How Covid Killed the Flu; Markets Due Lower?

A longish – but I figure quite important – ramble to begin with… It’s a discussion of how you look at piles of data.  And how sometimes, when you look, it’s what’s not there that matters.


We will frequently cite something called our Aggregate Market Index when addressing things like long wave economic cyclicity in markets.

This was born of my frustration as a writer/blogger/former big city news director when looking at the aftermath of the 2000-2003 stock market wash-out.  You see, what happened was the Financial Industry – which piled up losses of between $5 and $7-trillion dollars in this window, simply stopped talking about the “loser” index – at the time – the NASDAQ.

One of the grad school lessons (with ongoing credit to my late faculty advisor, Dr. Charles Dalton) was “Whenever you look at a data problem, see if there aren’t other, correlated, supportive or dismissive sets to hone your insights…”

Which is why Peoplenomics was hell-on-wheels using multiple discrete indices as an “equal dollar weighted” measurement of how stock investments were faring.  Overall.

Initial Results

Using an aggregate approach to the World (which is obviously composed of multiple markets) results in a far different view of finance than what’s peddled in the FinPress.  The reason is that although this morning, we see that Japan was up more than 2% overnight, Hong Kong was down 1.3 percent.

Point is that if you look at a wide enough slice of world, you might get to some “ground truth” – especially after the close today.  Because on Fridays, all the hot money in the world has to land somewhere, so you can make an intelligent estimate of what’s really going on in the battle between the bankers for Global Control.

Timely, there’s a great read in the story “New York, London keep top spots in global financial centres index”  because in each city, there is a billionaire class.  And it’s doing battle with challenger nation-states of finance.  Like China: “Is China stepping up its ambition to supplant US as top superpower?”

Just as you can aggregate multiple financial indicators of US economic and market health, so too you can slice the world up – assume equal dollars into each – and watch the winners progress over time.

Applying This to Covid and Flu Data

Besides observing that during the run of the FAANGS, the darlings of Big Tech could “do no wrong” – it was a massive change from the 2002-2003 market lows where two significant events occurred:  The Tech Wreck went off the rails and (arguably by many) Terrorism was unleashed as a cover-up.

Every other crisis cycle needs a non-financial scapegoat.  Everyone knows the next panic cycle (Housing Collapse 2007-2010) was due to an excessive expansion of financial engineering.  Which begat CMO’s and other (not suitable for widows and orphans) financial products.

Our expectation that in the period just ahead, we COULD have a deep decline in markets into mid next week (a thousand Dow points lower and 100 lower on the S&P 500 is not off the table in our view) is based on a combination of regression lines, Elliott waves, and market aggregates.

Where Covid Hype Mirrors the Tech Wreck

On the front side of the Internet Bubble – call it 1996 through March of 2000 – the tech darlings could do no wrong.  Then, they disappeared from view.

But, unless you were looking through the lens of a financial aggregate of multiple markets, you would have missed reality.

How does Covid then mirror that?

By simply inspecting ALL CAUSES OF MORTALITY we can see a few question marks that raise some concerns.

Including and especially the virtual disappearance of Flu.

The Story

 “How Covid Ended Flu” is implied by three charts, readily available from the FluView stat reports from CDC available here.

For our view of things, we will use the Week 22 (around June 1) reports from each of three years. Beginning with the 2018-2019 reporting period.

If you’re going to keep up with class, notice the left-side scaling.  At its peak, Flu A was hitting 14,000 cases a week.

Burn that into memory:  Flu A: 14,000 in 2018-2019.

Second chart shows 2019-2020.  It was a bumper year for Flu A.

Again, notice the scaling on the left.

Now make a mental note:  2019-2020 “flu season” SHOWED 22,000 CASES PER WEEK of Flu A PLUS 11,000 a week of Flu B.  On that week, looks to us like 27,000 influenza cases peak week.

Now the shocker is this year’s report on Flu.  Ready?

The whole story is revealed in the left-hand axis scaling.  The PEAK on the chart (max possible) is 500.  The ACTUAL number of confirmed flu A cases look like about 127, or so.

Damn Tough – Simple – Question

Peak can – and have – died of influenza.  In the Spanish flu, 675-thousand Americans died.  On a population-adjusted basis CV-19 is one-third this number.  Because we have more than three-times as many people alive today.

