. (“Why Joy Reid is still on the air is something of a mystery to us. Joy Reid Has Complete Meltdown, Says She Will Vote For Biden if he is in a Coma. Except she’s able to blow the Trump dog whistle, still.”)

    Maybe they all are… in a… COMA…shocks the hell out of me why members of Congress isn’t thinking about this or taking anything serious that is going on…or have we entered the Twilight Zone…

    • I’d never heard of Joy Reid and wish I’d never heard/seen her at all. I listened to a few seconds of her rant and closed the tab. The sad thing is that she obviously has some following or she’d be unemployed. It really is sad to see how far America has fallen.

      I do believe that all members of congress have a control file, and that they’re fully aware of it. They know that even mentioning such a thing could cause the loss of a loved one. For those that think this is over the top, I’d ask if you can think of another explanation for their idiocratic behavior.

      • follow the money..
        I actually had never heard of her either until now…But then.. let me see… Joe must be doing something right.. heck even though he appeared to be a drooling man suffering from the advanced stages of dementia in the debate.. he is being painted as the winner of the debate.. and right afterwards someone gave him thirty million in donations.. give me a break they must be brain dead to do such a stupid thing or they just have so much money they don’t know what in the hell to do with it all…. heck when did anyone toss a sack of money on my porch LOL LOL LOL let me see…hmmm… NEVER…its always been a trudge uphill for regular people.. .. how in the hell does that ever happen in the real world.. especially when they are throwing the wage earners under the wheels of the bus and their whole family appears to be complicit in their business model.. LOL ..they don’t have to pay taxes.. don’t have to follow the laws of the country from appearances all the agencies are more busy covering over their business activities and making up diversions to keep them out of jail…. can sell access to the highest offices..( you and I would not see the light of day if we did that) and traffic women for sex buy drugs and gets free plane rides on Airforce One and some joker is paying for a whole protection team and two mansions …LOL its so unbelievable that I know we just have to be in the twilight zone..
        que the entro..

      • Control = Pedophilia

        All Leaders in West are Guilty of it, or they simply would not ever be in those positions…see trumps old best buddy Mossad Jeffery for how it’s done.

      • “I’d never heard of Joy Reid and wish I’d never heard/seen her at all.”

        You were better off, beforehand.

        “Joyless Reid” is the racist, anti-Semitic ass who posted racist, anti-Semitic shit for years on social media, until she got her latest television gig, (the “Reid-Out” has been fouling the cable airwaves since 2020) then deleted 10 years of posts and claimed someone had hacked her account.

        “I do believe that all members of congress have a control file”

        Now, this had not occurred to me. The FBI crawled around inside Donald Trump’s ass for seven years and couldn’t find any illegal shit of any kind.

        Is it possible that Trump is so clean he doesn’t have one, and that’s why the politically entitled class is so scared of him?

        Trump IS the one who had the FBI bust up the pedo rings in NY and LA, then sent the Navy to South America to chat with them about the evils of trafficking kids to the U.S. (another program Mr. Biden scotched, his first week in office…)

  3. I see from your wx forecast chart that Beryl’s remains should be on top of me 1 AM Wednesday. Try not to squeeze all of the rain out of it before it gets here, please. I’m getting tired of watering the garden every other day.

  4. Batten down the hatches. I’ve watched storms coming in on the track Beryl is taking, and they generally tend to end up East of the weather service t = -48 hour track on the Texas coast.

    Hopefully this won’t be a replay of Rita, although the track has some similarity. It doesn’t take much of a track angular change to throw a storm track from Corpus to Cameron Parish with the recurve.

    For those in the path, watch the officious press conferences carefully to see if evacuation planners are using the latest tracks. I was watching a live officious press conference for the unfolding Rita debacle in a local coastal eating establishment when I noticed the tracking chart they were displaying looked like it was about 36 hours out of date.

