How Elon Musk Saved Preppers (and Rural America)

No, not a Model 3.  Not a PowerWall. Not another Joe Rogan interview, either.  But this one matters out here in the woods.

We’ll explain and put it in some larger contexts (rural and post collapse communications) after a few headlines and our ChartPack which continues its 1929-like track…

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47 thoughts on “How Elon Musk Saved Preppers (and Rural America)”

  1. I just wanted to leave this link out for those who actually try and prepare for things. We have altered what we are doing at our farm based on the possibility (high) of this being reliable enough. It will NOT be plastic hoop houses for plants, because they are awful with ice and snow loads, which would be part of this wave.

    We are also seeing the coming inflation spike and oil price spikes as being a double whammy – hence we will be filling our 500 gal diesel tank quickly, along with a few drums of ethanol-free gas. The new generator and larger propane tank will also get elevated in priorities…

    Don’t take my word for it – READ the dang paper!

    • Good article, including the references at the bottom. It’s a forecast and I consider it as a likely possibility. I’m hardening my environment as best possible considering that I’m unlikely to see the other side of this(in 2053). It’s no real change in effort – since weather here always has large divergences and being prepared just makes sense. For now, Spring is in sight and it’s possible to get real work done. Of course, if/when we get the “free” stimulus money from our “government”, prices are likely to jump quickly. Liquid fuels have already done that, and the state government has worked hard to shut down production and limit supply.

    • Plastic hoop houses are indeed prone to weakness from heay ice and snow loads along with tractor mounted long pointy bale spikes but currently, they are much more economical than glass or polycarb panels. A least for our operation here at El Rancho de Chaos. Still, alternatives need to be sourced now rather than later.
      Food and energy will be the top concerns in the coming times. Could this be why we are seeing more articles about encouraging the eating of bugs and worms? My daughter sent a link to a doom and gloomer who was telling folks they could eat mealworms in a pinch and how to grow your own.

      Umm, Hell no.

    • Thanks O2.. I just got finished with the dreaded tax man..I have been so worried since we had the busted sewer line and had to get it fixed.. I used money set aside for taxes to pay for it..
      Anyway covid19 and how it affected our income along with the increase of necessary items.. the tax man adding and subtracting..had the strangest look on his face.. then said.. how in the hell do you do it.. hmm.. seems our total yearly income off of the only job of the wife’s income as a nurse and her insurance premiums makes her total yearly income of..1001.48 so everything depends on my retirement income..
      I thought we would have to pay in like we normally do.
      He to is terrified of the upcoming future..

    • Dam that’s scary…dark ages here we come all over again.(but then we already knew this is coming.. nasa has been publishing several studies on this).instead of the black death.. we have covid
      An earth bermed greenhouse..or a grow room

    • Thx O2. Material at the link looks very interesting and I’m looking forward to reading it tonight.

  2. When either TSHTF or the Bad Day or The Ballon goes up
    or the GDE (Global Disruption Event) occur, then:

    1) 3.999 LSB by night and
    2) 7299 LSB by day.
    (By the Sun, not by the clock.)

    Spot, exact frequencies — no floundering around.
    If busy, wait for a gap.

    For Ure-nauts;
    Identification authenticating phrase is:
    “Everything is a business model.”

    Recommended Beginner First step:

    Tempis is fugit-ing like crazy….


  3. Yes, yes, Mr. Ranch, BUT won’t my ham radio be
    destroyed by the EMP — solar or nuke?

    Not necessarily. First, unplug antennas when the gear
    is not actually being used. (Also the power cable and any other attached wires for speakers or mikes or what-not.)

    EMP comes in various strengths from mild to burn-out EVERYTHING. Chance are you won’t be in the ten-ring, but outside the center of the effect, and will most likely experience less-than-mximum effects.

    To make an EMP-proof emergency radio cache, get a metal garbage can (or metal box) put your standby radios in it, and using hardware-store aluminum tape, tape the lid of the can to the box. The metal tape they use on air-conditioning ducts is fine. (Over & over-taping won’t gain you anything much.)

    Alternatively, make yourself a “hairy gasket” by spinning some steel wool or copper wool into a ring, and use it to make an electrically conductive ring or gasket at the joint.