We suppose that there are many possible explanations.  But let me articulate the ultimate question:

How does CDC reconcile a reduction of Influenza (both types) from a peak of approximately 27.000 weekly cases in 2019-2020 to a weekly peak of approximately 225 cases this year?

That’s a virtual disappearance of common flu by a factor of 1/120th.

While we are skeptical of many things – including and especially the early misuse of PCR Covid testing resulting in what we would characterize as “mass data casualties – this medically unique Disappearance of the Flu is both obvious and insidious in our view.

Can the Ministry of Propaganda please explain?

Or, isn’t it true that people are dying with Covid but not necessarily dying of Covid?

“Everything’s a Business Model”

While it’s axiomatic (among mRNA conspiracy theorists) that the Hype & Jab religion is about Big Pharma inventing new annual shots, we think there’s a different conclusion in the data Big Pharma may have missed.

Who, pray tell, will be stupid enough to “roll ’em up” for that formerly reliable revenue stream called the annual flu shot, when the number of cases now approaches zero?  (Or whatever odds 225 divided by 336-million is.)

“Hello?  ( this thing on?)  “Houston, we have a problem…”

There’s a revenue war over Ure arm.  And it explains news stories like CDC Panel Approves Pfizer Boosters For Older Americans Despite More Pushback to a tee.

We found it curious that African leaders call out vaccine inequality at UN.  Because if the conspiracy theory/depopulation folks are right and there are long-term reproductive issues, African could be major winners!  Wouldn’t be the first occurrence of irony in the history books, you know.

Vax or PAY for Healthcare???

This is morally shocking, but not financially:  Insurers ask the unvaccinated to pick up COVID-19 treatment costs.  Easy to see where this is going:  NON PCP’s are practicing “financial gunpoint medicine” again.  You know, like they already do with prescriptions.

Only a matter of time until Joe Blow – imperial wizard of over-reachers tells Medicare to MANDATE vax of seniors to get their gov-coverages of illness.  Then we see him strong-arming Social Security to require vax proof to get paid.  This is so far over the line it’s….well…inevitable the commies will reach for it while they can.

Vax?  It’s not about medicine.  It’s about division, power, self-aggrandizement, control, abuse or authority and more.  Certainly not about natural immunity, allergies, moral grounds, or lest of all medicine any more.

The world is crazy.  But you figured that out without help, we trust.

Market Due for Lower?

Aggregate Index Close Thursday:  39,703.77.

As of this morning’s futures pricing?  39,524.27.

And we have now met our Wave iv targets for Wave 1 down.

We we bounced up into the 78% range on Thursday, but the real question is whether things can break higher from here.  I’ve got a wager on it won’t.  In the thousands of shares range.

This is NOT investment advice.  Elliott is only a tool.  Doesn’t always work.  I’m a compulsive gambler!

But as we look at the set-up from the all-time high (going into Labor Day) is looks like this:

Since wave 2 looks complex (even in this not-very-granular) view, we would expect a marked decline next week.

The Nested Waves Problem

Thing is, even if we get a decline next week, it MIGHT only be a wave  5 down of a larger Wave 1’s larger degree.  Elliott Wave “nest” like those damn recursive macros in Excel, right?

How low could be be at the bottom of this Wave 4 by the end of October?  Well, to get that estimate, we take the 5th wave low now projected – assume we get there next week, or so.  (Maybe a terribly disappointing Housing report next Tuesday?  Must have a scapegoat, right?)  Here’s where we could go.  Assuming we get down to the 38,308 level over the next 10-days, or less.

Since this is an outlook toward the end of October, and we see the 35,053 level then, given that we’re at 39,703.77. today, that implies from here “the bottom” might be 11.8% lower than it was at the Thursday close.

Or, to put it another way, given we started from the all-time, October might be whatever (40,475 into 35,053) is down from the top.

That might put the Dow, which closed yesterday around 34,765 down to 30,692.

Actually, this is GREAT news.

Because if we DO happen to hit on these outlandish penciling’s, we might see a 1,600 point rally (basis the Aggregate, but over 1,o00 on the Dow is possible) before we drop toward the end of October.

