How Long Does Putin Wait?

After putting on a good show part of Friday, markets weakened at the close.  And with the opening of the Beijing Olympics, we’re only 13-days from the wrap-up of events there.

Already, though, bullets are flying in Ukraine.  Not a lot of ’em, but enough to tell markets “This problem may not be going away.”

This morning, since we do mainly our ChartPack on Saturday’s, we’ll look at where markets are and where they could be by the time the Winter Games wrap up.

At which point, we will have two heavy factors weighing on markets: Putin’s action timing in Ukraine and Xi’s timing in Taiwan.

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68 thoughts on “How Long Does Putin Wait?”

  1. Not so sure about Ukraine or east China . It’s the economy. Smells like a dog looks like a dog barks like a dog . It’s a dog

  2. Monkey’s latest video shows clips of mobile launch platforms moving around the U.S. Could be normal … maybe not. We’ve stationed troops in Belize to keep an eye on Cuba and Venezuela, too. Monkey was also saying a couple of videos back that Russia was already deep into the Ukraine while the UK and U.S. had already stationed troops in neighboring countries.

    Many interesting things going on.

  3. Yo Frosty Dude,

    You should have Ure answer by the end of the day Sunday the 13th. Last year those wit eyes…knew the Bucs were going to be victorious – for it signaled the Year of Piracy – elections, fed fds, territories, oil…

    This year we could expect the the Bengals (Tigers’ year of) to be victorious, as this will fulfill the “freewill” component of the “spell”.
    So in the Spirit of all things monay – da Bitcoin Maximalist will be placing a “nice” wager on the Tygers from Cincinnati.

    By the buy – Ure Ruskie transport ships have been spotted docked, at Ruskie naval base Tartus, Syria. Talk about air superiority -see S400/500 installations in and around the pain in the craine, as well as newly installed units covering All of israhell ingress routes to Syria.

    Still U doubt Bitcoin in favor of Ure slave masters ??? does not calculate..

    got the MA crossover (s) in BTC (30DMA/9DMA/3DMA) as BTC breached $40k. changing allocation to 40% from 20% – up up and away ? Using Daily and 4 Hr candle charts.

    *Splainin Time- Geniuses – compare/contrast Fed Funds Rate versus 10 year Treasury Yield- And please tell the the maximalist how at a quarter basis point Fed Funds rate effects Anything ?? Historic performances prove the thesis here..

    From the looks of those 2 superimposed charts – The Fed Funds Rate is bullscheisse – it just dont matta what it is, cause its just splatta!

    The yield on the 10 year treas. is the be all and end all of all things finance – it sets the Rate on all things consumer finance..fed funds smed funds.

    But what I really want to know this AM is, do you have the Shiba In U?

    U no likey Stellar returns, or r u just entropically trying to figure out heat energy via multiplication of absolute temps..8th letter/zero wit line thru it..has a fuel component? Thats tree.

    • I’m willing to wager a Rams Victory. Although contrary to popular opion, I don’t gamble. Much anymore. It was a study of luck more than anything.

      One thing separates the bengles in the year of the tiger, with Olympics in Beijing as it relates to football in the US. If you were a FB friend? You would have seen me live on the 50, nobody sitting in the entire Lumen Field stands before the game of the game against the Seahawks except a friend and I, having a chat with Mathew Stafford after he ran stairs to warm up, watching the seagals warm up on the field.

      Hell of nice guy. Chatted about fishing other things. Really down to earth, regular kind of fella. I think out of the people I met, I most impressed by him. And cold play. They are cool like fonzie coooool.

      He asked me if I was excited to see the game that day. I told him, I’d rather be fishing to be honest. Then he laughed a big hearty laugh and said ya, I understand that. We chatted for a little while then lady brought out the rack of helmets and he said I best go suite up. Have a nice day. To which I replied GO HAWKS! and he laughed and smiled by my being unimpressed at his celebrity statis.

      That was i believe the first game of the season And look at him now. Homefield advantage in the superb-Owl. Good for him. A cool cat in my book. Humble and down to earth. Says alot about a fella.

      Will I watch the superb owl? Probably not. I have a few other projects I’m working on. Hanging out with people who are talking about ideas and opportunities is more important to me than hanging with people talking shit about others. Seems the better.

      Launching some new strategies. We shall see. I’m not so bold to tell you what they are, mindful of the McDonald’s Brothers, and how that turned out for them. I keep some plans between THE DUDE and me only. This is HIS creation, and HE knows everything anyway. So I discuss them in private with him. I submit my req’s to HIM and he makes them grow. Always mindful of my identity.

      Found a whole new treasure of totems recently. On to see what they say together.

      All things being relative.

      This song is much much much better live, about 2 inches from a stack of Marshals.

      Truly! I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

      Que: ~ Animals ~

      Martin Garrix

    • Hey dude. you know what. I see this guy every morning. He is Browns fan. I know, right?!!! A real died in the wool, Browns Fan. I stand outside my office looking at those gold mines over there. Massive mountains aka stadiums. The land of promis. While everyone in Seattle wears the local team, or the 49’rs or some Brady bunch jersey.