    I headed home and loaded up quickly, (evacuation stuff was already packed in trunks) and white-knuckled it through the East Texas piney woods, arriving at the farm after 2 AM. I spent the next day with my feet propped up, watching the evacuation debacle on the tube. I wasn’t able to get back in and inspect my coastal apartment for two weeks. My apartment was largely undamaged, but a row of apartments across the street were pretty much destroyed by something tornado-like. I don’t miss coastal work assignments and living that much. A trip to the beach every 2 or 20 years is fun.

    If you are going to tough it out from somewhere close to the coast, but above 35′ elevation, then make sure you have at least two weeks of water rations, including a couple of flats of bottles you can can carry in your car. A couple of cans of gasoline and a small trailer are good as well. Gasoline can be in short supply in wild, late evacuations. Sometimes you have no choice but to evacuate.

    • “you can can carry in your car”

      Be sure to have your car charged & an emergency solar panel just in case. LOL

  5. Off topic for today, but highly relevant to rural survival: I rarely recommend a GLP thread because many people can’t stand that site and can’t read it for info only. Those threads often go off into the weeds. Anyway:

    This indicates(if true) a major procedural flaw in VFD operations. Is this true? My own short time in a VFD was 50 years ago and the emphasis was on the fire, not the details. As the senior member of a multi-generational fire family, perhaps you can add something here. The real bottom line for me is that each person is responsible for their own situation and government affiliated interventions, even if helpful will always come late.

    • George2 ran calls while he was here – always had a govt issue radio and his dept bunkng gear (fire clothing) and his own *$400 boots. His own AED and our oxygen. If it was a fire call, he would have to drive like hell 6 minutes – get the rig and be on his way.
      In real smarmy hot dry a couple o guys take a vfd rig home for quicker response in their part of the ocunty.

      Tx is not like blue states. We focus on 1_) people, 2) putting the wet stuff on the red stuff 3) clean up,op up and a shower 4) debrief 5) paperwork and bulishit in that order.

      In some cities it is exactly opposite.

      firefighters are by nature berserk, run to the danger, warrior types. Looking out for others. Not sure what the run for the rule book types are called now but in the old days the language was too crude for this (nominally_ g-rated site.

  6. George, regarding rendering of images, PN renders perfectly, but US, as of yesterday did not, using Brave on Mint. I don’t expect any changes and don’t need them, but this might be a useful clue for you.

    Thanks for the good work! Stay dry if you can.

    • lol – that will be a chore

      PN is on PNG and I am debating backing from svg (which the programmer in me likes – very scalable) but the standard seems to be webp

      • JFIF’s *.JPG and Compuserve’s *.GIF are the most universal computer graphics formats. The farther away and more esoteric an author or coder gets from JPEG and GIF87a, the fewer the number of people [who can] view web graphics. I’m a little surprised that Brave doesn’t like vectors, but then, there are still browsers which don’t like *.PNG graphics, so…

  7. Does it really matter if Biden takes a ‘cognitive’., or ‘neurological’ test? Would the results be released to the media? How long after the tests would the handlers need to doctor those results – before releasing them to public scrutiny? Or, would the White House claim Executive Privilege and stop the release? [ Which would be a huge disaster.]
    In other words., would we really know the true results?
    – According to the White House Guest log an expert in Parkinson’s Disease met with Biden’s physician. What better source to learn about neurological disorders and treatments.
    – As one Democrat Senator said after watching the staged interview – “That ship has sailed.”
    – Biden has officially claimed that he will never dropout of the race. So, what would be the repercussions of the Senate pulling a ’25’ and forcing him out of office? The Democrats have to do ‘something’., and fast – even if it’s wrong. Biden has the potential to drag down all Democrats running for office.
    – It was slipped yesterday that Harris is looking at a ‘white male’ running mate for VP in her bid for President. [ Does the Biden Camp know this?]
    – What a hugely comical and yet sadly disastrous moment in our history.
    – There is, however, one way out of this for the Democrats.., no elections at all. But then the “reason” for such a delay would probably be a nationwide disaster and martial law. ., and thus, every major city in the country goes ballistic – riots and arson “for one and all”.
    – Something has to pop and very soon. The political conventions are coming up and the election is not that far away. Someone is going to have to make a defining move.
    – .., ahh – fun times are just ahead.