Thus, we expect some real market pessimism into early October, for that fifth wave low expected, major rally second week of October, then bad news to end next month on.

You can see with such a perspective how tracking the news doesn’t hold a lot of surprises.

Surprise News

The HTM (Happy-Talk Ministry) is still pumping out the positive agitprop:  Democrats Say They Agree On A Loose Framework To Pay For Their Spending Agenda.  Of course, what is true is democrats tend to be easily confused by details.  Even Zeus the Cat, editor emeritus around here, has a better handle on who pays for the cat food and how many mice are expected in return.

Hold on…Zeus just handed me something.  Hmm…”Pet Feeding Reimagined: Magnetic Slow Feeding Puzzle Bowl and No-Mess Mat By Trot”  Damn cat.  No!

Another Heaping of Happy?  You bet!  US Economic Index Rises In August.

Enough of the happy – how about back to Reality now?

The Bad Son: Hunter Biden emails boast ties to White House and China.  A number of our readers have questioned Joe’s loyalties…so along comes Hunter with more beans to spill.

Economic Wreckage

We found the article in the NY Daily News today, NYC preps for school staff shortages with vaccine deadline, pretty interesting.  Because we seem to have a national problem with people not wanting to work anymore.

See, the problem is anyone who wants to work now CAN find a job, but many times thanks to government stepping out of governing and into medicine, companies can’t (or won’t) hire based on vaccine status.

The unemployment rate continues as a train wreck.  Because we STILL have fewer people working than in 2017…but the unemployment rate has been hacked by simply reducing people counted as “in the workforce” to make the numbers look good.

It’s nuts.  OK…sick, then.

We can hardly wait for next Tuesday – that’s when the Fed will “fess up” to how much money they have been blowing into the economy via print and lend and buy facilities.  Adding an additional $120-billion this month speaks to their desperation to keep the music playing as financial musical chairs on the Titanic rolls over.

On to Break the Fast

On the way, Dow futures were down 170 when I looked.  I’m not the only one who can read Elliott?

The Bitcoin and Cryptoniters are hyping the talk of a US digital currency circulating in Washington.  Just remember, there’s no reason to convert any of the current digit-con into real Digi’s of the Realm, so don’t be disappointed when digital tulips don’t convert to latter-day steak dinners.

$41,565 at 7:30 AM centrist time.  (Which is Central time to the extremists who occupy both coasts – but more on that on Peoplenomics tomorrow).

Lumber is up.  Tile for the kitchen is ordered, but won’t be here until mid October, such is supply, demand, and a lack of OTR truckers.

Planning some time in the recording studio this weekend – more time machine experiments.  What else?

OH! Our sole investment advice for real:  Saturday PowerBall is $523 million.  But one.

Write when you get rich,

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    • Yo HomeGamers ,

      did ya ever wonder ? Nah Y’all knew what a scumbag she Is. Their song ?

      “Shouts out to Nancy Pelosi, the stock market’s biggest whale,” one user on Tik Tok said, according to a report by NPR.

      “I’ve come to the conclusion that Nancy Pelosi is a psychic,” another said.

      Chris Josephs, co-founder of a company called Iris, which shows other people’s stock trades, said of Pelosi’s trading record: “She knew. And you would have known if you had followed her portfolio.” – ZH

      U know our proverbial goose bee cooked when Robinhood traders KNOW the speaker is dirty/corrupt and use her trades to successfully trade off of.
      We knew the fox guarding the henhouse was a dirty thief, didnt know da weasels were in on the Crimes. No worries – Just – us Dept. dirtiest denizens of the dam DC cesspool be owned by the soros pinko’d crowd.

  1. RE: the bottom dropping out of the # of reported flu cases globally: This SciAm article deduces masks and social distancing are contributing causes.

    I would add widespread lockdowns, as remote work, shuttered watering holes and eateries and closed schools may have played a significant factor in the numbers. And severe intercontinental travel restrictions likely limited flu transmission rates, as most flu variants originate in the Far East each year and migrate globally with market products and human travelers. Finally, Western populations have become addicted to using hand sanitizers obsessively, which reportedly helps to reduce the transmission of colds and flus on surfaces and via hand contact.