      This fella is suited up every day in a Cleveland Browns coat, hat and gloves. I see him every morning in his Browns gear. He don’t give a shit If they suck or not. I mean a Browns fan. When is the last time you ever seen anyone stake a claim on The Browns. I forgot they were even a football team. I have never in my entire life as long as I can remember anyone saying, “Hey The Browns are playing tonight on Monday Night Football. I’m super excited! Got chips and dip ready for the big game!”

      A Browns fan. I take note when I see something like that. A died in the wool Browns fan. Truly, a remarkable civic duty. Being a Browns fan in any city let alone Seattle. Not giving a flying f about what anyone thinks. Displaying that badge of honor, regardless of popular opinion.

      I had to go Google where Browns played out of because I forgot all about them. Cleveland. Oh that is right. Cleveland Browns. Huh.

      I say, Happy Monday dude. He smiles and says Happy Monday! Go Browns!!! I say happy Thursday dude. He smiles and says Happy Thursday! Go Browns!!!

      I highly value that of civic expression. I admire it. When most the known world is not a Browns fan let alone even know who the Browns are? This guy is proud to be a Browns fan no matter what.

      If anyone deserves a superb owl chance next year. It’s the Browns. Just because that fella I see every morning, who never gives up hope, always smiles and says, Happy Tuesday or happy Friday, Go Browns!

      Love it. I thing everyone should be more like that. Not swayed by popular opinion.

      • Holy Cow! One of my totems is already manifesting. That is way faster than usual. Way faster. Hmmmmmm…. I found a Betty and Veronica comic book. Printed in 1986. I hadn’t seen one since I was a kid. I found it in the weirdest place. Just laying there. I know when it’s a totem and not some garbage someone left. LOL

        Betty and Veronica just manifested and are moving already. Hmmmmmmm…… I already met them before. I didn’t understand what they symbolized until I got a message about back stage last night at Thunderdome.

        Then I looked at my new set of totems. Betty and Veronica. How could i miss that? I marvel at THE DUDE and HIS ways. No matter what mistakes I make, no matter how hard I do or try…… no matter how many mistakes anyone else makes that affects me, THY Will be done.

        The Conscious creative expression of THE DUDE, man, blows my mind at times.

        ~ We are right on schedule. ~

      • “He don’t give a shit If they suck or not. I mean a Browns fan. When is the last time you ever seen anyone stake a claim on The Browns. ”

        I did see a Browns Fan and a Vikings Fan at a bar once at the same time.. god don’t ask me how long ago it was LOL

      • That’s cruel, Andy. ;-)

        The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions have been the doormats of the NFL for 50 years (with an occasional outlier season.) I don’t know how fanatic Lions fans are, but Cleveland fans can get totally nutso, and possess a degree of loyalty I’ve only ever seen before with the Red Sox and Cubs baseball teams. Cleveland joined the NFL in 1950 and promptly kicked everybody’s butt, winning four championships in their first 14 years. (They haven’t won one, since.)

        When the NFL absorbed the AFL, Cleveland was one of three teams sent to the newly-named AFC (the others were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Colts) — the NFL chose these three because by 1970 they had become the perennial league cellar-dwellers. Then Pittsburgh, the league doormat nearly every year since its formation in 1933, acquired a coach, quarterback, running back, and linemen at the same time.

        Cleveland is now working on this same set of acquisitions.

        The Browns finished several places above Seattle, both this past season and the 2020 season.

        FWIW I had a mandatory layover in Cleveland a few months back, during a football weekend. Fleabait motel was north of $250 and my BBQ sandwich was $37 (it WAS good barbecue, but not that good…) I dunno if Cincinnati or Indy are as ridiculous (or Tennessee or Buffalo, FTM) but even before the communists enlisted Colin Kaepernick to politicize professional sports, I had no desire to ever go to any pro football game outside Green Bay…

    • For the all you home gamers. Facebook’s Faceplant [META] is simply about the size of what used to hit the repo window at the fed weekly. If Powell refuses to open the window, …. well the specialists will make there own repo window, starting with targeting FAANG and then anything else with a deep enough float. First, serially one at at time. But, the banksters need for log normal growth demands MOAR. Finally A Symphony of Fortune 500 companies is algo plunged all simultaneously as the pool of fresh companies to dump/pump/ repeat begins to grow as all the hedgies compete for that last smidge of alphabetagamma left to wring out. Were to go when the Financial and Fed Note Corp Debt Bond rails have been energized like a third rail?

      I’d suspect that value and mediums of exchange is headed right across the street to NY ICE Bakkt, The Embarcadero in SF and the block chain. Its great to be early :) HODL and get ready for the greatest biggest deployment of ATM Out Of Service signage the world has ever witnessed.
      Not your keys not your crypto, dont leave your bullion in the bank. Because we are seriously rhyming with 1933. Be your own exchange.

    • Oh shit! Now I understand all the totems. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhha ROTFLMFAO!

      NOW That is fucking hilarious!

      Well played DUDE!



      This is most excellent!

      Always mindful!

      What a wonderful day!

