How to Slaughter the Bond Bulls

While the Fed announcement today is not likely to see an increase in rates (fall is more probable) there is still a very interesting bit of learning to be had by graphing out the ultra long-term Velocity of Money.

Not surprisingly, the Velocity now is wose than it has been at any time in the last 115 years.

That is a terrible structural problem for the Fed to deal with – and in this morning’s analysis we’ll explain why and how it will impact you personally.

First, however, the usual:  A few news tidbits and other goodies like our Trading Model.  Plus many cups of coffee…

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4 thoughts on “How to Slaughter the Bond Bulls”

  1. Gold is def going to at least ‘touch’ $1000/ox. The genuis of Murrey Math trading says that whenever any commod gets near/approaches a large whole number, that forget all the techical paralysis, a type of ‘strange attractor’ takes over and drives it there. maybe not next week or moth, but trust me (him) it will at least temrparily ‘touch’ that number. you can bet (short) on it.

  2. Oh,the poor, poor Donald. Someone wrote a piece about his marital escapades and ‘some’ people think it should never have been written. Poor, poor, Donald. Now he’s mad that the central park 5 have gotten a $40M settlement for wrongful conviction. Never mind that they were fully exonerated by DNA evidence and a confession. He’s incensed, it’s disgraceful. But, of course, his full page ads in 89, in which he ranted and raved about the rape and how whoever did it, no matter their age, should die. Had they been executed, I suppose he would be non-plussed, as he never apologized or publicly stated that he was glad they were vindicated. But he’s upset they were given $40M for wrongful conviction. That he found a way (after his first loss) to isolate his ‘personal’ money from his ‘business’ money, so as to not lose a dime when his ventures went belly up, screwing his investors…well, that’s alright, it’s just business. Yep, this is the guy ‘some’ people think should run our country, we will, apparently, never learn. America, law and order, by god…unless you’re poor.

  3. George,

    Have you looked at the privacy issue with windows 10? It is reported that Microsoft will have access to every single thing on your computer after you install it. Concerning?


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