    If the above data points are accurate assumptions, then we ‘should’ see an uptick of various flu strains this coming season as travel ramps back up, large attendance events (sports, concerts) return and many masking mandates and social distancing rules are relaxed. Then again, it could just be due to Big Pharma switching back to flu vaccine production with the expected waning of the Covid pandemic.

    • With all due respect, I feel that Scientific American is definitely within the group labeled as ‘Main Stream Media’ (MSM). Even though they inject more scientific terminology into their articles they still follow and support the official narrative of the elite rulers of humanity. In effect, it’s no more than a propaganda rag when it comes to issues where science and politics have merged.

      If both SARS-CoV-2 and influenza are respiratory viruses, both primarily spread by airborne transmission, then why would all of the reasons stated by Scientific American to explain the several order of magnitude decrease in influenza not also apply to SARS-CoV-2. Even the esteemed (??) Dr. Fauci and the CDC stated that transmission routes for SARS-CoV-2 other than airborne are negligible.

      The Scientific American article obfuscates and misrepresents the facts to justify why influenza disappeared at a time when Covid-19 illness was growing in cyclical waves. Their explanation is nonsensical and illogical. The most obvious reason for the disappearance of influenza is because patients having influenza were diagnosed by the totally inaccurate and inappropriately used PCR test as having Covid-19. There were certainly immense financial incentives for hospitals and Big Pharma to do this and it supported the globalist agenda of grabbing power and control of the populace.

      In the future, Covid-19 cases will increase through manipulation by the elites to push their agenda narratives. Further division of the American populace can be promoted to an even higher degree by blaming unvaccinated people for the inevitable increase of Covid-like ailments and deaths in the vaccinated due to the adverse effects of the Jab. Another magnificent psychological operation correographed by the elites.

      • Well, Mikey – you are one of the few people on this forum that ‘gets it.’ I have stopped trying to explain to people why covid is a total con/psyop. I mean, you would think if someone was intelligent enough to find and navigate to a sight like George’s, they would understand the stupidity of basing a ‘pandemic’ on a lab procedure (PCR) that is notoriously inaccurate and not a ‘diagnostic’ test to begin with! How could you ever account for cases of so called ‘covid’ when there is no diagnostic testing. Would anyone believe me here if I took barometric pressure readings for the last 1.5 years and based them on my portable thermometer. Would you say, whoa….you cant measure barometric pressure with a thermometer?

        So, here we are in 2021 in a hell of a situation, and most people still think we have a ‘pandemic’ and that ‘covid’ is real. Oh well, civilization is being destroyed because of stupidity – and not even something that requires any real thought. It should have been obvious on day one that this was a big psyop! I suppose after 911, they knew they could get people to believe in even the most improbable events! Just put it on ‘TV”!

    • So, are you proposing masks, lockdowns, shuttering of watering holes, schools, and the shuttering the rest of our infrastructure for the rest of human existence (which may be vastly curtailed) because there are viruses and so called flu around? I hope not – btw, do you believe in the Easter Bunny? Did the 911 ‘culprits’ expertly fly jumbo liners into buildings with almost no flight training?? I am just testing your credibility quotient.

    • WH,
      Logic and rational discussion left the vaccine stage long ago. People – especially smart people – are wired to find patterns in random events even where there aren’t any. Once wedded to their egos and tribe affiliations, various biases keep them locked in. The posts speak for themselves. Nevertheless, keep hope alive.

  2. I have two audio generators and low frequency amplifier speakers ready to go for a levitation experiments. Now if I only had a smoke machine so I could visualize the effects at the focal point ….

  3. Did ya ever notice how doom porn sites use words like “might”, “could” and “possibly”? At least Nostradamus wrote in riddles, not possibilities. Oh well, as they say in J school: Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
    I feel like Margaret Mead in Samoa.
    Love y’all any way. Party on.

  4. Well… I SAVED THE BEEF……..
    Freeze dryer Pump issues.. dam it was driving me crazy.. almost as crazy as the home made freeze dryer had to baby sit the dumb thing all the time..
    So.. last night I swapped vacuum pumps tore the old one apart and rebuilt it daddy maintenances.. did the gas orifices on the burners on the stove to…. Now it is ready to go.. phew.. today I will add a vapor separator on the unit.. ( seriously I should have done that a long time ago) and I stop down and pick up a few extra front cover gaskets .. and a couple of main shaft gaskets.. I will stop down to the shop and have them make a couple of deflector plates.. all is good.. I will vacuum pack the hamburger and toss a pack into a hamburger helper meal.. makes cooking sweet and easy.. cook and eat.. if you really want to do it right.. then soak the hamburger over night..