    • @bitcoin maximillist, URE gave you a slight Bitcoin nod. Take it and run. : )

      “Crypto Decoupling?
      My consigliere made one more point this week which may be of interest.
      “In the event of a hard market down, a lot of people may flee into cryptos. That’s because many big money management firms have requirements they remain fully invested in something – and so that may account for surprising strength of Bitcoin. As a safe-haven…”
      We’ll keep an eye on that: BTC was nearly $41,800 overnight. We’ll also keep an eye on the $50-thousand handle.”

      I happen to agree with him that Bitcoin has to decouple or it is just another toy that can make you money. Also agree that it’s very easy to pull the plug on it just like China did when they forced people over to Beijing’s crypto.

      Note the article this week about Boston’s fed and MIT releasing their first round of the one and final crypto you will be forced on to. Just do an internet search for boston fed mit federal reserves crypto . Of course, they try to reassure us that individuals will not be direct connected to the fed. Ha, they lie. They always own it with their denials before they actually do it.

      HOWEVER, MR. URE, I do think your desire for starlink to save you may bring you and bitcoin maximillist together and save Bitcoin. What are your thoughts on how that would work?

      btw, Clif_High has been speaking well of Bitcoin for the last couple of weeks…maybe my idea is why, but he doesn’t know it yet? Seems it may be time to consider crypto as beginning to be viable.

      • “In the event of a hard market down, a lot of people may flee into cryptos”

        In the event of a collapse of the federal reserve and we are in Zimbabwe mode.. we are going to keep the currency and use it to wipe with… bet you can’t do that with bitcoin lol

  4. George,

    Read an article a couple of days ago by Manlio Dinucci on the Lew Rockwell site. The article made reference to the fact (not reported by our media) that the Ukrainian government has amassed some 150,000 plus troops along the ambiguous border of the Russian speaking people in the Ukraine. Among these troops is a battalion trained by none other than Academy (formerly Blackwater) owned by Eric Prince. This battalion, named Azov, is noted for recruiting neo-Nazi from all over Europe and the world. This group has a history of vile acts in the Ukraine against Russian speaking people. The article goes on to say that Azov will most likely commit some act (likely chemical) in the Donbass region against Russian speaking people, in order to draw Putin into a shooting war.

    You will note that our mainstream media is already running the story that “Putin will use false flag attack as grounds to invade the Ukraine”. Wonderful how propaganda works. Our subversive CIA sponsors a mercenary group, trained by our own group of mercenaries (Academy) to slaughter some expendable Russian speaking peasants; in order to provoke a war for profit.
    How do these people look at themselves in the mirror? But as you have said many times, “Everything is a business model”. If it exists, there is a special place in Hell for these people.

    The dream realms work in strange ways. Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was erecting a security fence, complete with razor wire at the top; to slow down the masses roaming the country when the economy collapses. Sounds more like a good idea each day.

    One final item. This last week, I admitted to being old. My osteoarthritis is bothering me more each day, input costs for farming are astronomical this year, and other projects to finish; so I have rented my cropland to a young man a little more than half my age. He wanted to pay cash per acre, so why gamble on weather, commodity prices and rising costs; when he was willing to offer a guaranteed return, plus a portion of sale of crop (up to a maximum dollar per acre figure). My wife already has a “honey do” list as long as my leg, so idle time will not be an issue. Plan to keep a few acres to plant some legumes for my white-tail deer herd and millet for the wild turkey. They have to eat too, plus I enjoy looking out my window at close to 100 turkey and 50 or so deer grazing each morning.

    Damn, I hate admitting to being old, but facts are facts. I will just have to find other things to keep me occupied. Already had a “head hunter” trying to lure me back into being a Plant Manager again. Nice money, but I don’t think I want the daily hassle; and the personnel problems of today.

    • The problem with a fence like that is – it makes small armed groups wonder what is being protected behind that fence.

    • I’ve been graced to be virtually free of arthritis, and I’m George’s age. I do supplement with most vitamins, especially C and D. I also pay attention to iodine and boron, deficient in most soils and essential nutrients. Iodine is expensive but worth it, in the form of Lugol’s or Ioderal(or equivalent). Boron is the cation in Borax, and “seems” to be safe in small amounts. Don’t do anything blindly at all, but the information is out there. More is not always better. All risk belongs to the individual involved, as always.

      This article got me started years ago:

      There is info on the net about “reversing” the vaxx with borax baths. I know nothing of this and would tread very carefully in that area. Vaxxes can’t be reversed, though they “might” be mitigated(not advice) by prior preparation with aspirin and the correct horse paste. All risk is yours.

      Obviously, moving your body – not too much and not too little, is key. The correct meditative state, red light and sleep matter too, but that’s another conversation.

      • Oops. Boron is the hydrated anion in borax, not the cation. Not that it matters to most folks. Need more coffee!

      • I know that they mix borax in bath salts… but on the average.. I sure wouldn’t use it at all..not in a bath.. even using it to clean.. use it sparingly and wear a mask and gloves… the stuff can be nasty on the lungs.. as for the laundry.. Washing soda and borax.. two to one mix then if you want you can toss in some flaked soap.. anyway that makes a great laundry soap.. we use to make a ton of it..

      • “20 Mule Team Borax! Belongs in every household, yes sir.”

