How Bitcoin was Stolen by Banksters, Red Finger Madness

What have we told you since BTC was launched? Don’t touch cryptos with a 10-foot pole.  

Takes a while for us to be right sometimes. But in the long run, we usually get there.  Now we can pretty clearly see how NY Financiers are stealing the whole Crypto game and will be screwing “little people” out of what shills called “real money.” This is a complex story which takes a bit of background to take in.


This great unraveling has been in the works for a while. It started with the Infrastructure and Jobs Act of 2021.  Although its implementation was paused this week, the new regulations require the reporting of any digital asset sale of $10,000 (or more) directly to FinCEN. That’s the Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

For now, the implementation has been paused.  But, if you have cryptocurrency – and you conclude a transaction with a nominal value of $10,000, you’ll need to get used to the idea of filling out IRS Form 8300 (here, PDF).  And you won’t be able to wait for year-end tax time; the FinCEN report is due within 15-days of a transaction.

Driving all this is illicit money.  Which allowed the (shill class and criminals) to enjoy an easy work-around since the FinCEN SAR (suspicious activity report) system was leading to criminal enforcement.  As you know, since my time in the Cayman Islands (early 1980s) the pressure has been ramped up on offshore (secret) bank accounts.  There was Grand Cayman, the ABC Islands, Turks and Caicos had its day in the sun, not to mention Belize, the shadow banks of Panama and a whole lot more.

Crime is a big business.  Huge, in fact.  With government closing in on traditional “secret money deals” (the Swiss numbered accounts, for example) Crypto came along at just the “right time.”  But it hasn’t been without its own issues, either.

For one, the government has made it clear that crypto deals are to be treated the same as “CASH” and that means FinCEN reports.

However, the sharks of Wall Street just got their BTC ETF’s approved.  And since there is a carve-out for investments in an ETF (annual reporting) playing the ETFs will not trigger the Form 8300 report.

However, the great salami hiding in this whole thing is that government has managed to sit back, let people play the crypto game, for a while. But now – with crypto promoters saying (idiotic) things like “It’s better than government-issued cash!”) Treasury is – and we think correctly – about to issue Form 8300 requirements.

If you have a legitimate source of income, such as proceeds from the sale of a home and you are moving it into savings, no big deal.  But, if you have untaxed gains from crypto investments, that’s about to become a (criminal) whole other thing.

Where We Go Next

My consigliere explained Wednesday that FinCEN may not have its reporting figured out completely, but when it does this will have real teeth.  The government isn’t making the cryptos “illegal” per se, but they are letting the Big New York Financiers trade (under their presumably watchful eyes – which we’re skeptical of).  But in doing this, the crypto ownership game is looking “over and done.” Government WILL get its pound of flesh; of that you can be fairly sure.  The desktop AI fills that in a bit advising that breaking a single larger than $10,000 transaction into multiple smaller deals is also illegal:

“Federal Statute 31 USC 5324 defines the laws around structuring financial transactions. The law states that it is a federal crime to knowingly structure or attempt to structure any transaction with the intent to evade reporting requirements. 

Structuring is a practice that involves breaking down large financial transactions into multiple smaller transactions with the intention of avoiding regulatory scrutiny and detection. 

The Bank Secrecy Act also makes it a crime to “structure” a transaction in an effort to evade reporting requirements.”

Which circles back to what we told Peoplenomics subscribers back when BTC’s were going for under a dime each.  Why play?  Fundamentally, there is nothing of value being produced in this whole scam other than “secret numbers.” AYFKM? And any price appreciation is solely based on the gullibility of whoever your counterparty is.  We projected cryptos would create “bad karma.”  I even lost a colleague who didn’t see my view as valid. We haven’t talked since.

Yet here we are how many years from the launch date of BTC back in 2009?  We’re still waiting for the much over-hyped free lunch to be served.

Facts are inconvenient. We don’t live in a “democracy.” America’s a Constitutional Republic, and the constitution part is under attack on a daily basis.  Government will get its pound of flesh.  But like we offered back then:

You can’t con an honest man.  No cryptos? No forms.  That’s right. We call “required government filings” paper nooses.

Toss in a dash of not-keeping-up as Donald Trump Vows to Never Allow Central Bank Digital Currency If Elected as US President.

Left of Sane Idiocy

Hard for Donald Trump to get much of anything right in the Trump hating media.  The latest example being headlines like Donald Trump goes to face rape accuser with strange red marks on hand. Which super-lefty James Carville then linked to syphilis.

Less absurd are ideas like a leaky red marker pen while “red lining” documents for revision.  Even an idiot can see the “blood on Trump’s hand” was on the very same right hand he’d hold a pen with.  Yes, pens leak.

Anyone who has watched a few episodes of NCIS or Sherlock would have noticed it. Unless you’re a complete idiot.  Like democrat slur merchant Carville.

Of course, Trump’s bringing it on himself: Trump threatened with ejection from courtroom over loud remarks—‘it is a witch hunt’—as E. Jean Carroll testifies | Fortune.  We think if the Trump team was smart, whoever’s left on it, they’d back out the plaintiff’s book and column incomes from any damage claims as we wonder if she’d have those without her big-name lawsuit?

At the Trump fraud suit by New York? Totally a joke says our tax attorney consigliere. Trump wasn’t allowed to put anyone on the stand who could provide expert witness as to the property valuations the lefty’s are attacking. Besides, says our C, no one uses client-valuations for anything, anyway.  They order up their own in the Big Leagues.  Which leaves us with (politically purported) “Fraud” with no defense experts?  My, oh my, does New York know how to run a railroading, or what?