    Put the box or can on a piece of wood, OFF the floor (if concrete, like a garage) or off the ground. A driven earth ground connection won’t buy very much. Getting it DONE is better than getting in done PERFECTLY — but too late.

    • So true..totally depends on how close you are to the epicenter.. how many go off..
      In my lucid dreams where the little blonde woman is there it’s always a storm from the NW coming in..then the scenes of sickness and distress destruction etc..but they are only dreams…

    • I have had involvement with surge protection issues over a period of decades.

      Did I suddenly panic and start buying surge protection equipment? Nope. When I buy electronics, I think through the protection before I add the electronics. Without surge protection, the electronic installation is naked and incomplete. And as the art evolves, I periodically do organized upgrades and revamps. Lightning is more of a relevant threat than EMP, but if you are going to do the surge protection, do it right, and cover the E1 component along with the more mundane threats.

      Arthur Bradley’s videos on homemade faraday cages are the best I have seen. His video on whole house surge protection mirrors the best information I have seen from other sources:

      My home power panel surge protection and my car ‘s protection are as consistent with Arthur’s recommendations as I can make them.

      I try to use a second layer of power protection at the individual power loads wherever possible. I need to lay in a supply of spare 120VAC LED light bulbs, because those devices only have protection at the power panel.

      With the exception of my grounded TV coax lightning surge protector, all my surge devices are in the 1 to 5 nanosecond response range. The newer devices are all 1 ns or better. They are a mix of Transtectors, APC, Siemens and Tripp-lite devices. Good single receptacle devices with 1 ns response are now available for $10. Insist on 1 ns or faster response times for everything except maybe Transtectors, which run 5 ns. You can always plug a 1 ns single receptacle device to take care of the fastest components. If you are stacking ferrites on the AC power cords, the incoming rise times get slower. Airborne E1 components are not particularly energetic, but they blow past slow protection and do disproportionate damage to solid state targets.

      Every power cord feeding a multi-receptacle surge protector has three mix 61 and one mix 31 snap-on ferrites. Do the same with off-air cables.

      No one ever touches VHF/UHF EMP recommendations for protection of off-air TV , ’cause that is so very hard to do. My script is about a kilo of mix 61 & mix 31 snap-on ferrites (3 / 1) with 1/2 at the house entrance and half under the antenna; one ungrounded 1-ns coax surge protector at the antenna base; one grounded lightning protector at the house entrance; and one ungrounded 1-ns surge protector at the TV tuner. My TV antenna mast is remote from the house, so I have a mast amplifier and a distribution amplifier. My power injector for the mast amplifier is in a box outside. Protect the power to the injection power source. I use an external TV tuner, and run it’s output to the HDMI input on the TV, which I use as a monitor. I still need to get a spare tuner and a spare circuit board for the off-air antenna output, and put ’em in a cage.

      For off-air microwave, I use surge protectors on the power, and two surge protection devices on the POE Ethernet cables, one a Transtector and the other an APC.

      For the Wifi box, I use power protection, and an APC on the Ethernet.

      For the VOIP, I protect the power for the adapter and the telephone base, and use an APC on the phone line in between.

      I put a few snap-on ferrites on my satellite music antenna lead. I have no idea how to protect it for surge, other than the power adapter.

      I generally keep transistor radios I am actively using handy in double shielded bags or modified metal decorator boxes.

      Keep the battery operated generators in double shielded bags, and recharge them once a week.

      In summary, isolate all off-air and power connections to electronics with fast surge protection, and be alert to possible back-feed entanglements. The deities are in the details.

  4. Oh the Pain – the pain !

    So short, got my wallet stuck up my azz..

    No pain – No Gain – heard that somewhere in my distant past..”whoyah hey – just another easy day”.. Something else I heard recently from a lil bird..

    – “shake up the picture the lizard mixture
    with Ure dance on the eventide” -doubleD

    Every Thing – EVERY F-ING THING we have been told about our origins is a LIE – Everything.