        Absolutely JC.. we use it a lot.. but not in the
        It’s the same with false teeth and sodium hypochlorite ( bleach) bleach is great but don’t soak your teeth in

  5. How would you advise the average Ukrainian person on how to prepare?

    All I’ve got is stay and plink a few Russians running up the drive… Vs get out of the way, flee while the fleeing is good.

    I think 911 was an inside job. Look for the global Internet cables to be cut by Russian blaming Americans to cover the financial collapse.

    At the last minute you could try withdrawing any money from the bank/maxing credit card advances for the green. As discussed most banks have about 100K or less. Forty $2,500 withdraws and the pump goes dry until UBI.

    • “How would you advise the average Ukrainian person on how to prepare?”
      I actually thought that this move would be necessary if Brandon Gets his way..

      Hmm that is a good question…. I wonder if the People are worried about the Russian forces.. Or Nato Forces.. the people I know were terrified of the NATO forces.. and seen the Russian forces as security..

  6. While we wait to see when Putin takes the Ukraine and when Xi takes Taiwan … they are sharing happy talk.

    Interestingly, Biden has shown some impatience about Americans getting vaccinated. Says “Our patience is wearing thin.”

    What’s that got to do with the price of rice in China? – ask yourself, Who is “OUR” ??

    New World Order is a One Global Government, correct?

    Just look at the big picture, not the slide show.

    • Just a couple of notes – Biden is like the big bad wolf that ‘Huffs, and Puffs, and threatens to burn the house down.’ In reality, he is a little old man like the Wizard of Oz – powerless and afraid of everything.

      The Ukraine – The Russian destruction of the Ukrainian army will be swift and total. NATO/US has no cards to play here. The US is finished as a world class military power. We have fat, lazy soldiers, bad weapons, and politically correct officers. This is not your father’s or grandfather’s WWII military (for me, my father was 1st Cav in WWII, PTO). For me, Marine officer in the 80’s – when we had responsible officers and weapons that worked and lean mean Marines who were not taught CRT.

    • The universities are becoming downright hostile to anyone these days that tried for an exemption from the vaxx! In my state, they’re *demanding* original shots and a booster after a certain time lag(9 months for mRNA, 4 months for J&J). They allow you to apply for an exemption and then deny it. This applies to all students, faculty, and staff. I won’t get vaxxed for any reason – especially in the face of threats. IMHO, the threats indicate a hidden agenda. We’ve speculated on that agenda, but I’m not convinced that we have the entire story yet.

      Their tone: “You have refused to comply with our mandate”! GTFO. What’s next? Mandatory tattoos?

      I may have to lose my university affiliation because of this. It’s sad, but better than the alternative. The vaxx has become a mark of submission rather than anything related to public health.

      Human Freedom, Autonomy, and Dignity are sacred. They’re what Americans lived and died for.

  7. I had a little dream this morn, about the news media telling us about the war, I did not dream about actual war, just the news people telling US!

    If I am really going to war, I do NOT tell the enemy. SELL SELL SELL why is the news selling US war right on schedule with the virus loosing punch and mask mandates being fought tooth and nose, just got to sell FEAR, keep the people sheeple under control. Never mind all the election FRAUD,,, we have the most secure ‘election fraud system’ in the world

    I AM AWARENESS and the magic wand/ news media/TV holds the sheeples attention/awareness,,, with awareness we create,,, I do not get anything done without me focusing on it. Now multiply that by the millions of sheeple.
    Ya just got to ask,, why are humans being driven to kill each other?,,,$$$$$$
    $atanism or Bankers,, same same

    when Bitcoin or cryto is made legal tender, will they not legislate trackability and tax-able,, what’s in Ure wallet? He who controls it/them, owns it/them, after all who took our GOLD away,,, banker controlled politicians

    Was Whoopie a planned exercise in censorship? Shut the fuck up 1st amendment and slow Joe is after the 2nd amendment,, they hate our US Constitution
    Well at least the stockmarket is Stabil for today, only because it is Saturnday/Sunday duality Judean Christian thing
    Seems to me, that a lot of what is sold as science or religion is just herd management,, just don’t sail off the edge.. I am science I am the voice of God, do what I say and pay me,,,Ure lunch money,, what a nice playground
    What Ure looking at there Galileo?

    • tobd,

      remember Orwels” “Who controls the past controls the future, Who controls the present controls the past.” ?

      U had chance to read History: Fiction or Science? Anatoly T Fomenko ?

      …”Eminent mathematician proves that: Jesus Christ was born 1152 AD and crucified in 1185 AD.
      Old Testament refers to mediaval events.
      Apocalypse was written after 1486.”

      “There is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artifact that could be reliably and independently traced back earlier than the 11th century .”
      One more puzzle piece – regards the changing of Calendar/History/Origins.

      BTC already “legal tender” …I tender a piece of one – and they give me lotz and lotz of FRN’s in return. Really, really smart folks already doing Trades (business) with BTC – real estate is prime example, properties in Caribbean being Sold for BTC direct.
      Dont know nuttin regards Tax & BTC..magic numbers,not existing…What are they taxing ? Air/Farts/Burps/Aether – how do you tax magic?
      I was thinking claiming bot BTC at high around $60k, now claim loss on tax return $25k loss. The BTC in question never moves from cold storage – its just made up bullshit numbers, just like Ure govmint does everyday….I know genius right?