More border busses to the rotten apple, Greg? Let’s give ’em another taste of their own hypocrisy.

Carnac Does Markets

This one is easy.  Takes a lot of time and work, but that’s what we do.

  • There is only so much money in the world at any one time.
  • Therefore, markets move up and down as capital is made up.

Which drives markets to look like this:

While freezing my fingers off Wednesday, I didn’t get all the trend lines on the right redrawn in time for Peoplenomics.  So you get a free bonus peek today.

To go higher, we need more money. That means more bonds.  War bonds are in our outlook for this year.

We have done what could (easily) turn into a head and shoulders top on the end of macro Wave 2 up. So up to the trend line today, anyone?  Futures are pointing that-a-way.

Daily Data Dump

Just out: Housing Starts from Census..

Then there’s the new Unemployment Filings:

But how did it feel, on a state-by-state basis? Biggest gains in UI filings were in…

Plus, the Philly Fed report – still weak:

“Current Indicators Remain Weak

The diffusion index for current general activity ticked up from a revised reading of -12.8 in December to -10.6 in January (see Chart 1).* This is the index’s 18th negative reading in the past 20 months. More than 26 percent of the firms reported decreases, exceeding the 16 percent reporting increases; 52 percent of the firms reported no change in current activity. The indexes for current new orders and current shipments both also rose in January but remained negative. The new orders index rose from -22.1 to  -17.9, and the shipments index rose 5 points to -6.2.”

Which leaves an energy report mid-session ahead.  Remember, this is Index Options day, so we could see some volatility going into equity options expiration tomorrow.

Monday?  Well, our differential moving average crossings work hints at very hard down next week.  So might want to brace for the potential of bad news over the weekend.  Like a Houthi drone or missile finding its target, for example or Iran going at it harder with Pakistan.

War Check

Yeah, might as well roll on that, too.

My remark about Iran-Pakistan wasn’t totally flip: Pakistan Unleashes Retaliatory Strikes in Iran, Killing Nine. Nooks to come?

Speaking of which, this and a couple of bucks at Waffle Haus will get you what? South Korea, US and Japan nuclear envoys condemn North Korea over arms trade with Russia. Talk is cheap, though. Its why politicians use it all the time.

Middle East Boom times: US drops more bombs on Yemen as it launches airstrikes on 14 Iran-backed Houthi terrorist missile launchers that were loaded and pinned on Navy ships.

Biden-embedded neolib con artists keep kicking us toward war with Ukraine. Luck you, lucky us.  We will not only end up with “war bonds” this year, but also something scarier than Covid (fallout on food) and radiation flights into the jet stream with daily drama to the max. Because at some point, Russia’s going to get sick of NATO puppet Ukraine (covering up illegal biolabs and trafficking and such) running drones into Russia itself.  Which is why Putin’s #2 Medvedev ‘bombshell’: ‘Ukraine will be wiped off the map and join the Russian Commonwealth’ – as Kiev again targets Russian Army.  Ukraine can kick some sand, but eventually the nukes will come out.

Gaza’s two-state ending becomes more clear by the hour, too: When we read At Davos, Blinken says ‘genuine security’ for Israel requires two-state solution | The Times of Israel we figure the clock has already run out. This is fundamentally a landlord tenant beef and Israel has the lease docs and guns while the tenants haven’t been very good neighbors. Would you like to live next door to someone, lobbing missiles at your house? Hell no. Politics ain’t that hard to follow. Democrat policy shills, on the other hand, trying to be all things to all people (while not really standing for any particular values) though…that’s what’s impossible to follow.

While Monetizing the Traumatizing winds toward the courts: Alaska Airlines mid-air cabin panel blowout: National Transportation Safety Board says door plug on Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet was made in Malaysia. We’ve never been huge fans of least-cost-labor centers for critical anything.

Around the Ranch: The Man from Unchill

Weather in East Texas has taken a turn for summer with a high today of 60F on deck.  Doesn’t mean winter is over, of course. Down to 20 tomorrow night and then next week delivers 2-1/2 inches of rain and mild winter temps.  We will know in a week, or two, whether our greenhouse tomato plants survived their brush with Jack Frost, or not.

Learned about Industry Standards a bit this week.  My 2012 vintage Fujitsu color duplex page scanner (s1300) died a sofxtware compatibility death. Kinda pissed at Ricoh which seems to have taken on the line.  No longer supported and since the old unit was not TWAIN compliant, I’m SOL on support.  Even the compatibility tools in Win11 (which is going away we hear) didn’t help.  This time going with an Epson.  Promises TWAIN compliance and if I can get another scanner lasting a decade I’ll be close enough to the exit that I might not care by then.

I loved the Fujitsu product as long as the computer could talk to it. But this is exactly the problem I’m pissed about in my latest book (still being rewritten) The 100-Year Toaster.  Planned obsolescence. There’s no real good reason that my perfectly good scanner should be shit-canned…but there it is…going….going….  Planned Obo, financier’s steal Bitcoin, and we will go to War bonds. Great effing economic scam, ain’t it?

Oh, reminds me to mention if you have a PC be wary of the end of Win10 support next year: “Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. The current version of Windows 10, 22H2, will be the final version of Windows 10, and all editions will remain in support with monthly security update releases until then.” Oh, fine.  Linux Mint anyone? I’m not going to throw out 2TB by 16GB of PC, thanks. Already shuffled it off as a video editor but this is nuts. LibreOffice runs great and has had a dark mode for a while now.