    Except of course the power of LOVE – so lets keeps killing and warring on each other.
    Crushing economic news, crushing health news – Keep the Frequency Down, keep it from naturally rising ??
    Transposition ? to a lower inter- dimension..So our “overseers” can feel comfortable…while frenzy dining on our unfortunates, at least those not sold into the galactic genetics trade or off planet slavery..

    remember what the bcn said ?
    Who is arthur burns -1/3 shatoshi? who started fixing/rigging markets in the 60’s ? with the help of the greatest programmer of the time – U know the one – forgot about 00 – another 1/3 of satoshi..

    I am afraid the song remains the same 4 GUre – No, Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin/Monero/XRP/Stellarlumens..But especially not the future of the internetz/broadbandz – Theta, 4 you!

  5. Ya know when ya see the rats all running from the gallows to the highest point on the ship? That means the ship is sinking. Lol

    Remember if it was just the Rona? There still wouldn’t solar powered surveillance cameras that say “police” on the side of them in every grocery store, Walmart, fred Myers and Costco parking lot.

    Ahhhhh fck dude! I dont know. That last one was a doozy. I need to re design my thinking again and restructure my way of life. I got a new note book and the old went in the safe. The one before that I burned in the bonfire, because everything changes form.

    I may just walk away. I have 68 years left on the planet and at 50 right now, I can take some time to think. 2088, that is what they tell every time I die. I’m tired of being after 50 years. Lol. Could you imagine being immortal here??!!

    What if the reason you can’t remember all your old past lives is because when ya die? Some other higher entities smoke them in a bowl to experience them like a dmt trip or something. They get high of your life experiences. Like a drug to them, or food? Life on the loosh farm as they say. Ha ha ha ha.

    What to do. What to do? What to do! What to do? I dont know. I do know famin is gonna hit this world like a freight train hitting a daewoo full of window lickers. The schnoz berries taste like schnoz berries!

    Who would want to really be the coolest one of the Lunatics in the Assylem anyway. The Fonzie of the window lickers? You are still a window licker. Ha ha ha ha.

    Ahhhhhh fck it! I may just walk away for 20 years. You’d be 91 when I come back on the scene. Maybe then? I might know a little bit. Speaking of the ring of fire! Lots of rings. Especially that one between the legs.

    Ahhhhhh fck! I might just go be a regular fella for a long while. Keep my stuff myself. Disappear off the inter webs and do what I been doing all this time. The work of the Lord, lifting heavy, grow a new beard (I shaved it all off yesterday) building fast cars, banging hot chicks and grabbing gears. Lol

    And when that comit that hits the moon in 2-3 years. All this talk about a time machine etc etc. And in that movie dude lands in the future, 2024 if memory serves and a comet hits the moon and bust that bitch into a million billion pieces. Then he full throtals to where we have the people who love under ground and the surface dwellers. Lots of chatter about them topics lately. And I been seeing this big commit out there..
    Planet killa.

    We best hope that ain’t the case. Best 25 years of food if we go down that ‘road’. I’d rather it be the book of Eleye! Or a slow moving zambi appolocolyps.

    Who knows?!! The whole damn thing could turn around and everyone could just be peachy. That would be a nice change.

    This one goes out to the ‘ring of fire!’

    Cue: ~Rock around the Clock ~

    Bill Haley and His comers!

    Infinitely NOW!

    Just Andy

    • “at 50 right now”

      Well Andy At fifty.. I still thought I had it.. benching 300 jogging ten a day trying to look 18 . Working day and night.. my thought and priorities were on the same track everyone elses are on.
      I had physical issues that were popping up but they were sporadic at that time and no one had a clue it was a message to me to slow down and smell the roses.. eventually those issues overtook my health and my priorities changed in a flash with the realizations that we are programmed to have them for our priorities..
      You do realize you have the dream..women fall at your feet, you dont have any obligations or major expense and if a woman wants to place requirements on you, your able to just wave her off and grab the next one.
      Eventually.. you will discover the same thing I your age your looks will eventually start to fade.. what I realized was it was those very members of my family that was what life is all about.. so just don’t wait to long to realize this.. it’s not all just blowjobs and sex and bring free from any serious obligations.. it’s about nurturing and growing as a unit being there for them through thick and thin. So what if she tells you she wants you to vacuum or do the laundry ..JMHO

      • I can run the Vaccume like a mofo! What ya wanna live forever dude? There is more to life than relationships. If you read my last post on probably get a little better understanding of what makes me tick.