    • then, this afternoon I read this in ZeroHedge, looks like my dream

      it is majic,, abbracadabra , Steve Miller Band, Abbracabra lots of satanic symbols

      and they label the CONspiracy a theory,,, you did mention Dealy
      “That Kennedy did not would likely have cast him as something of a traitor to America in the minds of the ultra-hawks. Who, in turn, might have looked the other way when the time came for accounts to be settled near Dealy Plaza.” they call US conspiracy theorists when they mean ‘those darn truth tellers’

      • When Kennedy was da Prez we had 5000 “advisors” in Vietnam. Within weeks of Johnson taking over, that number rose to 50,000. Then that SOB had the utter gall to make his “…longest period of peacetime prosperity” speech at the ’64 DNC while the AF was sneaking bodies back into the States.

        …Lest anyone should think conservatives are EVER “war-hawks.” This is the easiest way to cut a RINO or neocon out of the herd.

  8. Doing preps for specific hypothetical situations can be a drain on time and resources.
    Preps for economics and personal health are top priority. Employment, savings, insurance and good living are at the top of that list. That is to say, maintaining a decent standard of living, and taking reasonable lifestyle precautions come first.
    Historically, general preps for food, water, and shelter are of value. More specific preps for recurring local conditions like hurricane & fire and associated evacuations are next priority. The historical newcomer, preps for comms, power and surge protection also have value.
    Most of the areas I have mentioned will provide basic support for limited war preps. Major war preps are mostly between your ears.

  9. “How Long Does Putin Wait?”

    Brandon looks to me as being a yipp dog with the dominants pushing him to do what they wish.. I believe that Putin and Xi know this..
    the dominants are getting restless and want what they want right away and are pushing the agenda.. and Brandon is doing the little drop kick dog dance trying to get Putin to act the way they want so that history will show that it was Putin that made the grave mistake.. give it time.. the dominants will push brandon to force the action. Gotta give the boy a chance good lord knows he is trying to force the action of actions and those that are in control of those bought and paid for want what they want when they want it….
    Once brandon does it will more than likely be a false flag event to make it look as it Putin is the one starting it…. but from that point on it will go ugly fast.. so sit back enjoy the Olympics on television and a cold adult beverage…. shoot I am.. I still don’t know why the sport of curling is becoming so popular maybe because anyone can slide a rock on ice LOL.. I do love the ice skaters though boy .. that was me I would be on the ice face first.. they make it look so easy and so skilled at their fluid moves….

      • Oh my Jo.. they have been very good.. it is the best thing on TV.. I am boycotting the news as much as possible if I can.. Theres absolutely nothing good on the News.. hasn’t been for almost five years now.. where watching a couple of skiers race down the hill or ice skate to a tune.. showing off their skills.. way better than watching Brandon give everyone His talks sounding like Herbert..

  10. “For now, the U.S. is not going face-to-face by placing troops in Ukraine itself. In stead US troops set to land in Poland to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank amid the standoff with Russia over Ukraine, reports say. The distance from Kiev to Poland is 500-miles west.”

    Isn’t that interesting.. the same distance as our Nuclear missiles that we set up a base with in Turkey..
    Hmmm can’t see how that would make anyone testy.. what is the counter action for every action there is an opposite reaction.. and that will deal with strategy… the poison pawn trap.. I believe that Putin and Xi realize that …OH hey didn’t they get a few military bases handed to them …What does Sun Tzu write….
    divide and conquer..SunTzu… writes.. When ten to the enemy’s one, surround him; When five times his strength, attack him; If double his strength, divide him…
    by taking over those military bases they can….

    “Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected. # If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do is attack some other place that he will be obliged to relieve. # We can form a single united body, while the enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole, which means that we shall be many to the enemy’s few. # ”

    by control of goods and services..

    “if well supplied with food, he can starve him out; if quietly encamped, he can force him to move. #”

    Now considering the illegals that were part of an Army of smaller countries that opposed what the dominants wanted that swore a religious war in revenge.. that were doing exactly what they said they would do and pose as refugees with all appearances they were snuck past the borders by and administration that has spent the vast majority of their life at the feed troughs of the beltway doing exactly what the dominants wanted …

    “Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack. #”

    and the club K system.. we sold our ports and toll roads….

    the supply chain…. we outsourced industry.. we are dependent on others for our well being..
    the economy.. lets see.. what happened a few years ago.. when the dollar bill was downgraded…hmm.. think about this.. there was a container ship that they refused to dock until they got gold backed money or gold.. shortly after that.. Congress passed a bill allowing foreign companies to take control of properties and businesses on USA soil.. the container ships docked and everyone was happy.. Now that was quite a while back.. so my guess is its all been seen as a possible future issue that would at some point in time be faced….

    “We may take it then that an army without its baggage train is lost; without provisions it is lost; without bases of supply it is lost. # We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country—its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices, its marshes and swamps. # ”

  11. “this will likely become an air war very quickly. As the US showed in the Middle East, you can have a competent army – ask Saddam Hussein’s heirs about this – but if you don’t have Air Superiority, you lose.”