  5. Oh look, the largest crypto market in the world just went scofflaw dark:

    So, when will the daily talking points here back home go into full crypto hate mode? Oh wait, corporates, intelligence, bureaucrats, lawmen & politicos all use the cryptos to avoid scrutiny for officious secret business, like taking pay-offs. But now the crypto pay-offs from China are in doubt. This is so perplexing. How will this play back at home? I know, the brown-shirts will just seize the cryptos from private scofflaws, so cryptos will only be used for officious secret brown-shirt business. Revenue enhancement !
    Poor, poor BCN. The brown shirts are going to want to seize his vapor-money. Ashes to ashes, vapor to vapor.

    • Bean up pardner..its the same ole game – different time, same channel. The CCPinkos rountinely talk down da Cyrpto, almost monthly – so whales (CCPinko banksters&friends) can load up on FAH = diversification.
      Check out On Chain Analysis – w/Mr. Willie Woo – nobody does on chain analysis half as well as Mr Woo out of Hong Kong(slickshitsmartcrypto). Whos buying/selling futures, where coins are coming from/going to, what the big miners are doing, ect..

      Think fluidity & diversification – Cyrpto like Money needs to keep moving – alwayz in action and against entropy.

      * Cant seize something that does not exist – therefore any Cyrpto stored in a Hard wallet is Off Chain & No Longer Exists .

      No Worries ja boyz in die Braun Shirts – Because there is No Bitcoin 4 n___ or G. KEINER!

      • The CCP traded in the black shirts for brown some time back. In addition to crypto conspiracy, the brown-shirts will no doubt be after you for cultural hijacking of their sacred symbology. We apparently do agree on one point on cryptos- nothing from nothing leaves nothing:

  6. The mammalian cell influenza jabs are available locally from CVS. I’ve already had mine. I had H1N1 once, before I started using the mammalian cell technology. I went in to get antibiotics for a bacterial chest infection, and walked away with H1N1 as a bonus. Since making the switch to the newer vaccine, I haven’t had a problem.

  7. Daughter, Charge Nurse over several units and her husband, ER trauma nurse in a large public hospital both were told to VAX by mid Sep or be fired. Those were the words the hospital used. Both gave their resignations, I understand son in law used much stronger words when the er medical director tried to shame him about refusing the jab. Daughter said he used the f bomb and layed his badge on a cart then they left together. Along with quite a few of their coworkers. My financial consiglier once told me that attempts to radically change or take away Medicare or soc sec would be revolutionary. I agree.

    • Funny, how in the midst of a ‘pandemic’, that hospitals can afford to let anyone go! Wouldn’t you think they would need an ‘all hands on deck’ situation? The fact that they are willing to let so many nurses go tells me all I need to know about this mess. These nurses have been working around this for 18 months, probably have in all likelihood, natural immunity, but the employer now insists ‘vax or no job’? People need to think this through – something else is going on here….

      • You see the hospital as a public service provider. Those who run the hospital see it as a business trying to make a profit. They wouldn’t let the staff walk away unless they knew there were many others standing in line to fill the vacancies. The backstories on the two nurses are just a distraction to get your sympathy.

      • Joe M, I’d argue that they may see far less of a need for staff going forward rather than having others standing in line. Dead people don’t need medical staff.

      • “Funny, how in the midst of a ‘pandemic’, that hospitals can afford to let anyone go! ”

        Well Logger G… this is the Witching season.. that time of year.. I worked medical for over forty five years.. this time of year it is when they dump the higher paid employees to hire cheaper new grads.. happens every year.. she should heed those warnings.. or out the door.. its a business model.. and the guys on top want to keep their big paychecks..
        The land of the constantly short staffed wings.. after I left the hospital I was still on the schedule for five years.. we use to call them the ghost staff.. on the schedule then they yellow you out.. new people walk in seeking a job.. oh we aren’t hiring.. the jobs on the board are for in house positions.. been there done that.. my wife had been with a company for over two decades.. because they wanted me off the insurance.. they looked for any infraction.. they got rid of all the long term employees that year.. the only ones that weren’t downsized were the ones closest to retirement.. after visiting with an old coworker.. ( she is right at retirement age) she said it hasn’t changed.. the same thing.. year after year.. for her sake .. if she doesn’t have a job in the lineup and wants to keep that one.. get the vaxx.. I should have noticed it when the insurance company started to leave us alone.. they had been hounding me up till a month before the downsized event.. we went a year without an income.. once let go its hard to get a job.. sad but true..