CPAP Recall popped up, too:  Elaine and I both use AirSense 11 CPAP machines.  She’s got the nose canula type. But I’m one of those “full face” people. Can’t keep my mouth shut.

One of the things I really like about the ResMed mask is the magnetic clips on the mask make it super easy to put on while (almost) asleep.  But, alas, those “handy” magnets can be a health issue for some small fraction of users, so they have been recalled. See Class 1 Device Recall AirFit N20 ( for deets. Meantime, what’s a poor mouth-breather to do? Sheesh, always something, ain’t it?

OK, off to work on projects during today’s 12-minute heat wave.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. George, I have been using a CPAP for 11 years and had trouble keeping a seal on the 1/2 face mask. I had to switch to the nasal mask and a chin strap that keeps the mouth shut. Looks like a modified wrestling head gear. Only downside is if you have hair, the hair is a little wild looking when you remove the headband.

    • I love mine.. great machine.. use it all the time.. I love the nasal canula.. which is what i use.. have the new soft clam shell but never use that one.. I don’t even know which one I have now.. I have been using the same machine for years and years ..

  2. Yo Whimpy,

    You buy those (war bonds)! a promise to pay later for hard earned Cashish today, genius. Promise being made by the biggest Debtor in the world, who also ironically is largest criminal organization in the world. Which ohhhh buy the by are Accounted for with “made up numbers”, genius,no?

    FUD spewing nonesense from controller shill. Henceforth shall be referring to youse as Shillbert” .
    Don’t forget to add today’s offal to Ure report for social controllers at the wef. Speaking of which 1st prediction today – G will be spewing fud on X and Elon,soonly….wait for it.

    2nd prediction – Ure world gets rocked in April. Winged comet (sure) will arrive just in time for total Solar eclipse over USA..dun,dun,dun.

    Shoulda, coulda BOT the Dip, instead Ure inactions(fear) have created another “dip”.

    No Peace, No Freedom for nutless. Scheisse ain’t FREE.

    • BCN:

      Sad one insults their better (or bettor?). Hardly the way to engender support. The interweb is chock full of kids who thrive on repeating each other’s twaddle, espousing confirmation bias. At the least you would do well to examine beliefs of those you disagree with fully and fairly. Fine if not swayed but … know you will be better for the attempt.

      I chortle at the incorrect use of the word shill:

      noun : One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

      intransitive verb : To act as a shill. To act as a shill for (a deceitful enterprise).

      Hint: it’s the proponent of the scam who is the shill.

      Blather on (as if you’d stop),

    • Agree on the nozzle dazzle. Which is why a duplex b./w brother does the printing and a scanner only double sider for inputs. Multi purpose machines are for unfocused poor people who trust engineers.

      • HEY … don’t knock my Brother multi function LASER machines!! Currently running 3 different ones in the office.

        Been using the Brother Multi-Purpose machines (laser) for years now. Did have to finally replace our color double sided (scan and print) color laser unit after many more than 500,000 copies ran through it (may have been closer to 3/4 million over about 5 years), but hey at only $450 when we bought it for the office I think it did OK.

        Replaced it with the exact same model since we already had extra toner cartridges for all the colors plus several black cartridges. $650 this time around … and expect it will last us for at least 6 years ($100/year for a 100,000 copies a year DEPENDABLE color copy /scanning /printing machine is OK pricing imo.

        Consumables for the Brother are CHEAP too, much cheaper than anything else we could find on the market that was dependable. Consumables costs us about 1/4 of what it cost us to run our big HP commercial grade dual sided laser color printer. The HP was a great machine … but you PAY PAY PAY for that greatness, each and every month, some months as much as a secretary’s salary. We bought the Big Brother machine as a backup to the HP machine but after running them side by side for a year decided to just ditch the HP machine because of it’s cost to run.

        BTW … the software that comes with the Brother Machine has always worked flawlessly and Brother keeps it updated as Microsoft goes about their typical crap of trying to outdate stuff. Windows 7 to Windows 11, no hiccups.

        If you want PHOTO QUALITY color this is NOT the machine for you, HP wasn’t either … but for our purposes of reproducing 60 to 100 page reports from our consultants including pictures in the reports it works great and the pictures are more than adequate for report purposes. LOVE the auto double sided scanning and double sided printing … don’t need it most of the time but when you do it is a HUGE time and hassle saver (HP just a printer, had to use another machine to scan). Just load up the scanner tray, walk away, and both sides are quickly scanned into your computer … or if you want to print out muliple copies they just come rolling out of the printer printed on both sides in living color.

        I can’t say enough good things about our Brother Multi Function Machines OR IT’S SOFTWARE. LOVE EM!!

        • “BTW … the software that comes with the Brother Machine has always worked flawlessly and Brother keeps it updated as Microsoft goes about their typical crap of trying to outdate stuff. Windows 7 to Windows 11, no hiccups.”

          Amen Stephen!
          My Brothe large format (11×17) hooked up by itself and hasn’t lost a connection in 6 years.
          I threw the last HP to the curb (literally I was trying to hit the garbage tote) because I was sick and tired of having to download and reload defective HP software. And don’t get me started about their gouging ink prices!
          Brothers or Cannons for me on all my workstations.

        • Ditto.

          Shortly before I stopped building/selling, Epson followed HP into the depths of bastardly suckage, by chipping their ink carts/toners.

          I was consumer, not commercial, so although I wasn’t a distributor or rep, the printers I pushed were Epson. However, when the chips came out, I switched completely to Brother, because they hadn’t gone to chipped ink, and I believed they would not do so.