    ASSUME… for a moment…That the supply chain break down was actually for a strategic purpose. The same with smuggling in military aged men from countries that have vowed to pay back our country from within its borders.. and what was the price.. a few donations that on the whole amount to a few silver coins.. a few children to abuse and drugs of all sorts…It could be quite a shizt show as to how this all plays out.. it solely depends on whether or not Brandon is smart enough to pull back the missiles that Putin is telling him he had to move away from their border…. Keep to the agreements that we made…and be honorable.. the whole planet is still touchable from a distance.. so the whole thing is over the symbol..

    OF course the USA seen this as a threat… and we took and made provisions about the legality of using them..
    which is a good thing..
    BUT THEN BRANDON and the dominants running the game.. decide to place missile in how many countries on the Russian border… similar to signing agreements with the native americans then going back on the agreements that were made…. Brings up the question.. Would you then assume that the treaties and agreements were null and void.. because one party with drew from the agreement..

  12. Russia doesn’t seem to be in any rush to move it’s 6 landing ships into the Black Sea. They are sitting in Syria at the moment, being “resupplied”, the Russian media way saying yesterday.

    I don’t think Putin has made a FINAL decision yet, but he is allowing the game board set up so as to give him that option. Much may depend upon what his conversation with Xi yesterday covered. btw … did anybody but me notice that Putin was sitting ALL ALONE in the stands for the opening? So alone that nobody was anywhere around.

    NBC did NOT play Xi’s comments at the opening of the Olympics, went to a commercial. I was very disappointed because I actually wanted to hear what he was going to say.

    Some reports are that Xi is under internal pressure in China. If true I would bet that he moves on Taiwan BEFORE the party conference this fall where he is up for an unprecedented 3rd 5 year term, which actually was NOT ALLOWED until they changed the rules this past fall … but I am sure there are still people at that conference in China last fall that may have voted for that change, but with a clothes pin on their noses.

    Something went on last fall wrt Xi and that vote since Xi sent his right hand man /long time ENFORCER, who had eliminated Xi’s opponents (as in DEATH for some, life in prison for others) as Xi climbed up the ladder to house arrest and possible execution. Interesting story there, but those of us in the West are not hearing what really was going on wrt that arrest of Xi’s long time right hand man/enforcer.

    Ah … the ways of Dictators … speaking of which I note that many Trump supporters, and Trump himself, are strongly arguing this weekend that Pence is WRONG and as Vice President Pence could have refused to open the box and could have refused to Certify Joe Biden as President.

    Glad to see that they, and Trump, still feel that way since that means in 2024 they won’t have any complaints when Kamala as Vice President refuses to allow Trump to reclaim the Presidency (if he wins the election)

    Trump and his supporters obviously won’t have any complaints when Kamala decides that the REAL President is the Democrat, not the winner of the election as certified by the States!!

    Obviously Trump and his supporters will be THRILLED that the Vice President is doing what they argued all along the Vice President could do and has the LEGAL AUTHORITY to do!!, when she just ignores the Electoral College and puts into office the person SHE decides!!

    Welcome to the NEW United States!! Constitution is optional.

    The Constitution ONLY applies if it works in your favor, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

    Ah … the way Dictators try to change the rules so as get power and STAY in power.

    • “I don’t think Putin has made a FINAL decision yet”

      After watching many videos of Putin and listening to him talk his opinions.. I don’t think he wants any war at all..
      Its Nato and Brandon and the people that are manipulating them that are making the decisions.. by buiiding missile systems close to the Russian border and even trying their borders with ships and planes..
      Neither one wants to go down in history and talked about the camp fires of the future world as the one that destroyed mankind.. and I believe it is all over some deal the kid made.

      • I can guarantee Putin doesn’t want a war.

        That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Ukraine.

        Just that he’s a good enough tactician to want to be asked (or begged) to come into Ukraine and “save them.”

        The beer & popcorn comes in when one decides to watch the show to see what’s actually going to happen, rather than exercising their voice or typing fingers, to blindly speculate…

  13. The correlation between global news (wartime, political, social ) and market > 1.5 percent valuation changes ? (Pearl harbor is an exception with a 5-6% drop over two trading days.)

    Monday 7 February 2022

    Below is the fractal mathematical case for Monday 7 February 2022 as the 68 week second fractal nonlinear event low day for the 33/68 week first and second fractal series for Western composite equities and the Nikkei – all of which are all following the 33/68 week first and second subfractal pattern from the March 2020 low’s. The Shanghai has a distinct, yet internally consistent self-ordering fractal pattern from the March 2020 lows, namely a sequential x/2-2.5x/2.2.5x/1.6y and y/2.5y/2.5y pattern) roughly: 10/24/25/15 weeks and 5/13/13 weeks.

    February 7 2022 is week 68 within the 2-2.5x second nonlinearity of the first fractal base x(33 weeks)

    The 68 week fractal is composed of a 14/35/21 week :: x/2.5x/1.5y fractal series series . There is a nonlinear low at the end of the second 35 week subfractal, 20 September 2021. February 7 is the first trading day of week 21.