      • “You see the hospital as a public service provider. Those who run the hospital see it as a business trying to make a profit. They wouldn’t let the staff walk away unless they knew there were many others standing in line to fill the vacancies. ”

        You are absolutely correct Joe.. many hospitals have gone to one Nurse.. and then hire four techs to fill the spot of another nurse.. the nurse even though she is good at her job the only reason she is kept around is for the license.. Just in case someone makes a drastic mistake.. you have IV techs.. Ortho techs, Monitor techs.. one such night I had just finished my ACLS … there was a code on the cardiac wing.. ran up everyone the doctors nurses everyone said.. well you have more experience with this.. and left.. ( the guy lived than god)
        See they don’t see what the people on the floor actually do.. I had one hospital ceo tell me.. If I could find a machine to swap bed pans I would..
        what they don’t see is the MRSA patient that rips their intestines out and tosses them on the floor.. or the young person that flips out of a rolling car and has their legs shoved out through their stomachs.. or having to debree the necrotic tissue from around someone’s jugular vein..I won’t say I seen it all though.. the second you think that then something really bizarre will happen and you’ll be shocked.. what I can say is it does take a lot to surprise me ..
        in the end.. the ceo and administration staff is only interested in keeping their paychecks were they are.. by making the books looking good.. they can do that.. One year they tried to cut costs by not buying gloves LOL or wipes LOL LOL and recycling urine cath bags..
        I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like in a place like NYC where they stack the patients like cordwood..

      • “because they wanted me off the insurance.. they looked for any infraction.. they got rid of all the long term employees that year.. ”

        One of the infractions was… get this.. getting overtime.. they had called her begging her to work.. she was the only nurse for sixty three patients.. three wings.. each with 21 patients on it..
        then the lap tray.. patients that are in a lot of pain the body produces chemicals that negate other medications.. there was one of the patients that was so confused and thrashing around that she put a lap buddy on the patient to keep her safe while she passed meds. taking the patient with I might add.. that is how it is normally done.. your shadow.. .LOL we use to race to the closet to get them..

        See at that time the federal govt..Had just changed the rules to the drop and flop law.. in a hospital and long term setting.. the patient has the right to throw themselves on the floor. Now days they do have high low beds.. drop the bed right to the floor… which at the time gave them the reason to downsize her..It was all about money.. even though everyone was still using them and no one knew the new ruling at the time.. no lap trays side rails or lap buddies.. even a trapeze is considered a no no.. a lot of paperwork goes into getting one.. beleive it or not.. long term care and hospitals don’t make a great deal of money.. hospitals make more.. that is why a simple ER visit is a grand or more..

  8. 3pm central daylight saving, AZ Senate report, direct to you skip the lame stream media horse blinders. You know the father muckers that hide the flu death numbers disappearing and reappearing into Covid stats

    excellent post this morning Mr. Ure. Thank you
    Colorado is heating up

    recovering the stolen election is the turning point of this war against US humans. Our voice has been silenced by thief,, off with their hands er maybe heads. They need to fear US for a change,,,, Truth and Light should ever present on our path of life
    My father preached to me,,, if a man will lie to you, he will steal from you

    TRUMP WON 2020 the muckers stole it We demand it back. Fix the elections and many problems will vanish, like Bribems invite come one come all to Joeys free hand outs.
    you ever set out cat food daily, you will get all kinds of freeloaders at the feed bowl

    • Heads – must be “off with their heads”.

      See Highlander – there is a very important message in that show regards immortals/”dragons”& reptilian ancestors. There is very good historic reason for some islamic religious “practices’.

    • China outlaws cryptos; we’re apparently going to try to develop them on the sly.

      What’s wrong with this picture…?