        I’m sure I will settle down again. And maybe Gods perfect plan is for me to be single forever? Maybe The Dude wants me to have more kids. I hope not. That is above my pay grade. I have 3 lines on the marriage part of my hand. If your palm reader. My life line wraps around to the front of my and my wisdom line does the same thing. All the way around to other side and continues. Kinda trippy. They are all deep and long. I’m not a palm reader. I just looked at it the other day. My head line and love line are ridiculously deep and long. I’m supposed be in the lime light or something too. Of palm reading which is from 5000 BC India is true. Idk.

        I’m pretty easy going and chill most of the time. Not much bothers me, I do have my moments tho.

        Sometimes. I’m just good at this Humaning thing. I don’t know how to human well. If that makes sense.

        Dont worry dude. I shouldn’t even be here. And suprize! I got 12 more worlds to travel through.
        Right now I’m waiting on a check from DOI. Should be here any day now. Apparently I dont need money at this moment.

        I will tell ya this. Every time shit dont go my way or something gets on hold? Its usually before Gigantic miracle happens. 99% of the time. Or something else is going to occur and I always say, ohhhh okay cool now I know why lol

        And that just happened 3 times in the last few days. A door I thought was good one got slammed shut most people would freak out and cry and be nuts. I just said, ok ok we are going in a different direction, got it. Must be a pretty big deal for that one to not work out. I really liked that one. So, I wait for the bigger door to open. And I think I know what it is.

        Thanks for the positive feedback tho

      • Uhem. I don’t human very well sometimes. I’m not good at this humaning stuff sometimes. I’m really good at it sometimes and at others. No so much.

        I work out because for it relieves stress, the other is feels good and other its gets me out of me for a little bit when I hit that zone. And other reason so Iook good in my camo shorts and tank top with mustard stain on it at the pick nic with friends.

        And I like feeling strong. And I like fluid moment. Lots of reasons. Not just because I get kitty being in better shape. I gett kitty if fat as f.

        So, another door slammed shut. Wasnt my plan. And The Dude knows the shit I dont. So I’m going with Him on this one. I really liked that door. Really good opportunity. However, The Dude said nah little dude, this is the Door for you. And every single time it is better Door to walk through. So, when it shows itself? I will open that Vault door up. :)

        Since I am the Door man. Now. Lol

  6. The CME awareness is well founded. May 1998 the Galaxy 4 satellite (geosynchronous) failed. What was ignored or covered up was the huge xray burst the sun put out just before that happened. I heard one comment about that at the time, and it was pooh-poohed and denied. The satellite spun out of control… because the attitude processor failed. Then it was found the backup processor had also failed. Clearly an on-orbit EMP took out both processors.

    I was a television engineer around the turn of the century when we had some of the hottest Xray bursts ever recorded from the sun. One in particular saturated the GOES satellite sensors with Xrays ‘off the charts’ never before seen. At noon on that day, my UHF TV broadcast transmitter began to fade to noise. It was still putting out full RF power indicated, but the signal became snowy and extremely noisy. I found in the early stages of the transmitter that the first stage RF transistor, only operating at about 1 watt of power, had become extremely noisy. My theory is that the Xray blast fried the solid state junction of the transistor. It did not short, nor go open. It just got very noisy. I replaced it and all was normal.

    My engineering boss from the mainland asked for a report on the outage, and he laughed out loud when I told him that ‘cosmic rays’ did it. He stopped laughing when I showed him charts of the timing of the solar Xray blast that coincided with our transmitter failure. “What else could make a silicon junction go noisy?”

  7. On NVIS and the F2 & F1 layers… Here in Hawaii we have daily interisland nets, usually on 40 meters, that rely on NVIS propagation along the 300-some mile long island chain. One savvy ham has put together a web page for us with lots of great information and aids. One of them is a link and data from the .mil Lualualei ionosonde data from Honolulu. They have RF ‘sounders’ that ping the sky and issue radio propagation reports. Many time in recent months/years we have had to move the net from 40 meters down to 60 meters or even 80 meters when NVIS propagation was bad. You can explore this useful website yourself at:

  8. Just want to reach out to the Peoplenomics folks to send positive, collective thoughts my wife’s way. She had to be rushed to emergency this morning for extreme abdominal pain and after CT scan and blood work, is undergoing surgery as we speak. Because of Covid rules, I am not allowed with 5 feet of the building…which is driving me crazy. She is in tip top shape…so it goes to show you that our bodies are very fragile.