    From the 20 September 2021 low, a 18/37/45 day fractal series : x/2x/2.5 y ends on 7 February 2022. (SPX and Wilshire)

    From the end of the first 18 day fractal on 13 October 2021 an interploated 11/27/22 day fractal :: x/2.5xy/2x takes the SPX to its peak on 4 January 2022.
    The 11/27 day fractal series from the October 13 low ends the 37 day second subfractal on 12/3.

    An interposed fractal series starting on 20 December 2021: 7/18/11 :: x/2.5y/1.5y ends on 7 February 2022.

    From the SPX peak valuation on 4 January 2021, a 5/10/11 day decay fractal ends on 7 February 2022 with the 11 day final final having a 2/4/5/3 day series with day 3 ending on 7 February 2022.

    Gold in US dollars is self organized as an 8/20 week fractal series or 36/93 odf 94 days. (x/2-25.x) The 94 days are composed of a 14/34-35/28/20 day series x/2.5x/2x/1.5x. Day 20 is february 7.

    The CRB, the Federal Reserve’s conundrum – in its money printing necessity to keep the afloat- for the masses who are not wall street financial/money beneficiaries of this monetary policy and who suffer directly with real stuff aweful inflation, is following a self-ordered 33//(68 = 10/25/20/16 week) first and second fractal series. A daily subfractal base starting on 2 December 2021 of 13+ days(first day upgoing) is selforganized into a 13+/34 day first and second fractal series. Day 34 is 7 February 2022.

    What about cryptocurrencies in USD?
    Final Growth in a predominant decay pattern: the 15th day of a 3 December 2021 10/24/20/15 day decay fractal …. is … 7 February 2022 …

    How accurate are the empirically derived fractal laws of the macroeconomy?


    7 February 2022 … If there is. a nonlinear lower low on this date, there is strong evidence that the asset debt macroeconomic system is itself a self-ordering system and macroeconomics itself has the patterned characteristics and laws of a true science similar to physics , chemistry, biology (which is the more complex organic self-ordering of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen atom chemistry, e.g. Covid virons ), and astrophysics.

    ……And that is the reason for the pursuit of this activity and postings …

    • The Economic Fractalist,

      I believe, otherwise translated, that you are seeking the dna genome of the economy!?

  14. Yeah think I will F off for a while . Ain’t gunna hear sheetcoin gurus and zig zag wave crap for months or maybe even years. Yep you can insert hard . No interest in psyops or bullsheet

  15. high iq ? nah streetwise. gunna put up with sheetcoin going up , bullsheet inflation stories , w waves with the vix the most monstrous wedge ever , impendingww3 and king kong apple cooked? yeah right . if you think i think you are stupid you are stupid

    • No nuclear war is EVER winnable. Both sides, and humanity, lose. Take it from someone who pulled B-52 nuke alert in the Strategic Air Command (SAC), worked nuke strategic planning at STRATCOM and ran a nuke C2 unit ‘somewhere’ in the U.S.A. In my SAC and STRATCOM days, I never worked for, knew of or heard about a general who was a ‘Jack D. Ripper’ type from Dr. Strangelove. All were dead serious about their job, and every one never wanted to see the nuke Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) executed. Their collective line, and ours, was “if it was executed, the aggressors would pay the ultimate price.”

      That is why, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the U.S. holds to the ‘no first strike’ policy to this very day. The nation will only respond to an actual attack, which space and terrestrial early warning gives aprox. 30 minutes of warning for. With BUFFS (B-52s) no longer placed on nuke alert, it is up to our SLBM ‘boomer’ subs and continental based ICBMs to respond to any surprise attack on N. America or our allies.

      If hostilities escalate, and enough time is available to prepare, jthere are situations where ‘tactical’ nukes and cruise missiles can quickly be put into play from fighters based on land and at sea (carriers) in/around Europe or the Pacific, but only to respond to a verified first strike. U.S. based B-2 and B-52 bombers can be loaded with nuke tipped cruise missiles in 8-12 hours once authorization is received, but that requires some degree of clear warning, as loading bombers will be seen from space by Russia and/or China and could be viewed as escalatory and used by the hostile entities as justification for an attack.

      BTW, should Russia or China decide to detonate an EMP over a part of the US, or territories or our allies via an ICBM or satellite nuke, by treaty it is considered the same as a land based attack and all bets are off on response strike targets limits. But a detonation in orbit is akin to pissing in one’s own swimming pool, as intense radiation will fry non-hardened commercial and military satellites and render orbital areas unusable for decades.

      Deterrence is insane, but it’s kept the nuke genie in the bottle. As someone much wiser than I once said: “We defended our allies in Europe for 40 years during the worst days of the Cold War – very threatening days of the Cold War – and nothing happened. So deterrence does work.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski

    • Thank you for sharing Ralph. I urge everyone to read this excellent insight. into the 2 headed monster we are aking on. To save time, just read the headings “Translations into English.” About a 5 minute read.

      • After reading the whole thing, BIC, I came to a remarkable conclusion.

        I don’t see anything in the US Constitution which is inherently at odds with the R/C agreement (maybe we are heavier on freedom, of course).

        Which leads me to America’s problem visible out here in the sticks., It’s the District of Corruption that has failed fealty to the Founders and goes off war-picking for profits.

        There is a path toward peaceful coexistence, but it’s a lousy monetization. And it’s always about what?