          In 2000, one of the most-expensive commodities on the planet was inkjet printer ink. That ink retailed at 6-figures per ounce, when purchased by the cartridge. Its cost dropped rather significantly when one purchased an $8 “refill kit” from CDW which contained 1oz bottles of CMY and a 2oz bottle of K.

          People who called me for advise seldom followed it because the Brother Color inkjet was ~$129 (Brother B&W Laser was $79. After nearly 20 years I still have mine) and the HPs, Epsons, Canons, etc., were $35-$55 at their local Wally World. They couldn’t grok that HP and the others were “giving” their printers away to sell ink to a captive audience.

          (I’m picking on HP because they were the worst POS printers foist on the retail market.) I made many service calls to make those crap printers work with 100% generic computers after customers neither bought a printer from me, nor took my advise on purchasing one on their own. I could count on receiving a phone call from each HP printer owner, every 3-4 months, after Windows ME/XP/Vista randomly scrambled and shit the printer drivers.

      • Hey! I resemble that remark! (And I’m an engineer, too!) I threw away my old H-P after paying too much for ‘chipped’ ink refills… H-P Branded… that would not work in the printer. I bought a Brother scanner/printer with refillable ink tanks. The machine cleans it’s own spray nozzles every day at noon.

      • All product engineering is sound, replete with approriate design margins and a full feature set prior to being routed to Acounting and Marketing for review and approvals, afterward they’ve introduced the full prodcut to a series of concepts used to elongagate the product sales cycle, force continous upgrades by using a a fractionalized feature set at launch, lower design margin, lower rated parts.

        How many critical components/systems have you come accross where the shunt capacitors on the PCB traces supplying power were substituted by an integrator / fabricator with capacitors that had a lower WVDC than was spec’d by the engineer here in the US?

        Simlair goes to regulator circuits, the [underrated] power dissipation of the component packages, duty cycle of the function that is loading the supply, and temperature derating?

        We got rid of QA long ago, I can cite six examples regarding the aformentioned, and I can tell you in each case, it cost many millions of $ to fix, damaged the reputations of the companies providing the products, service downtime, and potential liability due to the fire hazards presenting themselves as capacitors and/or regulators shorted out.

        Theres lots of poor people walking earth that have been impacted by trust in the sales accounting and marketing team techniques applied to products, ALL becoming unfocused because they have had to deal with sourcing a replacement/repair and fixing preventable problems.

        Concur with your [engineering] observations here. Root causes are always deeper than what they appear to be on the surface.

        Lets not even talk about how that applies to jets in the news lately. Rhyming design patterns emerge IMHO.

        I’m with you on the BW only printing for homegamers.

        Did I tell you new equipment ends up in my office when it dies and the Misses asks for a replacement? Im a big believer in upcycling and repair.

  3. symbolic communications?
    while in Iowa, Trump was seen wearing a white hat with GOLD letters
    back in 2016 Trump talked about Gold being the foundation for a solid economy/currency
    Mean while the DAVOS fudge packers hate Trump and fear him, and are making plans for disease “X” and having AI read ure minds and make ure decisions on elections for you

    “The prospect of Trump 2.0 has spooked many in the international community.
    “If we are to draw lessons from history, looking at the way he ran the first four years of his mandate, it’s clearly a threat,” said Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank and a Davos regular, in an unusually candid interview on French television last Thursday.
    “Just look at the trade tariffs, the commitment to NATO, the fight against climate change. In these three areas alone in the past, American interests have not been aligned with those of Europe,” she added.”

    other brother says,, I smell FEAR,,, Quoted from the enemy’s mouth,,,

    • The problem with gold or silver.. or BC is.. its not usable.. gold in historical times.. has never held value.. its pretty.. and we say its what we value.. but when the chips are really down.. you can’t spend it.. you have to find a collector to buy it.. you can’t eat it.. coffee on the other hand has held its value.. pound per pound its one of those items that always holds its value.. chocolate.. has always held its status.. food..
      go to the points where people are starving.. and offer them a chunck of rock.. or food and water.. they will go for food or water..
      HARD GRID DOWN.. ok.. the thought of a food stock or full pantry is.. in an environment where there isn’t any food.. anything more than a three to six month supply is a extinction life event.. and that is true.. the big thing is it doesn’t work that way.. just like resources.. you will have resources for a time .. I have had no food for six months did stuff I never want to do again.. the last was a year without an income.. no hard grid down.. horrible situation.. we did ok.. because I learned how to make things.. OH the rasberry chocolate wine is excellent.. the wife doesn’t like rasberries.. but I have been drinking the half gallon I put in to cold crash it to test it.. LOL LOL
      wine liquor.. greeces event a few years ago.. the elderly were diving into dumptsters to get food.. young women were selling their bodies for sex for a can of soup for their children.. Belize.. women have resorted to sex for food.. zimbabwe and argentina.. in the USA getting laid a bath and a steak dinner was worth ten ounces of gold.. a glass of water was three.. my hard times taught me to use them as learning events.. being able to reproduce what we have for a quality of life..

      • we need a currency, a medium of exchange, a lubricant for commerce, precious metals have a proven history, The examples you refer to are/ were system disruptions, either weather related to food crops or man made wars
        you got something better? specially on LARGE purchases

        • Through the years there’s been many kinds. search history and food grain was what was valued.
          money was symbolic of weight for grain ..In stitchen’s book the 12th planet..he suggests that gold was mined to clean up an atmosphere problem with nibiru.. which makes sense since there are studies done using gold nanoparticles to filter pollutants..