  9. Maybe by letting go employees who refuse the VAXX is the employer’s attempt to get rid of the trouble makers & bring in more loyal employees, all without not having to worry about lawsuits & bad press. You don’t have a sound military fighting force without loyalty.

    • Great! America’s new “management through incompetence.”
      Yeah – let’s fire people who can think for themselves. Let’s hire people who will be easily told everything must be by the book. Then we can write whatever the ‘f we want!
      Genius. And people wonder how Asia kicked our ass?
      They walked what we used to talk.

      No time for questioning authority. Don’t you have a CRT class, or something?

    • Compliant snowflakes do not make a sound military regardless of “loyalty” – a competent military depends on highly skilled and confident individuals. If leadership is competent and honors their oaths to the Constitution, the competent soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen will get the mission accomplished. Compliant snowflakes melt in the heat of battle as they are weak minded and emotionally driven.

    • Steve you still have 1 hr to go before the AZ Senate meets. And you say “The AZ vote seems to be in” U been eating the lame stream media fish bait!
      “Come on man” “you know the thing” Biden has not been ‘right” about anything
      Q is not the anons the anons are not Q
      Get some popcorn and watch the movies Q posted. Q posted these movie posters sometime back
      “Guardians of the Pedophiles” Epstein,Chiltons and company
      “Panic in DC” fencing around the Capitol Blg
      “FISAgate” the Durham probe

      • ‘Panic in DC’ is also about the election/selection process being brought out into the Light of day, people need to see that we have not been the ones choosing our government office holders and they are in a PANIC

  10. Comrades,

    China slugged another one out of the Park this morning off Slo Joe. Apparently billionaire Huawei exec Meng Wanzhou has struck a plea deal with US authorities regarding extradition from Canada to the USA as charges brought under the Trump administration had sought. The CBC website has a photo taken this morning of a serenely smiling Ms. Wanzhou as she departed one of her two multi-million dollar Vancouver mansions where she has bidened her time while under house arrest.

    Ready, set, three cheers now:
    Hua Hua Huawei!
    Hua Hua Huawei!
    Hua Hua Huawei!

  11. George;
    No FLU cause the same PCR test is used for FLU. That is one reason it will be stopped in use by 31Dec 21.. Could not accurately show flu or Covid.. But WAIT THERES MORE!!!
    Covid paid an extra 34 to 74 thousand to the Hospital or higher
    clinic fee.. SO EVERYONE HAD COVID….Medicine thy name is MONEY CAUSE ITS A BUSINESS MODEL…..
    Much hype, over a less dangerous bug..
    How many people realize that Mononucleosis is a childhood disease usually in 1st or 2nd grade. Kicks but if you are in late teens or early 20’s.. Covid,engineered and first Biological warfare attack engineered by Humans to my knowledge.
    No I have not been vaxxed, do not plan on it at 71. Will try to order IVM from india.3mg,6mg and 12mg tabs .1000 of each for me and family,kids grandkids. All based on body weight for correct dose..200lbs/90kg 18mg a day repeat next day, repeat in 2 weeks for prevention as per one of recommendations from India and a published study or theu FLCCC GROUP HERE IN USA..

  12. Comrades,

    Now that we are in the season of falls in the northern hemisphere, a winter power crisis may be plugging in. Former London-headquartered National Grid Group PLC has extended the shutdown of its 2GW southern England cross-Channel power balancing link with France to near the end of October following a fire according to its website. The facility will then run at 50% capacity until the end of March, 2022.

    Apparently National Grid Group holds some sway in the NE USA power biz. Maybe check the windmills are good to go, and not tilting? Don’t want to see Lady Liberty left in the dark for Christmas!

  13. Here’s where mother nature was doing the ‘gain of function’ without any help from modern day science (20k years ago coronavirus existed in south east asia):

    Covid unvaxxed dumped $5 billion in medical costs on U.S. :

    Of course CA’s unemployment fraud could be picking up the whole tab, $11 billion fraud payments pulled out of the ‘cash register’ while legitimate claims were difficult to collect.

  14. You’re right, George.



    This scamdemic may have been a plandemic. This much is certain: medical alternatives to the vax are being systematically suppressed and censored. Stay healthy, readers. All the info you need is out there, you just have to look. Take good care of yourselves.