    • d’Lynn

      How about this one. No President can be elected to more than 2 terms. What if KH stepped aside and BO took her place running as VP? JB wins the Presidency then steps down for health reasons. BO becomes President for another full term and inserts GN as VP, grooming him for top job in 2028.


        • “What about ME?” sez the Hildebeast. As if it isn’t already enough of a real-life horror show, you folks keep writing scripts that keep me awake at night. Gaaahh!

      • Should someone ascend to the Presidency from the CoG chain of ascension: If they serve as President for more than two years and a day, they are then limited to a single elected term. Once a person has been twice elected, or has served as President for more than six years and a day, they become forever ineligible to hold any position in the CoG chain of ascension.

        This is the current* Continuity of Government list of ascension for the United States government:

        Vice President
        Speaker of the House of Representatives
        President pro tempore of the Senate
        Secretary of State
        Secretary of the Treasury
        Secretary of Defense
        Attorney General
        Secretary of the Interior
        Secretary of Agriculture
        Secretary of Commerce
        Secretary of Labor
        Secretary of Health and Human Services
        Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
        Secretary of Transportation
        Secretary of Energy
        Secretary of Education
        Secretary of Veterans Affairs
        Secretary of Homeland Security

        Obama is forever barred from occupying any of these positions, as are Bush43, Clinton, and Carter (our other living former Presidents.)

        * The United States has a “Continuity of Government Committee,” which meets periodically to evaluate our CoG plan. This committee is currently contemplating removing the elected offices (Speaker of the House and Senate President pro tem) from the chain, to ensure the person who ascends to President is of the same political party as the [former] President. I don’t KNOW, but when this country was formed, there was no political party restriction WRT our elections. Our early Presidents and Vice Presidents were the persons who received the most, and second most Electoral votes, and were often of different parties. Therefore, I assume this “contemplation” is to ensure Mike Johnson can’t become President in the next 120 days…

        • Thank you for clarifying this Ray. It may help some of us sleep better at night.

          Is it possible that the “Continuity Committee” could vote to change the rules for former 2 term Presidents?”

          I would be interested to hear your opinion on what will happen in the upcoming election. It is very hard to see a happy ending.

        • Wasn’t it a former CA prime minister who said “Living next door to America is like sleeping with an elephant. You pray all the time it never rolls over…”

        • “Is it possible that the “Continuity Committee” could vote to change the rules for former 2 term Presidents?”

          No, because the term limit of the President has been codified into the Constitution. For it to change, would require a new Amendment, and an affirmative vote from the legislatures of 38 States…

        • One more question Ray. If the Dems change the ticket, do the donors who have now given over a billion dollars for the current ticket, get their money back?

          If so, I am going to assume Dems will have to go with the current ticket even if it becomes a Weekend at Bernie’s situation. I am sure Joyless Reid would still vote for Bernie ….‘er Brandon.

        • @BiC

          “I would be interested to hear your opinion on what will happen in the upcoming election. It is very hard to see a happy ending.”

          Same here.

          The reason the nutjob Leftists have floated the idea that the USSC has now given da Prez the legal authority to assassinate whomever, is to put the idea on the table that, should Trump be elected, it is okay for someone to murder him. Mr. Trump is quite fully aware of this threat. However, there’s nobody what can’t get got, given enough money and incentive, and the political establishment has already forked out a few billion dollars, trying to keep him out of the White House “by any means necessary.” This is what truly boggles my mind: He did such an amazingly good job, and so many good things. The opposition can NOT be because of his performance (which helped every American), but must therefore be because of what he might accomplish against those who’ve bastardized our government for their own ends.