        • @LOOB

          “Through the years there’s been many kinds. search history and food grain was what was valued.”


          Maybe that explains why the Davos crowd wants to outlaw rice?

      • “in the USA getting laid a bath and a steak dinner was worth ten ounces of gold.. a glass of water was three..”

        You really should get your historical facts straight before spouting off. You are WAY off on the value of gold in America’s past.
        In 1865 San Francisco a drink cost 0.10-0.75, a steak dinner 0.20-0.40 and a girl for 1.25 per night (or less). A total of less than $2.50 for a good time.
        That was a 1/4 eagle coin, or 0.1209 troy oz gold. So you could live it up 8 nights on 1 troy oz of gold, and that in an expensive city like San Fran.

        • Sayeth theh ai
          The price of gold in 1865 was $30.22 per troy ounce.
          In 1864, the price of gold was $47.02 per troy ounce. The price of gold increased more than double during the Civil War, from $20.67 in 1860 to $47 in 1864.

        • So today with gold at around 2k/oz, that night of fun would cost around $250. Today it’s tough to find a rental girl for $250/night, not including food and drink.

        • You are right I miss read the story of Fritz Braun and the bathtubs it was the guys not wanting to stand in the long lines that paid the extra .
          I stand corrected lol.. I get that to who wants sloppy seconds lol

        • “You could lower your standards not to include good dental work and hair, lol”

          lol lol lol lol seriously is teeth that important lol lol lol lol

      • History Loob , is one of our greatest teachers, perhaps reviewing historical times..say the Great Depression. You can learn about great great fortunes started, initiated by peeps with forethought who were long commodities. All sorts of Assets were acquired on the cheap as desperate peeps tried to unload/cash out realestate, luxury cars and so on.

        Keeping mind the only way left to deal with our massive debt problem is to inflate it away. Only viable solution left.

        I have been screaming/crying/singing oabout the horrors of Inflation and coming inflation due kerPOWl &CB money printing. Inflation is an insidious TAX – unseen and most viscous. Lower income up to middle class gets fuckt, while Wealth creators assets go up at higher rate than inflation = Winning!

        How loose is money right now? Observe and study VIX price action.. when VIX is dredging the depths – Money is extremely Expansionary, when VIX be high = Money Tight.

        Why central banks/govt around World gobbling any all physical they can lay their dark dirty little fingers on.? See Chynah today- scarcity situation as Holiday approach’s..
        Why they so desperate to get some sort handle on BTC- a joke, Ure pending regs on BTC- a joke.
        Where do all independent freedom fighters who the ds trashes/shadow bans and unbanks-BTC.

        You can have all the empire money you want- they have unlimited amount to print. Recommend you eat as much of it possible- chances are your new Owner/masters consider it worthless and will be looking for a place to shove all that shit out of site…says here that place will up Ure collective BTC fearing asses.


        …War in ME, sitting presidential fraud STAYs in office. See how easy that prediction was ? WW3 you can take it to the Bank.. bwahaha Ure friend the bank.

        ; D


          I believe it’s coming true..we have to borrow the what trillion dollars a fund wars and military actions around the world..the tru decline started with the Supreme Court allowing special interests to donate any amount of money gifts and vacations sex etc. to our politicians.
          we see signs and allegations of selling out the usa to foreign countries and allowing an few million illegals to enter and support them while neglecting the needs of the citizens. agencies and organizations that all appear to be complicit with their actions and activities while appearing to target and attack the citizens then openly refusing to give testimony to congress..
          this year I will get my largest return on my pantry investment close to fifty percent return. nurses made u Der 5 an hour back in the eighties now starting is what.. 35.. _t po ertyevel is considered to be below 15 grand and basic rent that much and more..
          I’ve seen a two cheeseburger meal go from under 5 to 16 plus in just 3 years..

  4. GU: “We’ve never been huge fans of least-cost-labor centers for critical anything”

    ‘I felt exactly how you would feel if you were getting ready to launch and knew you were sitting on top of 2 million parts — all built by the lowest bidder on a government contract.’ — Attributed to John Glenn

    Marketwatch 12.12.16

    Rain? What is this you speak of Willis? Luxuriating in return of double digits with a modicum of snow (rain in northern format), possible lake-effect later, sent the Mrs. out to shovel :0)

    Write when you get warm(er),

  5. My wife has severe sleep apnea and doesn’t tolerate CPAP. Seems her jaw is too small for her tongue. Doctor says if she was 18 he would recommend jaw reconstruction but at 68 he is recommending the Inspire device. Waiting on insurance final approval.
    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • When I read that the VA does approve the Inspire implant, I did some research on it. [ The VA rarely approves anything beneficial.]
      Looks like a very good way to combat sleep apnea.
      I do not currently need an assist and don’t have apnea problems., but for future possibilities, I did want a better method than all the hoses and face coverings.
      I would be interested in knowing how it works for your misses when she has used it regularly. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear James
      I would advise an in house dental appliance that is adjustable to compensate for tolerance and pain you might encounter.This approach added 5 years to father in law after 9 heart attacks.Be sure to use a dentist who is
      knowledgeable in this field.The boil and bite are never a good choice.I can comment further if interested.

      • Yes, please, comment further…

        1) What is an in-house dental appliance?
        2) Why is it adjustable to compensate for tolerance and pain (why should it or would it hurt?).

      • I tried the mouth guard before I got the cpap.. it was a waste of money for me..Now I went through several masks to before I found the one that works for me..

