How 12% of Your Lifestyle was Stolen

It’s all in the numbers this morning as we behold one of the most interesting spectacles of human history.  We have been screwed out of 12 percent of our real lifestyle and it takes some clever work in statistics to see it and understand how it’s been pulled-off.
Before we get you straightened out on that, headlines and charts. 

We may be going down the road of Rome, but no reason not to have a few Didrachm along the way.

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11 thoughts on “How 12% of Your Lifestyle was Stolen”

  1. Yo G, the FANG Futures start trading today. We can now hedge or get “short” the crazy high flying FANG stocks. Stocks in the FANG Futures contract are Facebook,Apple,Amazon,Netflix,Google,Alibaba,Baidu,NVDA,TSLA and Twitter. So crazy Momo players like myself can really lever up the FANGS, while being short the overall market or vice versa. One last thought..think about all the US dollars ever printed trying to squeeze into 20 Million Bitcoins,big ocean -very small funnel..don’t even think about the rest of the worlds currencies trying to squeeze into 20 million Bitcoins. No worries though, should be a Dip buying opportunity in 2 weeks with next SegWit2x hardfork in the Bitcoin blockchain. #BTFD

    • Some of those are pretty strong. They would all break down at the same time but there is a lot of interest in these worldwide as the common-day bellweathers. But NVDA? For the coin mining? TSLA is weakest of the bunch, then Twitter. The two China ones will get government support.

  2. “If you don’t see that as a crooked deal, orchestrated by both parties, it’s time to hit the books because the data on point is unequivocable and not even hidden.”

    Isn’t that the truth.. What use be be deals under the table.
    Are now they are just tossed into your face with the idea of.. What do you think you’re going to do about it. Vote us out get real..

    • I think the only way to fix this serious issue is to handle it like a casino. If your caught counting cards your banned. In dc that’s difficult since those reaping the benefits are the ones making the rules.
      If any change was to be made it would in my opinion have to be taking the cash and gifts out of it. I worked for one company for years. The salesmen and businesses that gave gifts and money to acquire prime location for their displays within the individual stores. The company to fix this problem to keep each of its stores equal take in the gifts and moneys donated. Then at the Christmas party these gifts are put up for a drawing among all the people working the money taken in is distributed equally between everyone and a free bar and soda bar. Best darned Christmas party you’ll ever go to as a laborer. In the drawing cars trips coats tv’s the list is huge the one I hoped to get was a peddle donations alone has so far been in the billions this year alone. If all the donations were put in a general fund and distributed to everyone through lets say a check or healthcare. The gifts put in a general drawing. Wouldn’t that be nice to have a private Lear jet take your family on a vacation. Instead of some politician back and forth home. Or one day find a new car on your doorstep.
      Unfortunately that’s just a pipe dream it would be made unconstitutional the same way limiting gifts was said to be unconstitutional.
      Or term limits they all have to be agreed on by those that benefit the rewards.
      Rand Paul has tried but failed many times.
      What’s funny is they’ve actually hobbled themselves with their own greed and weakened a great country

  3. George thanks for the tip about the red light. Have it sitting over computer and cant hardly believe the results am getting. Smoothing my wrinkles like wow. Thanks

    • Thanks to George and abq joe! I bought a 670nm large LED a while back and used it for a while. Then I stopped because things got too busy. Now with various stresses, and winter coming, I turned it on again. I’m encouraged to use it after dark before bedtime. It seems to be working for me. It makes some kind of vibe that is soothing.

      • We have ours on one of those cheap timers – so it comes on an hour before light (or get up time)
        Might try that –
        Yesterday, after a usual stressful day at 4 PM my BP was 113/65 and pulse was 51. For an old fart, who is overweight to boot, the combination of things (vits, lights, and serapeptase etc) is really kicking it.

  4. George – Thank you for keeping us posted on your short. Is is much appreciated, and beneficial knowing what others are doing. Also, it makes me concentrate harder. This appears to be a crazy run up, but I am sure the powers to be have a plan to pick the pockets of the small investor. Just have to figure it out.

  5. I love calculators, and arithmetic, and real or virtual Post-Its. They make it really easy to slug through 12 tons of BS to find the one salient point in a 30 page stats dump. Given arithmetic, sometimes a mild dose of mathematics or an encyclopedic reference of known bias, and a reasonable knowledge of Boolean Algebra, virtually any steaming pile, on any topic, can be sifted and its underlying truth, revealed…

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