    • Positive thoughts and prayers out to your wife and you Mark. The hospital COVID rules are cruel and unusual for these situations. I speak from experience.

      All the best.

    • Prayers and cares for your wife! Hospitals have evolved horrible habits, thanks to their utility and position in the control network. The important thing is to find and fix whatever her problem is and get her home asap. Best wishes for both of you.

    • Prayers for your wife, Mark. There is a surgical procedure called the DaVinci method that involves a qualified surgeon controlling robotic arms for very precise incisions and extractions. I would imagine your hospital in San Francisco has this available. Hopefully, they will find what is not right in her abdomen and repair or remove the problem safely.

      • Sounds like what I went thru… Diverticulitis abdominal infection that blew thru my colon and bladder walls. The laparoscopic surgery was amazing. I have a small “C-section” type incision in lower abdomen, and three tiny ‘mosquito bite’ holes by my navel area. They took 10 inches of infected colon out of me and resected it. Recovery was much faster and less painful than I expected, with minimal ab muscle damage. Prayers, Mark. The Docs are very good at this.

    • Omg mark.i am do sorry to hear that.. you must be frantic in worry.. prayers sent…

  9. Just placed my order for Starlink. Until you brought it up, I wasn’t even aware it was available in beta form. Now I’m on the waiting list with you… ;>)

    • Thanks everyone. Nancy, you were spot on. Very non-invasive surgery by a robotic arm I was told by doctor. She has just three vey small holes in her lower abdomen. Twisted intestine…which is extremely painful. Was released today and after a few days of rest, she can go back to normal.


    G – how much U think the above linked piece of Art went for ? First ever NFT (non fungible token) Art Auction..

    ..Urban Survival Marketplace – products/manufacturing(small/micro scale)/how to manuals/legacy seeds/recipes -food stuffs/consulting/ect – all U need is a digital means of conducting commerce – sub rosa..

    Wheeeee! awash in a sea of “money” that is losing purchasing power by the minute – see above $13 million dollar piece of Art – and hear the progressives have gutted Gym, Music and ART classes from our Elementary School Curriculums ..

    Barkie must be proud of the policies that wrought the Destruction of FAMILY and Kids – he so ardently supports on these boards.

    Hear I used to think a TV news reporter doing “local flavor” coverage was relatively Safe occupation..till we saw SanFran reporter on the street – Held up at gunpoint LIVE on Ure TV – Great Country or Entertainment ?

    • The bid is now up to 14 million and change. I screenshot it for the lulz, but if I had it in my house, it would go into the woodstove unless someone offered me money for it.

      This is an example of why “art” is a non-starter in my world.

    • Beauty is in the eye. Mine obviously work better than some others’…

      Price Realised: USD 69,346,250

  11. Vegetable soup George’s best cooking . Did you hear the one about Covid!!!! What a ripper !! Made the depression worse .der der get the jab der

  12. di scipline . stay short . synthetic and leverage . listen to no storytellers . fast trades as well . i bought gold leverage 2 days ago as i said and nobody saw i suppose because im depraved . im out now . you can firmly ram the stuff now . triple sell . eh jeff i dont understand eh !!!!the 218s to 222s are not gunna hold . long way there but watch the force of fear .. greeds a way of life now

    • That imaginary check should keep you in simulated food indefinitely. From personal experience, if you are working for a wage with a real check, you don’t have so much time available for contemplating your personal angst. The food purchased with real paychecks tastes better than the simulated kind, as well.
      Employers perception of wage earners begins changing in your age group, regardless of what your self-image tells you. The same goes for women. You are old enough to know the rules. If you don’t show up for work, and stay in trouble with outside agencies, the employers write you off permanently as a crazy old f@ck. You need to draw a check for the next fifteen years, until the government safety net kicks in. Employers are afraid of old crazy people breaking the bank on the health insurance pool, or worse, shooting up the place. Older workers are not treated kindly in capitalist economies, and like it or not, you are now a workplace old guy.
      Sideline businesses can make for good tax deductions, and who knows, maybe your website and your reports will go viral, some sunny day. Until then, get a job. Associating with the trust fund rats at Ford messed with your perspective.
      I’m having dreams about vast empty corporate campuses and offices. I’m not taking that as a good omen, but I’d rather report to work and not sit around contemplating such dreams and my navel all day.