        THE MONEY!

      • Thanks, Ralph. I read the summary version before going to bed and had to remind myself that, while some of this sounds really good…even American-ish, neither of the countries can be trusted – the CCP is a cruel mistress in every way and has infiltrated everything everywhere. So, of course they don’t need to interact with the US…they already have and have destroyed her and the rest of the G7 from within.

  16. My fear is not that the CIA (or Nuland & Soros) will engineer a false flag, but that they will create one that’s so egregious that Russia is forced to respond, to defend both the Russian separatists and the Ukrainians. If Russia engages ANYONE, you can bet our propagandists and their media mouthpieces will apply the most “hawkish” possible spin to it with little regard for the truth. A war is perhaps the only thing which could possibly even slightly mitigate the bloodbath the Dems are going to suffer at the polls in nine months. I put no act past a politician who sees their power going away…

  17. Ure Syria take is interesting…was thinking last week Putin was just playing along as a move for higher oil prices as I still do not believe Putin is the one seeking war.

    But, the self-declared world elites need a war or, at the least, need to take out a country that wouldn’t/won’t fall for their Color Revolution tactics. So, I agree, are we sure this is about Ukraine? I started wondering, before seeing your Syria take today, if this isn’t more about Poland. Then again, 0’Bidet (note the zero representing Obama and not an “o”) handing Ukraine to Communist Russia as Ukraine’s punishment makes sense; as does the left’s/rino’s marxist love of Mother Russia and ChinaBorg (cyborg collective). (I need to remind myself in all of this who is in bed with Russia…Clinton/Obie/Bidet/Romney/Bush/Bush/Bush/etc.)

    Of course, I highly doubt Putin is in agreement with surrendering his home land to a ‘higher power’ so maybe it’s him personally the worldletes want to remove. (Is Russia another country that refuses to fall for a Color Revolution?
    Will the US fall for it soon?)

    Also, I’m guessing the US going to Poland is just for perception for people to think the US (I used to say we here, but do not think it’s a “we” thing anymore for me) is not going face to face with Russia while the US is actually already on the border taking the pot shots and winding people up tight to get the faulci flag rolling.

    Can it be an “all volunteer” military if you’re fired involuntarily for not allowing yourself to be illegally coerced into taking the control jab?

    Will the US unplug crypto and blame Russia, Russia, Russia?

    How is it that the US is Russia Russia Russia and not China China China when Russia and China are best buds on paper? How can the US love one and not the other? I think they love both, but just use one as a decoy to blame things on, but it’s pretty clear you can’t love one and hate the other…it’s not like one is an in-law after all.

    Imagine with me if you will, that, like in the US, there are traitors in Putin’s fold and in Xi’s fold that are trying to undermine them and remove their borders and sovereignty.

    When trading forex (foreign exchange), one of the first things you realize is everything is relative. Currencies from two countries are paired against each other. Let’s say the Great British Pound and the Euro (GBP/EUR) in this example. This past week the gbp was up against the eur because gbp raised interest rates. While the eur did not raise rates, they felt the need to temper the gbp’s currency buying power increase against the eur by saying they, the eur, are open to raising rates in the near future. This somewhat calmed gbp’s potential move up against the eur when comparing the gbp’s move against other currencies. It’s all relative.

    So, let’s look at relative: While the US is being imploded on purpose, china is imploding without help from an internal 0’Bidet type administration. Who does that leave in control by default when it’s all said and done? It won’t be Russia if China self-implodes. If you take the US, China, Russia, and Europe, all the g7 out of power then where does this leave us/the world?

    Ultimately, does power end up in Muslim hands? What is the nationality, oops, um, religion, no, err, political affiliation? of all the soldier aged single males allowed illegal entry into the US, Great Britain, Europe and other g7 countries who are sitting in hotels at taxpayer expense? Is it the same religion, nationality, political affiliation that the “Pope” made a deal with a while back?

    When things are so obviously propagandized on a silver platter like Ukraine/NATO vs Russia and China vs Taiwan, then we have to recognize it for what it really is: distraction. So, I’m going to go out on a silver fork, err, a limb, and say what’s really going on may be a Muslim power take over…why else would 0 (it’s a zero representing Obama) be running the 0’Bidet fake White House?

    You don’t really think he loves Russia or China over his own people/religion/political affiliation = nationality do you? Haha, and here we are in America and the rest of the world being forced to separate church and state. What fools we are…um, again!

  18. Would love to hear from the experienced war analysts on this site after they look at the 14 day weather forecast in Kiev. From lows of 0 degrees now to highs of 8 degrees C later in the week and next week, these are closer to typical March temperatures. When do you think Putin would want to roll those big tanks across the turf? Spring appears to be on the way earlier this year.

    • Whew! That just made something flash in my brain…

      Bob, did you ever listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary?

      They released a live (double) album in about 1964 entitled: “Peter, Paul and Mary In Concert.”

      One of the cuts was a speech track called “Paultalk.”

      Here’s a link:

      It’s 12:41 in length and incredibly well worth a listen, but the part that your post tweaked was the section called “The Kid,” which starts at exactly 9 minutes and runs to the end of the cut.

      IMO Vlad Putin is “The kid…”

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