      • We’ve been through that but after 10 years it is now no longer effective. The root cause is structural and there isn’t any range left. There is a long list of criteria to determine if you are a candidate for the inspire device and the last one is a “drug induced sleep endoscopy’ where they see why you snore by observation and using an electrode to duplicate what the inspire does to see if it is effective. My wife’s mouth and jaw structure tends to force her tongue back when she is asleep. You can’t be obese to qualify for the device currently, which disqualifies many applicants. My wife though is 122 pounds.
        James Johnson-ex nuke.

  6. I must be psychic , I have been saying for a couple of years that the irs has been waiting in the wings on cryptos. Sounds like they have set the hook and will be realing in the fish.

    • I believe that the IRS was holding hands with the SEC when they approved the eleven crypto ETF’s. A rather convenient and near perfect fit for the new and improved rules and regulations the IRS has been rewriting regarding crypto’s.

    • Obviously youse have never been out Whaling – See Moby Dick for how easy and fun it is to hook a whale..

      One word for the fin zombies out there kneeling before the alter of fiat – UnConfiscatable .

      Everything else under the Sun is and can be confiscated. War time govmints Alwayz resort to outrageous confiscations in times of trouble.. take that to Ure darkness that is Ure western bank.

      Hope you enjoy…the time took you to read this post = a Trillion new frn’s ($) were created by grandma smells bad clicking her mouse – that old yellow Dog of treasury sec. Another tribe member from the tribe that Owns the U S Senate.. and has since 70’s ..yeah yeah see Senator Fulbrights disclosures regards aipac.
      They put blinkeNs = blinders on pedojo.

      WW3 – done deal. Good luck

  7. Winged comet is how our 12th planet is described. That would explain Clif’s “people standing in the street” unable to process the new.

    • Dang.. I never thought of that Eleanor.. I just thought they all were stupid LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
      Look at the ethnic poor high crime neighborhoods.. and BLM and Antifa.. it totally appears that they targeted the neighborhoods of the people that they were supposedly supporting.. did billions of dollars worth of damage.. violence.. made the neighborhoods more dangerous.. now sending in millions of illegal refugees to areas of high crime.. then expect those very people to pay for their living expenses.. LOL LOL LOL LOL punch up the address once LOL LOL… doesn’t take anyone very smart to see the connection LOL LOL

  8. Important point that needs a reminder now and then:
    We (and the Japanese) view nooclear wuppons with a Special Horror. They are in a different moral category of Awfulness. Veddy extremely Bad.

    Russian (and some others) have a less egregious view, and see nooks as “just a somewhat bigger bang, based on a different technology than old-fangled chemical explosives.”

    This less-urgent view lowers the bar to use, in my opinion. Less awful.

    Never assume any enemy has the same view of Life — or anything else — that you hold. He may or may not.

    • Tom Clancy’s 1991 book “The Sum of All Fears” hit several key points regarding the potential use of nukes – the primary concern being terrorists and non-state actors who will do everything and anything to get ahold of a fissionable warhead and detonate it against ‘the great Satan’ or any formidable opponent Nuke terrorism is my personal #1 fear. Smuggling them into ports or over the borders would not be difficult if the warhead were shielded by lead blankets. The late Russian General and politician Alexander Lebed once warned that Russian ‘suitcase nukes’ went missing with the fall of the USSR, whereabouts unknown. These weren’t really suitcase size; more like footlocker size, but easy to transport. But allegedly a few are still out there. Next, the use of non-strategic aka tactical nukes by any nation. Non-strategic nukes have smaller kilotonage than strategic nukes and deliver a much smaller blast radius and lower fallout. A unique class of non-strategic nuke weapon is the Earth penetrating weapon (EPW), which has titanium nose cones to facilitate deeper ground penetration and consist of two primary types: the rocket boosted B-61-11 air dropped gravity weapon, comprised of a smaller yield W86 warhead, and then there’s the cruise missile EPW variant, also with a titanium nose cone. Why EPWs? The surface blast area damage is dramatically contained, but not eliminated, by the sub-surface nuke blast, which facilitates mini rolling earthquakes in the underlying rock strata, putting underground command and control centers (and other key underground facilities) at serious risk. Think ‘taking out the Pentagon without destroying Capitol Hill, the SCOTUS building or the White House.’ Lastly, there’s the ‘dirty bomb,’ where everyday radioactive material (from hospitals and industry) are wrapped around explosives and detonated in a pivotal area, e.g. Wall Street, scattering radioactive debris over a large radius. This falls in line with terrorism, but since it does not use fissionable material, is considered its own class of nuke attack.

    • So you think they believe its only another 250# bomb?

      If they were smart they would use EMTs. One modest EMT near each European capitol would stop it.
      Cars won’t start; no TV or radio, toilets get one flush.

      And no one is killed.

      Of course we might Nuke them. And them us in response. 4 – 5 is more than enough.
      End of world.

      • Exactly..luckily this cold snap is about fear was with all the weather modification planes being reported prior to this that this could possibly be an engineered cold snap. and with the US and NATO troops getting involved in the activities in Europe.. what a perfect setup for a couple of EMP’s.. get the bridge fail leaving everyone dealing with the storm and freezing temperatures..

  9. “Middle East Boom times: US drops more bombs on Yemen as it launches airstrikes on 14 Iran-backed Houthi terrorist missile launchers that were loaded and pinned on Navy ships.”

    G.A. Stewart: When the Houthi began their attacks against merchant shipping connected to Israel and then U.S. Navy ships, I began going over what I had written about Nostradamus’ Man From Yemen.

    Right now the main contender is Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

      • Understand, the first set of actions Mr. Biden did, once installed in office, was to undo everything Mr. Trump had done, that he possibly could.