  13. As if Piers Morgan walking out in the middle of Breakfast yesterday wasn’t drama enough, today one sees JP Morgan letting loose a proverbial Yosemite Sam in the SEC corral. Make your wagers, and take cover. (This is not investment advice.)

    Just when the little people figured they’d be shearing golden fleece from cryptograms, out comes JPM with a basket case. Read the fine print on your investment vehicle that may or may not drive like a debt instrument, and may or may not be braked by capital gains.

    And now, back to Snake River Canyon as preparations continue for program ignition…

    • Selling Gold/Treasury/USD

      – Buying Silver, Buying Copper, Hydrogen Tech, very select Biotech, C.A. farmland, BTC/Theta.

      Selling Gold – Buying BTC -has been a winna winna chicken dinna for like 6 months now – how do I know – Apr15 is one hell of an “icewall” for the coot..%@$#&*#@$%!

  14. You know I feel sorry for Biden . A demented old frail man being used by the forces of evil for their facist agenda. He should be in a rocking chair sitting in front of a fire waiting for the end . So sad to see a president like this . Let him retire gracefully and paint and sip whiskey all day

    • I don’t. Biddy was a clown all his life and just background for the Barkie administration. Now he’s been told that he’s a president. I doubt most world leaders consider him that. To my knowledge, he never had a real job and has no idea how to relate to real people other than feeling them up.

    • Original Bribem has been gone for a awhile..

      What U are looking at is the product of a “genetic biocooker” & “genetic accelerator” – What U think they been doing with those bovines in NM/Colo area, besides ranchers raising beef..think serum/replacements.

      Those bio units (clones) degrade over time – kam is already been “inserted” – – drooling debacles be dammed..

  15. Coming around on EMP preps? Welcome to my world.

    Now, for your further consideration, in the event of a situ like a:

    Huge pyroclastic event
    general nuclear exchange

    Earth’s atmosphere will clog for months or years with (respectively) ash or radioactive dust.

    Sat signals may cease to work in either case…

    • I’m thinking connectivity would cease to be an issue under those scenarios. I have stopped worrying about low survival rate scenarios, where happenstance is the most important factor.

    • When I was a kid there were a pair of experimental UHF stations in the Cleveland area. ‘Same station, broadcasting kid-shows on two high UHF channels, a couple apart (81 & 83.) This was years before WGBH syndication and the existence of PBS. I was an intrepid child and my Daddy had a pair of Vice-Grips. I would up the volume, then climb our tower and adjust the antenna mast until the audio was coming in cleanly. We had a VHF stacked-conical and a separate UHF quad-bowtie (probably a Channel-Master 4228) on a 24’ tower.

      Cleveland is nearly 400 miles (probably about 320mi LOS) from the house in which I grew up.

      Impossible, you say? Not at all. The Cleveland station used weather balloons to put their radiator up 68000ft. (See “MPATI.” That was a years-long Purdue-sponsored experiment, broadcast from a DC-6 which circled over Indiana and Ohio. There were a lot of experimental broadcast techs that got “tried out” in the late ’50s to early ’70s, mostly on UHF.) I don’t know if they hauled a wire that high or had some kind of repeater (probably the latter. I also don’t remember their calls, but one was a “WnnLL” where the two “nns” were numbers) — I was just a post-toddler/pre-teen who got into his brother’s DeVry RTV home study course and got a hankering to DX television signals and watch child-centric programming on our teevee.

      ‘Point is, Popular Mechanics no longer has the ad for whomever was selling 12′ and 16’ weather balloons in its classified ads, but it might behoove one to source a few, and a helium tank, so as to be able to hang a wire above atmospheric dreck, should it ever become necessary…

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