          Democrat politics in the U.S. has been an exercise in Freudian projection for at least the last hundred years. The Dems tell PopUS what they are going to do, by raising an alarm that (whatever it is) is what the Republicans are already doing. If you look at (listen to) a Democrat wax political, virtually everything they say with regard to bad or evil policy or action is completely true — except they attribute it as the policies and actions of Republicans, when it is, in fact, nearly always their own policy or action.

          This is why I pay little attention to party affiliations and a whole lot of attention to, not what any political creature says, but what (s)he does. I have been a republican, a democrat, a libertarian, an independent, and a constitutionalist (there are roughly 40 prominent political parties in the United States — roughly 24 of which are some flavor of communist or socialist, and most of which will receive between 300 and 3000 votes in a Presidential Election. We talk “Republicans” and “Democrats” because they are the “big two,” and will divvie-up somewhere between 95% and 99.7% of the popular vote in most elections.)

          N.B. “Capitalization” is important. A “Republican” is someone whose campaign coffers are filled by, and whose political direction is dictated by, a funding and public relations corporation called the “Republican Party.” A “republican” is one who holds to the tenets of “republicanism,” a representative republic comprised of a small central government, laissez faire trade, individual freedom and responsibility, merit-based advancement and accolades, etc. The two are often (but not always) the same.

          My County has a Republican Party and a Democrat Party. It also has a republican Party and a democratic Party (note spelling.)* The Republicans and Democrats receive money, radio ads, and what-not from their respective national political corporations. The republicans and democrats self-fund (or fund locally), and are a lot more like their political ancestors from 150 years ago (‘cept the “dems” are less racist than either their 1870s or Democrat counterparts…)

          * The name of the major U.S. political party which is not Republican, is actually “Democratic,” not “Democrat.” This is the party which evolved from our original “Democratic-Republican” party of which several of our “Founding Fathers” (most-notably Thomas Jefferson) were affiliated. This began as the party of “classical liberalism” (small central government, laissez faire trade, individual freedom — sound familiar?) Not long after they got around to dropping the “Republican” from their name (mid-1830s, IIRC — They dropped “Republican” in about 1825), they evolved into a regressive, protomarxist hybrid political machine known for thuggery and a really “casual” application of the law, with little opposition. The Whigs, their “opposition,” were fading away and had little power even at their height, anyway, and the New Republican Party (today’s “Republican Party”), which was formed on the single plank of abolition of slavery, hadn’t yet come along.

          Confused yet?

          So are we…

        • @ BIC

          “If the Dems change the ticket, do the donors who have now given over a billion dollars for the current ticket, get their money back?”


          The Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign currently has $91 million in cash. That money is different than the money donated to the Democratic Party, and can ONLY be used by Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, and only during the 2024 election cycle. I know that, should, say Gavin Newsome somehow become the Democratic candidate, the entire $91mil (and anything else they collect before the end of the DNC Convention), evaporates. Our laws differentiate between “campaign money” and “PAC money.” PAC money is persistent, whereas Campaign funds are “spend it or lose it…”

  8. Two days ago the National Weather Service issued a High Heat Warning for my area. The next seven to nine days 100 + degree temperatures.
    Yesterday, they issued a High Fire Warning – very low humidity, winds and high temps.
    Today? The winds have shifted and the smoke from the fires up-lake [ one is 4,300 acres – 3 percent contained.] that smoke is now funneling down the lake and right into town. You can barely see the hills that surround us – and in less then two minutes outside and your eyes start to burn. Air Quality is none existent.
    – I am pretty sure there is a message in all this. I am pretty sure it is this: You should have bought that 48 foot trimaran when you had the chance ! Zipping across the Pacific – halfway to Maui sounds like Nirvana to me. [ I did that once, solo, in a 32 footer – looks as though I won’t get the chance to do it again.]