        This was done to satisfy the screaming imbeciles who know nothing about anything, but had been programmed to believe “orange man bad” and so everything he did was also “bad.”

        The Biden Administration has been slowly walking Trump’s policies back into force, as it becomes apparent, even to the gormless prangs in Washington who mindlessly punch the “straight Democrat” button in their voting booth, that Trump’s policies were, in fact, great:

        An example would be when Trump capped medications, making it so U.S. pharmacies could not charge more than the lowest price available anywhere else in the world, for drugs. This got whole sentences of coverage in some newspapers, and the $35 cap on insulin, which had previously been jacked from $35 to $270 by greedy pharmco execs (like epipens, remember?), actually got brief mention on CNN and MSNBC. Welllll, Biden did away with this cap, his first week in office.

        Note that he has since recapped insulin (which had crept back north of $180 after he canned Trump’s pricing policy), and claims full credit (and received a lot of Press) for “bringing down it’s price?”

        Welcome to 21st Century politics. Herr Goebbels would be proud…

        • That is probably why some of the meds being taken around here have spiked in cost..
          there is a ton of crap that the government cannot get to.. medications that even though they are still available are made by the very countries that the administration is trying to make mad..

  10. “America’s a Constitutional Republic, and the constitution part is under attack on a daily basis.”

    ‘…only try to realize the truth. There is no Constitution.’

    Nobody is using the Constitutional money system so what’s the point in referencing the Constitution when it comes to money? That convo was settled and the Constitutional money system was rejected 110 years ago +/-.

    In recent memory Little Bush told us back in 2008 –

    “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” Bush told CNN television, saying he had made the decision “to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse.”

    “I am sorry we’re having to do it,” Bush said.

    That was back when .gov was ‘saving the supply chain’ and people went along. If the people didn’t go along they were told there would no longer be cars. The autoworkers were sent home for emphasis. Pension checks were going to stop. Spooky times.

    So we’re not using the Constitutional money system, Bush told us free-market principles have been abandoned, everyone went along and since 2008 we’ve seen quantitative easing to quantitative tightening to quantitative balancing.

    All signs of a managed economy.

    With that in mind I think everyone is going to willingly give-up parts of their 401K and savings to the idea of War Bonds just as generous stockholders gave up their claims to General Motors property to save General Motors for the supply chain.

    The alternative will be that much worse.

  11. Remember the old phrased about the impossible happening?
    Yeah and when Hell Freezes Over
    from my youth: Yeah, and when the Pope is Polish

    OMG … It HAS happened!! “THE” face of NYC bankers!! Who wudda guessed?

    “Jamie Dimon just went on CNBC and said people are voting for Trump because he was right about the economy, immigration, and China:”

  12. George:
    I enjoyed you postings, have for many years. You may want to check into this.

    Starting on January 1, 2024 both new businesses, and existing entities will need to comply with the new Corporate Transparency Act. That means that starting January 1, 2024, many companies will be required to report information to the U.S. government about who ultimately owns and controls them.

  13. Under the Corporate Transparency Act the information will be reported to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”), which was created by the U.S. Treasury Department.

    • Who will report Hunter and his Dad?

      Who will report Hunter’s uncle?

      Do you really think that people like the Biden’s are in the minority?

      I don’t; do you?

    • So, people like Hunter, his Dad, and Uncle, and Step-Mom, and who knows who else just gets away with money laundering, through 20 shell companies, then let the IRS/Senate/House play a game, and other government cronies/insiders, and the statute of limitations plays out and they just get away Scott free.

      In the meantime, the rest of the USA population, citizens, get 87,000 IRS agents as a gift to their honesty.

      Meantime, the 50 million (purported) illegal criminal aliens get funded to the tune of $2,000+K per month, and is allowed to file 10 or more kids on their tax returns with fake SSnumbers and get that nice bonus every year, without having to earn a penny – legally.

      When will the citizen tax paying base WAKE UP?

      • “Meantime, the 50 million (purported) illegal criminal aliens get funded to the tune of $2,000+K per month, and is allowed to file 10 or more kids on their tax returns with fake SSnumbers”

        I totally get what you are saying on that one . I will never forget the gent I worked with during the Reagan recession.. He was a refugee from Vietnam.. nice guy.. I made cabinets.. he and all the other refugees were guaranteed forty hours.. we were not.. we were lucky to get ten hours a week.. I and the rest of us had to fend for ourselves.. I worked six jobs to survive..
        The IRS still mailed out checks..I had to pay in seventy five dollars..
        He got his rent paid. they bought him a conversion van.. ( it was the hot item back then in the wastelands) he got daycare stamps.. medical and dental help with his utilities…. when he got his check back we were talking and he got back every dime he paid in out of his check.. and every dime the company paid in.. and then got the credit that had just came out.. he got more in that check than I grossed all year from all of the jobs I worked at.. plus he and his wife got college grants so they didn’t have to pay for schooling..
        Now I had no issues with him coming to America.. I heard his story.. it was dramatic .. but he should be paying all the taxes we do I was shocked.. he isn’t the only one I have met along the way.. there was the guy from afghanistan that came her to make enough money to buy twelve wives ( all for under twenty dollars unless they were a virgin) and the us govt. paid for them to move here and sponsored them with income..Now one came to become a doctor and she did.. then moved back to Africa to help her village.. but she didn’t have to pay taxes either because she wasn’t a citizen.. they bought her a house..I still see a couple of her kids that were born in the USA so they are citizens…. and he should not have been eligible for any of the program assistance that was designed to help tax paying citizens during time of deep despair.. and as for cash assistance.. they should not be eligible for any cash payments until they qualify just like a taxpayer.. be a citizen pay in taxes for forty quarters.. just like us.. then because we allowed them to come to the USA and settle pay a non resident tax until they become a citizen..