  15. “smoke gens are cheap on ebay – I used em in the past for standing wave work in the low end of audio in studios”

    I wanted to get a joe ,hunter or nancy video saying. Come here children.. do you want some candy. but seriously.. I dont want children crying and having nightmares..

  16. It matters not to me whether you get the vaccine or not. Im 86 and hang around bunch of old folks and they all have got the shot somewhat back and dont see any getting sick or dying. If you have diabetes and get the covid I wouldnt waste money on green bananas.

  17. “I’m a compulsive gambler!”

    You know the first line in the Gambler song by Kenny Rogers, when the gambler gives his advise is George? #1 “You got to know when to hold em” #2 You got to know when to fold them.”, #3 ” You got to know when to walk away”. #4 “know when to run.”

    The first step is knowing when to hold em. If you learn that part first. The rest of the steps dont matter.

    Did you know that someone in Seattle won the $480 mega millions on the 22cnd. I didn’t know that tonight, until a friend told me, while get a new phone. The Samsung 21 unltra. There is not as many people in Seattle as most think. You do know I live in Seattle. I guess nobody has come forward with the winning ticket. As I stood there getting my new phone. My friend asked me if I got a ticket. I said ya. He said ya win. I said I don’t know. He said you don’t know? I said well I have been super busy at work. I hadn’t checked. He said check man. I said Hmmmmm. Maybe tomorrow. He said what? Why would you wait till tomorrow?

    I said well. I have my crew working at the Huskeys game. They need me there. I get texts every day saying they love me and I’m the best boss they ever had. I get called an Angel. *you know George. I sent ya a few screen shots in an Email even by Baptist Ministers. They come by my office and bring me Rock stars, drop off mochas, all kinds of stuff. They tell all their friends and blast me on Facebook saying im the best boss they ever had. I can’t bail on them tomorrow. I even had a young black dude tell me today, you are like the father I never had. I love ya man. Thanks for believing in me. He called me later because he knows I’m working 15+ hours a day to get them good gigs. And asked me if I needed anything and how am I doing. They call me when they get off their shift to tell me, we did a good job today for you Mr Facilitator. I have companies call me and say, we had that guy out here a few months back and he wasn’t worth a shit as a worker. He worked his ass off today. I talked to him at the end of the day and said good job to him. Much better than last time. He said, well, I want to do a good job for my boss. He is a good man. Really good man. So the company calls me and says boy you sure made a difference in that guy. He loves you. He said the dude out here said your not just some 9-5 asshole. That you give a shit and work your ass off for them. So they work their ass off for you.

    So I haven’t checked my tickets yet. I don’t know what to do about them. I can’t let my crew down tomorrow. I guess I will check and see if I won after they are all up and running at the Huskies game. “you got to know when to hold em” I spose.

    Super good taking to G2. Nothing planned out for him yet on my end. But it may later. I will hold on to his resume. As you know George. I know everyone. From lowest low of people to the CEO of Chase Bank. Met him in Palm Desert. Pretty nice fella.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm….. What to do with those tickets. Maybe I didn’t win. I dont know yet. Maybe I did. Even if I did? My crew needs me there to line them out, run the gauntlet and do the phone dance with 500 phone calls in an hour. Because no other boss in my position that ever worked there. Ever before. Get out in the streets with them, parks in the parking garage as them, stands out in front of the stadium helps them find their way. Shows up with them and thanks them for all their hard work, answers all their dumb questions and is nice and respectful about it. Walks down to the store to buy them smokes and red bulls and whatever else they forgot. Smiles when he sees them, tells them he believes in them. Is out there on the field with them. Comes to where they are posted and tells them, looking good Sharon. Looking sharp Mike. Stuff like that, Remembers every single one of their first names.

    No other boss that ever worked there ever did that. They all stayed in the office. But I do. I do all that. Once the show starts. I tell them, it’s up to them and then I sneak out. I only go to a few shows and games. Seahawks because I have to be present. I don’t micro manage them. I place my trust in them. Then I leave them to do their jobs.

    So, that mega millions tickets I have, they will have to wait. Because you gotta know when to hold em. And something’s are more important than $480 million dollars.

    Like I said. I have others to attend to. See ya around

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