    • Umm… you don’t want Maui. It is already crisply burned. Separate letter along with the Hawaiian Electric bill this month advises customers of their plans to kill electric service in the event of dangerous winds now, and how to mitigate your damages if you are life-dependent on electric service. Read: “We won’t be liable for ANOTHER $5 Billion fire in the future”. That last one is still in the courts.

      • Doing the same shit in Calif now for OPG%E cutting off power to East Bay because of fire liability.
        Crimminee sakes – complexity is just blowing the shit up all over hell and gone now…

    • Hawaii is off the list for boats. We called the boating authorities The Taliban. Few harbors, unfriendly harbor agents, new rules all the time, no safe good anchorages by-in-large, and now, the best place, Maui, is a burned out hulk… no harbor, no decent landing spots.
      Best to just turn straight south and find your way among the tiny islands where there are people you can help in so many ways and the rest of the world still seems pretty far away.
      48′ tri sounds real comfy. Should coulda woulda.

  9. re: calm before the storm


    I didn’t watch President Biden’s interview yesterday with President Clinton’s former Communications Director. However I read the transcript attached to the official White House schedule. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    Today’s diary for the Biden residence in Wilmington, De., reads “no public events scheduled”. Clearly matters are well in hand. Thank goodness we are one day closer to the official day of rest tomorrow.

    • re: blue
      feat: Disney imagineering


      The ABC network interview with the President offered some curiosities. ABC is owned by Disney while the broadcaster traces its roots to the pre-1945 Blue Network. An early production was the 1924 Democrat National Convention from Madison Square Garden, NY. The convention chose a co-founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, John W. Davis, on the 103rd ballot. This week’s interviewer was well-dressed versus a casually decked out interviewee in borderline mismatched fashion. Some sort of cluttered anteroom with blue paint highlights at the Sherman Middle School in Madison Wi. was pressed into service as a tv studio.

      Today President Biden’s official schedule reflects an out-the-door departure of 0945, 15 minutes prior his usual modus operandi, in order to fly to Philadelphia. The President attended a 1045 church service at The Mount Airey Church of God in Christ with Bishop J. Louis Felton at the pulpit controls. He implored the faithful that God wants to use the President’s “handicaps” and condition. Subsequently the President masked in cogent fluent twang delivered a 7+ minute sermon to those gathered.

      A glowing report quickly appeared on the RealClearPolitics “neutral” aggregator website. RCP, founded by an options trader and a marketer, had been majority-owned by Forbes for many years. The public record of more recent years reflects a new owner in Crest Media. The record indicates they also own Al-Monitor, an aggregator founded by an Indian national which weighs in on Middle East affairs. Crest Media appears to be run by a Syrian-born individual perhaps now resident in Switzerland. He founded the Washington-based Levant Foundation followed by the New Levant Initiative. These are perhaps methods of homogenizing the world under the three major religions?

    • [If you remember], you’re in my home turf for both salvage sales, and storm-chasing. I’ve seen those anomalies for many years. They range from fronts or squall lines parting as they approach Muncie, Indiana, going around the town, then reforming the “company front” after they pass, to “spots” of localized low pressure which don’t move with the movement of clouds or storms, but remain, sometimes stationary for many hours on the radar screens, then suddenly “wink-out” for no apparent reason.

      Muncie lies on the “bend in the Wapehani”(sp?) which, according to Miami and Lenape Indian lore, protect the town from tornadoes and repel storms which offend their gods. (Topeka, Kansas had a hill which did the same thing, until an F-5 proved itself more-powerful than both the Indian god and the hill…)

      I have no explanation for the “spots,” which look on my radar (SPC raw feed) like round, tight, severe storms. My best guess is they are dot-mil, and show up when the folks on-site open the doors to vent off and exchange stagnant air for ambient atmosphere.