      • “Meantime, the 50 million (purported) illegal criminal aliens”

        Remember, this number was estimated to be “at least 42 million” at the start of Obama’s second term.

        I daresay, “50 million” is an incredibly optimistic number. I estimated it at 60 million in 2020, and my estimates are typically very conservative. I would not be surprised, in the least, if there were 80 million illegal aliens currently residing in CONUS…

  14. Not caring too much about financial matters lately, I’m just going to describe a “different” cataract removal experience.

    1. 4 months of screwing around with Dr. S, who promised to do it, but later told the Dr. he transferred me to he was “getting to old for that sort of thing.” All the time, cataract growing.

    2. Several months with nice Dr. R, who cautioned me that it would be difficult but that I likely would regain full vision in that eye.

    3. Nice Dr. R gives up (Thank God) in the middle of the laser procedure (last Thursday), has me in stitches (well, one), and hands me off to the local Retina people.

    4. Super nice lady Retina Dr. K says Saturday it doesn’t require a retina dr. or a laser and hands me off to a super guy downstairs, Dr. W.

    5. Dr W sees calls me at home Saturday, sees me last Monday. I go into hospital Monday noon am put to sleep (not in the veterinary sense) and he spends 3 hours operating on me, pulling out a dense dark cataract whole thru a hole not normally existing.

    6. Vision getting a little better each day, I can read this msg with +3 reading glasses, can walk around fine indoors and outdoors using just that eye, and love the new colors.

    7. Am hoping for being able to use the internet easily, that will trigger the operation for the other eye.

    • I still have about a year I think before I get my appointment to see the optometrist to be referred to the opthamologist for my cateracts.. hopefully its just another year.. the optometrist visit is in June I believe.. the problem I have is I am blind in one eye.. and have the cateracts in the other.. at night if I am driving an oncoming car’s headlights shine on the careact and it is like I am in a dense fog..scary as hell needless to say I am not driving after dark unless it is absolutely necessary the same in snow.. If there is a hard snow…I say where I am

  15. re: Diesel heaters –

    How are the odor/fumes from running these? Much, if any, get into the heated air stream? I realize they have a dedicated exhaust line.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Only time you will get fumes of diesel is when you are not careful about spilling while filling. Not exhaust on the inside and no beats on the co2 whizzy

      • Thank you!

        Strongly considering one for some supplemental heat. I can plumb it so the unit is outside and only the output comes inside. Looking at the 8kw version, 5kw at the least.

        Appreciate all you do.

      • I bought a 2nd diesel heater for shop. This time I drilled the fuel line hole in the tank top “weed wacker style” and fed the line in from the top with a wire. Stacked a few washers on the provided fuel fitting and weighted it to stay at bottom of tank. Less chance of a fuel puddle if/when a leak occurs.

  16. Donald Trump Vows to Never Allow Central Bank Digital Currency If Elected as US President.
    Given a statement like that ya know the dark side can not / will not allow Donald to be president, regardless of what drastic measures must be taken. Michelle Obama (think Obama’s 4th term) should be the least of Trumps concerns.

    • I have long worried about the TDSDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome Deep State) applying the ‘JFK solution’ to the problem. I hope that the secret service is loyal to their task, and that Trump follows all their security orders. I think there would be an instant, shooting, civil war if that happened now.

      • Mr. Trump has been aware for some time. He employs both Secret Service and his own hired security. I would assume he also is aware that someone in one of his details could be offered a billion dollars to off him, and has taken precautions toward that eventuality, as well.

        Were Mr. Trump to meet an untimely end, I suspect the few politicians and media figures who survived would learn what a real “insurrection” looks like.

  17. Regarding the Boeing 737 Max-9, the door plug appears to be in remarkably good condition considering that it fell 16,000 feet! Unless there’s new information, what’s public indicates that the four holding bolts were never installed! I suppose it’s possible that they were put in place loosely and the nuts were never locked with a cotter pin, but even that stretches credibility to have all vibrated out and mysteriously disappeared. Malaysia can do good work, but like everything else, it needs QC! I suspect the door is not the problem, the missing bolts are.

  18. Late in the day for a comment but you might try an older windows image with Oracle Virtual Box. I still have a windows XP image that works under virtual box, and uses the host USB port to talk with an embroidery machine where Singer never advanced the software from Windows XP support. Can be a time sink though, and going to some modern hardware could just be a time/money saver.

  19. Bunkers! For a mere $2 million, Zillow has listed this 10,000sf bunker hidden in Polo, Missouri.

    Extravagantly appointed. Own well, and 10k gallons water storage. It is copper sheathed EMP proof. So I wonder about long term sustainability with the grid down. I wonder how much fuel storage there is to run the generators and ventilation system? With no electricity, and no fuel, what is the plan B? Looks more like an anchor than an ‘Ark’.

  20. G,

    Klaus got hit by a Rok flying from out of nowhere.

    true story.

    Now you ask any 4th degree Master Mason where he heard it first?

    He would say: its a secret. because 4 degree master masons are the secret masters aka the traveling masters.

    say George did you know, In Hebrew numeration, four is represented by the letter daleth, which as a noun means “door”.

    eh, the more ya know.

    on to the Destiny of the Golden Pyramid! (echo) (echo)


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