      There are other anomalies, but I shan’t mention any. Above my paygrade, and honestly, if it ain’t about raining and blowing, I make it a point to neither take notes, nor care…

  10. The Storm(y) rages on, Stormy Daniels has a gofundme site to aid her safety after she
    ‘described how supporters of Trump have bombarded her with social media harassment as he seeks a second presidency, including threats to rape and murder her daughter and other family.’

    ‘Crawford, the Daniels fundraiser organizer, wrote that he had been motivated to get involved after he and his friends were given “front-row seats to the parts of this story that don’t fit neatly into click-bait headlines”.

    “If we allow Stormy, after choosing to stand up to the president of these United States, to lose her life, her liberty or her happiness, then we have failed at the very foundational core of what this nation was built upon,” Crawford added.’

  11. I watched the Stephanopoulos interview and I think it looked like CGI. Either Biden was in focus or Stephanopoulos and the background was in focus but never combined. There might be an exception with Biden & the glass of water but the stool and water glass was never in focus together. Not to forget Biden’s body didn’t look correctly scaled and the audience was never shown Biden’s right ear.

    This interview reminded me of the 2008 election holograms.

    As for content what can we do but beat-up on an old man. Biden isn’t going to see the problem. That’s how the mind works.

    Full interview: One-on-one with President Biden l ABC News Exclusive

  12. I really hate to write this, but the later and more complex this situation gets with the demons, the more likely I see Andy’s scenario happening. It solves all the deep state’s problems and fulfills their wishes. I will not go into details.

    • We needs to get thru the “world wide visions” event around mid month.
      Future Forecasting Group did the project for clif high. EMP like -frequency to drive the Visions in Ure head. Be seeing Angels and Virgin Mary like visions.

      Got Tinfoil & Hat?

  13. I have had sufficient experience in dealing with Parkinson’s patients to have a layman’s understanding of the progression from an improperly diagnosed or treated stroke or other brain trauma to the Parkinson’s psychosis-dementia-Altheimers sequence with the sundown walk on the dark side, which for some becomes the all-day everyday state. I feel bad for what the Biden family is being put through by the partisans, but by the same token, the adult supervision must stop the patient from dragging everyone around them down into the hole with them. We are there. The patient is never capable of self-diagnosing their own level of dyfunction. Delusion is a major component of Parkinson’s psychosis, and delusional people can be very convincing (and dangerous) until they implode.
    That the political rhetoric is turning ugly with threats of violence is what I would expect from individuals eith their own head issues being influenced by a clinically delusional leader, lashing out at imaginary enemies, while proclaiming their delusion of grandeur to the world. We are watching textbook clinical symptoms, and loyal partisans following a broken leader to a very bad place. Be wary – I will acknowledge that the potential for all this to end badly is very high.

  14. Interesting ‘Shaping’ operation starting. Hawaii is a deep blue mono party state. Yesterday at the village drug store (CVS chain) on a sidewall in the parking lot was a copied computer paper taped to the wall that said, in big, black, bold letters: “STOP PROJECT 2025”. Below that was scrawled in hand written script. “Protect Democracy”. No details. That’s all. Obviously handmade and computer copied enmass. I wondered what ‘Project 2025’ was.

    Then today I read this article about it:

    It appears the lefties here are starting a ‘shaping’ operation to form public opinion against it. It will likely be used as a Trump-bashing tool. Amazing to find this taped to the side of a store in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. These sheets are probably littering the streets in the big city.

  15. And if Biden is declared senile should the policies he signed during his senility be reversed? Fat chance the American Rescue Plan (pension bailouts) will be clawed back. ‘He wasn’t senile then.’ Or instead of a claw back a simple stoppage. All the free Biden signed into being is just stopped. People aren’t going to go along. The school loan invoices start rolling again. Ha!

    And the dead Russians. Give them the claw back as sorry payments and put a Russian name/face on the renewed school loan payment coupons?

    Forget it.


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